Samstag, 6. September 2014

Weekends with grandfather

Visiting my grandparents was always a treat when I was young. I observed how they slept in separate rooms, but it did not seem unusual to me. It seemed like that was just their way of living. As the only grandson they would spoil me rotten. I would watch the new, "HBO", and "MTV" until very late at night. I would sneak into bed with my grandfather, who slept nude, and feel his hairy, hard body against my young skin. It seemed like he always had a hard on. Again, I thought that was just the way of life. I would lie on my right side and he would comfort me, snuggle up and cover me with his left arm. I guess you could say my grandfather was into "spooning".

I would spend a weekend with them at least once a month, and grandfather never disappointed me. He would always kiss the back of my neck and whisper, "I love you", as he drew his body close to mine brushing his hairy chest against my back, and his hard cock between my legs.

My grandfather was in good shape. He worked out in the garage, lifting and running, push-ups, and sit-ups. He may have been a little grey, but he was a "hot" man. Hard, muscular legs, great chest, big arms, all covered with hair. He would teach me his workout routine once a month. He once mentioned how he liked watching my young "boy" body being sculpted into a man with his assistance.

At 16,17 & 18 I was dating girls, but nothing compared to visiting my grandparents once a month. Sleeping under my grandfather's arm was so comforting and soothing. The feel of his kiss on the back of my neck, and how he would whisper, "I love you". I felt like it was my bonding experience with him. As time went by, I would spend the weekend at their house and get in my grandfather's bed earlier and earlier. HBO and MTV was not as much fun. I would wake up with his hard cock between my legs, and his legs intertwined with mine.

As I grew older I would sleep nude with him, and he would begin to rub the hair on my tense stomach down to my crotch, and feel my chest. At one point I think I felt him bathe my neck with his tongue. And it felt good.

One night I got a call from my grandfather, saying that my grandmother had gone on some vacation and wanted to know if I could come over for the week. I was 18 and prom was in 2 days. I told him I would come over after the prom. He sounded disappointed, but assured me he would be there for me at any time.

Prom was a disaster! The date I was with, got back together with her ex-boyfriend that night, of all nights. I decided to go over to grandfather's house and pout. He opened the door in his bathrobe, and the look on his face was of such pleasure. He greeted me with a hug, and yanked me in. Immediately he had a beer in my face, and asked me what happened. Which I did tell him, and how disappointed I was. He was lying on the couch, with his legs apart. From under his robe I could see his huge ball sack hanging down. I think he noticed me looking, and began to loosen the belt of his robe so I could see his heavy chest. He asked me if I wanted to change out of my tuxedo into something more comfortable, which I agreed. He walked me into his room, and helped me undress. His hands were caressing my back, and arms. I could use a massage at that time. He always knew what to do. I bent over to pull my pants down, and when I stood back up, his hairy chest was against my back, and his lips were kissing the back of my neck. He whispered, "I love you" into my ear, and hugged me from behind. I turned and faced my grandfather, feeling his thick, hard cock slide against my leg, and touching my own growing cock. We were face-to-face, chest-to-chest and groin-to-groin.

He pulled back so my face was near his, and he began to kiss me, slowly entering my mouth with his tongue. My hands were holding his strong hips, and pulling him closer to me. Our kiss was so passionate. I felt his heaving chest press against me, and his cock was now between my thighs, pumping back and forth. My cock was busting out the side of my jockeys, and the tip of my head could feel the hair on his leg. His hands pushed my shoulders back, and I fell onto the bed in a sitting position. His raging cock was swaying back and forth in front of my face. He knelt down to untie my shoes, pulling my socks and pants off. His hands were making a move up my legs, knees and thighs. His mouth touched my inner thigh, and licked me all over soaking my cloth-covered balls. His large hands grasped each side of my hips and slowly pulled my jockeys off, exposing my penis, which was standing at attention leaking pre-cum.

Grandfather stood up and his long cock was kissing my mouth. I naturally opened up to taste him. And, he tasted good. My hands were wrapped around his hips pulling him closer to my face, shoving his cock into my mouth. His heavy balls were slapping my chin. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and kissed me with his tongue.

His strong arms lifted me to a standing position, and left me there. He pulled the covers down from the bed, and gently laid me on the bed, and climbed on top of me. We kissed hard and rough, I felt his cock easing between my legs. His mouth went to my ear whispering, "I love you". I immediately wrapped my legs around his torso, and felt the head of his cock touching my ass cheeks. I wanted him, and he knew it. He reached over to the bed stand and pulled out some jelly pack, and ripped it open with his teeth. Spreading the gel on his cock, and my ass cheeks, he slowly pushed forward. My hands were tweaking his hard nipples. I felt the penetration, and his girth I did feel.

His entry was slow, erotic, and painful. I knew his cock was bigger than my 9-inch cut, and I felt every bit of it. He slowly entered me, he did not want to hurt me, but I could not take this slow punishment any longer, I thrust my hips upwards to welcome his.

FUCK it hurtSHIT mother fuck

Oh, yeah, oh..Oh. "Just hold it there", he said. He leaned over to kiss me again, and I so passionately kissed him back. My grandfather can hold his own. His balls were bouncing against my ass cheeks and his mouth was kissing my mouth. He began to move left and right with is dick, opening my asshole. With each twist I moaned of pain and pleasure. He was widening me up for a grand slam, which he managed to build up to. He was pumping his hard cock deep within me, and squirming left and right. My legs were lifted onto his shoulders as his hands gripped my hips, holding them in place. Pumping in and out, making his chest muscles pop, and his sweat dripping me. He lifted my right leg over his head and fucked me sideways, pumping hard into me. Holding my legs together, giving him a tight ass access. He pulled out leaving me empty, and lay down behind me. He put his hard cock between my legs, and pumped back and forth. I asked him to please continue fucking me. He whispered into my ear, "I love you", and kissed the back of my neck.

I just realized this was his way of bonding with me. I felt him shoot between my legs, and I shot a load on the wall. He had been doing this all along. It was just his way of living.

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