Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

The Bus Ride

When my wife Martha died, I decided to visit my grandson in Rockwell City, Iowa. It was a long bus trip from Atlanta, but I figured that I could use the time to catch up on my reading and just enjoy the countryside. I always like to ride in the back of the bus, have been doing so for most of my 70 years, well at least since integration. I like ridding in the back seat because it’s so wide. You can almost stretch out completely to sleep. At least I can because I’m a little guy and seem to be getting smaller the older I get. I bet over the last ten years I have lost an inch of my height.

But luckily I haven’t lost any inches off my pecker. Even though I am short and skinny, I have a hell of a long thick pecker. My wife use to say it was to big for her and damn if she didn’t use that excuse during the last fifteen years before her death to keep from having sex with her.

Well, I think that’s what turned me into a flasher. And strange as it may seem, I only like showing my pecker to old men my age. Hell, the honest truth is that’s why I took the bus to Iowa. I figured I would have plenty of opportunity to flash my big pecker on the long bus ride.

But at the beginning of the trip, I began to have my doubts. Sure there were lots of people on the bus but only women and young men. The couple of old men that got on sat up front near the driver as thought they were afraid of venturing back to the rear of the bus.

Then an Old Catholic priest got on in Jackson, Mississippi. I watched him coming down the isle hoping against hope that the stout, white haired old priest would keep on coming back. And damn if he did take the rear seat on the right side of the bus, the one with the toilet behind it.

Well, let me tell you that my old pecker responded to the sight of the old priest immediately. It started uncoiling like some great white snake in my pants as I watched the old hairy priest stow away his luggage. His arms were strong looking for a man his age and very hairy. But the hair on his arms was blond colored and it went with his pinkish complexion. I figured he was of Irish decent, especially when I saw his deep blue eyes.

Even though I was staring at him and smiling, the old priest didn’t look in my direction except when he first came back looking for an empty seat. I got the feeling that he was hoping to take the seat that I had but settled on the other one as he second choice.

The bus was only about a third full and except for the old priest and myself all the other passengers were sitting near the front of the bus. So as the bus bumped and shaked down the road, I unzipped my fly and left if wide open. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so the pale skin of my big old pecker was plainly visible.

I watched the priest out of the corner of my eye as I played like I was napping. For a while, I thought he wasn’t going to look my way. Then I saw him take a quick fugitive glance in my direction. Knowing that he couldn’t but help seeing my pecker the way my fly was gapped open, excited me. I really don’t know how to explain how I feel when I know an old man is looking at my pecker. It just gets me all excited and tingly inside.

The old priest tried not to look at me again. I could almost see the battle raging inside of him. But hell the devil must win sometimes and I guess this was one of those occasions. The second time he glanced over he paused to stare at my crotch for a long moment before jerking his head back around.

Deciding it was time to up the anti a little, I reached down and pulled the huge foreskin cloaked head of my half-hard pecker out of my pants. I am one of those guys with lots of foreskin over hang. With the foreskin of my pecker hanging down from the huge pecker’s head, my old dick looked like the tail end of a huge white snake.

I didn’t have to wait long for the old priest to glance over at me. And this time, upon seeing the head of my big pecker sticking out of my fly he jerked his head around abruptly and glanced around to see if anyone had notice him looking at me. Well the other passengers were way up front of the bus so there wasn’t anyone to notice that he had looked at me. But it took the old priest several minutes to gain enough courage to look across the isle again.

When he did look at my pecker it was with a darting motion of his head. GOD, I loved it. Doing something so forbidden as flashing my pecker to an old priest was delightful beyond words. And the excitement I was feeling caused my big pecker to swell bigger and bigger. Then when the old priest was glancing over at me, I just reached down and pulled my entire pecker out of my fly. He jerked it head around and stared out the window on the far side of the bus. But I knew he would look at me again. He held out longer than I thought he would. It was a full ten minutes before he slowly turned his head toward me.

Well I was ready for him. When he looked at me I grabbed my fat, long pecker and pulled the foreskin back until my big mushroom dick head popped. Then as I glanced directly into the blue eyes of the old priest, I started jacking myself off.

The old priest couldn’t take is eyes off my huge, long, fat pecker. I could see him trying to look the other way but he seemed mesmerized by the gigantic size of my 70yo pecker. Then he reached his hands slowly down toward his crotch as though he was struggling with himself. I guess the devil won again because as I stared at him, the old priest began to gently massage his crotch of his black slacks. And as he did so he never took his eyes of my pecker.

Finally I motioned for him to come over. I really didn’t expect him too, but he surprised me by getting up from his seat and approaching me. I scooted over to give him room. He sat down beside me.

At first he stared straight ahead, but then he finally glanced down at my huge pecker only inches away from him. He watched me jacking off for a moment. Then I lot go of my fat white snake and waited.

Sure enough the old priest reached over and grabbed hold of my pecker with his big, blond haired hand. “The Lord certainly blessed you.” He said and smiled at me. “Wish he had seen fit to give me a little more.” He added.

I reached my hand over and grabbed the old priest’s crotch. I felt a big hand full of balls but had to feel around before I located his small dick. I massaged his crotch until his little dick stiffened and grew slightly bigger.

Then I let go of the old priest crotch and reached up and grabbed the old priest behind the head. “Suck me!” I demanded.

“No! No!” I can’t.” The old priest protested. I might be little but damn I am strong for my size. And I wasn’t about to let the old priest get away so easily. I had always wanted to be sucked off by a preacher or priest and knew I wasn’t likely to get another chance.

“Damn it. You are going to suck it.” I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Or I going to make a big enough fuss to bring the driver back here!” I hissed.

The old priest resisted my efforts to pull his head down to my crotch for a minute but then slowly he gave in. And the nearer to my pecker his mouth got the harder and bigger my pecker grew until I thought it was going to explode.

“Take it!” I growled as the old priest’s mouth neared my pecker.

The old priest opened his mouth and I pushed his head down sending my fat pecker into the old priest’s mouth. Then as he started sucking the head of my pecker, I rubbed his snow-white hair.

I let him suck the head of my pecker several minutes before I whispered. “Talk it all! I’m going to shoot my load down your throat.” Then I shoved his head violently down to my crotch sending my huge white snake deep into his throat. The old man surprised me by taking my entire pecker. And his mouth and throat was so hot and moist that my pecker started to spasm. That coupled with the knowledge that it was a priest sucking my pecker caused me to shoot off.

The old priest jerk his head back and for his efforts got a face full of cum. And I held his head down hear my pecker until I unloaded all my juice. When the old priest finally lifted his head cum was running down his cheeks onto his white priest collar. He hurriedly pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and frantically started wiping the cum off his face and clothes and he got up and moved back to his own seat.

That night on the bus, I started playing with my pecker again. The old priest tried to ignore me but he couldn’t. And again, he finally came over and sat beside me again. He wouldn’t suck me off until I forced him to. Damn, what a bus ride that turned out to be. The old priest was heading to California and I made him suck my pecker two more time before he changed buses in Chicago.

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2016

The Bookstore

I am writing to let you all know that you don’t have to live in a city like Fort Lauderdale to find lots of sex. I live in Fort Dodge, Iowa and have plenty of sexual experiences. Yes, small towns can be a goldmine for older men.

I am 65. I’ve lived in Fort Dodge all my life. I own a farm and am married. But that doesn’t stop me for sucking dick. I guess you would call me a bi-sexual. I just call it loving sex, any kind of sex. I like eating pussy and I like sucking dick, but I guess I like sucking dick just a little bit more.

There’s a bookstore on Central Avenue in Fort Dodge that is one of my favorite haunts when I looking for dick. The bookstore had two floors. On the first floor is new books, hardbound, paperbacks and magazine while on the second floor is used books. I always start at the adult section of the magazine rack. There is always a lot of old men looking through Playboy and that type of magazines. Well, I usually pick up a copy Playgirl and flash the pictures of the young studs to the other old men as they are looking at pussy.

Take last Tuesday, this old farmer from Humboldt was thumbing through a Playboy Magazine but I could tell he was secretly eyeing me. He looked about my age but was stouter than me, as I am tall and skinny. I liked his looks and all the gray hair on his arms and showing through the top of his shirt. So I made sure that he saw me reach down and group my crotch a couple times and then I put the magazine down and walked to the far side of the bookstore where the stairs to the upper floor is located. He watched me as I approached the stairs. I looked directly in the old man’s eyes before going on up.

Now let me explain that almost no one goes up to the second floor. Oh, once in a while someone will go up and pick out a couple of used paperbacks, but usually I find no one on the second floor. Well, there wasn’t anyone up there that time either. And as I walked over to the long row of old record racks that the old man that owns the store uses the story used paperback, I could hear the old farmer from Humboldt coming up the stairs.

I was busy looking through the paperback when he walked up to the record racks. When I was sure he was looking at me I reached down and rubbed my crotch. Then I walked to the very end of the upstairs and ducking behind one of the large bookshelves. It didn’t take the old farmer long to come over to investigate.

When he peeped around the corner of the bookshelves I grabbed my crotch. Still he hesitated. So I unzipped my pants and pulled out my long thick dick. His eyes got big as he saw the size of my dick. Then he smiled and approached me and reached out and grabbed my dick.

“Wow, that’s a big one.” He told me. I asked him to take his out. He asked if it was safe to play around up here and I told him yes that the old man that owned the store was gay. So the farmer finally took out his dick. Of course it wasn’t nearly as long and as thick as my old dick, but it looked mighty good to me. His dick was about six inches long, and fairly thick with lots of overhanging foreskin.

The old farmer’s dick began to get hard the moment I touched it. I could tell that he hadn’t had sex very often cause his dick started dripping immediately. Then he reached in and pulled out a set of bull balls. Damn, they were beautiful! The sight of them got me so hot that I dropped to my knees and started sucking the old farmer’s dick.

