Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Mature Madness

I was quite bored at the time, and used to go to a local club after college for swimming, working out, and an occasional wank in the showers. Sometimes even a wank in the swimming pool when no one was around or looking.

The advantage of going in the afternoons was that there were not too many people around as it was very hot outside, and most people came to the pool area after 5 p.m. I would normally be in the club from 2 p.m onwards, work out and then hit the pool.

On this particular day, a much older man was there in the changing room. I had seen him on previous afternoons as well. He was maybe 60-65 years old. He seemed quite fit for his age, had a nice tan, and decent muscles, although a little heavy around the stomach area and very hairy. He nodded as I walked in and I nodded back. He was changing out of his clothes and into his swimwear.

As I sat to remove my shoes and socks, he removed his underwear to reveal his really thick hot prick. This was not uncommon, considering it was the men's changing room and a lot of men did just that. But seeing this smooth fat cock, dangling a few feet from me, really turned me on. He walked naked to one of the stalls and stood to take a piss in one of the urinals. My eyes were glued to his hairy back and ass as he stood there taking his piss. I really wished I was standing next to him to see the piss gush out of his penis.

I was somewhat lost in my thoughts when he turned around and saw me staring at him. He smiled and walked back towards me. I quickly looked down and busied myself with my stuff. Shit, I thought, that was really stupid of me. This guy must think I'm some sort of sick pervert, staring at him pissing.

"So, are you coming out?" he asked, "yes" I replied. "in a minute." My voice was somewhat shaky.

He slipped on his swim trunks and walked out to the pool area. I got on my swim trunks as well but stood near the urinal for a bit and stroked it thinking about this man's hot cock. I wanted to just take him in my mouth and suck him.

When I came out of the room, he was already in the pool and was doing his laps. I dived in as well, and swam for a few minutes. Then I got out and lay down on one of the pool chairs with my shades on.

After a while, the man got out as well and came up to me, and asked if he could use the chair next to mine. I shrugged my shoulders and said "sure." We got to talking about stuff. He asked me about what I did, where I studied, just general stuff, and I asked him about himself. As it turned out he was married and divorced, had his own business, and had a lazy, no strings attached sort of lifestyle.

That day, I had the most intense wank in the showers thinking about his body and his cock.

The next two days I was looking forward to maybe seeing him naked again, but the opportunity just never presented itself as we always seemed to miss each other in the changing room.

Then on the third day it happened. We were sitting and chatting by the pool, and there was no one else around. We were just talking mostly general stuff, when he told me "I want to ask you a personal question and I would like an honest answer." I was a little taken aback, and asked what it was. "Did you like looking at my cock?" he said very calmly looking me straight in the eyes. Shit, I thought, a little embarrassed.

"Ummm, were just standing there and it was just...umm...dangling there...I was just looking in that direction."

"That's not what I asked, I want to know whether you liked looking at my cock and my balls, did you get turned on seeing me pee?" he asked again.

" I...was just looking." I was stammering like crazy not quite understanding what he was getting at. Was he trying to humiliate me for the other day, or was he trying to gauge my reaction. I was probably blushing and hoped he would not make a big deal of it, or tell anyone, but he had been quite friendly the past few days, so I did not think so.

"Do you want to see it again?" he asked. Fuck yeah, I thought, the little hairs on my neck standing on edge. Was he coming onto me in this extremely public place?

I let out a nervous "yes" and he said, "you first." Hunh...I thought. "You first, I want to see your cock, right here, right now, take it out and show it to me."

"But anyone can walk in and see us here" I said, thinking he was insane. "Just slip it out to the side for a few seconds and let me see it" he said.

He was sitting on his chair sideways, facing me, and his hand began to stroke my inner thigh. I spread my legs a bit to allow him more access. "Come on, before someone comes, come on, I can see it wants to come out." Sure enough, my cock was straining against my trunks to come out. Looking around, I tugged at the elastic and worked my trunks down slightly around my balls.

"You have a very nice cock, really nice" his hand moved slowly over my thighs and onto the head of my cock. I was looking hard at the entrance to see if anyone was there. He continued to stroke my cock for what seemed like an eternity. I was feeling very nervous as we were completely out in the open.

"Please stop, someone might see us" I said.

"Okay, but I want to see your ass, show me your ass." "How?," I asked.

