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Getting an A

When I was twenty-one years old and a senior in college, I had a sexual experience that was quite strange and unexpected.

I was in my last semester before graduation. One of the courses in which I was enrolled was a 100-level math course. I needed to take it to fulfill my college's distribution requirements so that I could graduate. The professor was nice enough, if a little strange, and the course wasn't too difficult, so I was just sort of coasting through it without having to put in much effort, and looking forward to my graduation in May.

Professor Kirkland, who taught the class, was probably early-sixties. He was about average height, and although he wasn't too fat, he certainly had a gut. He had dark gray hair with a bald spot on the back that you could see when he turned around to write on the chalkboard, and a bushy, white beard. He wore glasses, and was generally an easygoing professor.

The only real problem with the class was that it met at 9:30 in the morning--a little early for my taste, but I usually had no problem getting up, and was always on time for class. However, on the day of the midterm exam--worth thirty percent of our grade, according to our syllabus, my alarm didn't go off. I don't know why that happened, but I do know that I woke up to see that it was already 10:30. I panicked. Class would already be over by the time I could get there. I had slept through the midterm, and so I would receive a zero. I was, as they say, fucked.

I felt so awful at that moment. I sent off a frantic e-mail to Professor Kirkland explaining what had happened and saying that if there were any way I could make up some of the credit I had lost I would be happy to do it. But I knew it was hopeless. No professor would let you make up an exam you didn't show up for. I felt sick to my stomach.

Now, I know this is a popular convention in pornography. The young female student tells her teacher, "Oh, I'll do anything for an A!" with a seductive look. The teacher replies, "ANYTHING?", unzips his pants, and it goes from there. But I promise you that sex was completely absent from my mind when I wrote that e-mail. I was only hoping to maybe take the exam for half credit, or do an extra-credit assignment or something. The idea of doing any sort of favors for a better grade never entered my mind.

Waiting for Professor Kirkland's response, which took about an hour to arrive, made time seem twice as long. I could barely breath as I hoped against hope that he might have mercy on me and my grade.

When his response finally arrived, it read:

"Dear Ben,

Unfortunately, I do not allow students to re-take missed exams without a legitimate excuse. However, we might be able to figure out a way you can make up some credit in my course. Why don't you stop by my office around 3:00 this afternoon, and maybe we can work something out?

See you then,

Professor Kirkland"

I showed up at his office promptly at 3:00, and knocked gingerly at the big, wooden door that was slightly ajar. "Come in, come in," I heard his gruff voice say from inside. I opened the door and stepped in, then stepped towards the chair in front of his desk, behind which he was seated.

"Why don't you close the door behind you before you sit down?" Professor Kirkland suggested. I turned around and pulled the door shut. Then I sat down in front of his desk and fidgeted nervously.

"Now... Ben, right?" he started. It was a big class, so it was understandable that he might not be sure of my name. I nodded. "Good, good. Ben, as I said in my e-mail, I'm sorry, but I really can't let you re-take the midterm. However, I do understand that sometimes things like this happen, so I want to give you a chance to help your grade some." I nodded again. All of this sounded good to me.

"So, here's what I'm offering," he continued. "I would be willing to offer you an increase in your grade in return for certain... favors." Confusion passed over my face at that last word. I was naive, and really had no idea what he meant by it. But he paused, expecting an answer, so I had to respond. "Uh... I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite understand," I said.

"If you perform certain favors for me, I would be willing to give you a better grade in the class--let's say a 98--regardless of the work you perform in the class for the rest of the semester." I still looked confused, and he saw this and explained. "The favors, of course, would be sexual in nature." I was shocked, and I'm sure that my face registered this sudden realization.

"Of course, I don't mean to pressure you into something you're uncomfortable with. If you wish, you can decline my offer and I won't penalize your grade, but I will still have to give you a zero for the missed exam. This is just an opportunity if you wish to compensate for that blow to your grade."

