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Took 30 Years

Thirty years ago I moved to another town because of a job. It was a great job, great advancement and plenty of travel. I just got married weeks before moving and we settled in just outside the Capital.

I loved the job. We traveled about 5 months a year and went all over the country. We worked as a team and each of us had a specific assignment. Yet we all could do the other person's job, and sometimes did. During travel, we all stayed at the same hotel/motel/suites because we got a good group rate and the government per diem was not very good. So it worked out. We would always have more money coming out of our pockets, but we had fun. Happy hours most nights after work, golf on weekends and room parties. We all became great friends.

However, one of our team members, older than me, always stayed somewhere else. He was an exceptional worker, got to work early, stayed late and a wonderful guy. He just did not do things with us. I noticed that he always was a touchy man. He would give me a hug or rub my shoulders when I was sitting at my desk. I never thought much of it. I was pretty young (actually 29) and it never bothered me. I was the same type of guy. I always hugged people, touched them when I talked to them (not sexually, just a tap on the arm or put my hand on their shoulder) and I just considered it outgoing.

Well, over the years I thought back on those times and Jim. (I will call him Jim). I moved up the management ladder, he changed jobs (same government department just a difference part of the organization) and we just saw each other in meetings, in the hallways or at lunch. I always liked him because he was a great guy and a very hard worker. But now that I look back at it, I think he was probably a closet gay. He was married but his wife passed away about 15 years ago. I think back on how he was around me.

The hugs, touches and I remembered one comment. He said as he was hugging me, "I could eat you up." Then I just took it in passing, no sexual meaning. Now, wow.

Anyway, in recent years, I have become increasing curious. I was curious about being with a man. I look at gay sites, read gay stories and masturbate thinking of men. DO NOT ASK ME WHY AT MY AGE!!! I just do. I have been thinking of contacting Jim and would like to meet with him for dinner and just see what happens. What I would like to happen follows. So, Jim, if you happen to access this site, read this story and know it is you I am talking about, email me.

My scenario

I finally got in contact with Jim through a friend at work. I emailed him and just asked how he was doing, what he was doing and when was he going to finally retire?

He responded that he was glad to hear from me and he said he was not sure when he would retire, he liked the work. He asked how my wife and I were doing and was I working.

I replied to his email, said I was not working, wife doing ok and I had found some old pictures that he might like. I asked where he was living and I might be in the area one day. I did not hear from him in a couple of days and thought our email reunion was it. But I finally got an email, he said where he was living and if I wanted to drop the pictures by one day, just let him know. Or I could just mail them to him. I said I was over in his area every Thursday for sports, so how about next Thursday around 7PM?

He replied, "ok."

Well, I could not wait for Thursday, yet my pulse rate was wild and I was scared. So, Thursday came and went to my sports league, played until 6PM, had a few drinks and then headed to Jims. He was about 40 minutes away. All the time while driving I was thinking, "What the hell am I doing?" and I was nervous and sweating. Well, I missed most of the turns, missed roads, turned around and finally got to his street and house. I parked, grabbed the pictures and a bottle of wine. Hell, I don't even know if he drinks.

I rang the doorbell and waited. The door finally opened and there was Jim. A little older but he looked the same and had that wonderful smile. And, as always, he gave me a big hug. "Come in. Wow, you look retired," he said.

I followed him into the house. I didn't realize how big he was. He was a tall guy and not overweigh, just large. I handed him the wine. He said, "I don't really drink but I will open it for you." He went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of wine for me. We sat in the family room and I handed him the pictures. We were sitting side by side and I commented about each picture he looked at. Some of work buildings, other pictures of our team, male/female and other people who were detailed to work with us. We talked about some who had died and some who were a pain in the ass and about the state of the organization today. As we talked, I just looked at him. He hadn't really changed, but I did not realize what a big man he was. He had less hair, as I did but had that wonderful rosy face and smile.

"Well, let me show you my new purchase." He said. I got up and followed him into the den. He pointed to about a 50" plasma TV. "Not sure why I got it, but I love watching old movies on it." He said.

