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Sixty year old first timer

He was 59 years old when I met him 7 years ago. I was 42. Jim was 6 foot and 240 pounds. He was a clean-shaven, fair skinned man with his white hair neatly combed back and had eyes as sparkling blue as a pool of water. I met him while helping a mutual friend, Harold and his wife, move to a new apartment. After the move we all sat in Harolds kitchen for coffee and cake. The kitchen was a bit cluttered so I stood off to the side as we ate, drank and talked. But really, my reason for standing off to the side was to catch glimpses of Jim and simply admire the view of him. He was a masculine, beautiful man. I could see from the slightly opened collar that he had a bit of white fur on his chest. That was the last time I saw Jim until a year later when he was 60 and we helped Harold moved again to a new house.

This time around, Jim rode back and forth with me every time we picked up a load in my truck for the move. As we rode, Jim and I took these opportunities to chat and find out about each other. I had to ding a way to fish out some information about Jims sexual interests and I started by asking him if he had a computer. Jim told me that he knew nothing of computers. I told him about all the things you can see on the computer (porn). Jim told me that he had been divorced for a long time and had a winter home in the Ozarks and came up to Iowa during the summer. This was August now, so his summer was almost over and hed head south about October.

Jim told me that he was retired and did as he pleased. He told me that when he went south that there was this 40 year old, married lady who owned a motel and when her husband, who drank too much, passed out, shed come over and ride his ten-inch cock. My first thought was he was telling me some bull, bragging, as some guys tend to do. He told me that he hadnt had any sex since he came back to Iowa and he asked me if I knew of any ladies that liked to play. He had no clue that I was gay. I told Jim that I played with a couple of ladies, but that I liked to play with guys too. He said that was okay. "To each his own, but I want to meet a couple of ladies to fuck. You dont know of any?" I didnt clarify my statement by telling him that the last time I played with ladies was in my mid twenties in the Army.

I told Jim that I didnt know of any ladies that like to play, but that there was this camera web site called ICU and that you can see couples playing on camera and chat with them and that some would even invite you over to play if you lived near by and hit it off on camera.

That really peeked his interest and he wanted to see for himself. After the move was over, Jim and I sat with Harold and his wife for a couple of beers for a while. And it was a long while, because I couldnt wait to get Jim home and see where it would lead. Finally we got to my house and I introduced Jim to my older partner, Nick.

Nick busied himself in the kitchen while I showed Jim ICU. We went to the straight room, but found no couples playing on cam, just some single, straight guys looking. Jim was really caught up in what we were seeing. Without his knowledge, I switched to the gay rooms, because I knew that there would be guys on camera showing all and playing with themselves. The sight of real people playing with themselves mesmerized Jim. My friend John who was 52 at the time and loved older men hailed me. I said to Jim, "Theres my buddy John. Lets, see what hes up to. Ill turn on my camera too, so he can see me. Is that alright with you?"

Jim said it was okay with him. I introduced John and Jim And John loved the view of Jim. I asked John to show himself to Jim. So John, who was a 510", beefy 250 pounder himself, stood up and had a big, fat, juicy hard on. John asked me to have Jim show himself. Jim agreed, but he simply pulled it out of his zipper. It was soft. I said to Jim, "John wants you to show him the whole package." Jim undid his pants and pulled them to his knees and pulled up his shirt to expose his belly. Jim had a thin coat of soft hair on his belly and he had a heavy, hefty palm full of low hanger below his thick, uncut cock. It was still soft, but started to thicken.

I told Jim that I needed to take a shower and playfully asked him if he wanted to shower with me. To my surprise he said, "Okay." I then told John that Jim and me were going to shower and come back.

As Jim and I started to undress in my bedroom I could tell that he was very nervous. He was shaking like a leaf. As he undressed he talked about some of the women he had and how they liked to ride him. It seemed as if he were trying to convince me that what he was about to do was not him at all. That he was totally straight. I readied the water temperature and turned to watch Jim walk into the bathroom. It was a lovely sight. His cock was somewhat soft, but thicker than before and looked to be about 7 inches. Id say about half erect as he sauntered my way. His balls looked so full and heavy; almost the size of a 14-inch softball. He was so nervous and said, I never did anything like this before. I responded, "Ill do only what you like. If anything I do bothers you, let me know and Ill stop."

As we were in the shower, I was toward the back and Jim was under the showerhead with his back to me. I soaped up the washcloth and washed his backside from head to toe. He was shaking the whole time and uncomfortable spread his legs upon request so I could wash his ass. I soaped up some more and came close to him, my hard cock pressed against him as I reached around him to wash his chest and downward. All the while he was shivering from nervousness and kept telling me about how ladies liked to ride his cock. I washed his balls first and could feel that his cock was hard now. Finally I wrapped the washcloth around his cock to clean it of the sweat he built from moving furniture. It seemed to be as big as he said. He wasnt bragging after all.

I asked him to turn around and as he did so the profile of his cock revealed a ten-inch, fat piece of manhood with a bulbous head the size of a plum. It was beautiful, angry looking cock, reddened from being so engorged and the plum sized head had a purplish hue. I stroked his cock as it was rinsed free of soap and bent to take it in my mouth. Jim leaned against the wall and slowly fucked my mouth as he moaned with each slow penetration. I sensed that he was getting close, so I pulled off and asked him to go to the other bedroom with me. As we dried off he kept telling me about how he hadnt done this and the ladies he knew really liked to ride his cock. This time I believed him about how the ladies liked his cock.

