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Grandpa's Nipples

When I was an 18 year old freshman in college, I had sex
with my grandfather.  Now, that may not sound too appealing
to most guys, but they obviously never saw my grandfather.
By the time this happened, he was a very rugged 64 year old,
just off an adulthood working manual labor.  His beefy bod
had softened a bit, but he filled out his shirts nicely.  He
may have started to get a sort of a belly going, and his
pecs weren't as hard as they surely once were, but he was
still a great looking guy.  But the best thing about him
wasn't apparent until he took his shirt off or wore a tight
undershirt: he had the hottest set of nipples you have ever

Let me give you some back-story: when I was younger, maybe
around 12, our family was at a public beach.  The whole day
I stared at his chest.  He had beefy, semi-hairy pecs with
giant half-dollar-coin-sized nipples.  I mean, those babies
had to be an inch-and-a-half across.  Could not keep my eyes
off them. (and I got lucky, because I inherited a nice set
of nips myself). I wanted nothing more than to pull up a
seat and suck on his big tits all day.

In the bath house that day I remember going in with my
grandfather to shower and change.  It was a big place, but
there were only a few guys around.  I was changing out of my
suit and I looked up and caught the sight of my grandfather
going into a shower stall.  I remember his staring right at
me as he went in, and remember clear as day that he never
pulled the shower curtain across, he just let me watch.  Of
course, to a guy my age it looked like the biggest dick
ever, but I didn't get to see a lot of adult dick.  It was
probably a nice 5 inches soft, flopping around over his big
hairy balls, and all surrounded by a really thick black bush
of pubic hair.  Great as that was, it was his big nipples
that I was most interested in.  Watching his lather them up
and run his (lucky) hands across them.  It made my stomach
twist with nervousness to be caught looking at him, but I
kept taking peeks.  And every time he would be peeking right
back at me.

Nothing else happened.  Though I did jerk off to the
scenario about a thousand times.  I really liked the
naughtiness of that kinda fantasy.  The taboo of it really
turned me on.  It wouldn't be until I was in college that
I'd get a closer, more significant encounter.
He lived on a pretty secluded stretch of land in Virginia
with my grandmother, surrounded by farms.  I visited a lot
but usually with my brothers and sisters along.  There was
never anything sexual going on between me and my
grandfather.  He never stared at me or anything, or did
anything suggestive.  He was a very masculine, macho guy.  I
started to doubt that I had ever really seen him "showing
off" for me in the shower.  Maybe that had been wishful
thinking-a detail that materialized only after years of
fantasizing about it.

The weekend of my freshman year I went to my grandparents
place alone (since I finally had a car), and I didn't have
any notion of what was going to happen.  I just needed to
get away for a while.  I knew my grandmother was not going
to be there on Saturday when I arrived, because she was
going to the nearest big town (50 miles away) with neighbors
to go shopping.  I was just going there to kick back and do
nothing all weekend.

When I pulled up my grandfather was working in his vegetable
garden.  Of course, seeing him shirtless and sweaty
immediately got me worked up.  We chatted a while and got
something to drink.  I felt bad not offering to help do some
work so I peeled off my shirt as well and lent him a hand.
We worked only for about an hour or so.  I kept looking at
his nipples, which I had not seen in a while.  Actually the
softening of his pecs seem to make the nipples stretch even
wider.  They were fucking huge.   I was like a straight guy
staring at a woman's tits.  I just wanted to attach my mouth
to those beauties and fucking breastfeed.  Damn!

He started a conversation I'll never forget.  The thought
now still gives me butterflies in my stomach.  He started
asking about girls.  I guess because he had never seen me
with one, or heard me talk about one, he approached the
subject as tactfully as possible, saying "I guess with
school and work you don't have much time for girls?"

I answered with some bullshit, pretty much agreeing with him
(I was not "out").  I knew he didn't buy it because because
he kinda smirked.  He started saying the weirdest stuff,
creating the most awkward situation.  Started talking
something about girls liking his "big peter."  Big peter?
What the heck was he getting at?  Why was he saying this
stuff to me?  I didn't catch on at first, but my grandfather
was kinda hitting on me, or at the very least trying to get
me to talk sex with him.