He sent crazy. The farmer grabbed me by that back of the head and started fucking my mouth. So, I could tell he was married as married me always do that. I didn’t mind because his cock wasn’t so big that I couldn’t take it all. Now, I was in Heaven as there is nothing to compare with sucking a man’s dick for the first time. Now don’t get me wrong. I like to suck old men’s dicks more than once, but there is nothing as good as that first time you suck a strange dick.

I really wanted the experience with the old farmer to last longer, but I guess he had gone without sex too long. His dick started spewing cum in no time at all. And let me tell you, the old farmer sure had stored up a nice big load for me to harvest. He tried to pull away before I finished taking his load but I grabbed him by the ass and held him until I drained the last drop of cum from his dick.

When I let him go he almost ran from the upstairs. That’s how some guys are after they shoot their load. You know the guilt hits them and they think about their wives or being queer. I don’t mind. I know that the next time they see me they’ll want me to suck them off again.

I was just getting ready to head downstairs when I heard someone coming up the stairway. I knew the guy. He was the old man that owned a dry cleaners a couple of block behind the bookstore. I had always wonder if he like to play around. I had seen his car at the rest area near Rockwell City. But I had never had a chance to make contact with him. He wasn’t as old as I wasn’t. I would guess his age at about 60. He didn’t have any gray hair but still I like his fatherly face, which wasn’t handsome but attractive if you are like me and like old men.

He nodded at me and started looking through the paperbacks. Then he reached down and touched his crotch. I did the same to mine. Then he walked back to the spot where I had just sucked off the farmer. So, I knew that this wasn’t his first time up here. I quickly followed. Heck, he had his dick out when I got there.

His circumcised dick was longer than the farmer and curved downward. It reminded me of a horse’s cock. “You want to suck me?” He asked. In reply, I just got down on my knees and started sucking his dick. I couldn’t deep throat his long dick as I had the farmers. But I used enough tongue action on it that the guy started moaning.

He reached down hand started patting me on my balding head as I sucked his dick. “Suck it old man! Suck it!” He called out as I worked feverishly on his dick. He got me so hot talking to me that I finally was able to take his entire dick down my throat. This send him into a hunching fit and caused him to cum. Unlike the old farmer, he let me suck his dick as long as I wanted. And I can tell you I sucked out ever drop of his salty, bitter tasting cum.

While he was zipping up his pants, he asked me if I came to the bookstore often. I told him ever chance I could sneak out of the house. He said good that he hoped to meet me again. Then he left.

Well, I was so hot that I decided to jack myself off. So I stayed behind the bookshelf and pulled out my big dick and stated working on it. I guess I got too much into masturbating because I didn’t hear the owner approaching until the old man cleared his throat.

Suddenly I look up and there he stood staring at me! Now, I got to tell that the owner was one of the handsomest old men I had ever seen. He was second generation Norwegian. He has beautiful thinning hair was gray. He was a little on the heavy side but not fat. His smile always had sent goose bumps down my spine it was so wonderful. And as always he was dressed in a suit and tie.

As I stared at him standing there solemnly looking at me, I didn’t know what to do. My cock was rock hard and throbbing as I was near to cuming when he caught me. So, I finally just said. “You have a nice store.” And waited for him to explode in anger. But instead he said “thanks” and took another puff on the cigarette he was smoking and kept looking at my cock.

Not knowing what else to do, I just kept slowly masturbating as I said “Where did you get all of these used books?” As he smoked his cigarette and stared at my big dick he told me that he bought the books from estates when people died. But as he spoke the old man never took his eyes off my big dick. I could see the outline of his cock and balls as he pants were pulled up high at the waist. He cock looked small but his balls were large.

Then as we continued to chit chatted I started jacking my cock hard and faster as he smoked, talked and watched. Damn I wanted to reached out for the old man’s cock but I sensed that would be the wrong thing to do. So, I just kept working on my cock and getting hotter and hotter from him watching me.

Finally I put my hand out and shot off into it. The old man watched intently as my sperm gushed into my hand. I was so excited that I shot a bigger load than usual. When I finished I had a hand full of cum and didn’t know what to do with it. Seeing the look on confusion on my face, the old man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a white silk handkerchief and handed it to me.

“Thanks.” I told him as I wiped my hand clean. When I finished he reached out for the handkerchief and I handed it back to he. He closed his hand around the cum soaked handkerchief and held it a moment before putting it back in his pocket.

“I’ve got to get back down to the cash register. Feel free to visit the used section whenever you like but do be careful as regular customers come up here also.” He told me. I said that I would be very careful and that I hoped to see him up here again. And he told me I would.

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016

Grandpa's Nipples

When I was an 18 year old freshman in college, I had sex
with my grandfather.  Now, that may not sound too appealing
to most guys, but they obviously never saw my grandfather.
By the time this happened, he was a very rugged 64 year old,
just off an adulthood working manual labor.  His beefy bod
had softened a bit, but he filled out his shirts nicely.  He
may have started to get a sort of a belly going, and his
pecs weren't as hard as they surely once were, but he was
still a great looking guy.  But the best thing about him
wasn't apparent until he took his shirt off or wore a tight
undershirt: he had the hottest set of nipples you have ever

Let me give you some back-story: when I was younger, maybe
around 12, our family was at a public beach.  The whole day
I stared at his chest.  He had beefy, semi-hairy pecs with
giant half-dollar-coin-sized nipples.  I mean, those babies
had to be an inch-and-a-half across.  Could not keep my eyes
off them. (and I got lucky, because I inherited a nice set
of nips myself). I wanted nothing more than to pull up a
seat and suck on his big tits all day.

In the bath house that day I remember going in with my
grandfather to shower and change.  It was a big place, but
there were only a few guys around.  I was changing out of my
suit and I looked up and caught the sight of my grandfather
going into a shower stall.  I remember his staring right at
me as he went in, and remember clear as day that he never
pulled the shower curtain across, he just let me watch.  Of
course, to a guy my age it looked like the biggest dick
ever, but I didn't get to see a lot of adult dick.  It was
probably a nice 5 inches soft, flopping around over his big
hairy balls, and all surrounded by a really thick black bush
of pubic hair.  Great as that was, it was his big nipples
that I was most interested in.  Watching his lather them up
and run his (lucky) hands across them.  It made my stomach
twist with nervousness to be caught looking at him, but I
kept taking peeks.  And every time he would be peeking right
back at me.

Nothing else happened.  Though I did jerk off to the
scenario about a thousand times.  I really liked the
naughtiness of that kinda fantasy.  The taboo of it really
turned me on.  It wouldn't be until I was in college that
I'd get a closer, more significant encounter.
He lived on a pretty secluded stretch of land in Virginia
with my grandmother, surrounded by farms.  I visited a lot
but usually with my brothers and sisters along.  There was
never anything sexual going on between me and my
grandfather.  He never stared at me or anything, or did
anything suggestive.  He was a very masculine, macho guy.  I
started to doubt that I had ever really seen him "showing
off" for me in the shower.  Maybe that had been wishful
thinking-a detail that materialized only after years of
fantasizing about it.

The weekend of my freshman year I went to my grandparents
place alone (since I finally had a car), and I didn't have
any notion of what was going to happen.  I just needed to
get away for a while.  I knew my grandmother was not going
to be there on Saturday when I arrived, because she was
going to the nearest big town (50 miles away) with neighbors
to go shopping.  I was just going there to kick back and do
nothing all weekend.

When I pulled up my grandfather was working in his vegetable
garden.  Of course, seeing him shirtless and sweaty
immediately got me worked up.  We chatted a while and got
something to drink.  I felt bad not offering to help do some
work so I peeled off my shirt as well and lent him a hand.
We worked only for about an hour or so.  I kept looking at
his nipples, which I had not seen in a while.  Actually the
softening of his pecs seem to make the nipples stretch even
wider.  They were fucking huge.   I was like a straight guy
staring at a woman's tits.  I just wanted to attach my mouth
to those beauties and fucking breastfeed.  Damn!

He started a conversation I'll never forget.  The thought
now still gives me butterflies in my stomach.  He started
asking about girls.  I guess because he had never seen me
with one, or heard me talk about one, he approached the
subject as tactfully as possible, saying "I guess with
school and work you don't have much time for girls?"

I answered with some bullshit, pretty much agreeing with him
(I was not "out").  I knew he didn't buy it because because
he kinda smirked.  He started saying the weirdest stuff,
creating the most awkward situation.  Started talking
something about girls liking his "big peter."  Big peter?
What the heck was he getting at?  Why was he saying this
stuff to me?  I didn't catch on at first, but my grandfather
was kinda hitting on me, or at the very least trying to get
me to talk sex with him.

When we went back inside I was so fucking boned.  I didn't
expect anything to happen-I was just thinking about what a
great JO fantasy this was gonna make as soon as I could get
some time alone.  But there at the basement sink, while we
were washing out hands and rinsing off gardening tools, he
started feeling my ass.  I didn't say anything-I just kinda
looked down in disbelief, held onto the sink, and let him

He slid his hands down in my pants to sweaty, hairy ass
crack and started rubbing it.  I didn't look at him.  My
dick was so hard, and my stomach doing nervous flips, and I
thought I was gonna start to cum right on the spot.  He slid
his hand deeper down and with one of his middle fingers he
touched my asshole.

I let out one of those half-grunt, half-sighs and pulled my
asscheeks together.  He pulled his hand out and just walked
away, going upstairs to the living room.  I followed up
behind him.  He went over and sat down in his big Lazy boy
chair, and just looked at me.  There was my grandfather,
sitting there shirtless with his big exposed arms, and his
hot hairy stomach kinda sticking over the front of his
pants, and a bulge in his jeans, and his big tits-those
giant hot fuckers-just staring up at me.

I didn't need to make any kind of small talk, and neither
did he.  I walked right up and kneeled down in front of him,
panting like I had just run a marathon.  I couldn't believe
any of this was being offered to me-if in fact it really
was.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure if I was being permitted to
do this or not.  I don't think he knew either.  I think we
were just kinda going for it, despite serious reservations.