He told me to get up, which I did, and he threw my towel onto the grass next to the chair. "Turn around, and slip your shorts off over your ass, if someone comes just pretend you are picking up the towel. They won't be able to see your backside. Hurry up before someone comes."

I was on my hands and knees with my ass raised up facing him. I pulled my trunks down over my cheeks baring them to him.

"These are sooooo nice and soft," his hand was stretched out squeezing my asscheeks. "Spread it for me, baby, I want to look inside your hole."

Him talking dirty was really turning me on, and I knew he was getting very turned on looking at me like this.

I reached back and spread my cheeks as wide as I could, exposing my bunghole to him. He squeezed them for a minute or so, running his fingers over my ass crack. He then told me to turn around again.

I was wondering what we were going to do next as we both were really turned on.

"Lets get into the pool," he said. So, there we were in a far corner of the pool, his hands feeling me up all over. At least this was safer, as we were almost chest deep in water, and no one coming in could immediately see us below chest level.

"Okay, well, a promise is a promise, here it comes," he said, and pulled his trunks all the way down his legs and off. His cock had grown to almost 7-8 inches, and looked like it was ready to take off. He took my hand and placed it on his manhood.

"Stroke it baby, yeah, make it feel good," he moaned as my hands moved back and forth over his cock. His hands reached for my trunks and pulled them off as well. I was not quick enough to catch them though and they fell to the bottom of the pool. "Leave them" he said, "no ones here anyway."

He grasped my cock firmly and we both began a mutual jerk off. He jerked away madly at my cock, and I knew I would not last long.

"I'm cumming, please, I'm cumming," I gasped, as I could feel my cock ready to shoot my load. "Cum," he whispered, "shoot your cum for me" I strained and shuddered as I felt my balls unload sperm and shoot it all over. The droplets of sperm were floating all around us. My heart was throbbing and my knees felt as if they had lifted a ton. "Oh fuck" I moaned as he came near and kissed me really hard on the lips. He began to grind his groin hard between my legs.

"Bite my nipples," he commanded, drawing my face closer to his hairy chest. "Suck them for me, suck"

He positioned me against the pool wall, and then stood with his back to me. I was pulling at his nipple with one hand and stroking him off with the other. He let out a really loud grunt and stiffened up. I knew he was cumming. Buckling back against me, his sperm started flowing out from his cock and onto the surface of the pool. "Haaaaaaaa," he moaned as his hips moved back and forth releasing his sperm.

We stood still for a moment taking in what we had just done. We were both drained and the sexual frustration had somewhat subsided, or so I though.

The whole sexual encounter had barely been 10-15 minutes, but seemed like a maddening eternity. I swam to the bottom of the pool, and scooped up my trunks, wondering what was next.

Just then some people walked into the pool area and into the changing rooms. "Whew, not a minute too soon" he said.

"So what made you think I would go for it?" I asked, still a little dazed.

"Well, I saw you stare at me while I was nude and then you had this guilty flushed look on your face. I was quite sure you were interested. When I asked you, if you had replied differently, I would probably have scolded you a bit, and left it at that."

We remained in the pool for a while talking about what we could do next, maybe the following day, and how to meet and stuff. In the meanwhile, the pool was starting to fill up a bit, so we got out and headed for the changing room.

We walked in and noticed no one was there. He caught me firmly and started rubbing his body against mine, grinding his cock against mine, through our respective swimwear. We were again in heat. I stroked his cock through his trunks, while he moved mine slightly to the side and squeezed my ass. He brought his hand up to my face and pushed two fingers into my mouth. "Suck them hard and well, they're going into your ass."

Well lubricated, his hand moved around my waist and onto my ass. Pulling the trunks slightly sideways, he worked his finger up my bumhole. I was moaning as a mixture of pain and pleasure came over me.

"I want to fuck you, I want to put my cock in your filthy fucking hole, I want to cum all over you" he was breathing very heavily.

He shoved me into one of the shower stalls and yanked off my trunks. I yanked off his. We were both standing completely naked staring wildly at each other.

The shower stalls, although quite private and locked, did have an opening of about a foot at the top and bottom. Anyone, bending to pick something up outside, or someone who was over 6 ft tall could probably look in if they wanted to.

But at this point, we were so horny that we did not think much of it. He told me that if someone comes, he would turn on the shower and I should go closer to the inner wall of the stall, so no one could see my feet. "Okay, great."

I reached in front and grabbed his nipples, running my hands over his hairy body. "Oh yeaaaasssss" he moaned, thrusting his cock, back and forth.

