Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

Getting an A

When I was twenty-one years old and a senior in college, I had a sexual experience that was quite strange and unexpected.

I was in my last semester before graduation. One of the courses in which I was enrolled was a 100-level math course. I needed to take it to fulfill my college's distribution requirements so that I could graduate. The professor was nice enough, if a little strange, and the course wasn't too difficult, so I was just sort of coasting through it without having to put in much effort, and looking forward to my graduation in May.

Professor Kirkland, who taught the class, was probably early-sixties. He was about average height, and although he wasn't too fat, he certainly had a gut. He had dark gray hair with a bald spot on the back that you could see when he turned around to write on the chalkboard, and a bushy, white beard. He wore glasses, and was generally an easygoing professor.

The only real problem with the class was that it met at 9:30 in the morning--a little early for my taste, but I usually had no problem getting up, and was always on time for class. However, on the day of the midterm exam--worth thirty percent of our grade, according to our syllabus, my alarm didn't go off. I don't know why that happened, but I do know that I woke up to see that it was already 10:30. I panicked. Class would already be over by the time I could get there. I had slept through the midterm, and so I would receive a zero. I was, as they say, fucked.

I felt so awful at that moment. I sent off a frantic e-mail to Professor Kirkland explaining what had happened and saying that if there were any way I could make up some of the credit I had lost I would be happy to do it. But I knew it was hopeless. No professor would let you make up an exam you didn't show up for. I felt sick to my stomach.

Now, I know this is a popular convention in pornography. The young female student tells her teacher, "Oh, I'll do anything for an A!" with a seductive look. The teacher replies, "ANYTHING?", unzips his pants, and it goes from there. But I promise you that sex was completely absent from my mind when I wrote that e-mail. I was only hoping to maybe take the exam for half credit, or do an extra-credit assignment or something. The idea of doing any sort of favors for a better grade never entered my mind.

Waiting for Professor Kirkland's response, which took about an hour to arrive, made time seem twice as long. I could barely breath as I hoped against hope that he might have mercy on me and my grade.

When his response finally arrived, it read:

"Dear Ben,

Unfortunately, I do not allow students to re-take missed exams without a legitimate excuse. However, we might be able to figure out a way you can make up some credit in my course. Why don't you stop by my office around 3:00 this afternoon, and maybe we can work something out?

See you then,

Professor Kirkland"

I showed up at his office promptly at 3:00, and knocked gingerly at the big, wooden door that was slightly ajar. "Come in, come in," I heard his gruff voice say from inside. I opened the door and stepped in, then stepped towards the chair in front of his desk, behind which he was seated.

"Why don't you close the door behind you before you sit down?" Professor Kirkland suggested. I turned around and pulled the door shut. Then I sat down in front of his desk and fidgeted nervously.

"Now... Ben, right?" he started. It was a big class, so it was understandable that he might not be sure of my name. I nodded. "Good, good. Ben, as I said in my e-mail, I'm sorry, but I really can't let you re-take the midterm. However, I do understand that sometimes things like this happen, so I want to give you a chance to help your grade some." I nodded again. All of this sounded good to me.

"So, here's what I'm offering," he continued. "I would be willing to offer you an increase in your grade in return for certain... favors." Confusion passed over my face at that last word. I was naive, and really had no idea what he meant by it. But he paused, expecting an answer, so I had to respond. "Uh... I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite understand," I said.

"If you perform certain favors for me, I would be willing to give you a better grade in the class--let's say a 98--regardless of the work you perform in the class for the rest of the semester." I still looked confused, and he saw this and explained. "The favors, of course, would be sexual in nature." I was shocked, and I'm sure that my face registered this sudden realization.

"Of course, I don't mean to pressure you into something you're uncomfortable with. If you wish, you can decline my offer and I won't penalize your grade, but I will still have to give you a zero for the missed exam. This is just an opportunity if you wish to compensate for that blow to your grade."

I sat there, silent and flabbergasted, with no idea how to respond. After a few moments, he said, "Look, if you want to take me up on my offer, just come by my house tonight at around 8:00 and we'll work it all out. If not, that's OK too. Just e-mail me if you think you want to come, and I'll give you my address and directions. Think it over, Ben, and have a good afternoon."

I was still so shocked that all I could do was nod as I stood up, opened the door, and left.

Now, I don't consider myself gorgeous or anything, but I'm a decent-looking guy. I'm average height, fairly skinny, with short, brown hair and fair skin. I guess I would say I'm attractive, but the idea that someone would ever want to pay or bribe me for sex just hadn't occurred to me. Certainly, I had fantasized about sex with a professor, but only female ones--Professor Cleary, contemporary poetry, I'm thinking of you and your incredible breasts. I considered myself straight. The possibility of sex with men was something I simply never thought about.

After leaving Professor Kirkland's office, my initial reaction was a resounding "no." After all, I thought, I'm not gay, he's a overweight old guy, and either way, it would be immoral to have sex for a good grade.

I briefly considered reporting him. But then I realized that although it might result in his getting fired, my grade situation would remain the same, so what would the point be?

And then I began to think about my grade. With a zero on the exam, the best possible grade I could get would be a C-, with a strong possibility of something below that. A grade like that would wreck my GPA. After all the hard work I had put into college, to have this BS class bring down my GPA would be the worst.

But I still couldn't have gay sex, could I? Not for grades, not for money, not for anything. But as I thought about it over the next few hours, I began to realize two things. One was that my options were very limited. Either I let this old man have his way with me, or I take a huge hit in my GPA. The second one, somehow, seemed worse.

The second thing I realized was that I wasn't quite as opposed to the idea of sex with a man as I had previously assumed. Looking at guys didn't really do much for me, but it also didn't gross me out. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it might not be that bad.

So a few hours later, I sent Professor Kirkland an e-mail that said, "I've decided to do it. Where is your house?"

While I waited anxiously for his response, I realized that I didn't even know what exactly these sexual favors would entail. Would I just have to let him see me naked? Would I have jerk him off? He might even expect me to suck him off, but certainly no more than that. Could I do that?

"Great, Ben. I'm glad to hear it!" his response came about fifteen minutes later. He told me his address and reminded me to be there at 8:00.

I considered walking away about five different times as I approached his front door. I've never been so nervous in my life. But before I knew it, I had rung the doorbell. Moments later, the door opened, and there he was. He was still dressed in his jacket and tie, his wrinkled face and white beard illuminated by the lights inside his house. He smiled.

"Glad you came, Ben. Come on in." He shut the door behind me. "Why don't you go have a seat on the couch?" he said, gesturing towards the living room. I looked around quickly as I followed his instructions. His house was really nice.

I sat down on the couch, and he came in and sat on an easy chair opposite me. "Now, Ben," he began. "If you do everything I ask, then after tonight you will have an A in my course with no further effort required on your part. Sound good to you?" he asked with a smile. I nodded and fidgeted nervously.

"Great! Let's get to it, then." He stood up from his chair. "How about you come over here and kneel down in front of me?" I nodded silently, and then stood up, walked over to him, and knelt in front of him. My face was right in front of his crotch.

"Go ahead and take out my dick, Ben," he suggested matter-of-factly in his gruff voice. I paused, but I knew this was what I had to do. I reached up gingerly and unzipped his fly. I then reached in, found the fly in his underwear, reached through that, and then in a quick motion brought his penis out into the open.

And there it was, right in front of my face. It hung down, flaccid but clearly starting to fill with blood. The most obvious fact about it was that it was big. Without even being erect, it was impressive. I wondered how big it would get.

"Go ahead and play with it, Ben," Professor Kirkland said. I reached out and grabbed it again, and then started to slowly rub my grasping hand up and down over its surface like I did to myself when I masturbated. It grew in my hand, and in a few moments it was fully hard. If I had to guess, I'd say it was seven and a half inches and fairly thick. Its head was circumcised and its shaft was smooth. Its tip glistened with precum.

"OK, Ben. Now suck it for me." I had never sucked a dick before, but I knew what I liked girls to do to me, so I tried to do that. I licked around the head, then closed my lips around it and started to bob my head and get a rhythm going. Whatever I was doing, Professor Kirkland must have liked it, because he started to grunt and moan. As I sucked, I could taste the salty precum in my mouth as it oozed from the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, still fully dressed with just his dick exposed, and he looked down at me through his glasses. He then gently pulled my head back from his crotch with his hands. "Good job, Ben," he said, and then sat back in his chair. "Now stand up."

I stood. "Take off your shirt," he ordered. I pulled my sweatshirt up over my head, and then did the same with my t-shirt, until I stood bare-chested before him. He was slowly rubbing his large and stiff cock. "Now take off your pants." I pulled them down and then stepped out of them. Now, all I was wearing were a pair of simple, navy boxer-briefs. I felt an intense nervousness and more than a little self-conscious. "Good, good," he said. "Now take those off." He pointed to my underwear.

Slowly, I lowered them, and then stood there completely naked, shifting my weight nervously from one foot to the other. He kept rubbing his dick. "OK, Ben. Now sit down on the couch." I sat.

He stood up and undressed. He undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and took everything off until he was as naked as I was. He had a hairy chest, a hairy, round belly, thick, hairy legs, and thick, bushy pubes. He looked at me through his glasses as I ogled his big cock again. "Now stand up and come over here, Ben."

