Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

The best Grampa

When I was around 18 I would usually go to my grandfather's house. Since he
lived only a few blocks from my house i would do so often. I would go there
alot because my father left my mom when i was young, she also thought it
would be good for me the have a "father figure" in my life. I just liked
seeing him alot because he had similar interests in alot of things. But
also I stayed with him alot was because I thought he was alone since
grandma died years earlier I would often sleep over his house alot during
the summers and we'd stay up late watching movies and just cuddling on the
couch. So school just let out and i had a free and great summer ahead of

Now I've always prefered older men even at that young age. At times
while over grampas house he would have to shower and i'de sneak peek with
out him seeing me. But I really never got to see his cock. My favorite time
of the summer is when I would help grampa tend his garden. He would usually
wear some tight pair of shorts and no top. He had a small pot belly but all
in all he was decently healthy for the age of 58. I loved watching him bend
over pull weeds. It was great seeing him sweat with all the hair on his
chest, back, arms, and legs.

One Friday I asked grampa and mom if it was ok if I could sleep over his
house. It was ok so I went to pack my bags and go to grampa's house. When I
got to his house he had a bunch of videos rented that I love. He said he
wanted to have an all nighter of movies. Normally I knew i could not stay
up all night but I was still spastic about the idea. We had a great dinner
of pizza and stripped down to our underwear. We sat at the couch, him
sitting up straight and me with my elbow on his leg holding up my head. He
put the blankets over us and played the first movie. It was my favorite
called "Ghostbusters".

Soon later he started rubbing my back. He usually did that while we were
cuddling. He could go on for what seemed like hours. To give him easier
access I to put my my upper chest on his lap though while in the process i
accidentally slid my elbow into his crotch. He made a quick "yelp!" and
jolted up a bit. I must have said i was sorry a million times. He just
rustled my hair with his hand and say "Its no problem" with a big smile on
his face. It made me feel alot better that he wasn't mad at me. So then i
continued where we left off and got into the postition over his lap. After
awhile i started to get bold and ask grampa about sex. I just blurted out
of nowhere. "Grampa can we talk about sex stuff?". He must have paused for
a sec and then shut off the movie and the VCR. He then said, "Well what do
you want to know about?". "Well I already know about masturbation from
friends at school.". "Yes, thats natural" he said. "But for some reason I
seem to like guys more than girls". "Like older men, some of my teachers
and" i said with must have been the smallest voice i could have
ever made. I was staring away from him on his lap while saying this and
then i just looked up. I saw sort of a puzzled and disturbed look on his
face. As though he did not know what to say. He said "The feeling of liking
any kind of men is not strange, i want you to know that". "You know i love
you like you were my son, but i don't think it'll be healthy for you to
like me as a lover." "But grandpa" i said. "It's not unhealthy at all".
"You're not hurting me in anyway just letting me feel better" "Um..." he
paused to try to think of the best thing to say. "Well atleast can i see
your penis?" I blurted out rather quickly. "Just so i can see what i might
have when i get older..." He nodded and said "Well if it teaches you
alittle more about your body then i guess it's ok". I moved for grampa, and
he got up and stood in front of me. He pulled down his boxers to his
ankles. I saw his dick was like 4 inches long and soft. Grey pubic hair and
swaying balls. He circumsized and beautiful. I slowly reared my head
closer to make it look like i was studying it. Then i gave the head a quick
kiss. Grampa jumped back and pulled his boxer shorts up. "What are you
doing?" he said. "Come on grampa, just let me suck it please?" He looked at
me with sort of confused look as to whether or not let me. I then said
"Nothing is going to happen, it'll just make us feel good and its healthy."
"No harm at all from it." He then stared me dead cold in the eyes and said
"Do not tell a soul about this and neither will I." "I love you too much
to" i said with a grin.

Grampa then walked up close to make face and pulled down his
boxers. He then just lifted his head to the ceiling. I just stared at the
gorgeous thing in front of me for a moment. I then began to lick the shaft
and head of his penis. Up and down i went. Hearing slow little moans of
"ohh" coming from grampa. I then decied to hold off for a couple of minutes
and lick and suck his balls. While doing this i slowly pulled down my
briefs and started to jerk off. His balls smelled musky because he was
working on his yard all day. But that just made me hornier. That also just
make me suck on his balls harder. When i thought he had enough i went right
to his cock again. His facial expressions made him look like he was in
heaven. While sucking i managed to say "I'll swallow". Grampa just
responded with a "uh hmm" and a little nod in his head. I focused most of
my attention on the head. I heard his breathing getting heavier and heavier
while my jacking of my cock got faster and faster. I then knew he was
really close and i sucked really fast. His pubic hair was tickling my nose
which drove me over the roof and i came all over his left leg and
foot. Just seconds later i heard a grunt from my grampa and he was shooting
his cum into my mouth. I kept most of it into my mouth because i knew it
would increase his pleasure.

