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My Summer with Grandfather

Chapter 1

May and June were special months for me - I turned 18, got my first car, graduated from high school and I got my first real full-time summer job.

Every summer my family moved up to the cottage with my dad working in the city and coming up on the weekends. It was always like that. But when I found this new job working at a building supply shop I needed to stay behind too. Since my schedule would include weekend work it still wouldn't be convenient for my dad's schedule.

It was decided basically for me that I should stay with my grandfather. I didn't really mind this as it was closer to my work and it did allow me to keep my summer job. So at the end of June my family packed up for the cottage and I headed off to my grandfather's.

Granddad is a great guy. I barely remember my grandmother who died when I was only 2. He was excited about having, his only grandson stay with him and assured me I wasn't going to subjected to the strict eye of a typical grandparent.

Granddad's house was huge. Six bedrooms, all with private bath up on a hill with great views and a swimming pool which I knew I would really enjoy during the summer months. I had the room next to my grandfather's on the second floor. Actually, the third floor was basically closed off and was seldom used.

That first weekend we basically barbecued, swam a bit and read and and watched TV. Monday I was off to work. On Wednesday I was required only in the morning and so headed home at lunch time I knew granddad was home as the front door was unlocked and the radio on.

When I entered the kitchen to get a drink I noticed him tanning next to the pool. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never really thought about my grandfather like that before. Man was he hot looking. While granddad's only about 5 foot 8 he is very solid and big. His entire body is covered in thick black and grey hair which glistens when it is wet or sweaty. But today there was a huge difference. Granddad was tanning in the tiniest gold lycra g-string I had ever seen. His entire hairy body was almost entirely exposed and here I was, his own grandson, getting turned on. I tried to tell myself that me at 18 and him at 67 was ridiculous. Besides I had never really done anything with a guy before except look a lot at hot guys at school or on the street.

I realized that the view from my bedroom would be even better and headed straight up the stairs for a bird's eye view. When I got there he had flipped over exposing his total backside. It was as hairy, if not more so, that his front side. The most incredible part though was his ass. Completely revealed were two huge, solid mounds of flesh covered in incredible fur. The only thing visible on his whole backside was the tiny string like thread that held the g-string together. I whipped my cock out and stroked it until I came, which took about ten seconds. Man he was hot. I was sure he'd kill me if he knew I was watching. I had no idea what he'd do if he found out I had jerked off looking at him.

I quickly left the house and returned much later when I was sure he'd be back inside. And he was. The rest of the day was normal. The next day when I went to work my boss said that my grandfather had called and just missed me. My God I thought did he know I was home or did he think I had done something in between?

Friday was another half day so Thursday night I made a point of telling Granddad I would be home at lunch time. Once again I discovered him laying by the pool. This time he had on an even smaller black sheer g-string. I honestly don't know how it held anything in.

I quickly ran up the stairs again to my bedroom not wanting to Miss any opportunity to seethe magnificent display at poolside. When I arrived at my room I noticed binoculars on the hall table right outside my door.

He couldn't have left them, could he? I went to the window and once again got totally hot by his teasingly revealed massive hairy body. In no time my cock was out and I had once again jerked off while looking at my grandfather - this time close-up!

When I finished I wanted to quickly make my exit again. Only this time I ran smack into my grandfather I the bottom of the stairs.

"Whoa kiddo, what's the rush ? " he asked.

I was so nervous, there he was inches away in this sheer black pouch. I couldn't take my eyes off it. he must be hung like a horse I thought.

" I thought I'd go to the mall, " I said.

" Mark, it's a great day c'mon out by the pool with me.

I didn't know what to say. All I knew was that I was sporting another hard-on for this guy and now he wanted me to tan with him.

"Um, sorry I don't have anything to tan in" I squirmed, hoping it would get me off the hook.

"No problem," he said, "Help yourself to one in the top right hand drawer of my dresser - and get a move on, I'll bring out a couple of beers," he offered.