Bending at the knees, I reached down and ran my tongue along the length of his cock before putting it in my mouth. "Oooooooh" he moaned "that feels so good in your fucking mouth, suck it you little cunt." He was thrusting back and forth madly, holding my mouth wide open with his fingers and pushing his cock all the way in.

His cock tasted of sperm and of chlorine from the pool. I could taste his oozing precum slowly dripping out of his pisshole, and onto my tongue. It felt really hot and intoxicating. I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

At this point, we heard someone walk in, and both of us stiffened up. The guy was whistling somewhat aimlessly as he sat to change into his swim gear. "Shit," I thought, "I hope we don't get caught." Considering the amount of people I knew at the club, that would be very embarrassing.

We turned on the shower and I stood a little further back in the stall. We were both cursing this guy for walking in and breaking our sex up. We quickly started to soap ourselves, and I thought we were done, as more people would probably come in soon.

There was a plastic stool in the stall which was about 2 feet high, probably kept there for older people who wished to shower sitting down.

Picking it up and placing it near the rear wall of the stall, he made me sit on it, resting my head and shoulders against the stall wall. This was not very comfortable but I could not protest at this point. He spread my legs, and bending down, angled a soapy finger up my ass. With his other hand he stroked my hard cock back and forth. Then rubbing some more soap on my asshole and on his cock, he raised my legs over his shoulders, and slipped himself into my ass.

" it slowly" I pleaded as his cock worked its way up my ass. I tried pushing against him with my hands, but that did not work. "Unhhh" he grunted, as he quickened his pace in and out of my soapy bunghole. Looking at my feet dangling around his shoulders, his hard cock and his soapy balls slapping against my ass, and his tongue in my mouth made me feel so fucking horny.

"Fuck me" I whispered, "please fuck my ass, haaaaarrrrd" I moaned as his cock pounded in and out of my ass. "Pleeeeeaaasssseeee fuck me."

Although I was enjoying this, the plastic stool was creaking below me too much, and we were making too much noise. The noise from the shower was also distracting us, and we could not tell whether the guy was still there or had gone out.

Pulling his cock out of my ass, he said he was going to just peek outside. I straightened up off the stool and stood behind the door, as he opened in slightly.

"He's gone, but we better be quick" he said, beckoning me to stand against the stall wall with one leg on the stool. We shut the shower off, and after re-soaping his cock he shoved it back in me. Unfortunately, he could not do much in this position. So, he sat down on the stool, and I worked my way onto his cock with my back to him. This felt really delicious as I was able to control how much of him I wanted in me. He reached in front and was stroking my nipples, chest and stomach with his soapy hand. His other hand stroked my cock. His one hand was now firmly on my stomach and his finger pressed hard against my belly button. This was making me horny as hell. I felt like a complete slut fucked in a bathroom, by someone at least twice my age.

I could feel his pace quicken as his cock pushed harder and faster in my ass.

"I'm going to cum" he rasped, as he lifted me up and bent me over against the stall door. Still fucking me from behind, his body tensed up hard as he rammed his last few strokes in me. I was so horny, I wanted to taste him.

Turning around, I got off his soapy cock and worked it into my mouth. He was thrusting madly and the soap was making his cock very slippery.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" he moaned as he shot his load in my mouth.

"Suck it you little slut, suck my semen, eat it." He was breathing very heavily and his stomach and chest were heaving back and forth as he worked his semen covered cock in my mouth.

I sucked on him for a few seconds till his limp soapy cock pulled out. His salty sperm was running down my throat and some of it down my face and mouth.

"Ohhhhh that was amazing" he said wiping off some of his man goo off my chin and rubbing it over me. "You are so fucking nasty, fuck."

At this point, we agreed that we had already taken too much of a risk, and looking around, I quickly stepped out of our stall and hopped into another. Feeling a bit of relief that it was over and there was no more risk, I ran my hands all over myself and my cock and had an amazing cum.

We were now showered and dressed and walked out of the changing room separately so as not to arouse suspicion. We then agreed to meet the next day, same time, same place.

Going back home, I had my third wank of the day, thinking about Mr. Mature and his fat prick. I surely was looking forward to tomorrow.

