Montag, 3. August 2015

My New Neighbor

When the gray haired old man and his wife got out of the big black Lincoln with a fancy dressed woman who was obviously a real estate lady, the old man got my full attention. I even moved closer to my big front picture window in order to get a better view of him. And as he walked toward the adjacent apartment, I started drooling. The old man could have stepped straight out of one of my wet dream!

He was burly and walked with sure powerful steps as he followed closely behind the real estate lady, with his petite wife bring up the rear. As he came near my apartment’s front window, he looked directly at me. Caught gawking at him, I blushed. His weathered, tan face broke into a faint smile as the real estate lady lead the couple passes my apartment to the vacant one next door.

Later when they were escorted back to the real estate lady’s big black Lincoln, I made sure I was at the window again. I thought he walked closer to my apartment than he had too. My reward was seeing his hairy legs and how nicely his well-rounded ass cheeks filled out his beige shorts.

I was so excited that I set down in my favorite over stuffed chair which just happened to face the apartment’s big picture window, than as I recalled how handsome and fatherly looking the old man was, I jacked off into my hand. And as I filled my hand with cum, I couldn’t help but wish that it was the old man’s cum being pumped into my palm.

Several days passed, without the old couple returning to view the apartment again. I had all but given up on them moving in when one day a red pickup truck pulled into the front of the duplex and the old man climbed out. GOD, was my heart pounding when I saw him pull out a key from his pocket and unlock the door to the adjacent apartment.

He stayed inside for fifteen minutes or so before coming out again. Then as he began looking for the patio area, I gained enough courage to walk outside.

The old man glanced toward my apartment as I opened the door.

“Hello,” I called out. “I see that you rented the apartment.” I added.

“Yea, my wife loved the location and I like the price. It’s rather inexpensive for an apartment so close to the beach.” He added as he smiled. “How long have you lived here?” He asked.

“Almost three years. Great place. The beach is just over the draw bridge and there’s a nice park down at the end of Oakland Park Blvd.” I told him speaking fast as his presence made me nervous as I was so stricken by his fatherly looks.

“Is yours a one bedroom, too?” The old man asked.

“Yes, it’s exactly like yours.” I responded as I found myself walking toward him.

“But they are big one bedrooms. Hell, I’ve been looking at two bedrooms that weren’t as big for twice the money.” He said as I stepped from my patio to his. “It plenty of room for me and my wife. Are you married?” He suddenly said, catching me off guard.

“No . . . me and my friend share . . . the apartment. He’s visiting friends in New York.” I said before I could catch myself.

“Oh! I see.” The old man said. Suddenly he was looking at me differently. His eyes seemed to stare at me as thought he was looking at me through a magnifying glass. “The real estate agent told me there was lots of quee . . . gays in the area.” The old man said bluntly. “She said that made it safer. Whatever she meant by that.” The old man added.

I stood there wordless.

“Ah . . . I didn’t mean to offend you.” The old man suddenly said.

“No offense, taken.” I finally found my voice. “I hear they put tile floors in your apartment.” I said to change the subject.

“Yea, they look great. What kind of flooring does your apartment have?” The old man asked.

“Terrazzo and it’s not in good shape.” I answered. “Wish I had tiles.” I added. “I bet it looks beautiful”

“It does. You want to see it?” The old man asked and started walking toward the door of his apartment without even waiting for my answer.

My eyes were on the back of his strong hairy legs instead of the stone tiles as I followed him into his apartment. I had to fight an urge to brush my hand against them as I walked pass him. Then when I turned and faced him, I noticed the patch of gray hair sticking out of the top of his light-blue knit shirt. I must have stared at his gray chest hair a little too long.

“Yea, I’m getting so old that all my hair on my chest is turning gray.” The old man said.

“Looks sexy!” I blurted out without thinking.

The old man’s eyebrows narrowed as he looked at me.

“Luckily, the hair around my dick is still dark.” The old man said. “I couldn’t stand the thought of having gray hair round my dick. Damn, I would look old then.” He added.

“You mean you don’t have any gray pubic hair.” I suddenly found myself asking the old man. I tensed up not knowing what his response would be.

“Hell no. it is as dark as the hair on my arms and legs.” The old man answered in a defensive tone.

“Oh.” I mumbled.

“Hell, I can prove it! I might be seventy-one but my pubic hairs are as dark as they were when I was twenty.” The old man said then shocked me by starting to unbuckle his belt. I watched in growing excitement as he pulled down his beige shorts and exposed his white jockey shorts.