"Yes, professor," I answered, and stood up. Now we were both naked and standing facing each other.

"Turn around," he ordered, and I did so. Then I felt his big, strong hand grab my ass. First he cupped one cheek, and then the other. Then, he gave each a light slap. "Great, Ben. This is going to work out just great. You'll have your A in no time. I have to go into the other room and get some stuff. But I want you to be clean for me. What I need you to do is go to the bathroom. In there you'll find an enema. It's just a little red bag with a plastic tip attached. All you have to do is fill it with warm water, put the tip into your ass, and squirt the water in. Then eject it into the toilet. Do that until the water comes out clean. Then come back here and put your face on the floor and your ass int the air. I'll be back in a little bit." Then he walked out of the room.

I thought about what he had said and my heart raced. He doesn't just want some head, I thought, he wants to fuck my ass! I had never had anything in my butthole before, and all I knew was that it was supposed to hurt. I had watched hundreds of girls get fucked in the ass in porn, and had eagerly jerked off to it, but I had never considered that something might go into my own ass. But I couldn't back out now. I went to the bathroom.

The enema was right there like he said it would be. I followed his instructions. The water squirting into my ass felt incredibly strange, but I did the routine until the water came out clear like he said it should. My ass was clean and ready to be fucked. I then returned to the living room.

Professor Kirkland soon walked back in the door with a big tube of lube in one hand and a small, bright blue toy in the other that I assumed was destined to go in my ass. His thick cock swung between his legs as he walked towards me. "Come on, Ben," he said. "Face on the floor, ass in the air."

I did as I was told. I felt so vulnerable. I looked back to see Professor Kirkland putting lubricant on his finger. Then I felt an wet coldness press up against my butthole. I gasped. He continued to rub the lube slowly around my sphincter with his thick finger for about a minute.

Just as I was getting used to this, I felt pressure against my asshole. His well-lubed finger entered me slowly until it was in all the way. It felt unbelievably strange, but it didn't really hurt.

"Good job, Ben," Professor Kirkland said. "You're ready for my toy." At that, I felt something slightly bigger press at my entrance, which I assumed was that small blue toy. Soon, it was all the way in without too much discomfort. After about a minute of slow in-and-out motion with the toy, he withdrew it from my ass, and all of a sudden my hole felt open and vulnerable.

"You're doing great, Ben. Now I'm going to fuck your ass." I turned around to see him squeezing an unbelievable amount of lubrication from the tube onto his giant, hard penis. He rubbed it slowly all over his cock until it glistened.

He pressed the head of his cock to my asshole. At first, it just wouldn't go in. His cock was much bigger than either his finger or the toy, and my sphincter wouldn't open up to take it in. But he kept pressing and pressing until he forced his way in, and I gasped loudly. He chuckled at this and slapped my buttcheek.

Just the head was in at this point. "Are you ready, Ben?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. Without a pause, he started to press further and further into my ass. It was the weird sensation I felt with the finger and toy multiplied by ten. He kept going further and further. Finally, he was in to the root. It hurt.

Then he pulled out, and pushed back in. More pain, more of that weird feeling. But it also felt kind of sexy. My dick started to get hard.

Then the real fucking started. He pulled all the way out, so that I could feel my asshole open to the air, and then pushed his cock all the way back in. Then he started a rhythm going, each time going in the whole length of his shaft. He started grunting and moaning, and grabbed my asscheeks. With each thrust, he pulled by ass back onto his cock with his strong hand. I started to yelp and moan. It felt kind of good, but it also hurt a good deal. My cock was hard, but I wasn't quite sure whether or not I liked it.

After a few minutes, I was drooling onto the carpet and gasping for air when he said, "Turn over, Ben." "Yes, professor," I replied. As I flipped onto my back, he stood up, got a pillow from the couch, and then came back to me on the floor. "Lift up your ass," he said. I did so, and he shoved the pillow underneath my hips, so my butt was higher up. He re-lubed his huge cock. Then, he pushed my legs back so that my knees were near by head, and put his cock all the way back in my ass. "Ow," I gasped, but he picked up his rhythm again and began fucking me as hard as ever. After a minute or so, he grabbed my hard cock and began to jerk me off, pumping with every thrust. I guess I didn't realize quite how turned on I was until that moment. It felt amazing, even if his cock was hurting my butthole. After a few minutes, a familiar feeling began to creep up on me. Before I knew what was happening, my cock began to twitch, and cock began to shoot pulse after pulse of semen as I had one of the most incredible orgasms I've ever experienced. The come shot so far that the first spurt landed on my chin, with ensuing globs stretching across my chest and belly. Professor Kirkland grabbed both my ankles and continued to fuck me.

Now that I had just orgasmed, I began to realize just how uncomfortable it was to have his big dick fucking me like a jackhammer. It hurt every time it went all the way in. I looked up at Professor Kirkland's face, and he stared right back in to my eyes with a determined expression. Then, all of a sudden he pulled out.

"OK, Ben. Get on your knees. I'm going to come on your face."

I got on my knees, and he began to jerk his big, slippery cock as fast as his hand could go. Then his body spasmed, and he pointed the head right at my face. "UGH!" he grunted as fat globs of come draped themselves across my face. Some fell into my partially opened mouth. It tasted salty and strange. The texture and warmth of it was a little gross, so I spit the semen out and it dribbled down my chin. Professor Kirkland squeezed out the last drops of come from his cock, and then stepped back to look at me. My face was covered with his come, and my body was covered in my own.

"Alright, you did great," he said, breathing heavily. "You definitely deserve that A. Why don't you go to the bathroom and clean yourself up?" He showed me to the bathroom and offered me a wet washcloth. I wiped the semen from my body. When I came back into the living room, he was lounging naked on a chair. "You can get dressed now, Ben. You did fantastically." I dressed myself wordlessly as he watched, and then he led me to the door. I stepped outside, he closed the door behind me, and that was that.

My ass was sore for a day or so after that, but I didn't regret what I did. Sure enough, I got that 98 in Professor Kirkland's course, and graduated with a fantastic GPA.

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Took 30 Years

Thirty years ago I moved to another town because of a job. It was a great job, great advancement and plenty of travel. I just got married weeks before moving and we settled in just outside the Capital.

I loved the job. We traveled about 5 months a year and went all over the country. We worked as a team and each of us had a specific assignment. Yet we all could do the other person's job, and sometimes did. During travel, we all stayed at the same hotel/motel/suites because we got a good group rate and the government per diem was not very good. So it worked out. We would always have more money coming out of our pockets, but we had fun. Happy hours most nights after work, golf on weekends and room parties. We all became great friends.

However, one of our team members, older than me, always stayed somewhere else. He was an exceptional worker, got to work early, stayed late and a wonderful guy. He just did not do things with us. I noticed that he always was a touchy man. He would give me a hug or rub my shoulders when I was sitting at my desk. I never thought much of it. I was pretty young (actually 29) and it never bothered me. I was the same type of guy. I always hugged people, touched them when I talked to them (not sexually, just a tap on the arm or put my hand on their shoulder) and I just considered it outgoing.

Well, over the years I thought back on those times and Jim. (I will call him Jim). I moved up the management ladder, he changed jobs (same government department just a difference part of the organization) and we just saw each other in meetings, in the hallways or at lunch. I always liked him because he was a great guy and a very hard worker. But now that I look back at it, I think he was probably a closet gay. He was married but his wife passed away about 15 years ago. I think back on how he was around me.

The hugs, touches and I remembered one comment. He said as he was hugging me, "I could eat you up." Then I just took it in passing, no sexual meaning. Now, wow.

Anyway, in recent years, I have become increasing curious. I was curious about being with a man. I look at gay sites, read gay stories and masturbate thinking of men. DO NOT ASK ME WHY AT MY AGE!!! I just do. I have been thinking of contacting Jim and would like to meet with him for dinner and just see what happens. What I would like to happen follows. So, Jim, if you happen to access this site, read this story and know it is you I am talking about, email me.

My scenario

I finally got in contact with Jim through a friend at work. I emailed him and just asked how he was doing, what he was doing and when was he going to finally retire?

He responded that he was glad to hear from me and he said he was not sure when he would retire, he liked the work. He asked how my wife and I were doing and was I working.

I replied to his email, said I was not working, wife doing ok and I had found some old pictures that he might like. I asked where he was living and I might be in the area one day. I did not hear from him in a couple of days and thought our email reunion was it. But I finally got an email, he said where he was living and if I wanted to drop the pictures by one day, just let him know. Or I could just mail them to him. I said I was over in his area every Thursday for sports, so how about next Thursday around 7PM?

He replied, "ok."

Well, I could not wait for Thursday, yet my pulse rate was wild and I was scared. So, Thursday came and went to my sports league, played until 6PM, had a few drinks and then headed to Jims. He was about 40 minutes away. All the time while driving I was thinking, "What the hell am I doing?" and I was nervous and sweating. Well, I missed most of the turns, missed roads, turned around and finally got to his street and house. I parked, grabbed the pictures and a bottle of wine. Hell, I don't even know if he drinks.

