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The Bum

As I set on the park bench at Veterans Park a memory came back to me. Tall buildings. Church Street. One Wall Street. The Irving Trust Building. Hughes, Hubbard and Reed, a law firm! Suddenly I could even remember me secretary's name. Miss Fox!

I smiled as I lifted the small brown paper bag hiding my Budweiser and took a deep slip. "Big shot lawyer." I mumbled.

"What, you were a lawyer?" The old man standing in front of me said with a smirk.

He had asked me what I used to do for a living and that's when the memory came back.

"What happened?" He asked as he walked over and set beside me on the park bench. He was dressed in a suit and tie and looked a little younger than me.

I lifted my brown paper bag again. "I fell in love with Mr. Bud." I told him and took another drink. "You want to buy me some beer?" I asked. I could tell from the way that he was staring down at my crotch that the old white haired man was queer.

"Haven't you had enough? You eyes are bloodshot already" The old man said in his gentle professional voice.

"Hell no." I said as I reached down with my free hand and massaged the huge bulge in the crotch of my green, soiled work pants. "I never get enough and my blue eyes are always bloodshot. They are like the flag... red, white and blue" I added as I watched the old man's brown eyes following the movements of my hand as I massaged my huge balls and thick soft dick.

"Where do you sleep?" The old man said as he brushed his hand through his thinning white hair and then fumbled with the knot of his red tie.

"Here and there." I said as I lifted the brown bag again to my lips. I felt a sudden sense of panic as I swallowed the last of the beer. I had used all the money from panhandling at the corner of Oakland Park and Federal Highway. I was too drunk to walk over to Oakland Park. "You going to buy me beer?" I asked again as I massaged my big cock and balls openly as the old man stared down at my crotch intently.

"I... I got some beer in the refrigerator. You want to come home with me?" The old man asked as he fumbled the knot of his tie again.

"Sure, Boss." I said as I climbed to my feet and paused to retrieve the plastic bag that held all my worldly processions. "I'm ready when you are." I said.

The old man hesitated. He quickly ran his finger through he thinning white hair before speaking. "Ok. Come on." He said and turned and stalked off as thought he really didn't care if I followed him or not.

As I caught up with him, I notice for the first time that I was a good head taller than the old man and a hell of a lot thinner. He was thick in the upper body with a little bit of a belly, but not fat.

"That is my car," He said, his voice full of pride as he pointed out a big blue BMW.

"Nice." I said knowing that's what he wanted to hear. I smiled but it wasn't for the reason that the old men must have been thinking. I was smiling because I suddenly remembered when cars, clothes and jewelry meant something to me. I waited until the old man unlocked the passenger side door. Then I got in.

"I'm going to have to be frank with you. Gee... I don't even know your name." The old man said suddenly red from embarrassment.

"Frank Walter Reed." I said and realized that I hadn't said my full name in over twenty years.

"Mine's Ben." The old man answered quickly. "Well, Frank, you have to take a bath as soon as we get home. You smell something awful." The old man told me.

"Yea, it's been a week or more since I visited the homeless shelter." I told him. "I could certainly use one." I added. And I bet you'll want to watch, I thought as he started the engine.

"Good! You can do that first thing." The old man said.

We drove in silence the rest of the way to the old man's house. I lost track of the streets after we crossed a bridge into Wilton Manors.

The house was small but it looked to me like it was on a canal as I got out of the BMW and followed the old man to the front door. Inside, I found it tastefully decorated but not expensively so as memories of Persian rugs, Picasso and French furniture in a huge high-rise apartment flickered through my mind like a quick slide show.

"This way to the bathroom." The old man said hurriedly.

I didn't move as I glanced through the living room and sliding glass doors to the black water of the canal. "I need a beer." I said firmly as I felt the panic of being without a drink gripping me tighter.

"Yea, sure." The old man glance at me. "Stay here. I'll be right back." He added then hurried toward the kitchen. He stopped and glanced back at me nervously before disappearing into the kitchen.

He was back in a flash as though he feared leaving me alone, which he was correct to do. I had been eyeing some silver salt and peppershakers sitting over on his dinning room table near the entry to the kitchen. I made a note of them for later as I smiled and took the Heineken. I don't really like green bottle beers but just grabbing the bottle loosen the panic's grip on me.

I took a deep swallow of the bitter imported beer. I signed as though I had just sipped an expensive French wine.

