Montag, 30. März 2015

A surprise ending

What the fuck was I thinking?  Here I am, nearly forty years old, wearing
nothing much more than underwear--oh, and a mask--climbing into an oiled
wrestling pit, getting ready to do battle with some other masked dude in
front of a bunch of screaming guys at a gay club!  I am certainly old
enough to know better!  I mean how many beers had I had?  I turned around
and looked at my ex who gave me a beatific smile and blew me a kiss.  I
suddenly remembered just why he was my ex.  Asshole.  He set me up!  He had
commented on my recently toned up body, flattered me, and somehow got me to
get ready to make a fool of myself in front of all these guys.  Shithead!
However, now I wasn't sure if I was talking about him or myself.  Sigh.  I
just shook my head at myself and decided there was no backing out, finished
climbing into the pit and immediately fell on my ass!

Raucous laughter burst out as I struggled back to my feet.  I was glad it
was pretty dark in the club so no one could see my red face.  I was so
going to get my ex back for this!  I had forgotten his true nature after
some beer.  Of course the fact that he's early 20?s with a surfer boi build
and a sweet smile doesn't hurt his cred either.  Well, if this was his
revenge for me dumping his two-timing ass (yeah, had found him in bed with
another surfer dude), he'd better run before I got mine!

Shit.  I probably would have to wrestle someone like him, too.  I figured I
was going to be set up as the "Dad" in this match.  I mean, not only am I
nearly 40, but I'm 6 feet tall, with a dark red hairy chest and solidly
muscular body.  I do look the "heel", especially in black trunks and black
mask.  At least the black hid my cock, which was "plump", due to being
nearly naked and yelled at by all of the gay guy crowd.  Plus, of course,
my ex had added to that problem by fondling me some while he was setting me
up. What had I ever seen in him, that asshole?  Besides the obvious, I
mean? (Grin?)

OK.  Lesson learned.

I focused on staying on my feet on the loose and oily surface as I
approached the center of the pit for introductions by the hunky ref whose
too-tight, striped wife beater and skimpy black shorts didn't fail to make
an impression down below either.

He gave me back a lusty look of appreciation that added yet another inch to
my hardening cock.  Oh shit!  I don't care if it is pretty dark and I'm
wearing black.  The tent in my trunks was still obvious enough for a new
round of catcalls and whistles to emerge from the crowd.  I won't bother to
record them here, but "hit him with your hard on" was one of the mildest.

In my focus on the ref I hadn't even looked at my opponent yet.  Finally I
did and was shocked!  Well, I had expected white trunks and mask and he had
them.  I mean the whole yin/yang kind of thing.  However, I had expected a
sweet young skater boi body, hairless, virginal, 5'8 or so, sort of skinny,
with lean muscles.  I expected a jobber boy to compliment my hairy Dad heel

Nope!  Well, if I was Dad, I'd be wrestling Grampa!  But what a stud of a
Grampa!  He was my height and had a strongly muscled body, too.  Also
hairy.  But his chest and body hair was white.  His white trunks showed off
his big, thick, cock, too!  Wow, that was a weapon to match my own!  I had
never thought about doing any thing with an older guy before (David, my ex,
was pretty much typical for me), but suddenly realized I might have been
missing something!  LOL

The crowd must have seen me stiffen with surprise and hooted at me again.

The ref brought us together in the center of the pit, took out his mic, and
announced, "Gentlemen!  Our first match of the night brings together two
mature stud muscle bears who will rassle for your pleasure!  For those of
you with ÔDaddy' fantasies, they are now fulfilled!  Please try to keep
from cumming, at least immediately!" Raucous laughter again erupted.

The ref continued.  "Our first Dad, El Lobo, is 186 pounds, 6 feet in
height, and 37 years of age.  He has never wrestled for us before.  Welcome
El Lobo!" The crowd cheered for me for real this time and I acknowledged
that.  "Our other, older Dad, is 195 pounds, also 6 feet of height and 57
years of age.  He has wrestled twice for us before.  Please welcome The
Phantom!" The white masked man raised his arm in response to the cheers.
"They will wrestle to either a pin, a submission, or a request to retire
from the match.  There is a ten minute limit on the match if none occurs so
that we can continue with tonight's card."

All right.  At least I knew a bit more.  I'd just have to last for ten
minutes.  The referee stepped back and I closed in with the Phantom.

We locked up in the center of the pit and struggled to keep our feet.  For
an old guy he was pretty strong!  I could tell he had experience in the
pit, too, as he tried to get me to trip and fall.  We must have struggled
for close to a minute and then he raised his arms and mine and suddenly we
were chest to chest, face to face, and crotch to crotch!  I don't care if
he's an old man, he was seriously turning me on as we rubbed our nearly
naked bodies together!  My cock, which had gone down, started to come back
to life!  His did, too.  Damn, we must have matched cocks!

The Phantom took advantage of my loss of focus and tripped me and fell onto
the oiled mats on top of me.  He stretched out his legs to grab mine, going
for some kind of grapevine and a pin.  Forget that!  I was not going to
lose to an old man, no matter how much of a stud.  I pushed him off,
quickly, using my whole body, and rolled over on top of him to try the same
hold on him.  We both rolled in the oil, with neither one being able to
hold the other down for a pin.

Although neither one of us had been oiled up before the match we were both,
now, covered in oil.  If you've never wrestled in oil before, let me tell
you, it is completely different from normal wrestling.  I couldn't get any
kind of hold on the Phantom.  He slipped out of everything I tried and
started laughing at me.  I was getting more and more frustrated.  Now, I
really wanted to win and beat this guy.  I don't care if he is old enough
to be my father, he's really irritating me now.

Then he started to taunt me a bit and started to play really dirty.  He
grabbed my cock whenever he could and slapped my ass.  He pinched my
nipples.  He rubbed his nearly naked body against mine in the most
outrageously sensual ways possible.  His white trunks were now translucent
due to the oil, showing off his semi-hard cock and beefy ass.  I knew the
match was being shown on big screens around the club and could hear cheers
when he manhandled me.

Well, hell!  If he could put on a performance, so could I!  The next time
we locked up on our knees I got him in a bear hug and thrust my crotch
against his!  I could at least cockfight him all oily.  He moaned and
thrust right back.

We slipped and fell to the mats again but I managed to keep my hold on him
and kept thrusting my crotch against his, humping him like some kind of
wild animal!  The crowd went beserk!  Well, they were getting their money's
worth from these muscle bear Dads!  I slammed my hairy body against his,
slapped his ass, pulled on his trunks and mask, and forced our bodies to
frot each other's as obscenely as possible!

