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The Natural Born Cocksucker

Moving to Florida was traumatic for me. Retiring from the publishing company where I had worked for forty years, seemed like the end of my life. Like there wouldn’t be anything worth living for anymore. No longer would I work with new writers and nurture their natural talents and watch a few of them become best-selling authors. Now all I had to look forward was watching the daytime soaps and reading best-selling books that I hadn’t had a part in developing.

But retirement wasn’t what I expected. You see, I have known that I was gay most of my seventy-three years of life, but well I was just to busy to make many contacts. First there was college, then Harvard Business School. Then I got a job with a leading publisher and dove in my work and before I realized it I was so old that I was forced to retire.

What I though was going to be the beginning of the end of my life turned to be a new beginning. It started a week after I moved into a retirement community near Fort Lauderdale. I was busy arranging furniture when the door bell rang. I was puzzled at who would be at the door as I didn’t know anyone in the community. So, I glanced through the peep hole and spotted a short skinny old man with a full head of white hair. He wasn’t handsome as his facial features were too exaggerated, ears to big, nose big and reddish. But there was something about the way the old man was smiling the captivated my full attention.

I opened the door and said hello.

The old man, who was a full head shorter than me and so skinny that I could have made three of him, nodded his head and extended his hand. “My name is Adolph. I live next door.”

I told the old man that I was glad to meet him. He smiled his strange alluring smile and went on to ask if there were anything about the apartment that I didn’t understand or needed help with.

Well there was one feature that I just couldn’t understand. The real estate lady hadn’t known what it was when I asked her. It was a whole in the ceiling of the master bathroom directly over the second sink.

“Thanks come on in, Adolph. My name is Stanley.” I said. “It’s very nice of you to offer your assistance.” I told the old man as he stepped inside the doorway. Then as he moved passed me his left hand brushed against my leg. An electric shock surged through my body at the touch of the old man’s hand on my leg. I had never felt such a sensation. I felt suddenly embarrassed at the feeling of sexual excitement that swept over me. I couldn’t understand why a simple touch on the leg by the little old man would affect me so.

“I . . . there . . . there is something you could explain to me, Adolph.” I finally got the words out. I went on to tell him about the hole in the ceiling of the master bathroom.

“That’s for the overflow for the air-conditioning system.” He said as we entered the hallway leading to the two bedrooms. He pointed up to the large grate and told me that was the air conditioner and that it had a water pan for condensation and that the water drained out of it and into a pipe that carried it outside. But, he told me, if the pipe got blocked then the water would run out of the hole in the bathroom and into the sink.

I just shook my head affirmative as he walked into the master bedroom and then into the master bathroom as he explained the reasons for the hole in the ceiling. “Make sure you keep the second sink open so that if water down drips into the sink it wouldn’t over flow.” Adolph told me.

“Nice queen-sized bed. Is it new?” The old man asked. Glancing over at my bed.

I told him yes, that I had bought all new furniture upon arriving in Florida. He asked if it was firm or extra firm. I told him it was a firm mattress. He then asked if I minded if he set on it so that he could see just how firm it was that he need a new bed. I told the old man, sure go right ahead. And as he set on the edge of the bed I suddenly found myself eyeing the old man’s crotch. This disturbed me. I hadn’t knowing looked at another man’s crotch in more than fifty years. I wanted to look away but the large bulge in the crotch of the old man’s shorts seemed to hypnotize me. I couldn’t break eye contact.

The short skinny man looked up and caught me looking at his crotch. My face suddenly turned beet red but still I couldn’t take my eyes off the huge bulge in the crotch of the old man’s shorts. I think one of the reasons that I never pursued sex with other men is the fact that I have a very underdeveloped dick. It’s only two inches long and no bigger around than a fat finger. And I guess that’s why I couldn’t take my eyes off the little old man’s crotch. Between his legs was something that I used to pray for every night before going to be until I finally realized that my dick was never going to grow any bigger and I got absorbed in my studies at college and wouldn’t allow myself thoughts of sex.

