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Energy Supply

I am American and I'm gay but shit, that's not to say that I go for every piece of ass that comes my way. I have learned to take on only high-class lovers who have millions in the bank and wives and families to boot. I love to service the needs of these high rolling guys whose corporate decisions rip off you and me every day of our lives as their companies get bigger and bigger.

Don't judge me too harshly; I didn't plan my life this way. I started out as only a junior office employee and these high rollers would have ignored me if it weren't for my looks. I guess I was blessed at birth with my genes. I grew up healthy and handsome and I was my Grandma's delight. She said that I looked like my uncle who was a well-known entertainer.

Looking at his picture, I knew what she meant. I had his blond hair and a really manly face. But, unlike him, I had worked out at the gym and my body was in perfect shape. My butts were like bubbles and my chest and arms were so muscular. But best of all, I was blessed with my mother's long dark eyelashes, pale blue eyes and her succulent ruby red lips.

In my first temporary contract job, I had been working only a week or so when my supervisor asked me to go to the office of the Chief Executive no less. The company was one of these new energy conglomerates and they were making billions at the time. I was invited to the office of Mr. Big for no apparent reason. I couldn't work it out.

His secretary led me in to his office and poured me a coffee; real coffee at that but the Big Man was nowhere to be seen. She left abruptly after saying that he was in his private washroom. I just waited wondering what was up.

Minutes later the washroom door opened and the King came out. He was a power dressed guy and he sat behind his desk.

"Scotty," he thundered at me, "I've noticed you. You really have communication skills and I like what I see".

I was a little puzzled at his remark because the only communication skills that my job required were in operating the photocopier now and then.

"Keep it up Scotty," he said," and you'll go far in this organization. The Company needs young people like you to take it into the new century".

"Thank you, Sir," I said like a toad, "I'll do everything I can to help. What would you like from me?"

"Forget the Sir," he said softly, "call me Steve when we're alone. How would you like to work in my private office on confidential work?"

"Gee, I'd like that," I replied not really believing what he was saying to me.

"Great!" he said. "If you do a good job in your first week, I'll put you on the permanent executive pay roll. That way you'll be eligible for stock bonuses twice a year".

My mind was reeling at the opportunity he was offering me. I had done simply nothing to deserve such a position and I was very confused. He was a very handsome guy in his early Sixties and his desk was covered with framed pictures of his wife and grandkids. I wondered what a straight guy like him would see in a young gay lad like me.

"It's a deal then," he said standing up and offering me his hand.

"Thanks, Steve," I replied as he gave my hand a firm shake, "I'll do my best for you--my very best".

"Ok," he said in a fatherly way. "Take an early lunch and come back at two and I'll show you what I want you to do".

I had a quick lunch and I went out into the mall and browsed in the men's wear shops. For some unknown reason, I always buy a new sexy pair of under shorts after I have met up with a guy who turns me on. I felt so attracted to Steve. He was a really horny man and I knew that I wanted to get into bed with him if only he would let me.

My cock was soon hard as I picked out a pair of sexy red silk boxers. I love the feeling of silk on my cock and balls as I move around. I changed into them in the washroom and they were a perfect fit. Then I dropped them and sat on the can and jacked my dick hard thinking about Steve. Oh, how I wanted to get my stiff cock up that guy's ass hole.

Within seconds my cock tingled and I caught my fountain of cum in my hand as my head spun with the fantasy of Steve kissing my hot lips. I began to wonder how I would be able to work so close by him without my cock getting stiff and giving my feelings for him away.

At two o'clock sharp, I was waiting outside his suite with his secretary who told me that an important meeting was finishing late. I just had to wait luxuriating in my new silky boxers that caressed my cock and balls. I must admit that I played with myself a little when I waited until my dick was rock hard. I was so desperate for man-to-man sex: I hadn't been with anyone in weeks.

"Please go in Scotty," his secretary announced when the meeting broke up. "He'll be ready for you now".

I walked right in and I saw my CEO scratching his head in some distress and I knew that he had chaired a hard meeting.

"High Scotty," he said. I'm bushed and I want to take a nap. You can load up an in-house CD training video to get the background on the work I want you to do. Can you wake me in an hour?".

"Sure, Steve," I replied and he showed me into the small office next to his.

The training CD was labeled "Top Secret" and it briefed me on the complicated structure of the Company's subsidiaries and associates worldwide. It was hard to take it all in at one sitting so when it ended, I re-ran it. Slowly, I got to master the pattern of the web of the organization that I was soon to become to play a leading part in.

At glance at my watch told me that it was time to wake Steve up and I went into his palatial bed-sitting room just off the other side of his office. He was lying on his enormous bed under the covers. The room had walls clad in mirrors and it was big enough to hold several sofas and side tables.

"Time to wake up, Steve," I whispered in his ear and he slowly opened his eyes with a yawn.

"Thanks, Scotty," he murmured as he got out of bed dressed only in a skimpy black thong.

I felt my cock jump in my shorts as I saw his body almost naked for the first time. He had an airy chest with enormous pecs covered in grey hair. His legs were very hairy too. But, most of all, my eyes took in the size of his cock and balls that were just about hanging out of the pouch of his thongs. And then I made out his huge brown nipples that looked as if they wanted to be sucked.

"Would you like a shower?" I said to him not knowing anything else to say while breathing in his sexy musk.

"Yes Scotty, I would love that. I could appreciate a really hot clean up. Can you run it for me?"

I went into his huge bathroom that was equipped with every appliance known to civilized man. There was a huge sunken bath and a bidet. Everything had gold taps. I walked up to the power shower and found its digital pad and I just pressed "110F" and the system took control.

