Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

The Railroad Tracks

I didn’t have to stand outside the Seven Eleven very long before I talked a black man into purchasing me a six pack of Budweiser. And with it in a brown paper bag tucked under my arm, I head straight for the “Tracks” as it was called.

The area was an old train yard with lots of tracks but few trains. Only an occasional fright would lumber through using the tracks on the far west side of the train yard. Abandoned railroad fright cars littered the yard, some resting on the tracks other derailed. It was for the thickest concentration of railroad cars that I headed toward.

I could make out the campfires long before I came near enough to hear the voices. I inhaled deeply, smelling the burning wood from their fires as I moved through the darkness. I began to whistle to let them know someone was approaching. I whistled dixie as it was a kind of informal signal around the tracks that you weren’t the police. Some of the men that hang out around the tracks were fugitives from the law, so I didn’t want to just barge in on them. I guess I should have been frightened of venturing down to the tracks, but somehow I felt at home among them.

I walked past the first campfire. Two big back men and a straggly old hag were sitting around the tiny fire. They all glanced at me. “Got something for me, Boy.” One of the black men called out. I shook my head and walked on. The next group gathered around a campfire were all white but they were all too young for me.

It wasn’t until I came to a fire at the very edge of the railroad yard that I stopped. All three were sitting on over turned syrup buckets around a small fire made from broken up shipping crates. One of the men stood out. He was dressed in a clean long sleeved white shirt and dress slacks that look like they had just been pressed. Looking up as I approached the group, he lifted his hand and brushed a strain of his long pure white hair that had fallen forward onto his forehead.

“You shouldn’t be roaming around the tracks, Boy.” He said looking straight into my eyes. “Don’t you know that we are all bums and sometimes bums will do desperate things?” He added as he picked up a slat from a shipping crate and poked the fire. The flames leaped up. In the flame light, I saw a handsome clean shaven, older, delicate face that was as out of place in the company of his two companions as his starched white shirt and pressed slacks were sitting on a syrup bucket around a campfire in the railroad yard.

The man on his right was toothless, with a nose that was big and red veined and he had a gray week’s growth of hair on his face. He looked seventy but could have been much younger. He spoke up next. “What you carrying in the sack, Kid?” He asked as he reached forward and rubbed his hand near to fire at thought to warm them even though it was a mild night.

“Let him be, Jo Jo.” Mumbled the third old man of the group. He was short and stout and unshaven for several days. Even in the light of the fire I could see that his beard was red. “Go on and get out of here kid.” He said as he picked up a small brown paper bag and took a drink from what was inside. He then passed it to the old gentlemen in the starched white shire. “Here, Colonel, have some.”

I stood there and watched the old man in the starched white shirt lift the brown paper bag to his lips and take a long drink. Then as he lowered it, I directed my words to him. “Mind in I join you all?” I asked.

“What you got in the sack?” The old toothless man asked again.

“I got a six pack of Budweiser.” I said reaching in the big brown paper bag and pulling the six pack out.

“Hell, yea come on and sit a spell.” The old tooth man said. He reached behind him and brought forth a syrup bucket and turned it upside down. And placed it beside him. “You can sit here by me.” He said.

I really wanted to sit by the old man that the stout man had called colonel, but as the toothless old man was the only one inviting me, I walked over to him and set on the syrup bucket that was so close to him that our legs touched as I took a seat. Knowing that he wanted a beer I pulled one of the Bud out of the plastic ring and handed it to him. Then I handed another to the old stout man with the red beard sitting to the left of me. “Sir?” I asked looking at the old colonel. “Would you like a beer?”

“Well, Son, I don’t mind if I do. Nice to have a switch from the fine wine that we usually drink.” He said and laughed as did the other two men. I handed a can of beer to the old toothless guy next to me and he passed it over to the old colonel. “You are extremely generous with your brew. Makes me wonder why a nice clean-cut boy like you would be down here among the dregs of life passing out beer.”

I didn’t answer.

“OK, keep your little secret. All of us here have secrets.” He added as the old colonel popped the tab on the deer and took a long deep swallow. “My, my it’s still cold.” He said.

I smiled.

The old toothless man reached his hand over and grabbed my leg with his long spiny fingers. “You’re a nice kid to bring us old bums some beer.” He said. I could smell cheap wine on his breath mixed with the smell of beer. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand like daddy always did after taking a long drink of beer and squeeze my leg he still grasped with his other hand. “Yea, you are a nice kid.” Added.

“Maybe you should go home?” The old colonel spoke up. “Jo Jo here isn’t the sort of person a young kid should be sitting beside. Are you Jo Jo?”

The old toothless man snickered and took another long drink of his beer.