He started to fumble with his belt-buckle and I could tell
he was as nervous as I was.   He undid his pants and pushed
them and his old man underwear down to his knees, and his
dick flopped around in that big, unruly bush of pubic hair
until it started to get hard and stand straight up-a good,
thick 7 inches with a nice mushroom head.  And those big
hairy balls dangled down between his legs and rested on the
seat, and the smell of his sweaty crotch was fucking
intoxicating.  I put my hands on his knees-the first time I
had touched him in this whole day, except to shake his hand.
And I moved my hands up his legs and I took it all in.  And
I pushed my hands over his stomach and at last cupped his
tits and let those giant nipples run between my fingers as
he groaned.
I knew we had a memorable afternoon ahead of us.

Even though Grandpa was obviously willing to let me service
him, I remember being nervous to do anything but just kneel
there and stare. I ran my hands over his tits, letting his
big hard nipples run across my fingers and the palm of my
hand. I probably looked awkward and nervous--because I was.
My arms felt as heavy as lead. I couldn't believe I was
actually going through with this. And as I said before,
neither of us spoke a word...not one word.

I can tell you the moment that runs in my head to this day
(usually while I'm jerking off): when I leaned my mouth in
toward his nipples for the first time. I know he was
thinking I was gonna go right for his cock. But no. I
leaned forward to the nipple on the right, and I took my
hand and cupped that big pec as I put my mouth right on the
nip. I covered that whole nipple with my mouth and gently
started to suck it, to nurse it.

My cock, which had been too nervous to do anything, got hard
and snaked down the leg of my pants, and I started grinding
my crotch into the front of the Lazyboy chair. I licked and
sucked on that nipple, sometimes pulling back a bit to look
at it--just to take it all in-- before I started working at
it again. It tasted salty from his sweat, and each time he
moaned at all I would just suck harder on it. Then I'd ease
up and just flick my tongue across it.

He laid his hands on the back of my shoulders, and his hard
dick was hitting up against me. His nipple was so covered
with my spit that it started dripping off and running down
his belly. As big as these nipples looked from afar, they
were just fuckin huge up close. Just big and natural.
These tits had never had clamps on them. They had never
been chewed on. They were just big natural tits with a
perfect small "pencil eraser" tip on them. And I was right
in my guess--the nipple itself had to be almost an inch-and-
a-quarter to an inch-and-a-half across.

He took his hand and moved me to the other nipple. I licked
and kissed and suckled on it while rubbed and pinched the
other one. I was boned up and almost outta my mind thinking
how hot this was. I could feel all the pre-cum dripping out
of my dick and down inside my jeans. I couldn't believe my
grandfather was offering me his nipples to suck on, and the
thought of how fucking wrong this was just made me want it
more. A guy isn't supposed to let his grandson spend an
afternoon suckling on his tits, but I guess he just wanted
to get off. If he didn't care, I sure as hell didn't!

I was starting to leave purple imprints around his nipples
from sucking so hard on them. I mean, I was even rubbing my
face all over them. I'd take two hands and spread the tit
even wider and suck on it more, then squeeze it together and
take just about half his whole fuckin pec into my mouth.
His whole chest was COVERED with my fuckin spit. Then I'd
calm myself down and just gently lick and suck and kiss on

I don't know how long I went at those titties. It had to be
a good 45 minutes. It might have been more. I remember he
just stroked my shoulders and the back of my head the whole
time I did it, just staring down at me watching me basically
breastfeed on him.

The chair was soaked with sweat when I finally let up and
pushed back for a few minutes. Everything was wet. If you
pushed down the cushion you'd get a puddle of sweat running
over your fingers. His dick had gone semi-erect, and was
flopped to one side resting on his leg. His nipples were
shiny with spit, and the flesh around them were a red-purple
from me sucking so hard.

I didn't make eye contact with him, because I didn't want to
have to talk. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guilt-ridden
at this point. I definitely was. Though I had no reason
to feel like I was being predatory, or taking advantage of
him. It's safe to say he initiated this.

I calmed my nerves a bit and I leaned into his crotch. I
loved his big dark bush of public hair. I loved that he
didn't shave it at all. I mean, he had some serious bush
down there. I put my face between his nut sack and his leg,
licking up the sweat and chowing down on his pubes. He
started to get hard again. I went for his balls. They hung
really low (they were just about resting on the seat) and
were pretty fucking big. I licked on them and even tried to
get 'em both in my mouth, but they were too big to take at
once. So I just cupped them in my hand and sucked on them
while started stroking his dick with my other hand.

I remember he started to gyrate his hips a bit when I
started doing this. Hot! He was definitely into that. I
put his dick in my mouth and got that wave run over me again
that made me feel like I could cum. In fact, my leg was so
wet from pre-cum at this point it's possible that I actually
had cum already.

There's no way to explain--unless you've been involved in
incest yourself--the feeling of submission and power and
fear and regret and excitement that greets you all at once
when you have someone like your grandfather let you suck on
his cock. I imagine it is even stronger--probably off the
charts--if you actually suck off your own father. With my
grandfather, it was also the excitement of being a younger
guy blowing someone 3 times my age. Blowing ANY guy is
significant--he's letting you have his manhood. You
probably think I'm nuts but all this shit was floating
around in my head while I sucked him.

I didn't have a lot of experience blowing a guy, but as
usual I tried what I had seen in porn. I let my forehead
slap into his belly over and over while I sucked. I would
bury my face deep in his bush and squeeze his tits at the
same time. He was moaning and bucking and almost begging me
to stop (almost). I couldn't do it for too long--not yet
having mastered the art of breathing while sucking cock. I
eased up on it to take a breather and my grandfather started
to stand up and pull up his pants. The guy was so sweaty,
and I wondered if he was alright. He zipped up only half
way--just enough to keep his jeans up. His dick was still
hard and was visibly bent up off to the side. I was still
on my knees, resting back on my ankles--also soaking wet
from sweat, and panting heavily.

He stretched out his hand and said "C'mon"--that was it.
One word. He pulled me up and led me down the hall to his

We walked to his bedroom down the hall and I guess what was
happening really dawned on me. It was one thing to just
service him on a chair, and another to climb into the bed he
shared with my grandmother and have full-on sex with him. I
probably should have stopped it at that point, but I didn't.

Grandpa started rubbing my back, and he reached around and
started playing with my nipples and kissing my neck. My own
nipples were (and are) quite large also--a little more than
an inch across, on totally smooth pecs. They're connected
right to my dick, so having him rub them was an amazing
sensation. I turned around and I remember we let our
nipples rub against each other, then I started playing with
his again. I caught a glimpse of us in his dresser mirror:
of me sucking my Grandpa's tits while he unzipped his pants
and let them fall to his feet. I unbuckled mine and dropped
them down, finally letting my hard dick pop out of my

He was reaching back to my ass and rubbing my hairy crack.
I let his tit fall out of my mouth and I pushed up against
him and put my arms around him while he started fingering my
hole. I wasn't comfortable with that--I was really self-
conscious about my ass and worried it might be dirty. He
didn't seem to care. He put his fingers in there and I
winced and buried my face in his neck.

He turned me around and without removing his fingers bent me
over the edge of the bed and pushed his fingers in and out
of my ass. I remember being so fucking paranoid about being
dirty that I pushed his hand away and I motioned for him to
lie down on the bed. I climbed up over top of him and
straddled over his chest.

I pushed his pecs together and held them in place and then
stuck my dick between them and started fucking. I was tit-
fucking my grandfather. He was totally into it because I
could tell he was turned on just watching my body flex while
I thrusted my dick. I would rub my dick on his nipple, then
get him to squeeze the titties together and hold them so I
could fuck them some more. I loved doing it, and I loved
the look on his face watching me do it. It was even hotter
than sucking them because it showed the extent of the fetish
I had for his nipples, I just wanted to rub my dick and my
balls on them while he watched me and permitted me to.

When I slowed down he pushed me off of him and laid me on my
back. He grabbed under my knees and pushed my legs up and
started licking my asshole. I was really tensing up--not
being used to that. But he just kept licking my hole with
strong, slow licks, like the way you like an ice cream cone.
And between a few licks he would put his finger back in
there and start pushing me open.

I kept trying to change the inevitable--trying to switch
over to something different. But he wouldn't let up on my
hole. He was puttin 2 fingers in there and stretching me
good, and puttin his tongue up there and really eating me
out. I had feelings of elation and dread. I was excited to
be in the middle of my grandfather's bed, getting my hole
eaten, and I was scared of going any further for a million
different reasons, not least of which was it was starting to
hurt my ass.

He eased up and jumped off the bed to get a bottle of baby
oil out of the dresser drawer. He lathered some on his
dick, the whole time keeping his gaze at my ass, never at my
face. He climbed back over top me and turned me facing
doggie style with my ass in the air. As much as I didn't
want him to fuck me, I could not speak a word, because at
the same time I was really excited by it.

He slid his cock in my asshole with no prepping, going deep
in my gut as a chill ran over me and I let out a loud moan
and clinched the comforter in my hands. He started pumping
the hole and I let out a yell every time he thrust it in me.
I remember looking around the room at the family pictures
and the religious statues and thinking I couldn't believe he
had his big dick in my ass. I kept looking over my shoulder
at him, but his gaze was aimed at the sight of his dick and
bush disappearing between my ass cheeks--a sight he no doubt
never expected to see either.

In truth it was uncomfortable and painful, and I kept
remembering the advice about pushing out while a top pushes
in, but it still was cutting like a fucking knife back
there. And I was squirming and yelping in pain, but he
didn't stop. Twisted as it may sound now--I liked the fact
he didn't stop--I liked that for him it was about getting
off, about fucking me good and dumping his seed (at least
that's what I'd like to think was on his mind--I've been
examining every angle in the intervening years).