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Father in law's surprise visit

James Butler was wondering how he was going to spend Friday evening
wih his wife and kids out of town visiting her sister in North Carolina.
He had wanted to go with them, but his boss told him that an important
contract had to be finished by Sunday afternoon without fail which meant
James would have to spend parts of Saturday and Sunday in the office.  He
thought about going to his health club and get a workout and hit the steam
room, but he just didn't feel in the mood for it.

At 36, James was in great shape with nice, firm hairy, muscular
pecs; a farly trim waist, strong legs from his usually daily jogs and
strong arms from lots of work in the back yard.  James decided that he
would take a shower in his upstairs bathrroom just off the master bedroom
and get dressed in nice, casual clothes and head for a decent restaurant
within a mile or two of the house.

So, he enjoyed the warm water casading over his body and soaping up
every part it in a leisurely fashion.  A couple of times while washing his
cock, James wrapped his hand around it.  He and his wife, Mary, had an
active sex life that produced the two girls, but James still was horny a
lot; especially with Mary out of town.  He loved having sex with Mary but
felt like something else was missing that he could not understand.  James
thought about jacking off, but he decided to save it for later that night
just before he went to sleep when he could get rid of his sexual tension.

He turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, dried himself
off, put on some underarm deodorant and a little cologne and got dressed
into boxer shorts, pressed dress pants, a green pullover, sleeveless sports
shirt, some black socks and his polished office black dress shoes.  He
glanced in the mirror and smiled; knowing he looked really good; maybe too
good for just going to supper alone.

Just as he turned off the bedroom light and was heading down the
stairs to the ground floor, the doorbell rang at the side door.

"Now, who could that be?" James thought.  He knew most unscheduled
drop-by callers used the front.

As he approached the door, he could see through the upper part
window that it was his father-in-law, Dan Winslow.  James and his
father-in-law never had been on the best of terms.  There was something
strained between them that just could not be broken down.  James knew that
Mary was his father-in-law's favorite child, whom he still called his
"little girl," and James thought his father-in-law blamed him for marrying
his daughter and taking her from the family home.

But on the other hand, James also knew that his father-in-law truly
wanted his daughter to be happy and esepcially loved the two granddaughters
that Mary and James gave him.  And James realized his father-in-law was
basically a lonely man since Mary's mother had died a few years back.  Dan
and his wife had been married a long time, and James admired and respected
their union.

Just as James opened the side door, his father-in-law stepped
quickly inside to get out of a light, early evening rain that had started
to fall.

"Hi, Mr. Winslow," James said with a smile.  "What brings you over

"Well, I was just heading home from the office and thought I'd drop
by and catch up with my little girl," he replied.

James couldn't help but notice that his father-in-law was an
extremely handsome man for his late '50s years, with a firm body from lots
of working out and a good complexion.  His face was highlighted by a neatly
trimmed brown moustache.  He was dressed nicely as usual in business pants,
a deep mauroon shirt and a nice tie.  James felt a twinge of sadness that
he had not become better friends with his father-in-law and that they had
not resolved their differences and removed the strained feelings between

"Mary's not here," James said.  "I thought you knew she and the
kids went to North Carolina to visit her sister.  They'll be gone until
late Sunday."

"Damn, I hate to miss her, but at least this will give you and me a
chance to talk.  I don't have to be anywhere for certain until back at work
on Monday, so maybe we can grab something to eat later."  The two
gravitated to the nearby kitchen.  Dan looked at his son-in-law and said,
"Where are your manners, James?  You haven't offered me anything to drink."

"What would you like?"

"Got a beer?"

"Yeah, you know I keep them stocked."  James opened the
refrigerator and took out two cold cans and asked, "You need a glass?"

"No, thanks," Dan replied and took a drink out of his can.  "So,
are you still pulling down the big bucks?"

James laughed.  "No, not quite.  We do O.K., but I certainly
wouldn't call them big bucks."

"So how have you and my little girl been doing?  Still keep that
four poster mattress jumping making me another grandchild?"

James blushed.  He was uncomfortable talking about his private sex
life with his father-in-law considering they never had been that close

"We still love each other often," James said simply leaning back
against the kitchen counter and taking a drink of his beer.

He was a bit taken aback when all of a sudden his father-in-law's
voice changed from a low, even tone to one that sounded downright loud and

"That's not what I'm hearing," Dan said moving right in front of
James and standing barely a foot or so away.  Their eyes looked directly
into each others.

"I'm hearing that you haven't been treating my daughter right.
That she really hasn't been getting your dick as regularly as she should.
Is that right?"