Well, at least I'd have some time while getting a swimsuit to get rid of this second hard-on.

His drawer was filled with dozens of g-strings and thongs. I couldn't possible wear one, but there was nothing else. Finding a relatively modest white satin one I headed down to the pool.

There he was. I immediately went hard.

"Looking good, " he said, "Here's your beer."

I quickly laid down on my stomach so he couldn't see my raging hard-on.

"Mark, before you get too comfortable would you mind putting some lotion on my back," granddad asked.

"Ah, sure," I offered thinking at least he won't see my erection.

He rolled over and I began oiling his back. Man his hair felt Good as I ran my fingers through it. And, the sight of his huge hairy ass was incredible and it was only inches away. When I finished his back he asked me to do his legs which were equally as hairy and also a big turn-on.

As I was finishing his legs he glanced back and said, " Mark, by the looks of things you better put some lotion on my butt too."

He was looking right at my hard-on which was sticking almost directly out at this point. I quickly oiled up his ass and couldn't believe I was running my hands over my own grandfather's hot hairy ass. And he kept grinding his hips and spreading his legs apart. His entire crack was filled with mounds and mounds of thick black fur which was both sweaty and oily. man I'd love to lick that I thought.

He rolled over offering his front side for oiling. He too was sporting a huge hard-on, barely contained in his micro pouch. His chest was massive and his large brown nipples covered in expanses of greying fur. When I reached his pouched I slipped a finger inside and began caressing his cock while oiling his groin area.

Finally he offered, " Go on take it Mark. I saw you at your window today and Wednesday. It's okay. This is going to be the summer I've been waiting for, for a long Time grandson."

I slipped his cock and balls out of the sheer pouch. It was that length that amazed me so much but the width of his meat. While at 9 inches granddad had plenty to be proud of it was the circumference of 7 inches that was truly amazing.

I had never imagined a cock could be so thick. He then realized my teen cock which at 7 1/2 inches wasn't too bad either. But, it was nowhere near as thick as his. We massaged each other's tools and finally I couldn't hold back.

"Oh granddad, I'm going to cum, please make me cum," I hollered.

"Yes boy cum for your grandfather, show me your young load."

And then I exploded for the third time that afternoon. Only this time in his hand. My own grandfather had made me cum.

"Oh yes baby make granddad cum for you, " he said " you want to see your granddad's hot thick load don't you."

"Oh yes, please granddad cum for me cum all over my hand," I begged.

And then in an instant he shot his entire load all over me. It covered by hairless tanned chest and covered my hand and arm. I had been bathed in my grandfather's juices

Chapter 2

grandfather and I continued to explore each other's bodies. For hours we kept rubbing each other's bodies - I couldn't keep my hands off his massive fur covered body and he seemed to get off on my young smooth one. We just kept making each other cum, load after load. I couldn't have been happier and wasn't even thinking much about this hot older man being my grandfather. That night he asked me to sleep with him and with our bodies entangled we finally fell asleep.

When I woke up Saturday morning I discovered my grandfather sucking on my fully aroused young cock. The sight of his bald head and day's growth made me shoot my load down his throat within minutes. that was he first time I ever came in another guy's throat and hoped it wouldn't be the last. When he finished he immediately started to lick and probe my butt hole with his tongue. Again, I was rock hard and couldn't believe how excited I was getting by the touch of another man, especially my granddad.

Soon granddad had my legs up over his shoulders and his huge thick cock was teasing my fuck hole. I wanted it so badly but was afraid I wouldn't be able to take it without tearing myself apart. He started entering my hole slowly thrusting his cock in me further and further each time. I was so turned on by the sight of this older hairy hunk giving it to me the pain seemed to lessen quickly. Granddad quickly was able to thrust forcefully up my virgin butt hole and began dumping his thick juices up inside of me. I wanted his load so bad and now it was finally mine . My grandfather had finally given me the best gift ever and I was so glad I was his only grandson.

