Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Horny sauna experience

This is a brief story about my first sexual experience with a man. It was late November when I started to frequent the local sports center, by that time I had already decided that I was bisexual and that I found older hairy men unbelievably attractive. I set up my routine swimming every Tuesday and Friday. It was great, because I was at the sport center run by the university I had plenty of opportunity to check out naked men of 19+ yrs old. Every trip I would swim for 45 minutes and then shower for another 10 (giving me plenty of time to check out other hot naked men), but it so happened that one Tuesday I noticed a particularly attractive man in his late 50's emerge from the sauna. As usual I collected my towel and shower gel from my locker and headed for the communal showers after this handsome hunk. I stripped of at the entrance to the showers and proceed to the 4th of the eight showerheads available; he was at no.1 at the entrance to the showers so he could see everyone and everyone could see him. I stayed in the shower for 15 min that day looking at the old man and his beautiful cock, trying not to be too obvious.

Well this process repeated the next Tuesday around the same time, and I decided that this guy must be a regular sauna goer, and meanwhile during the week I had had a couple of hot wanking sessions just thinking of him when he was in he shower. That weekend I came to the conclusion that I should try out the sauna on a Tuesday.

The Monday before I chose to go to the sauna to check out and get a feeling of the facilities. I arrived early at about 3 o'clock due to my lack of classes in the afternoon, and got a key to the sauna area from reception. This was my first ever time being in the sauna area and I had no idea what to expect. I opened the door with the key and stepped in precautious manner. The area looked pretty much like the changing room outside, however it was much smaller in comparison.

On the left as I walked in the door there were two benches up against each side of the wall, with a bank of lockers at the end. To my right was a waist high wall, which signified the start of the sauna area. Beside the wall there were three white plastic sunbeds two of which holding a naked men of varying ages, directly perpendicular to the beds there was the sauna, and to the left hand side the was a passage down to what looked like showers. I walked over to the benches and tentatively began to undress. Being unsure as to how it worked I had brought swimming shorts along to wear once I got in, but I felt that I'd look like an amateur if I wore them after seeing the two naked men cooling off outside on the beds. When naked I wrapped my towel round my waist, put my stuff in a locker and then headed for the sauna.

The sauna was quite small 3m x 3m with two level seating along the walls. I entered and saw another three men reclining on the benches. Not to my surprise all 3 were naked and pretty old (an average age of 50). I then took my place in the top right hand corner of the sauna. The sauna was gorgeously hot and a few minutes later the men who were reclining outside returned. After about half an hour all the old men left, explaining they had had enough. The only man left was a reasonably attractive Caucasian male who was about 65.

It was not long until we were joined by another man, who was relaxing, before he went for his swim. Soon we were all in conversation and chatting away to each other. I found out that the guy I was alone with for a while was called Mike. We talked about lots of things and after about every 15 mins we would go and shower all the sweat off. During the conversation I established that Tuesdays were always very quite, and I told him that I would be returning tomorrow and would he like to join me. He kindly took up my offer and we arranged to meet the next day at 3.15 at the sauna.

That night got everything ready for the next day in anticipation of what was going to happen. I met Mike at 3.15 at the sauna as arranged got changed and ready with him, looking at Mike I noticed he was quite hot too. He stood about 6'1', he was slightly plump but with medium build and a nice covering of brown hair all over (not as hairy as I liked, but I wasn't complaining). His dick was average too big (about 4'' when flaccid) and surrounded by a nice dense bush of brown pubic hair. We headed for the sauna both with towels wrapped around our waists, when we went in we found that it was empty.

For a moment I felt a bit disappointed but that soon passed as we got into chatting, about 15 minutes later Mike said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to sprawl out and take my towel off". "Ok, I don't care." I replied indignantly secretly thinking about his dick just hanging there. We started talking and I gradually took off my towel completely. Suddenly Mile asked me why I had started coming to the sauna so frequently. I panicked because I could hardly tell him the real reason! So of the top of my head I replied," I hurt my lower back playing rugby, and my physio advised me to come here to relax and stretch it." I then said, "I should do some stretches now, I couldn't do them yesterday because there were too many people there!"

I then went on to do some stretches in front of him completely but naked. Finally it came to doing the stretches for my back; I lay on my front and push my upper body up with my arms stretching my lower back. I was so engrossed in the stretch that I didn't notice Mike stand up and dander across the room, without his towel, to me. I tensed up as I felt a hand touch my lower back, "around here?" Mike asked. "Down and left" I replied as Mike's hand moved just to the top of my bum cheek. Then he started massaging it, I couldn't believe it this guy was rubbing my back and I had the biggest hardon ever! I turned my head to glance at him and he was rock hard as well, but he didn't notice me because he was so immersed in his work.

