Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

The Bum

As I set on the park bench at Veterans Park a memory came back to me. Tall buildings. Church Street. One Wall Street. The Irving Trust Building. Hughes, Hubbard and Reed, a law firm! Suddenly I could even remember me secretary's name. Miss Fox!

I smiled as I lifted the small brown paper bag hiding my Budweiser and took a deep slip. "Big shot lawyer." I mumbled.

"What, you were a lawyer?" The old man standing in front of me said with a smirk.

He had asked me what I used to do for a living and that's when the memory came back.

"What happened?" He asked as he walked over and set beside me on the park bench. He was dressed in a suit and tie and looked a little younger than me.

I lifted my brown paper bag again. "I fell in love with Mr. Bud." I told him and took another drink. "You want to buy me some beer?" I asked. I could tell from the way that he was staring down at my crotch that the old white haired man was queer.

"Haven't you had enough? You eyes are bloodshot already" The old man said in his gentle professional voice.

"Hell no." I said as I reached down with my free hand and massaged the huge bulge in the crotch of my green, soiled work pants. "I never get enough and my blue eyes are always bloodshot. They are like the flag... red, white and blue" I added as I watched the old man's brown eyes following the movements of my hand as I massaged my huge balls and thick soft dick.

"Where do you sleep?" The old man said as he brushed his hand through his thinning white hair and then fumbled with the knot of his red tie.

"Here and there." I said as I lifted the brown bag again to my lips. I felt a sudden sense of panic as I swallowed the last of the beer. I had used all the money from panhandling at the corner of Oakland Park and Federal Highway. I was too drunk to walk over to Oakland Park. "You going to buy me beer?" I asked again as I massaged my big cock and balls openly as the old man stared down at my crotch intently.

"I... I got some beer in the refrigerator. You want to come home with me?" The old man asked as he fumbled the knot of his tie again.

"Sure, Boss." I said as I climbed to my feet and paused to retrieve the plastic bag that held all my worldly processions. "I'm ready when you are." I said.

The old man hesitated. He quickly ran his finger through he thinning white hair before speaking. "Ok. Come on." He said and turned and stalked off as thought he really didn't care if I followed him or not.

As I caught up with him, I notice for the first time that I was a good head taller than the old man and a hell of a lot thinner. He was thick in the upper body with a little bit of a belly, but not fat.

"That is my car," He said, his voice full of pride as he pointed out a big blue BMW.

"Nice." I said knowing that's what he wanted to hear. I smiled but it wasn't for the reason that the old men must have been thinking. I was smiling because I suddenly remembered when cars, clothes and jewelry meant something to me. I waited until the old man unlocked the passenger side door. Then I got in.

"I'm going to have to be frank with you. Gee... I don't even know your name." The old man said suddenly red from embarrassment.

"Frank Walter Reed." I said and realized that I hadn't said my full name in over twenty years.

"Mine's Ben." The old man answered quickly. "Well, Frank, you have to take a bath as soon as we get home. You smell something awful." The old man told me.

"Yea, it's been a week or more since I visited the homeless shelter." I told him. "I could certainly use one." I added. And I bet you'll want to watch, I thought as he started the engine.

"Good! You can do that first thing." The old man said.

We drove in silence the rest of the way to the old man's house. I lost track of the streets after we crossed a bridge into Wilton Manors.

The house was small but it looked to me like it was on a canal as I got out of the BMW and followed the old man to the front door. Inside, I found it tastefully decorated but not expensively so as memories of Persian rugs, Picasso and French furniture in a huge high-rise apartment flickered through my mind like a quick slide show.

"This way to the bathroom." The old man said hurriedly.

I didn't move as I glanced through the living room and sliding glass doors to the black water of the canal. "I need a beer." I said firmly as I felt the panic of being without a drink gripping me tighter.

"Yea, sure." The old man glance at me. "Stay here. I'll be right back." He added then hurried toward the kitchen. He stopped and glanced back at me nervously before disappearing into the kitchen.

He was back in a flash as though he feared leaving me alone, which he was correct to do. I had been eyeing some silver salt and peppershakers sitting over on his dinning room table near the entry to the kitchen. I made a note of them for later as I smiled and took the Heineken. I don't really like green bottle beers but just grabbing the bottle loosen the panic's grip on me.

I took a deep swallow of the bitter imported beer. I signed as though I had just sipped an expensive French wine.

"This way." The old man insisted. He led me to a small bathroom in a hallway leading to the bedrooms. "Take... take your clothes off here in the hallway and I'll throw them in the washer." He said as he stood beside me nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

I glanced around for a spot to place my beer and found a small table nearby under a terrible looking oil painting. I quickly took another drink before placing the Heineken on the table. As I unbuttoned my shirt I glanced at the old man and smiled. His eyes were wide with excitement and I could see that something else was stirring to life. The small bulge in the crotch of his dress pants had grown noticeably larger. The way he was moving his hand against his thigh, I knew that he longed to be playing with his dick.

The old man's mouth dropped open when he saw all the white hair on my chest. Then he actually licked his lips when I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants as he spotted my thick white patch of pubic hair. I watched the old queer's face closely as I pulled down my green work pants. The look of disbelief distorted his handsome face as the sheer size of my dick and balls stunned him.

I slowly stepped out of my pants and stood naked before the old man. Then as I let him have a good look at me, I reached down and picked up the Heineken and took a drink.

"Let me get the shower ready for you." The old man said as he slipped pass me and into the bathroom. I took another deep drink of beer as I listened to the old man adjusting the water. "It's ready." The old man announced. He didn't make any effort to leave the bathroom as I entered.

I just smiled at him as I stepped into the tub and under the spray of warm water. I didn't make any effort to pull the sliding shower door close even though water was splashing out and onto the old man's suit. I just grabbed a bar of soap and started leathering my body. I took my time working the bar of soap around my asshole and even turned my ass to the old man as I forced the bar of soap inside my asshole. The soap stung but I didn't mind. I had been fucked before by queers. I didn't like it but when the panic seized me, I would do anything for a drink.

I even bent double so that the old queer would get a good look at my huge low hanging balls and thick, long dick as I began fucking my asshole with the bar of soap until I was able to push the bar completely inside my asshole.

When I turned back to face the old man he had his dress pants unzipped and his cock out. It was short but thick and unlike mine, cut.

Then as I watched him masturbating, I leathered up my huge dick, causing it to swell up bigger and bigger until all fourteen inches was hanging down between my legs.

I saw the old man let go of his dick and tense up to keep from cuming. That made me smile. I hate it when it took the queers all night to get off.

"Here's a towel." The old man said after I rinsed off and shut off the shower.

I stepped out onto a floor mat he had placed on the white tile floor of the bathroom. He didn't hand me the towel; instead he began drying me off. I let him. I already knew that the old man would give me some money after he got his rock off and the guilt and shame of taking advantage of a homeless alcoholic set in.

The old man was gentle almost loving the way he moved the towel over my face, making sure to clean my ears. I felt like a child again being dried off by my father after a bath. I let the thought persist. It made me feel warm inside. Then the old man was drying my chest and rubbing the terry cloth against my sensitive nipples and the warm feeling slowly transformed into sexual excitement.

I never thought of myself as being queer. I'm just one of those people that can have sex with anyone or thing. I like women but get just as hard when a man fondles me as I do when a woman does it. I jack off several times a day when I don't have sex with women or other men and sometimes even when I do. Sex is sex to me. I enjoy drinking and cuming.

"Turn around. Let me dry you back off." The old man said when he finished with my chest.

I did as he asked and felt him moving the towel over my shoulders and down my back. He rubbed my ass cheeks with the towel then I felt him suddenly probing my asshole with his index finger. Then he slipped it inside and started finger fucking me. The inside of my asshole was still soapy so his finger slid in and out easily.

Then suddenly I sensed the old man bending down and I felt his tongue replace his finger. I bend over to allow him better access to my asshole as I truly enjoyed his rimming. I would have preferred it being a woman doing it, but hell it still felt great. And my big dick swelled even larger as the old man's talented tongue reached deep inside my asshole and then began to twist and turn inside of me.

By the time the old man stopped rimming my asshole my big old peter was standing almost straight out from my body as I turned back to face him. He didn't bother drying my crotch, he just got down on his knees in front of me and took my huge dick in his warm, moist mouth and started sucking.