I don't know how long we kept going at each other, but it was obvious we
were both having a great time now!  Our cocks both went to full erection.
We slowed down the pace and almost started to make love right there in the
middle of the pit!  I don't care how old this guy is.  I hadn't been this
turned on in quite a while!  I was so going to have to meet this guy after
the match and take him home for another kind of workout!  LOL.

I don't know what would have happened, maybe an emission if not a
submission (grin), but the referee intervened and called time on the match!
Damn!  I was not ready to stop!  Please don?t make me, ref!  I could tell
the old dude felt the same way.

The ref. finally had to put his hunky body between us to keep us from going
back at each other.  The crowd yelled and cheered again.  They were
obviously loving the fact that these two muscle bear Dads were so into each

"And now it's time for another match", the ref said.  He grabbed the
Phantom's trunks, reached inside, undid the drawstring and pulled his
trunks down, releasing his huge and hard cock!  Damn, that was a beautiful
cock!  I'd do whatever it took to get this dude in my bed!  He then reached
over and started to undo my trunks!  Well, why not, I thought.  I've got
nothing to be ashamed of and if the old dude can do it, so can I.

I didn't interfere and let the ref grope me, groping my cock and my ass as
he undid my black trunks and let them fall to the mat.  I could now hear
the crowd yelling, "twin cocks, twin cocks!" Well, damn it, if they weren't

The ref pulled us together by our matching cocks and forced our oiled,
slick, hairy bear bodies together so that we could continue where we left
off.  We grabbed each other in another bear hug and went right back to our
frot.  Damn, that man knew what he was doing and knew just how to work me
over!  Every bit of our fronts rubbed sensuously together as our matched
bodies and cocks fought for sexual control of the other.

Suddenly I didn't care if I won or lost.  I just wanted to cum all over
this hot man and then take him home for round 2!  However, before I could
lose control all on my own, I suddenly felt another naked body against
mine!  Without even noticing it, the ref had shed his few clothes and was
now naked, too, rubbing his body against the Phantom's and mine!

Damn, even hotter!  He then reached around and stuck his big index fingers
in both our butts and found our prostates!  That did it!  As he rubbed our
buttons we both yelled out loud and came all over each other.  I guess many
in the crowd did, too, by the screams I barely heard as the Phantom, the
ref, and I collapsed on each other.

We finally came back to ourselves and, panting, managed to separate to have
a look at each other.  The ref then announced, "I declare this match to be
a tie!  And I have one final surprise for all of you.  Gentlemen, remove
your masks!"

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.  I didn't care if people there knew
who I was.  And I was dying to see what the face of this hot man looked
like, although I didn't care.  He was coming home with me, no matter what
he looked like!  LOL again.

We slowly untied our masks to reveal ourselves and be completely naked in
front of the still yelling crowd.

We managed to finish removing our masks at the same time.  We pulled them
off and stood in front of each other and simultaneously said, "O MY GOD."
"Danny?" "Dad?"

"--We slowly untied our masks to reveal ourselves and be completely naked
in front of the still yelling crowd.

We managed to finish removing our masks at the same time. We pulled them
off and stood in front of each other and simultaneously said, "O MY GOD."
"Danny?" "Dad?--"

We both stood there in shock and stared at each other. After a few moments
of equal shock, the crowd suddenly burst out in the most raucous laughter
of the night. "Danny, Dad", it cheered, over and over again, getting in on
the joke. Obviously we were set up to wrestle each other. The fact that
we were both so excited by the other, too, made this the best prank in
years! Well, anyone who had a Dad fetish probably came again realizing a
real Dad and Son had just had a sex wrestling match in public, completely
not knowing who the other was!

I blushed over my entire body (yeah, being a red head it was obvious), and
exclaimed, "I'll get that fucking David for this if it's the last thing I

My Dad looked at me, questioningly. "David? Not David Johnson, I hope?"

Well, that's a common name. However, the light started to dawn.

"Yeah, David Johnson. 20's, tall, hot, skater boi bod'. He was my lover,
but now is my ex after I found him in bed with another guy. He set me up
to wrestle tonight. Fucking asshole."

My Dad actually swayed a bit and looked like he might pass out. "That can't
be the same guy, but it sounds like it could be. He's been my lover for a
while and got me into wrestling at the club."

Oh, fuck! This was so like something I could imagine David doing. He had
just humiliated me in public, using my Dad to do it. That was it. No more
skater bois for me! But then I looked at my Dad and realized that he was
even more humiliated than I was. I could see the thoughts going through
his head. He had been made a fool of by the sweet young boi. He had been
used just to get back at me. David probably never cared for him at all.
This had all been a pretty elaborate plot (didn't think David had that in
him) to humiliate me while using my own Dad to do it.

If I thought I was going to kill David before, well, I suddenly went white
hot with anger. I mean, you can fuck with me and if my lust makes me lose
my mind and my common sense, well, that's my problem. However to use my
Dad so horribly and humiliate him totally just to get back at me for
dropping the dude after he's unfaithful...this dude is now dead. It is just
a question of when.

But now I realized my Dad needed to get out of there after the double shock
of wrestling and cumming on his son and now the realization of how he'd
been used by David. At least I'd expected that of the weasel asshole.

I pulled Dad to me and gave him a big hug, to the cheers of the crowd. Wow
did he feel good in my arms. Almost like we were made for each other.
(Grin?) Why hadn't I realized how hot he was before now? Oh well,

I pulled his naked body after mine and left the wrestling area to the next
matches, although I suspected a big group of guys was leaving at the same
time as we were, having had their fantasies for the night fulfilled.

We found the dressing room and slowly pulled on our clothes. Shower would
have to wait. We wanted out of there, now!

I could tell Dad was still in shock. I put him into my car and drove us
both to my house on the edge of town. He didn't say anything at all. Just
sat there.

I hustled him out of the car and got him into my smallish, but very
comfortable, house. I settled him in the living room and got him a small
glass of brandy. He drank that in one gulp. I gave him the bottle and got
myself some of the single malt Scotch I like and joined him in the living

We still were silent, trying to figure out what had happened tonight. I
finally saw the phone answering machine (yeah, I still have one) was
blinking. I went over and turned it on to see who had called. I heard
David's voice on the machine and started to pick up the machine to throw it
across the room.

Dad's voice stopped me. "Danny, don't", he said. "I want to hear what he
has to say."

I had to ball my fists up as tightly as I ever had and I think I drew blood
from my nails on my palms, but finally obeyed my Dad.