James gulped and replied, "Who in the world would have told you
something like that?  Frankly, Mr. Winslow, that's none of your business.
That's a private matter between Mary and me.  I don't think we have any
problems in that department, but again that's none of your business."

Dan continued to stare in James' face and, in fact, moved closer
within inches.  He said very sternly, "Well, I'm making it my business,
James, and you better be satisfying my daughter completely.  DO YOU HEAR
ME, JAMES?  And you better be using this to do it with."  And at that
moment, Dan grabbed James' cock through his trousers with his right hand
and kept it there.  James about fainted from the shock of his
father-in-law's firm grip on his cock and trying to figure out as quickly
as he could in his mind what was going on here.

"Yes, I hear you, sir," James replied, carefully choosing his
words. "I'll keep her satisified both in and out of bed.  I promise.  I
love your daughter with all of my heart."

Dan released his grip on James' cock and moved his right hand onto
James' left shoulder and slightly shook James.

"You know, James.  I'm not sure that I really believe you, and
maybe I better see for myself just what you've got to offer my daughter.
I'm never seen your equipment and maybe it's about time that I did.  Get
your beer, James, and let's head for your bedroom.  And if you say one
fucking word of protest, I'm going to beat the shit of you and tell my
daughter that I found out you have been cheating on her.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND

"Yes, sir," James said meekly and led Dan to the upstairs bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom, Dan said, "Now, James, go get a
chair and bring it here next to the bed.  I'll be sitting on the side of
the bed waiting until you get back, and you better hurry, James.  You hear

"Yes, sir, I hear you."  James left the bedroom and quickly
returned with a nicely covered footstool.

"Now, sit down on that stool facing me, James I want you to do
exactly what I say, and I want you to do it only when I tell you to do it.

"Yes, sir.  I understand."

"Well, we're going to take this nice and slow.  You need to be
taught that I mean what I say, and I want you to understand everything I
say.  So, first take off my shoes."

And with that, James reached down picked up Dan's left foot and
placed it on the edge of the stool in front of his crotch.  He began
untying the black laces of Dan's highly polished black shoe and then took
the shoe off and set it on the floor beside the stool.  He then reached
down and picked up Dan's right foot and again put it on the edge of stool.
Just as he did this and was starting to untie the laces, Dan moved his left
foot covered in a soft, black sock and placed it directly on James' crotch
and began slowly to grind it gently.

Dan could immediately feel James' cock getting hard from the
motion.  James almost unwilingly let out a soft moan, not expecting to
react like that and surprising himself with how good and pleasureable it
felt.  He was almost embrassed to feel that way in front of his
father-in-law, and yet he couldn't keep from feeling excited about the
sexuality of what was happening.

He was about to take off Dan's left shoe when all of a sudden his
father-in-law leaned over, grabed him by both shoulders, shook him really
hard said in that stern voice, "James, you do not do ANYTHING ELSE until I
tell you to do it.  UNDERSTAND?"

James looked in his father-in-law's handsome face and replied.
"Yes, sir.  I understand."  He paused and then added very softly with a
smile, "You sure are hot, daddy."

The honest admission caught them both by surprise.  Dan smiled for
the first time since walking into the house.  He replied in the same very
soft voice, "Thank you, James.  You really are a good son-in-law, and I
believe you do treat my daughter right.  Now leave my black socks on and
massage my feet."

Like a dutiful son-in-law, James did what he was told; using both
hands to firmly but gently massage his father-in-law's feet.  And in doing
so, an interesting transformation happened. James suddenly stoppped being
apprehensive about what was happening and suddenly realized that the walls
of strain that had separated him from his father-in-law finally were
crumbling.  James knew from that moment on, that he wanted to do anything
he possibly could to make his father-in-law feel physically wonderful and
to reduce some of his father-in-law's loneliness.

After a few moments, Dan pulled his black sock covered feet away
from James' hands.  He said, "James, take off your own shoes but leave your
socks on, and then it's time for you to take off your pants and my pants.
So do that now."

James removed his shoes and left his socks on, and then he
unbuckled his belt, unhooked the catch, unzipped his zipper and took off
his pants and put them over a nearby chair.  As he did so, Dan laid down on
the bed.  James came over and unbuckled his father-in-law's belt, unhooked
the catch, slowly lowered the zipper and gently took off Dan's pants as Dan
raised up to allow James to pull them off.  James then folded Dan's pants
and hung them on a hanger.  He walked back over to near Dan wearing just
his sports shirt, boxer shorts and own black socks.  Dan then sat up on the
bed and said, "All right, now take off my shirt."