When I glanced down at him, I saw that he was staring up at me. I smiled at the old man knowing that he wanted to think he was doing a good job. He wasn't. His mouth was much too small for my thick dick and his teeth were scraping painfully along the side of my dick, but I smiled. I desperately needed beer money and wasn't going to let a little discomfort get in the way of the guilt money he would give me.

I was in fact glad when he stood up even thought it meant that it was my time to suck him. Hell, I'd lost count of the numbers of queers' cocks I have sucked for drinking money. Actually, I really didn't mind sucking one the size of the old man's. Big one where a different story. And I already knew that I could make the old man cum any time I wanted to.

I had the old man moaning and grunting and holding my baldhead in his hands in seconds as I ran my tongue up and down his short thick dick as I sucked it. I could have made him cum right then, but I didn't want him to cum. I wanted to get as close to the old man as I could before I left. So when I felt him tensing up I stopped sucking him stood up.

"Let's go to bed." I said as I leaned down and kissed the old man on the cheek. Then I was kissing him on the mouth. He hesitated, not want to kiss a homeless bum, but he relented and I slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I guess I dislike kissing men more than sucking their cocks. But had long ago learned that if I wanted to leave with good tip from a queer, I had to get them to feel some passion and affection for men and kissing was the best way to arouse the emotions I need them to feel. However, I think my dislike for kissing made me a much better kisser as I was forced to concentrate of the kiss.

When I broke our embrace the old man had a dreamy look on his face. And I actually found myself smiling back at him and not having to force it. And damn if I didn't kiss him again even thought I had already accomplished the bonding the first kiss was meant to achieve. As we kissed, I suddenly found myself hugging him and rubbing my dick against his as real sexual passion took over.

"Wow." The old man said when we broke apart. "Let go to the bedroom." He said and walked into the hallway.

I followed him and stopped to pick up the Heineken. I drained it in several quick swallows. I thought briefly of asking him for another one but knew that would break the mood of the moment. I fought with myself and won the battle. "I'm ready." I said as I reached out and grabbed the old man's hand."

The smile he flashed made me feel warm inside. I held onto his hand until we were beside the bed. When I let go he pulled the covers back and climbed onto the bed and move over to allow me room. Then he padded the bed.

I got into bed beside the old man. We started kissing. And as we did so I began to play with the old man dick and he grabbed my monster cock. I felt suddenly special again. Memories of standing in front of juries delivering a closing argument flashed through my mind. I felt pain of regret. Then I just let myself get lost in the kiss.

"Eat my ass and then fuck me." The old man whispered into my ear.

I immediately moved down between his legs. I couldn't believe that I was actually looking forward to giving the old man as much pleasure as possible. I didn't even hesitate to stick my tongue inside his asshole. I just let the friendliness and warmth I suddenly felt for the old man to drive me to reach my tongue inside him and give him the pleasure he wanted.

The old man reacted vocally. He started crying out as he rubbed my baldhead. He hunched his ass as I tongued fucked his opened asshole. I felt that I could make him cum just by rimming him, but I didn't want that. I suddenly really wanted to fuck the old men more that I could ever remember wanting to fuck a women.

When I felt him getting too near to cuming, I stopped rimming him and moved up and pushed the huge head of my dick against his moist asshole. He gasped as I forced my dick head inside him. I knew from the easy with which my huge dick entered his old asshole that he must have been fist fucked more than a few times.

Then all fourteen inches was inside of him! The old man bucked and cried out like a woman as I fucked him. And damn if it didn't feel great. For once I didn't have to fake my feeling. I even bent over and kissed the old man as I fucked him hard and fast.

I wasn't ready for him to cum. I wanted to fuck the old man all night! But suddenly he was calling out. "I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" And I felt cum spraying onto my hairy chest.

I jerked my cock out of his ass and started jacking off fast and furiously. I shot a stream of cum up to the old man's chin. Then sent more onto his chest and belly before I ran dry and collapsed on the bed beside him.

I expected the old man to tell me it was time for me to go. He didn't. Instead he kissed me on the forehead and turned over and quickly went to sleep.

I almost didn't rob that old man's house. I stay in bed debating weather I should just spend the night with the old man and maybe trying straightening out my life. But then memories of other attempt flashed through my mind and the pain those attempts had brought to those that had tried to help me.

I slipped out of bed and found the old man pants lying of the bedroom floor. I searched his wallet and took all the money he had which even in the darkness of the bedroom knew was several hundred dollars in the crisp bills.

I thought of stealing his silver, but stopped myself. I did take a full six pack of Heineken from his frig before letting myself out. I didn't go back to the park. I knew from experience that if the old man woke up that's the first place he would go. It was November and getting cooler in Fort Lauderdale and time to head for Key West.

So I headed for the bus station. There was late bus that came through from Orlando and I still had time to catch it to Key West. And in the light of the bus station, I saw that I had been correct about the money in the old man's wallet. The bills were all hundreds.

But later as the Key West bus pulled away from the Fort Lauderdale Bus Station, I found myself regretting leaving the old men. Something about him lingered in my mind. I desperately whished that I could stay and live with him a while, but I just reached into my plastic shopping back and pulled out a beer and opened it and took a deep drink.

Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

Energy Supply

I am American and I'm gay but shit, that's not to say that I go for every piece of ass that comes my way. I have learned to take on only high-class lovers who have millions in the bank and wives and families to boot. I love to service the needs of these high rolling guys whose corporate decisions rip off you and me every day of our lives as their companies get bigger and bigger.

Don't judge me too harshly; I didn't plan my life this way. I started out as only a junior office employee and these high rollers would have ignored me if it weren't for my looks. I guess I was blessed at birth with my genes. I grew up healthy and handsome and I was my Grandma's delight. She said that I looked like my uncle who was a well-known entertainer.

Looking at his picture, I knew what she meant. I had his blond hair and a really manly face. But, unlike him, I had worked out at the gym and my body was in perfect shape. My butts were like bubbles and my chest and arms were so muscular. But best of all, I was blessed with my mother's long dark eyelashes, pale blue eyes and her succulent ruby red lips.

In my first temporary contract job, I had been working only a week or so when my supervisor asked me to go to the office of the Chief Executive no less. The company was one of these new energy conglomerates and they were making billions at the time. I was invited to the office of Mr. Big for no apparent reason. I couldn't work it out.

His secretary led me in to his office and poured me a coffee; real coffee at that but the Big Man was nowhere to be seen. She left abruptly after saying that he was in his private washroom. I just waited wondering what was up.

Minutes later the washroom door opened and the King came out. He was a power dressed guy and he sat behind his desk.

"Scotty," he thundered at me, "I've noticed you. You really have communication skills and I like what I see".

I was a little puzzled at his remark because the only communication skills that my job required were in operating the photocopier now and then.

"Keep it up Scotty," he said," and you'll go far in this organization. The Company needs young people like you to take it into the new century".

"Thank you, Sir," I said like a toad, "I'll do everything I can to help. What would you like from me?"

"Forget the Sir," he said softly, "call me Steve when we're alone. How would you like to work in my private office on confidential work?"

"Gee, I'd like that," I replied not really believing what he was saying to me.

"Great!" he said. "If you do a good job in your first week, I'll put you on the permanent executive pay roll. That way you'll be eligible for stock bonuses twice a year".

My mind was reeling at the opportunity he was offering me. I had done simply nothing to deserve such a position and I was very confused. He was a very handsome guy in his early Sixties and his desk was covered with framed pictures of his wife and grandkids. I wondered what a straight guy like him would see in a young gay lad like me.

"It's a deal then," he said standing up and offering me his hand.

"Thanks, Steve," I replied as he gave my hand a firm shake, "I'll do my best for you--my very best".

"Ok," he said in a fatherly way. "Take an early lunch and come back at two and I'll show you what I want you to do".

I had a quick lunch and I went out into the mall and browsed in the men's wear shops. For some unknown reason, I always buy a new sexy pair of under shorts after I have met up with a guy who turns me on. I felt so attracted to Steve. He was a really horny man and I knew that I wanted to get into bed with him if only he would let me.

My cock was soon hard as I picked out a pair of sexy red silk boxers. I love the feeling of silk on my cock and balls as I move around. I changed into them in the washroom and they were a perfect fit. Then I dropped them and sat on the can and jacked my dick hard thinking about Steve. Oh, how I wanted to get my stiff cock up that guy's ass hole.

Within seconds my cock tingled and I caught my fountain of cum in my hand as my head spun with the fantasy of Steve kissing my hot lips. I began to wonder how I would be able to work so close by him without my cock getting stiff and giving my feelings for him away.