David's voice was clear on the machine. "John, Dan, I'm sorry. By now
you've probably figured out that I was responsible for tonight (and how,
you asshole, I thought). "I hated Dan for kicking me out. I mean I was
weak just the one time and that guy had been all over me for months. I
just let him have me the one time and that one time is when Dan comes home
early and finds out. How fucked up is that?" (And how fucked up was I when
I made you my lover? I thought.) David's voice went on and I saw how tense
Dad was listening to it. Yeah, I was going to so seriously kill this guy,
very slowly and very painfully.

"I had seen that Dan's dad was also in town and single. I figured, like
father, like son. I found John's address and managed to meet him on
purpose, but not looking like it was a meeting on purpose. Yeah, I seduced
him big time."

I saw Dad start to cry. My entire soul started to shred. I had never seen
the big guy of my life cry. I picked up the machine again to throw it into
outer space. Again Dad stopped me.

"Danny, I need to hear all of this."

Damn, did I hate David and admire Dad. I don't think I've ever seen him so
wounded, vulnerable, and strong, all at once.

The machine had kept playing while we were talking so I had to rewind the
tape (equivalent) to let us hear the rest of the fucking asshole's message.

"John, I'm sorry again. I wanted to hurt you like I wanted to hurt Dan. I
was so fucking angry and just saw you as an older Dan. You were Dan II and
I wanted to hurt you just like him. But you know what? You're not.
You're you. I don't know how to say this but I think I love you. And why
I kept on setting tonight up anyway, I don't know. I think it was just out
of my control. I had to somehow. I admit I loved playing on Dan's ego
tonight and seeing him fall for my game. But then I saw you both together
and saw how hot you both were together and I fuckin' realized how fuckin'
screwed I was. I tried to get revenge which I didn't deserve and didn't
even need. And, as a result, I've lost the two best men ever. Shit." You
could hear him start to cry on the machine. We just listened in silence.
The machine stopped. He must have hung up then.

I finally got up to replenish my drink and Dad's. I came over to him and
sat next to him and started to stroke his back and gave him a hug. He
finally woke up from his stupor and gave me a hug in return. It was
obvious that David had hurt us both and we wanted to help each other
through this. However, his message had reassured Dad that he wasn't just
an old fart but was still a hot man.

He drew back from the hug and started to unbutton my shirt. "What?..." I
started to say. "Just shut the fuck up", Dad replied. "You're mine for
tonight...and that red chest hair drives me fuckin' insane."

Oh, so this was how it was going to be. Dad was going to take out his
feelings for David on me. I thought about it and realized I didn't care.
I had wanted him big time again earlier. I still wanted him now. We'd
figure out the dad/son part another time. For now, he was just a hot man
who wanted me. That's enough for me.

I let him finish unbuttoning my shirt. He caressed my chest hair, making
my nipples harden. He then lowered his face and licked my nipples, making
me moan. He attacked them licking and lightly biting them. If he wanted
me to get hard, he accomplished that then! I'm a big chest fan. Chest play
and nipple play is all it takes, sometimes, for me.

I had to push him back and I returned the favor. I unbuttoned his shirt to
expose his polar bear strong chest. I attacked his nipples then without
mercy, eliciting groans and moans, too. I could tell he was seriously
turned on, too. He pulled me away from his nips and up to his face and
thrust his tongue into my mouth!

I think I exploded somehow then! I've never been kissed like that. He
raped my mouth in the most intense way possible. I responded with
everything I had!

Soon, we were panting, groaning, and moaning. Somehow we lost our shirts
and started to slam our bull chests against each other, rubbing our nipples
together as our hands roamed every inch of the other's body. I totally
lost track of time. All that mattered was the intense passion and this
bull man who was attacking my hard body with his. We started to sweat again
and our dried sweat was replaced by fresh. Our chest hair was matted
together and our nipples raw, red, and inflamed from our constant rubbing.
His strong arms and big biceps were pumped up from holding me and now bear
hugging me. I pumped mine up and hugged him right back. I wanted to push
my body inside of his. I wanted us to become one body and one aching,
passionate whole. Our cocks, still clad in our jeans, were dueling as
well, and starting to get rubbed a bit raw from our exertions and passion.

Dad finally let go of me and pushed me away. Then he grabbed my big hands
with his and said, "Danny, your bedroom, now!" Hell, yeah!

I led him to my bedroom. We kept looking at each other intensely. Once in
the bedroom, we locked eyes and stared at each other. Slowly he took off
his shoes and socks and then undid his jeans and let them drop to the
floor. His underwear was next. I followed suit. Once again, we were
totally naked. Two big bull men, both furry, one red-haired and one white,
a matched set ready to go at it again. His cock was totally erect and
obscenely poked out toward my equally big and hard one.

Not dropping our eyes, we walked to the bed. Once there he grabbed me
suddenly and we fell on the bed together. Round two?

I couldn't decide if we were making love or fighting now. So, he likes it
rough, eh? Well, so do I! We slammed our bodies and hard cocks together.
We fought to get on top of each other and hold the other down to be
dominated. At times I was on top of him and at times he was on top of me.
We rolled around and around, falling off the bed and then jumping back on
it onto the other man, slamming our sweaty, hot, bodies together again and
again. We were both going to be so sore tomorrow we probably couldn't get
out of bed. LOL. This was so fucking hot now though! His huge cock that
made mine was leaking pre-cum all over my body and mine did the same all
over his hot Dad body, adding to the sweat sticking us together. The room
started to reek of sweat and sex as neither one of us wanted to stop and
neither one of us would give up and let the other man take control of him.

However, inevitably, panting like tired bulls, the pace slowed down and the
fight calmed. Looks like neither one of us will claim top tonight!
However, the thought of fucking his big ass as hard as I could kept me
fighting him. I could almost feel my cock being swallowed up by his tight
hole and hear his moans as got the ride of his life! However, it seemed he
read my mind. He got a new burst of energy, too, and grabbed my ass and
poked his big fingers inside, as if he was thinking about fucking me hard
and deep, too. He finally spoke his thoughts out loud. "I'm gonna fuck
you, boy. I'm gonna fuck you so long and so hard, you won't be able to
walk tomorrow. I'm gonna show you how a total top Dad makes his boy beg
for his Dad's cock!" "No way, Dad", I replied. "I'm a total top, too, and
I'm gonna teach you how to take cock like a man. I'm gonna bust you wide
open and fuck you so hard you'll be screaming like a bitch in heat."