James started with the top button and slowly worked his way down,
unbuttoning Dan's dark red wine-colored, long-sleeve shirt revealing Dan's
bright white T-shirt.  He then slowly parted Dan's shirt and took it off
Dan's shoulders and went to hang it up with Dan's pants.  Dan got off the
bed, stood up and said, "James, sit on the stool and turn around facing
opposite me."  James did as he was told not knowing what would come next.
He felt his father-in-law's firm hands massaging his shoulders.  Dan then
took his right hand and reached from behind inside the right top of James'
pullover sports shirt, and began rubbing James' chest.  James about died
when his father-in-law's right hand kept going lower and lower down his
torso, reaching inside his boxer shorts and fondling his hard cock and

"Oh, God, daddy, that feels so good," James said.  Dan began
kissing James' neck on all sides and his left cheek.  James turned to the
left with his father-in-law's face a couple of inches away.  They looked
lovingly into each other's eyes, and Dan moved and kissed James very
tenderly on the lips.  The tender kiss turned more passionate and their
mouths pressed tightly against one another, and their tongues began fencing
with each other as Dan's hands roamed all over James' body.

"Come lie with me on the bed," Dan said.  James stood up and Dan's
fingers took hold of both sides of the bottom of James' sports shirt and
raised it up and over James' head.  Dan then said, "Now take off my
T-shirt," and James repeated the motions with both men becoming bare

"You have a beautiful chest, James," Dan said running his fingers
through James' fanned-out chest hair.

"You do too, daddy," James said, rubbing his smooth palms over
Dan's chest.

Dan laid face down on the four poster bed on top of a thick cover
and said, "Get some lotion, James, and give me a great massage."  James
replied, "Yes, daddy."

James returned with a bottle of baby oil and began rubbing Dan's
legs from the side of the bed.  He then got on the bed and straddled James'
back resting softly on his butt.  He then began firmly but gently rubbing
the palms of his hands making circles on Dan's back.

"Man, James, that feels so good; really, really good, " Dan said.

"I'd glad that I can make you feel good, daddy," James replied.  He
then scooted down to the end of the bed and began rubbing baby oil all over
Dan's thighs.  He kept going higher, until he boldly pushed his fingers
underneath Dan's briefs and began massaging the flesh of Dan's ass.  Dan
moaned with pleasure.

When he finished, Dan turned over and sat up.  He told James, "Now
it's my turn to do you.  Lay down on your stomach."  James did as he was
told, and Dan gave James the same kind of loving massage that James had
done to him.

After time passed and Dan finished James' backside, he told James,
"Now do my front," and he laid down on his back."  James gently but firmly
carressed Dan's chest; almost forgetting that this was his wife's father
whom he was pleasing.  He moved to Dan's legs and worked on them for

Then Dan moved the level of sexuality even more intense when he
said, "OK, James, now it's time for you to take my briefs off."  James'
fingers went to Dan's white briefs as his eyes stared at the bulge the
cloth covered.  He slowly pulled the briefs down revealing Dan's uncut, six
inch, medium size hard cock.

"Oh, God, daddy.  It looks so nice," James said.  He pulled the
briefs on off Dans' legs and threw them aside off the bed.  He looked at
Dan laying before him with oil on his chest and completely naked except for
his black socks.  He leaned over and kissed Dan lightly on the lips
pressing his bare chest to Dan's.  The kiss like before turned more
passionate.  Dan wrapped his arms and hands around James' bare back and
rubbed him all over while continuing to press his lips against his
son-in-law's.  Their hard dicks were grinding together.

"Do you have some condoms," Dan asked.

"Yes, daddy.  I have some red flavored ones."

"Well, get them, James, and put them on us."

James got off the bed and went to a chest of drawers and found a
couple of condoms in their metal-paper packages.  He came back on the bed,
tore one open and rolled it over Dan's hard cock.  He then did the same,
rolliing one over his own hard dick with both cocks now looking like red

He was beside himself anticipating that some sort of sexual
inner-play with his father-in-law definitely was going to happen, but he
did not know what that would be.  Then he knew for sure, as Dan leaned over
to James' crotch, opened his mouth and took James' cock inside.  He began
sucking up and down on James' cock with James' gasping, "Oh, daddy, I
didn't expect that."

