Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

A hot Christmas

I went to my sister-in-law's place for Christmas and had the usual traditional Christmas dinner. Since I am the youngest of the brothers and sisters in the adult group I some how get singled out by the kids to horse around with them. They open their presents and play with their toys and then all want to jump on me. We often go into the den as it is used for the living room and is big and kid friendly and is away from the other adults so as not to bother them with the noise.

I am 65 years old about 6' 195 lbs, with a 32 inch waist, 45'' chest, bubble butt with a big bulge in front. I have a couple of weapons I frequently use against them, the tickle monster and the hammer (which is my fist pushing into their chest pinning them to the floor multiple times like a jack hammer). They love it and they love to play with me.

I have this one nephew who loves to play with my butt. Whenever we play he always slaps my butt or when they group tackle me he is always laying on my butt and now all the other kids are starting to do it. I really get no thrill from this since the range of the kids are from 4 yrs old to about 13 yrs old. But this year was an addition. I was introduced to a nephew that I didn't know of. His name is Jarred and he is beautiful. He is half white and half African American. He has beautiful eyes and a very masculine jaw line with the most beautiful lips you ever want to kiss. He has an athletic body, I would later learn that it is from playing tennis and working out regularly at the gym, that is sculpted into perfect proportions. He has the sweetest smile, although he wears braces, and is very mild mannered and tends to be a little shy. He is about 5' 10'' with a perfect body that has shoulders that taper into a nice back that goes down into almost no waist about 28'' with a nice bubble butt that begs to have a tongue lick it out, medium thick legs and big feet about a 40'' chest and nice guns(arms). I would have guessed that he was about 16 yrs old but he had just finished high school the previous year and was a freshman in college at 19 yrs old. I knew that he was probably the sexiest man on campus and his life was filled with the joys of sex at his young beautiful age. He was a bit shy and watched the four of us go at it from the sideline.

My twin 4 yr old nephews were familiar with him and tried to get him to join in. He just chose to watch for the moment from the sideline. I was at one of my venerable moments when they all had me on the floor and my nephew, the butt lover, proceeded to spank me. One of them jumped onto my shoulders and pinned me down and the rest all spanked me. I then called on Jarred to help and he came over and helped them. He started spanking me too and said that he wasn't going against these monsters. So I reached deep down into my bag of tricks and got an imaginary can of spinach and ate it. It gave me newly added strength like Popeye. I stood up with all of my power and sent them screaming and running.

Jarred was the first one I caught up with and tackled him. I pulled his arm around his back and had him face down on the floor and I was straddling him and was sitting on his legs right behind his bubble butt. I then started spanking him and he hollered for help. One by one they all came back hitting me and ducking out and repeating until they all were back and Jarred was laughing and trying to buck me off of him. I lay down on his back to pin him further while trying to combat the little gnats that were poking and hitting me. They got up the nerve to tackle me and all did it at once and I had no choice but to release Jarred.

Jarred got up and while I was on the bottom of the pile of kids I saw Jarred adjusting his crotch. He was trying to hide something? His hard on? Hummmm. That's interesting. I made a mental note to try and get him down again.

My sister in law came into the room and told us to come to dinner. That broke up the fun for the time being. I went to splash some water on my face as I was sweating. My sister in law said to me that she didn't know where I get the energy to keep up with her twins. She encouraged me to keep it up so they will be really tired when we all left for the night.

We all sat around the dinner table and I talked to the other adults while I could periodically hear the kids plot of what they were going to do to me they didn't think I was paying attention. I told myself not to eat too much because I knew the kids would want to play right away after dinner. It didn't work. I ate too much the food was so good. I live for the holiday food. I work out at the gym all year long just so I can splurge at holiday time and not worry about my weight. After dinner of course they wanted to go, go, go. I told them we needed to play some video games or something else while our food digested. We played this video game of cops and robbers and that reminded the kids that they got police sets for Christmas.

When we finished and gave our food time to digest and after about a hundred times of them asking "has our food finished digesting yet!" we were up and at it again. This time the twins got out their plastic handcuffs and night sticks and hats and became policemen. Jarred and I were the bad guys. The twins were arresting us and with the help of another nephew we broke out. I told them they weren't doing the arresting correctly and I became a cop.

Jarred was my first arrest and I pushed him up against the wall and spread his legs and patted him down. I started at his outstretched hands and arms down to his armpits where I stopped and tickled him and he protested. I put my knee into his butt and told him to shut up and put his arms back up on the wall. The other two criminals were constantly getting away and the twins went after them leaving me alone with Jarred.