We went back at it hard again, but this time we focused on grabbing each
others' cock with one hand and pushing our fingers in each other's asses
with the other as we kept rolling around, trying to get on top of the
other. I could almost taste victory as I got four fingers in his ass and
pushed up enough to find his prostate. Was he ever going to cum and then
I'd push my hard cock up his asshole in a victory fuck while he lay in a
pool of his cum! But, OH NO! He found my prostate, too.

The race was now on! He stroked my cock as fast as he could and poked and
prodded my button, working feverishly to make me cum and claim his own
victory fuck! I fought him back as hard as I could.

But once again, the inevitable occurred. I could feel the cum boiling up
in my overheated prick. I worked his cock and ass even harder. He clamped
his panting mouth on mine and fought me with his big tongue, too, and
rubbed his nipples against mine poking out through our matted hairy chests.

I couldn't stop the inevitable any longer. I was seconds away from
blasting the biggest load of my life when I heard him gasp in dismay, pain,
and pleasure. After one last tug he sprayed my body with the biggest load
I'd ever seen and I flooded his a split second later!

People must have heard our yells a mile away!

Neither one of us stopped our attacking of the other, though. We kept
pushing our fingers in the other's ass and kept tugging on the other's
erection, pulling every last drop of cum out of the other's cock. We kept
kissing and rubbing, too. I don't know how long we kept at it after our
massive eruption. The huge pool of shared, sticky, cum made obscene
sucking sounds as it tried to keep our exhausted bodies together...

The next thing I knew, it was morning! The sun was shining in from the
open curtains. I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was and
what I had been doing. Memories of last night suddenly flooded into my
brain and I raised my head up to see my Dad next to me on the bed, smiling
at me with a huge smile!

So, it all did happen! I had had incredible sex with my Dad! We must have
fallen asleep together after that phenomenally passionate bout last night.

He took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss with
strong passion.

"Well, kiddo", he said. "We smell like something died. Come on, let's go
piss and shower, and figure out what happens next." I nodded my head in
agreement. We slowly eased out of our sex and sweat-stained bed, both sort
of hobbling and trying to stretch our extremely sore bodies, after last
night's fights. We helped each other to the bathroom and turned on the
shower to get in together, eagerly awaiting the hot water's effect on our
aching bodies.

We pissed into the toilet at the same time, "crossing swords", flapped our
piss hard boners at each other, in a challenge, then we smiled and got in
the shower together.


After our rough fight and "crossing swords" pissing a minute ago, the hot
shower was heaven. We traded turns taking the soap and lathered up our
bare hands and then massaged and slowly worked every inch of the other's
body. The strength of his hands on me was so wonderful and so fucking
manly, too. I guess I returned the favor! We couldn't help but moan from
time to time as we were able to work out a particularly tough knot in each
other's backs and shoulders.

If we had been rough, and even violent before, we were the opposite now.
We now showed our love for each other with real tenderness and softness. I
was falling in love with him...I knew it and didn't know what to do with
that at all. I recognized part of the love was the normal love I'd always
felt for him. But I now had new feelings, too, which were not normal
Dad/Son feelings. This dude was all man. A man's man, if you will. And, a
mature man, in all senses of the word... I had never really gone for that
before. I preferred to be the man. I preferred younger guys. I loved
being dominant, using my muscles and strong body to pin my younger lovers
down and then fuck the living daylights out of them with my big cock! LOL.

Back to the present! While I had been daydreaming, Dad had decided to take
advantage of me. He had soaped up my cock and now was gently jacking me
off. It felt so good to have my now erect cock in his big hand as he made
love to my prick!

I just leaned back and let him do whatever he wanted, content, basking in
his attention.

I surprised myself hearing a deep rumbling in my chest. OMG, I was
purring! LOL.

But then he surprised me. He took me by the prick and washed all the soap
off of my cock? Why? I was minutes from cumming? He could tell I was
surprised and grinned at me, with the evilest grin I had ever seen on his
face. After looking for my reaction, he surprised me again and dropped to
his knees and took my cock into his mouth and swallowed me whole in one

OMG, again! If I thought his hands were talented, they were nothing
compared to his mouth! I knew I had died and gone to heaven! My knees
buckled, and it was a wonder I didn't fall to the floor. Once I regained
my composure (a bit anyway), I looked down at the obscene and incredible
sight of my big, hunky, polar bear Dad working my big prick in and out of
his hot mouth. I watched and heard the water of the shower cascade down
his strong shoulders and the steam rise up and cloak us both. All of my
senses were on override! I was going to cum in seconds!

"Dad", I yelled, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!"

He ignored me and went back to work even harder on my aching and swollen
cock! OK, if he wants it, he'll get it! In yet another incredible orgasm,
I got the biggest and hardest I've ever been and yelled out my overwhelming
joy at cumming in my Dad's mouth! I must have pumped gallons of steaming
cum down his gullet, but he kept working me over until I finally stopped
cumming. Even then he kept my softening cock in his mouth as he continued
to make love to it. Wow, oh wow, oh wow!

I finally had to pull him off my cock and force him to his feet. I grabbed
him and gave him one more of the incredibly forceful and passionate kisses
we had shared last night.

He had one more surprise, though. He had kept enough of my cum in his
mouth to share it with me and he forced me to swallow some of my own cum!
Well, that was a first for me! I guess I chuckled out loud at that
thought, because I felt, rather than heard my Dad return the chuckle.

That did it. He was so going to get his present to me returned in spades!

I knelt down in turn and took his big cock into my mouth and swallowed it
in return. Using every ounce of skill learned over the years, I mouthed,
sucked, and swallowed, teasing his Dad cock with every bit of talent I

I heard him gasp and I chuckled again, this time a bit more evilly, and
must have "hummed" on his cock. Two can play at this game. Within less
time than I expected I felt his cock get even harder and bigger and he was
soon flooding my mouth! I swallowed for what seemed like forever, but kept
some of his cum for him.

Once he forced me off his cock and pulled me to my feet, I took his face in
my hands and kissed him deeply and shared his essence with him, too. I
felt, then, like we had shared in some ritual bonding event.

We smiled, then, at each other in deep contentment.

We slowly got out of the shower and then dried each other off, taking way
more time than necessary, being sure every inch of our worn out, but
satisfied, bodies were dry and pampered.

Too soon, it was time to part. Dad and I got dressed (I loaned Dad some of
my clothes since his were too filthy to consider putting on). My clothes
were a bit tight on him, which worked for me! Grin. Of course, then I
started thinking about ripping them off and going after him again. Damn, I
was getting hard again already!

He looked at me as if he was reading my mind, smiled at me first, and then
frowned a bit.