I sat there, silent and flabbergasted, with no idea how to respond. After a few moments, he said, "Look, if you want to take me up on my offer, just come by my house tonight at around 8:00 and we'll work it all out. If not, that's OK too. Just e-mail me if you think you want to come, and I'll give you my address and directions. Think it over, Ben, and have a good afternoon."

I was still so shocked that all I could do was nod as I stood up, opened the door, and left.

Now, I don't consider myself gorgeous or anything, but I'm a decent-looking guy. I'm average height, fairly skinny, with short, brown hair and fair skin. I guess I would say I'm attractive, but the idea that someone would ever want to pay or bribe me for sex just hadn't occurred to me. Certainly, I had fantasized about sex with a professor, but only female ones--Professor Cleary, contemporary poetry, I'm thinking of you and your incredible breasts. I considered myself straight. The possibility of sex with men was something I simply never thought about.

After leaving Professor Kirkland's office, my initial reaction was a resounding "no." After all, I thought, I'm not gay, he's a overweight old guy, and either way, it would be immoral to have sex for a good grade.

I briefly considered reporting him. But then I realized that although it might result in his getting fired, my grade situation would remain the same, so what would the point be?

And then I began to think about my grade. With a zero on the exam, the best possible grade I could get would be a C-, with a strong possibility of something below that. A grade like that would wreck my GPA. After all the hard work I had put into college, to have this BS class bring down my GPA would be the worst.

But I still couldn't have gay sex, could I? Not for grades, not for money, not for anything. But as I thought about it over the next few hours, I began to realize two things. One was that my options were very limited. Either I let this old man have his way with me, or I take a huge hit in my GPA. The second one, somehow, seemed worse.

The second thing I realized was that I wasn't quite as opposed to the idea of sex with a man as I had previously assumed. Looking at guys didn't really do much for me, but it also didn't gross me out. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it might not be that bad.

So a few hours later, I sent Professor Kirkland an e-mail that said, "I've decided to do it. Where is your house?"

While I waited anxiously for his response, I realized that I didn't even know what exactly these sexual favors would entail. Would I just have to let him see me naked? Would I have jerk him off? He might even expect me to suck him off, but certainly no more than that. Could I do that?

"Great, Ben. I'm glad to hear it!" his response came about fifteen minutes later. He told me his address and reminded me to be there at 8:00.

I considered walking away about five different times as I approached his front door. I've never been so nervous in my life. But before I knew it, I had rung the doorbell. Moments later, the door opened, and there he was. He was still dressed in his jacket and tie, his wrinkled face and white beard illuminated by the lights inside his house. He smiled.

"Glad you came, Ben. Come on in." He shut the door behind me. "Why don't you go have a seat on the couch?" he said, gesturing towards the living room. I looked around quickly as I followed his instructions. His house was really nice.

I sat down on the couch, and he came in and sat on an easy chair opposite me. "Now, Ben," he began. "If you do everything I ask, then after tonight you will have an A in my course with no further effort required on your part. Sound good to you?" he asked with a smile. I nodded and fidgeted nervously.

"Great! Let's get to it, then." He stood up from his chair. "How about you come over here and kneel down in front of me?" I nodded silently, and then stood up, walked over to him, and knelt in front of him. My face was right in front of his crotch.

"Go ahead and take out my dick, Ben," he suggested matter-of-factly in his gruff voice. I paused, but I knew this was what I had to do. I reached up gingerly and unzipped his fly. I then reached in, found the fly in his underwear, reached through that, and then in a quick motion brought his penis out into the open.

And there it was, right in front of my face. It hung down, flaccid but clearly starting to fill with blood. The most obvious fact about it was that it was big. Without even being erect, it was impressive. I wondered how big it would get.

