Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Old Hunger Sated

I'm an older 'straight' guy whose wife lost interest in sex several years ago. Since I've still had lots of sex interest but don't want to be unfaithful, I masturbate more than anyone would believe of a man aged 65. And I enjoy it as much as I did when I was 16.

I have come to love my cock. I love just holding and massaging it. I enjoy looking at it when it gets totally hard and large. Maybe it's strange, but I've come to think of my cock as simply beautiful and when I go to internet sites I look for pics that have good views of large cocks having sex with lovely women.

Over the last several months I've noticed that the sight of those hairy men with big thick cocks turns me on more than the women do. It doesn't matter what color or shape, I just get hot looking at pictures of cocks. And I've wondered about myself. Am I now so late in life turning gay? If I am, why or how can it be.

Then last week, things started to change--rapidly. I took my car over to a neighbor's for him to check it out for me. He's a great mechanic and has been a good friend for 20 years. He looks like a Norwegian Lil Abner. About 6'2", 180 or so, lots of blonde hair and bright blue eyes, with a great friendly smile.

In all the time we've known each other I've never thought that much about his statistics, looks, etc. In fact when he and his beautiful wife come over to swim or have a drink, I usually ogle her big tits hanging out of her small top. Even though she's in her 50's, she's still got one fine body. Her ass is a bit large but firm (yeah, I've bumped up against her a time or two) and sexy as all get out with those big green eyes. A few times I've even thought maybe she was giving me the come-on when she sits by the pool in her swim suit and spreads her legs so that little is left to the imagination---God, what fat pussy lips!

But back to my story--gee, now I'm starting to get a bit hard just thinking aboutlast week. Robert was wearing no shirt and only a pair of shorts that were too short to be in style and very loose. As I watched him slide his upper body up under the car to the point that he could no longer see me, I nearly popped my pants when I saw his super huge cock hanging down his leg. He was wearing no underwear and his cock was highly visible to me as he moved around under the car.

This was my first opportunity to stare openly at a man's cock other than my own. Years ago I might even have been revolted, but now..... Now I was looking at the most beautiful thing I could imagine. The hair around his cock was thick blonde, his balls hung loose and heavy. And when he'd turn or twist, that long beautiful thing would flop and show itself to me in a different view. Damn, I got so hot that there was no way I could keep my cock from hardening.

I don't mean to brag but I've got about 8 inches of thick uncut cock. Women loved it back when I was younger and my wife used to go crazy when she rode my cock as I lay on my back and she straddled me. She'd fuck us both out of our skulls and beg me to pull her nipples until they stuck out almost an inch. But, alas, that's ancient history.

Back to my friends garage. He kept teling me to bend down so he could show me what he was talking about. Now, I wouldn't know an oil pan from an exhaust pipe, but I got down on the floor with him and....oh, shit!!! His balls were right in my face and his cock was much larger and semi-rigid. Maybe even a bit larger than my own. I wanted to just grab it and hold it.

His foreskin was long over the huge head of his cock. Looking like it had been whanked a few times too. Then I noticed that when I could see his face he was looking directly at my crotch and the hump that my hard cock was creating in my pants, My boxer shorts weren't holding it down at all. And with the beautiful show I'd been watching---long hard full shaft with veins out prominently, head larger than the shaft with the skin stretched tight around it---my cock was well within his view and showing loud and clear.

I was afraid of what he would think and started to get up where he couldn't see my swollen cock. Then it occurred to me that he must be interested if his cock was hardening so. And about that time, the huge pink head exploded out from the foreskin without his even touching it. As the skin rolled back I must have gasped out loud. He rolled his dolly out from the car and looked me in the eyes for several long seconds. All the time that lovely huge cock was getting even larger and harder.

My God! He was breathing hard, his eyes had that glassy look and I knew at that moment he was hot and it had to be from showing me his cock and seeing my reaction. There was no hiding it. My cock was sticking out like a tent pole, my face was flushed and I was panting like an old hound dog on a hot day. But by now I didn't care.

Man, did I ever want to touch, hold, that beauty. I wanted to take his cock and feel the heat that I knew was inside it. Robert just isn't as shy as I am so he eased my indecision by unzipping his shorts and pulling that lovely white cock out from his shorts. By now it was perfectly hard and stiff and stretched tight with the foreskin rolled back behind the head that was now so purple and full. I could see the glistening spot on his hole where the lubricating precum had oozed out. I HAD to have his cock and he was willing to give it to me--I was almost sure.