"Danny, I think we need a bit of a cooling off period. We need to think
about what happened and what could or should happen next."

I was suddenly hurt and stunned. "What do you mean? I love you. You love
me. We've had the hottest sex of my life, and I guess yours."

He didn't deny it. "But I'm your Father. I'm twenty years older than you,
and I won't be around forever. And we're both tops, too! I'm not sure how
that works with two big guy total tops unless every time we came together
would be something like last night."

I lost my temper and made a leap of logic. "I bet this isn't about me. I
bet this is about David. I bet you're going to call him and let that shit
back into your bed. You want his ass again, don't you? You fuckin' have
to have an ass, don't you? Well, he does have a sweet ass, but he's not me
and never will be!"

Dad came to me and held me. I almost cried from jealousy and a feeling of
losing out to that stupid twinky asshole. I was ready to go over to David's
place and pound him senseless.

"No, Danny, he never will be you. And no one will ever be hotter than you
in my eyes. Drive me to my car. I'll be back in touch later in the week.
I think we both need to cool off and look at what happened. If there is a
future for us together in a relationship, we need to figure out just what
that relationship will be, what its limits are, and how we deal with any
others. Can't you agree with that?"

NO! I shouted that in my mind, but not out loud. Dad then took my face in
his hands and kissed me as passionately as he could. He stared at me
intensely and said, "What happened last night and today can't and won't be
undone. I never expected it and still am unsure about it. However, you're
right. I've never had sex as intense and incredible before. I've always
loved you. But now I love you in very different ways, and yes, fuckin'
lust after you, too. You are so incredibly hot and good at lovemaking. I'm
not going to give up the best sex I've ever had! Just give me some room to
process this all, please?"

His pleading and almost boyish look almost undid me. I agreed, finally,
and drove him back to his car. I gave him one more passionate kiss before
he drove away. I didn't care who saw us, although no one was around in the
club's parking lot late morning.

And I had no doubt about what I thought about the rightness of what
happened between us. He was mine for the rest of our lives. Period.
Other people? My mind still screamed, NO!

I was a mess for the rest of the week. I called him every day and he
always answered and said he needed more time and that he loved me. I had a
really hard time going to work. But did since I had to pay the bills.
Everyone at work noticed how distant and upset I was. However, I couldn't
talk and didn't want to anyway. I managed to do the absolute necessary
there and that was it.

At night, I had to take a sleeping pill to make it through the night. I
raged between hope and fear often several times a minute. I felt like I
had a fever. Damn, if this is what can happen in real love, whoa!

Finally Dad called me on Friday to say I should come by his house that

I didn't know whether to feel fear or excitement as I made my way to his
house that evening.

After he let me in the door he took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss
and then sat me down on the couch beside him.

"Tell me how you feel about all of this and us?" he asked, coming straight
to the point immediately.

"Dad, I've always loved you as a son. But we've lost touch and we really
haven't spent much time together since I left for college nearly twenty
years ago. I've respected you but not thought a lot about you in all that
time, to be frank. However, last weekend I met someone new to me. When
masked at the club I had the hottest time wrestling this unknown man that
I'd had in years. I was determined to take him home and make love to him.
I had fallen in lust with him and maybe the beginnings of love, no doubt
about it...

But when we were unmasked and I realized this man I had had amazingly hot
public sex with was my Dad, I was the most shocked I've been in my entire
life. But you know what, knowing this hot, mature, man was my Dad didn't
change a thing. I still wanted him more than any other man, ever...

And the quality of the sex during the second round with you that night and
our morning shower session kept getting better and better, something I
couldn't believe!

I think I fell in real love with you that morning, the love of a husband
for a husband. I'll always love you as a son. But now I know I'll always
love you as the best lover I could ever have. There will be no one else
who can match you. And I know this is a strange thought, but I do think we
were made for each other. I know you "made" me, but what I mean is that
our bodies are so much the same that we know, instinctively, what the other
wants. And after sex together I know our minds are in synch, too...

And I've been absolutely miserable these last days after you told me you
wanted a cooling off period."

I finally ran down and looked at him, willing my tears to remain unshed.

He had been staring at me during my tirade. Suddenly he gave me a half
smile. He paused as if unsure what to say.

"Well, you've made it crystal clear how you feel...Actually, I pretty much
feel the same way." "You do?" "I do! When we were masked and I didn't
know who you were, I thought you had the hottest body I'd ever done
anything with. Just as you said, I had the feeling I had met my match, pun
intended!" I couldn't help but groan. He went on, "But you forget that I
had a lover, while you were free."

"You mean that, shit, David, my ex?" "Yes, that shit David. And don't
forget that he brought us together, even if he had no intention of doing
so. And don't forget that he told me he loved me, too, in the phone

"So, did you see him, then, that fucking asshole?"

"I did and he helped me understand, again perhaps not intentionally, how
much I loved you and how much I loved being with you. He also helped me
figure out what I needed to do tonight with you."

"And that is?"


I wanted to ask Dad if he had fucked David as a kind of revenge for his
setting us both up, but now was not the time. I followed him upstairs to
his room.

"OK, Danny, we're both bull tops. Judging by how you suck and frot, I bet
you're a fantastic fucker, too. I won't be falsely modest; I'm in that
same league. In fact David couldn't or wouldn't say who is better in bed
when I asked him..." "You what?" "I said I asked him who was better in
bed. He finally mumbled something about Ôapples and apples...' So, if we're
going to be a couple, something has got to give in terms of fucking. One
of us is going to have to be the main (only?) fucker and the other the
fuckee--that is, unless you wanna bring in some other guy who we'd both
fuck when we needed a fuck?" I shook my head. "I figured not, although,
maybe down the road, from time to time?" I shrugged. That was then and
this is now.

"Ok, here's the deal. You and I both love rough sex and we love sex
fighting. So, a sex fight to decide who gets fucked? Three rounds, three
different fights. First round is five minutes of straight up wrestling.
Tap out wins. Otherwise we go to round two which is a timed no-hands
cockfight. First one to cum or to lose their erection loses. If no
winner, round three is a bear hug fight. First person to give up or to
lose consciousness gets fucked, no time limit for this round. How does
that sound?"

Very hot, I thought, but simply nodded. "OK, I've got the mats set up in
the spare room for round one."