The old man smiled. He asked if I minded him lying down on the bed. I couldn’t speak. I just nodded my head no and watched the old man stretch out on my bed. The sight of another man lying in my bed caused me to suddenly feel a surge of sexual excitement like I had never before felt. I suddenly wanted to get on the bed beside the old man so much that I began to shake. I walked up next to the bed and leaned over and pushed my hand against the bed next to where the old man lay. “Feels firm to me.” I said. I wanted to move my hand over and touch the old man’s leg but try as I may, I just couldn’t do it.

“Yes, it’s just right. I bet you get a good night sleep on it.” The skinny old man said as he sat up and swung his leg off to edge of the bed. This motion put the old man’s face within two inches of my own crotch. Until this day I don’t know what gave me the courage to suddenly step forward pushing the zipper of my fly against the old man’s lips.

I glanced down. The old man’s eyes were staring up at me. I didn’t know what to do. I started to panic and was just fixing to pull back when the old man reached his right hand up and grabbed the tab of my zipper. Before I knew that was happening his old crooked fingers were fishing around inside my slacks, hunting for the dick. His fingers touched my dick. An electric shot flashed through my body! The old man started pulling my little dick out. I let out a gasp. Suddenly the old man was holding my little dick with two of his fingers. I looked down. My dick looked even smaller than it was in the grip of his fingers. I turned scarlet from shame at the size of my dick.

“Beautiful little cut boy dick.” The old man said. And then my dick was in his mouth.

“God!” I exclaimed as I rose up on my toes from the pure rush of pleasure I suddenly felt. I glanced down again and for the first time in my life was my little dick being sucked. The old man looked up at me and in his eyes I saw that he indeed was enjoying sucking you my little underdeveloped dick. I felt gratitude like I had never felt before. To finally have my little dick accepted and even admired was beyond belief.

Then I spotted the old man unzipping his own fly as he sucked and tongued my tiny dick. My eyes grew large in wonderment as the skinny old man pulled the fattest, longest uncircumcised dick out of his fly that I had ever seen, no that I had ever dreamed existed! It was monstrous is length and girth. As he closed his crooked fingers around his own massive dick, I leaned down and reached for it with my own hand. “Please just let me touch it.” I pleaded.

The old man let go of his dick. “Hell, play with it all you want to.” He told me.

I can’t express in words the feeling I had when I closed my hand around my old neighbor’s massive, long dick. My hand, used to only encircling my own tiny dick, couldn’t believe what it held. I pulled back his long foreskin, a pure marvel to me. Out popped his huge mushroom-shaped dick head.

Suddenly I was climbing into the bed and over the old man in a sixty-nine position with his huge dick still grasped in my hand. And then I opened my mouth and closed it around his huge dick head. The taste of his dick was like something that I had yearned for all my life and just never knew it. The old man moaned as I started swallowing his dick, one long inch at a time. I never knew that I didn’t possess a gag reflex until that very moment. I easily took his entire length of his dick down my throat until my lips were pressing against the zipper of his fly.

Then we were both sucking each other as hard and as fast as we could manage. His hot mouth and moist tongue felt wonderful working over my tiny dick. But I was getting just as much or even more pleasure from deep throating the old man monstrous dick. Sucking his huge dick seemed to made it mine. I felt like I owned his dick as I took it as deep inside my throat as it would go.

I shot off. I would have screamed from the sheer pleasure that exploded from my groins if my mouth hadn’t been stuffed with the old man’s monster dick. The old man was able to cry out as he shoots off inside my mouth. My first taste of cum! I’ll never forget it. I didn’t ever want him to stop cuming as I swallowed his load as it squirted into my mouth and throat. I became an instant addict to cum. When his sperm stopped flowing, I grabbed his dick with both hands and feverishly managed to milk a few more drops. Then the old man gently pried my hands from his dick.

“You act like it’s been a while since you sucked a man’s dick.” My old neighbor said.

I must have looked pitiful as I was forced to give up his huge dick.

“My first time, actually.” I confessed.

“Well, hellfire you didn’t suck my old pecker like it was your first time. If it really was the first dick you have sucked, then you are a natural born cocksucker.”

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