I rang the doorbell and waited. The door finally opened and there was Jim. A little older but he looked the same and had that wonderful smile. And, as always, he gave me a big hug. "Come in. Wow, you look retired," he said.

I followed him into the house. I didn't realize how big he was. He was a tall guy and not overweigh, just large. I handed him the wine. He said, "I don't really drink but I will open it for you." He went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of wine for me. We sat in the family room and I handed him the pictures. We were sitting side by side and I commented about each picture he looked at. Some of work buildings, other pictures of our team, male/female and other people who were detailed to work with us. We talked about some who had died and some who were a pain in the ass and about the state of the organization today. As we talked, I just looked at him. He hadn't really changed, but I did not realize what a big man he was. He had less hair, as I did but had that wonderful rosy face and smile.

"Well, let me show you my new purchase." He said. I got up and followed him into the den. He pointed to about a 50" plasma TV. "Not sure why I got it, but I love watching old movies on it." He said.

"Oh, you need some more wine." He said looking at my empty glass. I followed him into the kitchen and he took my glass and refilled it. Before he gave it back to me he hugged me again.

"It is so good to see you again." He said. I hugged him back and sort of lay my head on his chest, as he was taller than me.

"It is great," I said as he continued to hug me. I was getting hot and did not know if I should say something or what. But I released my hug and he asked if I wanted to watch and old Bogart movie with him. I said ok.

"Oh, have you had supper?" he asked.

"No, just a couple of drinks with peanuts at the league." I replied.

"Let's get a pizza." He said. He left the room and I just sat on the couch watching a "Friends" rerun. He was gone about 15 minutes and returned saying, "It should be hear soon and oh, I forgot, is pepperoni and mushroom ok?" he said embarrassed.

"Sure, I can pick the mushrooms off." I replied.

Jim put on old Glenn Ford movie and I cannot remember the name. We sat and watched it and about 40 minutes later the doorbell rang. Pizza. I offered to pay or split, but he paid. We ate the pizza and I noticed he did have a beer. Noticing me looking, he said, "I do like beer with pizza."

We ate and drank. I got up and finished the last of the red wine. He had a couple more beers. The movie was great. Had Lee Remick, Stefanie Powers and Ross Martin. (Wild wild west guy). Still can't remember the name.

As my wine stopped flowing but my mouth didn't (talk, talk, talk), I needed to go to the bathroom. He told me were to go, I went, pissed and returned. As I walked past the kitchen, he said. "I have no more wine but a friend gave me some scotch."

I said, Ok, a small one." I went into the kitchen and he handed me my scotch with one ice cube.

"It is really good to see you after all these years." He said. And I felt the sincerity in his voice.

"Me too." I replied. We both just stood there looking at each other. I was at a loss of breath. He put his arm around me and we went back to the den. We sat on the couch, he pushed play and we started watching the rest of the movie. But I was ready to see if what I thought was real. We sat next to each other, and every now and then, our bodies touched. The movie was just something else going on in the room. I turned toward him and asked if he saw a person from our section anymore. He put his hand on my knee and said no, but he was still working.

My heart was pounding. I finally said, "Jim, why didn't you stay with the group when we traveled?" I looked him in the eye. Watching his face, I knew. Yes, I knew.

He didn't respond quickly, but he finally said, "I just did not like all the activity."

"Maybe I should have stayed where you stayed." I said. "I wish you had." He said. His hand touched mine.

I finally said, "Am I right about what you felt for me?" He squeezed my hand. Then I said, and where the hell did this come from, "I think I am ready."

What, did that come out of my mouth? He leaned over and gave me a big hug. We just sat there on the couch hugging each other. If felt great, but I did not know what to do next. I did not need to make a move. Jim moved away and said, "Are you gay?"

I replied, "No," are you?."

"I am now. I hid it when I was married, and at work." He said.

"Do you have a guy?" I said.

"No, I still do not want to have a full time relationship." He said as he got up. He walked to the middle of the room and continued. "I have always liked men, but was careful not to bring it into the workplace. I loved my wife and miss her. And I did not want to fill her void with a guy. I just want to have the option of doing what I want....."

I got up and walked into the kitchen, found the scotch and poured another drink. Jim came into the kitchen and I felt him standing behind me.

"You were very handsome when you joined our Section." He said.

"Well, what am I now." I replied.

"No, I just meant when you came to work with us." He said trying to cover his ass. I took a drink of my scotch and he came closer. As I sat my drink down, he was looking in my eyes. Here it comes. He leaned over and lightly kissed my lips. "Is that ok?" he said. It was for me. He leaned in again and we locked lips. I cannot believe I am fucking kissing a man and my cock is hard as a rock. I had to look up to him to kiss, he was a big guy. I liked his kisses. My tongue slid into his mouth and he pulled me tight against his body.

I could feel the roughness of our bristled beard against each other. But it did not matter. I was kissing a guy.

He broke our kiss and said, "Let's go into the bedroom." I followed him, cock hard and wondering what was in store. I knew what I wanted to do, but not sure how to go about it. Once inside his bedroom, we kissed some more and lay on the bed. We rubbed our crotches together. Jim stopped kissing me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Once open, he pushed it aside and began to play with my hard nipples. He kissed and sucked on them.

I thought I was going to cum right then. Then he moved his hand down to my pants and rubbed my hard cock thru my pants. Oh god, it felt good. He undid my belt, unzipped my pants and laid them open. His hand slid between my pants and underwear and he was soon rubbing my cock. I just lay back and enjoyed being made. He soon had his hand under my waistband and grasping my hard cock. "You feel so good." He said. I knew I was going to cum.

I pulled his hand away and rolled up on my side and unbuttoned his shirt. One side slid off and I played with that exposed nipple. He had big nipples and this one was hard. I pulled the rest of his shirt apart and following his method, sucked on his nipples. My hand moved down to his pants. I needed to feel my first cock. I moved past his belt and felt a very hard bulge. I felt the outline of his hard cock. He was big. "Let's get our clothes off." He said. I took my shirt off and my pants. He got off the bed, removed his shirt, shoes and socks and pants. As he stood back up, he revealed his plaid boxer shorts. I had on a pair of maroon briefs.

He got back in bed and we rolled against each other. He kissed me and I felt his hard cock press against me. He moved to kiss my neck, nipples and down to my stomach. His lips tingled my stomach but he was soon biting my cock thru my briefs. I arched my hips to press against his mouth. I wanted him to suck my cock. I pushed him down until he was lying head-to-toe with me. He was lightly biting my balls thru my briefs as I eyed his boxer shorts. I was ready. I reached out and rubbed his cock thru his briefs. I felt him pull my briefs down and exposed my cock. He started licking and kissing my cock and balls. God, I just wanted to cum.

I reached out and slid my hand between his thighs. I felt his balls against my hand and I turned my hand and cupped them. He had big balls. But that was not what I wanted. I pulled his boxers down and his cock popped into view. I was not ready for this...he was NOT circumcised. He was huge but to me, an ugly piece of skin covered the head of his cock. I slid my hand over his cock and grasping the shaft, I pulled down. The thin skin moved down and the dark purple head of cock was exposed. Fuck it; I wanted to taste a cock.

I moved my head up and licked and kissed his cock. Then, I pulled it down to my mouth and slipped my lips over it. It was smooth, hot and erotic. I licked, sucked and devoured his cock. I tasted smooth fluid and just pushed more of his cock into my mouth. He was already sucking me and had a finger playing with my ass. I loved sucking him. It was all I thought it would be like and more. I licked his shaft and pressed my mouth over his balls. I was so fucking erotic and I did not want the feeling to end.

Jim kept at my hard cock and soon had my entire cock in his mouth and his lips pressed against my pubic hair. He worked his tongue over, under and around every inch of it. He pulled my cock from his mouth and I guess wet his finger. I felt him pressed his finger to my asshole and push a little in. Then his finger slid totally into my ass. I flinched but it felt good. He worked his finger in and out of my hole and then pressed a second one it. I stretched to accommodate his two fingers. My cock was so fucking hard from his finger fucking me. I stopped sucking his cock and just lay back and let him do whatever he wanted with me.

I pulled my legs up and let him continue finger fucking me. "Oh, that feels so good." I said as I pushed my hips up. My asshole was easily accepting his two fingers so he added a third. That was a little tight, but it felt good. My ass was stretching wide to allow his three fingers to easily attack my ass. I just closed my eyes and let the feelings take me over. He leaned down and sucked the head of my cock as he pushed his fingers in and out of my hot ass. When he would stop, I would just wiggle my ass or move it back and forth and he would start fingering me again.

I needed more. I opened my eyes and said, "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

He removed his mouth from my cock and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," I said. "I want to feel your cock in my ass." He got off the bed and got something out of his dresser drawer. I saw a jar of Vaseline in his hand as he walked back. He stood beside my head and I looked up at his big hard cock. I sort of had second thoughts when I looked at his size. The head was huge, purple and shiny. The shaft had to be about 2-3 inches around and he was about 8."