I followed him to the spare room. There were new mats set up taking up
much of the room. He motioned to the side of the room. There was a towel
and a pair of trunks in a green color I knew would match my eyes and
contrast with my red hair. I grinned despite myself. I looked over at Dad
and saw he had white trunks that would show off his bulge and go with his
polar bear chest hair. He turned his back to me and stripped totally. I
couldn't help but admire that beefy ass of his. Well, that would be mine
tonight! Yeah! He pulled on his trunks before turning around and, yes,
showing me his bulge in those white trunks! I followed the same procedure,
but waved my ass at him before pulling on my green trunks.

I then came out to the middle of the mat, we shook hands, and the fight was

We circled for a while, trying to find weaknesses, using feints. We
finally locked up in an old style pro lockup and tried to use leverage to
force each other to the mat. Nothing doing. We withdrew and closed in
again, again locking up. We took turns pushing each other around and
around. Finally he slid my head into a side headlock, and ground my head
against his nipples and white chest hair. I pushed out of the hold and
retreated. He followed me and I surprised him by grabbing his head and
then putting his head into my chest this time! While he was occupied
trying to get out of the hold, I pushed my leg behind his, released the
hold suddenly, and then tripped him and pounced on him on the mat!

He quickly rolled away from me before I landed on him and then rolled back
trying to get on top of me and get some kind of nelson. I rolled away in
turn and then got up on my knees to challenge him. He responded in turn.
We then clashed in the middle of the room and slammed our chests together,
like the bulls we were. I grabbed him in a bear hug and he did the same.
In what seemed like a minute I heard an alarm go off. End of round one!

Reluctantly I released him. I saw him breathe heavily, but I was, too.
His pouch was extended obscenely! Good. But I noticed mine was, too. Not
so good. He sat back on his ass and slid the trunks off. Wow, I loved
that cock! So beautiful... But now I was going to have to fight it!

I slid my trunks off, too. We faced each other on our knees once
again. With a smile, Dad said, "well at least we don't have to spend time
getting hard for our cockfight, do we?"

No sir! He put his hands behind his back. I followed suit. He approached
and then, suddenly, slapped my cock with his! Ouch! He then thrust his
cock against mine, alternating thrusts with slaps. I was soon backpeddling
trying figure how to fight him this way. I had never done this before, I
suddenly realized, even though I had read about this. He followed me
around the room, slapping and thrusting whenever he could.

I decided to stand and fight and aimed my hard cock against his. Mistake!
He used a new tactic to spear my cock against his and used a not so
sensitive part of his cock to rub against my most sensitive spot! The
fucker! And yeah, he might be if I didn't stop this new assault!
Evidently he decided pain wasn't going to make me go soft but that a
sensual attack might make me cum. And he wasn't wrong. I felt the
beginnings of an orgasm. I leaned away from him, desperately, trying to
get my cock away from his, using my flexibility to lean way back. However,
he kept after me and leaned forward. In what must have looked funny from
the outside, he finally fell on top of me and we both crashed to the mat!
At that moment the alarm rang again! End of round two!

This time we both stood up in the center of the room, and with no ado
grabbed each other in the tightest bear hug possible! This time there
would be no time limit, I remembered. Our hard cocks tried to continue to
fight, too. But they lost their steeliness in the fierceness of our
struggle. We sweated and cussed and kept our obscene embrace. We tried
putting our hold in different parts of the others' body. We squeezed and
let go, suddenly squeezing to try to push the breath of the other's body to
make him pass out.

We must have fought for hours. At least it seemed like that. Give and
take and give and take... Panting, groaning, moaning, yelling in pain,
wheezing, trying to gasp for air... Finally, unbelievably, I felt Dad
release me and tap my arm. He was giving up! He surrendered!

I let him go and we both fell to the mat, gasping. I think we both passed
out for a few minutes. I finally came to and rolled over to check on him.
He looked ok. In fact, I think he looked better than I felt. Could he
have lost on purpose? No way!

"Take me, Danny", he said, "if you still want me."

I was sore and exhausted. But I looked at the man I love and his beautiful
face and hot body, and realized I wanted him now! But I was going to take
him in a way that would make him happy with his loss and let him turn it
into a win! I was going to make love to him in such a way that he would
want me to make love to him every day for the rest of our lives!

I took Dad into my arms and realized he was trembling a bit. I hugged him
tighter, and pushed my tongue into his mouth. I felt him calm down and
relax his body and start to get into my kiss. His big hands, which had
been clenched at his side, unclenched and he started to explore my body, my
back, and yes, my butt, but hesitantly.

I interrupted our kiss to say, "Dad, my butt is never off limits to your
fingers and your tongue. As for your big cock, we'll talk about that some
other time."

He smiled then and nodded his agreement. I then started to work him over
with all of my twenty years of experience making love to men. I felt him
all over, giving his nipples special attention. I used my mouth and tongue
to kiss every inch of his body, starting at his toes and taking my time to
climb up his body all the way to the tip of his head.

He started to writhe under my attentions. Despite himself, he was starting
to love being worked over by a younger, yet mature, muscle stud. I tried
to project the love I felt into every kiss, every lick, and every touch. I
even kissed his eyebrows and eyelids as I started my way back down his
body. But this time, after mouthing his balls and rolling them each into
my mouth and giving his cock some deep throat attention, I pushed his legs
up in the air and then went crazy over his beefy Dad butt! I thrust my
tongue in as far as it could go and then used my sweaty fingers to spread
his hole so I could get my tongue in deeper and deeper.

Almost involuntarily Dad raised his butt off the mats so that I could get
an even better angle to tackle his sweaty hole.

He stopped me for just a second to show me where he had put the lube and
condoms (sigh, yeah, we had to be safe tonight, but we will get tested and
do it naturally soon, I swore!).

I got the "equipment" and put them in reach and then went back to town on
his beautiful butt. I alternated my rimming with cock and ball sucking. I
used my hands on his chest and nipples as well as stroking, squeezing,
kneading, and grabbing his flesh.

I worked him over as totally as I could using every thing I had to turn
this new lover of mine on as completely as humanly possible!

I could tell it was working. His eyes rolled up in his head and his breath
started to gasp. I could even see his heart beat strongly. Never stopping
working him over, I lubed up my steely hard cock and my fingers with the
most lube I've ever used. Half a tube later, I was ready for the next
step. Never letting up on him, I started to stretch his hole wider and
wider. Two fingers, three, then four. I started to penetrate him with my
fingers, using fingers from both hands to keep him spread while penetrating
him deeper and deeper.

Finally, the moment of truth! All while working him over continually, I,
very carefully, substituted my cock for my fingers! Without him realizing
it, my cockhead was inside of him! Ever so slowly I sank my cock deeper
and deeper into his sweaty, hot, Dadhole! Now I was over halfway in!

