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Meeting Mr. Holloway

I could see someone standing next to the old ford tractor as I walked barefoot through the freshly plowed field. Even from a distance I could tell two things about the man, he was old and very tall as the hair on the top of his head was pure white and he was face to face with daddy even though daddy was sitting atop the tractor.

“Where’s your damn shoes?” Daddy snapped as I brought the jug of ice water to the other side of the tractor and handed it up to him. “You’ll be stepped on something and I’ll have to take you to the doctor.” He added taking the jug from my hands.

“That your boy!” The old man asked. His voice was deep and sounded like the principal at high school.

“Yes, you would think that him being in highschool that he would wear a pair of shoes.” Daddy answered, still angry that I had came barefooted.

“Well.” The tall old man said. “I would like to look over your herd of hogs. You know that a good size loan and I got to make sure the bank is covered.” The old man said as he reached up with his huge right hand and ran his fingers through his beautiful pure white hair.

“Sure. Pete can take you over to the barn.” Daddy said. He turned and glanced down at me. “You take Mr. Holloway over and show him the sows.” Daddy snapped.

“Yes, Sir.” I said.

“Ok, boy, show me the way.” The old man said as he walked around to the side of the tractor I was standing. He towered over me. I felt sudden admiration for the tall reddish skinned old man. He was a banker. The man with all the money.

“Yes, Sir.” I spoke up quickly. “This way.” I said and headed across the field. I have a very fast walk and expected the old man to tell me to slow down like most people do when they are walking with me. He didn’t. His long legs matched me stride for stride.

“You have a girlfriend, Son.” The old man suddenly asked.

“Ah . . . no sir.” I admitted meekly know that someone in his senior year should have a girlfriend. Suddenly the blaring March sun felt hot against my skin. I knew I was blushing.

“There’s nothing wrong with not having a girlfriend.” The old man said. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

A thrill ran though my body at his touch. Suddenly I could feel my dick stirring to life in the crotch of my faded jeans as I walked down a narrow path through the strip of woods separating the corn field daddy was plowing and the farm. The path leads to the back of the huge barn.

“The brood sows are inside.” I said as I quickly fumbled with the door leading into the barn. The smell of pig shit came strong to my nose. I was used to the smell. I glanced up to see how it was affecting the tall old banker in his grey suit.

“Looks like your daddies’ got a fine-looking herd of sows.” The old man said as he glanced over the black and white group of sows. “Man, just look at the boar’s balls. He can carry enough juice in them to service the entire herd one at a time.” The old man said.

Right then and there my dick stiffened! One moment it was soft and the next moment it was rock hard. I loved looking at the boar big balls and when the old man spoke about them, my young dick responded.

“They say that men with big balls like to play around more that men with little balls.” The old man said looking straight at the big male hog. “I’m glad my wife doesn’t know that or she would like me out of the house.” The old man added.

“You got . . . got big balls?” I found myself saying. I hadn’t dared to glance at the old man’s crotch during our walk over here. Now as I spoke my eyes zeroed in on the crotch of his gray slacks. And damn to hell if the crotch of his slacks weren’t bulging out like a grapefruit was dangling from his crotch.

The old man must have seen me looking at his crotch because he said. “Yea they’re so big I can hide them and sometime they hurt when I walk they are so big.” He looked at me staring opened mouthed at his crotch.

I found the courage from somewhere to say. “Are they as big as the boar’s balls?”

“Pretty near.” The old man said. He suddenly glanced around the bar. “You want me to see them?” He asked with a strange look in his big blue eyes. His wrinkled face was all tensed up as he waited for my answer.

“Yes, Sir! I would love to see them.” I said grinning from ear to ear.

“Ain’t nobody in the house is there?” The old man asked.

“No, Sir. Mama’s gone to Dothan.” I told him as I said a silent prayer that the old man would show me his balls.

“Is there some place we can go so that I can take my pans off?” The old man asked as he looked around the dirty barn.