"Suck me." He said leaning into the bed. I slid over and let him feed his cock into my mouth. "I have masturbated thinking about you doing this." He said. I sucked his cock like a small calf wanting milk. He moved his cock back and forth, using my mouth as a pussy. He soon pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed some lube on it. He told me to get off the bed and lean over it. I slid off and lay on the side with my ass ready to be fucked. I was scared and my heart was pounding. Jim spread my cheeks and ran his tongue up my crack and licking my asshole. Then he pushed two fingers in covered in Vaseline. I pressed my ass back against his hand as he sawed his fingers in and out of my ass. His fingers soon vacated my ass and he moved in behind me. I pushed my ass up as his thumbs spread my ass cheeks.

This was it. I was going to get fucked. I felt the head of his cock press against my hole and I held my breath. He pushed and the head slowly spread my hole. Then he pressed more and it hurt. Really fucking hurt. I told him to stop. He stopped but did not remove his cock. Soon the pain subsided and he pressed again. God Damn. I sucked in my breath and just gritted my teeth. Then the pain hit as the head of his cock popped past my muscle. I yelled out. He stopped and began rubbing my ass and my lower back. He stayed in me. Then he slapped my ass. Slapped it hard.

"This will help." He said as he slapped my cheek again. It did help. The slap hurt and took away some of the other hurt.

And his slaps were turning me on. I had a cock head in my ass and I was being spanked. I wanted his cock now. I slowly pushed back and more of his cock slid into me. I was so fucking stretched. I stopped, and then pushed back again. This time he held my hips and just moved what cock he had in me, in and out. He slowed fucked me. As I got used to it, he pushed more into me. God, I was so hot. I wanted it all.

"Give it to me." I said pushing back. And he did, He buried his huge cock up to his balls. Oh man, was my ass full. I loved it. I wanted it more and more.

"Now fuck me." I said looking back over my shoulder. He began to fuck in and out of hole with long strokes. I could feel my cum stirring in my body. I encouraged him. "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard." He began to pound my ass with his cock. With that, I came all over his bed and my stomach. I was in a higher plane now. He continued to fuck me and then I said, "I want to eat your cum." He pulled out and I slid down to the floor in front of him. He jacked his cock in front of my face. Drops of pre-cum hung on the head. He rubbed it on my lips and I licked it.

"Open your mouth," he said. I tilted my head back, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He stroked his cock and then his first wad hit my upper lip, the second shot into my mouth and the rest dribbled down my chin. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked more out of him. It was not sweet, it was at first thick, then runny and it was warm. I pushed his cock further into my mouth and sucked him until his cum stopped. I pulled him out of my mouth and licked him clean, even his cum coated balls. It wasn't until later that I thought about it being in my ass. But I was so excited, I didn't care. I knew I was going to get more of this tonight. Jim pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

He licked my lips and held me against his body. "I thought about this for about 30 years. I wish we had been doing this when we were younger. I would have fucked you every night." He said stroking my head.

Jim said, "Let's get a shower." I followed his big bare ass into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and once warm, stepped in. I followed him and stepped under the water. It felt good. He picked up the soap and washed my back, slid his hand inside my butt crack and slowly washed my asshole. It was sore but his hand was comforting. He rinsed my backside and I turned toward him. He soaped my chest, pinched my nipples and then foamed my cock and balls. I started getting hard again.

"You have a nice cock and I love your ass." He said handing me the soap. I began washing his chest, and as he did, I pinched and slowly twisted his nipples. He signed and his cock twitched. I soaped down to his stomach and then his cock. He was semi-erect again. I cupped his lathered balls and rolled them around in my hand. His cock grew harder. I let go of his cock and let him rinse off. He turned around and began with his shoulders. I could not believe what a big guy he was. I guess I just didn't notice it. I washed his back and down to his ass. His ass was two large cheeks. I washed his cheeks and then drew my soapy hand up between his cheeks.
He bent over slightly and I wash between his cheeks and his asshole. I could not see it, but I felt his hole. I played with it and soon pushed one soapy finger inside. He was tight and moaned as my finger went all the way in. I pulled it out and put two fingers in. I fingered him for a while. He moaned all the time. Not sure what drove me, but I rinsed his back, his ass and between his cheeks. I then knelt down, parted his cheeks and looked at his asshole. I kissed his cheeks and then I let my tongue slid up his crack until I touched his asshole. I licked it. I licked all around and then tried to push my tongue in. My own cock was straining and my breathing was fast and shallow. All this from tonguing a guy's asshole. I hooked my fingers inside each cheek and pulled them further apart. The tip of my tongue entered his hole. I licked and tried to push my tongue in and out of his hole. His legs were shaking.

"Oh yes." He said as I tongued his asshole. I reached around and grabbed his hard cock. I stroked him as I ate his ass. He began rocking back and forth on his heels and pushing his cock in and out of my hand. He ass felt good, smelled good and tasted good.

"Ohhhhh." He moaned and turned around. He put his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth. No sooner had his cock passed between my lips, my mouth was filled with hot sticky cum. I swallowed and my mouth was full again, and again. I sucked him dry. I can't believe he came so much after just coming a half hour earlier. His cock softened in my mouth and I let it slip out.

He stepped out of the shower and told me to finish my shower. He left and I washed my hair and got out and dried off. I combed my hair and walked naked back into the bedroom. He was lying on the bed in a pair of red panties and stockings. While he was not a beauty in those things, it was exciting and my cock reacted.

"Come up here," he said patting his chest. I straddled his chest and he reached up and pulled my cock to his mouth. He licked the head and under the shaft. I moved up and my balls hung down into his mouth. He rolled them around with his tongue and lightly bit them. I was close to cumming and told him so. He stopped and just let my cock lay on his chin. "Kiss me." He said pushing me down his body. I lay on top of him and brought my lips to his. His lips were wet and our tongues slid over each other. I humped against his cock as we kissed.

He broke our kiss and said, "Fuck my pussy." I moved down between his legs and ran my hand over his panty-clad cock. The head of his cock was sticking out of the waistband of his panty. I started to pull his panties off, but he said, " Just push them aside." I slid down with my face between his legs, pushed his panties aside and slid my finger between his cheeks. He pulled his legs back and moved closer and stuck my tongue in. I held his cheeks open and licked his hole. He touched my shoulder and I looked up. He handed me the Vaseline. I took it, coated my finger and slid it up his hole. It went in easy, so I added a second finger. That was tighter. I fingered him and kissed his cock thru his panties.

"Now!" He said. I got up on my knees, pushed his legs back until he held them up and scooted up until my cock was lined up with his hole. I pushed my cock down and adjusted myself so the head pressed against him. I pushed forward and the head met resistance and then popped inside. He moaned and I felt the warmth of his ass cover my cock. His asshole gripped my cock and I slowly drove into him. His eyes were closed and he pulled his legs further apart. I pressed down until my balls rested on his ass. I moved back and then into him again. Then I began to fuck him. His asshole grasped my cock and the skin pulled out some when I pulled out. Then I pushed in. I started to get a rhythm and just began to slap my body and balls against him. He rocked his body with me.

I liked fucking him. I felt in power watching my cock slide in and out of his big ass. He was moaning and telling me to fuck him. He even said, "Fuck me, honey. Fuck your baby." That turned me on more and I slammed my cock into him. Our bodies were making wet slapping sounds and my cock a sucking sound in his ass. He groaned and he shot cum onto his panties and stomach. I just kept fucking him as he cam. I was getting close and I knew what I wanted to do.

I pulled out his ass and quickly moved up his body and sat on his chest. Then I moved up, supported my self on the headboard and pressed my nasty cock to his mouth. He opened up and I slid it in. I then began to fuck his mouth. He moaned and clamped his lips around my slimy cock. I fucked his mouth until my cum rose up and filled his mouth. I must have dumped a huge load. He swallowed, gasped, cum came out his mouth and ran down his chin. He continued to hold me in his mouth until I was tired of supporting myself and removed my cock from his mouth. I lay down beside him and watched as he ran his fingers over his face and pushed the remaining cum into his mouth. He licked his fingers and then just lay there.

I too wish we had been together when we were younger. But I am glad we finally got to be together.
I sort of knew our time would finally come.

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

The Brass Rail

I like to drink. And since my wife died of cancer I go out to the bars in Fort Dodge often. I'm a 70yo farmer from Humboldt, Iowa but I still thank I'm much younger until I look in the mirror. It ain't a pretty picture! What little hair I have is snow white. And looking in the mirror I can't tell where the crow's feet stop and the old age wrinkles start. Seems that my ears and nose have gotten bigger with each advancing year. But when I look at my body, it's still slim, well almost slim. Never had any body hair except for a little around my crotch, very little. My dick hasn't grown bigger like my ears and nose, but thank God it didn't shrink either. My dick might be average but I got a set of balls that would do a prize bull well.

I must admit that I go out to the bars mostly because I am horny. There's a lot of drunken sluts in some of the Fort Dodge bars, like the Brass Rail on main Street, that will go with an old farmer like me. But I haven't gone with any even though they have offered. I didn't know why until Friday was a week ago.

I was sitting at the bar at the Brass Rail drinking a Miller Light. I was well on my way to getting drunk as it was almost closing time and I had been there all evening. I was one of half a dozen drinking at the bar when this little old guy came in and took a seat next to me even though there were lots of empty bar stools. I had seen him in the Brass Rail a couple of times before but had never spoken to him.