Dad finally realized what was going on through his sexual haze. "Danny, is
that you? Are you in me?" "Yes, Dad, over halfway in." "Oh my God," he
said. "I can't believe it."

I kept sinking in slowly into him until finally I hit bottom and had a
delicious feeling from my crotch hairs on his smooth butt. At that point
he groaned and involuntarily squeezed his chute around my huge erection!
My turn to groan. Dad kept mumbling and moaning. I eased a bit out and
then a bit back in. I kept fucking him slowly and softly. It felt so
great to be inside him and damn was he tight!

Finally he spoke up. "Goddamn it Danny! If you're going to fuck me, fuck
me! You're in me; it actually feels sort of good. No pain. But damn
it...Give it to me like a man now! No pussy shit."

Fuck! Well his wish would be my command!

I slowly built up the speed. I eased in and out of him and in and out of
him. I kept building and building. He kept groaning and soon gasping. I
pushed my cock in and out of him. I rotated my body and his ass. I pushed
as deep as I could and then spread his hole rotating our bodies as much as
I could without coming out of him. I probed him and his hole to spread him
even more. I kept trying to push his prostate button constantly with every
inch of my cock up and down and up and down.

We both started to sweat again from the exertion of a huge man fuck. We
started to cuss again, pushing each other to work harder and harder in our
man fuck. I started to fuck harder than I had ever fucked! I was pistoning
him harder and harder. He kept urging me to fuck him harder! Finally I was
fucking him so hard that I was like a machine gun drilling his ass!

He started to moan and groan more and finally yelled out loud! "Fuck
Danny, Fuck Danny, Fuck Danny." I could feel him cumming between us and
his ass clamped even tighter on my pounding and plunging cock! He milked
me with his ass then and I came and came and came and came and came!

I guess I passed out after the intensity of it all. I woke up to realize I
had come out of Dad. But I felt a hot mouth on my cock! I got hard again
in seconds. Still half awake I felt a new condom being put on my hard cock
and then realized my cock was being swallowed up by a hot ass!

I finally woke up fully to realize my Dad was on top of me riding my hard
cock! He was bouncing up and down on me, impaling himself on me! He was
cussing and moaning and yelling, using me to pleasure him! OMG, I'd
created a nympho!

I stared at his hot polar bear body and his huge cock totally hard from the
way he made me fuck him. Damn, I love this! I took over and started to
work his hot body and his ass harder and pounded him so that I forced him
into the air a bit before he sank down on my hard cock and body...

"Dad, uh, yeah," "Danny, uh yeah."

I think we're going to kill each other through sex, but we'll die happy!

"Dad, uh, yeah," "Danny, uh yeah."


Sonntag, 8. März 2015

The Track Meet

I stare at the line of runners. I knew a couple of them. Lamar Roads was from Hartford Highschool. He was short and stocky. A good miler but I knew I could beat him. And I also knew that I could beat the guy next to him Jerry Cobb. But the other seven runners were total strangers. Some were tall and others were average height. Most were decked out in school colors. I was the exception. Didn’t own a pair of blue Rehobeth Highschool Rebels gym shorts. I was wearing a faded gray pair of gym shorts I had bought last year from Ronnie Men Wear and T-shirt and my canvas sneakers.

Everyone was nervous, me included. But I still felt confident. I had run too many hard sweaty miles to lose to anyone. True I had never raced but with our track team during practice, but no one at Rehobeth could beat me in the mile! And I expected too win here. Me, a little skinny queer was going to blow these macho boys away as soon as the referee fired the pistol that he was slowly raising into the air.

At the motion of the referee’s arm everyone bent down low and in the starting blocks. Then the loud explosion as the pistol fired. I didn’t sprint out of the blocks like some of the guys. I moved quickly but not as fast as I could have. About half the guys beat me off the blocks. Still I moved almost leisurely as I took my position in the middle of the pack of runners. I felt great. I looked ahead and counted six boys in front of me. The lead runner, a tall freckled boy from Dothan Highschool, was only about seven yards ahead of me.

Half way around the four lap track, I started moving up, slowly but surely passing one after another of the runners. By the time we had circled the track once only the tall freckled boy as ahead of me. I smiled even as I ran. It wasn’t supposed to be this easy. I felt great. I knew I could overtake the guy ahead of me and did so. I lengthened my stride and picked up my pace. I think I really surprised the boy when I pulled even with him, cause he glanced over at me. Then I was past him and running like the wind. I just blocked out the pain of my muscles and chest and ran faster and faster until I was fifteen yards ahead of the tall freckled kid.

The blowing of the whistle signaling the last lap surprised me. I hadn’t even realized that I had circled the track three time already. I dug deep inside and picked up my pace even more. I knew that no one was going to catch me.

Then it happened. My ankle turned. One moment I was running and the next I was on the ground. I sprang up almost instantly but by then four runners had passed me. I sprinted after them. I ran for all I was worth. I past one, two, three runners. Time seemed to stand still as I gained on the tall freckle kid. I was five steps behind him. Then three. One! Out of nowhere came the ribbon. The tall freckled kid broke it. The race was over.

I didn’t stop running until I was halfway down the side of the track. Only then did I slow down to a walk. I turned and head back to the starting point of the race. I felt sick. I had lost. I knew then and there I would never run another race. My body had let me down. I couldn’t trust it. That was the moment I realized I could only trust my mind.

“You’re bleeding.”

I glanced up and saw one of the assistance coaches from Dothan Highschool looking down at my right leg. I glance down and saw all the blood.

“Ain’t nothing.” I said and turned to leave.

“No go into the gym and see the trainer. He’ll take a look at the leg.” The coach ordered. “It’s the first right door as you enter.” He added pointing a side door of the gym.

It was like walking in a trance. My body was heading to the gym but my mind was going over the race. I managed to find the right door once I got inside the gym. I knocked once.

“Yea. Come on in.” Came a voice from within

I opened the door and found myself standing before a tall old man seated behind a huge oak desk. He looked to be in his sixties but even at that advanced age, I could see signs of the athlete that he must have once been. He was still well muscled, even though the muscles were not tight anymore. He was almost totally bald, with only crescent of white hair encircling his head.

“You the kid that fell?” He asked. “I was watching through the window.” He pointed to a window on the right wall of the room. “You would have won if you hadn’t fell. It’s a pity.”

I shrugged.

The old man stood up and walked around to the front of his desk. He towered over me and made me feel small. Then he placed one of his huge rough hands on my shoulder.

“There will be other races.” He said as he knelt down in front of me to examine my leg.

