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Old Man at the Univeristy

When I was about 14 year old, during the summer whenever I was bored I
would spend my days at the University gym. My mother worked at the
University so I was given a free membership to use the gym as much as I
wanted (whenever it was opened to the public and not being used for
classes). This included using the pool, the weight room and the gym where I
could play baskeball.

I would go to work with my mom in the morning and then walk over to the gym
and than she would pick me up when whe finished work around 4 o'clock.
During the summer the gym wasn't very busy and had no problem doing
whatever I wanted without having to wait for someone else to finish up.
Also during the summer most of the people that did use the gym were
older. You would think there would be alot of students still there but most
of the people there were actually adults.

This was the summer between grade 9 and 10 and most of my friends had to go
to summer school so I ended up going to the univeristy almost every day. I
didn't really know anybody there and kept to myself but after a week or so
I started noticing the regulars. (Guys that would also go there everyday).

By this age I had started masterbating like crazy. At least 3 or 4 times a
day. I also had a very close friend who I would suck off almost every day
as well he had even recently started fucking me as well. I didn't consider
myself gay but always looked at sex as something that feels great so to me
it never mattered if it was with a guy or girl. I loved sucking my friend
off and the feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. When I
was alone though I loved to masterbate and one of my favorite things to do
was to go out late at night to a park or schoolyard and strip completely
naked and jack off right out in the open. It was always dark but the idea
of possibly being caught or seen was always a major turn on.

Well being able to get naked in the locker room at the university was
always a turn on as well. I was shy and a little embarrased about being
seen naked though so I'd use a locker in the back row of the locker room
where it was the least likely that I'd be caught nude. Whenever I'd change
into my bathing suit I'd always undress and stay naked for a little bit
before putting my suit on. I loved the feel of being naked in a public
place and nowing other guy were only a couple feet away from me (even
though I was out of view of them).

Whenever I'd enter the locker room and make my way to my locker I'd always
look out the corner of my eyes down the rows of lockers as I passed by them
to hopefully catch a glipse of some guy changing and i'd get to see his
cock. There was one old man who I'd see almost every day and he always
seemed to be naked for as long as possible. When I walked down the row of
lockers he'd always seem to be there towling off after a shower with his
nice cock swaying between his legs as he dried off his hair. He'd walk
around the locker room completely naked as well, weither it be taking a
shower, or he'd go to the sinks and brush his teeth and comb his hair or
just use the urinals, he just seemed to always be naked.

I had a pretty regular rutine at the gym. It would be about 9:30 when I
arrived in the morning. The first thing I'd do is go shoot basketballs in
the gym until about 11:00 than I'd swim and relax for a couple hours. Than
around 1:00 i'd use the weight room til about 2:30 than I'd swim again for
an hour before it was time for me to get picked up around 4:00pm.

Well this old man seemed to have a fairly regular rutine as well because
every time I'd finish baskeball and would be making my way to my locker he
would always be in the locker room completely naked drying off after a
shower or swim. The guy seemed very old to me and was probably in his early
60's. He was chubby and fairly hairy but he had a nice cock about 4 or 5
inches limp that would sway between his legs as he dried himself off. We
made eye contact a couple times and than after seeing him every day for
about 2 weeks we started giving each other a friendly hello. It was kind of
awkward because as I'd walk down the rows of lockers I'd be looking
downward to see the cocks of any guys that were changing and than when I'd
see this guy the first thing I'd look at is his cock and than my eyes would
have to go up to meet his as we'd say hello to each other and he'd give me
a friendly smile as well. He always used the same locker and afer the first
week I started looking forward to seeing his cock every day. Like I said, I
dont' cosider myself gay so I never considered the guy attractive or
anything but I always loved seeing naked cocks just as much as seeing girls

I'd get to my locker and spend extra time naked as I changed into my
bathing suit each day. The site of the cock would always make me horny so
i'd even play with my cock a little bit before getting dressed. Never fully
jacked off though.

At night after I'd return home from the University and I'd be with my
friend sucking him off I found myself thinking about the naked old man in
the locker room and I'd actually fantasize it was his cock sliding in and
out of my mouth as I sucked off my friend. I found my self fantasizing
about him more and more as I'd suck my friend off everyday and would really
go go work on my friends cock because of it, letting him cum in my mouth
and eagerly swallowing his entire load of cum.