We finally got up and had breakfast and my granddad said we should catch some sun before it got cloudy like it was supposed to. Once again he offered one of his swimsuits which I readily accepted. he did ask if I would wear one he especially liked. It was almost microscopic it was so small and was made of a black sheer mesh fabric. Of course it made me hard again and granddad said he'd meet me by the pool to give me time to cool down. When he appeared, he was wearing an identical suit of the same sheer fabric.

The sight of my huge hairy grandfather was a knockout and the fabric barely concealed his massive tool. Of course the rest of his fur covered body was totally revealed. I couldn't wait to get at it again. After an hour or so granddad went in to get us some cold water. When he returned he shouted " hey Mark, look who dropped by."

My mouth must have dropped ten feet. There was my father standing right behind my granddad. And there we were barely covered by the pool. I quickly covered myself with a towel and Dad came over sitting on a deck chair. obviously my grandfather didn't mind my Dad seeing him exposed. But what was he thinking finding his father and son sunning in such scanty coverings.

We tossed around some comments about the weather and my Dad mentioned he needed to stay in town this weekend for work. My granddad said great maybe the three of us could spend some time together and invited my Dad to join us tanning. Without hesitating my Dad said he'd love to and could use a few hours of relaxation anyway. My grandfather offered him something more comfortable and my Dad was off into the house to change.

I quickly asked my grandfather if he was nuts. Didn't he think my Dad might think something weird was going on and didn't he want us just to be alone. He said to relax. It was just for a few hours and besides he said my Dad was a pretty hot looking guy too.

I said " Yes, but he's your son and my father." He quickly reminded me that I was his grandson and while I was commenting on the difference my Dad appeared on the pool deck.

My eyes must have almost fallen out. There he was a younger replica of my grandfather. Not quite as bald or heavy but almost. And equally as hairy. But my god my own father was standing in front of us barely concealed in a g-string made of white lace that was even smaller than the ones we had on. I couldn't take my eyes off my own Dad as he laid before us revealing his almost entire hairy body. And there I was between my grandfather and father - two of the hottest men I had ever seen. And here I was doing it with one and getting turned on by them both. What could my father be thinking and why had he chosen to wear so little?

After another couple of minutes of small talk my grandfather asked me to put some lotion on his back. I didn't know what to do and hesitated. my Dad said yea we had better all get covered in lotion before we burned. Handing me the lotion, I was forced to remove the towel off my body and oil my granddad's back. I could feel my cock growing harder and could see my Dad noticing every inch of my exposed youthful body. When I finished my Dad said " Now you can do the same for your father, son." I didn't know what to do except begin with his shoulders and back and do his legs.

As I finished he said. " I don't think you're quite finished, I want to be able to sit down too." I began rubbing lotion on his hairy butt and by this time my cock was once again sticking straight out of my sheer pouch. As I finished my Dad rolled over to reveal his massive hard-on which was even bigger than my grandfather's 8 inches and just as thick. I couldn't help but thinking they could have almost passed as twins . When I realized my father was hard I looked at my grandfather to discover he too was hard and not only was he watching our every move he was slowly stroking his meat in full view.

"Go on now and show your Dad what I taught you last night, he's been waiting as long as I have."

I was in total disbelief. My grandfather and my father both wanted me! How could I resist two hot guys even if they were father and son, and even if they were my own father and my own grandfather! I realized then it was too late, as my hand was already massaging my father's cock. This time however, I knew I wanted more and quickly put my lips over my father's cock. As I was deep throating this huge piece of meat I could feel my grandfather's cock probing my tight asshole. Now I would have my father at one end and my grandfather at the other. this must have been heaven. I didn't take long for the two of them to cum, dumping their loads down my throat and up my ass. Just as quickly they changed places this time my grandfather fucking my face and unbelievably my own father fucking me . Had they been planning this? Did they fuck each other.

It didn't take long to find out. When we finished round one my Dad confessed his father had initiated him at 18 and they had lived for the day I too could join the family circle. My Dad had arranged the whole thing making sure I had a summer job and that the family continued to go to the cottage.