“Colonel.” I said leaning forward so that I could see the handsome old man’s face. “I want to stay.” I told him. “I like coming down here. I visit the tracks as often as I can get away from home.” I added.

The old man in the starched shirt shrugged his shoulders.

The old toothless man beside me snickered again. He lifted his hand from my leg and reached and grabbed my hand. I glance at him as he pulled my hand over spreading his legs as he did so. Then he snickered again as he pressed my hand down between his legs.

“Jo Jo!” The old man in the starched shirt said shaking his head from side to side. “You sure you want to stay, Kid?” He asked me.

My hand touched the old toothless man’s crotch. I felt a huge mass of soft flesh. I closed my hand around the huge bulge. God, what a monster dick! I thought.

The old toothless man stood slowly up. I looked at the other two old men. Both the old colonel and the old stout man were watching the toothless man as he stood up and reached down and grabbed his zipper. The old toothless man snickered again as he reached into his dirty jeans and drug out a huge pale soft dick.

I glanced at the stout man. He was fondling his crotch as he looked over at us. I turn my eyes to the old colonel. He too was staring at us. “Is this what you can down here for, Kid?” He asked.

“Yes, Sire.” I admitted as I leaned forward and with the other two old men watching me, I grabbed the toothless old man’s beautiful dick and lifted its huge pale head to my lips. A thrill raced through me knowing that the two other old men were watching me as I opened my mouth. I pushed the toothless old man’s dick head in my mouth. It was a long huge mushroom shaped dick head.

The toothless man snickered as I started sucking on the head of his enormous dick. I could feel it getting both larger and stiffer. The thing kept growing and growing. I tried to deep throat it but couldn’t more than a third of his enormous dick down my throat.

“Jo Jo.” The old colonel called out. “Be easy with the kid.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the old stout man unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out. His moon pale dick wasn’t long like Jo Jo’s but it was fat.

Suddenly Jo Jo pulled his dick out of my mouth. “I going to get me some young ass pussy, Colonel.” He said “Pull your pants down, Boy, and get on your all fours.”

“Yes, Sir.” I answered and quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and jockey shorts down. The size of the old toothless man’s dick frightened me. But I wasn’t going to wimp out with the other two old men watching me. I was going to show them that I was man enough to take old Jo Jo’s enormous dick up my ass.

The stout man got up from his seat and walked over to stand over my head as Jo Jo got down behind me. I looked over at the old colonel. He was watching us intensely, actually staring directly at me. There was a strange look on his face that I couldn’t read.

Then all thought of the old colonel fled my mind as the Jo Jo pushed the head of his old enormous dick against my asshole. It felt gigantic. Suddenly I wonder if I might have made a big mistake. I somehow knew that if I appealed to the colonel he would stop the old toothless man from fucking me, but I finally recognized his expression. Excitement. And suddenly I didn’t want to disappoint the old colonel. He wanted to watch me get fucked my Jo Jo’s enormous dick and I wasn’t about to back out.

But the sudden flash of pain as the old toothless man jammed the enormous head of his dick into my asshole gave me second thought. But then I felt the old toothless man’s strong spiny hand gripping my hips with the strength of a mad man, and I realize there would be no backing out.

“Shove it in the kid!” The words came from the colonel. “Bury it deep into his young ass, Jo Jo!” The old colonel added. His voice quivering from excitement.

Suddenly I felt my head being lifted. I looked up. The stout old man was pushing his fat dick toward my mouth. I opened my mouth and he filled it with dick. Then a white hot rushed of pain erupted from my asshole as the old toothless man rammed half his dick up my ass. I would have screamed if my mouth hadn’t been filled with dick. God! I never knew anything could hurt so much. Then the old toothless man shoved another six or seven inches of thick dick into my ass and I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the pain. I tried to pull away from Jo Jo but the stout man suddenly rammed his fat dick down my throat. I was trapped between the two old men.

I looked over at the colonel. He was smiling.

“Swallow all my dick!” The stout man said forcing his fat dick down my throat as Jo Jo pulled his enormous dick part way out of my asshole. He shoved it back in as the old stout man rammed his entire dick into my mouth.

Suddenly I wanted to please the colonel. I stopped fighting the two assaults and tried to enjoy them. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft of the old stout man’s dick as he pumped it in and out of my mouth. Behind me, Jo Jo was fucking me like a mad man with his horse dick pumping in and out of my tight young asshole like it was propelled by a jackhammer. And with each stroke my asshole loosened up and soon I found myself pushing back against his crotch trying to force his dick even deeper into my gut as the pain turned to pure pleasure. And all the time my eyes never broke contact with the colonel’s.