"Oh, you need some more wine." He said looking at my empty glass. I followed him into the kitchen and he took my glass and refilled it. Before he gave it back to me he hugged me again.

"It is so good to see you again." He said. I hugged him back and sort of lay my head on his chest, as he was taller than me.

"It is great," I said as he continued to hug me. I was getting hot and did not know if I should say something or what. But I released my hug and he asked if I wanted to watch and old Bogart movie with him. I said ok.

"Oh, have you had supper?" he asked.

"No, just a couple of drinks with peanuts at the league." I replied.

"Let's get a pizza." He said. He left the room and I just sat on the couch watching a "Friends" rerun. He was gone about 15 minutes and returned saying, "It should be hear soon and oh, I forgot, is pepperoni and mushroom ok?" he said embarrassed.

"Sure, I can pick the mushrooms off." I replied.

Jim put on old Glenn Ford movie and I cannot remember the name. We sat and watched it and about 40 minutes later the doorbell rang. Pizza. I offered to pay or split, but he paid. We ate the pizza and I noticed he did have a beer. Noticing me looking, he said, "I do like beer with pizza."

We ate and drank. I got up and finished the last of the red wine. He had a couple more beers. The movie was great. Had Lee Remick, Stefanie Powers and Ross Martin. (Wild wild west guy). Still can't remember the name.

As my wine stopped flowing but my mouth didn't (talk, talk, talk), I needed to go to the bathroom. He told me were to go, I went, pissed and returned. As I walked past the kitchen, he said. "I have no more wine but a friend gave me some scotch."

I said, Ok, a small one." I went into the kitchen and he handed me my scotch with one ice cube.

"It is really good to see you after all these years." He said. And I felt the sincerity in his voice.

"Me too." I replied. We both just stood there looking at each other. I was at a loss of breath. He put his arm around me and we went back to the den. We sat on the couch, he pushed play and we started watching the rest of the movie. But I was ready to see if what I thought was real. We sat next to each other, and every now and then, our bodies touched. The movie was just something else going on in the room. I turned toward him and asked if he saw a person from our section anymore. He put his hand on my knee and said no, but he was still working.

My heart was pounding. I finally said, "Jim, why didn't you stay with the group when we traveled?" I looked him in the eye. Watching his face, I knew. Yes, I knew.

He didn't respond quickly, but he finally said, "I just did not like all the activity."

"Maybe I should have stayed where you stayed." I said. "I wish you had." He said. His hand touched mine.

I finally said, "Am I right about what you felt for me?" He squeezed my hand. Then I said, and where the hell did this come from, "I think I am ready."

What, did that come out of my mouth? He leaned over and gave me a big hug. We just sat there on the couch hugging each other. If felt great, but I did not know what to do next. I did not need to make a move. Jim moved away and said, "Are you gay?"

I replied, "No," are you?."

"I am now. I hid it when I was married, and at work." He said.

"Do you have a guy?" I said.

"No, I still do not want to have a full time relationship." He said as he got up. He walked to the middle of the room and continued. "I have always liked men, but was careful not to bring it into the workplace. I loved my wife and miss her. And I did not want to fill her void with a guy. I just want to have the option of doing what I want....."

I got up and walked into the kitchen, found the scotch and poured another drink. Jim came into the kitchen and I felt him standing behind me.

"You were very handsome when you joined our Section." He said.

"Well, what am I now." I replied.

"No, I just meant when you came to work with us." He said trying to cover his ass. I took a drink of my scotch and he came closer. As I sat my drink down, he was looking in my eyes. Here it comes. He leaned over and lightly kissed my lips. "Is that ok?" he said. It was for me. He leaned in again and we locked lips. I cannot believe I am fucking kissing a man and my cock is hard as a rock. I had to look up to him to kiss, he was a big guy. I liked his kisses. My tongue slid into his mouth and he pulled me tight against his body.

I could feel the roughness of our bristled beard against each other. But it did not matter. I was kissing a guy.

He broke our kiss and said, "Let's go into the bedroom." I followed him, cock hard and wondering what was in store. I knew what I wanted to do, but not sure how to go about it. Once inside his bedroom, we kissed some more and lay on the bed. We rubbed our crotches together. Jim stopped kissing me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Once open, he pushed it aside and began to play with my hard nipples. He kissed and sucked on them.

