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Daddy's & Grandpa's Secret

Written by Tom Clancy

My name is Tom. I’m a seventeen year-old guy from a small town in England where basically everybody knows each other. My family has been living in this town for over a hundred years, which makes us the oldest family here. My mother is an employee at a slimming centre. She likes her job a lot, as she is basically obsessed with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in general. Her name is Alice, she’s 49 years old, and she looks really good for her age. My father is a financial manager at a supermarket chain. He goes by the name of George, he’s 56 years old, and his body is gorgeous. I wouldn’t call him fat, but he’s not too fit either. He’s got a nice beer belly, but his legs and arms are pretty muscular. He is tanned, he has a nice complexion and a lot of body hair. Hair on his arms, hair on his legs, pubic hair, and then there’s the hair on his chest. Oh god.

I had obviously seen him naked before, because he’s my dad, for example when he just got out of the shower and I had to take one too. Even though I’m not gay, I was always struggling to hide my hard on until he had gone away. His dick was a thick, uncut, 6 inch beauty. Going alongside this was a pair of big balls and some thin pubes which went over in his lower belly hair. I had only seen it erect once, when I was still a kid. We were in the shower together and he was showing me how to pull back the foreskin to clean the head. I asked if I could do it with his cock, and I could. I must have done a good job at it, because it got hard when I did it.

Anyways, one day, I was taking a shower, as I do every day, and the only other person in the house was my dad. I knew that he was going to take a shower after me, so I decided that heck, I’ve been wanting to suck his dick for over three years now, if I don’t go for it now, I never will. So, after thinking that, I started thinking about how I could go about it. I decided to just go with the moment, because right then, my dad came up the stairs, as our shower was located on the attic. Our attic was never cold for some reason, so we decided to put the shower there, and make it quite large, and make it have clear glass. So, as I saw my dad coming up the stairs, I was starting to see his naked body come up. We were not shy about our bodies around each other, so we didn’t like cover anything up or whatever.

As I saw his beautiful, hairy body, I felt my own dick start to stiffen up, and by the time he was able to see me, I had a full hard on. My dick wasn’t one of the largest in the world, but I wouldn’t call it tiny either. It had an average thickness, but it was around 7 inches long when erect. Obviously, my dad saw my erection, so he said “Something must be looking good then?” with a small chuckle. I just laughed it away, but I actually wanted it to stay hard, which turned out to be relatively easy because I was excited as hell for what was about to happen.

My dad got into the shower while I was not done yet, as usual. However, this time he didn’t wait for me to finish showering, but he just came closer to the jet of water and me, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t see his dick start to get bigger and thicker right there and then. He didn’t go from flaccid to erect as quickly as I did, but I’m sure it was larger than when he came upstairs. I decided to just ignore it in the beginning, but I couldn’t help but make a remark about it eventually. “Well, something in your eyesight is looking good too, apparently.” I said, as we were both kind of staring at each other’s cock. Right then, I decided to step away from the water and approach him. He then asked me “Would you mind soaping my back?”, and obviously, I didn’t. Any occasion I got to touch him would be gladly taken.