I pressed my body up against his and asked him was he hiding any weapons or drugs and was tickling him at the same time. He laughed and kept hollering no, no, no. I put my knee back into his butt and told him to put his arms back on the wall and began to search him. I patted down his body and when I got to his sides he squirmed for fear that I would tickle him again but I didn't. I just slid my hands down his sides around to his back and checked the small of his back and rubbed his ass and searched for weapons. I lingered there for longer than usual and went down to his calves.

I noticed that he wasn't protesting anymore he was just silent. Then kneeling closer to him I reached around the front of him and started sliding my hands up the front of his legs till I reached his crotch and he started to move and I stood up and in closer to him and pressed my body against his and told him in a very authoritative voice to keep still. I searched his crotch and found a big weapon and said just as I thought a big gun and pressed my growing hard on into his back and said don't worry I have one too.

Then we heard my sister in law coming back yelling who wants desert and we both adjusted our crotches as the rest of the gang followed her into the room telling us to take a break for desert. We were back at the table and everyone took note that I was sweating. I told them if I had some help from them I might not be working as hard. They laughed and said brother you are on your own. Some of the kids were sitting next to me and we started hitting each other till their mother told them not at the table.

Jarred's father asked me did I still teach tennis and I told him yes and he asked if I had any room to add Jarred to my students. I said if Jarred wanted to I would. He very enthusiastically said that he needed a private coach since his tennis coach was too spread out with the team. I agreed and asked him to call me whenever he wanted to get started. He said he wanted to get started as soon as possible as he had received new tennis racquets for Christmas. I did too and said that I was dying to try them out. My sister in law said that there were some tennis courts upon the hill and they had lights that didn't go off till 10pm.

It was approaching 8pm and everyone was stuffed and winding down. We finished dessert and sent the kids off to play video games and watch movies. Jarred asked if I wanted to go and hit some balls for a while. I said we could just give me a few minutes to digest my dessert. His parents said that if he was going to play tennis I would have to bring him home as they were going to leave in about 30 minutes. I agreed to bring him home.

We watched a little ESPN and the highlights of the football games and then got out racquets and went to play. I followed the directions to the park at the top of the hill and it was very dark. I looked around for the light switch and couldn't find it. I told Jarred that it had to be on one of the poles. He found it and we waited for the lights to illuminate the courts. I told him let's see what he can do and we went on opposite sides of the court and began to hit. Behind the tennis courts was the top of the hill and fell over into a valley. Nothing back there but empty space. In front of the courts was a street and about 1500 yards across the street were houses but you could barely see them for the trees and shrubs. When the lights were out you couldn't see two feet in front of you. I told Jarred to keep his belongings together so if the lights went out we could just grab the bag and be out.

We had about 45 minutes before the lights went out and we hit for about 30 of them before I started telling Jarred how to improve his strokes. We both were sweating and even in California in the winter it is hot at night sometimes. We took off our sweats and were down to shorts and t-shirts. Jarred looked hot and I started to think about the time when I was pretending to arrest him and found his hard on.

I went onto his side of the court and was showing him a better position for his backhand and had to get up against him to show him the proper way and in doing so pressed my crotch against his ass in those sweet white tennis shorts. I started to get hard and he asked if I could show him one more time. I did and pressed my now rock hard cock up against his sweet ass. I could clearly see the outline of his cock and it was growing.

I reluctantly let go of him for fear that someone might be watching and went back onto my side of the court to see if he got the change. He did he was a natural at following instructions and doing as he was told. We hit some more and he fell back into the habit and I went back onto his side to show him the proper way and on the way my cock was getting hard knowing he was going to press that sweet ass against me.

I got behind him and was pressing my crotch to his ass showing him the proper way to swing on his backhand and the lights went out. We were plunged into darkness and I just stood there with my cock pressed against his ass. I put my racquet on the ground and pulled him close to me. My dick was so hard I thought it would bust. His heart was beating so hard I could take his pulse by touching any part of his body. I was grinding my cock to his ass and reached around to undo his shorts. They fell to the ground and he was wearing a jock strap. I grabbed a hand full of his ass and he moaned I pulled his jock to the side and released his cock it must have been about 8'' long and very thick.