One hot thing was how I lost all self-consciousness about my
body at that point. If I had been worried about the
firmness of my ass or the tone of my abs before, it was gone
now. I liked that my granddad didn't have a perfect body
(though it was pretty fucking close, for my money), and that
I didn't either, and that he was turned on by me. I liked
that I got him hard. Really hard. I had an orgasm, but
nothing came out because I had been dripping cum the entire

He held around my waist and started moaning and shaking, and
I buried my face in the comforter as he shot his load in my
ass. I squeezed my cheeks to get every drop out of him, and
he was leaning over me and dropping the weight of his sweaty
chest on my back as he made another few, small thrusts. And
I could feel his hard nipples on my back and I had another
orgasm--just barely ejaculating, since most of my cum had
long since run down my leg earlier.

When he pulled out my asshole was on FIRE. I stood up to
relieve the pain and kinda walked around in a daze. The
whole room smelled like cum and sweat, and the bed looked
like a bucket of water had been dumped on it. I was less
uncomfortable--relatively speaking--that I expected I was
going to be, and I turned around and kinda laughed and said
"wow." All my Grandfather said was "hell yeah."

We showered (separately) and cleaned up the room. He asked
me what I wanted to for lunch and made us up some
sandwiches. My grandmother got home a few hours later, and
by that point my grandfather and I were just sitting in the
living room watching movies. The rest of the weekend went
on like nothing happened.

Nothing has happened since, either. That was more than 10
years ago. I have spent no time alone with him since--so
the opportunity has never presented itself. It was all
initially a little hard to comprehend, but I got over the
guilt and started recognizing that it was a hot, once in a
lifetime experience, and a story I have shared with my
boyfriends since, all of whom have found it a huge turn on.

It had been about 12 years since I had sex with my grandfather last. There has
really been no opportunity since then to revisit that afternoon with him, but
after committing the experience to paper I started to think about getting
another crack at him. Specifically, I wanted another chance with his tits, and
I was determined to get his ass---either with my tongue or my dick. Or both.

I took advantage of my family's Easter party to make it happen. I drove my car
separately so I'd have a way of getting him alone, if the chance presented
itself. I wasn't exactly sure of the plan, but I was pretty fuckin determined.
I had let my boyfriend read my story on, and he was very into it?we
even roleplayed it once together. He agreed there was something very sexy about
my grandfather, and since he had a similar thing for nips, he once spent a whole
afternoon at my parents' place scouring a box of family photos for a shirtless
pic of my granddad. He found a beach picture and totally understood what the
attraction was...the guy has an incredible set of tits on him. My boyfriend
encouraged me to see if I could get grandpa in the sack again.

I was so goddamn boned going into that party. I totally fixated on my
grandfather. He had on a white button down shirt, and depending on how he moved
the shirt would sit tight against his pecs and I could make out the outline of
his nips.

So what to do? Just walk up and say, hey Grandpa, mind if I nurse on those??
Probably not the best plan of action.

I was more subtle. We shook hands and chatted it up a bit. I locked my fucking
eyes to his and stared him down with a crooked smile on my face. There were
probably 50 people in the room, but as far as I was concerned there was only
one. I took my hand and rubbed it across my chest.

He smiled and laughed and said so it looks like you've been working out.

OK. Game ON. I said I've got my car maybe I can drive you home from the party.

He laughed in a way that showed he was both shocked and amused by my
forwardness. After all, we hadn't mentioned a peep about that episode at his
house to each other, and neither made any move to repeat it. But I was
determined to take advantage of this opportunity, since the guy was only in town
for a few days.

Without even answering me he turned to my aunt and told her that after the party
was over I was going to drive him, that she didn't have to bother. In the chaos
of the party she didn't ask any questions. I was like a horned up school boy
waiting for the party to be over. I kept playing it over in my head---what part
of him was I going to devour first?

At last it started to break up and he said his hasty goodbyes and we kinda slid
out without much fanfare. I gave him keys so he could drive. We got in my car
and my heart was racing. We smiled at each other, and I could tell he was
feeling nervous.

I wasted no fucking time at all. We were half way down the street and I started
unbuttoning his shirt. He laughed again at my forwardness. I'd waited too
fucking long to do this again. I unbutton his shirt down to his navel and
pulled one side over. Oh man, just as I remembered his nipples nearly 2 inches
across on those meaty old white pecs. I leaned right in and started sucking his
tit while he drove. I was seeing how much of his pec I could get in my mouth,
sucking on it like a baby. He took one hand off the steering wheel so he could
stroke my head and push me harder into his chest. I licked and slurped on it
while I pulled my dick out and started stroking.

He was getting hard and I was getting really close to shooting my load, so I
laid off and sat back up looking around to see if anyone had caught on to what
we were up to. He hit the gas harder and smiled, as if to signify how much he
wanted to get to my place so we could get this started. I just kept softly
stroking my dick, and he'd turn and stare at my hard cock with a hungry look on
his face.

Preview of coming attractions?, I joked.

We got to my place and we barely had the door closed behind us when I pulled off
my shirt. I had worked out a lot since the last time, focusing on my pecs.
While my nipples weren't as big as my grandfathers, they were definitely large
the areolas maybe an inch-and-a-quarter round, with nice pencil erasers that
only came out to play when you rubbed them. Grandpa went right for them. He
cupped my pecs in his hands and pushed started sucking them. Right there in my
foyer he pushed my up against the wall and worked my nipples.

Yeah you like my big meaty tits don't you grandpa?? I said as I kissed his

He stood up and backed off a bit, a trail of saliva still hanging off the end of
my left nipple. He took off his shirt, and I stood there gazing at his chest,
still panting and worked up. I walked over to the sofa and got down on my knees
and patted the cushion where I wanted him to sit.

He unbuckled and unzipped, and dropped his pants and underwear together, letting
his semi-hard dick flop out. His balls hung super low, and he still had that
massive bush in his crotch, typical of married guys, which is a total turn on
for me.

He took a seat and took the back of my head at the same time and pulled me to
his dick. I swallowed it whole and nursed it while I felt it get bigger in my
mouth. I was inhaling the sweet fuckin smell of his crotch everytime my face
pressed into that thick bush. I let my fingers work down to his ass crack, a
place I had not gone last time, since I was so fucking nervous about the whole
thing then, and I played with his asshole. He bucked and gave a deep moan,
which let me know he liked it.

I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. I was planning on returning the favor
from last time, and giving my grandfather the fucking pounding of his life?

Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Grandpa's sexy Grandson

Tom Willoughby rocked back and forth on his rocking chair eyeing Damian, his 18-year-old grandson. He couldn't remember when or how Damian had gotten to be such a sexy young man. There he was playing a game of soccer with his friends. He was topless only sporting a pair of long black shorts. The sweat trickled down his chest as he and the other boys laughed while they played.

Tom felt his cock twitching inside of his pants. He knew he was well over 40 years older than Damian, and straight to top it all off, but something about this sexy young man had recently gotten him thinking about being with a male.

"Hey dad, Laurie and I are going out for a while. There is this one movie she's dying to see and then we are going to get something to eat. Is it OK if Damian stays here with you for a few hours?" His son, Clayton asked.

He looked up at his son and nodded. "Yes sure. That's fine. Look, he's out playing with his friends anyway."

Clayton smiled. "Thanks Dad."

Tom watched Clayton and Laurie leave. He was glad that his son was fortunate enough to have found a lovely woman like Laurie. Not only was Laurie a smart and hardworking lady, but she was beautiful. Her long red hair flowed freely and her beautiful green eyes that glowed when she was happy. Yes she'd managed to pass on her beauty and Clayton had managed to pass on his confidence and charm to Damian.

Tom missed his wife of 25 years, Carla. In fact Laurie reminded him a lot of Carla. That's why he enjoyed his son and his wife staying over. Not to mention his hot grandson!

It was getting hot outside so Tom decided to go back in and make some lemonade. A few minutes later He heard Damian come in breathing hard. He was coughing in between breaths.

"Hey you care for some lemonade?" Tom asked casually not being able to take my eyes off his hard chest.

"Yeah! Thanks gramps!" He grabbed the cold glass of lemonade from his hand and I just stood there watching him gulp it all down within a few seconds.

"Ahhh that was good! You make the best lemonade gramps! Where's my mom and dad?"

"They went out on the town. I hope you don't mind staying here with me. I hope this old man don't bore you."

He scoffed. "No way! I think you're one of the coolest grandpa's around!"

Tom felt himself blush.

"I'm gonna go shower up gramps," he called out as he began to leave the room. I stood there silent almost not being able to move since my cock was hard as a rock.

After about half and hour later, Tom was sitting on my recliner watching Gunsmoke. He saw Damian walking in the room and he flopped on the couch next to him. He handed him the remote.

"Here, I know you don't like these old shows so you can put it on whatever you kids like to watch."

Damian laughed. "No gramps it's OK. Old shows are cool. In fact, they are more exciting and have better dialogue than today's shows. Today's shows are nothing but sex, cheating, lying and more things to make one depressed."

Tom raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh? Don't tell me sex makes you depressed?"

He didn't reply. Tom could see the sadness in his green eyes. His brown/red hair was still wet from his shower and he remained topless wearing only a towel around his waist. Tom couldn't help but wonder if he was wearing anything at all underneath that towel.

"Damian? Are you OK?"

Damian looked down. "Gramps, it's sad to say, but I'm still a virgin."

Tom felt his heart racing. The thought of this innocent and yet so sexy young man never having had sex was such a turn on.

"Are you serious? I figured with as many girls that call the house, that you'd have had some sex by now."

He nodded still looking upset. "No. I guess I'm just scared."

"Scared? Of what?"

"Well, it's just that…oh nevermind! It's embarrassing telling my own grand daddy these things."

Tom moved over to the couch next to him. He sat so close he could almost smell his young masculinity. Damian glared at his grandpa.

"Please tell me," Tom urged.

"Well, sometimes, I think that I might not be so attracted to girls," he responded slowly.

Tom felt his breath go short. "Really? W-why do you say that?"