My breath became suddenly rapid as I watched him jerked down his jockey shorts exposing his full crotch to my view. And what a view it was! He was correct his pubic hairs were still dark but I didn’t spend much time looking at them, what caught my immediate attention was his thick uncut dick resting on top of a set of huge bull sized balls.

“See!” The old man said in a loud voice. “No gray.”

I couldn’t stop myself from stepping closer to him as I stared intently at his thick soft dick and big balls.

“Beautiful!” I mumbled as I found myself dropping to my knees in front of the old man. “Wow, I bet your wife loves to get some of that.” I said as I glanced from his thick soft dick up to his stern face. “You’ve got a big dick. Can you still get a hard on?”

“Hell yea!” The old man said in a thundering voice. “The damn thing stays hard half the time. I have to jack it off every day.” He answered without making an effort to pull his shorts up.

As he spoke, I slowly moved my face toward his crotch expecting him to stop me at any second but loving the moment anyway. And sure enough when my lips came within an inch of his big limp foreskin draped dick he suddenly jerked back slightly.

“What are you doing?” He demanded. “Hell, I’m no queer.”

I glanced up into his big green eyes. “Let me suck it” I said.

The old man stared down at me without answering, as though he was thinking over my request.

“Please.” I said, trembling with excitement.

“I ain’t no queer.” He repeated but this time his voice was soft and carried a sexual charge. And he reached down at grabbed his thick dick and pulled the foreskin back over the huge head of his dick. “I got a big dick head too.” He said with a hint of pride in his voice. “A big dick for an old man, isn’t it?”

“Huge!” I told him. “Just let me kiss it.” I pleaded as I leaned forward.

I expected the old man to protest but as my lips moved closer and closer to his huge dick head he held his position. Then my moist lips touched the big head of his dick. The old man moaned. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and managed somehow to take his big dick head entirely inside my mouth.

“Oh! GOD!” He exclaimed when I started sucking gently on the head of his dick. “Hell, that feels wonderful.” He added as he suddenly reached down and grabbed me behind the head with his huge, weathered hands. Then he was suddenly pulling my face toward his crotch and forcing his monster, swelling dick down my throat. “Take it. You wanted it. Now take that whole damn thing!” He said in an almost angry voice.

I had no choice. It was swallow the old man’s monster dick or choke. I guess it was desire to please the old man that cause me to a swallow a dick bigger than I had ever been able to handle before. Somehow I managed to take inch after inch of his thick dick down my throat until my lips were pressed against his dark pubic hairs.

He held my face to his crotch until I gagged before he pulled my head back. Then he started moving my mouth up and down his thick dick shaft as he fucked my mouth like he was fucking his wife’s pussy.

I took his plunging dick and made love to it with my tongue as the old man repeatedly shoved it down my throat and pulled it quickly back out.

“Damn, this is hot! Shit your mouth is better than a pussy.” The old man called out excitedly as he fucked my mouth faster and faster. “Get ready. I’m going to unload! Damn! Here it comes!”

Then suddenly the old man pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his huge load of white cum onto my face as he held my head in front of his squirting dick.

His load of cum was dripping down my chin when he released me and stepped back. He glanced down at me and wasn’t smiling as he quickly pulled his jockey shorts up and followed that motion by putting back on his beige shorts.

I quickly reached into my back pocket of my shorts and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the cum off my face as I got to my feet. “Guess I should be going.” I said as I cleaned the last drops of cum from my chin.

“Yea, I got things to do and my wife will be here shortly.” The old man said still glaring at me with a suddenly unfriendly stare.

“Ok, see you.” I said as I headed toward the door. The old man didn’t respond as I hurried out of his apartment. As soon as I was inside my apartment, I pulled my dick out and started jacking off while stand in front of my picture window. And as I pumped my dick with my hand, the old man came out of his apartment and again began to survey his patio. Then he looked over at my apartment and saw me standing in front of the window jacking off.

I expected him to turn away but he didn’t. He stood his ground and watched as I manipulated my long foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick. Knowing that he was watching, filled me with such excitement that I quickly shoot off. As the old man watched, I caught my load of cum in my hand. He watched my white sperm pooled up into a mass of white liquid in the palm of my hand. Then with him still watching, I reached up with my palm coated with my own cum and smeared it all over my face and then licked what was still sticking to my palm clean with my tongue. And all the while the old man stood there watching until I finally felt a rush of shame and walked away from the window.

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