Once in the other bedroom, where the computer was, I asked Jim if I could get my friend John back on camera so that he could see his cock fully erect and Jim agreed. John loved the view of Jim all naked and hard. Jim put on a little show for Jim by stroking himself and he even let me suck his cock while Jim watched. As we did so, John beat off and came for us. I asked Jim if it was okay to take some pictures and surprisingly, Jim agreed, so my partner Nick took some pictures of Jim feeding me his cock in various positions on the bed. After Nick left I asked Jim if I could take some video and he agreed to that too as long as I gave him a copy. So I put the camera on the tri-pod. I introduced Jim to several new experiences that night. I rimmed his clean ass. He loved it so much that he threw his legs in the air countless times. I bathed his balls with my tongue and took his fat, ten inches to its base as he lied on his back. He clasped his hands upon my head and moaned with each stroke to meet my downward thrust. Intermittently I held his cock in my mouth, massaging it with my throat muscles and suckling as he moaned and groaned from the sensation of having his cock so deep in a warm, wet mouth. Couldnt stay there for more than a minute though because I had to come up for air. Ten inches sure can cut off the breathing, but I didnt linger too long. I took a deep breath and went down for more, nestling my nose in his thick coat of downy soft pubic hair.

I asked Jim if he wanted to suck cock, but he said that he wasnt ready for that yet, but he did grab me and stroke me here and then. After an hour of play I decided that it was time to taste his cum. I sucked him slowly and deeply and sensed his impending release as he laid on his back, He started to fuck my mouth, at first slowly as I sucked him, but then he took over clasping his hands on the side of my head and quickened his pace as he dropped his hips and thrusting upwards to deeply penetrate my face. As he did so his hefty sized balls tighten and slapped my chin with each drive upwards. His breathing quickened and his moans turned to guttural groans from his chest. His body tightened as he started to pant and say, "Your gonna get me! Its gonna blow!! Im cumming! Im gonna cum!!" Then, "oooooohhh, aaaahhhh!!" And he gushed and spurted a stream of cum that washed over my tongue and teeth. Then he thrusted into my mouth and held it there as he spurted more down my throat, moaning and groaning as his cock expanded and contracted with each jetty of his sweet, warm cum.

After wards I came up for air to see him relaxed, satiated one damned, handsome smile on his face. I rested myself between his spread legs, resting my head upon his belly as his warm wet, cock shrunk under my chest, while he rubbed and petted my scalp. Not a word was spoken. We simply enjoyed the moment. After ten minutes I told him that I wanted one more taste of him before we dressed. I asked him to roll over. He did so and I dove into his ass for one last rim job. I gave him a good tongue fucking and with each little bit of penetration he lifted his ass up to meet my tongue. His ass was all wet and lubed and I cautiously kissed my way to his neck. As I did so I rubbed the head of my cock against his sphincter and felt his ass raise with each probe of my head between his ass cheeks. Finally I left my cock-head rest against his hole and felt him rise as if he were trying to get me inside him and so I did. Slowly I worked the head of my cock into his ass and let him take it from there until I was in to my base. He said not a word, but simply let me fuck him with slow strokes until after ten minutes of fucking I quickened my pace. Every time I stroked into him he raised his ass to meet me and make my penetration deep until I started to moan and groan and pulled out to cum on his ass.

After cleaning and dressing, Jim stayed to chat with my partner and me. As they talked they discovered that they were classmates in grammar school. Small world.

Jim came back a few days later for more and several times after that. I even got Jim involved in a three way with me and another 60-year-old married friend of mine.

I asked Jim why he did all that with me if he had never done it before. Jim told me that he had never, ever even considered sex with a man until that night. He said that I caught him at the right time. He hadnt had sex in months at the time and the camera action on ICU got him horny. He said that his original intent was to get his rocks off and leave, never to come back again, but that I had awakened something in him that he did not know existed. He discovered that men suck cock better than women and men knew how to satisfy another man.

Jim left for the Ozarks that October and it would be another year or so before I saw or heard from him again. One night he knocked on my door unexpectedly. I asked him where the hell he had been. Jim told me that he got tired of retirement and became an over the road driver and that he had gotten married and moved back to town. He told me that one day his wife was out and the 35 year old neighbor lady asked him to fix his sink, but what she really wanted was to seduce him, so as he was fucking her in the bedroom, her husband jumped out of the closet. It was set up. When the husband showed himself, Jim said he thought he was dead meat, but the husband said, "Can I have some of that?!" (Jims cock). So they had a three way and had been doing so for a few weeks, but Jim told me that he missed my mouth and wanted some more. Jim and I played a few times and even invited my married buddy to join us once. Eventually Jim and his wife moved to Las Vegas. Jim called me up one day to ask me if I knew of any guys in Las Vegas who liked to play. Unfortunately I didnt. That was the last time I heard from Jim. That was about four years ago. I hope he found him self a nice man to play with. Jim never did suck cock while I knew him, but he came pretty damned close. I wonder if he is doing so now. I sure do miss him. He was a very handsome, nice man. He did fuck me on his last visit and that was another first for him.

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