Kate, the old red head that own the bar called the little old man Joe and brought him a mixed drink without asking what he wanted. And as he sipped on his drink, I studied him in the mirror behind the bar. He looked about my age even though his hair was darker and fuller than mine. Like I said, he was small but one of those wiry types that always surprise you with their strength. He was a nice looking old man, especially when I saw his big doe-like brown eyes.

As he took another swallow of his drink and set it back on the bar, I caught a glimpse of a Marine tattoo on his arm. I turned and asked him had he been in the Marines. He told me he had retired from the Marines after thirty years. Said even though he had been out for close to twenty years, he still missed them.

"Used to go out drinking with the guys on Friday nights and still do even though my wife bitches like crazy." The little old man told me as we struck up a conversation. I told him that my wife had died several months ago. "Yea, it's hard. Can't live with them and you can't live without them." He replied. "But what do you do for sex now. Don't tell me you just jack off." He added.

My face must have turn red because he said. "Hey, I lop my mule sometimes too." He bumped his leg against mine.

"Closing time!" Kate called out. "Drink up and get out!" The old red head yelled at us.

"Hell, I ain't ready to go home." The little old man next to me said. "I've been out so long that my old lady is going to be waiting up for me. Might as well keep her up a little later." He said. "You know of a bar that stays open later?"

I told him that all the bars closed at the same time.

"Damn! I'm not ready to go home." The little old man called out.

"If... if you like beer, I got a cooler full of Miller the back of my truck. When I was a kid I used to drive out to the old quarry and drink beer. Hell, I feel like doing that to night." I found myself saying. I was enjoying the little guy's company and like him I didn't want the night to end.

"Sounds like the plan to me!" The old Marine said. "Let get out of here before Kate starts throwing thing at us." He added and I knew from past experiences that he wasn't joking.

I was really second-guessing myself as I grabbed two Millers from my cooler and we climbed into the cab of my pickup. But damn it made me feel like I was twenty and not 70th to be heading to the quarry.

"Too bad we didn't bring one of those old sluts along with us." The old Marine said. I saw he grab his crotch out of the corner of my eye. "Hell, I horny." He added and took a long drink of from his can of beer.

"Me too. But I ain't got a wife to go home to fuck like you have." I told the old Marine as I pulled the pickup near the gravel quarry and parked.

"Well, truth be told, the old battle ax will not let me fuck her anymore. Says my dick it too big." The old Marine informed me.

I laughed and then said. "You got to be pulling my leg. Heck your not as big as a minute. If you've got a big dick it's the biggest thing about you." I said and laughed again.

"You don't believe me!" The old Marine said in a half angry voice. "Hell, I can prove it real easy." And with those words he unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled out the longest thickest dick I had ever seen.

I just set there staring at his huge dick with my mouth open in shock. "Damn it. I feel cheated. Why should a little fuck like you have such a monster dick?" I demanded.

It was the old Marine's turn to laugh. When he stopped he said. "Hey, yours can't be that small. Take it out and let see."

I guess I was really drunk at that point in time because I suddenly found myself unzipping my green work pants and pulling out my little cut dick. I glanced down at my puny dick and over at the old Marine's monster dick and shook my head. "Damn, you sure got me beat."

"Make it hard. I bet you got a grower." He says as he began to move his foreskin back and forth over the mushroom head of his own dick as he eyed my little cut dick.

And damn if I didn't start jacking myself off right there in front of the old Marine. Even though the alcohol fog in my brain, I couldn't believe that I was actually jacking off in front of another man. Hell, I hadn't even done something like that when I was a kid.

With the old Marine watching, I really didn't expect my dick to get hard. But damn if it didn't swell up like I was twenty years old again. The thing go so hard that it was throbbing.

"Hell, you got a nice dick too. It's not long but nice and thick." The old Marine said in open admiration. "Show me your balls." He added.

And damn, I didn't even hesitate. I reached in and struggled to pull out my enormous set of balls.

"Wow, I ain't never seen such big nuts!" You must shoot a monster load of cum." The old Marine said in admiration. Then without asking he reached down and grabbed my balls with his free hand. "Damn, they are monster balls." He added as he began to massage my balls.

The shock of having another man touching my nuts stifled the protest in my throat. And by the time I recovered from the shock, the feel of the old Marine's rough hands on my bull balls felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. I leaned back and let him massage, pull and squeeze him balls until I thought I was going to shoot off on his hand. But just as I was nearing a climax he pulled his hand away from my balls.

Then suddenly he had his hand behind my neck and was pulling my head down toward his crotch. "Give my big dick a kiss." He told me as he forced my face closer and closer to his crotch.

I wanted to protest. But suddenly seeing his monster dick inches from my face sent me into a state of sexual lust that I had never before encountered. I swear I tried to stop myself, but in spite of my inner battle, I found myself opening my mouth as he forced my face into his crotch.

Suddenly the old Marine's dick was in my mouth. And damn it I didn't start sucking the big mushroom head of his dick like I knew what I was doing.

"Shit! That feels great. Yea, suck my big dick." The old Marine cried out. Strangely enough his words got me even hotter. I actually found myself wanting to please the old Marine. So I took as much of his huge dick into my throat as I could without gagging.

"Yea, you old cocksucker, suck my dick. Suck Big Daddy! Suck him until he squirts!" The old Marine called out as I began to instinctively tongue the shaft of his dick. "God Damn, you are good, you old queer! Suck me, Fag!"

Instead of making me angry, the name calling threw me into a sexual frenzy. Suddenly I was doing the impossible. I was swallowing the old Marine huge dick an inch at the time. And damn it I didn't get his entire dick in my throat with out gagging.

"Fucking cock sucking, queer farmer!" The old Marine cursed as he began fucking my mouth like he was pumping his wife's pussy. "Make me cum, Fag! Do it!" He said slapping me hard on the back of my almost baldhead.

I went totally crazy with lust. I buried his long thick dick in my throat until my lips were touching his pubic hair. I don't know how many time I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his dick as I tongued it. But suddenly the old Marine grabbed my head again and pushed it hard against his crotch as he shot his load deep into my throat. And then I was swallowing his cum to keep from choking.

Then he pushed my head away from his crotch. "Hell, that's enough. Don't you know when to quit?"

I straightened up as I watched the old Marine stuff his still hard dick back into his jeans. And then I was jacking my own dick as hard and as fast as I could. The old Marine turned and looked out the window toward the quarry as he drank his Miller Light. Even when I cried out and shoot off in my hand he didn't look at me right a way. He waited until I stopped moaning before he turned back to look at me.

"Rub it on your face!" He ordered me in a drill sergeant's voice. "Do it you fucking fag!" He shouted.

I found myself obeying him and smearing my huge load of sperm all over my face. It felt sticky and disgusting but damn if a part of me didn't enjoy feeling the cum running down my wrinkled face.

The old Marine finished his beer. "Get us some more beer and maybe I'll let you suck me off again before we head home."

I got out and retrieved two more Miller Lights form the back of the pickup. When I got back into the truck and handed the old Marine a beer he said. "I've been looking for an old faggot to suck me off. Seems like I finally found one."

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

The Neighbor Boy

Chapter One: Unexpected.

This wasn't what I was expecting to be doing today. That thought raced through my mind as I knelt in front of the young man who was resting back on my living room couch; a lad who had lived about a half mile down the road from us for his entire life, which would be 20 years come next spring, he had informed me earlier during his confession.

A confession that had begun after he had cleared the weeds along the perimeter of my property, which was a task he had done annually for the last ten years or so. The ground over there was far too rocky and bumpy for the mower, and one day when Todd had pedaled past on his bike and saw me swiping away at the brush with a sickle, he had brought his bike to a skidding halt and walked up to talk to me on the porch.

Volunteering his services for a pittance, I had let him do it after making sure he could handle the job. It was a boring task, but Todd did it eagerly and well, relieving me of the tedious job. Year after year he would stop by when the weeds got high around mid-summer, and either me or my wife Ellie would let him do it.

Ellie's gone now, having passed away suddenly that previous fall, and when I told Todd about it he got visibly upset. Having been away at college when it happened, Todd was unaware of my loss, and his shock may have been what had inspired his confession of sorts. A confession that had begun with him, was then continued by me, and had led me to where I was now, which was on my knees with my hands on Todd's bare thighs. Hands that were hopefully just about to slide up those down-coated thighs on their way to bringing down his shorts.


Chapter Two: Crush.

"I always had a crush on your wife," Todd had suddenly admitted to me in the kitchen after he had finished the yard work, and the color rose in his tanned cheeks at that admission. "Hope you don't mind me saying that."

"No, not at all," I replied. "She was fond of you too."

"Uh, could you give me a drink?" Todd asked, nodding toward the bottle of Jack Daniels in the corner of the kitchen counter, my lone vice which had become even more of a hobby over the last few months.

I hesitated at first, but then realized that he was no longer a boy and poured us both one. Todd took it straight, which surprised me, and he sipped it without blinking, which was even more of a shock.

"They're raising the drinking age to 21 soon," Todd said of the upcoming legislation. "Kinda stupid to be able to drink now but not next year."

"When did that ever stop an enterprising college student?" I asked, remembering my younger days which seemed an eternity ago.