I didn’t tell him that I wouldn’t ever run again. I just nodded my head like a good kid as I watched him squat down and dab my leg with a white towel he had brought with him. And as he blotted away the drying blood from my leg he reached behind me with his other hand and held my ass cheek. The light pressure of the old man hand on my ass thrilled me. All thoughts of the race dropped from my mind as I looked down at the bald head of the old man.

“Just an abrasion. More blood than damage.” The old man said concentrating on my leg as he used the towel skillfully to remove the blood.

I couldn’t help getting a hard on. Hell he was so good looking. I could see all the gray hair on the old man’s chest as I looked down on him. And from the bulge in the crotch of his red gym shorts, I knew he either had a monster dick and a bull size set of balls.

Being that I wasn’t wearing a jock strap on or underwear the front of my faded shorts slowly started to form a tent at the crotch as my dick grew longer and thicker.

“I’m O.K.” I said suddenly realizing that the old man would see my hard on any moment. “I better go.”

It was then that the old man lifted his head and suddenly his eyes were level with my bulging crotch. He seemed to pause longer than necessary before glancing up at my face. “Will not take but a moment. If I don’t take care of it, you could get an infection.” Then he lowered his glace but stopped again to stare at my bulging crotch. To me it looked like it took an effort for him to go back to working on my leg. And then as he was dabbing some salve on the abrasion, the side of his face got pressed against my crotch.

I stiffen as I felt my rock hard dick pressing against his right cheek. I felt embarrassed. But I couldn’t control my dick. The sight of the old man and his hand on my ass was too much stimulation. And now his face was pressed against my dick.

Suddenly my dick jerked involuntarily against the old man’s pressing cheek, like it does when I am very excited. The old trainer stopped cleaning my leg and turned his face to my crotch. Then without saying a word, he reached up one of his big weathered hands and grabbed the waist band of my shorts and pulled them down. This caused my rock hard engorged dick to pop out like a jack-in-the-box!

The old trainer turned his lined face up to look me in the face. Then with his grey eyes sparkling with excitement, he said. “Looks like you need more worked than just on your leg.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said as my dick danced up and down with excitement. All thoughts of losing the race were completely gone from my mind. In fact, meeting the old trainer was well worth losing this race or any race. And as the old man reached his hand around my long thick dick, I realized that sex with old men was the most important thing in my life.

“You got a big dick for such a skinny boy.” The old trainer said as he slowly pulled the foreskin back to expose my big dick head. “But I think you have been told that before.”

I just smiled. I never considered my dick to be big but if everyone one else thought it was big then let them. Then the old trainer took my dick inside his mouth and I almost went crazy. Old men had sucked my dick before, but never like the old trainer was doing. His tongue was all over my dick head and the shaft of my dick even as he sucked my engorged young dick. My knees suddenly went weak.

“God! I love your young dick. Wish I had one as big.” the old man said as he reached down and pulled his dick and balls out of the leg of his shorts. I had been right. He had a monster set of balls. But his dick was tiny. Hell it wasn’t much bigger than my little finger and it look hard. Still, with a lot of loose foreskin hanging over the tiny head of his little dick, it looked cute. “It isn’t much is it.” The old trainer said.

“I love your balls. Can I touch them?” I asked as I stared down at his huge balls. They reminded me of the balls on Mr. Murphy’s Hereford Bull!

Without answering the old man stood up, towering over me. I couldn’t believe that someone so tall and broad shouldered could have such a tiny dick. It didn’t seem right. But to me his big balls more than made up for his tiny dick. I reached out and grabbed them. The old man moaned as I massaged his monster balls with both hands. I squeezed them. I love the feeling. I leaned over and kissed one of his giant testicles and then the other one. I buried my face against his huge balls. The feel of my face against my nuts almost made me shoot off. Then I took the old man’s tiny dick in my mouth.

“Yes!” The old trainer cried out. And I realized that probably no one ever sucked his dick because it was so small. That thought excited me. I enjoyed knowing that my dick was so big and his so small in spite of him being an old man and me only almost a man. “I’m going to cum!” The old man said loudly even though I had barely begun to suck his little dick head.

The old trainer might have a tiny dick, but his monster balls pumped a lot of cum through it. I thought he would never stop cuming. Not that I was complaining. I loved the taste of the old trainer cum and swallowed it as fast as he churned it out! When he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth, I figured that it was all over. But it wasn’t! The old man dropped to his knees and started sucking my big hard young dick. His hot mouth and moist tongue had me moaning like crazy. My knees started shaking as the old man deep throated my entire dick.

I grabbed the old man by his bald head and started fucking his mouth. God, did it felt good to ram my big dick into the old man’s volcano hot mouth. He rolled his eyes up to stare into my eyes as I fucked his mouth as hard and as fast as I could. The pleasure that I saw in his eyes made me even more excited. Then I was cuming in the old trainer’s mouth. My legs buckled and I would have fallen if I hadn’t of braced myself against the old man.

“Well, that was very nice.” The old trainer said as he wiped the cum from his lips with the back of his hairy hand. He stood up and retreated back behind his desk. “You live here in Dothan?” He asked.

“No, Sir. I live in Rehobeth.” I answered as I pulled up my shorts. “I don’t get to Dothan much. I caught a ride up for the track meet.” I explained.

“Wished you lived in Dothan. I would love to see you again. But my wife keeps close tabs on me when I not at work and hell even when I’m working. So, it’s hard from me to get out of town.” The old man told me. “And in spite of what I just did, I usually don’t do any playing around here in the office. I would prefer you not stop by here.”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” I said. Damn, he’s so nice. Here I was hoping him and I could get together regularly, I thought. “I won’t bother you. But thanks Mister. I really enjoyed it and I think you are very nice.”

The old trainer cleared his throat. “Well run along now. Hope you have better luck in your next race.” He said as way of dismissing me.

“Thanks.” I said as I headed for the door. But there will not be another race, I thought as I stepped into the hallway and headed for the exit. “There are more important things that running track in my life. One of these days I going to find an old man and we are going to be lovers.” I thought as I walked outside of the gym. The thought made me feel better than if I had won the race. Suddenly everything was crystal clear. I would find an older man for a lover no matter where I had to travel or no mater what I had to do to accomplish it. That was my life! All else was second.

As I passed the track, the assistance coach saw me and walked over.

“Hey you forgot your second place medal.” He said holding it out.

“You keep it. Doesn’t mean anything to me any more.” I shocked myself by saying.

The coach looked stunned for a moment then recovered and say. “Fuck you, Kid.”

“You ain’t old enough, Coach.” I said and jogged away before he could answer.