Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

The Chief of Police

On Saturday nights I used to go to the theater in Slocomb, Alabama. It was located on Main Street. Well, it wasn’t much of a main street. Slocomb had a feed store, a hardware store, a drug store, a cafe, and an appliance store. I really went to the theater more to see the old man that owned the theater than to see the movies. His name was Jack. He was short and stout. Even thought he was in his seventies, his hair was jet black and he always had a dark shadow of a beard.

I must have gone to the theater a year before he started saying hello to me. Then little by little I began to talk to him. A word while I was getting popcorn or a quick conversation at the ticket window. I remember that I would always look the old man directly in the eyes when I spoke to him. And his dark eyes stared back at me, unblinking as I was talking to him.

Then I started staying after the last showing and helping him straighten up the lobby of the theater. He would put his hand on my shoulder while I was talking to him after I finished sweeping the lobby. I can still feel the touch of his big hairy hand. It always caused me to get an erection than and even thinking about it hardens my dick even now.

Always around eleven P.M. the chief of police would come by and Jack would lock up the theater and get into the chief’s cruiser. The chief of police’s name was Dan Holland and he was sixty-five but refused to retire. He was tall and white headed with hands as big as hams.

I was always frightened of him, as his face was stern. Unlike old Jack, the Chief never smiled. He was the terror of town. Squeal your tires just once and he would catch you! Go four miles over the speed limit in town and you would give you a ticket.

But one night when the Chief stopped by to pick up old Jack, Jack was having problems with the projector and was trying to fix it. I was sitting down in the lobby waiting for Jack to come down from the projection booth when the Chief walked inside.

“Where’s Jack?” He demanded.

I told the tall old man that Jack was upstairs working on the projector.

The Chief ran his fingers through his solid white hair and then said. “How long will he be?”

I told him that I didn’t know.

“Hell, run up and find out!”

I scampered up the stairs in spite of the fact that Jack had told me never to go into the projection room. When I got to the top of the stairs, I found the door slightly ajar. I should have knocked, but for some reason, I didn’t. I just opened the door and stuck my head inside thinking I would call his name and not actually go into the projection room. But what I saw caused his name to die in my throat.

The old man was sitting in a black leather chair with his pants pulled down to his knees. He had a magazine in his lap and was thumbing through it with one hand while jacking his short fat dick with the other hand. I had never seen a man so hairy. His crotch and legs were black with thick hair.

My dick stirred to life immediately. I even reached down and started rubbing myself through the fabric of my jeans as I spied on the old theater owner as he played with his thick old pecker. I don’t know how long I stood outside the projection room peeking inside, but it was too long.

“What in Hell are you doing!”

I turned around and there was the Chief of Police standing on the landing of the stairs. Then before I could answer him he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me inside the project booth.

Jack hearing us turned around and spotted us. He face suddenly turned pale. He threw down the magazine and snatched his pants up in panic.

“What in the fuck are you doing up here?” The Chief of Police demanded. “Playing with that old pecker of your again, I see.” He added as he let go of me and approached Jack. The Chief leaned over and picked the magazine off the floor. He quickly turned pages looked at them. I could see naked women with big breasts as he flipped the pages.

“You’re looking at pussy again.” The Chief said. “Ain’t my dick enough for you?” He demanded.

“Yes.” The old man responded in the meekest voice I had ever heard him use. “It plenty for me.”

“Strip naked!” The Chief ordered.

“Dan!” The old man said pointing to me. “What about, Pete.”

Suddenly the tall old Chief of Police turned to me. I almost fainted from the cold look he gave me with those blue eyes.

“You are queer aren’t you?” He asked.

I couldn’t have lied if I wanted to I was so frightened. I just nodded my head.

“Come in and close the door.” He ordered. I quickly did as the Chief asked. “Why have you been hanging around Jack? You looking to suck his old pecker?” He asked, his blue eyes unwavering.

I tried to talk but couldn’t. I nodded my head.

“You want to suck my dick too?” The Chief asked.

I nodded my head.

The Chief of Police walked over to me. He was so tall I had to look up at him. And even though I was shaking from fear, I couldn’t help but to admire his white hair and cold blue eyes. I suddenly wished he would wrap his big hairless arms around me and huge me.

“Dan, I don’t think this is a good idea?” Jack called out as he pulled off his under shorts. Now completely naked he walked over to where we were standing.

“Hell, he’s old enough to know what he wants. Hell, you’ve been doing nothing but talking about the boy for months.” The Chief said as he stared down at me. “Kid, he’s been telling me how he would love to watch me fuck you.” The Chief said. “You ever been fucked?” He asked me.

“Yea, I’ve been fucked.” I surprised myself by finding my voice.

“By who?”

I didn’t want to tell him about daddy or Walt fucking me, but I had to tell him something. Suddenly I found myself saying. “Old man Jim that drives the school bus.” I confessed.

“Well, well, that makes a big difference. Old man Jim has got a nice big pecker on him, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, Sir.” I told the old Chief as he stared down at me. He smiled and unzipped his pants and reached inside with one hand. He pulled out a pale pecker and just kept pulling it out. I had thought I had seen big peckers before having seen Mr. Jim and Mr. Murphy’s but the thing that came out of the Chief of Police’s pants was freakish in size. The white snake was longer than Mr. Jim’s and thicker than Mr. Murphy’s peckers.

“Wow!” Was all I could say as I glanced up into the Chief’s cold blue eyes.

“Kid, you want to watch me fuck your old friend Jack?” The Chief asked. I nodded my head eagerly. “Then suck me a little and get it good and hard.” He added.