My Dad's weekend of work involved me and my grandfather and the three of us never left the house that day or the next. In fact, my Dad moved in on Monday so we could spend the weekdays together too. Sleeping and fucking with my father and grandfather was unbelievably hot, and while I couldn't believe it, I knew how right it was for the three of us. Little did I know what else they had in store for me. My granddad and dad had only just begun to initiate me into the family circle. Our fucking would get even hotter as our circle grew. Stay tuned as the final part of my incredible and true adventures

Chapter 3

My father and grandfather continued to fuck me in every conceivable way that weekend and that week. I was so glad that their Greek background made them dark, heavy built and very, very hairy. It was exactly what I wanted and I felt really great that I could make my dad and grandfather that happy. After all, I was completely different, taking after my mother's side - slim, blond, fair skinned. But, they both seemed to get off on it, and I wasn't complaining.

My schedule left me off work Thursday afternoon and since dad was at work and granddad was off at a couple of appointments I decided to continuing sunning by the pool. My tan was going to be great that summer and my skimpy little tan line was going to be even better. That day I chose a really daring crocheted type g-string. It allowed most of my youthful cock and balls to be seen and my bleached mound of pubic hair reached above the tiny pouch. I hoped that granddad would get home early.

I had been tanning about 45 minutes when I heard a deep voice say, "Well, hello there young man." Looking up I discovered my grandfather's brother, John, staring down at me. Oh my god I thought, what will he think with me in this get-up! By now I was used to wearing these thongs and g-strings and tried to be casual about him popping in. John was older than my grandfather by about three years, putting him in his early 70's. I quickly noticed how similar the two were. John too was on the short side, actually heavier than my grandfather, bald and if possible he looked to be even hairier.

"Hi, Uncle John" I said, "What brings you about?"

He said he was just enjoying the sunshine and thought he'd drop in on granddad. I invited him to sit down, or if he wanted to join me tanning.

Uncle John said he had about an hour and a half to kill and the sun was beautiful. I quickly suggested we go upstairs and get him something to tan in. I gave him granddad's little black sheer thong but told him he could pick whatever and headed back to the pool. I hoped he would wear what I gave him. Sure enough, five minutes later he appeared in the sheer black thong. And, as I thought might be the case he turned out to be the hairiest of the men I had discovered were right in my own family.

When John laid down at poolside, I grabbed the tanning lotion and offered to do his back. I figured I might as well go for broke. He was the hottest and I wanted to feel his thick fur between my fingers. In fact, I couldn't wait to start rubbing lotion on his hairy ass. So that's what I started with. Uncle John quickly spread his butt and without hesitating, I got down and started eating out his super hairy and sweaty hole. He obviously enjoyed it and turned over to reveal that not only was he the hairiest of the three family members, he also had the biggest cock. At 9 1/2 inches his cock was topped by the biggest cock head I had ever seen or imagined. And, it was as thick as a beer can. Lubing it up with lotion, I moved on top of Uncle John allowing his monster meat to slide up inside my tight boy hole. He was smiling and obviously enjoying this as much as I was. How I hoped granddad and dad would come home and catch us. Here I was getting fucked by the oldest member of the family and shooting my load into his thick chest of hair.

Uncle John wrapped his huge hairy arms around me telling me; I was such a hot young man he hoped we see a lot more of each other, now that I was living with my grandfather. I said I wish that we had been caught so the two of them could have fucked me together. Uncle John said that granddad would kill him if he caught us and that his brother would never think of fucking his own grandson.

I told Uncle John not to be so sure, I was going to work on it and I'd let him know. He left soon after, and around five my grandfather returned home. When I told him Uncle John had been by while I was tanning he didn't seem at all surprised. He called John and they decided we would all get together for a barbecue the next night, Friday, as dad would be finished for the week and they also wanted to ask a few other members of the family. A boys night of barbecuing, beer and cards. I secretly wanted something else, but at least the three of them would be in the same room and all near me.