At two o'clock sharp, I was waiting outside his suite with his secretary who told me that an important meeting was finishing late. I just had to wait luxuriating in my new silky boxers that caressed my cock and balls. I must admit that I played with myself a little when I waited until my dick was rock hard. I was so desperate for man-to-man sex: I hadn't been with anyone in weeks.

"Please go in Scotty," his secretary announced when the meeting broke up. "He'll be ready for you now".

I walked right in and I saw my CEO scratching his head in some distress and I knew that he had chaired a hard meeting.

"High Scotty," he said. I'm bushed and I want to take a nap. You can load up an in-house CD training video to get the background on the work I want you to do. Can you wake me in an hour?".

"Sure, Steve," I replied and he showed me into the small office next to his.

The training CD was labeled "Top Secret" and it briefed me on the complicated structure of the Company's subsidiaries and associates worldwide. It was hard to take it all in at one sitting so when it ended, I re-ran it. Slowly, I got to master the pattern of the web of the organization that I was soon to become to play a leading part in.

At glance at my watch told me that it was time to wake Steve up and I went into his palatial bed-sitting room just off the other side of his office. He was lying on his enormous bed under the covers. The room had walls clad in mirrors and it was big enough to hold several sofas and side tables.

"Time to wake up, Steve," I whispered in his ear and he slowly opened his eyes with a yawn.

"Thanks, Scotty," he murmured as he got out of bed dressed only in a skimpy black thong.

I felt my cock jump in my shorts as I saw his body almost naked for the first time. He had an airy chest with enormous pecs covered in grey hair. His legs were very hairy too. But, most of all, my eyes took in the size of his cock and balls that were just about hanging out of the pouch of his thongs. And then I made out his huge brown nipples that looked as if they wanted to be sucked.

"Would you like a shower?" I said to him not knowing anything else to say while breathing in his sexy musk.

"Yes Scotty, I would love that. I could appreciate a really hot clean up. Can you run it for me?"

I went into his huge bathroom that was equipped with every appliance known to civilized man. There was a huge sunken bath and a bidet. Everything had gold taps. I walked up to the power shower and found its digital pad and I just pressed "110F" and the system took control.

I saw him take off his thong and walk into the shower with his cock and balls swinging about. My cock could hardly stand the sight of this sexy man. It was as hard as iron for him and then I glimpsed his smooth butt looking right into my face. It was all I could do to hold off taking my dick in my hand and gently jacking off.

"Is that all right, Steve," I called out as I saw him soaping himself up.

"It's perfect," he replied as I saw him stroking his soaped up cock seemingly oblivious to me.

I returned to my PC and re-ran the CD hoping to take my mind off my rampant dick and the idea of me fucking Steve. My brain was heady with the new experiences that the day had brought to me and I knew that I was falling in love with him.

Soon I heard him come out of his bedroom and I felt the heat of his body behind me as he looked over my shoulder at the PC screen. I looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror on the wall. He was dressed only in a clean pair of body hugging Calvin Klein boxers that showed his semi-stiff cock to perfection.

Then he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it tightly and our eyes met in the mirror. My body thrilled as I saw the look of longing on his face. Next he ruffled my hair and he bent over me and kissed my ear. I couldn't help sighing as his wet tongue slipped inside it. He stood up and I turned to him and I nestled my nose in his belly button and licked his hairy love trail. The cologne that he had splashed on his body couldn't mask the pungency of his manly pheromones that drifted up from his balls.

His cock was soon fully erect and sticking out of his waistband and I just couldn't resist licking its purple cock head. He moaned a lot as I took it in my mouth while pulling down his boxers to expose his huge hairy balls. I fondled them gently and sucked his cock hard as he pushed it down my throat. Then my fingers found his ass hole and they entered his rectum and he sighed with pleasure. It was then that I knew that he wanted me to fuck him.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I got up off my chair and he held me to his hairy chest with my fingers still working his ass hole.

"In my position son, he confided in me quietly, "I tend to get drained of energy and I need frequent meat injections to charge me up again. Young guys like you have the sparkle to put my drive back into me".

He nuzzled his nose in my hair as he spoke those words that explained everything to me. I had been chosen to be his bed stud and lover boy at a princely salary. I remembered my Grandma's old saying that it is better to be born lucky than rich. How right she was.

"It's time for bed for you and me," he said gently.

He led me back into his private quarters and he undressed me until I was quite naked.

"Give me some excitement, Son," he murmured as he knelt down before me to suck my hard dick.

I had never been sucked off by a much older guy let alone a Chief Executive but I loved the experience and skill of my sucker; so much better than boys of my own age.

"You have a very fine cock," he said softly. "And I know that those balls of yours are brimming with energy. Will you fuck me Darling?"

Hell, I could have fucked the Hunchback of Notre Dame at that moment let alone such a handsome man like him; he had brought my passions to such a frenzy. I stood up before him and stuck my tongue into his mouth and let him suck it ravenously for a while. Then he opened a bedside drawer and handed me a brand new tube of KY jelly.

I pushed him gently down with his back on the bed and he bent up and opened his legs to give me access to his pink hairy rosebud. He shivered a little as I lubed it up and then I stroked the sensitive skin between his ass hole and balls. I heard him whimper as I sucked his nipples hard while my fingers did their erotic work.

"Oh boy, that feels so good," he whispered to me and he took my turgid cock in his hand and tugged at its foreskin.

I then shoved four fingers up his love tube and wiggled them about and splayed them to stretch his love tube to accommodate my ten-inch love pole. It was a technique taught to me by the first guy who got to fuck my ass hole. I knew how horny it would make my lover feel and how much he would be aching for my hot meat inside him.

Then I knelt between his legs and pulled his butt up on my thighs and he hung his legs around my broad shoulders. He pointed my cock against his cherry and it was soon inside him as I bent forward. He felt no pain and he gave out a gasp of delight as I rocked back and forth with my cock slipping in and out of his love chute like a red-hot piston. I looked down at his hard dick and saw it streaming with pre-cum. I knew that he was having the time of his life.

After a good ten minutes of fucking his smooth tight ass hole he cried out for more of my hot meat inside him. God, Steve was turning out to be an insatiable lover. I pulled my cock out of his hole with and audible *pop* and rolled him over. He understood what I was doing and he knelt in front of me for a doggy style fuck. I lubed my dick up again and lunged into him holding his hips tightly.

He screamed with pleasure when our balls clashed together. Few guys can take all ten inches of my cock without groaning in pain but Steve simply loved it. I knew that I had found the man of my dreams.

"Fuck me long and hard, my Darling," he whispered to me almost breathless.

Oh how I loved hearing that. I seldom got the chance of using all of my cock in fucking a guy and my head swooned as I slowly stroked the whole of my shaft in and out of his silky love tube. My eyes began to glaze when he began squeezing down on my flagpole and I increased my rhythm. Above Steve's moans and groans, I heard the sound of my cock slurping in and out of him and the slap of our balls banging together at the end of each inward stroke.

"I'm close to coming!" he whispered to me and that made me fuck him like a stallion until our cocks exploded their cum within seconds of each other. Oh how my cock throbbed and tingled as I fucked his sweet asshole on and on until I felt it begin to lose its hardness. I rolled him over and sucked his sticky cock and then we kissed each other passionately.

"Was that what you needed?" I asked him hesitantly.

"Ask me later, Scotty," he replied, "when my gut has digested the energy of your hot cum inside me. That will be the final test".

Hell man, my virile cum was so much in demand at the anonymous donor sperm bank that I knew I would pass the test with flying colors. Steve would become my paymaster and business mentor and I would become his principal butt fucker and energy supplier. Our relationship would become a model of completely requited love for each other and it would last for years and years save for some unexpected disaster. But, as my Grandma always told me, no one knows what's around the corner until they get there.

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Sheriff Parker

It was a warm rainy southern spring night and I was caught in it. My house was on a rural road several miles from the basketball gym. Didn't expect it would rain this hard or I would have asked one of the guys for a ride. In the distance I saw bright lights and flashing blue police signal. The car pulled up next to me and a person said "git in". It was Sheriff Parker the meanest and self-proclaimed toughest guy in Carson County, Tennessee.

I can attest to the mean part, as he would frequently beat the daylights out of criminal suspects in broad daylight. He carried a large, long, thick, black belt made from the rubber part of a generator rotor. Sheriff Parker didn't care what anybody said about his tactics, especially the Civil Liberties Union.