"Lay down on the pillow, James," Dan said.
James stretched out on the bed, and Dan lay the opposite direction
with his head near James' feet and resumed sucking on James' cock.  James
knew what was exected of him without being told, and he began sucking
lovingly on his father-in-law's cock while carressing his black sock
covered feet.

He felt Dan's hands roaming over his bare butt and felt as Dan
applied more baby oil to James' crack.  Dan began gently working his
fingers into James' ass and gently probing his ass hole a little more at a
time until Dan's middle finger was all the way up James' rectum.  Dan began
working more and more, a little at a time, with another finger, until he
was able to put two inside of James' ass with little resistance.

James, meanwhile, began doing the same to his father-in-law's ass;
gently and slowly but firmly until he also had penetrated Dan's ass hole.
They both then began making fucking motions with their fingers driving each
other wild.

Dan stopped, sat up said, "Get on your knees, James, and raise your
ass up."  James got in that position, and Dan resumed probing James' ass
hole with his fingers.  First one, then two.  He also began rubbing James'
back with oil and fondling James' cock and balls from both between his legs
and reaching around to the front.  Dan even leaned over and took James'
balls one by one into his mouth very gently as if they were raw eggs and
ran his tongue all over them.

James was moaning and saying over and over, "Oh, daddy, I don't
deserve this."  Dan took his mouth off James' balls and replied quietly,
"Oh, yes you do, James.  Oh, yes you do.  You're a good son-in-law, James.
You really are."

Dan decided it was time to see if he and James definitely could
join their bodies together and very slowly and gently but firmly, Dan
pressed the head of his cock to James' ass hole and began pushing.  James'
resistance to the new penetration lessened and Dan's cock was allowed
inside.  The two bodies definitely were as one.

"It hurts some daddy," James said, but did not pull away.  He did,
however, move one of his knees lower causing Dan's cock to slip out.  It
wasn't in there long, but it was in there symbolically long enough to unite
James and Dan forever.

They kept making love to each other tenderly and passionately until
finally both cocks exploded with cum going all over their bodies.  Dan
immediately lay down and pulled James on top of him and began kissing him
passionately and rubbing his body all over.

"Thank you, James, for being so wonderful.  You're such a good

"So are you, daddy," James said.  "Why don't we get a shower now
and get cleaned up a bit and go some place to eat?"

"Sounds good to me, James.  You don't mind me joining you in the
shower, do you?"

"No, daddy, not at all.  Not as long as I get to wash your back."

"Don't worry about that, James," Dan said laughing.  "I'm sure
you'll find some other things to wash as well."

And with that the two men headed into the bathroom.  They knew in
their hearts that while they may be father-in-law and son-in-law, more
importantly they always would be great friends and great fuck buddies.

Samstag, 6. September 2014

Weekends with grandfather

Visiting my grandparents was always a treat when I was young. I observed how they slept in separate rooms, but it did not seem unusual to me. It seemed like that was just their way of living. As the only grandson they would spoil me rotten. I would watch the new, "HBO", and "MTV" until very late at night. I would sneak into bed with my grandfather, who slept nude, and feel his hairy, hard body against my young skin. It seemed like he always had a hard on. Again, I thought that was just the way of life. I would lie on my right side and he would comfort me, snuggle up and cover me with his left arm. I guess you could say my grandfather was into "spooning".

I would spend a weekend with them at least once a month, and grandfather never disappointed me. He would always kiss the back of my neck and whisper, "I love you", as he drew his body close to mine brushing his hairy chest against my back, and his hard cock between my legs.

My grandfather was in good shape. He worked out in the garage, lifting and running, push-ups, and sit-ups. He may have been a little grey, but he was a "hot" man. Hard, muscular legs, great chest, big arms, all covered with hair. He would teach me his workout routine once a month. He once mentioned how he liked watching my young "boy" body being sculpted into a man with his assistance.

At 16,17 & 18 I was dating girls, but nothing compared to visiting my grandparents once a month. Sleeping under my grandfather's arm was so comforting and soothing. The feel of his kiss on the back of my neck, and how he would whisper, "I love you". I felt like it was my bonding experience with him. As time went by, I would spend the weekend at their house and get in my grandfather's bed earlier and earlier. HBO and MTV was not as much fun. I would wake up with his hard cock between my legs, and his legs intertwined with mine.