I thought I was going to cum right then. Then he moved his hand down to my pants and rubbed my hard cock thru my pants. Oh god, it felt good. He undid my belt, unzipped my pants and laid them open. His hand slid between my pants and underwear and he was soon rubbing my cock. I just lay back and enjoyed being made. He soon had his hand under my waistband and grasping my hard cock. "You feel so good." He said. I knew I was going to cum.

I pulled his hand away and rolled up on my side and unbuttoned his shirt. One side slid off and I played with that exposed nipple. He had big nipples and this one was hard. I pulled the rest of his shirt apart and following his method, sucked on his nipples. My hand moved down to his pants. I needed to feel my first cock. I moved past his belt and felt a very hard bulge. I felt the outline of his hard cock. He was big. "Let's get our clothes off." He said. I took my shirt off and my pants. He got off the bed, removed his shirt, shoes and socks and pants. As he stood back up, he revealed his plaid boxer shorts. I had on a pair of maroon briefs.

He got back in bed and we rolled against each other. He kissed me and I felt his hard cock press against me. He moved to kiss my neck, nipples and down to my stomach. His lips tingled my stomach but he was soon biting my cock thru my briefs. I arched my hips to press against his mouth. I wanted him to suck my cock. I pushed him down until he was lying head-to-toe with me. He was lightly biting my balls thru my briefs as I eyed his boxer shorts. I was ready. I reached out and rubbed his cock thru his briefs. I felt him pull my briefs down and exposed my cock. He started licking and kissing my cock and balls. God, I just wanted to cum.

I reached out and slid my hand between his thighs. I felt his balls against my hand and I turned my hand and cupped them. He had big balls. But that was not what I wanted. I pulled his boxers down and his cock popped into view. I was not ready for this...he was NOT circumcised. He was huge but to me, an ugly piece of skin covered the head of his cock. I slid my hand over his cock and grasping the shaft, I pulled down. The thin skin moved down and the dark purple head of cock was exposed. Fuck it; I wanted to taste a cock.

I moved my head up and licked and kissed his cock. Then, I pulled it down to my mouth and slipped my lips over it. It was smooth, hot and erotic. I licked, sucked and devoured his cock. I tasted smooth fluid and just pushed more of his cock into my mouth. He was already sucking me and had a finger playing with my ass. I loved sucking him. It was all I thought it would be like and more. I licked his shaft and pressed my mouth over his balls. I was so fucking erotic and I did not want the feeling to end.

Jim kept at my hard cock and soon had my entire cock in his mouth and his lips pressed against my pubic hair. He worked his tongue over, under and around every inch of it. He pulled my cock from his mouth and I guess wet his finger. I felt him pressed his finger to my asshole and push a little in. Then his finger slid totally into my ass. I flinched but it felt good. He worked his finger in and out of my hole and then pressed a second one it. I stretched to accommodate his two fingers. My cock was so fucking hard from his finger fucking me. I stopped sucking his cock and just lay back and let him do whatever he wanted with me.

I pulled my legs up and let him continue finger fucking me. "Oh, that feels so good." I said as I pushed my hips up. My asshole was easily accepting his two fingers so he added a third. That was a little tight, but it felt good. My ass was stretching wide to allow his three fingers to easily attack my ass. I just closed my eyes and let the feelings take me over. He leaned down and sucked the head of my cock as he pushed his fingers in and out of my hot ass. When he would stop, I would just wiggle my ass or move it back and forth and he would start fingering me again.

I needed more. I opened my eyes and said, "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

He removed his mouth from my cock and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," I said. "I want to feel your cock in my ass." He got off the bed and got something out of his dresser drawer. I saw a jar of Vaseline in his hand as he walked back. He stood beside my head and I looked up at his big hard cock. I sort of had second thoughts when I looked at his size. The head was huge, purple and shiny. The shaft had to be about 2-3 inches around and he was about 8."