There was a click as the door of the sauna opened, Mike turned round to see who it was, as did I. It was the initial reason I had ever turned up to the sauna! Mike said, "Hi Tom, How are you? Long time no see". "It is indeed Mike how are you?" Tom's loud voice boomed across the sauna. Mike then got down of the bench and made his way over to Tom where he shook his hand thoroughly. I introduced myself and sat up in the corner. Tom walked over to the bench opposite me and just before sitting down he put his towel beside the sauna heater. Tom was gorgeous, he was just a little shorter than me at about 5'10', but boy did he make up for it in other areas. He was handsome with the rugged unshaven look. Tom was definitely in his late 50's he had short but well groomed graying hair and was covered in the sexiest silver hair all over. His body was in excellent shape and was lean but muscled. But probably one of his best features was his massive cock; Toms cock was long and thick at the same time. His foreskin was long and quite over hung, at a rough estimate Tom's cock was a good 6'' flaccid (I was to find out later that it could grow even bigger).

Throughout the sauna while we chatted I couldn't help but admire Tom's dick, as it just lay there long and floppy. Time flew in the sauna as we chatted and eyed each other up all the time. But alas it had to end and I went to the showers, collecting my toiletries on the way, ending up showering under the first showerhead. After about 5 minutes I was joined by Mike who looked to be finished as well. Mike showered at the last head leaving a gap between us. Suddenly Tom arrived and took the shower in the middle. We all lathered up and began to wash all the sweat off ourselves. Eventually I mustered enough courage to look beside me in the showers hopping to either Mike or Tom. I was shocked when I turned to see to with a semi, slowly Mike and I watched Tom stroke himself up to a full hardon.

Mike Grinned at me as he looked at me turn from limp to hard. We all stood there in the showers with raging hardons. It took me a second to realize what was happening as Tom dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He pulled my foreskin back and used his tongue to rub my piss slit, and then in one go he deep throated me. Mike came over and began to wank in rhythm with Tom's bobbing head. I moaned with pleasure as wave upon wave of ecstasy hit me. Then my knees began to fell a bit wobbly so I sat down on the floor with my back against the wall and my legs spread apart. Tom moved his hand down and began to jack himself off at the same time. I felt it then building up within my ball sac, I told the both of them that I was gonna cum soon and to be ready for it. With that Mike shoved his dick into my mouth and began to fuck my face. First I heard Mike groan and then Tom, this told me they were very close, and it sent me over the edge. It felt like I was firing missiles into Tom's mouth. As I did that Tom spurted his cum all over my ass and stomach and Mike started to cum in my mouth. However we didn't stop we just took it all in moving like a well-oiled machine.

Happy after our little menage trois we stood up and washed each other down in the shower. Then we thought fuck this and headed for the sauna.

On the way we stopped at our lockers and took out some condoms. When we got into the sauna we found there was another man in there, it was obvious that he had seen us and had just had a wank. Due to the fact that his dick was semi hard and still had some cum on it. I then took another look at Tom and remembered

How much I wanted to ride his overly hairy asshole. I approached him kissing him passionately for a few seconds and then in one move I swiveled round behind him and pulled him down to the bench. He laughed, as there he was obviously my daddy, sitting on my knee and my soft dick, like he were my son. I whispered, "Daddy wants you now!" and with that I laid him down on his back. I then slipped on a rubber and lifted his legs onto my shoulders. As I looked down at his asshole I realized that it was big and stretched, although I wasn't his first it was nice to know I was with a man who knew what he was doing. I got myself ready and then slowly eased in, I was harder now than I had ever been in my life and it looked to me that he was as well. After a few seconds he nodded showing he was comfortable, and I started into my rhythm. I went slowly at first as the pleasure began to grow, but I soon wanted more and began to speed up. Tom was smiling at me now, and all of a sudden I felt waves of pleasure course trough my body. Tom grunted and then cried "fuck me harder". I then began to really pummel his ass, getting harder with every feeling of delight that ran through me. Suddenly I felt him tighten around me, as I saw his penis lift and shoot squirts upon squirts of cum, all over our chests and torso's. As before this sent me straight into the abyss of rapture. As I filled my condom with oodles of my man juice.

We kissed passionately and I collapsed upon him. We lay there in perfect harmony with each other for about 10 minutes oblivious to what was happening around us. When we came out of our trance we were greeted with a view of Mike taking the surprise viewer up the ass. We left them alone and went to the showers where we kissed and washed each other under the shower. I got dressed with Tom and arranged to meet him again on Friday for what I was hoping would be another hot session. I kissed him and left, one step further in my experience of life, and ready to do it again.