When we went back inside I was so fucking boned.  I didn't
expect anything to happen-I was just thinking about what a
great JO fantasy this was gonna make as soon as I could get
some time alone.  But there at the basement sink, while we
were washing out hands and rinsing off gardening tools, he
started feeling my ass.  I didn't say anything-I just kinda
looked down in disbelief, held onto the sink, and let him

He slid his hands down in my pants to sweaty, hairy ass
crack and started rubbing it.  I didn't look at him.  My
dick was so hard, and my stomach doing nervous flips, and I
thought I was gonna start to cum right on the spot.  He slid
his hand deeper down and with one of his middle fingers he
touched my asshole.

I let out one of those half-grunt, half-sighs and pulled my
asscheeks together.  He pulled his hand out and just walked
away, going upstairs to the living room.  I followed up
behind him.  He went over and sat down in his big Lazy boy
chair, and just looked at me.  There was my grandfather,
sitting there shirtless with his big exposed arms, and his
hot hairy stomach kinda sticking over the front of his
pants, and a bulge in his jeans, and his big tits-those
giant hot fuckers-just staring up at me.

I didn't need to make any kind of small talk, and neither
did he.  I walked right up and kneeled down in front of him,
panting like I had just run a marathon.  I couldn't believe
any of this was being offered to me-if in fact it really
was.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure if I was being permitted to
do this or not.  I don't think he knew either.  I think we
were just kinda going for it, despite serious reservations.

He started to fumble with his belt-buckle and I could tell
he was as nervous as I was.   He undid his pants and pushed
them and his old man underwear down to his knees, and his
dick flopped around in that big, unruly bush of pubic hair
until it started to get hard and stand straight up-a good,
thick 7 inches with a nice mushroom head.  And those big
hairy balls dangled down between his legs and rested on the
seat, and the smell of his sweaty crotch was fucking
intoxicating.  I put my hands on his knees-the first time I
had touched him in this whole day, except to shake his hand.
And I moved my hands up his legs and I took it all in.  And
I pushed my hands over his stomach and at last cupped his
tits and let those giant nipples run between my fingers as
he groaned.
I knew we had a memorable afternoon ahead of us.

Even though Grandpa was obviously willing to let me service
him, I remember being nervous to do anything but just kneel
there and stare. I ran my hands over his tits, letting his
big hard nipples run across my fingers and the palm of my
hand. I probably looked awkward and nervous--because I was.
My arms felt as heavy as lead. I couldn't believe I was
actually going through with this. And as I said before,
neither of us spoke a word...not one word.

I can tell you the moment that runs in my head to this day
(usually while I'm jerking off): when I leaned my mouth in
toward his nipples for the first time. I know he was
thinking I was gonna go right for his cock. But no. I
leaned forward to the nipple on the right, and I took my
hand and cupped that big pec as I put my mouth right on the
nip. I covered that whole nipple with my mouth and gently
started to suck it, to nurse it.

My cock, which had been too nervous to do anything, got hard
and snaked down the leg of my pants, and I started grinding
my crotch into the front of the Lazyboy chair. I licked and
sucked on that nipple, sometimes pulling back a bit to look
at it--just to take it all in-- before I started working at
it again. It tasted salty from his sweat, and each time he
moaned at all I would just suck harder on it. Then I'd ease
up and just flick my tongue across it.

He laid his hands on the back of my shoulders, and his hard
dick was hitting up against me. His nipple was so covered
with my spit that it started dripping off and running down
his belly. As big as these nipples looked from afar, they
were just fuckin huge up close. Just big and natural.
These tits had never had clamps on them. They had never
been chewed on. They were just big natural tits with a
perfect small "pencil eraser" tip on them. And I was right
in my guess--the nipple itself had to be almost an inch-and-
a-quarter to an inch-and-a-half across.

He took his hand and moved me to the other nipple. I licked
and kissed and suckled on it while rubbed and pinched the
other one. I was boned up and almost outta my mind thinking
how hot this was. I could feel all the pre-cum dripping out
of my dick and down inside my jeans. I couldn't believe my
grandfather was offering me his nipples to suck on, and the
thought of how fucking wrong this was just made me want it
more. A guy isn't supposed to let his grandson spend an
afternoon suckling on his tits, but I guess he just wanted
to get off. If he didn't care, I sure as hell didn't!

I was starting to leave purple imprints around his nipples
from sucking so hard on them. I mean, I was even rubbing my
face all over them. I'd take two hands and spread the tit
even wider and suck on it more, then squeeze it together and
take just about half his whole fuckin pec into my mouth.
His whole chest was COVERED with my fuckin spit. Then I'd
calm myself down and just gently lick and suck and kiss on

I don't know how long I went at those titties. It had to be
a good 45 minutes. It might have been more. I remember he
just stroked my shoulders and the back of my head the whole
time I did it, just staring down at me watching me basically
breastfeed on him.