It was about the start of my 4th week of going to the University every day
when I got a little shock. I was making my way to my locker after playing
basketball. As I made my way down the rows of lockers I got to the row that
the old man was always in and when I looked down it the old man wasnt'
there. He had been there everyday since I started going to the gym but
today he was gone. It caught me by surprise and I thought about where he
might be as I continued on down to my locker at the back off the locker
room. As I reached the last rows of locker. It was like a center aisle that
I walked down and there was rows of lockers on the left and right of the
aisle. As I got to my rown I turned right to get to my locker. As I reached
for the lock and started to undo it I noticed movement out of the corner of
my eye. I looked up and there was the old man (completely naked) toweling
off on the other side of the aisle. He saw me look up at him and he gave me
a smile and a friendly hello. I returned both to him as well. Than turned
back to my locker and undid the lock.

How was I supposed to change into my bathing suit with this guy there.
He'll see me naked when I change into my bathing suit, I started thinking
to myself. I tried putzing around as long as I could hoping the guy would
finish up what he was doing and leave but he didnt' seem to be in any
hurry. He didn't even seem to be in any hurry to get dressed either and
fiddled around in his locker still completly naked as well.

The more I worried about being seen naked the more it actually started to
turn me on and I started thinking to myself that maybe this guy wants to
see me naked and that's why he took up a locker in the same row as mine. My
cock started to stir and the idea of showing my cock off to this guy
started turning me on. Butterflies filled my stomach as I started to
undress removing my socks and shoes and than my shirt. I stood at my locker
in only my shorts tryingn to find the nerve to pull my pants down. I closed
my eyes and thought "Fuck it" as I reached for the waistband of my shorts
and pulled them down and let them drop to the floor, now standing there
compltely naked. And it felt good too. Being naked in front of this guy was
a major turn on. I wondered if he was looking at me. I turned my head a
little bit and tried to check him out the corner of my eye but couldnt tell
if he was looking at me or not so I turned my head towards him and sure
enough he was looking directly as he fiddled around in his locker. He gave
me another smile as I turned back to my locker and looked for my bathing

"Going for a swim?" I heard him as as I found my bathing suit in my gym bag
and pulled it out. His voice caught me off guard. I found myself getting a
little embarrased now though as I'd actually have to talk to him while I
was naked and changing into my bathing suit.

I turned to look at him giving him a full clear view of my naked body as I
aswered his question. "Yeah. a swim feels great after playing basketball
for a couple hours."

I was sort of a late bloomer and even at the age of 14 didn't have any
pubic hair, I had a little bit of hair under my armpits but nothing around
my cock yet. This old man and a perfect view of my young hairless 4"
semi-hard cock as I stepped away from my locker and turned towards him to
answer him. As he talked to me I found myself not in any hurry to get
dressed and having this man talk to me while we were both completly naked
was a real turn on.

"Are you a new member here?" Hea asked. "I've only seen you around for a
couple weeks now."

"Well, I'm not REALLY a member, my mom works here so my family gets a free

The guys eyes seemed to light up when I answered him. "Oh Really?! I guess
I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I used to teach here as well before I
retired, but I get to keep using my my free pass here. Sort of one of the
benefits of working here".

I finally started getting dressed as we continued talking and I noticed
more than a couple times him looking down at my naked cock as we
talked. Whenever he'd look down at my cock I'd take the oppertunity to look
down at his and than when I'd look up he'd be looking right at me with a
little smile on his face.

I finally got dressed and than grabbed my towel and locked my locker. As I
walked towards him to head to the showers and pool he stepped towards me as
well. "Well it's nice meeting you. I come here everday so I guess I'll see
you tomorrow. My name is John by the way". He reached out his hand to offer
me a hand shake. I reached out and grabbed it shaking his hand and telling
him my name and telling him I'd see him tomorrow as I started walking
away. As I reached for his hand though I got a perfect view his cock. It
wasn't fully hard but it was very close and stood out from his body
pointing at me.

