Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

The Bus Ride

When my wife Martha died, I decided to visit my grandson in Rockwell City, Iowa. It was a long bus trip from Atlanta, but I figured that I could use the time to catch up on my reading and just enjoy the countryside. I always like to ride in the back of the bus, have been doing so for most of my 70 years, well at least since integration. I like ridding in the back seat because it’s so wide. You can almost stretch out completely to sleep. At least I can because I’m a little guy and seem to be getting smaller the older I get. I bet over the last ten years I have lost an inch of my height.

But luckily I haven’t lost any inches off my pecker. Even though I am short and skinny, I have a hell of a long thick pecker. My wife use to say it was to big for her and damn if she didn’t use that excuse during the last fifteen years before her death to keep from having sex with her.

Well, I think that’s what turned me into a flasher. And strange as it may seem, I only like showing my pecker to old men my age. Hell, the honest truth is that’s why I took the bus to Iowa. I figured I would have plenty of opportunity to flash my big pecker on the long bus ride.

But at the beginning of the trip, I began to have my doubts. Sure there were lots of people on the bus but only women and young men. The couple of old men that got on sat up front near the driver as thought they were afraid of venturing back to the rear of the bus.

Then an Old Catholic priest got on in Jackson, Mississippi. I watched him coming down the isle hoping against hope that the stout, white haired old priest would keep on coming back. And damn if he did take the rear seat on the right side of the bus, the one with the toilet behind it.

Well, let me tell you that my old pecker responded to the sight of the old priest immediately. It started uncoiling like some great white snake in my pants as I watched the old hairy priest stow away his luggage. His arms were strong looking for a man his age and very hairy. But the hair on his arms was blond colored and it went with his pinkish complexion. I figured he was of Irish decent, especially when I saw his deep blue eyes.

Even though I was staring at him and smiling, the old priest didn’t look in my direction except when he first came back looking for an empty seat. I got the feeling that he was hoping to take the seat that I had but settled on the other one as he second choice.

The bus was only about a third full and except for the old priest and myself all the other passengers were sitting near the front of the bus. So as the bus bumped and shaked down the road, I unzipped my fly and left if wide open. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so the pale skin of my big old pecker was plainly visible.

I watched the priest out of the corner of my eye as I played like I was napping. For a while, I thought he wasn’t going to look my way. Then I saw him take a quick fugitive glance in my direction. Knowing that he couldn’t but help seeing my pecker the way my fly was gapped open, excited me. I really don’t know how to explain how I feel when I know an old man is looking at my pecker. It just gets me all excited and tingly inside.

The old priest tried not to look at me again. I could almost see the battle raging inside of him. But hell the devil must win sometimes and I guess this was one of those occasions. The second time he glanced over he paused to stare at my crotch for a long moment before jerking his head back around.

Deciding it was time to up the anti a little, I reached down and pulled the huge foreskin cloaked head of my half-hard pecker out of my pants. I am one of those guys with lots of foreskin over hang. With the foreskin of my pecker hanging down from the huge pecker’s head, my old dick looked like the tail end of a huge white snake.

I didn’t have to wait long for the old priest to glance over at me. And this time, upon seeing the head of my big pecker sticking out of my fly he jerked his head around abruptly and glanced around to see if anyone had notice him looking at me. Well the other passengers were way up front of the bus so there wasn’t anyone to notice that he had looked at me. But it took the old priest several minutes to gain enough courage to look across the isle again.

When he did look at my pecker it was with a darting motion of his head. GOD, I loved it. Doing something so forbidden as flashing my pecker to an old priest was delightful beyond words. And the excitement I was feeling caused my big pecker to swell bigger and bigger. Then when the old priest was glancing over at me, I just reached down and pulled my entire pecker out of my fly. He jerked it head around and stared out the window on the far side of the bus. But I knew he would look at me again. He held out longer than I thought he would. It was a full ten minutes before he slowly turned his head toward me.

Well I was ready for him. When he looked at me I grabbed my fat, long pecker and pulled the foreskin back until my big mushroom dick head popped. Then as I glanced directly into the blue eyes of the old priest, I started jacking myself off.

The old priest couldn’t take is eyes off my huge, long, fat pecker. I could see him trying to look the other way but he seemed mesmerized by the gigantic size of my 70yo pecker. Then he reached his hands slowly down toward his crotch as though he was struggling with himself. I guess the devil won again because as I stared at him, the old priest began to gently massage his crotch of his black slacks. And as he did so he never took his eyes of my pecker.

Finally I motioned for him to come over. I really didn’t expect him too, but he surprised me by getting up from his seat and approaching me. I scooted over to give him room. He sat down beside me.

At first he stared straight ahead, but then he finally glanced down at my huge pecker only inches away from him. He watched me jacking off for a moment. Then I lot go of my fat white snake and waited.

Sure enough the old priest reached over and grabbed hold of my pecker with his big, blond haired hand. “The Lord certainly blessed you.” He said and smiled at me. “Wish he had seen fit to give me a little more.” He added.

I reached my hand over and grabbed the old priest’s crotch. I felt a big hand full of balls but had to feel around before I located his small dick. I massaged his crotch until his little dick stiffened and grew slightly bigger.

Then I let go of the old priest crotch and reached up and grabbed the old priest behind the head. “Suck me!” I demanded.

“No! No!” I can’t.” The old priest protested. I might be little but damn I am strong for my size. And I wasn’t about to let the old priest get away so easily. I had always wanted to be sucked off by a preacher or priest and knew I wasn’t likely to get another chance.

“Damn it. You are going to suck it.” I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Or I going to make a big enough fuss to bring the driver back here!” I hissed.

The old priest resisted my efforts to pull his head down to my crotch for a minute but then slowly he gave in. And the nearer to my pecker his mouth got the harder and bigger my pecker grew until I thought it was going to explode.

“Take it!” I growled as the old priest’s mouth neared my pecker.

The old priest opened his mouth and I pushed his head down sending my fat pecker into the old priest’s mouth. Then as he started sucking the head of my pecker, I rubbed his snow-white hair.

I let him suck the head of my pecker several minutes before I whispered. “Talk it all! I’m going to shoot my load down your throat.” Then I shoved his head violently down to my crotch sending my huge white snake deep into his throat. The old man surprised me by taking my entire pecker. And his mouth and throat was so hot and moist that my pecker started to spasm. That coupled with the knowledge that it was a priest sucking my pecker caused me to shoot off.

The old priest jerk his head back and for his efforts got a face full of cum. And I held his head down hear my pecker until I unloaded all my juice. When the old priest finally lifted his head cum was running down his cheeks onto his white priest collar. He hurriedly pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and frantically started wiping the cum off his face and clothes and he got up and moved back to his own seat.

That night on the bus, I started playing with my pecker again. The old priest tried to ignore me but he couldn’t. And again, he finally came over and sat beside me again. He wouldn’t suck me off until I forced him to. Damn, what a bus ride that turned out to be. The old priest was heading to California and I made him suck my pecker two more time before he changed buses in Chicago.

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