"Won't stop us, but might slow us down," Todd admitted with a grin. "That's probably a good thing though."

I asked Todd if he would like to stick around for a while, and when he not only said yes but appeared happy to be asked, we brought the bottle into the living room and sat on the couch.

Watching Todd as he sat on the other end of the couch from me, I was struck by how much he had changed in some ways but in so many others was still the same after all these years.

His hair was still long, in the style of the time, and his golden brown locks had a bit of a curl to them as they fell close to his tanned shoulders. Shoulders that had filled out a bit over the years, but looked right on his lean and lithe frame.

Todd was not quite my height, standing probably a couple of inches shy of six foot tall, but couldn't weigh more than 140. His boyish face still didn't look like it had ever been touched by a razor either, and for some reason I was surprised when Todd put his arm over the back of the couch as he swiveled to face me and I saw the wisp of hair nestled in his armpit.

"Left my shirt outside," Todd said, and I realized that he had noticed what I had thought to have been a cursory visual examination of his body. "Don't want to make your furniture all sweaty."

Todd was wearing only a pair of faded and frayed jeans shorts, having taken off his shirt out in the yard while he was working and having shed his sneakers upon entering the house, and sat up.

"You're fine," I assured him, trying to keep my eyes off his trim and toned physique, or at least be less blatant about my gazing at the barefooted and bare chested teenager.

"You miss her a lot, don't you?" Todd asked.

"Yes," I nodded, pouring another drink. "She's the only woman I ever loved."

That was certainly true, I thought to myself as the image of Ellie went through my mind. Her slim, waifish body and her adorable bowl haircut had swept me off my feet when I had met her after getting out of the service, and when I fell in love with her my entire life had changed.

"I'll never forget the way she smiled at me," Todd said. "She was so cute. I loved her too. I had this fantasy about... well, let's just say that I was crazy about her."

"I don't think you have much problem with the ladies," I assured him. "Not with your looks and your body."

I kicked myself mentally for saying that, forcing my eyes away from Todd's copper hued and completely hairless chest, but I didn't have much time for chastising myself.

"That's the thing," Todd said, looking at me cautiously, almost as if he was afraid to speak and was choosing each word with extreme care. "Don't know if I should be telling you this or not."

"Tell me what?" I asked and smiled. "About having a crush on Ellie? I told you that I don't mind."

"Not that," Todd said, his face pained. "It's that I'm... I'm gay."


Chapter Three. Todd's gay.

When he said those words, my breath caught in my throat, but it wasn't only from shock. I had suspected for quite a while that he might be gay, but actually hearing it was a bit of a jolt, and Todd seemed frightened as he looked for my reaction.

"That's the second time I've said that this summer," Todd said after I tried to find words of my own. "The first time - with my folks - Mom was okay about it I guess, but Dad? Let's just say that you're taking it a lot better than he did."

I shrugged my shoulders, giving him a weak smile while struggling with my own emotions. There was so much tension in the room that it felt like the air was crackling around us.

"It's not that unusual," I finally said. "I'm sure that in time he'll get over it."

"You wouldn't say that if you had heard him," Todd said with a wry smile peeking out of the corner of his mouth. "It's cool that you seem okay with that. First I tell you that I was hot for your wife and then I tell you I'm queer. Kinda weird, isn't that?"

"No, it really isn't" I said.

"When I was your age," I said with as much fear in my voice as Todd had in his. "I... experimented some myself."

"Really?" Todd said excitedly. "With guys?"

I started to nod but then caught myself, finally just saying, "No, that's not what I meant."

"When I was in the service," I began. "One time I went on leave with a buddy of mine, and after we hit the bars and struck out with the ladies, we went back to our hotel room. After we went to bed, I felt him crawl into my bed and he started touching me. I touched him back and the rest, as they say, is history."

"Cool," Todd said. "I would have never expected that. I mean, you're such a macho guy, or at least that's the way you look to me. That makes me feel a little better about my fantasy."

"You mean about Ellie?"

"No," Todd said. "The fantasy I had. It wasn't just about her. It was about both of you."


Chapter Four: Todd's fantasy.

"My fantasy was about being in bed with both of you," Todd said, his eyes initially unable to meet mine as he stared down at the sofa cushion before shyly looking up at me.

"Oh," was all I could manage.

"Last year when I did the weeds you both came out to give me a glass of lemonade," Todd continued. "You were wearing this white tank top, and the way the hair on your chest sprouted up above the neck of the shirt? That really... well, anyway, later that night I snuck back down here, hoping to catch you guys going at it."

I cleared my throat as I felt trickles of sweat go down my back, and Todd must have thought that I was getting ready to say something or take a swing at him, but that wasn't the case at all, and I kept looking at him while I reached for my drink.

"I stood out by the tree outside your window, and you had the TV on in the room when you both came in. I was hoping you would turn the light on, but I could see enough with the glow of the television. It was beautiful, and I was so jealous."


"Yeah, of both of you I think, but I think I was more jealous of her," Todd said. "When she knelt in front of you and took down your shorts..."

"I'm not much to look at," I finally said after an uncomfortable silence.

"You're kidding, right?" Todd said, and the look he was giving me left no doubt that he was very serious.

"I don't know what to say," I answered.

"That's better than throwing me out the window, I guess," Todd said softly. "Or hating me. I know you must think I'm sick or something."

"No," I said, trying to think of what night that was, although there were so many nights that fit that description that it wasn't possible. "You aren't sick."

What would Ellie have thought? I wondered about that as Todd and I looked at each other. She knew about my past when we met, and I knew of hers. Together we were amazing, and gave each other precisely what we needed, but I don't know how Ellie would have reacted to this.

"That's good," Todd said as he lifted his drink and drained the remainder.

"Don't go," I said when I feared he was about to stand up, and while he looked confused for a second, I leaned closer to him.

"You've been very honest with me," I said, putting my hand on Todd's bare knee, the feeling of the warmth of his soft skin sending a shiver down my spine. "I haven't been quite as honest with you. Not completely"

"You see," I said, swallowing hard and taking a deep breath. "When I told you that I experimented when I was your age, that was true. The experiment of mine was Ellie."


Chapter Five: My confession.

"She was the first woman I ever made love with, and will most likely be the last."

"You mean that you were...?" Todd said in an open-ended question.

"Was, and am," I corrected him. "Back when we met in the late fifties, being homosexual wasn't nearly as accepted as it is today, and for some reason once we got together, we turned out to be a perfect match for each other. Maybe she was just the type of woman that gay men are attracted to, and vice-versa."

"Wow!" Todd said, falling back onto the back cushion and exhaling loudly. "Now it's my turn to be speechless. You being gay. I mean, that's unbelievable!"

"In the interest of full disclosure, let me tell you that if I was 19 instead of 69, you would believe it, because I would be all over you," I blurted out, not believing that my thoughts were tumbling out of my mouth like this.

"What's age got to do with it?" Todd said, his voice barely more than a whisper.

"I'm an old man," I said in a voice not much louder than Todd's.

"Last summer when I saw you with Ellie, you drove me so crazy that I've spent most of my time since then getting myself off while thinking about you and the way you looked," Todd said in a voice made choppy by his heavy breathing. "You haven't changed at all - at least from what I can see."

It was then that I found myself sliding over and going down to my knees in front of Todd and placing my hands on his knees. Sliding them up and down his legs from his thighs to his ankles, the soft flutter of the fine down on his legs as it passed between my fingers made my cock surge in my pants.

"I'm sweaty... should take a shower" Todd said, getting up to a sitting position before I placed a hand on his chest and eased him back down.

"I want you just the way you are," I said, my hands going to the top of his jeans and undoing the button.

Gingerly unzipping the fly without making contact with the lump in his crotch, I took the shorts in my hands and pulled them down while Todd lifted himself up to accommodate me.

The musky aroma reached my nose as the shorts came down to his knees, and as I pulled them off of his ankles my eyes never left the bright white cotton briefs, and more specifically the prominent bulge that snaked over toward his right hip.

"Mm," we said almost in stereo when my hand came up and rubbed the bulge all the way over to Todd's side, and I could feel the warmth of his swollen manhood through the cotton fabric as my hand retraced the path a couple more times before taking hold of the elastic top and lifted it up as I slowly tugged them down.

My eyes took in the faint trail of cocoa brown hairs that led from just below his tanned belly button, fanning out into a sparse and compact tuft of fur right above his cock. As the briefs passed his cock, his manhood swung backward and fell back onto his tummy, the stark whiteness of that area the only part of him that wasn't tanned.

As I watched Todd's cock coil back onto his stomach, I was momentarily shocked at the size of his manhood, which was larger than I had expected. While very slender, especially toward the tip, his penis had to be more than 6" long, and from below his crotch I had a spectacular view of the underside of his cock as well as the nice sized balls that hung low in his hairless wrinkled sac.

"You're beautiful," I gasped without exaggeration, blinking as my eyes burned with the sweat that was pouring off of my forehead, gently taking his cock by the ridge of the acorn-like glans and lifting it to a more upright position while leaning toward it.

Todd groaned as my tongue slid up and down the ridge on the underside of his manhood, and as I licked I saw his hands clutching at the sofa cushions while he squirmed in his seat. When a tiny pearl of seed formed at the tip of his dick, I gobbled it up before my mouth slid down the length of him.