He would offer criminals caught in the act, for petty stuff like stealing or shoplifting, the option of taking as beating with his black belt or jail(in which case the suspect could get the belt anyway and the Sheriff would make that quite clear). Many people opted for the belt. When a bar room brawl was taking place it would stop immediately when the Sheriff entered. Almost everyone knew the consequences of crossing Sheriff Parker. He ruled Carson County with an iron fist. Crime was very low. Nothing happened without his okay. Bad credit, no problem. If you were on the good side of the Sheriff you could get anything on credit. Carson county is about 50% black and 50% white and they all feared the Sheriff. But they also loved him because he kept the crime rate low.

I got in the Sheriff's car as he had asked. I had never seen him up close before but he was the epitome of the stereotypical fat southern Sheriff being about 6'2" and 280 pounds and at 50 years old could still wrestle cattle as well as people. I guess his size had something to do with everybody calling him "Big Daddy". Even the senior citizens called that and he loved it. I marveled at how white his hair was. A completely snow white mass of hair covered his head. It was so white it almost glowed in the dark.

"Where are you going?" he said.


"What's your name".


"Karl, I'm Sheriff Parker".

"I know. Everybody knows you".

"Don't be scared, some of that stuff you hear about me is not true except for the mean and tough part. If you haven't done anything wrong there is no need to be scared. Where do you live?"

"Just down the road".

"What are you doing out on a night like this?"

"Playing ball with some of the guys from the team."

"Well, were looking for someone who dared to escape from my jail. I'm going to whip his ass when we catch him. He could be dangerous. I'll take you home. Your parents home?"

"No. They are away 'til tomorrow morning".

"They left you home alone".

"Sheriff, sir I am 18 and going away to college next year by myself. I guess this is good practice".

"You don't look a day over 15".

"I guess that because I haven't filled out yet. At 6' and 150 lb I still have some weight to put on."

"You weight 150 lb.?"

"Well not really. Would you believe 140?"

"Now that sounds more like it," said the fat Sheriff.

"Is that your house over there?"

"Yes." I said, concluding our conversation.

As we entered the door he said, "You are soaking wet let me help you out of those clothes and make sure the place is safe before I leave. That guy is still on the loose".

We went into my bedroom and I started to remove my clothes. He helped. He looked thru my dresser to find a pair of gym shorts. "Here put these on" he said. He then found a towel and dried my head, wiping my ears, and generally drying me off all over.

After I was dry we moved over to the couch. He sat next to me. The attention I was getting from this guy was making my soft 10 inch dick harden. He then got a call from one of his deputies saying that the escaped criminal had been caught, but he still kept asking if I would be okay alone.

I told him he could stay awhile if he had the time. He now had me pressed against one end of the couch with his arm around me as we continued to talk. He noticed my dick was now stretching my shorts. "Getting excited I see. That's okay; kids your age are easily excited".

He then started massaging my dick through my shorts. It immediately became completely erect. This whole scene was making me nervous. I couldn't say no and was very excited by what he was doing but didn't know what he had in mind. I found out quickly as the fat Sheriff dropped to his knees in front of me while I sat on the couch and pulled down my shorts.

"Damn! That damn thing must be at least 10 inches!" he said as he began to lick the head of my dick and suck it slowly. I had been sucked before but not by a county Sheriff. He went up and down on my dick alternately licking and sucking. He started to deep throat my dick and I shot a load of cum which he greedily swallowed moaning as he did so.

"I have never sucked a black dick," he said. "Always wanted to do that. I have never seen a dick so big. Karl have you ever been sucked by a guy?"

"Sure. The white guy who owns the store on highway 15 sometimes suck me and some of the guys from the team. There is a rumor that the basketball coach sucks one of the players on team. That guy is a terrible basketball player but gets lots of playing time. One of the guys said they actually saw the coach sucking Tim in his car one night after a game. Somebody else said they saw the coach taking it up the ass from Tim in the coach's office real late one night after practice".

"Well," said the Sheriff, "as I told you I have never sucked a black cock but had lots of white meat down my throat. I love to swallow cum. But I don't do anything in this county. That might ruin my reputation. Nobody would be afraid of me if word got out that I sucked dick like your basketball coach. I do almost all of my fucking and sucking at police conventions."

"Policemen like to suck?" I said.

"Sure, what do you think hundreds of guys do who meet in the middle of nowhere for a week with nothing to do? There is lots of horse play that frequently turns to fucking and sucking."

"I assume you do the fucking and mostly get sucked?"

"I give as much as I get. I love to get fucked as much as I love fucking. But because of my tough guy reputation many police officers think I am butch and drop their pants for a good fucking. That's okay by me. One of the more interesting conventions had five guys from a small town in Ohio, the police chief and four officers. I was naked on my stomach on the bed in the chief's room as the chief sat in front of me while I sucked his dick. One of his men came in and saw what was going on and pushed his dick up my ass. It felt great. I continued to suck the chief as one by one his men spread my legs and plowed my asshole. The chief finally sent a nice load of cum down my throat. By this time his men were ready for seconds. They rolled me over, spread my legs, and gave me lots of good fucking, filling my ass so much that cum dripped out. The chief finally got another hard on and took his turn ramming his dick up my ass. The conventions usually conclude with an orgy in somebody's room. Up to a dozen or more police take turns sucking and fucking each other. I don't usually get fucked as much as I like at these orgies, but blow a lot of loads down their throats and up their asses. Friday nights are great. There is even some mild B and D".

"What's B and D?" I asked.

"That's bondage and discipline." He explained what that was and said, "Let me show you." He said for me to whip him with his belt (not the black one in his car, but the one that held up his pants). He told me not to worry that he really wanted it and I couldn't hurt him.

I undid his belt. He got down on the floor on his hand and knees as I began to spank him with his own belt. "Stop, that hurts" he cried. I continued as he told me he would beg for mercy which meant I should whip him even harder. "Ouch . Sir please don't hit me any more"."

I was supposed to say something but had not gotten the hang of this role playing stuff yet. I just continued to whip is ass. He rolled his massively fat body over. I could see he had a hard on. I continued to whip him. He started to moan and said, "I'm cumming". He blew his load in his pants.

He got up and went to the bathroom. I followed and helped him clean his cock and clean some of the cum from his shorts. "I always wanted to get whipped by a black man. While I'm whipping some of the prisoners I get a hard on and wish that they would sometimes return the favor, but I can't get involved in this county. Come over to my place next week. I want that big black dick up my ass.

"Ever fuck an older guy?"


"Don't be nervous; I'll explain what you should do."

The Sheriff came by my house the next day and said, "Read this before you come over." It was a book about a black guy raping a white police officer. The Sheriff had written some stuff in the book that he wanted me to do. One of the things written throughout the book was "don't forget to use grease".

The next week I went to the Sheriff's house at nightfall. I was sort of hoping he would not be home. I was extremely nervous. I rang the door bell. He showed. Damn I thought, he's home. He looked extremely appealing, wearing his dress uniform with boots so shiny I could see the nightlights reflecting from them.

All his medals and commendations decorated his uniform which was neatly pressed. The creases showed clearly. The new hat he was wearing was round with a tassel hanging from it. It finally dawned on me that he had dressed up for me.

"Come in. Let me show you around". As he showed me around I wondered how someone on a Sheriff salary could afford such a large house until I remembered the rumors of him taking payoffs from people who wanted to run secret gambling and prostitution rings. We finally reached the bedroom where I was supposed to whip him with the belt that he usually reserved for others. On cue I grabbed his arm, twisted it and wrestled him to the ground.

He fell down quite easily. I could never wrestle someone his size to the ground without their cooperation. "What are you doing? Stop you're hurting my arm!" he said as I held him on the floor twisting his arm.

"Shut up" I said. "You think youre so mean and bad; I'm going to show you just who's bad around here."

"Let me up or youre going to be in trouble".

"Not a chance. Not until I whip you ass like you whipped so many people who didn't deserve it".

"Please let me up."

"No!" I reached for his famous belt and proceed to whip him as hard as I could. The belt as it struck his ass made a loud whacking sound. "Stop! Please stop" he said.

"I'll stop if you do whatever I say," was my reply.

"Anything! Just tell me what to do. I'll do anything".

With that I turned the big white man over, sat on his chest, unzipped my pants and inserted my cock in his mouth. "Suck it".

"Please don't make me suck your cock".

"Suck or I whip your ass!"

He opened his mouth and started to suck. He was deliberately bad. "You must like me whipping your ass with my belt. Suck my dick right or I whip you some more".