I grabbed the soap and rubbed it in my hands to get some foam going. I then proceeded to rub it on his shoulders, followed by a soft moan escaping his mouth. I made circle motions all the way down his back, working my way down to his ass. I circled on and around his ass cheeks, and decided to make my hand go into his hairy ass crack and reaching in between his legs to his thighs. It felt divine. I said “Hell, I might as well do your whole body right?”. I heard a quiet muttering, which I took as a yes, so I took some more soap in my hands and rubbed his gorgeous upper and lower legs, until I was down at his feet. At this moment, my dad turned around, so I was now on his front side. I worked my way up his legs again, till I was up to his crotch, where his cock was standing up proudly at a ninety degree angle. I decided to keep it for what it is, for now, and do his chest first. I rubbed my hands on every piece of hairy skin I could find, leaving him covered with soap and foam all over his upper body. I pinched his nipples, and seeing his face I knew he enjoyed it. I then went down to his cock again, and I took his large, hairy scrotum in my hands and I decided to quit on the washing and just squeeze it. I then proceeded to his cock itself, which I figured he would enjoy. I took it in both hands and let one hand slide down to his balls and caressed those, while I started stroking his cock with the other. I pulled back his foreskin to reveal a beautiful, thick cockhead. It was difficult to tell with the smoking hot water dripping down on it, but I think I noticed some precum coming out. He started moaning and I knew exactly what to do at that time. I approached his cock with my head, and I started licking his shaft and balls. It smelled like sweat, musk and manliness. Then I took it in my mouth. Starting with the head, I savoured the moment because I knew I had been wanting this cock in my mouth for years. I then proceeded down to take almost his whole veiny cock, until my nose was in his pubes. It felt wonderful. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down even further, until all of his manhood was inside me. With my hands, I then took hold of his butt cheeks, and I bobbed my head up and down his dick. His moaning increased with every movement I made, until he told me “I’m about to come, hold on a little bit.”, so I did. I then let his cock slip out of my mouth and got up. We were looking in each other’s eyes for about 20 seconds, when we finally started kissing. It was a passionate tongues twisted kind of kiss. The kind of kiss you’d give the love of your life when they just came back from being abroad for 3 years. When we untangled, he decided to go down on his knees, and return the favour I’d just given him. I thought nothing could have felt more wonderful than giving head to the most beautiful man and cock in the whole world, but I had never been more wrong. He took my low-hanging balls in one hand and my cock in the other. He started jerking me, pulling back my foreskin and squeezing my balls. He then took his hands off my private zone and started sucking me big time. I was unconscious of the sounds I was making, but apparently it was really obvious I was enjoying it. When I started to feel my semen come close to exploding, I asked him to stop, and he did. 

He then got off his knees, and he said “Let’s stop wasting water and take this to my room.”, so we dried with one towel, helping each other out and finding every opportunity to touch each other’s body. We then went down the stairs, both with cocks still standing up proudly, when we saw my grandfather – my dad’s father- coming up the stairs. He obviously had the key to our house, and he popped in sometimes. Before he had seen us and our cocks, he said “George, I’m here to borrow that one book of yours about gardening.”, and then he saw my dad first. “Oh, you just got out of the shower, sorry to bother you,” “That’s okay,” replied my father. Grandpa hadn’t seen me yet, nor had he seen that my dad was sporting a huge hard on. When he did notice that, he remarked “Had some fun up there?” with a giggle. Then he noticed me coming down the stairs with an erection as well, and he said “Oh, I see how it is”, and he winked at my dad. I later found out that my dad and grandpa had done things like this very often, when grandma wasn’t home.

Dad and I continued walking towards the master bedroom, with my grandpa walking behind us clothed. As he started undressing, my father and I were already on the bed in a 69 position, sucking each other off. I felt like I was in heaven, and so did my dad. In the mirror, I could see grandpa getting undressed, which got me even harder. He had a stocky build, with hair everywhere, like my dad. I had never before seen him undressed, but I was in love as soon as it happened. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing his beer belly along with his hairy tits and nipples. He then took off his pants, which allowed me to see his muscled, hairy legs. It also revealed a boxer short with a huge bulge at his crotch. He knew I was looking at him, so he stretched the moment by taking off his socks and postponing the grand reveal of his dick. Meanwhile, my dad and I were still sucking as if our lives depended on it.

And then it happened, grandpa took of his boxers, which showed me his uncut, erect 7 inch long cock, with hairy, low-hanging and huge balls. The most impressive part about his cock wasn’t the length, which was just about average, but the thickness: it was just about as thick as my wrists. He saw me looking at it and he asked me if I was impressed. “Damn right I’m impressed, I’ve never seen a cock as thick as yours, grandpa!”, I exclaimed in between 2 gags. With a beaming smile on his face, he approached the bed and climbed on it. 