I saw him take off his thong and walk into the shower with his cock and balls swinging about. My cock could hardly stand the sight of this sexy man. It was as hard as iron for him and then I glimpsed his smooth butt looking right into my face. It was all I could do to hold off taking my dick in my hand and gently jacking off.

"Is that all right, Steve," I called out as I saw him soaping himself up.

"It's perfect," he replied as I saw him stroking his soaped up cock seemingly oblivious to me.

I returned to my PC and re-ran the CD hoping to take my mind off my rampant dick and the idea of me fucking Steve. My brain was heady with the new experiences that the day had brought to me and I knew that I was falling in love with him.

Soon I heard him come out of his bedroom and I felt the heat of his body behind me as he looked over my shoulder at the PC screen. I looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror on the wall. He was dressed only in a clean pair of body hugging Calvin Klein boxers that showed his semi-stiff cock to perfection.

Then he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it tightly and our eyes met in the mirror. My body thrilled as I saw the look of longing on his face. Next he ruffled my hair and he bent over me and kissed my ear. I couldn't help sighing as his wet tongue slipped inside it. He stood up and I turned to him and I nestled my nose in his belly button and licked his hairy love trail. The cologne that he had splashed on his body couldn't mask the pungency of his manly pheromones that drifted up from his balls.

His cock was soon fully erect and sticking out of his waistband and I just couldn't resist licking its purple cock head. He moaned a lot as I took it in my mouth while pulling down his boxers to expose his huge hairy balls. I fondled them gently and sucked his cock hard as he pushed it down my throat. Then my fingers found his ass hole and they entered his rectum and he sighed with pleasure. It was then that I knew that he wanted me to fuck him.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I got up off my chair and he held me to his hairy chest with my fingers still working his ass hole.

"In my position son, he confided in me quietly, "I tend to get drained of energy and I need frequent meat injections to charge me up again. Young guys like you have the sparkle to put my drive back into me".

He nuzzled his nose in my hair as he spoke those words that explained everything to me. I had been chosen to be his bed stud and lover boy at a princely salary. I remembered my Grandma's old saying that it is better to be born lucky than rich. How right she was.

"It's time for bed for you and me," he said gently.

He led me back into his private quarters and he undressed me until I was quite naked.

"Give me some excitement, Son," he murmured as he knelt down before me to suck my hard dick.

I had never been sucked off by a much older guy let alone a Chief Executive but I loved the experience and skill of my sucker; so much better than boys of my own age.

"You have a very fine cock," he said softly. "And I know that those balls of yours are brimming with energy. Will you fuck me Darling?"

Hell, I could have fucked the Hunchback of Notre Dame at that moment let alone such a handsome man like him; he had brought my passions to such a frenzy. I stood up before him and stuck my tongue into his mouth and let him suck it ravenously for a while. Then he opened a bedside drawer and handed me a brand new tube of KY jelly.

I pushed him gently down with his back on the bed and he bent up and opened his legs to give me access to his pink hairy rosebud. He shivered a little as I lubed it up and then I stroked the sensitive skin between his ass hole and balls. I heard him whimper as I sucked his nipples hard while my fingers did their erotic work.

"Oh boy, that feels so good," he whispered to me and he took my turgid cock in his hand and tugged at its foreskin.

I then shoved four fingers up his love tube and wiggled them about and splayed them to stretch his love tube to accommodate my ten-inch love pole. It was a technique taught to me by the first guy who got to fuck my ass hole. I knew how horny it would make my lover feel and how much he would be aching for my hot meat inside him.

Then I knelt between his legs and pulled his butt up on my thighs and he hung his legs around my broad shoulders. He pointed my cock against his cherry and it was soon inside him as I bent forward. He felt no pain and he gave out a gasp of delight as I rocked back and forth with my cock slipping in and out of his love chute like a red-hot piston. I looked down at his hard dick and saw it streaming with pre-cum. I knew that he was having the time of his life.

After a good ten minutes of fucking his smooth tight ass hole he cried out for more of my hot meat inside him. God, Steve was turning out to be an insatiable lover. I pulled my cock out of his hole with and audible *pop* and rolled him over. He understood what I was doing and he knelt in front of me for a doggy style fuck. I lubed my dick up again and lunged into him holding his hips tightly.

He screamed with pleasure when our balls clashed together. Few guys can take all ten inches of my cock without groaning in pain but Steve simply loved it. I knew that I had found the man of my dreams.

"Fuck me long and hard, my Darling," he whispered to me almost breathless.

Oh how I loved hearing that. I seldom got the chance of using all of my cock in fucking a guy and my head swooned as I slowly stroked the whole of my shaft in and out of his silky love tube. My eyes began to glaze when he began squeezing down on my flagpole and I increased my rhythm. Above Steve's moans and groans, I heard the sound of my cock slurping in and out of him and the slap of our balls banging together at the end of each inward stroke.

"I'm close to coming!" he whispered to me and that made me fuck him like a stallion until our cocks exploded their cum within seconds of each other. Oh how my cock throbbed and tingled as I fucked his sweet asshole on and on until I felt it begin to lose its hardness. I rolled him over and sucked his sticky cock and then we kissed each other passionately.

"Was that what you needed?" I asked him hesitantly.

"Ask me later, Scotty," he replied, "when my gut has digested the energy of your hot cum inside me. That will be the final test".

Hell man, my virile cum was so much in demand at the anonymous donor sperm bank that I knew I would pass the test with flying colors. Steve would become my paymaster and business mentor and I would become his principal butt fucker and energy supplier. Our relationship would become a model of completely requited love for each other and it would last for years and years save for some unexpected disaster. But, as my Grandma always told me, no one knows what's around the corner until they get there.

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