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The Track Meet

I stare at the line of runners. I knew a couple of them. Lamar Roads was from Hartford Highschool. He was short and stocky. A good miler but I knew I could beat him. And I also knew that I could beat the guy next to him Jerry Cobb. But the other seven runners were total strangers. Some were tall and others were average height. Most were decked out in school colors. I was the exception. Didn’t own a pair of blue Rehobeth Highschool Rebels gym shorts. I was wearing a faded gray pair of gym shorts I had bought last year from Ronnie Men Wear and T-shirt and my canvas sneakers.

Everyone was nervous, me included. But I still felt confident. I had run too many hard sweaty miles to lose to anyone. True I had never raced but with our track team during practice, but no one at Rehobeth could beat me in the mile! And I expected too win here. Me, a little skinny queer was going to blow these macho boys away as soon as the referee fired the pistol that he was slowly raising into the air.

At the motion of the referee’s arm everyone bent down low and in the starting blocks. Then the loud explosion as the pistol fired. I didn’t sprint out of the blocks like some of the guys. I moved quickly but not as fast as I could have. About half the guys beat me off the blocks. Still I moved almost leisurely as I took my position in the middle of the pack of runners. I felt great. I looked ahead and counted six boys in front of me. The lead runner, a tall freckled boy from Dothan Highschool, was only about seven yards ahead of me.

Half way around the four lap track, I started moving up, slowly but surely passing one after another of the runners. By the time we had circled the track once only the tall freckled boy as ahead of me. I smiled even as I ran. It wasn’t supposed to be this easy. I felt great. I knew I could overtake the guy ahead of me and did so. I lengthened my stride and picked up my pace. I think I really surprised the boy when I pulled even with him, cause he glanced over at me. Then I was past him and running like the wind. I just blocked out the pain of my muscles and chest and ran faster and faster until I was fifteen yards ahead of the tall freckled kid.

The blowing of the whistle signaling the last lap surprised me. I hadn’t even realized that I had circled the track three time already. I dug deep inside and picked up my pace even more. I knew that no one was going to catch me.

Then it happened. My ankle turned. One moment I was running and the next I was on the ground. I sprang up almost instantly but by then four runners had passed me. I sprinted after them. I ran for all I was worth. I past one, two, three runners. Time seemed to stand still as I gained on the tall freckle kid. I was five steps behind him. Then three. One! Out of nowhere came the ribbon. The tall freckled kid broke it. The race was over.

I didn’t stop running until I was halfway down the side of the track. Only then did I slow down to a walk. I turned and head back to the starting point of the race. I felt sick. I had lost. I knew then and there I would never run another race. My body had let me down. I couldn’t trust it. That was the moment I realized I could only trust my mind.

“You’re bleeding.”

I glanced up and saw one of the assistance coaches from Dothan Highschool looking down at my right leg. I glance down and saw all the blood.

“Ain’t nothing.” I said and turned to leave.

“No go into the gym and see the trainer. He’ll take a look at the leg.” The coach ordered. “It’s the first right door as you enter.” He added pointing a side door of the gym.

It was like walking in a trance. My body was heading to the gym but my mind was going over the race. I managed to find the right door once I got inside the gym. I knocked once.

“Yea. Come on in.” Came a voice from within

I opened the door and found myself standing before a tall old man seated behind a huge oak desk. He looked to be in his sixties but even at that advanced age, I could see signs of the athlete that he must have once been. He was still well muscled, even though the muscles were not tight anymore. He was almost totally bald, with only crescent of white hair encircling his head.

“You the kid that fell?” He asked. “I was watching through the window.” He pointed to a window on the right wall of the room. “You would have won if you hadn’t fell. It’s a pity.”

I shrugged.

The old man stood up and walked around to the front of his desk. He towered over me and made me feel small. Then he placed one of his huge rough hands on my shoulder.

“There will be other races.” He said as he knelt down in front of me to examine my leg.

I didn’t tell him that I wouldn’t ever run again. I just nodded my head like a good kid as I watched him squat down and dab my leg with a white towel he had brought with him. And as he blotted away the drying blood from my leg he reached behind me with his other hand and held my ass cheek. The light pressure of the old man hand on my ass thrilled me. All thoughts of the race dropped from my mind as I looked down at the bald head of the old man.

“Just an abrasion. More blood than damage.” The old man said concentrating on my leg as he used the towel skillfully to remove the blood.

I couldn’t help getting a hard on. Hell he was so good looking. I could see all the gray hair on the old man’s chest as I looked down on him. And from the bulge in the crotch of his red gym shorts, I knew he either had a monster dick and a bull size set of balls.

Being that I wasn’t wearing a jock strap on or underwear the front of my faded shorts slowly started to form a tent at the crotch as my dick grew longer and thicker.

“I’m O.K.” I said suddenly realizing that the old man would see my hard on any moment. “I better go.”

It was then that the old man lifted his head and suddenly his eyes were level with my bulging crotch. He seemed to pause longer than necessary before glancing up at my face. “Will not take but a moment. If I don’t take care of it, you could get an infection.” Then he lowered his glace but stopped again to stare at my bulging crotch. To me it looked like it took an effort for him to go back to working on my leg. And then as he was dabbing some salve on the abrasion, the side of his face got pressed against my crotch.