I couldn’t believe that the Chief of Police for Slocomb asking me to suck his dick. But it was happening! I dropped to my knees in front of the uniformed Chief of Police and grabbed his huge old pale pecker in one hand and guided it to my mouth. Damn it. The thing was so thick that I could hardly even get the head of it into my mouth.

Somehow I did manage to open my mouth wide enough for the old man’s enormous pecker. And as I tongued the delicious head of his old pecker, I glanced up into his blue eyes. I enjoyed him looking down at me as I sucked the head of his pecker. He tried to push more of the monstrous white snake down my throat but I gagged so badly that he stopped trying.

Finally he pushed my head away from his dick. “Jack show him how to suck dick!” The Chief ordered.

The old theater owner quickly knelt down in my place as I move back. Then as I watched, the Chief grabbed the old man by the back of the head and pulled his face toward his crotch as he guided his dick to Jack’s big opened mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the old man took inch after inch of the Chief’s old pecker down his throat until his lips were pressed against the crotch of the Chief’s uniform.

“You didn’t know the old man was such a good cocksucker did you?” But the Chief didn’t wait for me to answer. “He’s been doing nothing but talking about you, Kid, since you started staying until clothing time. He wants you to fuck his old ass. Ain’t that right, Jack?”

The old theater owner grunted as he moved his mouth up and down the long thick shaft of the old Chief’s monster dick.

“Get behind him, Kid, and fuck him while he sucks me. Get his old asshole open for my big old pecker.” The Chief of Police ordered.

I stripped my clothes off in a hurry.

“Damn, you got a big dick too.” The Chief commented when I pulled down my jockey shorts. “That tool of yours will do a good job of opening up his old asshole for my white shake. Yes, Sir. It will do a nice job.”

“What do I put of my dick for lubricate?” I asked. The Chief pulled a tub of KY out of the pocket of his uniform and tossed it to me.

“Help yourself. Grease him up good so that there’s enough when I take my turn.”

I expected it to be difficult to force my thick dick into the old theater owner’s asshole but it slid in almost effortless. Then I thought of how many times the Chief must have used his big old pecker on Jack’s asshole and understand why my dick slid in so easily.

And damn did Jack’s old asshole did feel red hot and wet. I never felt anything so good. It was pure heaven pushing my dick inside of the old man asshole as I watched him deep throating the Chief’s monster pecker.

Then the Chief removed his belt and started hitting the old theater owner’s naked ass as I fucked him. Jack whimpered and wiggled his ass as the Police Chief rained blow after blow onto his hair old ass until it turned bright red. “Teach you to look at picture of pussy.” The Police Chief said when he finally stopped whipping Jack.

Then he grabbed Jack’s head in both hands and started fucking the old theater owner’s mouth as hard and fast as possible. And the amazing thing was that Jack didn’t gag. He took the mouth fucking like it was nothing.

I got so excited that I did something that I had been wanting to do since the first time I had laid eyes on the old theater owner. I reached around him as I fuck him and grabbed his stubby thick pecker. Then as I fuck his gapped opened asshole, I jacked his dick. Suddenly I was cuming inside the old man’s asshole. He sensed it and wiggled his ass against my crotch as he enjoyed my load squirting deep inside of him.

“You finished with him?” The Police Chief asked as I pulled my dick out of Jack’s cum dripping asshole.

“Yea, I guess so.” I answered as I watch the tall old Chief of Police pulled his long thick white snake out of the old theater owner’s mouth and walk around to his ass. I moved aside only enough to allow the Chief to guide his over sized pecker into Jack cum leaking asshole.

The Police Chief rammed his enormous dick as deep as it would go into Jack’s old used asshole on the first stroke. The old theater owner’s arched his back as he took the Chief freakish big dick. He grunted and then continued to grunt as the old police chief started fucking his hairy ass hard and fast.

Watching the two old men going at it caused me to get so excited that my young dick popped back up. Suddenly I had to join in on the fun. I got down on the floor and scooted under the old theater owner’s belly. Staring down at me was his stubby fat pecker and the huge long hanging balls of the old police chief. I could also see Jack’s balls but his were small and didn’t interest me.

As I started sucking Jack’s old fat pecker, I grabbed the old police chief’s nuts and squeezed them. He let out a cry but didn’t tell me to stop so I continued to tighten my grip of them as I deep throated the old theater owner’s fat pecker.

And from by position underneath Jack, I watched as the Chief of Police’s huge dick moved in and out of Jack hairy asshole. The scene excited me so much that my dick started dripping precum and I knew that I was going to shoot off again without even touching myself.

But the Police Chief shot off first. He jerked his enormous dick out of Jack’s asshole and shot his load of cum on my face just as the old theater owner came in my mouth. Of course that made me pop my load. Hell, I had cum on me from head to dick when we all finished shooting our wads.

The three of us lay in a heap for several moments. Jack was the first one to get up. He glanced down at me in a strange way. “You ain’t going to tell on the Chief and me are you, Kid?” He asked.

I shook my head. Then the Chief rolled on top of me and started deep kissing me as he grabbed my balls and squeezed them so hard that it felt like he was crushing them. “You damn sure better not!” He said when he stopped kissing me.

I hugged him. “Never. I would never do something like that.” He kissed me again and I felt like I was melting in his strong old arms.

“Get dressed and come on home with us. I still want to fuck you. You think you can take my old white snake?” He asked as he got to his feet and reached down and pulled me up like I didn’t weigh anything.

“I’d love to try.” I said with a smile from ear to ear.