Damian looked straight into his grandpa's eyes and blushed. "Gramps? Are you Ok? Are you comfortable with me telling you this?"

Tom shifted his body trying to hide his hard on. "Y-yes I'm Ok with it. Please go on."

Damian smiled. "Well, sometimes I catch myself looking at other guys and getting more excited when I look at them than when I look at the girls. But then again girls do turn me on too."

Tom sighed. "Oh? Well do you mean you might like both girls and boys?"

Damian nodded. "Yeah I guess so."

Tom couldn't help but smile. "It's Ok Damian. A lot of guys are a bit "confused" when we are young."

His eyes widened. "Were you confused gramps?"

Tom looked uneasy now. "Well…yes I guess I was. But back then it wasn't easy to come out and say things like that."

Damian leaned back and narrowed his eyes at his grandfather. "Gramps? Did you ever do anything with another male?"

"No I never did."

"Do you want to?"

"N-no of course not. W-why would you say something like that?" Tom asked nervously.

Damian smiled wickedly. "I've seen you look at me differently gramps. You don't think I notice but I do."

Tom stood up and paced the room. "Damian, how could you say something like that? I am your grandfather for Gods sakes!"

Damian laughed. "I know that, but gramps I think you're pretty hot. I mean for your age you are very handsome."

Tom blushed. He didn't want to blush but he couldn't help it. He hadn't been called "hot" or "handsome" since he was 40. He never though having short salt and pepper colored hair and aging skin would be considered "hot."

"Me? Hot? Handsome? Yes sure."

Damian remained sitting and looking up innocently at his grandfather. "It's true. Some of my friends that are girls tell me that you are hot and I think you are gramps. I mean look, you still have a nice body and nice strong arms."

"That's what I get for working hard on the family farm."

"Well whatever it was, you still look damn sexy," Damian's eyes were wandering down to Tom's cock.

Tom knew he was hard as a rock and in a way hoped Damian would see that. Tom turned away to catch his breath and he almost choked when he turned back to see his grandson. There sat Damian sitting but only this time, the towel was completely off his young body.

Tom gulped looking down at his grandson's huge pink swollen cock.

"Do you like my cock gramps?"

Tom couldn't even speak.

He watched Damian wrap his hand around his cock and began to stroke it. Damian closed his beautiful green eyes and moaned softly masturbating for his grand daddy. Tom couldn't take his eyes off his grandson's gorgeous huge cock. His mushroom head was covered by thick white precum. The room immediately was filled with his male scent.

"Mmm gramps this feels good. Do you like watching me stroke my cock? Does it turn you on?" He asked with a husky tone.

Tom could only nod. His grandson looked incredibly hot stroking his cock. Tom found himself reaching down and touching his own cock over his brown slacks. It'd been days since Tom had last masturbated.

"Take your cock out gramps! I wanna see it! Let me see how big it is!" Damian pleaded.

Tome could only do what his grandson demanded. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge boner. Tom saw Damian's eyes widen.

"Gramps! You dick is huge! Oh gramps I wanna cum for you!"

Tom stroked his cock as both males stared deeply into each other's eyes. "Yes baby stroke yourself for me. Cum for your grandpa!"

Both males continued to masturbate and Tom was watching how his grandbaby was shifting his young body side to side wanting to cum so bad!

Only hard and rough male grunts could be heard in the room once Damian grabbed the remote and put it on mute.

"Oh gramps! This feels good!"

"Yes it does! Oh Damian your cock is so nice baby!"

"Ahhh! Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm gonna shoot my load!" Damian yelled.

At that moment, Tom just ran next to his grandson and got on his knees. "Cum in my mouth! Shoot it in my mouth!"

Damian raised himself up a bit and stoked his cock hard in front of his grandfather's handsome face. Tom opened his mouth and immediately felt hot spurts of cum shooting inside of his mouth. Every drop his grandson's cum was so salty and delicious! He couldn't get enough.

"Mmmm yes! Drink my cum gramps! Drink it! Swallow it for me!"

Tom did just that. He gulped up his grandson's cum. All of it. It was so warm. Tom still had his hand on his own hard on and felt his balls engorge with his own cum. He wanted to shoot it in his grandson's mouth.

"I'm going to cum baby! Oh can I shoot it in your mouth?"

"Yes gramps! Let me taste your cum!" Damian wailed breathlessly.

Tom stood up but it seemed as if it was too late. He was already spurting out his cum hitting Damian on his handsome face. He got so wildly turned on as his cum covered his grandson's face. Damian opened his mouth to catch some of the last shots of his grandfather's cum.

"Oooh fuck! Oh baby! I came all over your face! Mmmmm you look hot with my cum on your face!" Tom said.

After finishing his orgasm, both males laughed feeling satisfied. Tom leaned down and licked his cum off his grandson's face. Then he kissed him. Not just any kiss, but a hot and wet lover's kiss. Both males shared the taste of cum in their mouth.

"Oh gramps I love you!" Damian said sweetly gliding his tongue on his grand daddy's lips.

"I love you baby. I love you so much!"

They shared another hot long kiss and that's when they heard Clayton pulling into the driveway. He was alone though.

"Shit! It's your father. Hurry baby put your clothes back on!" Tom demanded getting back up and zipping up his pants.

It was too late though. Clayton walked in and saw his father and his son looking too suspicious.

"Papa? What's going on here? It smells like sperm in here!" Clayton said furiously.

Damian looked up at his father with scared eyes. "D-dad. We were just-"

"I know what you were doing! Damnit daddy why didn't you ever do that with me?" Clayton asked sounding upset and then smiled at his handsome father.

Tom gulped. His own son wanted him too? His sexy son? And his sexy grandson? Boy, this was going to be fun.

"C-clayton? Uh please let me explain!" Tom called out.

Clayton glared at his father and kept walking towards him. Damian watched his father and grandfather as their bodies suddenly crushed together. Clayton put his arms around his father. He felt his father's body still nice and firm after all these years.

"Son? Are you Ok? I mean w-where is Laurie?"

"Ah I took her to her mother's house. She and I started arguing over petty things. Oh but I'm glad I came home. So glad daddy." He then reached up to kiss his father's lips.

Damian watched, amazed, looking at his father and grandfather kissing. He watched their tongues massage each other's so seductively. He felt his cock growing hard once again watching the two handsome gentlemen kiss.

Tom broke the kiss and caressed his son's face. "Clayton I never knew you had such intentions with me."

Clayton blushed. "Neither did I papa!"

Tom looked over and saw Damian stroking his long teenage cock. "I guess we all had these hidden temptations. Clayton, it's your sexy son's fault. He got me so hot!"

Clayton looked at his son who was openly masturbating. "Yes he is a hot young man! I've wanted him deep down too but never got a chance."

Both men ogled the young Damian. He smiled at them both knowing he'd get the chance to be seduced by two of the sexiest men he'd ever met! They both approached the teen with lustful eyes.

"Get up son, time to play with daddy now," Clayton ordered his son.

Damian stood up completely naked giving Clayton a hard on. Clayton took Damian in his arms and the two shared a long wet kiss. Tom watched his son and grandson kissing and moved in closer hoping they'd share a three-way kiss. The men's tongues played with each other's so furiously and full of wanton.

"Wait! I need to blow my load as soon as possible. Laurie's not been giving me much action lately so I'm extremely horny! Son? Turn around and let daddy deflower his baby boy."

Damian's eyes widen but he smiled and did as he was told. Clayton stood behind his son and gently touching running his hands up and down his back feeling his youthful skin.

"Mmm look papa! My boy has grown up to be so handsome! God he feels good!"

Tom watched his son seducing his grandson. He quietly left the room and came back with a huge jar of Vaseline. By the time he came back his jaw almost dropped watching Clayton licking Damian's tiny puckered asshole. His tongue did nice long strokes and soft moans were heard from Damian.

"Oh Daddy that feels good! Keep doing that!" Damian moaned quietly.

Tom knelt down and joined in on the fun. He looked at his son and his son made room for him to start licking the sexy teenager up and down. He tasted so innocent and fresh! Both men kept taking turns licking him and sticking their tongues as far as they could reach inside of Damian's virgin asshole.

"Yeah lick my shithole! Oh fuck!" Damian blurted out breathlessly.

Both men kept eagerly sucking, licking and tonguing Damian's forbidden hole.

"Papa, I think it's time we deflower my son."

Tom could only nod. He was still speechless from the wonderful taste his grandson had to offer. He handed his son the jar of Vaseline.

"What is this for papa?" Clayton asked confused.

"Don't be silly son, don't tell me you don't know? It's so you won't hurt your son. It'll let your cock slide in easier making it less painful and more enjoyable for him."

Clayton smiled. "Thanks papa."

Damian was still with his back towards them, bent over the leather couch. Clayton grabbed a huge glob on Vaseline and smothered his cock with it making it slippery. Then, with one finger he got more and slowly inserted it into Damian's asshole. Damian shuddered at first. He licked his lips and smiled feeling strange and forbidden pleasure.

"Oh papa he feels tight. I can't wait to put my cock in him," Clayton exclaimed.

Tom watched wide-eyed as his son began to enter Damian. He watched how slowly Clayton's cock got swallowed up. Damian let out moans of pain at fist. He closed his eyes tightly feeling the sting of his first cock up his ass.

"Ahhhhggghhh daddy that hurts! Oh God don't stop!" Damian moaned.

Clayton had his eyes closed and they fluttered with the pleasure his son was giving him. "Baby, you feel good! Mmmm my baby boy! You feel so fuckin' good!" Clayton whined.

Slowly and gently, Clayton began to ram his cock in and out of his son's ass. Tom watched, amazed, stroking his hard on. He couldn't believe that his sexy grandson was letting his daddy fuck his hot firm ass.


Tom heard Clayton's heavy hand spank Damian's ass. "Ah you like that don't ya? You filthy motherfucker! Mmmm fuck! Squeeze your ass on my dick Damian!" Clayton's voice was very dominant.