"This way." The old man insisted. He led me to a small bathroom in a hallway leading to the bedrooms. "Take... take your clothes off here in the hallway and I'll throw them in the washer." He said as he stood beside me nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

I glanced around for a spot to place my beer and found a small table nearby under a terrible looking oil painting. I quickly took another drink before placing the Heineken on the table. As I unbuttoned my shirt I glanced at the old man and smiled. His eyes were wide with excitement and I could see that something else was stirring to life. The small bulge in the crotch of his dress pants had grown noticeably larger. The way he was moving his hand against his thigh, I knew that he longed to be playing with his dick.

The old man's mouth dropped open when he saw all the white hair on my chest. Then he actually licked his lips when I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants as he spotted my thick white patch of pubic hair. I watched the old queer's face closely as I pulled down my green work pants. The look of disbelief distorted his handsome face as the sheer size of my dick and balls stunned him.

I slowly stepped out of my pants and stood naked before the old man. Then as I let him have a good look at me, I reached down and picked up the Heineken and took a drink.

"Let me get the shower ready for you." The old man said as he slipped pass me and into the bathroom. I took another deep drink of beer as I listened to the old man adjusting the water. "It's ready." The old man announced. He didn't make any effort to leave the bathroom as I entered.

I just smiled at him as I stepped into the tub and under the spray of warm water. I didn't make any effort to pull the sliding shower door close even though water was splashing out and onto the old man's suit. I just grabbed a bar of soap and started leathering my body. I took my time working the bar of soap around my asshole and even turned my ass to the old man as I forced the bar of soap inside my asshole. The soap stung but I didn't mind. I had been fucked before by queers. I didn't like it but when the panic seized me, I would do anything for a drink.

I even bent double so that the old queer would get a good look at my huge low hanging balls and thick, long dick as I began fucking my asshole with the bar of soap until I was able to push the bar completely inside my asshole.

When I turned back to face the old man he had his dress pants unzipped and his cock out. It was short but thick and unlike mine, cut.

Then as I watched him masturbating, I leathered up my huge dick, causing it to swell up bigger and bigger until all fourteen inches was hanging down between my legs.

I saw the old man let go of his dick and tense up to keep from cuming. That made me smile. I hate it when it took the queers all night to get off.

"Here's a towel." The old man said after I rinsed off and shut off the shower.

I stepped out onto a floor mat he had placed on the white tile floor of the bathroom. He didn't hand me the towel; instead he began drying me off. I let him. I already knew that the old man would give me some money after he got his rock off and the guilt and shame of taking advantage of a homeless alcoholic set in.

The old man was gentle almost loving the way he moved the towel over my face, making sure to clean my ears. I felt like a child again being dried off by my father after a bath. I let the thought persist. It made me feel warm inside. Then the old man was drying my chest and rubbing the terry cloth against my sensitive nipples and the warm feeling slowly transformed into sexual excitement.

I never thought of myself as being queer. I'm just one of those people that can have sex with anyone or thing. I like women but get just as hard when a man fondles me as I do when a woman does it. I jack off several times a day when I don't have sex with women or other men and sometimes even when I do. Sex is sex to me. I enjoy drinking and cuming.

"Turn around. Let me dry you back off." The old man said when he finished with my chest.

I did as he asked and felt him moving the towel over my shoulders and down my back. He rubbed my ass cheeks with the towel then I felt him suddenly probing my asshole with his index finger. Then he slipped it inside and started finger fucking me. The inside of my asshole was still soapy so his finger slid in and out easily.

Then suddenly I sensed the old man bending down and I felt his tongue replace his finger. I bend over to allow him better access to my asshole as I truly enjoyed his rimming. I would have preferred it being a woman doing it, but hell it still felt great. And my big dick swelled even larger as the old man's talented tongue reached deep inside my asshole and then began to twist and turn inside of me.

By the time the old man stopped rimming my asshole my big old peter was standing almost straight out from my body as I turned back to face him. He didn't bother drying my crotch, he just got down on his knees in front of me and took my huge dick in his warm, moist mouth and started sucking.

When I glanced down at him, I saw that he was staring up at me. I smiled at the old man knowing that he wanted to think he was doing a good job. He wasn't. His mouth was much too small for my thick dick and his teeth were scraping painfully along the side of my dick, but I smiled. I desperately needed beer money and wasn't going to let a little discomfort get in the way of the guilt money he would give me.

I was in fact glad when he stood up even thought it meant that it was my time to suck him. Hell, I'd lost count of the numbers of queers' cocks I have sucked for drinking money. Actually, I really didn't mind sucking one the size of the old man's. Big one where a different story. And I already knew that I could make the old man cum any time I wanted to.