He was enjoying watching the two big dick bums fucking me brutally. He finally even got up and walked over and bent down behind so that he could see Jo Jo’s huge dick spearing my young ass. “Fuck him Jo Jo!” He almost whispered to the toothless old men. “Ram that long horse dick all the way up his young asshole.” Then he moved toward my head, patting me on my arching back as each stroke of the old toothless man’s long dick made my back arch like a spitting cat’s back. “Shove that fat dick down his throat.” He told the stout old man who was fucking my mouth and throat as though they were a whore’s pussy.

I saw the old colonel’s crotch beginning to bulge as watcheding the two fucking me at both ends excited him. I wanted to reach out and touch the old colonel’s crotch but I didn’t. I just watched him lean down so close to my face that he could have stuck his tongue out and lick my lips and the old stout man’s dick.

Then cum was flying at both ends as the two old bums shot off at the same time. I felt Jo Jo jerk his dick out of my ass as he sprayed his load on my back even as the stout old man pulled his dick out of my mouth and came on my face.

“Yes! Cover the boy with cum!” The old colonel said as he again lower his face within an inch of mine and sniffed the old stout man’s cum that was dripping from my face. “I love the smell of cum.” He added and then walked back over to his side of the campfire and took a seat on his syrup bucket.

As for me suddenly I was alone. Both of the old bums had stuffed their dick back in their pants and also returned to their seats. I awkwardly used my handkerchief to clean the cum off first my face and then my back and ass before pulling up my pants. Then I went back to where I had left the sack of beer and took out the remaining three beers. I gave the first one to the toothless old man. Jo Jo snickered as he took the beer. I couldn’t help but glance down at his crotch. It was still bulging like he had a hard on. Next I handed one to the stout old bum with the fat dick. Then holding the last beer, I took my syrup bucket and walked over to the colonel and after handing him the beer, placed my syrup bucket close to his and took a seat.

“Did they hurt you?” The colonel asked.

“Yea, my ass still burns like heck.” I told him as I watched him pop the tab on the beer. Just looking at the old colonel caused my dick to harder until I thought it was going to bust out of the front of my jeans. The fucking and sucking had just gotten me more horny. I desperately need to cum. So as I watched the old colonel drinking his beer, I reached down and unzipped my fly and reached inside my jeans and after a struggle managed to pull my long fat dick out. None of the three men made a comment. They just sipped their beers like I was invisible. But I knew that all three of them were watching me out of the corner of their eyes, especially the old colonel. So I started openly jerking myself off, moving my hand up and down the long thick shaft of my dick causing my foreskin to slide back and forth over the head of my dick. I enjoyed the men watching me as much as I did the sensation of jerking off. I got so excited that I barely was able to stop myself from shooting off.

“Well, I’ll calling it a night.” The colonel said. He stood up and tossed the empty beer can to the ground. I watched as he turned and headed to the entrance of the freight car directly behind us. I panicked at the thought of the handsome old man leaving me.

“Can . . . Can I join you?” I spoke up. “Please.” I added.

The old colonel didn’t even look back as he answered. “I don’t own the freight car.”

I quickly got up and followed the old man as he nimbly climbed up into the dark freight car. I vaulted up behind him. The dim light from the flickering campfire provided enough light to see that the old colonel was heading to a blanket on the floor near the entrance of the fright car. I stood inside waiting and wondering what I should do as I saw the old colonel start undressing. He had cloth racks hanging from the side of the fright car and carefully places first his shirt and then his pants on the racks and after smoothing them over like an expert, hung them back on the side of the freight car. Then completely naked he pulled a sheet out of a recess in the side of the freight car and lay down on the blanket.

I got a brief glimpse of his crotch. His dick was short but thick. And his balls were as bag as mine but hung very low. Then he pulled the sheet over himself. I really didn’t know what I should do. But I wanted to make love to the old colonel so much that I found the courage from somewhere to strip off my clothes and kneel down on the edge of the blanket. When the old colonel turned his back to me, I slipped under the blanket and nestled up against his back.

I was surprised at how clean smelling the old man was. He smelled like he had just taken a bath. My dick was poking against the crack of the old man’s asshole as I pushed my body against his. The feel of my dick sliding between the crack of his ass excited me so much that my big fat dick started jerking. I expected at any moment for the old colonel to tell me to move away from him. But when he didn’t say any thing, I pressed my dick harder and felt the head of my dick suddenly firmly planted against the old man’s asshole.

The colonel didn’t move away from my dick. So I spat on my hand several time and reached down and lubricated it well and then pushed its head back against the old colonel’s asshole. Then I sort of held my breath, not knowing what his reaction was going to be, as I slowly put more and more pressure on my dick. This caused the huge head of my young dick to push painfully against the old colonel’s asshole. Then it happened. The head of my dick started slowly moving inside his asshole as it pried open his ass bud.

