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Dr. Peterson

Written by Triplebottom

Hello, my name is James. I'm in my 20s and I make dentures so that people are able to chew and eat their food. Usually, dentists send me cases and I make the dentures. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes they don't. On this day, it wasn't one of those smooth days.

Dr. Peterson, a recent newly acquired client, was on the phone. He wasn't too happy with I'd sent him and demanded a meeting with me. I calmly agreed and drove over to his office. His receptionist Carry, greeted me and told me to have a seat while she grabbed the doctor. This wasn't my first time in hot water with a client, so I relaxed and picked up a nearby magazine.

Carry quickly sat back down and I could hear stomps with a purpose coming my way. I kept my face to the magazine when the door flew open and Dr. Peterson tossed a box on the coffee table in front of me. I lowered the magazine and stared blankly at him, then the box, and back at him again. I noticed the pent up anger inside him slowly melted the longer he looked at me. His eyes quickly did a once over on me, and bingo.

I do believe the good doctor here might have a thing for little ol' me. I smiled and asked, "what seems to be the problem Dr.?" He seemed not to hear me. I glanced over at Carry and she just shrugged. I asked if maybe we could speak in private, in case a patient walked in. He replied, "Yes, I have an office." I picked up the box and followed him. He shut the door behind me and asked me to take a seat.

I studied Dr. Peterson when he sat down. Your typical older white male in his late 50s or early 60s. He had greying hair and a receding hairline. Not too bad, he had a cute quality to him. I decided that I might just have some fun with him. I always had a thing for older guys. The Dr informed me the denture in the box didn't fit. I took it out and examined it. The solution was simple enough so I said, "Sorry for the tight fit, I can be more...aggressive if you'd like?"

The chess game had begun. He settled into his leather chair and I could almost see the gears in his head. Was I being facetious or was it all in his head. He agreed to my suggestion and played it safe. I decided to press on, "Dr. Peterson, I'm sorry about this problem. I'm glad I was able to come here and speak to you. I can't stress how important it is to have a back door...I mean and open door policy." I watched carefully as I "mistakenly" said, "back door" and saw all I needed to see.

He'd taken a slow deep breathe when I said it. A feral smile arose internally. My cock hardened at the thought of him and I having sex on the desk. I stood with my cock semi hard and extended my hand. His eyes locked onto the slight bulge of my pants and simply agreed, so we shook. I was guessing he didn't want to stand because of his erection. I bid farewell to Carry as I left with a smile on my face.

A few days went by until I heard from Dr. Peterson again. It seemed he had another issue with a case. He sounded genuinely angry but not as much as the last time. He demanded I come to his office immediately to discuss the matter. I smiled and hung up. Was this a legit issue or was he fishing just to see me again? There was only one way to find out.

When I arrived at his office, I tried to open it but it was locked. I peered in and saw him at the front desk which was odd. Where was Carry? He noticed me and came to let me in. I asked where Carry was and Dr. Peterson said that she went home early due to a migraine. He locked the door behind and ushered me into his office. The case in question was on the desk.

I examined it and apologized once again even though I could tell there was nothing wrong with it. He sheepishly said, "Listen James, I can't keep having these issues. I might lose patients and that's just bad business. I think I might have to use a different denture lab." He was a terrible actor. But, this was getting interesting and I decided to play along.

I apologized again and asked, "Is there something I can do to make up for the issues lately? How about I discount them? Or the next couple I do for free?" His face turned red and just shook his head as if there was nothing I could do. But I knew what was going on in his head. He's debating if he should propose an exchange for sex or not.

We sat there for an awkward minute as he had his internal struggle so I chose to take things further. I got up and walked over to a wall with his accolades. I ran a few lines in my head and then decided on one. I turned and said, "Listen Dr. Peterson, as you know, this is the slow season in our industry and I need every account I can get. If there is anything I can do to help keep this...partnership going, just let me know. I'd be so grateful."

He turned slightly in his chair and I saw his bulge. I had him right where I wanted him. He sat there, not knowing what to do next. I guess it was up to me to do most of the heavy lifting in this "deal." I walked over to a bookcase by his desk and picked up a picture that displayed a younger version of him and who I assumed was his wife. She seemed like a hard nosed bitch.

"Is this your wife Dr. Peterson," I asked. He stood up to look at what I was speaking of. He answered, "Yes, we've been married for 30 years." Ah, so he's been debating if he should cheat on his wife with a young piece of ass like me.