Again, Tom heard the loud spanking making him wince. He saw Damian's ass cheeks turning red left with his father's handprint. "I said squeeze your asshole now!" Clayton yelled out.

"Ahhh yes like that! Oh baby boy you're so good!"

Tom watched and mesmerized never having seeing something so hot in his entire life. He noticed Clayton looking at him. "Papa you want some of this teenage ass too? You've gotta try it out papa! Oh he's so good!"

Tom nodded and lubed his cock ready to enter his sexy grandson.

"I don't want to stop! Fuck!" Clayton wailed but eventually took out his cock.

Damian was breathing heavily and turned to look back and saw his grandfather about to enter him. Tom gave his grandson a nice wet kiss and slowly entered his back passage. He hear Damian groan loudly, louder than what he had with Clayton.

"Oh gramps! You're so big! Owwww yeah!" Damian called out.

Tom had never felt anything tighter or hotter than his grandson's ass. He managed to shove his entire dick in the tiny puckered hole. He couldn't take it easy on him, so he just started pounding his little asshole hard.

"Hmmmgghhh oh baby! Damian baby, you're gonna make grandpa cum inside your ass?" Tom asked while pumping his cock.

"Y-yes! Gramps please cum in my ass! Let me feel you cum up my ass!" Damian cried out.

"Ahhrrrhhhggh goddamit! You feel so fuckin' good!" Tom moaned.


He began to spank his naughty grandson. "Mmm Damian you're such a bad boy letting gramps fuck you!" Clayton whispered in his son's ear and then began to kiss him.

"Yes! Such a naughty boy! So nasty! My nasty baby!" Tom screamed out.


More spankings on Damian's ass. Clayton stood up on the couch with his cock facing his son. He stroked his face and slid his cock inside Damian's mouth. "Suck me off son. Make daddy cum."

Both men were eager to cum inside of the teen. All these years he'd gotten them both so hot by walking around the house topless showing those washboard abs. Walking out of the bathroom in a tiny towel that barely covered his gorgeous body. He was a tease indeed and now they were going to show him what a tease gets.

"I'm gonna cum baby! Oh I'm gonna shoot my cum so far up your ass!" Tom groaned as he felt his balls swell up and his cum shoot out violently into his grandson's ass.

"Mmmghghhhmmmghh," were all the muffled sounds that came from Damian. His father smiled at him and suddenly just held his head in place and Damian felt the hot spurts of cum shooting inside his mouth.

"Yesss! I'm cumming! Damian drink daddy's cum!" Clayton called out breathlessly.

After both men filled the teen with their cum they let him lay on the couch to regain his strength.

"That was so hot! God I love you both so much," Damian said softly.

Both men took turns to give him a long wet kiss. "We love you too." Clayton responded.
"Ah my two boys," Tom said proudly, "now son," he said looking at Clayton. "It's your turn to please daddy."

Clayton smiled at his father. "Daddy I've always wanted it up my ass."

Tom was stroking his cock, which was still hard as a rock. "It's been such a long time since I've cum so good. Baby, I need to cum in your ass. I owe you that much," Tom said to his son.

Clayton looked at his own son and leaned down to place a soft kiss on his youthful lips. "Now Damian, baby, it's your turn to see Daddy get deflowered."

Damian laid down with his curious green eyes looking at his father and grandfather about to make love. He stroked his long cock as he saw his father and grandfather get completely naked. Both men had nice hard bodies, his father from working out at the gym and his grandfather from hard farm work.

Clayton laid on the couch in missionary position. His father grabbed more Vaseline and rubbed it all over his huge cock. Clayton felt his heart race and his cock harden once again.

"You ready to take papa's cock baby boy?" Tom asked Clayton.

Clayton nodded and saw that Damian was slowly stroking his own cock.

Tom put Clayton's legs on his shoulder and positioned himself between his son's legs. He watched his son's pink puckered hole clench.

"Don't do that with your asshole until I've got my cock in there baby," Tom ordered Clayton.

Clayton closed his eyes to relax. He felt the sharp pain of his father's cock slowly entering his virgin asshole. It felt like a huge piece of flesh just ready to rip his tiny asshole apart.

"Hmmghghhh ooh papa! Oh it hurts!" Clayton moaned in agony.

Damian scooted over to his father and stroked his handsome face. "It's ok Dad, it'll feel good in a bit. It'll feel so good you'll never want it to end."

Clayton felt his son's lips touch his and they shared a slow wet kiss. Tom was having a hard time sliding his aching cock into his son's asshole, but he loved the feel of resistance.

"Relax for papa, let me be inside of you," Tom whispered to his son.

Clayton shut his eyes tight while he felt his ass swallowing up his father's cock. Tom groaned feeling his son's ass so hot and tight. He began to pump his son's virgin asshole hoping to open him up. Clayton squirmed on the couch and opened his eyes. He stared into his father's eyes while Damian watched the two men make love.

"Ah my boy! You feel so good! You want papa to cum up your ass?" Tom asked breathlessly.

Clayton smiled and moaned. "Yes! Please papa cum in my ass and make me take all your cum!"

Tom began to thrust his cock in and out his son's puckered hole. He watched Clayton grab his own cock and began to wildly masturbate while he got his ass deflowered. The masculine moans of ecstasy were filling the room and the slight smell of sperm enticed their senses.

"Baby boy, Papa's going to cum to hard in you! Damian watch your father get fucked! Watch him! Watch us!" Tom yelled at his grandson.

Damian was jerking off with his father. They kissed passionately with lots of tongue. Tom only wished he had another dick to be fucking his grandbaby with.

"I-it feel so g-good!" Tom whined. He could feel his balls on fire. He wanted to cum with his father and hoped Damian would cum along with them as well. A hard orgasm at the same time would be so hot!

All three were getting nothing but pleasure from their cocks and felt ready to explode! Tom watched his son and grandson kissing so furiously as they moaned in their kiss. They looked so sexy sharing their bodies and love with one another.

"I'm going to cum! Baby take my cum! Arrrhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tom began to shoot his cum up his son's ass. Hard, angry ropes of cum were shooting out.

"I'm cumming too papa! Oh papa!" Clayton began to shoot out his cum all over his hands.

Damian felt his balls constrict. "Ahhhhggghhhhhhhhh!" He yelled out and the two men watched the teen spurt his teen cum all over himself. It shot high almost to his chest and plenty on his belly and hands.

Tom felt his cock soften and slowly slipped it out of his son's no longer virgin asshole. He looked down and saw the puckered little hole wasn't so little any more. He looked up to see his son and grandson smear cum all over each other's face. They licked and kissed and tasted each other. Clayton moved over to join them and licked their faces to make sure every drop of seed was gone. All three men kissed and touched as they were spent. They smiled and laughed knowing what a great time they had had. They lay in each other's arms and fell fast asleep.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

One last act of love

It had been fifty years since Jess and Aames had seen one another. Aames had graduated during his junior year, a year before his first love, had gotten married, moved away, had children and divorced, living a fairly traditional life; a life expected from someone in our little berg. Jess, on the other hand, had dropped out of school, gotten heavily into drugs, had several children with several different women and had little time for responsibility for the first twenty years after graduation. He had finally gotten back on track and made a good life for himself.

Aames had been in and out of the hospital with heart problems over the years. He smoked, didnt eat as well as he should have and worked in a fairly stressful job. He had become single and stayed that way for many years, with only a cat to keep him company. Although he loved the intimacy of sex with men, he no longer pursued that aspect of his life because in the gay community, a 68 year old, heavy-set man simply wasnt what most men were looking for.

Since the school they attended was so small, they had a multiple year reunion planned for the coming summer. Unbeknownst to either, they had both responded in the affirmative to the invitation. They were each excited to attend the reunion. They had each eventually done well for themselves and wanted to show their success to their classmates.

Aames hoped Jess would be there because he had always wanted to see Jess again if for no other reason but to know that he had found his way to happiness. Jess wanted to see Aames to apologize for how things ended between the two. Jess had told Aames that sex with males was not what he wanted and that if Aames ever called him again, Jess would tell everyone in school that Aames was a faggot. Aames was terrified by this threat at the time; but Aames had long ago made peace with the fact that Jess was simply a teenager trying to make sense out of his own life and was no longer upset by those events. It was the night of the reunion and Aames was dressed in a beautiful, charcoal grey suit and a lavender shirt and lavender and royal blue tie. He was as handsome as his portly body would allow. He had retained all his hair and, for the most part, it was still black. His Mexican heritage had given him smooth, supple skin, free of the standard wrinkles of a man his age. The one feature most people commented on about Aames was his beautiful brown eyes. People still said they were like does eyes, large, brown and beautiful.

Jess had come to the reunion with his wife, Carlyn. They were scurrying around trying to find all the pieces and parts of their outfits to make sure they were well put together. While Aames skin had remained soft and smooth, Jesss had grown more weathered looking. Carlyn was not a beauty, but she was as kind as the day is long. She loved her husband very much and it showed in all her words and actions toward Jess.

They each got in their respective cars and drove to the reunion site, a beautiful hotel restaurant in town. They served adequate food, but nothing fancy. Aames arrived first and began milling around, greeting all his old classmates. Aames had been to the other three reunions and was happy to reunite with his school chums once again. Jess, on the other hand, had never been to a reunion for their school. He was nervous to see everyone for fear that the old stories would tumble out of peoples mouths and embarrass him in front of his wife. He had smoked too much pot, drank too much alcohol and caused too much vandalism to have a very good reputation. But, he knew he had to face his classmates at some point or live in shame the rest of his life.

Jess was thrilled to find that everyone received him like a well-loved cousin. None of the stories were told and people simply said how happy they were to hear how well he had done. Aames saw Jess talking to a mutual friend of theirs. The years of swimming at the pool, playing tennis together and teaching Jess to play piano came flooding back to him in that moment. So did their passionate moments, especially that one moment when Aames first saw Jesss huge member. Aames chuckled to himself at the memory. He decided to let Jess find him and decide if he wanted to say hello. After about an hour, both men found their way into each others line of sight. They were about twenty feet away from each other. Both of them developed a welcoming smile toward the other, they walked toward each other and embraced in a hearty, friendly greeting.