The chair was soaked with sweat when I finally let up and
pushed back for a few minutes. Everything was wet. If you
pushed down the cushion you'd get a puddle of sweat running
over your fingers. His dick had gone semi-erect, and was
flopped to one side resting on his leg. His nipples were
shiny with spit, and the flesh around them were a red-purple
from me sucking so hard.

I didn't make eye contact with him, because I didn't want to
have to talk. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guilt-ridden
at this point. I definitely was. Though I had no reason
to feel like I was being predatory, or taking advantage of
him. It's safe to say he initiated this.

I calmed my nerves a bit and I leaned into his crotch. I
loved his big dark bush of public hair. I loved that he
didn't shave it at all. I mean, he had some serious bush
down there. I put my face between his nut sack and his leg,
licking up the sweat and chowing down on his pubes. He
started to get hard again. I went for his balls. They hung
really low (they were just about resting on the seat) and
were pretty fucking big. I licked on them and even tried to
get 'em both in my mouth, but they were too big to take at
once. So I just cupped them in my hand and sucked on them
while started stroking his dick with my other hand.

I remember he started to gyrate his hips a bit when I
started doing this. Hot! He was definitely into that. I
put his dick in my mouth and got that wave run over me again
that made me feel like I could cum. In fact, my leg was so
wet from pre-cum at this point it's possible that I actually
had cum already.

There's no way to explain--unless you've been involved in
incest yourself--the feeling of submission and power and
fear and regret and excitement that greets you all at once
when you have someone like your grandfather let you suck on
his cock. I imagine it is even stronger--probably off the
charts--if you actually suck off your own father. With my
grandfather, it was also the excitement of being a younger
guy blowing someone 3 times my age. Blowing ANY guy is
significant--he's letting you have his manhood. You
probably think I'm nuts but all this shit was floating
around in my head while I sucked him.

I didn't have a lot of experience blowing a guy, but as
usual I tried what I had seen in porn. I let my forehead
slap into his belly over and over while I sucked. I would
bury my face deep in his bush and squeeze his tits at the
same time. He was moaning and bucking and almost begging me
to stop (almost). I couldn't do it for too long--not yet
having mastered the art of breathing while sucking cock. I
eased up on it to take a breather and my grandfather started
to stand up and pull up his pants. The guy was so sweaty,
and I wondered if he was alright. He zipped up only half
way--just enough to keep his jeans up. His dick was still
hard and was visibly bent up off to the side. I was still
on my knees, resting back on my ankles--also soaking wet
from sweat, and panting heavily.

He stretched out his hand and said "C'mon"--that was it.
One word. He pulled me up and led me down the hall to his

We walked to his bedroom down the hall and I guess what was
happening really dawned on me. It was one thing to just
service him on a chair, and another to climb into the bed he
shared with my grandmother and have full-on sex with him. I
probably should have stopped it at that point, but I didn't.

Grandpa started rubbing my back, and he reached around and
started playing with my nipples and kissing my neck. My own
nipples were (and are) quite large also--a little more than
an inch across, on totally smooth pecs. They're connected
right to my dick, so having him rub them was an amazing
sensation. I turned around and I remember we let our
nipples rub against each other, then I started playing with
his again. I caught a glimpse of us in his dresser mirror:
of me sucking my Grandpa's tits while he unzipped his pants
and let them fall to his feet. I unbuckled mine and dropped
them down, finally letting my hard dick pop out of my

He was reaching back to my ass and rubbing my hairy crack.
I let his tit fall out of my mouth and I pushed up against
him and put my arms around him while he started fingering my
hole. I wasn't comfortable with that--I was really self-
conscious about my ass and worried it might be dirty. He
didn't seem to care. He put his fingers in there and I
winced and buried my face in his neck.

He turned me around and without removing his fingers bent me
over the edge of the bed and pushed his fingers in and out
of my ass. I remember being so fucking paranoid about being
dirty that I pushed his hand away and I motioned for him to
lie down on the bed. I climbed up over top of him and
straddled over his chest.