"No please don't whip me any more."

"Then suck me right"!"

He started sucking again. Again being deliberately bad. "I see you want the belt again". I picked up the belt and started to whip him as he lay on his back.

"No stop. I'll suck you right"."

"You had your chance."

"No, please stop; give me another chance."

I looked down and the Sheriff had such a stern hard on that it stood up almost straight, even though he still was fully dressed. I hoped he wouldn't cum as I just now started to like what I was doing--a young black guy whipping a fat southern Sheriff. What irony. I started to really get into the swing of things. "Listen white boy. I'm going to get naked and I want you to suck my dick right or else."

"Yes sir." I undressed sat on his bed and watched as he crawled up between my legs and started to suck. This time he was good. He licked and sucked my dick with much enthusiasm. I couldn't hold back. I blew as massive load that made him gag as he tried to swallow it. He spilled some.

"Was that okay sir?" he said looking up at me puppy dog like.

"I'm not through with you yet!" I went to the bathroom to get clean.

When I returned he was lying on the floor still in floor shiny new uniform rubbing his dick. "Did I tell you to do that? Look's like you want the belt again."

"No please. Don't."

I grabbed the belt and starting to swing it with gusto. He kept begging me to stop. I said "Okay, get up, lean over that chair and drop your pants."

"What are you going to do?"

"Just shut up and drop your pants!" I grabbed the grease from the stand next to the bed and lubricated my dick and his ass.

"No, stop, I can't possibly take a 10 inch black dick"!"

"Want the belt again?"

"No please, I don't want that." Here he departed somewhat from the script in that he spread is own ass cheeks to receive my dick. This betrayed the fact that he wanted it so badly that he couldn't wait. I penetrated slowly at first. "No it's too big. Please stop".

I continued moving in and out of his ass. With each thrust sinking my dick farther into is nice plump but surprisingly firm ass. I had about 9 inches in when he started to moan in ecstasy. We were both too hot to continue acting.

"Yes give me that big black dick!" he hissed.

"Relax, I'm going to give you the final inch!"

"Give it to me please!"

With that I thrust wildly and blew another load of cum. We went to the bathroom and got cleaned up. As we sat on his couch in the living room engaging in small talk I asked, "Sheriff, can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure anything."

"Can I suck your dick?"

"Have you sucked an older mans dick before?"

"No, but you seem to enjoy it and every time I have been sucked, the person doing it seems to enjoy it; I want to give it a try."

"Okay," he said as he undid his zipper and pulled own his pants to expose a nice hard 8 inch dick. "Be careful. I haven't blown a load in a while and if you've never tasted cum it can be a surprise if youre not ready for it."

With that I sucked his dick just as he told me how to do it. Up and down I went, licking his dick and balls. He put his hands on my head and moved it up and down on his dick. It didn't take long for him to cum. What a load.! I spilled lots of it, but I loved the experience. His cum was delicious.

Before I left he said, "You should come to the police convention with me next week. The guys there have never had a black man and certainly never had a cock as big as yours. You'll be a big hit. I'll pay for the trip and clear it with your parents".

"OK." I knew my parents would never say "no" to the Sheriff as he made some sort of lie about taking me to a basketball summer camp for a week.


When we arrived at the hotel we had separate rooms--really nice rooms. The Sheriff had a Presidential Suite. He told me not to be nervous and don't do anything that I didn't want to. He said he was sorry if I didn't really want to come on this trip.

I said I was really looking for to being away from home for a change as I had never been anywhere. He gave me lots of spending money and I went site seeing during the day as the Sheriff did his conference thing. When I went to his room at the end of the day someone else was there.

"Karl," he said. "This is Captain Grover from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I told him all about you and your 10 inch dick. He wants some."

I looked sort of surprised. Captain Grover was an older tall, thin man about 6' 3" and 185 lbs and very attractive. I walked over to the Captain and stood directly in front of him as he sat in one of the hotel room chairs. He unzipped my pants, took out my cock and started to suck as he sat.

The Sheriff watched the whole scene. The Captain was good, but not quite as good as the Sheriff at sucking cock. I pushed my dick in and out of his mouth. He groaned and moaned as I did. He got up from his chair as said we all should get undressed. We did. All three of us moved over to the bed. I sat against the head board as the Sheriff sucked my dick; I ran my tongue in and out of the Captain's mouth.

Remembering that the Sheriff likes to get fucked, I whispered to the Captain "fuck him." I didn't have to tell him twice. The Captain spread the Sheriff's legs, mounted him and proceeded to give him a glorious fucking. The Sheriff continued to suck my dick as the Captain fucked him. The Captain came quickly, jerking and squirming as he blew his load up the Sheriff's ass. That hot scene made me blow my load sooner than I would have liked. The Sheriff didn't mind as he swallowed every drop and licked my dick clean afterwards. The Captain left the room as soon as he was done. But me and the Sheriff still had lots left. I proceed to blow the Sheriff then fuck him afterwards. We both came as we were in a 69 position.

The week went pretty much as the Sheriff said it would. As word got around where to get fucked and sucked more and more police officers showed up for our sex session that concluded on Friday with more that a dozen officers in the Sheriff's suite. Everyone was fucking and sucking all over the place. The Sheriff was wrong about one thing. I think he didn't get fucked as much a he liked because of his popularity as a fucker. He spent most of the night on his knees on one of the super king sized beds fucking one guy, doggy style, after another. At one point a line had formed to be the next person to get fucked by the Sheriff's fat dick which expect for my 10 inches was the largest in the room. It certainly was the fattest. Lots of the young guys were attracted to the gray hair Sheriff. Lots of "fuck me big daddy" could be heard from the young police officers who lined up to get plowed by that fat southern piece of meat. Some of the guys got the idea of sucking off the guy being fucked by the Sheriff so that their turn would come sooner. Fucking and sucking was going on all over the room. All ages, sizes, and types of police officers packed the room but the Sheriff was by far the hit of the party. He at one point had a line of five guys standing around jerking their dicks waiting to get fucked. They were mostly the younger guys but some of the older officers wanted their turn. I looked over to see the Sheriff poking some police officer in his early twenties. The guy was screaming in ecstasy, "Please Sheriff, give me more of that fat meat. Fuck me big daddy, fuck me."

The young officer then looked over to the next king sized bed and shout to a guy who turned out to be his boss "Chief you should get some of this dick. It's great."

The chief said he was butch and didn't suck cock or take it up the ass. The chief certainly played the role of a butch guy. He, at 55, was one of the oldest guys in the room and at 6'5" 260 muscular pounds also one of the biggest. The chief kept very fit and worked out with weights constantly as could easily be seen by his muscular definition and lack of almost any body fat although he did have just a hint of love handles. The chief also had several tattoos to enhance his butch image.

The Sheriff wanted to keep going all night so he said, "Let me take a break guys. I'll be back in a minute." He went into the bathroom and was shortly followed by the police chief. I went to the bathroom door to sneak a peak. The police chief stood at the toilet and pretended to take a piss while the Sheriff, who had his back turned to the chief, used some towels to clean his cock. The Sheriff turned and noticed the chief playing with his cock.

"Hey city boy, why don't you come over here and suck my fat southern dick?" said the Sheriff.

"I don't suck dick, especially a fat white southern dumb ass wimpy mother like you. Why don't you come over here and suck the dick of a real man!" commanded the chief.

To which the Sheriff said, "Listen boy you can save yourself a lot of trouble and a good as whipping by coming over here right now and suck a real dick. Look, 8 inches of juicy man meat. Yours can't be more than 6 and is certainly not as thick as mine. Come and get some real meat."

"Fuck you!" declared the chief. With that the Sheriff charged across the room, grabbed the bigger, more muscular, slightly older man and wrestled him to the ground. The chief was surprised look on his face at how strong the fat southern Sheriff was. The Sheriff had the chief on the carpeted part of the bathroom floor on his stomach twisting his arm. "Suck my dick city boy!"


With that the chief managed to break the hold and head for the door. The Sheriff quickly grabbed the larger man and again wrestled him to the floor. "Suck my dick city boy". "Please stop you're hurting me."

"I'll stop when you suck my dick." The Sheriff now had the chief in a hold that would make anyone in the WWF proud. The chief could not move and finally gave in. He knew the Sheriff was superior. The Sheriff got up from the floor, letting the chief up at the same time, pulled the toilet seat cover down, and took a set. His fat cock stiff and standing straight up really looked inviting. By now half the room was peaking through the bathroom door to see and hear what was going on.

