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Catching a big one

I enjoy fishing. No, not with a rod and reel. I like the old fashion way, with a cane pole. When I was growing up my favorite fishing place was Graham Creek located in the panhandle of Florida. The little fish camp is still there that I remembered as a boy. It consist of about a dozen home build cabins along the bank of the slow moving black water of the creek.

When I visited Graham Creek a few weeks ago, I didn't know if I would be able to rent a boat or not. It had been over ten years since my last visit and things have a way of changing. But when I arrived I saw several empty bass boats near the landing and upon asking a couple of fishermen launching their boats they told me that an old man in a near by cabin rented them out. The old guy's name was Tom Meers they told me and pointed out his cabin, which was much larger than the other cabins. It looked like someone had build on to it recently.

Although it was very early in the morning, around 5:00 A.M. and still pitch dark, I didn't hesitate to go knocking on the old man's door. Fishermen are an early rising group and I figured if he rented boats then he was used to someone knocking on his door before daylight.

As I approached the big cabin, I saw a light inside and knew that I wouldn't be waking the old man. And sure enough he came to the door immediately when I knocked. But he wasn't dressed. The tall skinny old man was wearing only a pair of red checkered boxer shorts.

The sight of the old man standing suddenly in front of me almost naked took my breath away. In an instance I took in his full head of pure white hair, his hairy gray chest, his tan less body, and long, strong hairy legs. But what really got my attention was what I saw inside the gapped open fly of his boxer shorts. A pale monster of a dick.

"I guess you want to rent a boat." The old man said in greeting. I told him yes. And he said for me to come in and have a cup of coffee. Said he didn't do anything before at least three cups of coffee.

The old man directed me to a chair at the table and poured me a mug of coffee and then set down at the head of the table, but he turned his chair sideways allowing me full view of his crotch. I could tell he wasn't in any hurry to go down to the boat landing and unlock one of the boats. And after seeing him I wasn't in any hurry either.

We chit chatted. He told me he ad bought the cabin five years ago when he retired from General Motors. I asked him how old he was and he said seventy. Then he when he got up and poured himself another mug of coffee, I saw him reached in to cabinet and pull out a bottle or rum and finish filling his mug up with rum.

"You want some?" He asked turning to me. I said yes in spite of the fact that I hate rum.

The old man brought his mug of rum laced coffee and set down again at the table and poured some rum into my coffee. Then as I sipped the rum laced coffee, I eyed his crotch.

"You married?" I asked a little later as the rum loosened me up.

"No, I the love them and leave them type." The old man boasted "And they never want to leave."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Well, I don't want to brag but I got a big dick." The old man said. He took another drink of rum coffee. "And they all like to get fucked by my big dick." He added.

"Really?" I egged him on as my own dick began to grow and push out against the crotch of my jeans.

"Hell, yea. They love getting fucked by a dick as long and thick as mine. In Detroit I had pussy two or three times a day. But down here it's kind of hard to find. There's an old lady in the first cabin as you drive in. I fuck her occasionally. But her old pussy will not take all of me, so it's not much fun." The old man told me.

By now my dick was straining so hard against my jeans that the fabric was bulging out so much that it formed a huge bulge in the crotch of my jeans.

"You ever had it sucked?" My voice trembled as I asked the question.

"Hell, that's part of having sex. I love to eat pussy." The old man said as he finished his coffee and got up to get another cup. "You want more?" He asked.

I had a real buzz on but said "yes".

"All this talk is getting me horny." The old man said after he set back down at the table. "Guess I have to go in town to the bar and see if I can hookup with one of the local sluts. That is if I don't get so drunk I can't drive."

"Yea, all this talking about pussy is giving me a hard on." I suddenly said.

For the first time the old man seemed to look at my crotch. "Looks like you got a woman pleasure too." He committed.

"I don't think it is as big as your." I answered openly staring at the old man the gapped open fly of his boxer shorts. I reached down and rubbed my crotch. "Damn, I'm horny." I added.

"How old are you?" The old man asked?


"Well when I was your age my pecker would get rock hard like your just talking about pussy, but now that I'm seventy it take a little work to get it hard." He reached inside his boxer shorts and pulled his dick out.

I took a deep breathe. His dick was enormous even soft. I had to stop myself from reaching for the old man dick.

"You uncut like me or cut?" The old man asked.

"Uncut." I almost whispered as I watched the old man slowly pull the foreskin back until his pink, pointed dick head popped into view.

"I call it my pussy opener. Once I get my small head inside, I can pry open any pussy." The old man bragged.