That night I fantasized about sucking the old man off while I sucked off my
friend again. I greedily slurped up all of my friends cum as his orgasm
shot into my mouth. Even that night when I layed in bed i pulled down my
shorts and masterbated while thinking about the old man off. I came 3 times
before finally falling alseep. I wanted to suck this old mans cock so
fucking bad.

The next day after basketball, I was making my way to my locker and once
again the old man wasn't at his usual locker. I was kind of glad and
thought he must be in my row of locker again. As I reached the last row of
lockers I looked to the left where the old guy was the day before but to my
surprise, wasn't there. So I turned to the right to head to my locker and
there was my new friend in all completely naked once again. He had picked
the locker right next to mine.

As I reached my loker we shook each others hand and greeted each
other. Maybe it was because I wanted to suck his cock so bad, i'm not sure,
but it seemed like he held my hand longer than normal as I shook it. I
looked down as we shook hand and clearly saw his cock rise up and away from
his body a little bit as it became semi-hard in front of me.

He was making me so fucking horny now. I wanted to be naked in front of him
and for him to see my cock. I was too shy to hit on him or anything but at
least I could show him my cock if he wanted to look at it. I waisted no
time, I didnt even bother to open my locker yet and I started to undress. I
removed all of my clothes and than toweled off the sweat from my body. I
spent extra time toweling off my face and hair so he could get a good view
of my my cock with out me notice him looking. One thing I didn't count on
though was my cock getting hard and that is exactly what it started to
do. I figured I'd better get dressed before my cock got completly hard. By
the time I got my bathing suit out of my locker and was about to put it on
my cock was sticking straight out from my body, and actually hoped the old
man got a good look at it.

"I'm about to go for a swim too, mind if I join you today?" the old man

"It's OK with me." I answered

With that the old man grabbed his bathing suit and towel and closed up his
locker. "I'm gonna go rince off in the shower real quick, see ya in the
pool." He said as he threw his towel over his shoulder and started walking
to the showers, naked.

I was about to put my bathing suit on but changed my mine. I grabbed my
suit and towel, closed up my locker and than followed the old man into the
shower. I hung my towel next to his on a hook and than picked the shower
right next to him and turned it on. We both rinsed off our bodies and both
sort of watched each other as we did so. I noticed that he spent a lot of
time rinsing and washing off his cock and even gave the semi-hard shaft a
couple of strokes as I watched out of the corner of my eye. I decided to do
the same but he was looking directly at me when I did it. By the time he
shut off his shower and put on his bathing suit I noticed that his cock was
almost completly hard and was sticking straight out in front of him.

We headed out to the pool with was pretty much empty and both climbed
in. We picked a lane next to each other and slowly did laps up and down the
length of the pool, taking it slow and enjoying the feel of the water and
on our bodies.

We swam for 15 or 20 minutes and than decided to take a break and leaned up
along the side of the pool. "Wish we could skinny-dip. Nothing feels better
than swimming completly naked." The old man said. "Ya ever go
skinny-dipping?" He asked

I didnt even think about the answer and told him me and my friend have
skinny-dipped in his pool a couple of times. "Ah, that's the
best. Skinny-dipping with a friend or two." He answered "Me and my friend
used to skinny dip all the time when we were kids too, that's how I got
hooked on it. Ever go skinny dipping with a girl?"

"No. Not yet." I answered

"Me neither. It was always just with a couple of my boyfriends when I was
younger". He replied

When he said boyfriends it really caught me off guard but after a second of
thinking about it just figured he was older and that was the term they used
to describe your friend from back when he was a kid.

We talked a little more and than did more laps for another 20 minutes or so
before resting again.

"So, ya got a girlfriend yet?" He asked

I felt a little embarrased but told him the truth. "No. Fooled around with
a couple though."

His eyes lit up a little bit with that answer. "Oh Really? So your not a
virgin anymore?"

It was a little embarrasing talking about this but at the same time it
turned me on and hoped he would keep going. "No. Not for a long time now."

"Really? How old were you the first time you did IT?" He asked

"10." I answered

"Oh My that's young. Kids are growing up so fast nowadays. I was 16 before
I had sex for the first time."

"How old was the girl?" I asked.