The big police chief, who had his head shaved to enhance his butch image, got on his knees in front of the Sheriff and proceed to blow him. It was obvious to the onlookers, as well as the Sheriff, that the chief was experienced at sucking dick. After a few minutes the Sheriff pulled the bald chief head off his cock and said, "Lean over the sink, I'm going to fuck that city boy ass of yours."

The chief complied. The Sheriff proceed to give him a good fucking, the kind the guys in the room had lined up for. The Sheriff's fat 8 inches went in so easily, and the chief did not wince in pain, so that everyone knew the chief had taken it up the ass before. The cat was now out of the bag. I guess the chief didn't want any of his men to know he liked it up the ass.

"Enough for now city boy" said the Sheriff. "I got more fucking to do in the other room. Don't want to blow my load now. Check me out later on tonight if you want a good fucking from a real man".

"Yes sir." said the chief. Everyone quickly ran away from the bathroom door to take their former places sucking and fucking to not let on that we were watching.

The Sheriff entered the room and asked, "Who's next?" Four guys said "me" at the same time. "Calm down guys; big daddy has lots left for all of you,"

"Fuck me big daddy," said one of the officers. The Sheriff looked at the five guys lined up for their fucking. "Age before beauty," he said picking an older Lieutenant who was the only guy over 30 in the line. The lieutenant looked to be about 45 and had a decent physical build. The Sheriff proceeded to plow the lieutenant and like the rest. The lieutenant. started to scream in ecstasy as the 8 inch piece of meat went in and out of his asshole.

Meanwhile the formerly butch chief laid on the other king sized bed with his legs spread and motioned to one of the young officers to mount him. As he did the police chief sucked the cock of one of the guys he was fucking earlier in the evening. Me, I spent most of the evening with a young stocky built police officer bouncing up and down on my dick while I sat in a chair.

It was getting very, very late and most of the police officers had either left or were laying on the floor asleep and completely exhausted from all the sucking and fucking activity. Most of those asleep on the floor were victims of vicious but loving fucking by the Sheriff who was just finishing up the last of the young officers. Now the only people awake were me, the Sheriff and police chief. The police chief walked over to the bed where the Sheriff was sitting and said, "Fuck me big daddy, fuck me."

The chief was delighted to hear this. He motioned for me to come over and join him. I did. The Sheriff savagely threw the chief on the bed on his back and spread his legs. The Sheriff proceeded to savagely ram his meat into the chief' ass.

"Oh god, fuck me big daddy, fuck me harder!"

The Sheriff kept pounding the chief as hard as he could. For the first time that night the Sheriff began to sweat. He was working hard at this fucking remembering the trouble the chief gave him in the bathroom. "Take this fat dick city boy."

"Yes, yes fuck me big daddy. God daddy your dick is filling me up. Fuck me, fuck me."

I guess the Sheriff had heard enough as he motioned to me to place my dick in the chief's mouth. The chief sucked me with gusto. He was good probably having done this many times before. The chief was really moaning and groaning now his dick standing up straight just waiting to blow a load. Knowing that I looked at the Sheriff for his ok to take the meat in my mouth and draw out the cum.

The Sheriff knew how much I liked cop cum and nodded, giving me his ok to such the chiefs nice 6 inch piece of meat. It didn't take long for the chief to release a massive load of cum. He screamed as he did but the Sheriff kept right on fucking him but now at a slower pace. "Want me to take my dick out now city boy?"

"No." said the police chief. The Sheriff continued to fuck the chief's now tender ass. I swallowed the last of the chiefs load and more around behind the Sheriff and started to insert my cock up is ass. "Don't do that Karl," he said. "You'll make me cum to fast. I want to enjoy this some more." So I stood up on the bed and offered the Sheriff my 10 inch dick which he took very willingly as he continued to endlessly pound the police chief.

The Sheriff continued to amaze me as he fucked the chief for another half hour until the chief started to jerk his own dick. The chief came again. I pulled my dick from the Sheriff's mouth and scooped up as much as the chief's cop cum as I could. As the last cum dripped from his dick the Sheriff removed his cock slowly from the chief's ass.

After the chief rolled over to go to sleep the Sheriff turned to me and said, "See I told you, I don't get fucked much at these things. I know its my tough guy personality."

"No it isn't" I said. "Didn't you notice how much those guys enjoyed you fucking them? Didn't you notice the line waiting for your fat dick? That's why you don't get fucked much because guys can't wait to either suck that meat or take it up the ass. One of the officers was saying that it is sort of an honor and privilege to fuck Big Daddy. They are afraid if they fuck you and don't do a good job you wont ram that piece of steel-hard meat up their ass or give them one of your class, patented blow jobs. The word about you has gotten around to most of the officers that like to fuck and suck. It has nothing to do with personality. Sorry to say I don't think your tough guy image means nothing here. Its how you use your dick that impresses these guys. They don't want you to cum from a dick up the ass they wanted as much of you joy stick as they could get before someone made you cum They like sucking you because they think they will be rewarded with a good fucking".

"Think that's it?"

"I know that's it."

"Well Karl, Im certainly ready to take your meat now. Please give me a good fucking."

"I'll do the best I can." With that we found some space on the bed that was taken up by sleeping cops who had either been fucked or fucked someone else all night. The Sheriff lay back and spread his fat thighs. I lifted his ankles onto my shoulder and gently shoved my cock up his waiting ass. He closed his eyes and moaned lightly as I started with a slow rhythm. The faster that I pumped my dick up his ass the quicker his moaning became. I asked him to get up on his had and knees so that I could fuck his doggy style. He did.

I again inserted my 10 inch rod into the Sheriff's ass; he continued to moan. I could feel the cum swell up in my balls but didn't want to cum. I wanted to make sure the Sheriff was satisfied before I blew my load. We kept changing positions over the next hour until I could hold back any longer. I exploded a massive load of cum in the Sheriff's ass. After getting cleaned up I asked him if I could suck his cock. I wanted his cop cum and he knew it. He knew I loved his love juice. He sat back as I proceeded to draw the juice from his dick. He came with a grunt and sent his juice down my throat. We wrapped our arms around each other and drifted off to sleep.

The summer went by pretty quick. The Sheriff and I continued to meet secretly. I plowed his ass and sucked his dick as often as I could. His cum was delicious. I was the only one fucking and sucking the Sheriff because he wanted to maintain his tough guy image. He passed up some police conventions and the orgies that go on there to be with me.--probably because he loved taking it up the ass.

Big Daddy asked me to give him a good whipping on occasion. He knew I did not like to do it, so he wouldn't ask too often By the end of the summer I was asking him if could I give him a nice, but light spanking with his famous belt. I started to get into it. But all good things come to an end. It was off to college in the fall.

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

Grandpa wants my ass

Written by 1993Anus

I was living with grandpa, he was 72, I was 18... Sometimes when I would take a shower I would just throw my dirty underwear out in front of my room door which was right near the bathroom or id just leave them on the floor of my room instead of the bathroom. Once when I got done taking a shower I found grandpa in my room touching my underwear, the other time I found him smelling my underwear that I left in front of the door, he said that he was blowing his nose but I knew that was not true because I've done the same to his underwear before to see if they were freshly worn so that could cum inside of them. I have always wanted to put my dick on my grandpa's dick and cum all over it. The other times he would yell at me to leave my underwear in the bathroom and that I shouldn't leave them in front of the door. If I left them in front of the door he would push them inside of the bathroom, and then he would go inside.

A month has passed and I have started noticing my underwear moving from the previous place that I've put them, I was thinking that maybe grandpa just wanted to tidy the place up by relocating them. I looked at the underwear to see if I'd find anything odd in them and I have noticed a wet circle shaped spot on the place where my anus is supposed to be located. I wondered what it was, maybe it was the tip of my grandpas dick or it was his tongue? But why did he do that to my anus and not my dick? Maybe he just misjudged the front from the back, even though it's almost impossible to confuse the front of the underwear from the back.

The next day I waited in the shower for 2 hours so that grandpa would really have to go inside to take a piss while I'm inside the shower. He finally went inside I opened my curtains and looked at his dick and balls, he smiled, my dick was getting very big and hard. This has been the first time in 5 years that I've seen his dick. "After lots of begging 5 years before this he let me watch him and even let me explore his genitals, but due to the internet and me watching grandmas pussies online I had nearly forgotten about his huge 11 inch dick." So here we are 5 years later, I put my hand out to grab his dick but he refuses, I tell him to show me it, he puts his balls and dick out but doesn't let me touch them. Later he gives in and just lets me hold them for a couple seconds and leaves. I was upset that he didn't let me touch him more.