I pushed his pecs together and held them in place and then
stuck my dick between them and started fucking. I was tit-
fucking my grandfather. He was totally into it because I
could tell he was turned on just watching my body flex while
I thrusted my dick. I would rub my dick on his nipple, then
get him to squeeze the titties together and hold them so I
could fuck them some more. I loved doing it, and I loved
the look on his face watching me do it. It was even hotter
than sucking them because it showed the extent of the fetish
I had for his nipples, I just wanted to rub my dick and my
balls on them while he watched me and permitted me to.

When I slowed down he pushed me off of him and laid me on my
back. He grabbed under my knees and pushed my legs up and
started licking my asshole. I was really tensing up--not
being used to that. But he just kept licking my hole with
strong, slow licks, like the way you like an ice cream cone.
And between a few licks he would put his finger back in
there and start pushing me open.

I kept trying to change the inevitable--trying to switch
over to something different. But he wouldn't let up on my
hole. He was puttin 2 fingers in there and stretching me
good, and puttin his tongue up there and really eating me
out. I had feelings of elation and dread. I was excited to
be in the middle of my grandfather's bed, getting my hole
eaten, and I was scared of going any further for a million
different reasons, not least of which was it was starting to
hurt my ass.

He eased up and jumped off the bed to get a bottle of baby
oil out of the dresser drawer. He lathered some on his
dick, the whole time keeping his gaze at my ass, never at my
face. He climbed back over top me and turned me facing
doggie style with my ass in the air. As much as I didn't
want him to fuck me, I could not speak a word, because at
the same time I was really excited by it.

He slid his cock in my asshole with no prepping, going deep
in my gut as a chill ran over me and I let out a loud moan
and clinched the comforter in my hands. He started pumping
the hole and I let out a yell every time he thrust it in me.
I remember looking around the room at the family pictures
and the religious statues and thinking I couldn't believe he
had his big dick in my ass. I kept looking over my shoulder
at him, but his gaze was aimed at the sight of his dick and
bush disappearing between my ass cheeks--a sight he no doubt
never expected to see either.

In truth it was uncomfortable and painful, and I kept
remembering the advice about pushing out while a top pushes
in, but it still was cutting like a fucking knife back
there. And I was squirming and yelping in pain, but he
didn't stop. Twisted as it may sound now--I liked the fact
he didn't stop--I liked that for him it was about getting
off, about fucking me good and dumping his seed (at least
that's what I'd like to think was on his mind--I've been
examining every angle in the intervening years).

One hot thing was how I lost all self-consciousness about my
body at that point. If I had been worried about the
firmness of my ass or the tone of my abs before, it was gone
now. I liked that my granddad didn't have a perfect body
(though it was pretty fucking close, for my money), and that
I didn't either, and that he was turned on by me. I liked
that I got him hard. Really hard. I had an orgasm, but
nothing came out because I had been dripping cum the entire

He held around my waist and started moaning and shaking, and
I buried my face in the comforter as he shot his load in my
ass. I squeezed my cheeks to get every drop out of him, and
he was leaning over me and dropping the weight of his sweaty
chest on my back as he made another few, small thrusts. And
I could feel his hard nipples on my back and I had another
orgasm--just barely ejaculating, since most of my cum had
long since run down my leg earlier.

When he pulled out my asshole was on FIRE. I stood up to
relieve the pain and kinda walked around in a daze. The
whole room smelled like cum and sweat, and the bed looked
like a bucket of water had been dumped on it. I was less
uncomfortable--relatively speaking--that I expected I was
going to be, and I turned around and kinda laughed and said
"wow." All my Grandfather said was "hell yeah."

We showered (separately) and cleaned up the room. He asked
me what I wanted to for lunch and made us up some
sandwiches. My grandmother got home a few hours later, and
by that point my grandfather and I were just sitting in the
living room watching movies. The rest of the weekend went
on like nothing happened.

Nothing has happened since, either. That was more than 10
years ago. I have spent no time alone with him since--so
the opportunity has never presented itself. It was all
initially a little hard to comprehend, but I got over the
guilt and started recognizing that it was a hot, once in a
lifetime experience, and a story I have shared with my
boyfriends since, all of whom have found it a huge turn on.

It had been about 12 years since I had sex with my grandfather last. There has
really been no opportunity since then to revisit that afternoon with him, but
after committing the experience to paper I started to think about getting
another crack at him. Specifically, I wanted another chance with his tits, and
I was determined to get his ass---either with my tongue or my dick. Or both.