My dad and I got loose, and grandpa started sucking his dick. I was on my own, enjoying the show, making mental pictures of this to make sure I’d have fapping material for years, when grandpa said “Come now son, don’t be shy”, so I got closer to him and grabbed his cock. I pulled back his foreskin and I was amazed at how smoothly it went, seeing how thick it was. I then started licking the shaft, at which he moaned loudly, which let me know he was enjoying it very much. I then tried to take it in my mouth, but I couldn’t manage more than the head, so I gave that as much attention as I possibly could. All of a sudden, I felt his cock start to shake and stiffen up, so I knew he was about to come. I started sucking and moving harder, and he came in my mouth. I had to constantly swallow to not let any of his semen go to waste, because it tasted wonderful. He was too busy coming to continue the blowjob he was giving my dad, so I finished that for him. He was already close too, so I deep throated him and sometime later he also came. Meanwhile, grandpa had calmed down enough to get back to his senses, and he had started sucking me. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it closer to me, so that he was almost deep throating me too. This made me come harder than I’ve ever come before.

Shortly after, grandpa said “Well, it’s been long since that’s happened, hasn’t it George?”, and my dad replied “Sure thing, dad.” I felt as if I had been introduced in the family’s darkest corners, and I loved it. We all cleaned up and put our clothes on again, and grandpa went to the bookshelf in the corridor and took the book he originally came for. He then kissed us both on the lips before leaving the house.
I knew life had finally gotten started.

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  1. Oi,muito sensual a sua história!Parece uma coincidência,isso
    Parece ter sido uma cópia das cenas que já vivi!Sou descendente de português.Quando eu era garotinho já ativo,meu vô ia ao açude pegar água e tomar banho,ele me pedia para esfregar seu corpo começando pelas costas,eu ao ver seu corpo cabeludo ficava sem jeito morrendo de tesão!Ao esfregar seu corpo ele ficava ereto e pedia-me pra não ter medo que ele não ia me ferir.Eu sentia o quanto ele estava carente,em desprezo pela sua companheira,minha vó.Enquanto eu de cabeça baixa morrendo de vergonha e cheio de sensação!Ele fazia questão de levar minha mão aos poucos até a sua virilha.Eu ficava quase gozando!Toda vez que ele ia buscar água sempre me chamava pra lhe ajudar no seu banho.Ele não tinha o pau muito grande,mas sim muito peludo.Eu curioso sentia o quanto ele vivia carente,necessitando de carinho ficava até gemendo ao sentir minhas mãos delirando em seu corpo!Eu nunca tive a coragem de realizar com ele meus desejos maldito.Ele por ser honesto e se sentir afastado de sua esposa,logo faleceu! Aquilo que eu fiz pra ele,foi o suficiente para me deixar completamente ligado em coroa peludo.Logo fiquei adulto e cada vez mais invadindo-me um enorme desejo de curtir com coroas peludos,Só consegui minhas realizações depois que sai da casa dos meus pais.Depois que casei vivendo afastado dos familiares,surgiu as oportunidades.Hoje sou casado pai de três filhos já adultos.Estou completando 54 anos,mas não consigo me ausentar das maravilhas dos coroas.Tenho senhores que curtem comigo de uma forma que deixam-me completamente adornado de tanto prazer!Alguns viúvo,outros aposentado e em sua própria casa,recebe-me com todo prazer.No começo eu ficava preocupado em pô Pra dentro meus 22 centímetros neles,mas quando rola uma boa atração,na hora H Tudo que entra se torna pouco ainda!Acostumei com a segurança que há em cada um,que realmente não há coisa melhor!O que se torna mais confortável é poder contar com o lado amigo e a colaboração de manter em segredo.Quando troco as primeiras ideias com o tipo de coroa,já aprovo ou em seguido reprovo.Graças a Deus aprendi separar cada tipo de pessoas!Gostaria que cada homem que gosta da brincadeira,soubesse assim fazer a sua escolha!...