Grampa just dropped right on the couch as if he was spent, and i
knew he was. I swallowed his cum and at first i didn't like it but then i
remembered where it came from so i enjoyed it more. Grampa just layed in a
daze on the couch. Then i realized my cum on his leg and foot so i started
to lick it off. From his knee cap to his ankle where i met his foot. I
thought then it would be hot to just suck on his big toe since he was
sensative in his cock. It was really hot for me for some reason. I just
kept licking and sucking his big toe. He seemed to have a little grin on
his face while i was doing that.

Finally he wanted me to stop and i did. He led me to his room where
i got into the bed. He got on the other side and laid on his back. I then
turned on my side and put my head on his chest. He covered use with a sheet
and i fell asleep holding his balls in my hand. It was really weird for me
to sleep in his bed (and nude at that), because i always slept in the guest
room. I think i knew this would be my best and favorite summer.

I awoke the next morning in my Grampa's bed with no Grampa, but the scent
of eggs and bacon assured me that he was cooking breakfast. When i got up
immediately went to the bathroom and enjoyed the morning piss of relief. I
then walked to the kitchen to find my favorite breakfast being cooked. I
sat down at the table and said "Good mornin' Grampa". I saw him turn around
with, to me must have been the most happiest expression on his face that I
have ever seen. "Gooood Morning" he said. I soon realized that I was in the
kitchen with no underwear on and that grampa only had his underwear on when
usually he would have a T-shirt and some shorts on. While grampa was
finishing the last of the breakfast I began to stare at the bulge in his
briefs. I was remembering last night and how great it was to suck him
off. I soon had a hard on in which grampa saw and said "Something must look
good, huh"? I soon awoke from my day dream and smiled as he put the
breakfast on the table. He sat too and started to eat and read his
newspaper. I who have always been a fast eater finished way before he could
even finish his eggs. "So..." I said nervously. " did you like last
night?" I asked in a small tone. He looked up for a second and said "It was
one of the best times of my life." with a smile on his face. Then he
continued to read the news paper. Getting anxious I crawled under the table
to his briefs and open the piss hole thing to get access to his cock and
balls. I got his cock out and this his balls and I started to lick his
whole cock. I looked up a saw a smile on grampa's face while he was reading
his paper. I soon continued till he had a nice hard on and kept sucking
until he said "Hold on one sec..." He put down the paper and stood up and
pulled down his briefs totally off. "Thats better" he said as he sat down
and I continued to give the head of his cock a good sucking. A few minutes
later he said "I am going to come soon, if you don't want to taste it I
think you should just jerk me". I think he was doing this as a curtsey
because he and I knew I wanted his come. With that statement he made I
began to suck faster. With that a long "ohhhhh" moan came out of him and he
started to shoot his stuff in my mouth. I didn't want to swallow right
away since I thought the more fluid, the more pleasure so I waited until I
was sure I got everything. I gulped it down and enjoyed it and kept sucking
until he said "Getting a little sensitive" So I stopped and just laid my
head on his thigh as he began to rub my head and neck.

"Man that was a good ending to a breakfast" I said. He laughed and say "Was
good for me". The hard on I had was almost bearable so I began to jack
off. "Need some help with that down there" said grampa. "Ya, please", he
began to pull me from under the table to my feet. He bent down and started
sucking me. Now I could almost come to anything and this was overwhelming.
He swirled his tongue around the head and I soon came. When he was done I
felt as if I were in heaven. He swallowed and said "And my breakfast is now
complete." When I came back to earth I said "so I guess I have the freedom
to suck you anytime"? "Like that?" he said. "Definitely, now take a shower
and you can help me with my garden in the backyard and then later we can
finish those movies" he said. "Ok" I said excitedly knowing I now could
suck my hot grampa whenever I wanted to.