I stiffen as I felt my rock hard dick pressing against his right cheek. I felt embarrassed. But I couldn’t control my dick. The sight of the old man and his hand on my ass was too much stimulation. And now his face was pressed against my dick.

Suddenly my dick jerked involuntarily against the old man’s pressing cheek, like it does when I am very excited. The old trainer stopped cleaning my leg and turned his face to my crotch. Then without saying a word, he reached up one of his big weathered hands and grabbed the waist band of my shorts and pulled them down. This caused my rock hard engorged dick to pop out like a jack-in-the-box!

The old trainer turned his lined face up to look me in the face. Then with his grey eyes sparkling with excitement, he said. “Looks like you need more worked than just on your leg.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said as my dick danced up and down with excitement. All thoughts of losing the race were completely gone from my mind. In fact, meeting the old trainer was well worth losing this race or any race. And as the old man reached his hand around my long thick dick, I realized that sex with old men was the most important thing in my life.

“You got a big dick for such a skinny boy.” The old trainer said as he slowly pulled the foreskin back to expose my big dick head. “But I think you have been told that before.”

I just smiled. I never considered my dick to be big but if everyone one else thought it was big then let them. Then the old trainer took my dick inside his mouth and I almost went crazy. Old men had sucked my dick before, but never like the old trainer was doing. His tongue was all over my dick head and the shaft of my dick even as he sucked my engorged young dick. My knees suddenly went weak.

“God! I love your young dick. Wish I had one as big.” the old man said as he reached down and pulled his dick and balls out of the leg of his shorts. I had been right. He had a monster set of balls. But his dick was tiny. Hell it wasn’t much bigger than my little finger and it look hard. Still, with a lot of loose foreskin hanging over the tiny head of his little dick, it looked cute. “It isn’t much is it.” The old trainer said.

“I love your balls. Can I touch them?” I asked as I stared down at his huge balls. They reminded me of the balls on Mr. Murphy’s Hereford Bull!

Without answering the old man stood up, towering over me. I couldn’t believe that someone so tall and broad shouldered could have such a tiny dick. It didn’t seem right. But to me his big balls more than made up for his tiny dick. I reached out and grabbed them. The old man moaned as I massaged his monster balls with both hands. I squeezed them. I love the feeling. I leaned over and kissed one of his giant testicles and then the other one. I buried my face against his huge balls. The feel of my face against my nuts almost made me shoot off. Then I took the old man’s tiny dick in my mouth.

“Yes!” The old trainer cried out. And I realized that probably no one ever sucked his dick because it was so small. That thought excited me. I enjoyed knowing that my dick was so big and his so small in spite of him being an old man and me only almost a man. “I’m going to cum!” The old man said loudly even though I had barely begun to suck his little dick head.

The old trainer might have a tiny dick, but his monster balls pumped a lot of cum through it. I thought he would never stop cuming. Not that I was complaining. I loved the taste of the old trainer cum and swallowed it as fast as he churned it out! When he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth, I figured that it was all over. But it wasn’t! The old man dropped to his knees and started sucking my big hard young dick. His hot mouth and moist tongue had me moaning like crazy. My knees started shaking as the old man deep throated my entire dick.

I grabbed the old man by his bald head and started fucking his mouth. God, did it felt good to ram my big dick into the old man’s volcano hot mouth. He rolled his eyes up to stare into my eyes as I fucked his mouth as hard and as fast as I could. The pleasure that I saw in his eyes made me even more excited. Then I was cuming in the old trainer’s mouth. My legs buckled and I would have fallen if I hadn’t of braced myself against the old man.

“Well, that was very nice.” The old trainer said as he wiped the cum from his lips with the back of his hairy hand. He stood up and retreated back behind his desk. “You live here in Dothan?” He asked.

“No, Sir. I live in Rehobeth.” I answered as I pulled up my shorts. “I don’t get to Dothan much. I caught a ride up for the track meet.” I explained.

“Wished you lived in Dothan. I would love to see you again. But my wife keeps close tabs on me when I not at work and hell even when I’m working. So, it’s hard from me to get out of town.” The old man told me. “And in spite of what I just did, I usually don’t do any playing around here in the office. I would prefer you not stop by here.”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” I said. Damn, he’s so nice. Here I was hoping him and I could get together regularly, I thought. “I won’t bother you. But thanks Mister. I really enjoyed it and I think you are very nice.”

The old trainer cleared his throat. “Well run along now. Hope you have better luck in your next race.” He said as way of dismissing me.

“Thanks.” I said as I headed for the door. But there will not be another race, I thought as I stepped into the hallway and headed for the exit. “There are more important things that running track in my life. One of these days I going to find an old man and we are going to be lovers.” I thought as I walked outside of the gym. The thought made me feel better than if I had won the race. Suddenly everything was crystal clear. I would find an older man for a lover no matter where I had to travel or no mater what I had to do to accomplish it. That was my life! All else was second.

As I passed the track, the assistance coach saw me and walked over.

“Hey you forgot your second place medal.” He said holding it out.

“You keep it. Doesn’t mean anything to me any more.” I shocked myself by saying.

The coach looked stunned for a moment then recovered and say. “Fuck you, Kid.”

“You ain’t old enough, Coach.” I said and jogged away before he could answer.

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