I had the old man moaning and grunting and holding my baldhead in his hands in seconds as I ran my tongue up and down his short thick dick as I sucked it. I could have made him cum right then, but I didn't want him to cum. I wanted to get as close to the old man as I could before I left. So when I felt him tensing up I stopped sucking him stood up.

"Let's go to bed." I said as I leaned down and kissed the old man on the cheek. Then I was kissing him on the mouth. He hesitated, not want to kiss a homeless bum, but he relented and I slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I guess I dislike kissing men more than sucking their cocks. But had long ago learned that if I wanted to leave with good tip from a queer, I had to get them to feel some passion and affection for men and kissing was the best way to arouse the emotions I need them to feel. However, I think my dislike for kissing made me a much better kisser as I was forced to concentrate of the kiss.

When I broke our embrace the old man had a dreamy look on his face. And I actually found myself smiling back at him and not having to force it. And damn if I didn't kiss him again even thought I had already accomplished the bonding the first kiss was meant to achieve. As we kissed, I suddenly found myself hugging him and rubbing my dick against his as real sexual passion took over.

"Wow." The old man said when we broke apart. "Let go to the bedroom." He said and walked into the hallway.

I followed him and stopped to pick up the Heineken. I drained it in several quick swallows. I thought briefly of asking him for another one but knew that would break the mood of the moment. I fought with myself and won the battle. "I'm ready." I said as I reached out and grabbed the old man's hand."

The smile he flashed made me feel warm inside. I held onto his hand until we were beside the bed. When I let go he pulled the covers back and climbed onto the bed and move over to allow me room. Then he padded the bed.

I got into bed beside the old man. We started kissing. And as we did so I began to play with the old man dick and he grabbed my monster cock. I felt suddenly special again. Memories of standing in front of juries delivering a closing argument flashed through my mind. I felt pain of regret. Then I just let myself get lost in the kiss.

"Eat my ass and then fuck me." The old man whispered into my ear.

I immediately moved down between his legs. I couldn't believe that I was actually looking forward to giving the old man as much pleasure as possible. I didn't even hesitate to stick my tongue inside his asshole. I just let the friendliness and warmth I suddenly felt for the old man to drive me to reach my tongue inside him and give him the pleasure he wanted.

The old man reacted vocally. He started crying out as he rubbed my baldhead. He hunched his ass as I tongued fucked his opened asshole. I felt that I could make him cum just by rimming him, but I didn't want that. I suddenly really wanted to fuck the old men more that I could ever remember wanting to fuck a women.

When I felt him getting too near to cuming, I stopped rimming him and moved up and pushed the huge head of my dick against his moist asshole. He gasped as I forced my dick head inside him. I knew from the easy with which my huge dick entered his old asshole that he must have been fist fucked more than a few times.

Then all fourteen inches was inside of him! The old man bucked and cried out like a woman as I fucked him. And damn if it didn't feel great. For once I didn't have to fake my feeling. I even bent over and kissed the old man as I fucked him hard and fast.

I wasn't ready for him to cum. I wanted to fuck the old man all night! But suddenly he was calling out. "I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" And I felt cum spraying onto my hairy chest.

I jerked my cock out of his ass and started jacking off fast and furiously. I shot a stream of cum up to the old man's chin. Then sent more onto his chest and belly before I ran dry and collapsed on the bed beside him.

I expected the old man to tell me it was time for me to go. He didn't. Instead he kissed me on the forehead and turned over and quickly went to sleep.

I almost didn't rob that old man's house. I stay in bed debating weather I should just spend the night with the old man and maybe trying straightening out my life. But then memories of other attempt flashed through my mind and the pain those attempts had brought to those that had tried to help me.

I slipped out of bed and found the old man pants lying of the bedroom floor. I searched his wallet and took all the money he had which even in the darkness of the bedroom knew was several hundred dollars in the crisp bills.

I thought of stealing his silver, but stopped myself. I did take a full six pack of Heineken from his frig before letting myself out. I didn't go back to the park. I knew from experience that if the old man woke up that's the first place he would go. It was November and getting cooler in Fort Lauderdale and time to head for Key West.

So I headed for the bus station. There was late bus that came through from Orlando and I still had time to catch it to Key West. And in the light of the bus station, I saw that I had been correct about the money in the old man's wallet. The bills were all hundreds.

But later as the Key West bus pulled away from the Fort Lauderdale Bus Station, I found myself regretting leaving the old men. Something about him lingered in my mind. I desperately whished that I could stay and live with him a while, but I just reached into my plastic shopping back and pulled out a beer and opened it and took a deep drink.

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