"Go ahead and play with it, Ben," Professor Kirkland said. I reached out and grabbed it again, and then started to slowly rub my grasping hand up and down over its surface like I did to myself when I masturbated. It grew in my hand, and in a few moments it was fully hard. If I had to guess, I'd say it was seven and a half inches and fairly thick. Its head was circumcised and its shaft was smooth. Its tip glistened with precum.

"OK, Ben. Now suck it for me." I had never sucked a dick before, but I knew what I liked girls to do to me, so I tried to do that. I licked around the head, then closed my lips around it and started to bob my head and get a rhythm going. Whatever I was doing, Professor Kirkland must have liked it, because he started to grunt and moan. As I sucked, I could taste the salty precum in my mouth as it oozed from the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, still fully dressed with just his dick exposed, and he looked down at me through his glasses. He then gently pulled my head back from his crotch with his hands. "Good job, Ben," he said, and then sat back in his chair. "Now stand up."

I stood. "Take off your shirt," he ordered. I pulled my sweatshirt up over my head, and then did the same with my t-shirt, until I stood bare-chested before him. He was slowly rubbing his large and stiff cock. "Now take off your pants." I pulled them down and then stepped out of them. Now, all I was wearing were a pair of simple, navy boxer-briefs. I felt an intense nervousness and more than a little self-conscious. "Good, good," he said. "Now take those off." He pointed to my underwear.

Slowly, I lowered them, and then stood there completely naked, shifting my weight nervously from one foot to the other. He kept rubbing his dick. "OK, Ben. Now sit down on the couch." I sat.

He stood up and undressed. He undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and took everything off until he was as naked as I was. He had a hairy chest, a hairy, round belly, thick, hairy legs, and thick, bushy pubes. He looked at me through his glasses as I ogled his big cock again. "Now stand up and come over here, Ben."

"Yes, professor," I answered, and stood up. Now we were both naked and standing facing each other.

"Turn around," he ordered, and I did so. Then I felt his big, strong hand grab my ass. First he cupped one cheek, and then the other. Then, he gave each a light slap. "Great, Ben. This is going to work out just great. You'll have your A in no time. I have to go into the other room and get some stuff. But I want you to be clean for me. What I need you to do is go to the bathroom. In there you'll find an enema. It's just a little red bag with a plastic tip attached. All you have to do is fill it with warm water, put the tip into your ass, and squirt the water in. Then eject it into the toilet. Do that until the water comes out clean. Then come back here and put your face on the floor and your ass int the air. I'll be back in a little bit." Then he walked out of the room.

I thought about what he had said and my heart raced. He doesn't just want some head, I thought, he wants to fuck my ass! I had never had anything in my butthole before, and all I knew was that it was supposed to hurt. I had watched hundreds of girls get fucked in the ass in porn, and had eagerly jerked off to it, but I had never considered that something might go into my own ass. But I couldn't back out now. I went to the bathroom.

The enema was right there like he said it would be. I followed his instructions. The water squirting into my ass felt incredibly strange, but I did the routine until the water came out clear like he said it should. My ass was clean and ready to be fucked. I then returned to the living room.

Professor Kirkland soon walked back in the door with a big tube of lube in one hand and a small, bright blue toy in the other that I assumed was destined to go in my ass. His thick cock swung between his legs as he walked towards me. "Come on, Ben," he said. "Face on the floor, ass in the air."

I did as I was told. I felt so vulnerable. I looked back to see Professor Kirkland putting lubricant on his finger. Then I felt an wet coldness press up against my butthole. I gasped. He continued to rub the lube slowly around my sphincter with his thick finger for about a minute.

Just as I was getting used to this, I felt pressure against my asshole. His well-lubed finger entered me slowly until it was in all the way. It felt unbelievably strange, but it didn't really hurt.

"Good job, Ben," Professor Kirkland said. "You're ready for my toy." At that, I felt something slightly bigger press at my entrance, which I assumed was that small blue toy. Soon, it was all the way in without too much discomfort. After about a minute of slow in-and-out motion with the toy, he withdrew it from my ass, and all of a sudden my hole felt open and vulnerable.