The old man actually blushed a little bit. "Well, the first girl I had sex
with was I think 20 years old and it was when we were in college together."
He answered

I thought about it for a second and got me really confused and without much
thought blurted out "You were in college when you were 16?" I was actually
more amazed than anything.

He was a little hesitant but kept answering. "Ah no. I was 19 before i went
to college."

"But you just said you were 16 when you had sex for the first time and the
girl was 20." I still hadn't pieced it together.

"No. I had sex for the first time when I was 16, I had sex with a girl when
I was about 20." He finally explained to me. He seemed pretty embarrased by
his answer

I finally understood and was embarrased for being so nieve and asking. I
got pretty quiet and he was the next to speak after a minute or so of
awkward silence.

"You dont' hate me now do you?" He asked than explained. "There just wasn't
many girls around when were were growing up and I guess me and my friend
sort of just experimented with each other."

"I don't hate you for that." I thought about it for a couple seconds and
finally blurted out "I have a friend I experiment with too" I was so
embarrassed and yet so turned on for confessing this to him my cock was
rock hard under the water.

"For Real? That's awsome. I guess we're both kinda lucky to have had a
friend to try new things out with growing up."

I agreed, than had to ask. "What sort of things did you do with your

"Well we started out masterbating together. You Masterbate don't cha?" He
looked at me as I nodded in agreement "We'll we'd masterbate together and
than eventually started jacking each other off. As we got older we started
sucking each others cock and than when we were about 16 years old or so we
started fucking each other as well."

My cock was so fucking hard listening to this old man confess this stuff to
me. I reached down and rubbed my cock as we continuted talking. "What about
you? What do you and your friend to together?" He asked

Well we found a bunch of his dads playboy magazines and we started looking
at them every day. At first we'd just look at them and get hard cocks, than
we we started pulling out cocks out while looking at them and than we
started feeling each others cock as we looked at them. One night I was
sleeping at his house and in his bed together and I don't know if he
thought I was sleeping or not but he reached over and started playing with
my cock. He pulled his pants down and had his cock out than took my hand
and placed it on his cock while he played with my cock. I continued
pretending I was a sleep. He managed to get my cock out of my pants and
than went under the covers. The next thing I felt was his mouth on my cock,
he was sucking me off for the first time. I couldnt' believe it and I
looked under the covers down at him and he looked up at me with my cock in
his mouth and smiled. I watched him suck me off and than pulled out when I
was ready to cum. After I came He layed up beside me and started jacking
off but I reached over and started stroking his cock. It took a couple of
minutes to get my courage up but I finally did and than crawled down
between his legs and took his dick into my mouth for the first time and
gave him a blowjob. Since than we've been doing it almost every day for the
last 3 or 4 years. He fucks me sometimes too but I've never fucked him

I looked down into the water and could see that he old man had a hand in
his bathing suit and was playing with his cock.

"That is awsome. Doesn't it feel great fooling around with a friend like
that?" He suggested.

"It's the best." I looked around and there was nobody else in the pool area
so I pulled my bathing suit down past my cock and balls and stroked my cock
hoping the old man would notice. I couldnt' believe how bold I was but I
was so fucking horny by now.

The old man did notice and he decided to do the same thing. He pulled his
shorts down past his balls and his hard 7" cock was standing straight out
from his body under the water as he continued stroking it.

"Mind if I take a look?" He asked looking down with is eyes at my cock.

"Go ahead Hopefully nobody comes into the pool area." I answered.

With that the old man slide under the water and moved around right in front
of me. I was stroking my cock right in front of his face. I dont' know what
I felt first. His hand on my balls or his mouth on my cock. All I know is
that if felt incredible. I was still stroking when I looked down and saw
the old man move forward a little bit and than flet his lips wrap around
the head of my cock. At the same time I felt his soft hand cup balls. The
hand cupping my balls moved up and reached around my shaft. I let go of my
cock and slowly he slid the entire thing into his mouth. I could not
fucking believe it.