"She seems a bit intense, no?" I asked. He chuckled and agreed. I placed the picture back and gently asked, "Does she take good care of you, Dr. Peterson?" He froze so I took a small step towards him. He didn't budge but his lower lip seem to quiver a bit. As if words were trying to be formed but my now sexual presence was suffocating them. I took another step forward and fixed his collar of his shirt.

I looked into his eyes and whispered, "Dr. Peterson, does she suck your cock every night and morning? Does she make you feel good?" I slowly shook his head no. I smiled meekly, putting my hand on his chest to sit him back into his chair, I kneeled in front of him. I licked my lips and said, "Dr. Peterson, I need another chance. Can't you find it in your heart to give me just one more chance."

With his lips still quivering, he nodded yes as I slid my hands up and down his legs. I put on my most sincere face and thanked him while my hands slid up his body and down his legs again. On the next pass I unbuckled his belt so I could undo his pants. I slid them down and was rewarded with a pretty decent cock. It was about 6 inches, thick, veiny and most importantly, hard. I licked from the bottom of his shaft to the tip as he shuddered in pleasure. I took in his musky smell and it felt so erotic.

Dr. Peterson gripped the arms of his leather chair as I slid my tongue up his cock. I slipped my lips over his manhood and went to work. I could feel the veins on his cock as my lips glided up and down. His salty precum hit my tongue and I looked up at him. His glazed over eyes told me everything I needed to know. I had him right where I wanted him. He's going to be a client for life.

I moved my mouth over the top and with a pop, it sprang free from my lips. I slowly stroked his cock as I kissed my way down it. I got to his balls and lightly licked them. A moan escaped his mouth and I took that opportunity to ask, "Dr. Peterson, you're going to keep sending me cases right?" He moaned again as I continued to lick and stroke him. He nodded with another moan.

"Dr. I'll make you a deal. For every ten cases you send me, I'll cum back," I offered. He weakly agreed and I figured I did a good job. I slid my tongue slowly up his shaft as my hands went to caress his balls. I continued my oral assault on him. I sucked him off for everything it was worth. He built enough courage to lay a hand on my shoulder and then on my head. My hands slipped under his ass so I could take him deeper.

I let his cock hit the back of my throat a couple times to make that sound porn stars make in the videos. I released his cock from my mouth with a gasp and I jerked him off so i could catch my breathe. I was feeling real slutty. I looked at him and asked, "You're wife doesn't suck your cock like this does she." He shook his head as I slapped his cock against my lips and then my tongue. I bobbed down again to get some of his precum in my mouth. I let his cock free of my mouth again and spat on it to lube it more as I stroked him.

"Do you like having your cock in my mouth," I asked. He nodded as he breathed heavily. I continued, "Mmmm your cock tastes so good. I can't wait until you give me another ten cases." I kissed the pink velvety head and pressed my tongue in the opening of it. He let out a groan of pleasure.

"Dr. Peterson, if you behave I might get a whole lot more than my pretty mouth on your cock," I said as I licked and kissed his balls. He answered with a breathless, "Yes please..." I knew I was going to have fun with him. I may also be able to raise his price. I guess we'd have to see how much he enjoyed me.

I was getting tired down there so I decided it was time for my grand finale. I started to suck and stroke his thick cock. I was going to milk this old bastard and leave him wanting more. My head bobbed as his moans got louder and louder. I felt the 6 inches of hot meat passing through my lips. The smell of musk and sex filled my senses and it was intoxicating. His hands gripped my shoulders as if he wanted me to stop but I wanted it. I wanted his cum. I wanted his satisfaction. He thrusted his hip as he could no longer hold it in anymore. With a last suck, his cock popped out of my mouth for the last time and he shot all over my face as I furiously jerked him off.

His cum sprayed all over my face and I could feel it slowly seep down it. Luckily it looked like he got everything by my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes and watched his he and his cock went limp. He sat panting as if he'd just ran a marathon. I licked my cum covered lips and tasted him. I got up and grabbed some tissue paper from his desk to clean myself off. I made sure to bend a bit more so he could notice my ass.

I peeked behind and yep, he was staring dead at it. I wondered if he even still had sex with his wife. Oh well, it didn't matter. It would be much better if they didn't. I've found that men will do almost anything for sex. Especially really good sex. As I left, I turned and said, "10 cases..." With that, I left smiling. Another satisfied customer.

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