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Ferry Boat hairy Dad

Last summer I was in the Mediterranean and I had to take a short ferry-boat trip to an island.
The day was hot and sunny. Having to wait for almost an hour for the next departure I opened the roof of my convertible and got rid of my T-shirt so I could get some tan on my small, smooth, trim body. (I know you hate this part but that's what I am, a 45 year old man with boyish looks...).

While I was waiting in the car line on the embarcadero I noticed an elderly couple just behind me in their camper. She was a thin freckled woman with an attractive Kate Hepburn like weather worn face and unable to keep her mouth shut for a second since she was chatting all the time to the husband.

Oh boy! The husband! HE was something. Peering into the rearview mirror I could only see his face, his upper torso and forearms resting on the steering wheel, but wasn't that enough to set me boiling!

He was the polar bear if there ever was one. White trimmed beard on a pleasant face topped with thinning short white hair, and silver hair with golden streaks on his forearms: lots of it. He wore a short sleeved azure shirt that was unbuttoned as far as I could see and from it fluffed out a forest of white hair like a cloud in a blue sky. And to add to my suffering the man was tanned, which made his white fur look even better by contrast.

I turned back and peered more closely, pretending I was trying to see how long the line was behind me.

The woman looked back behind her too. Leaning out of her open window she turned and smiled at me: I felt the chatterbox was eager for an attentive listener so I jumped to it and said: "Quite a long line behind us, many won't make it to the next ferry."

"You're right, and I wouldn't be on their shoes. I'm dying to get into the boat and rest on the deck. We've been traveling across Europe for a month now and we'll spend a week of total relaxation on the island before we go back to Ireland. My brother lives there with his family: he married an Italian woman and now he's retired and prefers to live in the warm south."

So they're Irish, and I adore a big Irish bear, let's get acquainted a little better with Mrs. Bear and who knows...

"You came all the way from Ireland on that camper?", I said. "Must be very comfortable, I had a mind to buy one myself but never had the opportunity to see how it really is to live inside those things..."

"Oh really? Once we're on board Rick won't mind to show you our home, will you Rick? You will show our friend"

"I'm Andrea," I volunteered. "Andrea, isn't that a girl's name?" she laughed a shrill little laugh. "Excuse me Andrea, no offense meant, I am Anne and this is my husband Rick."

"Hi Anne, hi Rick. No offense taken but believe me, in Italy Andrea is the equivalent of Andrew and the female counterpart would be Andreina."

She laughed again and got along pretty well with all the chit chat, although Rick seemed to be gazing at the void in front of him, which happened to be in my direction, so I never felt sure whether he was looking at me or not, but he managed to grunt a Hi when introduced, producing a smile that for the second . It melted me more than the Mediterranean sun.

"Seems like I've been appointed tour guide of our little home" he said with a half desperate half amused expression on his face.

"Come now Rick, as if I didn't know how proud you are of our castle on wheels", she reverted to me beaming. "That's how I call it Andrea, our castle", and then to Rick again "and after all the work you put into it I can't imagine you won't be happy to show it to our friend."

"Well, I don't mean to be a nuisance" I interrupted, "you're on holiday so just relax and have a good time on the ferry-boat. It's a very pleasant crossing, I did it many times."

He looked at me with more intensity and said "It's all right son, Anne loves to spend all her time in the sun and she'll go on the deck but I need some rest and I'll spend my time in here anyway. You're welcome to visit."

And so it was that, once on board, Anne walked resolutely towards the deck with a towel and gallons of tanning lotion, leaving me alone with daddy bear Rick.

"Come on son, let's a have a beer, cool and nice just out of the fridge", Rick beckoned me. I picked up my shirt from the back seat. "Don't bother, it's just too damn hot for that" he said, pointing at my shirt. "As you see I'm very comfortable too, after all this is my home" he rumbled with a laugh.

As I jumped in I saw he was very comfortable indeed. His shirt was completely unbuttoned and open on his hair-matted chest, long white smooth hair puffing two inches out of his body; and the only other garment he wore were his boxers, sky blue as the shirt.

His muscular legs were covered with thick grey fur and the sight of his barrel chest and belly, solid and firm and all covered in white snow made me almost gasp.

"You look pale, son, here have a beer and sit down."

He handed me a cool can, winked and sat in front of me on a little sofa. Spreading his legs comfortably he told me to relax and feel at ease, he'd show me the place around as soon as we'd cool off.

The hell I could feel at ease and cool off: I couldn't help but staring at those grey, furry, beefy thighs, but what really mesmerized me was his crotch. Man, his boxers' fly was unbuttoned except for the top button, and his crotch hair escaped through the open gap, even thicker and longer than the fur on the rest of his body. The outline of his cock and balls was very clear against the stretched thin blue fabric: fat cock on one side, big balls on the other.

