Samstag, 16. August 2014

Ugly On the Inside

I scanned the bar as young bartender goes to the cooler to grab me a Bud. I see lots of old men, fat ones, skinny ones, short ones, tall ones, those good looking enough to die for and those that look like the living dead. Lots of them are looking at me. Outwardly I’m straight out of a dream. I look similar to a grand fatherly Robert Young from the old tv show “Father Knows Best.” Inside I’m ugly. I hate myself. I hate being gay. I hate the craving that drives me out into such bars full of old men. But most of all I hate the craving to have sex with another old man.

I smile at the bartender. My smile is my best weapon. It hides the ugliness inside. My smile is infectious. The young bartender smiles back at me as he put the Bud on the counter and scoops up my money.

I take a long sip before turning back to scanning the bar. I don’t know who I am looking for. Who will be my tool tonight? I pass over eager eyes that stare back at me hoping for a response. One handsome old man, short with a full head of gray hair nods his head at me. He’s not the one. I ignore him.

Then, I see him. He’s fat. Maybe once he was slim and handsome but age and weight have turned him to an old fat faggot. From his body language alone, I know he’s got a little dick. He looks at me and then glances away at once. When I stare at him he looks at me again and instantly cast his eyes downward. He’s the one!

As I approach the fat old man, I feel like a spider approaching a fly caught in his web. And as the old fat man sees me approaching, he squirms like a struggling fly trying to get away. He looks around the room as though hoping I am really interested in someone else. He can’t understand why a hansom old man like me could be interested in him. But then he looks back at me and knows it’s him I am walking toward. The fat old man takes a big swallow from his drink.

“Hi.” I say. My voice is so masculine and sexy that I see instant lust in the old fat man’s eyes.

“Hello. You new here?” The fat man asked nervously.

“Just arrived to day and I’m hot and horny.” I answer.

The fat man clears his throat. He lifts his drink and takes another giant swallow.

“Me too.” He says, his voice almost apologetic.

“I want to do unspeakable things to you.” I lean forward to say.

“Oh.” The fat man answers and take another swallow of his drink.

“Your fat and ugly, but I want you.” I tell him. “Are you ready to go?” I add placing my Bud on the counter beside where he’s standing.

“Ah . . . yes.”

I walk out knowing the old fat man will follow. In a mirror I see his reflection. He is following me like a lost fat puppy.

“Where are we going?” The fat man asks me once we are out of the noisy bar. His face is wrinkled and showing his age. He twitches his mouth nervously as he awaits my answer.

“How many dicks did you suck today?” I demand. My tone is sure to get a truthful answer.

“I . . . I don’t know.” The fat man says. I stare at him in silent. “May . . . maybe five or six. I . . . I went to the Pussycat Theater.” He added.

“Did you get fucked?” I demanded.


“Good.” I say as I turn toward the parking lot. “I like fat faggot whores. Come with me in my car.”

“O . . . Ok.” The fat old man mumbles.

We don’t speak as I drive him to my sleazy hotel. Only when we are inside do I speak. “Get naked. I want to see just how repulsive you are without clothes.” I tell him.

The old man starts removing his clothes. He will not look me in the eyes. He always stars at the floor. I like his flabby body. His nipples are big and very elongated on his large sagging breast. He as a nice patch of gray hair on his chest and his pubic hairs are also gray.

“You call that a dick.” I say looking at his tiny dick perched atop his huge set of balls.

“It’s not much.” That fat man admits.

“No much. Hell! It’s nothing.” I tell him as I pull my shirt off and then unzip my pants. When I pull down my shorts, my long, extremely thick dick flops out. It’s so massive that even when it’s soft I can hardly reach my hand around it. And once it hard it’s impossibly thick.

The fat old man just looks at my dick with an open mouth. He sees the long foreskin that drapes over the gigantic mushroom head of my dick. And he watches as I pull the foreskin back and show him the head of my dick. “I’m glad you’ve already been fucked.” I tell him.

“God. I can’t take that.” The fat old man whimpers but I see lust in his eyes. He wants my huge dick inside of him. I see it in his tiny dick. It is dancing up and down on his massive balls.

I reach my hands out and grab each of his large elongated nipples and use them to pull the fat man to me. He whimpers but I know he likes having his nipples hurt. Then I as I kiss the fat old man I twist his nipples as hard as I can. The old fat man makes sounds deep in his throat as he kisses me passionately. I like the way he kisses. I know that he must be a good cock sucker. I want his mouth around my dick

I let go of one of his nipples and reached down and grab his tiny dick. The little thing is no bigger than my little finger but it is rock hard. I squeeze it for a moment. I feel him tense up like he is getting ready to cum. I don’t want that. I let go of his tiny dick and grab one of his massive balls. I squeeze it. Then working on one nipple and one of his balls, I continue to kiss him as I give him as much pain as my strong hands can deliver. He kisses me feverishly.