“The loft!” I almost shouted. “This way.” I said and hurried over to the big ladder leading to the loft. For a moment I was worried that the old man wouldn’t want to climb up but he didn’t hesitate. He scampered up the ladder like a kid. And I followed him.

“Yes, this is perfect.” The old banker said as he stood next to a bail of peanut hay and began to unbuckle his belt.

I stood here transfixed by the sight of the old man undressing. My heart was throbbing in tune with my dick. Which had made a tent out of the crotch of my jeans. And damn if it didn’t look as though the old banker was staring at my crotch as he pulled down his pants. When he pulled down his loose boxer shorts, I let out a gasp at the sight of the old man’s big white balls. They were in fact as big as the boar hogs balls.

And then I took notice of the old man’s enormous peter. It was hanging soft yet it was as long as mine when fully hard, and I thought I had a big dick. And his pubic hair was red. I had never seen a man with red pubic hair.

“See. I told you they were big.” The old banker said as he stepped out of both his shorts and slack and stood in front of me naked from the waist down. And then he amazed me by walking right up to me. “You want to touch them, Son?” He asked.

I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t if I had wanted to as I was too excited for words. I slowly reached my right hand out until the tips of my finger touched one of his huge testicles. Breathing deeply, I let my index finger run across the old man’s ball until my finger was touching the base of the old banker’s huge dick.

“Go on and grab my balls with both hands.” The old man urged.

I glanced up at him to make sure I was understand him. “Go on and squeeze them.” He said with strange quality about his voice.

I did as he asked and took his huge balls in both hands. God! I felt like I was in heaven. I knew that I would be jacking off many a night thinking of this moment.

“Squeeze them. Don’t be afraid of hurting them.” The old banker told me.

I closed my hands around his huge testicles and squeezed them like they were cow teats to milk. The old man moaned. I squeezed harder with a grip that had been strengthened from years of milking cows.

“Oh yes! Hurt them. Hurt them.” The old banker squealed.

My hands became like two vices as I closed them ever tighter around the old man’s balls. And damn if the old goat’s huge peter didn’t begin to stir to life. The thing began to swell up until it was longer than daddy’s dick and thicker than mine. I had never seen such a dick except on Charlie Smith’s stud horse, never on a boy or man.

Suddenly I couldn’t resist letting go of one of his balls and grabbing his dick with my free hand. Then as I squeezed his one of his enormous testicles with one hand, I jacked his huge thick dick with my other hand.

The old man threw back his head and let out a sigh as he reached down and grabbed me by the back of the head. Suddenly he was guiding my head toward the huge uncut head of his dick. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go as he shoved his over sized dick into my mouth. Then even as he rammed his dick down my throat, I noticed movement at the latter to the loft. I suddenly realized that daddy was watching me and the old banker. And I also realized that I was helping him get the farm loan he was asking far.

“Suck my dick, Queer Boy!” The old banker called out. “Take it all down your throat. Gee. I can’t believe you can take it all. God, that feels good! Yea deep throat my big dick. Shit, your mouth is better than a pussy.”

I couldn’t help but enjoying sucking the old banker’s dick even if it had been set up by daddy. And I knew that just sucking the old man’s dick wouldn’t bet the last of it. When the old man left daddy would be up. But I didn’t care. I swallowed the old banker’s dick up to his red pubic hair and had him moaning and groaning until I suddenly felt him tense up.

The old banker jerked his dick out of my throat and suddenly it was squirting cum all over my face. And what a load of cum the old man shot. Cum was running down my chin and onto my shirt by the time he pulled his dick away.

Then the old man wouldn’t even look in my direction as he rushed to put his pans on. “You stay up here. Let me go down first and wait ten minutes before you come down. You hear me, Boy?” The old banker said giving me a nasty look that made me want to kiss him and hug him and tell him that I loved him. “Stay here!” The old banker added as he almost ran to the ladder and disappeared below.