The next day I'm taking a shower, and within minutes grandpa goes inside and sits on the toilet, smiling again, I open the curtains and he lets me touch his balls and dick as much as I want, my dick was very hard, but I didn't want to make a move because maybe he would refuse. That same night I heard him moaning in the bathroom, maybe he's just using the bathroom I thought, but deep inside I really hoped that he was cumming. The next morning I woke up and there was a terrible smell in the bathroom, I looked at 2 pairs of my underwear, they were on the floor instead of the laundry basket, they were both wet and smelled horrible! The most wet part and the most wrinkled part was the anus area again. I wondered what were they wet from, saliva, cum, piss, what was it? Because both pairs were covered in foul smelling liquid, it smelled a lot like cum, but how could he have so much cum to make both pairs wet? He had huge balls, the biggest that I've ever seen, but still he was 72 years old... How could his body produce that much sperm, and when I cum on his underwear its barely anything, yet he makes both of my pairs wet at the same time.

Next day my grandpa was taking a piss, I walked in the bathroom to look at his dick, he pulled it towards me and said here, take it! I grabbed it, touched it a bit, lifted up his balls, looked under them, touched his dick some more and as I was leaving grandpa slapped my ass and in a moaning voice said that it's good. I just left the room, and was thinking to myself why does he like my ass and not my dick? That night I didn't sleep so that I could see what he was doing to my underwear, as soon as he got out of the bathroom I waited for about 2 minutes and went in. Looked at my underwear and they were covered in thick white cum, it was like egg whites but thicker, more slimy and very smelly. Around the thick white cum was clear liquid cum, I guess ones sperm and one is semen. It was right on my anus area again but grandpa had rolled the underwear together which made the cum go all over the place. I put the cum on my nose to smell it and nearly threw up, it smelled so bad, not like my cum at all, it was so much thicker and richer, the worst smell that I have ever experienced. I rubbed my dick over it and came inside.

The next day I wake up go inside the bathroom while grandpa is on the toilet, he tells me to wait till he wipes, gets up and lifts his dick and his balls up, the tip of his dick was wet, and it smelled very bad but I learned to love that smell, I took his dick in my hand, his dick is cut, the skin on it is very wrinkly and loose, I played with it putting it on and off his tip, his dick was getting harder. His dick color is very tan, more than than his already tan body. His dick and balls hang very low, and are covered in brown, white and gray hairs. His balls are red and wrinkly with many hairs on them. His balls are so big that they could not fit in two hands, and neither can his dick, just one of his balls was bigger than both of mine plus my dick combined. His dick and balls smelled very bad because he only showered once a month, so they would always smell like cum, piss and sweat, it smelled so good to me. I started touching his balls, lifting them up, looking under them, then one last time touched the dick, grandpa was smiling. Again as I turned around to leave he lightly tapped my ass 4 times, and slapped it very hard once and said mmm while looking at my ass. I left the bathroom and went to my room. I was thinking to myself, why am I such a pussy, why am I not brave enough to just start sucking his dick?

A month has passed I continued, touching his dick, he continued cumming in my underwear. Whenever he had the chance he would stare at my ass, if I'm on the toilet he would go inside, stare, but then I would tell him to leave, he would also take my towel which would force me to walk naked to my room, where he was again staring at my ass and smiling. I came in his underwear once over this period of time, I took them as soon as he started showering, they were still warm and the place where his dick was located was all wet. They were black and the place where his dick and balls were was is completely white, yellow, and orange. The smell of them made my whole room stink, I licked the place where his dick was located at, the piss and cum stained area, this area was all wet from cum and piss, and it tasted very bitter and sour, salty, just nasty. I gagged as I was licking it, but I imagined that it was my grandpas dick. Then I was smelling it, and it smelled like old piss and cum, it smelled like my grandpas dick. I kept it on my nose for about 10 minutes, just inhaling the smell of my grandpas dick. Then I finally put it on my dick, and I imagine that my dick was on his dick, and that I was cumming on his dick, and I came all over his underwear. Then I took them back where I found them. Each day when I would look at my underwear I would find cum on the area where my anus is supposed to be but once I found it on the area of my dick. I really enjoyed this month and this was also the month when we were going to move to a new house.

We took everything to the new house except one bed, tv, and a computer. We were going to be out of our house in 4 days anyways so one bed was fine. We wanted to enjoy our last few days in our old home before our contract runs out. This was the first day of us sleeping in the same bed, I was hoping that grandpa would make the first move. Grandpa was already in bed, and told me to just come sleep besides him. So I went inside the bed, and took off my pants and underwear since I sleep naked. Grandpa was laughing and smiling. He later unbuckled his belt so that his underwear were visible, and put his hand inside them, I looked over and he said that he was itching his balls. Grandpa was laying on his back, I was laying on my stomach, then grandpa randomly drilled his middle finger inside my anus, he was turning his finger like a screw and shaking it at the same time.

I slapped his hand away, my dick was getting hard, and so was his because it was visible through the covers. I turned around on my side with my ass facing grandpa. Couple minutes later he turned on his side too where he was facing me. I was pretending to sleep, he started and touching my ass. I was very excited... He went under the sheets and started smelling my anus, and he even licked it couple of times. Then he started rubbing his huge dick over my ass and anus, I turned around, he was smiling and breathing heavy. For the first time in my life I had put my nose on his balls and dick, they smelled so good, he pushed his dick towards my mouth, I opened wide and his dick entered my mouth. He held his hands on my head, forcing me to go lower which meant that his dick was going deeper in my throat, it tasted very bitter, sour, and salty. Then he started thrusting his dick down my throat, it hurt and it made me gag, I was choking, but he was holding my head down.

Then he told me to get off the bed and to lay on my stomach while leaving my feet on the ground and spreading my legs. I've done just that, hoping that someday I may be able to cum on his dick because today didn't seem like it was going to be one of those days. Grandpa started slapping his huge dick on my ass, asking do you like that? I said yes, you have the best dick in the worlds. His dick was seriously so much thicker and so much longer than mine that I'd say that it was at least 5 times bigger than mine. His flaccid dick is so much bigger than my hard dick. He then took his middle finger and started drilling into my anus, it hurt very bad, and I was in a lot of pain. He had huge, manly, strong, veiny hands with huge fingers. One of his fingers was like 3 of mine, they were very thick, almost thicker than my dick. Two of my hands were like one of his, he was very strong. He slid his middle finger from side to side, and in circular motion, I was trying not to scream of pain. I felt some liquid come out of my ass, then grandpa screwed his other middle finger in my anus, he was fingering me with both of them now. Before this my anus was very tight I couldn't even put my pinkie finger in it, it was super tight.

About 10 minutes have passed of my grandpa fingering me and running his fingers through my anus. Now he started moaning and breathing heavy again, slapped his dick on my ass, tried to put it in, but it wouldn't fit. He then put 4 of his finger inside, 2 from one hand and 2 from the other, put it deep inside and out, in a very slow potion, and moving his fingers in a circular motion. He slapped my ass and told me to wait a minute, he then took his dick and started rubbing it through his hands, which was making his huge dick even bigger, the wrinkled skin on his dick was so hot. When he was done with that he went behind me and with his rough hands he spread my ass, and then he inserted both of his thumbs inside my anus which hurt me so bad that I screamed in pain. He very brutally opened my anus as wide as he could and inserted his huge 11 inch dick inside, I had tears in my eyes, and moaned in pain. As he was slowly thrusting against my ass he was saying ahhhh, and mhhhh, and he was also moaning. Again I felt some king of liquid coming out of my ass, grandpa started fucking me a bit faster now.

As grandpa is fucking me with his huge 11 inch dick I'm moaning in pain, his huge balls hitting my ass and my balls very hard, he's moaning in pleasure, cum starts to go out of my dick and more of that liquid comes out of my anus, it feels like I am ejaculating through my anus as well as my dick. Grandpa now started fucking me with full force, I can hear liquid escaping from my anus as he pounds me as hard as he could, it sounds like a when you fuck a wet pussy, that's how my ass was sounding, I was screaming and moaning in pain. My ass was hurting, my legs were hurting, the whole bottom of my body was in tremendous amount of pain. I could only hear my grandpa moaning in pleasure, the loudest moaning that I've ever heard, it was so deep and loud, you could probably hear it 20 houses down from where we were. He was tearing my ass up, and I was kind of enjoying it because that's what I wanted, except this was very painful and I never got to cum on his dick. He now tells me to lay on my side, he inserts his dick in me again, I can barely move my legs, they hurt so bad from fucking.