Breaking our embrace, I turn my back to him and bind over. “Lick my asshole.” I tell the fat old man. And almost immediately I feel his tongue against my asshole. It is warm and moist and very talented. I wonder just how man assholes the fat man’s tongue has licked. He expertly slips his long tongue inside my asshole. It feels wonderful. I can’t help hunching his face. I can feel my enormous dick getting harder and bigger. It’s ready!

I turn around quickly to face the fat old faggot. “Suck it.” I tell him grabbing him by the shoulders and forcing him down to his knees. I glance down at the old fat man. He’s looking at my dick as though he never saw one before.

“It’s . . . It’s so big.” He mumbles as I grab the back of his head and pulls his fact toward my crotch. The old man opens his mouth as wide as he can. It’s a very tight fit but the head of my huge dick slips into his mouth. I was right. The old whore is a master cocksucker. He manages to do what few people can. He swallows my dick up to my hairy balls. It feels delicious to have my entire dick in his warm moist mouth and throat.

“Good. Real good.” I tell the old fat man as I pat him on the head. Then I grab the back of his neck and start fucking his mouth like I was pumping a woman. The faggot fights to pull back from my crotch, but I hold his face forward as I ram my gigantic dick deep into his throat time after time. God! It feels great. The way the old faggot has to fight for breath excites me. My dick swells even bigger as I pump it rapid fire into his mouth. But I began to feel myself getting near the edge. I pause and slowly extract my long, overly thick dick from his throat.

“Get on the bed. I’m ready to fuck your old asshole.” I order.

The old fat man turns and looks at my enormous dick and then hurries to obey. He lays face up on the bed and spreads his legs as wide as he can. As gets in position I can’t help but notice how beautiful the old faggot’s butt is. In spite of him being fat, he has a wonderful bubble butt. Yes the old whore’s ass is quite beautiful.

When I climb onto the bed and move between his fat legs, my dick is throbbing to taste his old ass pussy. I wonder just how many dicks have felt the inside of the fat old whore’s asshole. The thought that many, many old men have fucked him before me, excites me. I suddenly wish I had taken him to the bathhouse. I would enjoy watching several old men use him before me. I would love to plunge my dick into the old whore’s cum slick asshole. Next time, I think and find such a thought strange. I don’t ever call having sex with an old man twice. But I find the thought of having sex with the fat old whore again very appealing. I reach over to the night stand where I had placed a can of Cisco before going out. I open the lid and scoop up a hand full. I smear a generous amount on the asshole of the fat old man and the rest I rub over my throbbing dick.

I look into the old whore’s eyes as I lift his fat legs over my shoulders. I see pure devotion in his eyes. I’m Mr. Right. The old man of his dreams. The thought excites me. I like it when people admire me. But, surprisingly I find myself admiring the old whore too. I like him being a total slut. I realize that he’ll do anything I ask. I can see me having a party with several old men invited to it and having each of them fuck him and abuse him while I watch. Abuse his asshole so much that he’s good and sore when I enter him. And having them all watch me fuck him.

Such thoughts make me so excited that I ram the enormous head of my dick into the old whore’s asshole. He bolt almost into a sitting position from the onslaught. He cries out. I grab him behind his neck and pulls his mouth to mine as I ram my dick brutally deep into his over used asshole. We kiss. I force all of my extremely long dick into him. We kiss desperately. I pull me dick almost all the way out of him and plunge it back inside as deep as it will go. The old whore loves it.

Then as I start pumping my dick as hard and fast as I can inside of him, I break off kissing him. I lean down farther until my mouth is closed around the old whore’s tiny dick. I suck him as I piston my enormous dick in and out of his asshole. I love his tiny dick. It like a baby’s dick compared to a horse’s dick. I love how it makes my enormous dick look even bigger.

The old whore cums in my mouth. I relish the taste of his sperm and even shoot my giant load into his asshole, as I wonder how much cum the old whore has swallowed in his sleazy life. I like thinking how many gallons of cum he must have swallowed as I swallow his load.

Then with cum still spewing from my huge dick head, I pull my dick out of his the old whore’s ass and move quickly up over his chest and push my dick into his mouth. The old whore eagerly sucks the last of my load out of my dick. Then I am kissing him again, tasting my own cum.

We both lie silently beside each other. The old faggot whore reaches over with his hand and began to stroke my arm lovingly. And surprisingly I find myself content to allow him to do it.

“Can I stay the night with you?” The old faggot asks timidly.

“Whatever.” I answer. But I realize that for the first time I want someone to spend the night. But he’s a fat faggot whore! The thought doesn’t repulse me like it should. Maybe I’ve finely found an old faggot depraved enough for me. Maybe I finally found someone as ugly and repulse on the outside as I am on the end side. The thought has a ring of truth in it.

“Tomorrow I am going to take you to the bathhouse and watch you rim asshole and get fuck all day.” I tell the old whore. “And then I’m going to fuck your sore asshole in the tv room so that everyone can watch.”

The old fat man squeezed my arm affectionately.

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