"Carlyn, this is the man I told you about, Aames."

Carlyn effused, "Jess said that if anyone was here that he remembered, hed hoped it was you."

"Really?" Aames queried. He was totally confused. Aames had figured that he would be the last person Jess would talk about with his wife.

"Dont worry, Aames," Carlyn went on to say, "Jess told me all about your relationship in school. Hes been very honest. In fact, he talked about you when we first got together ten years ago. I bet you didnt know his eldest sons name is Aames."

Aames was floored. He couldnt get any words out at all. He stood gawking in disbelief at Jess and Carlyn.

"Its true, Aames," Jess said. "I wanted my first son to be named Aames."

There it was. Had Aames remembered his history incorrectly? Had he misunderstood the events of that time?

"You two need to talk, apparently," Carlyn lovingly said. She embraced Aames and Jess and continued, "Im going to talk with your friend, Debbie, Jess. You go have a good chat with Aames for a while."

She turned on her heels, smiled at us both and left them to talk.

"Lets go outside for a walk and talk for a while, Aames," Jess suggested.

"Thats fine with me." Off they went to talk over old times and for Aames part, try and get some answers.

"You look plain confused, Aames," Jess said smiling.

"I am, Jess. I thought when you broke up with me, you were disgusted by what we had done and never wanted to see me again."

"Aames, I was seventeen, confused about my sexuality, and you were the focus of my frustration. The truth is that at my core, I loved you. You know the old adage, When were mad, we take it out on the person closest to us. "

"And, Ive missed you for forty years. Ive thought about you this whole time, wondering how youve been and if you think of me." Aames was shocked to hear Jess utter these words. "The hardest part of what I have to say to you is, Im sorry, Aames, for the way we ended our relationship. I never meant to hurt you. I was simply scared of who I was and I didnt want to be that man."

"I know, Jess. I figured that out eventually, and its o.k. Many of us have to go through that to get to a healthy place about who we are."

"Carlyn was telling the truth when she said I have a son named, Aames. He was named after you."

Aames became very emotional. His first love had loved him after all. What Jess didnt know is that Aames self worth was affected by Jesss refusal of his love in high school. Aames never knew if he truly had value all those years and it negatively impacted his relationships all along the way.

"Its good to know you did care, Jess. It makes a difference. It really does." Aames extended his hand in friendship.

Jess chuckled, reached out with both arms and embraced his old friend.

"I still do care, Aames."

Although Aames felt as though the hug should end, Jess held on tightly for longer than was probably appropriate, but Aames didnt care. Jess then leaned back, looked at Aames and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was tender and sweet and enormously welcomed.

"I had to feel your kiss one more time, Aames. Please forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive, Jess. Its what I wanted, too."

They found a bench, touching one another in intimate, but not sexual ways, as they professed their nearly lifelong love for one another.

After all, they had been together for the first time when they were eight years old. If they didnt tell the truth now, who knows when they would have another chance? They both knew that they did not have a romantic future between them. They could, however, more comfortably enjoy their memories having asked for and received forgiveness for the sins of their past.

It was getting late and Carlyn was probably wondering where they were, so, they decided to start back.

"I have something for you," Jess said. He reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet and withdrew an old picture. "Ive had this since we were kids. Ive made a copy for myself, but its time you have a copy, too." It was a faded, slightly crumpled picture of the two of them going fishing when they were eight years old in front of Aames parents house. Jess was in his floppy hat and had a fishing pole tightly grasped in his little hand and Aames was in his blue dungarees and fishing shoes, a tackle box and fishing pole of his own. Both the boys were smiling ear to ear with their arms around each other.

"Ive had this in my wallet since you left town after you graduated," Jess said. Aames heart was as full as it ever had been before. They hugged once again and Jess returned to his wife. Aames indicated he would simply sit outside for a few minutes looking at the picture. After a while, he decided he couldnt go back in. He had seen the person he had come to see and done what he needed to do. Aames got in his car and drove back to his hotel room. He got undressed, laid on the bed and looked at the picture. Aames had rarely been as happy as he was that night. With his picture in his hand, he closed his eyes to go to sleep, realizing Jess had always loved him and missed him. The circle was complete.

Aames never woke up after that. He died from a pulmonary embolism in his hotel room. He was found by the cleaning staff that next morning. In his hand remained his treasured picture.

Jess and Carlyn attended the funeral, which was held in their hometown as Aames had wanted. Just before they closed the casket, Jess kissed his friend on the forehead and into the coffin slipped a copy of the picture he had given to Aames the night he died. The lid was closed and Aames was buried with both Jess and he knowing that, no matter what undercurrents ran below the bridge to the past on which they stood the night before he died, Aames first love was a true and lasting love.

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Coming of age

My wife just died. Funny, but I don't remember the funeral. Guess I must have been drunk. I don't remember drinking but I sort of all ways feel drunk. And I suddenly found myself looking at my older men friends in a new light. I have even started having sexy dreams about jacking off with J.D., an old farmer whose farm is adjacent to mine. At least I think it's dreams. I don't seem to be able to think much. It's like I'm in a fog. Hell, I don't even know where I am right now. The room looks strange, like a hospital. I don't know when I came here... I think it was yesterday. What do I remember?

I remember some of the other old farmers stopping by to see how I'm doing. Strange, but I felt compelled to take a piss so I can show them my big dick while they were visiting. I remember trips out to the barn looking over my Angus calves. The next thing I know I would have my big dick in my hand and taking a piss. Of course most of the time I couldn't piss. I would make a big effort to do so as I played around with my big dick in front of them. Then when I finally had to put the big thing back in my overalls, I would mumble something about prostate problems. Strange, but it is like I am watching myself doing those things.

I remember my neighbors stopped coming to visit. And funny, I didn't show my dick to young guys only to those my age or older. And damn it, I couldn't stop myself from exposing my big dick every chance I got when I am around older men.

Yesterday... I think it was yesterday, old Sheriff Jenkins stop in to see how I was doing since my wife died or was it yesterday. Damn everything is so foggy. I like Sheriff Jenkins. He's been the sheriff of Houston County for forty years and at the age of 70 is running for another term.

I don't know why it is with us rural folks but when we get company we don't go inside and sit in the living room. We either talk on the porch or head for the barn. Just one of those things peculiar to us southern farmers, I guess. And after saying hello and chit chatting a bit, Sheriff Jenkins asked if I felt all right. Said some of my neighbors had called him about me acting strange. When I told him I felt fine. He asked how my Angus calves were doing and naturally we headed to the barn so that he could inspect them.

"Hell, there's getting too big to bottle-feed." Sheriff Jenkins said as we walked up to the stalls and he spotted the buckets with big nipples on them to nurse the calves.

"Yea, I'm starting them on dry feed. Guess I should have weaned they off the bottle already." I remember saying as I fought the urge to unzip my overalls as the fog seem to clear, replaced by the compulsion to show my big dick. "But, they're growing so fast, I don't want to stunt their progress." I said as my impulse to take my dick out got so strong that in spite of myself, I grabbed the tab of my zipper.

"Oh, I don't think you'll stunt their growth." Sheriff Jenkins said as he surveyed the big black calves. When he glanced back at me and saw that I was taking my big dick out he turn back to look at the calves. "There's nothing like Angus beef. It's the best." He said eyeing the calves again.

"Well, I going to have some ready for butchering next spring. Think I'll package up a few for the freezer. I'll see that you get some too if you like, Sheriff." I said as I held my huge dick in my hand and began to shake it back and forth.

The old sheriff glanced at me. He saw me shaking my dick and paused to stare at it. Knowing that he was looking at my dick caused it to swell up like a fat sausage.

"Damn, John," He said calling out. "I've known you for over forty years and never knew you had a horse dick like that." He said and then shook his head. "Hell, you must be horny. The damn thing is getting bigger than a horse's cock. I heard recently that you liked to show it off" He added.

"Guess, I am. Thought I had to piss. Damn prostrate problem." I said as I pulled my foreskin back to expose my mushroom shaped dick head.

"Damn, how do you get something that big into a woman?" The old sheriff asked as he stared down at my dick.

"Ain't easy sometimes." I said speaking through a fogy feeling in my mind. I couldn't stop myself from jacking myself in front of the old sheriff. "Damn, I am horny." I added as my old pecker stiffened and swelled up even bigger. "You ever jack off sheriff?" I asked as I pumped my loose foreskin back and forth over the huge head of my dick while the old sheriff intently watched me.

"Sometimes." The old man mumbled. He reached his right hand down to his zipper but paused. "Anyone else around here?" He asked looking toward the house.

"Nope, just us." I said finding it harder to speak as I walked toward the old sheriff with my swollen dick in my hand. The old man looked spiffy in his creased tan shirt and pants with his smoky-the-bear hat covering his baldhead. In fact I don't think I had ever seen a woman that look as sexy as the old sheriff did to me at that point in time.

"Damn that's big." The old sheriff said as he unzipped his pants and fished out his soft long dick. "Hell mine's big but not when I put it beside yours, John." He told me as he skinned back his peter and showed me his red pointed dick head as his pecker swelled and lengthened as we held them side by side.

The old sheriff's dick brushed mine. A tinge cut through the fogginess in my mind and as it rushed through my body. And the next think I knew I let go of my dick and reached out and grabbed his.

The old sheriff glanced up into my eyes. We stared at one another for a long moment then he let go of his dick and grabbed mine. He glanced back down at our dicks as we each jacked the other one's dick.

"Damn, feels different when someone else jacks you, doesn't it." The old sheriff asked.

I nodded my head as my dick swelled up as big as I had ever seen it.