I took advantage of my family's Easter party to make it happen. I drove my car
separately so I'd have a way of getting him alone, if the chance presented
itself. I wasn't exactly sure of the plan, but I was pretty fuckin determined.
I had let my boyfriend read my story on, and he was very into it?we
even roleplayed it once together. He agreed there was something very sexy about
my grandfather, and since he had a similar thing for nips, he once spent a whole
afternoon at my parents' place scouring a box of family photos for a shirtless
pic of my granddad. He found a beach picture and totally understood what the
attraction was...the guy has an incredible set of tits on him. My boyfriend
encouraged me to see if I could get grandpa in the sack again.

I was so goddamn boned going into that party. I totally fixated on my
grandfather. He had on a white button down shirt, and depending on how he moved
the shirt would sit tight against his pecs and I could make out the outline of
his nips.

So what to do? Just walk up and say, hey Grandpa, mind if I nurse on those??
Probably not the best plan of action.

I was more subtle. We shook hands and chatted it up a bit. I locked my fucking
eyes to his and stared him down with a crooked smile on my face. There were
probably 50 people in the room, but as far as I was concerned there was only
one. I took my hand and rubbed it across my chest.

He smiled and laughed and said so it looks like you've been working out.

OK. Game ON. I said I've got my car maybe I can drive you home from the party.

He laughed in a way that showed he was both shocked and amused by my
forwardness. After all, we hadn't mentioned a peep about that episode at his
house to each other, and neither made any move to repeat it. But I was
determined to take advantage of this opportunity, since the guy was only in town
for a few days.

Without even answering me he turned to my aunt and told her that after the party
was over I was going to drive him, that she didn't have to bother. In the chaos
of the party she didn't ask any questions. I was like a horned up school boy
waiting for the party to be over. I kept playing it over in my head---what part
of him was I going to devour first?

At last it started to break up and he said his hasty goodbyes and we kinda slid
out without much fanfare. I gave him keys so he could drive. We got in my car
and my heart was racing. We smiled at each other, and I could tell he was
feeling nervous.

I wasted no fucking time at all. We were half way down the street and I started
unbuttoning his shirt. He laughed again at my forwardness. I'd waited too
fucking long to do this again. I unbutton his shirt down to his navel and
pulled one side over. Oh man, just as I remembered his nipples nearly 2 inches
across on those meaty old white pecs. I leaned right in and started sucking his
tit while he drove. I was seeing how much of his pec I could get in my mouth,
sucking on it like a baby. He took one hand off the steering wheel so he could
stroke my head and push me harder into his chest. I licked and slurped on it
while I pulled my dick out and started stroking.

He was getting hard and I was getting really close to shooting my load, so I
laid off and sat back up looking around to see if anyone had caught on to what
we were up to. He hit the gas harder and smiled, as if to signify how much he
wanted to get to my place so we could get this started. I just kept softly
stroking my dick, and he'd turn and stare at my hard cock with a hungry look on
his face.

Preview of coming attractions?, I joked.

We got to my place and we barely had the door closed behind us when I pulled off
my shirt. I had worked out a lot since the last time, focusing on my pecs.
While my nipples weren't as big as my grandfathers, they were definitely large
the areolas maybe an inch-and-a-quarter round, with nice pencil erasers that
only came out to play when you rubbed them. Grandpa went right for them. He
cupped my pecs in his hands and pushed started sucking them. Right there in my
foyer he pushed my up against the wall and worked my nipples.

Yeah you like my big meaty tits don't you grandpa?? I said as I kissed his

He stood up and backed off a bit, a trail of saliva still hanging off the end of
my left nipple. He took off his shirt, and I stood there gazing at his chest,
still panting and worked up. I walked over to the sofa and got down on my knees
and patted the cushion where I wanted him to sit.

He unbuckled and unzipped, and dropped his pants and underwear together, letting
his semi-hard dick flop out. His balls hung super low, and he still had that
massive bush in his crotch, typical of married guys, which is a total turn on
for me.

He took a seat and took the back of my head at the same time and pulled me to
his dick. I swallowed it whole and nursed it while I felt it get bigger in my
mouth. I was inhaling the sweet fuckin smell of his crotch everytime my face
pressed into that thick bush. I let my fingers work down to his ass crack, a
place I had not gone last time, since I was so fucking nervous about the whole
thing then, and I played with his asshole. He bucked and gave a deep moan,
which let me know he liked it.

I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. I was planning on returning the favor
from last time, and giving my grandfather the fucking pounding of his life?

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