"Aargh!" Todd moaned when his cock disappeared, and when I felt the tip of his dick hit my throat I knew that this was like riding a bike and was not a skill I had lost over the years.

Todd's soft pubes caressed my nose as I tried to swallow him whole before starting to slide my lips up and down the length of him. Looking up at Todd, I saw the joyous look on his face as he watched me sucking his tool.

He had the most beautiful penis I had ever seen, and he felt so spectacular in my mouth that I wanted this to last forever. The pungent aroma of his sweaty balls was like a aphrodisiac to me, and when I started to knead his pouch Todd started to squirm in his seat for real.

"Gonna! Can't hold..." Todd squealed as I worked him over furiously, milking his nuts feverishly while sucking on him hard and fast.

I knew he was going to cum. I wanted him to cum, and when he did there was no mistaking it. Todd's cock erupted in a series of spurts that almost made me choke as he coated my throat with his seed, but I didn't stop sucking on him until his body shivered in a series of after-shocks and his once formidable weapon shrank back into a modest limp spout that fell harmlessly between his legs.


Chapter Six: That way.

"I want you," Todd said as he struggled up to a sitting position and started undoing my shirt, almost ripping off the buttons in his haste to get them undone.

Any fear about my desirably went away as I saw the way Todd tore at me, and after he pulled the shirt off my shoulders, his hands raked through the mat of silver and black fur that covered my chest before leaning down and searching for my nipples with his mouth, finding them quickly and sucking on them hard.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I suggested, as my knees were beginning to throb from the kneeling position I had been in, and as I got up Todd was a step ahead of me, his little pale butt wiggling cutely in front of me.

I felt so unattractive next to this lithe creature, and when he turned the light on I cringed at the thought of being seen like this at my age. While I wasn't in bad shape for a guy nearing 60, the plain fact was that I was very much a guy nearing 60, and had all of the flaws and scars to prove it.

"Let me, please," Todd said, diving to his knees before me. "My fantasy."

I looked down at Todd who was undoing my belt with a look in his eyes that I found hard to believe. I sucked my stomach in as best I could as I felt my trousers sinking to the floor, and when I stepped out of them Todd was groping at me through the boxers excitedly.

"Omigod!" Todd exclaimed as he pulled my cock out of the fly of the boxers and stretched it out a couple of times. "When I was watching from outside and I saw this, I was sure that I must have been seeing things, but..."

I had sported an erection while I was giving Todd head, but had lost it with the initial embarrassment of being seen in the light like this. Now with Todd pulling on my cock and smothering it with kisses, I felt it starting to back back to life.

A flick of Todd's wrist opened the snap of my boxers, and after Todd deftly brought them down he started to work on my cock. He opened wide and took the mushroom-shaped glans in his mouth, not very fazed with the size of it, and after he started stuffing as much of me into his mouth as he could, it got easier for him to handle.

"Never had a man this big before," Todd said as he leaned back and looked at my erection while it surged in his grasp.

While that might have been true, the way that his mouth adapted to my size surely indicated that he had seen a few dicks before, and while his hands spun around on the shaft of my tool, his lips worked on the rest of it.

Todd sucked and slobbered over my cock like a starving man, and luckily just before I was about to cum he stopped to come up for air. Lifting my cock upward, he started licking my balls, popping each one into his mouth for a brisk oral scrubbing before going back to the other one.

With my cock on top of his head, I rubbed his long locks all over it while grinding my crotch into his face. This seemed to excite Todd as much as it did me, and after he licked and sucked my balls thoroughly he had me get on the bed.

"You have great control," Todd said with a smile as he got me on my back on the bed. and knelt beside me. "Either that or I'm not doing good."

"You're more than good, Todd," I said. "I just want this to last forever."

"Besides, at my age I don't have the rapid recuperate powers you seem to possess," I added, nodding down toward Todd's cock, which was waving out in front of him like a diving board.

"That isn't going away," Todd said. "At least not while I've got your incredible cock in my sight."

I guess Todd seemed to be quite taken by my cock, because as he milked it with his hand he climbed over my right thigh and leaned forward until our members were touching.

"Look how much bigger yours is," Todd said without shame as he rubbed the heads of our dicks together.

"Thicker," I corrected him. "Don't sell yourself short, Todd. That's a gorgeous hunk of manhood you've got there on you. How I miss the days when I could get as hard as you do."

"Feels nice, doesn't it? I love the way the head of yours is so rubbery," Todd said, beaming at my complimentary comments on his equipment, which still didn't do it justice, and I had to agree as our tender openings dripped over each other.

Now Todd was on top of me, grinding not only our cocks but our entire bodies together in a passionate way that I had never experienced before. His mouth was all over my neck and shoulders, biting and nibbling me, even lifting my arm above my head to lick my armpits.

"Ooh!" I groaned as I felt his tongue sliding through my underarms, realizing that this was likely something he had seen Ellie doing to me, so I returned the favor, startling Todd when I pulled him up a little so that I could lick the sparse patch of hairs under his arm.

I heard Todd groan as I was tonguing his salty armpit, and seconds later felt something warm squirting onto my belly as he came again, this time all over me.

He grinned sheepishly at me as he lifted himself up above me, and then went down to clean up the mess he had made all over me before returning to my swollen member.

My cock was turning crimson and throbbing as Todd's mouth swooped down on me in earnest, and when I could take no more I felt myself tingle as my seed filled Todd's mouth. Todd's mouth kept going up and down as I ejaculated, and the sight of my cum drooling out of his mouth and back down my shaft was erotic as could be.

Even after I became completely flaccid Todd continued to lick and kiss my limp hose, and I had to smile as I watched while running my hands through his air.

"Hope you aren't trying to bring it back to life," I said, because even though my spirit was willing my flesh was not going to be willing for quite a while.

"I'm planning on it, at least at some point," Todd said. "I can stay can't I? Would you mind?"

"Mind? Of course not, but won't your folks be worried about you?"

"I told them I was staying over at a friends house, and besides, my father would be just as happy if I never came back," Todd suggested.

"Give him time," was all I could offer for advice, as I was distracted by the faint stirrings that Todd was creating within me.


Chapter Seven: Looking up.

On my back, I looked up at the delicious sight of Todd's genitals as he straddled my face. At the other end of the bed, Todd was busy doing what he seemed to have an insatiable need to do, which was sucking my cock.

There was no way that I was going to complain, because it had been rare to find someone who was able to handle the thickness of my cock without tearing it to shreads with their teeth. Todd was an artist orally; every bit as gifted as Ellie had been, and his youthful enthusiasm was contagious.

Not that I needed help, I thought while licking his balls which hung so low and tasted so sweet. My mouth carressed them tenderly, enjoying the feel of the golf ball-sized orbs against my tongue.

To think that this morning I would have bet anything that I would die without ever enjoying the pleasures of a man again. Who would want me? A old and broken down guy playing out the string.

Then Todd appeared, out of the blue. Not just a handsome and virile young fellow who was as charming as he was well hung, but someone who wanted me. Actually wanted me. Go figure.

"I was always wishing for this to happen," Todd had told me. "I'm surprised you never noticed me staring at you. I would ride my bike past your house hoping for that grass to grow fast, and every once in a while I would see you in the fields working, and if you had your shirt off? I was in heaven."

"I had no idea," I confessed.

"I've got a thing for older men anyway," Todd confessed. "And hairy men."

"Well, I'm old and hairy," I admitted. "I didn't know there was a market for me."

"Not to mention this," Todd had said, waving around my cock which he was bringing back to life slowly but surely. "Amazing that I spent the last year thinking about this, and you. Usually when you look forward to something that long and that much, it ends being a let down. Not this time."

"And this is somebody who claims that they're old," Todd added, working his hand up and down the saliva drenched shaft of my cock, which was fully erect again thanks to him.

"I'm glad you're spending the night," I said with a smile before going back to savor the sweetness of Todd once again.

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

Sixty year old first timer

He was 59 years old when I met him 7 years ago. I was 42. Jim was 6 foot and 240 pounds. He was a clean-shaven, fair skinned man with his white hair neatly combed back and had eyes as sparkling blue as a pool of water. I met him while helping a mutual friend, Harold and his wife, move to a new apartment. After the move we all sat in Harolds kitchen for coffee and cake. The kitchen was a bit cluttered so I stood off to the side as we ate, drank and talked. But really, my reason for standing off to the side was to catch glimpses of Jim and simply admire the view of him. He was a masculine, beautiful man. I could see from the slightly opened collar that he had a bit of white fur on his chest. That was the last time I saw Jim until a year later when he was 60 and we helped Harold moved again to a new house.

This time around, Jim rode back and forth with me every time we picked up a load in my truck for the move. As we rode, Jim and I took these opportunities to chat and find out about each other. I had to ding a way to fish out some information about Jims sexual interests and I started by asking him if he had a computer. Jim told me that he knew nothing of computers. I told him about all the things you can see on the computer (porn). Jim told me that he had been divorced for a long time and had a winter home in the Ozarks and came up to Iowa during the summer. This was August now, so his summer was almost over and hed head south about October.