I turned him around and was about to kiss him and he said that he never did this before. With a guy I asked. He said that he never had sex with anyone. I could have creamed my shorts right then knowing that I was going to bust his cherry. I started to kiss him and pulled him up against me and he busted his nuts in between us and fell into my arms. He was panting and was embarrassed and I told him not to be. He was still brick hard and I went down on that cock and sucked the rest of that sweet juice out of him. He was a bit overly sensitive so I gave him a break and stopped sucking him. I turned him around and slid my tongue up his sweet ass and I thought I was going to lose it when he started moaning and shivering. He smelled sexy boyish yet with a hint of sweat. I had to pry his ass apart because it is so hard and round and firm. I licked him and got that ass ready for my cock. I stuck a finger up him and he moaned so beautifully. I had to tell myself to calm down.

I stood up and pulled him to me and my cock slid up his leg and rested in between his thighs. I started mock fucking him and told him that I wanted to put my dick into his ass. I asked him if that is what he wanted and he said in a breathy voice yesssss. I told him that it was going to hurt at first but would get better then feel really good. I put my cock up to his hole and pressed. It didn't go in so I licked his ass some more and stuck two fingers in him to get him to loosen up and put my cock up to his hole again. This time I pressed harder and it popped into his ass and he froze and so did I. He started to scream and I put my hand over his mouth and told him to relax the pain would get better soon. I pulled him back to me and pushed further into his ass and he tried to get away from my cock by standing on his toes. I pushed further still and was about halfway up his sweet ass. I wasn't stopping until I had all 9 1/2 inches buried up his ass. He was pushing my thighs back with his hands trying to stop me from going further as I had one hand around his waist and one covering his mouth I kept pulling him into me. I told him that we were almost there and to try to relax and enjoy it.

I stopped and let him get used to my cock. I stood there rubbing his legs and ass while he calmed down. I felt the tension leaving his shoulders and pushed further in. I told him not to scream because someone might hear us. I let my hand go down from his mouth to his waist and grabbed him with both of my hands around his waist. I pulled him back while shoving another 4'' of thick cock meat in his sweet ass and he started to pant and moan out to the gods. I told him to get ready for the ride of his young life and I plunged all the way into him taking it all the way out and fucking all the way back into that sweet ass. I reached around to grab his rock hard cock and pumped it twice and he sprayed the tennis courts. His ass gripped my cock like a vice and I was in heaven. I pumped harder, if that was possible, and started to cum up his sweet ass. I twisted his neck back and kissed him while I unloaded my spunk into his ass. I shook violently and kept kissing him. As I came down off of my orgasm I kissed the back of his neck and then turned him around to kiss him properly. I slid my tongue down his throat and kissed his beautiful lips.

He was rock hard again. I went down on him and started sucking his cock. I was on my knees and they hurt on the surface of the tennis court but I didn't give a damn. I sucked him all the way down and licked his balls while he held onto my head. Instinctively he started pumping my face and was mumbling something unintelligible. I knew that he was about to cum in my mouth. I deep throated him and felt his orgasm building. I pulled back just as he was shooting and warning me verbally that he was cuming I grabbed his butt and held him still as he pumped his seed into my mouth. It was sweet as the nectar from the sweetest fruit and I savored it all. Letting it fall onto my tongue then swallowing it. His legs started to wobble and I pulled him down to me and kissed him letting him taste the remains of his cum on my tongue.

Now I was rock hard again. I told him that we should go and he said that he wanted to suck me. I let him and he was a natural. I told him how to cover his teeth with those sweet pouty lips and he did and sucked me like a pro except for the occasional gag here and there. I took off my t-shirt and lay it on the ground and lay him on top of it face down and put my dick into his ass again. I spread his legs and slid my cock into him and fucked him like there was no tomorrow. Then flipped him over and fucked him in the missionary position so he could get at his now hard dick.

He jacked it in between me kissing him and fucking his sweet ass. He warned me that he was about to cum and I lay my body across his while still fucking him and tried to deter him from cuming. I kissed him long and hard while rubbing his body and fucking him deeply. His hand was still between us trying desperately to bring his cock off.

I fucked harder trying to catch up with him. He somehow managed to get enough friction to make himself cum and he started shooting his load once again in between us. I fucked harder and harder as if trying to fuck through him. I kept kissing him and it seemed as if he was trying to catch his breath. He was moaning like I was hurting him and I was almost there and I wasn't about to stop. I stopped kissing him and he said that it hurt and he couldn't take it anymore. I told him just one more minute and fucked him till I finally shot my load in his ass. I kissed him again as I was cuming down off that orgasm and told him Merry Christmas. He said he couldn't wait for the next tennis lesson.