Friday night around seven everyone had arrived. There was granddad, dad and me, John and his two sons, and the only son one of them had--George, who was about 6 years older than me. So the seven of us started drinking and barbecuing. It struck me how odd I looked amongst the group. Six men all very dark complexioned, short, heavy and extremely hairy and me, the odd family member completely the opposite.

Of course was being a little bit obvious and a little bit of a tease. That day on my lunch hour, I popped over to the mall and bought a very small unlined pair of racing shorts made out of an almost shear white material. The shorts had slits up to the waist band, and an equally revealing mesh tank top.

With my tan I looked great and really contrasted the other men. In fact, on the side, my dad, granddad and Uncle John all commented on how great I looked and how they wanted to fuck my hot little ass. As the night progressed, one of John's sons, Nick, had had a little too much to drink and when he passed by me he grabbed my butt and said that without a woman near by, my ass looked almost good enough to fuck. I just laughed but thought, Nick sometime we're really going to fuck, since I know I was going to make it my mission to have every cock in the family including Nick and his son, my cousin George.

Around 11PM, someone suggested a dip in the pool and everyone thought that was a great way to cool off after the hot day. Since it was all family everyone decided to go nude, and one by one, discarded their clothes. I discovered everyone of them was almost as hairy as the next and all were hung like horses. Man what a hot scene the seven of us were! When we got out of the pool everyone was sitting by the side of the pool and Nick complained he had a sore neck. I quickly offered to rub his shoulders and neck, and without giving him a chance to refuse had started. When I finished, his brother Mark said that my treatment looked great, and that I should share my talent.

So with that I was massaging Mark, after who I was named. After about five minutes, I noticed my grandfather and that his cock was almost rock hard. Everyone was still talking but he was erect. I looked at my dad to discover the same thing and likewise. Everyone had a hardon including me and I hadn't even noticed. I thought well, it's now or never. As we had all had had a lot to drink, I told Mark to lie back and relax. I started massaging his chest and soon straddled his stomach to make it easier. I could feel his rock hard cock at my butt. Leaning slowly back, I allowed it to come between by ass cheeks and start teasing my hungry hole. Everyone was watching and Mark was obviously enjoying. I slowly let it enter my butt and then he started to thrust his aching hard meat into my tight boy hole. Man how I wanted everyone to see me getting fucked--especially my father and grandfather, but even more so my Uncle John. His own son was fucking the boy he too had fucked only the day before. I didn't know what would happen, but was enjoying every second of the show we were giving the rest of the family. As Mark started to cum he was moaning and Nick said I hadn't massaged his chest.

After Mark finished filling my hole, I then went to Nick telling him to lie back. Then again, the same thing. Letting his cock slip inside of me I knew I was about to have all 6 cocks in the family fuck my ass there and then. Everyone was watching and everyone was now stroking their meat. The only one not to have fucked me at some point was my cousin George, Nick's son. After his father had finished filling me with another thick load of hot cum, I went over to my cousin and said " Well, George you're the only one left so let's really put on a good show."

As George fucked me the others gathered around and watched the two youngest members of the family fuck away. While George had a great piece of meat and was really hairy too, I couldn't stop thinking about the older members of the family and how they turned me on the most. I especially wanted granddad and his brother John and I wanted them together even more. As George continued to fuck my ass, my father put his thick cock down my throat. Everyone was telling him to give his hot load to his son and I could tell that's what everyone had waited for, as it was almost forbidden. Only I had other plans. After George and my father had cum, I looked at Uncle John who was lying nearby stroking his cock.

As I sat down on his meat, I motioned for my grandfather to come over. When he Arrived, I told him to fuck me with his brother. Getting behind Me, granddad started probing my ass with his cock. I didn't know if I could mange almost 18 inches of cock up my ass at once, but I knew I was going to try. And, if I couldn't after being fucked three times already I never would.