"Suck me." He said leaning into the bed. I slid over and let him feed his cock into my mouth. "I have masturbated thinking about you doing this." He said. I sucked his cock like a small calf wanting milk. He moved his cock back and forth, using my mouth as a pussy. He soon pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed some lube on it. He told me to get off the bed and lean over it. I slid off and lay on the side with my ass ready to be fucked. I was scared and my heart was pounding. Jim spread my cheeks and ran his tongue up my crack and licking my asshole. Then he pushed two fingers in covered in Vaseline. I pressed my ass back against his hand as he sawed his fingers in and out of my ass. His fingers soon vacated my ass and he moved in behind me. I pushed my ass up as his thumbs spread my ass cheeks.

This was it. I was going to get fucked. I felt the head of his cock press against my hole and I held my breath. He pushed and the head slowly spread my hole. Then he pressed more and it hurt. Really fucking hurt. I told him to stop. He stopped but did not remove his cock. Soon the pain subsided and he pressed again. God Damn. I sucked in my breath and just gritted my teeth. Then the pain hit as the head of his cock popped past my muscle. I yelled out. He stopped and began rubbing my ass and my lower back. He stayed in me. Then he slapped my ass. Slapped it hard.

"This will help." He said as he slapped my cheek again. It did help. The slap hurt and took away some of the other hurt.

And his slaps were turning me on. I had a cock head in my ass and I was being spanked. I wanted his cock now. I slowly pushed back and more of his cock slid into me. I was so fucking stretched. I stopped, and then pushed back again. This time he held my hips and just moved what cock he had in me, in and out. He slowed fucked me. As I got used to it, he pushed more into me. God, I was so hot. I wanted it all.

"Give it to me." I said pushing back. And he did, He buried his huge cock up to his balls. Oh man, was my ass full. I loved it. I wanted it more and more.

"Now fuck me." I said looking back over my shoulder. He began to fuck in and out of hole with long strokes. I could feel my cum stirring in my body. I encouraged him. "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard." He began to pound my ass with his cock. With that, I came all over his bed and my stomach. I was in a higher plane now. He continued to fuck me and then I said, "I want to eat your cum." He pulled out and I slid down to the floor in front of him. He jacked his cock in front of my face. Drops of pre-cum hung on the head. He rubbed it on my lips and I licked it.

"Open your mouth," he said. I tilted my head back, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He stroked his cock and then his first wad hit my upper lip, the second shot into my mouth and the rest dribbled down my chin. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked more out of him. It was not sweet, it was at first thick, then runny and it was warm. I pushed his cock further into my mouth and sucked him until his cum stopped. I pulled him out of my mouth and licked him clean, even his cum coated balls. It wasn't until later that I thought about it being in my ass. But I was so excited, I didn't care. I knew I was going to get more of this tonight. Jim pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

He licked my lips and held me against his body. "I thought about this for about 30 years. I wish we had been doing this when we were younger. I would have fucked you every night." He said stroking my head.

Jim said, "Let's get a shower." I followed his big bare ass into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and once warm, stepped in. I followed him and stepped under the water. It felt good. He picked up the soap and washed my back, slid his hand inside my butt crack and slowly washed my asshole. It was sore but his hand was comforting. He rinsed my backside and I turned toward him. He soaped my chest, pinched my nipples and then foamed my cock and balls. I started getting hard again.

"You have a nice cock and I love your ass." He said handing me the soap. I began washing his chest, and as he did, I pinched and slowly twisted his nipples. He signed and his cock twitched. I soaped down to his stomach and then his cock. He was semi-erect again. I cupped his lathered balls and rolled them around in my hand. His cock grew harder. I let go of his cock and let him rinse off. He turned around and began with his shoulders. I could not believe what a big guy he was. I guess I just didn't notice it. I washed his back and down to his ass. His ass was two large cheeks. I washed his cheeks and then drew my soapy hand up between his cheeks.
He bent over slightly and I wash between his cheeks and his asshole. I could not see it, but I felt his hole. I played with it and soon pushed one soapy finger inside. He was tight and moaned as my finger went all the way in. I pulled it out and put two fingers in. I fingered him for a while. He moaned all the time. Not sure what drove me, but I rinsed his back, his ass and between his cheeks. I then knelt down, parted his cheeks and looked at his asshole. I kissed his cheeks and then I let my tongue slid up his crack until I touched his asshole. I licked it. I licked all around and then tried to push my tongue in. My own cock was straining and my breathing was fast and shallow. All this from tonguing a guy's asshole. I hooked my fingers inside each cheek and pulled them further apart. The tip of my tongue entered his hole. I licked and tried to push my tongue in and out of his hole. His legs were shaking.