"You're doing great, Ben. Now I'm going to fuck your ass." I turned around to see him squeezing an unbelievable amount of lubrication from the tube onto his giant, hard penis. He rubbed it slowly all over his cock until it glistened.

He pressed the head of his cock to my asshole. At first, it just wouldn't go in. His cock was much bigger than either his finger or the toy, and my sphincter wouldn't open up to take it in. But he kept pressing and pressing until he forced his way in, and I gasped loudly. He chuckled at this and slapped my buttcheek.

Just the head was in at this point. "Are you ready, Ben?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. Without a pause, he started to press further and further into my ass. It was the weird sensation I felt with the finger and toy multiplied by ten. He kept going further and further. Finally, he was in to the root. It hurt.

Then he pulled out, and pushed back in. More pain, more of that weird feeling. But it also felt kind of sexy. My dick started to get hard.

Then the real fucking started. He pulled all the way out, so that I could feel my asshole open to the air, and then pushed his cock all the way back in. Then he started a rhythm going, each time going in the whole length of his shaft. He started grunting and moaning, and grabbed my asscheeks. With each thrust, he pulled by ass back onto his cock with his strong hand. I started to yelp and moan. It felt kind of good, but it also hurt a good deal. My cock was hard, but I wasn't quite sure whether or not I liked it.

After a few minutes, I was drooling onto the carpet and gasping for air when he said, "Turn over, Ben." "Yes, professor," I replied. As I flipped onto my back, he stood up, got a pillow from the couch, and then came back to me on the floor. "Lift up your ass," he said. I did so, and he shoved the pillow underneath my hips, so my butt was higher up. He re-lubed his huge cock. Then, he pushed my legs back so that my knees were near by head, and put his cock all the way back in my ass. "Ow," I gasped, but he picked up his rhythm again and began fucking me as hard as ever. After a minute or so, he grabbed my hard cock and began to jerk me off, pumping with every thrust. I guess I didn't realize quite how turned on I was until that moment. It felt amazing, even if his cock was hurting my butthole. After a few minutes, a familiar feeling began to creep up on me. Before I knew what was happening, my cock began to twitch, and cock began to shoot pulse after pulse of semen as I had one of the most incredible orgasms I've ever experienced. The come shot so far that the first spurt landed on my chin, with ensuing globs stretching across my chest and belly. Professor Kirkland grabbed both my ankles and continued to fuck me.

Now that I had just orgasmed, I began to realize just how uncomfortable it was to have his big dick fucking me like a jackhammer. It hurt every time it went all the way in. I looked up at Professor Kirkland's face, and he stared right back in to my eyes with a determined expression. Then, all of a sudden he pulled out.

"OK, Ben. Get on your knees. I'm going to come on your face."

I got on my knees, and he began to jerk his big, slippery cock as fast as his hand could go. Then his body spasmed, and he pointed the head right at my face. "UGH!" he grunted as fat globs of come draped themselves across my face. Some fell into my partially opened mouth. It tasted salty and strange. The texture and warmth of it was a little gross, so I spit the semen out and it dribbled down my chin. Professor Kirkland squeezed out the last drops of come from his cock, and then stepped back to look at me. My face was covered with his come, and my body was covered in my own.

"Alright, you did great," he said, breathing heavily. "You definitely deserve that A. Why don't you go to the bathroom and clean yourself up?" He showed me to the bathroom and offered me a wet washcloth. I wiped the semen from my body. When I came back into the living room, he was lounging naked on a chair. "You can get dressed now, Ben. You did fantastically." I dressed myself wordlessly as he watched, and then he led me to the door. I stepped outside, he closed the door behind me, and that was that.

My ass was sore for a day or so after that, but I didn't regret what I did. Sure enough, I got that 98 in Professor Kirkland's course, and graduated with a fantastic GPA.

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