Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2016

The Bookstore

I am writing to let you all know that you don’t have to live in a city like Fort Lauderdale to find lots of sex. I live in Fort Dodge, Iowa and have plenty of sexual experiences. Yes, small towns can be a goldmine for older men.

I am 65. I’ve lived in Fort Dodge all my life. I own a farm and am married. But that doesn’t stop me for sucking dick. I guess you would call me a bi-sexual. I just call it loving sex, any kind of sex. I like eating pussy and I like sucking dick, but I guess I like sucking dick just a little bit more.

There’s a bookstore on Central Avenue in Fort Dodge that is one of my favorite haunts when I looking for dick. The bookstore had two floors. On the first floor is new books, hardbound, paperbacks and magazine while on the second floor is used books. I always start at the adult section of the magazine rack. There is always a lot of old men looking through Playboy and that type of magazines. Well, I usually pick up a copy Playgirl and flash the pictures of the young studs to the other old men as they are looking at pussy.

Take last Tuesday, this old farmer from Humboldt was thumbing through a Playboy Magazine but I could tell he was secretly eyeing me. He looked about my age but was stouter than me, as I am tall and skinny. I liked his looks and all the gray hair on his arms and showing through the top of his shirt. So I made sure that he saw me reach down and group my crotch a couple times and then I put the magazine down and walked to the far side of the bookstore where the stairs to the upper floor is located. He watched me as I approached the stairs. I looked directly in the old man’s eyes before going on up.

Now let me explain that almost no one goes up to the second floor. Oh, once in a while someone will go up and pick out a couple of used paperbacks, but usually I find no one on the second floor. Well, there wasn’t anyone up there that time either. And as I walked over to the long row of old record racks that the old man that owns the store uses the story used paperback, I could hear the old farmer from Humboldt coming up the stairs.

I was busy looking through the paperback when he walked up to the record racks. When I was sure he was looking at me I reached down and rubbed my crotch. Then I walked to the very end of the upstairs and ducking behind one of the large bookshelves. It didn’t take the old farmer long to come over to investigate.

When he peeped around the corner of the bookshelves I grabbed my crotch. Still he hesitated. So I unzipped my pants and pulled out my long thick dick. His eyes got big as he saw the size of my dick. Then he smiled and approached me and reached out and grabbed my dick.

“Wow, that’s a big one.” He told me. I asked him to take his out. He asked if it was safe to play around up here and I told him yes that the old man that owned the store was gay. So the farmer finally took out his dick. Of course it wasn’t nearly as long and as thick as my old dick, but it looked mighty good to me. His dick was about six inches long, and fairly thick with lots of overhanging foreskin.

The old farmer’s dick began to get hard the moment I touched it. I could tell that he hadn’t had sex very often cause his dick started dripping immediately. Then he reached in and pulled out a set of bull balls. Damn, they were beautiful! The sight of them got me so hot that I dropped to my knees and started sucking the old farmer’s dick.

He sent crazy. The farmer grabbed me by that back of the head and started fucking my mouth. So, I could tell he was married as married me always do that. I didn’t mind because his cock wasn’t so big that I couldn’t take it all. Now, I was in Heaven as there is nothing to compare with sucking a man’s dick for the first time. Now don’t get me wrong. I like to suck old men’s dicks more than once, but there is nothing as good as that first time you suck a strange dick.

I really wanted the experience with the old farmer to last longer, but I guess he had gone without sex too long. His dick started spewing cum in no time at all. And let me tell you, the old farmer sure had stored up a nice big load for me to harvest. He tried to pull away before I finished taking his load but I grabbed him by the ass and held him until I drained the last drop of cum from his dick.

When I let him go he almost ran from the upstairs. That’s how some guys are after they shoot their load. You know the guilt hits them and they think about their wives or being queer. I don’t mind. I know that the next time they see me they’ll want me to suck them off again.

I was just getting ready to head downstairs when I heard someone coming up the stairway. I knew the guy. He was the old man that owned a dry cleaners a couple of block behind the bookstore. I had always wonder if he like to play around. I had seen his car at the rest area near Rockwell City. But I had never had a chance to make contact with him. He wasn’t as old as I wasn’t. I would guess his age at about 60. He didn’t have any gray hair but still I like his fatherly face, which wasn’t handsome but attractive if you are like me and like old men.

He nodded at me and started looking through the paperbacks. Then he reached down and touched his crotch. I did the same to mine. Then he walked back to the spot where I had just sucked off the farmer. So, I knew that this wasn’t his first time up here. I quickly followed. Heck, he had his dick out when I got there.

His circumcised dick was longer than the farmer and curved downward. It reminded me of a horse’s cock. “You want to suck me?” He asked. In reply, I just got down on my knees and started sucking his dick. I couldn’t deep throat his long dick as I had the farmers. But I used enough tongue action on it that the guy started moaning.

He reached down hand started patting me on my balding head as I sucked his dick. “Suck it old man! Suck it!” He called out as I worked feverishly on his dick. He got me so hot talking to me that I finally was able to take his entire dick down my throat. This send him into a hunching fit and caused him to cum. Unlike the old farmer, he let me suck his dick as long as I wanted. And I can tell you I sucked out ever drop of his salty, bitter tasting cum.

While he was zipping up his pants, he asked me if I came to the bookstore often. I told him ever chance I could sneak out of the house. He said good that he hoped to meet me again. Then he left.

Well, I was so hot that I decided to jack myself off. So I stayed behind the bookshelf and pulled out my big dick and stated working on it. I guess I got too much into masturbating because I didn’t hear the owner approaching until the old man cleared his throat.

Suddenly I look up and there he stood staring at me! Now, I got to tell that the owner was one of the handsomest old men I had ever seen. He was second generation Norwegian. He has beautiful thinning hair was gray. He was a little on the heavy side but not fat. His smile always had sent goose bumps down my spine it was so wonderful. And as always he was dressed in a suit and tie.

As I stared at him standing there solemnly looking at me, I didn’t know what to do. My cock was rock hard and throbbing as I was near to cuming when he caught me. So, I finally just said. “You have a nice store.” And waited for him to explode in anger. But instead he said “thanks” and took another puff on the cigarette he was smoking and kept looking at my cock.

Not knowing what else to do, I just kept slowly masturbating as I said “Where did you get all of these used books?” As he smoked his cigarette and stared at my big dick he told me that he bought the books from estates when people died. But as he spoke the old man never took his eyes off my big dick. I could see the outline of his cock and balls as he pants were pulled up high at the waist. He cock looked small but his balls were large.

Then as we continued to chit chatted I started jacking my cock hard and faster as he smoked, talked and watched. Damn I wanted to reached out for the old man’s cock but I sensed that would be the wrong thing to do. So, I just kept working on my cock and getting hotter and hotter from him watching me.

Finally I put my hand out and shot off into it. The old man watched intently as my sperm gushed into my hand. I was so excited that I shot a bigger load than usual. When I finished I had a hand full of cum and didn’t know what to do with it. Seeing the look on confusion on my face, the old man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a white silk handkerchief and handed it to me.

“Thanks.” I told him as I wiped my hand clean. When I finished he reached out for the handkerchief and I handed it back to he. He closed his hand around the cum soaked handkerchief and held it a moment before putting it back in his pocket.

“I’ve got to get back down to the cash register. Feel free to visit the used section whenever you like but do be careful as regular customers come up here also.” He told me. I said that I would be very careful and that I hoped to see him up here again. And he told me I would.