Jim told me that he was retired and did as he pleased. He told me that when he went south that there was this 40 year old, married lady who owned a motel and when her husband, who drank too much, passed out, shed come over and ride his ten-inch cock. My first thought was he was telling me some bull, bragging, as some guys tend to do. He told me that he hadnt had any sex since he came back to Iowa and he asked me if I knew of any ladies that liked to play. He had no clue that I was gay. I told Jim that I played with a couple of ladies, but that I liked to play with guys too. He said that was okay. "To each his own, but I want to meet a couple of ladies to fuck. You dont know of any?" I didnt clarify my statement by telling him that the last time I played with ladies was in my mid twenties in the Army.

I told Jim that I didnt know of any ladies that like to play, but that there was this camera web site called ICU and that you can see couples playing on camera and chat with them and that some would even invite you over to play if you lived near by and hit it off on camera.

That really peeked his interest and he wanted to see for himself. After the move was over, Jim and I sat with Harold and his wife for a couple of beers for a while. And it was a long while, because I couldnt wait to get Jim home and see where it would lead. Finally we got to my house and I introduced Jim to my older partner, Nick.

Nick busied himself in the kitchen while I showed Jim ICU. We went to the straight room, but found no couples playing on cam, just some single, straight guys looking. Jim was really caught up in what we were seeing. Without his knowledge, I switched to the gay rooms, because I knew that there would be guys on camera showing all and playing with themselves. The sight of real people playing with themselves mesmerized Jim. My friend John who was 52 at the time and loved older men hailed me. I said to Jim, "Theres my buddy John. Lets, see what hes up to. Ill turn on my camera too, so he can see me. Is that alright with you?"

Jim said it was okay with him. I introduced John and Jim And John loved the view of Jim. I asked John to show himself to Jim. So John, who was a 510", beefy 250 pounder himself, stood up and had a big, fat, juicy hard on. John asked me to have Jim show himself. Jim agreed, but he simply pulled it out of his zipper. It was soft. I said to Jim, "John wants you to show him the whole package." Jim undid his pants and pulled them to his knees and pulled up his shirt to expose his belly. Jim had a thin coat of soft hair on his belly and he had a heavy, hefty palm full of low hanger below his thick, uncut cock. It was still soft, but started to thicken.

I told Jim that I needed to take a shower and playfully asked him if he wanted to shower with me. To my surprise he said, "Okay." I then told John that Jim and me were going to shower and come back.

As Jim and I started to undress in my bedroom I could tell that he was very nervous. He was shaking like a leaf. As he undressed he talked about some of the women he had and how they liked to ride him. It seemed as if he were trying to convince me that what he was about to do was not him at all. That he was totally straight. I readied the water temperature and turned to watch Jim walk into the bathroom. It was a lovely sight. His cock was somewhat soft, but thicker than before and looked to be about 7 inches. Id say about half erect as he sauntered my way. His balls looked so full and heavy; almost the size of a 14-inch softball. He was so nervous and said, I never did anything like this before. I responded, "Ill do only what you like. If anything I do bothers you, let me know and Ill stop."

As we were in the shower, I was toward the back and Jim was under the showerhead with his back to me. I soaped up the washcloth and washed his backside from head to toe. He was shaking the whole time and uncomfortable spread his legs upon request so I could wash his ass. I soaped up some more and came close to him, my hard cock pressed against him as I reached around him to wash his chest and downward. All the while he was shivering from nervousness and kept telling me about how ladies liked to ride his cock. I washed his balls first and could feel that his cock was hard now. Finally I wrapped the washcloth around his cock to clean it of the sweat he built from moving furniture. It seemed to be as big as he said. He wasnt bragging after all.

I asked him to turn around and as he did so the profile of his cock revealed a ten-inch, fat piece of manhood with a bulbous head the size of a plum. It was beautiful, angry looking cock, reddened from being so engorged and the plum sized head had a purplish hue. I stroked his cock as it was rinsed free of soap and bent to take it in my mouth. Jim leaned against the wall and slowly fucked my mouth as he moaned with each slow penetration. I sensed that he was getting close, so I pulled off and asked him to go to the other bedroom with me. As we dried off he kept telling me about how he hadnt done this and the ladies he knew really liked to ride his cock. This time I believed him about how the ladies liked his cock.

Once in the other bedroom, where the computer was, I asked Jim if I could get my friend John back on camera so that he could see his cock fully erect and Jim agreed. John loved the view of Jim all naked and hard. Jim put on a little show for Jim by stroking himself and he even let me suck his cock while Jim watched. As we did so, John beat off and came for us. I asked Jim if it was okay to take some pictures and surprisingly, Jim agreed, so my partner Nick took some pictures of Jim feeding me his cock in various positions on the bed. After Nick left I asked Jim if I could take some video and he agreed to that too as long as I gave him a copy. So I put the camera on the tri-pod. I introduced Jim to several new experiences that night. I rimmed his clean ass. He loved it so much that he threw his legs in the air countless times. I bathed his balls with my tongue and took his fat, ten inches to its base as he lied on his back. He clasped his hands upon my head and moaned with each stroke to meet my downward thrust. Intermittently I held his cock in my mouth, massaging it with my throat muscles and suckling as he moaned and groaned from the sensation of having his cock so deep in a warm, wet mouth. Couldnt stay there for more than a minute though because I had to come up for air. Ten inches sure can cut off the breathing, but I didnt linger too long. I took a deep breath and went down for more, nestling my nose in his thick coat of downy soft pubic hair.

I asked Jim if he wanted to suck cock, but he said that he wasnt ready for that yet, but he did grab me and stroke me here and then. After an hour of play I decided that it was time to taste his cum. I sucked him slowly and deeply and sensed his impending release as he laid on his back, He started to fuck my mouth, at first slowly as I sucked him, but then he took over clasping his hands on the side of my head and quickened his pace as he dropped his hips and thrusting upwards to deeply penetrate my face. As he did so his hefty sized balls tighten and slapped my chin with each drive upwards. His breathing quickened and his moans turned to guttural groans from his chest. His body tightened as he started to pant and say, "Your gonna get me! Its gonna blow!! Im cumming! Im gonna cum!!" Then, "oooooohhh, aaaahhhh!!" And he gushed and spurted a stream of cum that washed over my tongue and teeth. Then he thrusted into my mouth and held it there as he spurted more down my throat, moaning and groaning as his cock expanded and contracted with each jetty of his sweet, warm cum.

After wards I came up for air to see him relaxed, satiated one damned, handsome smile on his face. I rested myself between his spread legs, resting my head upon his belly as his warm wet, cock shrunk under my chest, while he rubbed and petted my scalp. Not a word was spoken. We simply enjoyed the moment. After ten minutes I told him that I wanted one more taste of him before we dressed. I asked him to roll over. He did so and I dove into his ass for one last rim job. I gave him a good tongue fucking and with each little bit of penetration he lifted his ass up to meet my tongue. His ass was all wet and lubed and I cautiously kissed my way to his neck. As I did so I rubbed the head of my cock against his sphincter and felt his ass raise with each probe of my head between his ass cheeks. Finally I left my cock-head rest against his hole and felt him rise as if he were trying to get me inside him and so I did. Slowly I worked the head of my cock into his ass and let him take it from there until I was in to my base. He said not a word, but simply let me fuck him with slow strokes until after ten minutes of fucking I quickened my pace. Every time I stroked into him he raised his ass to meet me and make my penetration deep until I started to moan and groan and pulled out to cum on his ass.

After cleaning and dressing, Jim stayed to chat with my partner and me. As they talked they discovered that they were classmates in grammar school. Small world.

Jim came back a few days later for more and several times after that. I even got Jim involved in a three way with me and another 60-year-old married friend of mine.

I asked Jim why he did all that with me if he had never done it before. Jim told me that he had never, ever even considered sex with a man until that night. He said that I caught him at the right time. He hadnt had sex in months at the time and the camera action on ICU got him horny. He said that his original intent was to get his rocks off and leave, never to come back again, but that I had awakened something in him that he did not know existed. He discovered that men suck cock better than women and men knew how to satisfy another man.

Jim left for the Ozarks that October and it would be another year or so before I saw or heard from him again. One night he knocked on my door unexpectedly. I asked him where the hell he had been. Jim told me that he got tired of retirement and became an over the road driver and that he had gotten married and moved back to town. He told me that one day his wife was out and the 35 year old neighbor lady asked him to fix his sink, but what she really wanted was to seduce him, so as he was fucking her in the bedroom, her husband jumped out of the closet. It was set up. When the husband showed himself, Jim said he thought he was dead meat, but the husband said, "Can I have some of that?!" (Jims cock). So they had a three way and had been doing so for a few weeks, but Jim told me that he missed my mouth and wanted some more. Jim and I played a few times and even invited my married buddy to join us once. Eventually Jim and his wife moved to Las Vegas. Jim called me up one day to ask me if I knew of any guys in Las Vegas who liked to play. Unfortunately I didnt. That was the last time I heard from Jim. That was about four years ago. I hope he found him self a nice man to play with. Jim never did suck cock while I knew him, but he came pretty damned close. I wonder if he is doing so now. I sure do miss him. He was a very handsome, nice man. He did fuck me on his last visit and that was another first for him.