Grandpa starts fucking me in this position and as hes thrusting against me his balls and leg are hitting my balls which hurts very bad, but at the same time it feels right. When I was younger I grabbed and squeezed my grandpas balls very hard and he was screaming in pain for 15 minutes that day, I guess this was payback. The smell of sex was indescribable, we were both very sweaty, my grandpas dick and balls smelled very bad as so did his body, he didn't take a shower for a month. Everything smelled like urine, semen, sperm, saliva, and like a fish store but with rotten fish. Grandpa was moaning and fucking the shit out of me. After he was done with that position he told me to lay on him, which I did, but I could barely move my legs. He inserted his dick in me and started thrusting against me faster than ever before. Grandpa was fucking me way too fast and way too hard, I have never even seen this on porn movies, this was inhuman! He was screaming and moaning in pleasure, I was screaming and moaning in pain, this was the worst pain that I've felt that day...

Then I felt something hot deep inside my anus, actually even near my stomach area, grandpa started moaning harder than ever before. This liquid felt a lot thicket and it was very hot, it felt so fucking good. I was hearing it splash as grandpa was going in and out of my ass, it sounded so good. It sounded very wet and thick, and it felt so nice inside my ass, but it also made my anus burn about two minutes later. Grandpa was still fucking me, but now he was going a bit slower. Now he told me to turn on my back but I told him that I couldn't, that I was in too much pain, and I couldn't even move my legs. He laughed and smiled at the same time. He thrusted his dick inside me once more and then took the monster out. It hurt very bad as he was taking it out because it had to be pushed upwards since I was laying on him. He turned me over on my back and beneath me was a pool of blood and hot cum. My anus was bleeding and cum was oozing out of it too. Grandpa was fertilizing me good. He inserted his dick in me and fucked me some more. I was starting to enjoy this...

After he was done with that position he dragged by my legs and put my ass near the end of the bed, he inserted his dick inside my anus again, this time with ease, it wasn't tight like before, it even seemed loose now. I felt grandpa release semen and sperm in me again, it felt so hot and good, now each time he goes inside it makes that beautiful wet noise. My anus continued to bleed, and sperm continued to ooze out, it smelled so good, nasty dirty sex... Grandpa then pissed inside my anus, and it was burning very bad again, it was very painful. I told him to put his dick and balls on my dick and that's what he did, but I couldn't move my legs to enjoy it. When I came on grandpas balls and dick it was just like water with a little bit of white, maybe because I had already cum when he was fucking me. He laughed at me and told me that I should of been a girl so that he could fuck my ass and my pussy at the same time since my dick and balls were useless . He wasn't lying much, they were very small and his were huge... His were like a bulls compared to mine. He slapped my balls, and I screamed in pain again, he told me to ride him. I told him that I cant even move my legs not to mention jump on his dick.

He was getting really mad at my answer and told me to lay on my stomach. I somehow managed to turn around, feeling as if someone just took a saw and cut through the middle of my legs... As soon as I turned around he pulled me a bit more towards the bottom of the bed so that my feet touching the ground, and that my ass is out, off from the bed. He rubbed his balls of my ass while moaning, slapped my ass a couple times and inserted his dick in me again. He started fucking me very deeply, very fast, and very hard. Again I was in a lot of pain but I somehow enjoyed it. Grandpa was fucking me as fast and as hard as he could, he was mercilessly and brutally fucking me. This was more brutal than any of those hardcore porn movies that you've ever watched, I was bleeding all over the place for fucks sake. A virgin, that has never even thought of anal sex, here I was taking a huge 11 inch dick inside my anus... Grandpa grabbed my balls and dick and squeezed them really hard, it hurt very bad but I loved it. I loved all the pain because it felt right.

Grandpa started moaning and groaning again, and started fucking me a lot faster and even harder than previously, again I can feel warm semen and sperm running through my anus. He then took his dick out and ejaculated some more, all over my ass and then he put his dick back in my anus and ejaculated again. Thick, slimy, watery, and hot sperm and semen were dripping down my ass and anus. Cum was everywhere, so I guess that one time when I found both of my underwear that were wet was actually my grandpas sperm... Grandpa then got up and put his dick in my mouth,and deepthroated me, he told me to lick it all off, so I did. Then he pissed a bit in my mouth and I drank it. He then said that were going to sleep, I told him to keep his dick inside my ass the whole night, and he looked very surprised and excited. I turned around on my side and let him insert his dick in me, then we went to sleep. I wasn't even upset that I didn't get to cum on his dick the way that I've always wanted to because this was a bit more fun and exciting.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my ass was still hurting but I didn't complain. Grandpas dick had become flaccid and it felt even better than a hard dick in my ass, it felt so right and good, it was like dinosaur skin... It was so soft and I can't explain this, you have to experience it yourself, 11 inch grandpas wrinkled flaccid dick inside your ass, it's just unbelievable. It was the best feeling that I've ever felt in my life. But the stench of the bed that we slept in was horrific, it's probably the most disturbing smell in the world, it's unexplainable. It's like rotten eggs mixed with rotten fish mixed with cum, piss, unwashed grandpas dicks. I just went back to sleep. Couple hours later I've been woken up with grandpa fucking pissing inside my anus and his dick was hard again.

He told me how that's the best ass that he's ever had in his life and how it was better than any pussy that he's ever had. I told asked him can I cum on his dick, his answer was only if I ride him first. The bed and my anus were covered in piss, blood, and cum.

My ass was still hurting badly but I loved having sex with grandpa, I liked being his fuck boy. I liked listening to his orders, I'd let him fuck me in any position that he'd want. I got on top of him and started riding him, grandpas eyes were shining with happiness, I really loved this too. He seemed to enjoy this a lot more than the other position we'd done. He was yelling and moaning, I was moaning from time to time too but nowhere near as much as him. I ignored the terrible pains and jumped up and down his dick as fast and as hard as I could. I had to do it for my grandpas perfect dick, and his perfect balls, and his perfect body. He was just perfect and nobody in this world has a better dick than him. So I gave all that I had left in me to make my grandpa happy. As I was jumping on his dick I had an orgasm out of my ass again, it was some clear and white liquid, it felt very good. Then I started farting and more had came out, it felt so fucking good, grandpa said that it smelled bad. But then he took some with his finger and licked it, then he said you ass has become a real pussy. I started jumping even harder now and as I was having another orgasm while grandpa ejaculated deep inside my anus, he was moaning louder than ever. I continued riding him for a few more minutes then got off. Grandpa then rubbed and massaged my anus and ass a little bit and then slapped my ass and told me that I am the best sex partner that he's ever seen.

Then my dream finally came true I got to enjoy rubbing grandpas dick and balls with my dick and balls. Grandpa used his hands to do the same, and then I let him take over because his hands are so much better. He started stroking his dick and ejaculated all over my genitals. His hot cum was all over me and it felt so good. I was amazed... How the fuck can he cum like 10 times and still have more sperm than me? Then he put his dick and balls over mine and started stroking my dick, then I told him let me finish off and I started masturbating and ejaculated all over his balls and dick, then I told grandpa to finish jacking me off. He was going as fast as he could and then I came over his huge balls and huge dick again.

The next day, as soon as I woke up I started smelling grandpas balls and dick. He was still sleeping but this woke him up. I started licking his testicles and dick that he still hadn't washed yet. I started sucking his balls, and then I started sucking his dick, grandpa depthroated me, and after a couple minutes he ejaculated deep inside my throat. I started to throw up but grandpa was holding my head down and I couldn't move. I thought that I was going to die, because his dick was beyond my throat I think, maybe it was in my stomach? Hot sperm was going down my throat, while I'm choking on his dick, gagging, and throwing up his cum. After he came inside my mouth and throat, he also gave me a facial where he covered my nose, mouth, eyes, basically covered my whole face with cum. From this moment on he fucked me daily. The next day he fucked me from the back for an hour. Couple months after this we did a trio with a 70 year old grandma, she was jumping on both of our dicks at the same time. Her pussy was loose as fuck and my grandpa made both her anus and vagina bleed. I ejaculated deep inside of her soft old hairy wrinkled pussy. Nowadays whenever I bend over grandpa puts his dick inside my anus and starts fucking me.