"Damn, I can't get over how big your dick is!" The old sheriff said as he pulled my foreskin back and examined my mushroom shaped dick head. "It's a real beauty." He added. "Hell it so beautiful I could kiss it."

"Do it!" I said managed to say with an effort.

"What?" The old sheriff asked.

"Kiss it." I pleaded.

"Hell, no. I can't do that." The old man said as he slowly pulled my foreskin back over the head of my dick. "But damn it's beautiful."

"Kiss it." I said again.

"No, I shouldn't." The sheriff said shaking his head.

"Please." I begged. "Kiss it."

I expected the old man to refuse. Instead he said. "You sure no one can see us?"

"Nobody." I said in a sharp exhale of breath.

Then to my wonderment, the old sheriff dropped down to his knees and held my huge dick up as he moved his mouth toward it. I almost shoot off when his lips touched my dick. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever felt. Then suddenly the old man was sucking on my big mushroom dick head. I struggled to breathe I was so shocked.

Then as I watched more and more of my horse dick disappeared into the old man's mouth until he had over half of it swallowed. Then he turned those blue eyes upward and stared at me. My leg went suddenly weak. I shot off inside the old sheriff's mouth. His eyes grew big. He started swallowing as fast as he could but still cum ran out of his mouth and down his chin.

He started to take my dick out of his mouth.

"Don't." I pleaded, as my old pecker didn't go soft. If anything it just got bigger as he sucked my load of cum out of my piss hole.

The old sheriff deep throated my horse dick until his mouth was only a couple of inches from my zipper. Then I grabbed him behind the head causing his hat to fall off and started fucking the old sheriff's mouth. He couldn't take all of my dick but damn near all of it.

He finally stopped sucking me and stood up. "Damn that was some load, John. Wish I could shoot a load that big." The old sheriff said as he grabbed my dick and continued jacking it."You ever fucked a man with this thing?" Sheriff Jenkins asked.


"Damn, I wonder if I could take it." The old sheriff shocked me by saying. He must have seen how is statement had affected me because he added. "Sometime my wife uses a big dildo on me while we are having sex. I just wondered how it would feel to get fucked by a real dick. And damn if yours isn't bigger than the dildo she uses on me. So much so that I don't know if I could even take it." Sheriff Jenkins explained.

I was shocked to hear him talking about getting fucked by a dildo. I had fantasized about my wife using one on me when we were younger. But she was a born-again-Christian and wouldn't even let me us eat her pussy. To realize that other men had the same fantasies as me really surprised me.

"Pull your uniform pants down." I told the old sheriff as my horse dick started throbbing and bucking in my hand I was so excited at the thoughts of fucking the old man. I couldn't even remember ever being half as excited about fucking my wife or any other woman. It suddenly seemed that this is what I had been wanting to do for most of my life and just didn't know it.

"Pull them down, Sheriff." I managed to speak the order with an effort. Seem my brain was getting more and more foggy."I'm going to fuck you." I added as I watched the old man unbuckle his perfectly creased tan pants and then his yellow boxer shorts. The sight of his pale ass cheeks sent me into overdrive.

I moved forward and grabbed the old man's hips.

"No! Hell, you got to grease my asshole up first. Damn, I can't take that dick of yours dry."

"I don't have anything" I told him half-angry that I couldn't get to his ass pussy immediately

"At least put some spit on it." Sheriff Jenkins replied as he bent over and grabbed the planks of the calves' enclosure.

I knelt down behind the old sheriff and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Suddenly as I gazed upon his nice ass bud thought of eating my wife's pussy surfaced and before I knew it I was pushing my tongue against the old man asshole. Then as the old sheriff moaned, I forced my tongue into his asshole.

I don't know which of us enjoyed it more. Him or me. He was hunching my face and I was tongue fucking his asshole and rimming him like I was eating out a woman's pussy.

Then as I worked my tongue even deeper into his old asshole, I reached around and grabbed the old man's dick and started jacking him causing the old sheriff to throw back his head and call out like a woman.

Suddenly I was so excited that I had to fuck him. I rose up grabbing my dick in my hand as I stood. Then before the old sheriff knew it I shoved my big mushroom shaped dick head into his ass.

"My Lord Jesus!" The old man called out. "You've split me open. Oh! God!" He yelled but didn't try to pull away as I sent inch after inch of my horse dick into him. And damn it his ass wasn't the best pussy I had ever stuck my dick into. Just knowing that my dick was inside an old man caused spasm to rack my body as I fucked the old sheriff deeper and deeper until I had my entire horse dick inside his hot asshole.

"God! You're killing me!" The old sheriff moaned but he pushed his ass cheeks against my crotch causing my dick to penetrate his asshole even deeper. "Yes, give me that horse dick. God! I finally getting fucked by a man." He added as his ass cheeks pressed hard against my crotch.

As I fucked the old sheriff, I reached around him again and grabbed his stiff dick and began to jack him. I jacked his dick so hard that my hand made slapping sounds against the old man's big low hanging balls.

"Oh, you're hurting my nuts." Sheriff Jenkins cried out but I didn't stop jacking him. Actually I pounded away at his dick harder. I could feel the old man tensing up. The thought of making him cum while I was fucking his asshole excited me even more.

Then it happened. He sprayed cum all over the planks of the calves enclosure, big white gobs of sperm stuck to the boards and began to run down them as I rammed my dick up to my balls in his old asshole and delivered my second load of juice for the day deep inside him.

I waited until all my cum had flowed into his ass before I pulled out of him. He glanced over his shoulder at my still hard dick. "Damn, I don't believe I took all of it. I bet I'm not going to be able to sit down for a week." He joked good-naturedly as he grabbed the waistband of his pants as he turned to face me.

I stood there and watched the old man pull up his under shorts and then his pants a fog seemed to settle over me again. Even when he was fully dressed I didn't put my big hard dick back in my pants. I enjoy the quick glances that the old sheriff gave my big dick as he packed his shirt into his pants.

"Well, I guess I better be heading back to the station... ah... you ain't going to say anything about this are you?" The old sheriff asked nervously.

I shook my head. I wanted to speak by the words just wouldn't come out as we walked toward the house.

"Ain't you going to put your dick back in your overalls?" Sheriff Jenkins asked nervously as we neared the house.

I managed to shake my head again.

"Hey, got to rush." The old sheriff said as he headed quickly for his car. I stood there with my dick half-hard as he stopped at the door of his car and glanced back at me. "You sure you are all right! You look kind of funny." He said. I lifted my dick and waved it at him. "You should put it away." I pulled back my foreskin. The old sheriff shook his head and quickly got in his patrol car and drove off.

When he was gone, I set on the porch in my favorite rocking chair with my dick still hanging out. When I saw old man D. J. driving his tractor down the road heading to plow his corn, I waved my dick at him. He waved back and then seemed to do a double take when he spotted my exposed dick. He slowed down and pulled the big Ford tractor into the driveway.

I didn't get up out of my chair as he got off his tractor and walked up to the porch. "How you doing, John?" He asked trying not to look at my big dick.

I want to say "fine" but only managed to nod my head up and down.

He responded. "Hear you've been acting strange" He added. "You sure you are all right?"

I nodded yes.

"You sober now?" J. D. asked.

I didn't respond. I felt drunk, but I didn't remember drinking anything.

"Did you know your dick is hanging out of your overalls, John?" The old man asked as he reached up and scratched his head of short-cropped gray hair.

I reached down and grabbed my dick and pulled back the foreskin to show the old man my mushroom dick head.

"Yes, guess it is as big as I've ever seen. But maybe it ain't such a good idea to be sitting on the porch here with you dick hanging out in full view of the road. You know some women and kids might see it." He told me.

I try to understand what he was saying but his words sort of got scrambled in my head.

"Well they certainly will if they are in a car that drives by." Old man J. D. said. "You should put it away or go in the house." He added.

I just sat there playing with my huge dick.

"John, you sure are acting strange." The old man said rubbing his head. "We better go inside." He said and grabbed me by the arm. I got up from the rocker and let him head me inside again. "John, is there someone I can call to come over and stay with you? I think you need someone until you get feeling better."

The fog closed in. I looked at him and smiled as I swung my dick back and forth with both hands.

J. D. took a seat beside me. He glanced down and watched what I was doing for a long moment.

"John, you sure you're all right." He asked.

I pumped my big horse dick harder and harder as he watched.

"I think you should put your dick in you pants. You certainly are acting strange." The old man said but he was staring at my dick. "Damn if I ever seen a dick that big before." He finally admitted.

I really started to pump my dick even faster.

The old man tried not to watch but couldn't help staring at my dick as I pumped the foreskin back and forth over the mushroom head.

"Put your dick away, John." J. D. told me

I leaned back and started jacking off as hard and as fast as I could. For some reason it excited me even more that the old man didn't want me to play with my dick. I enjoyed the way he was looking at my dick as I masturbated. Then I shot off all over the legs of my overalls as he old man watched. After the cum stopped flowing, I leaned back against the sofa and didn't bother to put my dick back inside my overalls.

The old man was saying something but for some strange reason, I couldn't understand him. Then he grabbed my semi-hard dick and pushed it back into my overalls and zipped them up. But the moment he set back down I unzipped them and pulled my big dick out again. Then he was own the phone talking to someone. Later he kept telling me that I was going to be all right, but I didn't feel bad. I just played with my big dick trying to get it hard again. I was doing that when some strangers walked into the house.

They asked me all kinds of funny question but I didn't feel like answering them. As they talked to me, my dick got hard.

"With a dick like that they should call him Horse." One of the men said as he took my pulse

I enjoyed their looks of surprise when I shot off.

I remember getting in their special red and blue van with flashing lights. Then the fog closed in and I don't remember anything else.

I wonder where I am. I unzipped my orange jump suit and pulled my dick out and started playing with it. Maybe there were some old men here. I got up and walked to the door but it was locked. So, I jacked off and shot my load on the white door. It felt good. I when back to sit on the bed and jacked off again, this time cuming in my hand. I rubbed it all over my face.