"Oooops, sorry, I was about to take a leak when you came in", he twinked when he saw me staring, "been saving it for hours on the road, we never stopped since this morning, didn't want to miss this boat. I must have a couple gallons here."

"I need to go too if you don't mind..."

"Then come over, we better piss together, the reservoir needs recharging and there won't be enough flush for two."

We headed for the tiny toilet. Even leaving the door open we were crammed real close in front of each other. I unzipped and got my cock out. He let his boxers slide down to his ankles, his fat cock dangled heavily on the huge hairy balls hanging halfway down his thighs, his smell so close to me... our cocks were practically brushing...

"Aaah, those balls needed some fresh air, been sweating in those boxers since this morning."

I decided to get bold. "You sure have some equipment there" I said, "bet that dick must be real fat when it's hard, and look at those balls man, never saw low hangers as heavy as those."

He looked at me and suddenly grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face toward him and clamped his lips on mine while his other paw held his pissing cock. He started fucking my mouth with his tongue and pissing like a horse.

"You like to take a leak with daddy don't you", he managed to mumble with his tongue practically still in my mouth, "come on, piss on daddy's cock son."

After the first nanosecond of shock I responded quite enthusiastically and kissed him deeply while pissing on his crotch and on the hairy paw that was directing the thick gush of piss onto my cock.

Our bladders were drained eventually, and now I took the initiative of kneeling down and licking my piss from his fat uncut cock.

"Yeah, make it nice and clean boy, I saw you look at me from your car, loved that smooth tan body of yours, let me feel this smooth chest ...mmmmm... nice hard nipples you got here, mind if I play with them while you clean my balls, son?"

It was totally useless to answer so I went about my business, licking his balls and his now hard cock. Jeeeez it was so fat the thick foreskin retracted to expose half the cock head and a piss slit that must have been half an inch. How I loved to work my tongue deep in that hole, and from his moans he loved it too, especially when I started fondling his big nipples looking up at him with his cock crammed now in my mouth. I pulled his unbuttoned shirt open and the sight from my point of view was amazing, a forest of thick fur spreading across the three snowy white mounds of his belly and tits, and ending up in a trim bearded face smiling down at me with twinkling eyes.

Squeezing his hairy ass with my hands, I pressed his crotch onto my face to signal I wanted him to fuck my mouth harder now, and then roamed my hands across his furry back and up again to his big pink hardening nipples. The taste of precum in my mouth was wonderful and he increased his tempo ramming that hose deeper and faster down my throat. I gagged but held and twisted his nipples harder.

"Aaaaggghhh, twist them fuckers son, play with daddy's nipples while he fucks your boy face, daddy IS GONNA CCUUUUMMMM!!!!"

The thick spurts kept coming and coming, I had to let it spill out of my mouth and the final shots hit my face and chest. He was panting heavily, face upwards, eyes closed, he kept whispering "Oh son, oh son, oh son...".

He finally looked down on me. "Thank you", he panted, "come let me lick that sperm off your face and chest, and make you happy too." With that he started lapping his cum from my face and chest with gusto, pulling me up against him.

My rock hard cock was now painfully swollen and rubbing between his big hairy thighs. While we kissed exchanging cum I managed to slip his shirt off him so could see and feel his hairy shoulders and back. "Rick you're so damn hairy and hot I'm gonna cum just looking at you", I said.

"Wait a second boy, show daddy how much you like his fur, let me sit on the toilet and you can fuck these big hairy tits, bury your cock in that fur man."

That drove me crazy and I started rubbing my cock on his chest hair, leaning against him, my hands on his shoulders while I fucked the crack between his man tits where the hair was even thicker.

"Come on, shoot a big load into daddy's mouth while you fuck his chest, go on, fuck daddy's hairy body yeeaahh..."

I kept on fucking his chest and growled like a bear as the first spurts shot up into his open mouth, and kept cumming and cumming until it spilled onto his chest and he scooped it up with his fingers and finally swallowed my cock to suck it and lick it clean.

We kissed again, wet and deep, exchanging the final gobs of my cum load with our tongues.

"How did you know..." I asked when we sat down for a second beer, cuddling and kissing.

"Takes one to know one, I guess. Anne and I are good companions but we haven't had any sex for a long time. We don't have children and maybe that's why in the last years I found myself increasingly attracted to younger men. I found that there are many of you guys who like to play with an old daddy bear like me, so I've developed quite an eye for hungry men and boys - call it a sixth sense." Then he winked again. "Actually I wasn't that sure... I thought you were after the truck driver behind us."

"What truck driver?" I asked...