As I grew older I would sleep nude with him, and he would begin to rub the hair on my tense stomach down to my crotch, and feel my chest. At one point I think I felt him bathe my neck with his tongue. And it felt good.

One night I got a call from my grandfather, saying that my grandmother had gone on some vacation and wanted to know if I could come over for the week. I was 18 and prom was in 2 days. I told him I would come over after the prom. He sounded disappointed, but assured me he would be there for me at any time.

Prom was a disaster! The date I was with, got back together with her ex-boyfriend that night, of all nights. I decided to go over to grandfather's house and pout. He opened the door in his bathrobe, and the look on his face was of such pleasure. He greeted me with a hug, and yanked me in. Immediately he had a beer in my face, and asked me what happened. Which I did tell him, and how disappointed I was. He was lying on the couch, with his legs apart. From under his robe I could see his huge ball sack hanging down. I think he noticed me looking, and began to loosen the belt of his robe so I could see his heavy chest. He asked me if I wanted to change out of my tuxedo into something more comfortable, which I agreed. He walked me into his room, and helped me undress. His hands were caressing my back, and arms. I could use a massage at that time. He always knew what to do. I bent over to pull my pants down, and when I stood back up, his hairy chest was against my back, and his lips were kissing the back of my neck. He whispered, "I love you" into my ear, and hugged me from behind. I turned and faced my grandfather, feeling his thick, hard cock slide against my leg, and touching my own growing cock. We were face-to-face, chest-to-chest and groin-to-groin.

He pulled back so my face was near his, and he began to kiss me, slowly entering my mouth with his tongue. My hands were holding his strong hips, and pulling him closer to me. Our kiss was so passionate. I felt his heaving chest press against me, and his cock was now between my thighs, pumping back and forth. My cock was busting out the side of my jockeys, and the tip of my head could feel the hair on his leg. His hands pushed my shoulders back, and I fell onto the bed in a sitting position. His raging cock was swaying back and forth in front of my face. He knelt down to untie my shoes, pulling my socks and pants off. His hands were making a move up my legs, knees and thighs. His mouth touched my inner thigh, and licked me all over soaking my cloth-covered balls. His large hands grasped each side of my hips and slowly pulled my jockeys off, exposing my penis, which was standing at attention leaking pre-cum.

Grandfather stood up and his long cock was kissing my mouth. I naturally opened up to taste him. And, he tasted good. My hands were wrapped around his hips pulling him closer to my face, shoving his cock into my mouth. His heavy balls were slapping my chin. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and kissed me with his tongue.

His strong arms lifted me to a standing position, and left me there. He pulled the covers down from the bed, and gently laid me on the bed, and climbed on top of me. We kissed hard and rough, I felt his cock easing between my legs. His mouth went to my ear whispering, "I love you". I immediately wrapped my legs around his torso, and felt the head of his cock touching my ass cheeks. I wanted him, and he knew it. He reached over to the bed stand and pulled out some jelly pack, and ripped it open with his teeth. Spreading the gel on his cock, and my ass cheeks, he slowly pushed forward. My hands were tweaking his hard nipples. I felt the penetration, and his girth I did feel.

His entry was slow, erotic, and painful. I knew his cock was bigger than my 9-inch cut, and I felt every bit of it. He slowly entered me, he did not want to hurt me, but I could not take this slow punishment any longer, I thrust my hips upwards to welcome his.

FUCK it hurtSHIT mother fuck

Oh, yeah, oh..Oh. "Just hold it there", he said. He leaned over to kiss me again, and I so passionately kissed him back. My grandfather can hold his own. His balls were bouncing against my ass cheeks and his mouth was kissing my mouth. He began to move left and right with is dick, opening my asshole. With each twist I moaned of pain and pleasure. He was widening me up for a grand slam, which he managed to build up to. He was pumping his hard cock deep within me, and squirming left and right. My legs were lifted onto his shoulders as his hands gripped my hips, holding them in place. Pumping in and out, making his chest muscles pop, and his sweat dripping me. He lifted my right leg over his head and fucked me sideways, pumping hard into me. Holding my legs together, giving him a tight ass access. He pulled out leaving me empty, and lay down behind me. He put his hard cock between my legs, and pumped back and forth. I asked him to please continue fucking me. He whispered into my ear, "I love you", and kissed the back of my neck.

I just realized this was his way of bonding with me. I felt him shoot between my legs, and I shot a load on the wall. He had been doing this all along. It was just his way of living.