The old man grunted. I pushed harder. My dick head pop entirely inside him. The old colonel let out a deep moan. Then I couldn’t stop myself. I shoved every inch of my dick inside the old men. He called out softly but didn’t pull away from me as I reached around his hairless body and held him in place as I started fucking his hot asshole. Damn, I never felt a man hole so hot. It felt wonderful. I started stroking as I fucked him faster and faster.

Then as I pumped my fat young dick inside his old asshole, I began to kiss his back. I love the touch of my lips on his soft smooth hairless skin. I worked my way up to the back of the old man’s neck as I continued to fuck him hard and fast. He sort of turned his head back and I sort of reach my head forward until our lips meet. He kissed me like I had never before been kissed. Sure I had kissed men before, but somehow this kiss was totally different. For one thing it was the most gentle kiss that I had ever experienced. His lips were so soft. His tongue delicate and giving. I got lost in the kiss as much as in the fucking.

When we broke our embrace, I showered his cheek with wild passionate kisses as he pulled his mouth away from mine. Damn, I wanted to keep kissing the old man forever. I continue to kiss him on the cheek as I felt the pressure building up inside of me. Then my dick erupted. Cum flooded from my dick head. I pumped squirt after squirt of cum deep inside the old colonel’s ass. Then still kissing him gently on the cheek, I pulled my dick out of him.

He let out a sigh. I kissed him several times on his bare back. Placed my hand around him and turned him over on his back. As I slipped down between his legs, he spoke. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to.” I said as I took his limp fat dick in my mouth. It tasted clean and sweet as I sucked on first the circumcised head of his dick and then took his entire dick inside my mouth. Although the colonel’s dick was fat, it was short enough that I could deep throat it with ease. The old man moaned softly as I took his dick head in my mouth. He reached down and rubbed my short cropped hair as I deep throated his old dick loving the taste of it and knowing that I was pleasing him.

I squeezed his legs with great affection. As I pressed my mouth against his gray pubic hair, burying his entire dick in my throat. I held it deep inside my throat until I was forced to breathe. Then did the same thing over and over again as the old colonel seemed to really enjoy having his fat old dick deep throated.

He came without a sound. It totally caught me by surprise as even his body didn’t reveal he was going to cum. Suddenly cum was gushing from his dick, thick sweet cum. I swallowed and loved that taste of the old colonel man juice. Then he reached down and pulled me up until we were facing each other and kissed me. It was wonderful.

This is love! I thought as we broke our kiss.

“Time to sleep.” The old man said.

“I can’t. I got to get home before for my father gets up.” I said. “He’ll be pissed if he finds out I stayed out all night.” I said and the kissed the old colonel on the forehead. “Will you be saying here long?” I asked hopefully.

“Have no plans to travel anytime soon.” The old man said as he watched me dress.

“I don’t know if I can make it back tomorrow night but hopefully will be about to the following night.” I said. “We usually go over to Uncle Johnny for Sunday dinner.” I explained.

“Whatever.” The old colonel said laying his head back down.

“Bye.” I called out as I climbed out of the railroad freight car.

I had expected to find Jo Jo and the other old man asleep but they were both awake and engaged in sex. Jo Jo was fucking the stout old man’s in the ass like crazy while the fat dicked old man was jerking himself off. I couldn’t help but stop and lean down close to watch the old toothless Jo Jo’s huge dick as he rammed it in and out of the old stout man’s asshole. I glanced back at the freight car and realizing that I was out of sight of the old colonel reached my hand under Jo Jo and grabbed the old toothless man’s balls. I squeezed on them as he fucked the stout man faster and faster, his monster dick sliding so fast in and out of the other old man’s asshole that I could hardly follow its movement.

I got so hot that I glanced back at the entrance of the freight car and when I didn’t see any sign of the colonel, I let go of Jo Jo’s balls and unzipped my pants and took my already hard dick out. Then I moved in front of the old stout man and shoved my dick toward his face. The old man didn’t hesitate to open his mouth. I shoved my big hard young dick in the old man’s mouth and he stared sucking me. It felt great. His mouth was big and warm and he didn’t have any problem deep throating my long fat dick. And his old tongue moved up and down the shaft of my dick as I fucked his mouth. The pleasure swept over me and I shot off. But the old man wouldn’t let go of my dick until he had drained every ounce of cum from my dick.

I left Jo Jo still fucking the old stout man as I hurried away from the railroad yard as a steady run. I knew that I was going to really have to push myself to get home before daylight. I smiled thinking, how many other boys could run nonstop for ten miles.