"Oh yes." He said as I tongued his asshole. I reached around and grabbed his hard cock. I stroked him as I ate his ass. He began rocking back and forth on his heels and pushing his cock in and out of my hand. He ass felt good, smelled good and tasted good.

"Ohhhhh." He moaned and turned around. He put his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth. No sooner had his cock passed between my lips, my mouth was filled with hot sticky cum. I swallowed and my mouth was full again, and again. I sucked him dry. I can't believe he came so much after just coming a half hour earlier. His cock softened in my mouth and I let it slip out.

He stepped out of the shower and told me to finish my shower. He left and I washed my hair and got out and dried off. I combed my hair and walked naked back into the bedroom. He was lying on the bed in a pair of red panties and stockings. While he was not a beauty in those things, it was exciting and my cock reacted.

"Come up here," he said patting his chest. I straddled his chest and he reached up and pulled my cock to his mouth. He licked the head and under the shaft. I moved up and my balls hung down into his mouth. He rolled them around with his tongue and lightly bit them. I was close to cumming and told him so. He stopped and just let my cock lay on his chin. "Kiss me." He said pushing me down his body. I lay on top of him and brought my lips to his. His lips were wet and our tongues slid over each other. I humped against his cock as we kissed.

He broke our kiss and said, "Fuck my pussy." I moved down between his legs and ran my hand over his panty-clad cock. The head of his cock was sticking out of the waistband of his panty. I started to pull his panties off, but he said, " Just push them aside." I slid down with my face between his legs, pushed his panties aside and slid my finger between his cheeks. He pulled his legs back and moved closer and stuck my tongue in. I held his cheeks open and licked his hole. He touched my shoulder and I looked up. He handed me the Vaseline. I took it, coated my finger and slid it up his hole. It went in easy, so I added a second finger. That was tighter. I fingered him and kissed his cock thru his panties.

"Now!" He said. I got up on my knees, pushed his legs back until he held them up and scooted up until my cock was lined up with his hole. I pushed my cock down and adjusted myself so the head pressed against him. I pushed forward and the head met resistance and then popped inside. He moaned and I felt the warmth of his ass cover my cock. His asshole gripped my cock and I slowly drove into him. His eyes were closed and he pulled his legs further apart. I pressed down until my balls rested on his ass. I moved back and then into him again. Then I began to fuck him. His asshole grasped my cock and the skin pulled out some when I pulled out. Then I pushed in. I started to get a rhythm and just began to slap my body and balls against him. He rocked his body with me.

I liked fucking him. I felt in power watching my cock slide in and out of his big ass. He was moaning and telling me to fuck him. He even said, "Fuck me, honey. Fuck your baby." That turned me on more and I slammed my cock into him. Our bodies were making wet slapping sounds and my cock a sucking sound in his ass. He groaned and he shot cum onto his panties and stomach. I just kept fucking him as he cam. I was getting close and I knew what I wanted to do.

I pulled out his ass and quickly moved up his body and sat on his chest. Then I moved up, supported my self on the headboard and pressed my nasty cock to his mouth. He opened up and I slid it in. I then began to fuck his mouth. He moaned and clamped his lips around my slimy cock. I fucked his mouth until my cum rose up and filled his mouth. I must have dumped a huge load. He swallowed, gasped, cum came out his mouth and ran down his chin. He continued to hold me in his mouth until I was tired of supporting myself and removed my cock from his mouth. I lay down beside him and watched as he ran his fingers over his face and pushed the remaining cum into his mouth. He licked his fingers and then just lay there.

I too wish we had been together when we were younger. But I am glad we finally got to be together.
I sort of knew our time would finally come.

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