His head finally entered my butt and I knew I would be able to force the two giant pricks up inside me. Again, everyone was watching almost spellbound by the spectacle in front of them. I obviously was going to fit right into the family circle and I was going to make sure I continued to be the centre of attention for a long time. By now the two cocks were fully up inside and I was being fucked by my 67 year old grandfather and his older brother while my father, cousin and two uncles watched.

As the two elders fucked me I began to stroke my dick. Dad and the other got down under my cock and I knew I was going to give them all a taste of my huge cum load. As granddad and Uncle John burst their loads inside of my I shot my load all over the faces of the other hungry family members who ate it willingly.

We collapsed as a group poolside and promised that our Friday night sessions would become a regular affair for the seven of us. I discovered afterwards that this had been going on for fifty years, starting with my grandfather and Uncle John. Other than Fridays, my father and granddad continue to fuck me on a regular basis and they often invite Uncle John to join us, which pleases me greatly.

It's been almost three years since we started and I couldn't be happier. I'd be really interested in hearing other stories of guys with older relatives especially grandfathers. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my life as much as I enjoy living it! Keep your stories coming

Chapter 4

was great to me, always giving me gifts and cash. of course, his favourite gift was always skimpy swimwear and underwear. I knew there would be something special for my birthday, but didn't have any idea what it might be.

Granddad was usually at home during the day and had handed most of the daily running of his company to his manager and foreman, Charlie. Charlie had worked or Granddad for years.

He was your basic quiet type and sometimes brought papers over for Granddad to sign or review. In all my years we probably hadn't said more than 20 words other than a quick hello. Charlie was in his sixties, black and huge weighing in at around 270. I never thought much about him other than he must be capable since Granddad trusted him so much with the company.

On the day of my birthday I arrived home and Granddad immediately met me at the door and escorted me upstairs.

He presented me with micro-mini which barely held in my cock and balls and certainly showed off everything through its ultra sheerness. Leading me downstairs Granddad said my gift was waiting poolside. As we stepped outside the kitchen door I saw him lying next to the pool. There was Charlie on his stomach with a mega small g-string, his massive black body almost completely revealed.

Granddad said go ahead on have fun. I eagerly approached Charlie and began oiling his back, legs and finally his huge black ass. It wasn't long before he was spreading his cheeks apart and I was hungrily eating out his big thick hole. Soon he flipped over to show off his mega huge black cock and balls. I had never imagined any cock could be that big or that thick. Charlie had the biggest foot long plus cock I had ever seen. Now I knew why he was my gift. I oiled up his giant nipples and big tits and slowly worked down to his lemon size balls and giant size cock. Locking my lips around his meat he forced my throat don over it. All this time Granddad was just sitting there rubbing his cock watchin intently. Then I heard him say, "take his meat, Mark" and I knew it was time for the fuck of my life. I lifted my tanned slim body over Charlie and began to lower my ass on his black monster. While it hurt immensely I needed it more than nay cock I had ever had. He kept forcing it inch by inch and once I had filled my ass i knew I wanted Charlie forever, even though I was my Grandfather's boy.

Charlie stayed for the whole weekend. Later Friday we did it and Granddad joined in. While Granddad was fucking me I was deep throating Charlie. All of a sudden I could feel Charlie emptying spurts of piss in my mouth. Never having done this before I was really turned on and realized Granddad had no idea what was happening.

I just kept drinking and drinking. This continued throughout the weekend and finally I was able to take his entire piss load without him stopping at different points. He said little but smiled a lot. Saturday night again, Granddad had his cock inside me and Charlie was riding my face with his butt. He was turned and watching me being fucked at the same time. As I probed his fuck hole deeper and deeper I could feel his dirt meat up inside his chute. Slowly, I worked it down taking little pieces into my mouth. Realizing what I was up to I could feel Charlie tensing his butt and forcing more and more out. That night I took little bits of his shit but by Monday morning before he left for work

I was up to entire turns and Granddad still hadn't caught on to my newly discovered talents and pleasures. Charlie dropped by everyday before work and now he's a big part of our life.
There's lots more to tell so stay

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