Among all the tools and junk he had been working with, I'd not noticed that he had his remote garage door opener there near him. He took it and pointed at the garage door. Down it came. The garage now seemed so private. I knew his beautiful wife was working today and wouldn't be home for hours.

Robert very softly said, "Come here, James" and reached out for my pants. He caught me by the waist and before I knew what was happening he had opened my pants and pushed them down my legs. Then he grabbed my cock and we both groaned as he took it in his hand. I was totally wet and the skin slipped back over my cockhead smoothly, easily. I've never had another man touch me before. When his firm grip pulled my cock toward him I thought I would pass out. It felt like nothing I've ever known before. The heat was so deep right down in my crotch and my balls were so full that I thought they would explode before he did anything more. I needed to cum as badly as I ever had in my life. My legs were shaking violently with my excitement such that I could hardly stand.

Then Robert got up on his knees in front of me and grabbed my cock into his mouth as though he were a starved man. He pushed his face into me and took all of my cock deep down his throat...all the way until his lips were touching my sack. Nothing I've ever know felt like that. Here all this time I'd wanted to see and touch another man and suddenly my friend had me in his mouth and was working the underside of my shaft with his tongue--wet, hot slick with his mouthful of saliva. His slightly rough tongue rubbing over my sweet spot was too much.

Since my only sex for a long time was my frequent masturbation, this was by far the strongest, wildest, hottest orgasm I've had for years. I couldn't help the loud groans as I pushed my cock further into his mouth and down his throat. The cum kept coming in great spurts as he slid his mouth back so he could take it all in his mouth without losing it down his throat. With his mouth full of my cum, he raised up and held me close and brought his lips to mine. Then as we opened our mouths, we shared my cum and I was amazed that it was so good. I was still trembling from the tremendous pleasure as he went back down on me and again licked off the remaining drops of cum. His wet lips and tongue were slurping loudly as he cleaned me off.

Robert seemed satisfied with our quck sex frenzy although he had not yet had an orgasm. So as I raised him up and knelt before him, he said "Hey, Joe, I wanted to do that. I've wanted that glorious cock of yours for a long time. you don't have to return the favor." Robert went on to tell me that his sex life hadn't been good for years and he, very much like me, had started having dreams of gay sex. With me as his partner. no less. I'm nearly bald, several years older than Robert, somewhat overweight and don't consider myself sexy at all. Little did I know that Robert was having those feelings and watching me for some sign of interest for a long time.

As he told me of his interest, I got so hot that I couldn't be still and started shifting from one foot to another as my cock started to harden again. Robert's beautiful cock had never gone down. I couldn't resist, I had to have his cock in my mouth. I needed to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. As I started to go down where I could kiss and suck his balls, and then he lay back down on his dolly and spread his legs for me. Oh what a beautiful sight. I couldn't take my eyes off his full balls and hard cock.

Then I found myself kissing and licking all around his balls and my tongue was going up the crack between his ass cheeks and suddenly i wanted to go deep into his ass. As my tongue darted around his hairly asshole he groaned and his breathing got very fast and heavy. Robert put his hands on the back of my head, encouraging me up into his ass. I was so hot that it was the most natural thing to do. Just kiss and lick deep into his ass. with that large hot cock sticking out where I could hold it with my hand while I reamed his ass with my stiff wet tongue.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt huge spurts of cum hitting the back of my neck and shoulders. Robert was gasping and groaning as if in great pain and pushing his ass even harder into my face. God! I made him cum without even getting his cock in my mouth. I had to have that cock in my mouth. So while Robert rubbed his cum all over my neck and shoulders, I took his softening cock in my mouth and sucked and licked. I sucked hard and the blood stared to engorge his cock head again--just what I wanted. Although he had cum forcefully just moments ago he was already getting hard again as my tongue kept massaging his long hard cock in my wet hot mouth. I was enjoying the feel of Robert inside me so much that I didn't recognize the build up and commencing of his orgasm until I felt more hot spurts hit the back of my throat. Before I thought about it, I swallowed the slippery fluid, savoring every drop. As he relaxed and came down, Robert said coyly "Well, I shared with you. Then you kept all of mine for yourself." Then he bent down and started kissing and licking the cum that had begun to dry on my shoulders.

Ah, we both had been starving men and now we were so well fed that there was nothing but contented, relaxed warmth and satisfaction. As I started to put my shorts back on, Robert said "Hey, Eve won't be home for a long time yet. Wanna go in and have a drink or three and think about this some more?" We both knew that this wasn't the end of something wonderful, rather just the beginning.

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