He was a good cocksucker too. His lips felt so amazing and slid up and down
the length of my hard cock. It was litterally only 30 seconds and I started
to cum. I wanted to warn him but I was so mezmerized and in extacy that I
couldnt' and just shot my cum into his mouth. He kept on sucking too. He
was down under the water for over a mintue before he finally raised up out
of the water. He opened his mouth and showed me all my cum inside of him
and than gulped it down for my amusement and gave me a smile. My cock was
still rock hard

"Ya like that?" He finally asked

"That was amazing!" I answered I wanted to suck his cock so fucking bad
now. I dove under the water and moved around in front of him as he leaned
agasint the side of the pool. Without hesitation I took his hard cock into
my mouth and started sucking him off. I couldnt' believe I had just met
this man and here I was sucking his dick, not only that but he was older
than my parents. Those thoughts aroused me so much and a sucked him off the
best that I could. I dont' know how long I was sucking but I was running
out of air and finally let his cock slide from his mouth and I surfaced out
of the water. I quickly caught my breath and was about to go back under the
water when he stopped me. "We better stop, somebody can come in here
anytime and catch us. That felt great though. Your good at that. You have a
very lucky friend."

"It's getting kinda late though and I should get going. Maybe we can
continue this another day?" He suggested.

I agreed even though my cock was still rock hard and we both pulled up our
bathing suits and climbed out of the pool. Our cocks tented out out bathing
suits in front of us as we walked to the showers. In the shower room we
both undressed and rinsed the pool water off our bodies. I wanted to wash
his cock for him and go back to sucking on it but it was too risky to do it
in the open showers. Finaly we headed back to our lockers.

Once back at out lockers I knew we had some privacy as nobody used these
lockers this far back in the room. Everybody used the first 2 or 3 rows of
lockers and we were way back in the 6th or 7th row. The old man was
starting to dry himself off when I had to ask. "Can I suck you off? Just
for a little bit longer. Were safe here." I whispered

His cock had gone soft by now but my question seemed to give it new life
and it began to rise up. He reached down and grabbed his cock and pointed
it at me. "Just for a little bit. We have to be careful."

He stood in front of me as I sat onthe bench and eagerly took his cock back
into my mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my head and guided his cock
into me. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad I sucked his cock as best
as I could. The entire length of his cock was sliding in and out of
me. When the entire cock was inside me and his pubs were pressed against my
nose I'd hold his cock there at the opening of my throat and than slide my
tongue up and down the underside of his cock. Precum leaked from his cock
onto my tongue. I savoured the taste of it.

It was supposed to be a quick suck but 10 minutes later I was still sucking
his dick when he told me he was ready to cum. "Do you want me to pull out?"
I shook my head no and wrapped my lips even tighter around his hard shaft
and let him fuck my mouth. He held my head with both hands and slid his
engorged cock in and out of me. He sort of held back a grunt as he clenched
up and cum started shooting into my mouth. I started slurping and swalling,
eagerly drinking his entire load of cum. He practically colapsed onto the
bench and laid back. I kept my mouth on his cock and continued sucking him
while he did so.

His cock had gone completly limp before it finally slipped out of my
mouth. My cock was still rock hard and I proceded to start jacking off. The
old man looked up at me stroking his cock and asked "Are you close." I
nodded yes. Witht that he sat up and got me to stand in front of him than
took my cock back into his mouth and sucked my dick for the second time in
about half an hour. I was close to cumming too. He only had to suck me for
about 3 minutes and I started cumming. Since he seemed to enjoy my first
load of cum I never bothered to give him any warning and proceeded to cum
in his eager mouth. He swallowwed all of my cum without even taking mouth
off my cock. My cock never really went soft but once I was done cumming he
finally slipped my cock out of him.

"That was amazing. Did you enjoy it?" He asked as we both started getting

"Hell Yeah." I answered. "I could do that all day."

"I bet you could. You've cum twice and havn't even gone soft yet." He said
with a smile.

"I can't wait to get home and suck my friend off. You got me so horny now."
I told him

"That sounds like a good idea. I think I might call a friend up later
tonight. He'll never belive it if I told him about this."

"Well if he dont' belive you, bring him here sometime and he can see it for
himself." I couldnt' believe I had just said that til it was out of my

"I'm sure he would love that." He said with a wink

We had both finished dressing and said good bye. He caught me by surprise
when he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

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