And what he said made sense. Although the head of his dick was small and pointed the shaft of his dick grew thicker and thicker the closer you got to it's root. The old man dick was like a cylinder wedge. "Damn, I would like to see it hard!" I suddenly exclaimed.

The old man looked me straight in the eyes. "You ain't no queer are you?" He asked in a suddenly half-angry tone.

The tone of the question caught me totally by surprise. I hesitated.

"Well! Are you a damn queer?" He asked. But then he didn't something strange. He grabbed his enormous soft dick and began to shake it back and forth.

"Yea, I'm gay." I finally admitted.

"Gay, queer, same fucking difference." The old man said in an agitated tone. Yet, he continued to swing his old pecker back and forth. "I hate fucking queers." He added angrily.

I guess I should have gotten up and left but I didn't. I just set there staring at the old man as he swung his huge, growing pecker back and forth.

"I should kick your ass out of here." The old man said. But he didn't make any effort get out of his chair. And he stopped swinging his half-hard pecker back and forth; instead he started jacking it slowly. "Fucking queer." He mumbled as he glanced down at his pecker. The thing had swelled into one of the thickest, longest dick I had ever seen.

I reached down a grabbed my zipper and unzipped my jean.

"Hell, no you don't. I ain't no queer. I don't want to see your dick." The old man exclaimed.

I quickly zipped my jean back up.

"Fucking queer." The old man said out loud as he let go of his pecker. The thing stood straight up. It was so hard that it was bouncing up and down.

"Can I touch it?" I asked.

"Fucking queer." The old man mumbled again as he glanced down at his enormous dick. He made it jerk up and down without touching it.

Not knowing what to expect from the old man, I slowly reached my hand out. The old man didn't look at me. He just kept his eyes on his huge pecker.

"Fucking queer." He mumbled when I closed my fingers around the thick shaft of his dick. I started to slowly jack his dick. The old man just kept staring at my hand and his dick.

The shaft of the old man's dick was so thick than I couldn't completely reach around it. Just touching the old man's dick got me so excited that my own dick began throbbing painful inside my jeans as I slowly moved his foreskin back and forth over his small pointed dick head.

I reached my other hand inside the fly of his boxer shorts and found a set of huge balls. I grabbed them.


I let go of them immediately.

"Fucking queer." The old man mumbled between moans of pleasure as I continued to slowly jack his huge pecker.

Then still holding onto and jacking his dick, I slipped out of my chair and knelt down between the old man's legs. I half expected him to slap me as I guided my mouth to the head of his pecker. The old man didn't stop me as I took the pointed head of his dick into my mouth and started sucking on it.

But the old man did grab me behind the head and force my face against his crotch, driving his enormous pecker deeper and deeper down my throat. And as he sent his pecker deep into my throat he kept mumbling "fucking queer".

I had to fight to keep from choking! The old man's dick was too long and thick. But somehow I managed as I was determined to swallow it all. Once he saw that I could take his entire dick, the old man started fucking my mouth as though it was a pussy.

As he mouth fucked me I reached down with my hands and rubbed his hairy legs. The feel of my hands running over the thick hair on his leg excited me almost as much as sucking his dick.

I wanted desperately to kiss the old man. I want to make love to him. But he just kept brutally fucking my mouth in such a manner that I knew he would never let me kiss him much less make love to him.

Then suddenly I tasted cum! The old man cried out. His body started shaking as cum gushed into my mouth. I have swallowed many a load of cum, but damn if the old man's wasn't one of the biggest.

Suddenly the old man shoved me back so hard that I almost fell backwards. I glanced up at the old man. He was stuffing his still enormous pecker back into his boxer shorts. I got up and set in my chair at the tale.

"Want some more coffee?" The old man said as he ran his fingers nervously through his white hair.

"No thanks." I said in almost a whisper not knowing what was going to happen next.

The old man got up and poured himself another mug of coffee. When he returned to the table his big pecker was hanging halfway out of his fly but he didn't seem to notice or care. He poured some run in his mug and set down again, his huge pecker sill hanging out of his fly.

"Do you know Graham Creek very well?" He asked.

"I used to."

"I ain't been fishing for several days. I'll go along with you if you want me to and show you some of my favorite fishing holes." He said after he took a big sip of his coffee.

"That would be great." I said.

"Ok, but none of this queer business!" The old man said as he noticed me staring at his dick. He glanced down at his dick but didn't try to hide it form my view.

I nodded.

"Go on down to the landing and I'll be there as soon as I get dressed." He told me.

"Thanks." I said and got up and walked away.

As I closed the kitchen door behind me I hear the old man say. "Fucking queer."

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