The old banker had no more than disappeared down the ladder than I looked over and saw daddy climbing into the loft. He unzipped his fly as he approached. “Come here and do to me what you just did to him.” Daddy ordered. “You love to suck cock don’t you? Well sometimes having a queer son comes in good when the banker is also queer.” Daddy said and laughed as he pulled the long loose foreskin back to expose his elongated dick head. “Come on and get me off. I don’t have all day.” He said as he started jacking his long pale pecker as he stepped so close to me that his dick was almost touching my stomach.

I dropped to my knees in front of my father. I had been sucking his dick for several months. I loved it and hated sucking him off both at the same time. I loved sucking his long pecker with all his loose foreskin, but I hated the way he treated me. He never showed any affection. It was as though I was his private whore, just good for sucking his dick and doing shores around the farm. But I must say I loved kneeling down in front of him and looking up pass his long hard dick into his face and seeing him glaring down at me with his cold blue eyes. Daddy’s weathered face was hard but handsome in a rouged manly way. His nose was big and long. His ears big. But it was his hands and hairy arms that I loved most. I always got a thrill when I watched him reaching down to grab me behind the head. His arm where like hairy ropes and his big scratched up hands as big as meat hooks.

Then he took hold of my head and forced my face toward his crotch. I like it when he forced me to suck his dick. I never volunteered to suck his dick. I always waited until he forced my back to his crotch. Only then would I open my mouth and take his dick inside. I loved the taste of my father’s dick. It tasted of sweat and toil. I quickly took it completely down my throat like I knew he enjoyed. And he let out a soft moan. That soft moan I could make him utter was as close I could ever come to getting him to say he loved me. Then my excitement of sucking my on father’s dick took over and I was working on his dick for all I was worth.

I moved my tongue up and down the soft skin of the shaft of his pecker, enjoying the feel of skin of daddy’s dick against my tongue. The skin of his dick felt like silk. When I pulled his dick out of my throat until only his elongated dick head was left in my mouth, daddy started moaning louder as I tongued his sensitive dick head. As I ran my tongue back and forth over the head of his dick, I could feel daddy growing tense. I sucked harder want daddy’s cum. I loved the taste of my father’s cum. It was sweat like honey and he shot a big load even though his balls where smaller than mine.

“Get ready!” Daddy cried out.

Suddenly he was cuming in my mouth. His load shot out with great force. I started swallowing immediately knowing that daddy wanted me to swallow all his cum and clean up his dick really good before letting go of it. I swallowed and swallowed as fast as I could. I thought daddy wasn’t going to ever stop cuming.

“That’s enough!” He finally called out jerking his dick out of my mouth.

Then as he shook the last drops of cum from the piss hole of his dick, I pulled out my dick and started jacking it. Daddy looked over at me. He glanced down at my long fat dick and then back to his. He didn’t like that my dick was thicker than his. I could see it in his expression.

“Watch me cum, Daddy.” I pleaded.

With his dick still in his hand daddy stared down at me pounding away at my engorged young dick.

“Fucking queer!” He spoke out loud but still watched me jacking off.

I loved it when he would agree to watch me jack off almost as much as I enjoyed sucking his dick. It made me feel so good inside for him to watch me doing something that I wasn’t suppose to do.

“I should beat your ass good for doing such a thing.” Daddy said as he slowly pushed his long dick back into his soiled jeans.

“I’m cuming, Daddy! Watch me cum!” I called out. And daddy actually moved closer to me and reached his hand out in front of my dick. I shoot off in the palm of daddy’s big hand. And as I did so I suddenly felt a twinge of fear. I had never before done such a thing! I didn’t know what he was going to do next.

What he did was reach up and smear the cum in the palm of his hand all over my face. He rubbed my cum onto my cheeks and forehead as though he was putting suntan lotion on me. I stood there not daring to move a muscle until he was finished. Then he leaned over until his face was almost touching mine.

“I’m going to come into your room tonight and fuck you. You be ready. I’ll be in your room as soon as your mama goes to sleep.” Daddy said. Then he did something that he had never done before. He licked my cum drenched cheek. The next thing I knew daddy as kissing me like I was a woman. “I’m going to fuck you all night, Queer Boy.” He whispered and then was gone.

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