Now in the summer there is nothing like an nice cold shower. Really cools
everything off. When I done and dressed grampa was already out side with
his shorts on and no top. It was really hot seeing him all sweaty on his
chest. Basically we would switch with jobs. Sometimes I would pull weeds
and tend to flowers while he mowed the lawn or vice versa. He was just
mowing the law and trimming the hedges. When he was done he sad exhaustedly
on the bench we have in the yard. "I am gonna go get some water, what some"
I asked grampa. "Yes please". I went inside washed my hands of dirt and
poured some bottled water and ice cubes in two glasses and went back out
side. I sat down next to him and handed the glass. "Ahh your a good boy" he
said and then put his hand on my thigh and started to massage it. While
massaging me thigh he started to work his way up and toward the inner side
of my leg. I was already getting hard and it was hurting. He then grabbed
my balls from the outside of my pants and just went over them with his
thumb for a while. I turned my head and looked at him and he just smiled
and said "Just a tease..." and stopped. I frowned for a second and then
said "Well I’ll show you a tease..." and got on my knees in front of him
and proceeded to try to pull his cock out. But I was surprised when I
realized that under his Olympic sweat shorts he had no underwear. I ask him
if he never wore underwear while gardening. "Nahhh" he said, "Gives my
balls some room to breathe". When he said that I wondered why I never
noticed it before all the other times we used to do this. Then I looked up
and smiled, then I started to suck him. "Wow you never give it up" he
said. "With you, never" I managed to say with my increase of sucking. "I
think we should stop, I don't think our neighbors should see this" grampa
said. And with that he tickled my cheek and I let him go. He flopped his
hard cock and balls back in his pants. I was beginning to like the
saltiness of his sweat on his cock. "Lets take a shower before we finish
those movies so we can get comfy on the couch". "ok" and with that I walked
back into the house and started to strip.

Got to the bathroom and got the water at a reasonable temperature but then
I heard the door open and in walks grampa. "Shall we make this a double" he
said. I smiled, "great". Within that second grampa was taking off his
sweats that had most of his crotch area soaked with sweat. He looked great
all not hard. Thats what turns me on about him. We both got into the
shower and we each got our soap. Since I was really close to my grampa I
would leave my own soap there so I could use when I showered. I watched him
lather himself while I was doing my own. It was great watching him flop
around his cock to clean it. "I think I am going to use some of my freedom
now". "Wait..." he said before I could do anything. "Why don't you let me
try something on you?" Ok, I said wondering what he had in mind. "Bend
over for a second". I then knew what he ment and had a big grin on my
face. "No not what you think...a finger". "Ohh" I said as I bent over. I
soon felt his finger sliding up and down my crack and I started to get
chills down my back. "You like that don't you?" he said. "Very much so" I
managed to say. The pleasure was amazing. He was now circling my anus and
then slid his finger in up to the end of the nail. "Ok here comes the rest
of it" and he pushed it in. While doing this he started to massage my
inside. "Let me try two now". Though it was harder and painful, I did soon
enjoy it. "Well I think thats enough for now, we can play later..."

When Grampa and me got out of shower we dried ourselves and went to go
watch the rest of the movies we had in the living room. With my new found
freedom of sex with my grampa I knew I no longer had to wear any clothes
around him except when we were going outside or there was company of
course. He didn't either which really turned me on since I got to stare at
his limp dick whenever I felt like it. I made my way to the couch while
Grampa put in another movie that he rented. It was called "Ace Ventura -
Pet Detective" and I've seen it before with Grampa other times and it
always made us laugh. He sat down near the end of the couch and I put my
chest over his lap. He instinctually started to rub my back. These were one
of the best parts of sleeping over Grampa's house, he must have gave the
best back rubs. Hows he so good? I have no idea, but he gives the kind that
you get tingles down your back and goose bumps on your arms and legs. After
about 10 minutes he started to down on my lower back towards my butt I made
a great long, relaxing moan as he started to slide his index finger up and
down the crack of my butt. With each up and down stroke he was getting
closer to my anus. It was an amazing feeling. He stopped for a second to
lick his finger and get it nice a wet and then started to push his finger
into my butt. I was instantly hard and it was hurting from the position on
the couch I was on. At first he was doing slow strokes with some
increasingly. After about 5 minutes he just started going faster and kept
the same pace. I was in total heaven. I soon felt his erection against my
chest. When I felt I could no longer take the pain of my erection I said
"Grampa, let me rub you now" with a frisky smile on my face. "Ok seems like
fun to me" and he proceeded to get up.

He lay face down on the whole couch and then I got on top of him. My balls
were laying on his ass while I started rubbing his back. "Feel good?" I
asked. He exhaled, closed his eyes and said "Oh yes, could you do my lower
back please?". "No problem" I said and slid to where I could reach his back
and be comfortable at the same time. Though I realized because of my
erection my cock was poking strait onto his ass. I wanted to do what came
instinctively to men and just start humping but I waited. I soon wanted to
rub his butt like he did mine, so I started to spread open his but and
started to circle his anus with my finger. Boy the moans that came out of
him showed he was having a great time, and I was happy to give it to him. I
stopped for a sec but not to wet my finger but to push myself back more in
which I then spread his cheeks again and now licking his area. That took
him by surprise and he said "Woah you must be really horny!" What I was
doing made me so hot. I mean here I am eating out my grampa, who wanted it
too. The whole excitement got to me and got up and began to put the head of
my dick at my grampa's hole.
Just before I was about to inch my head in he
said. "Now, now." I paused and looked up. "We can't do this without proper
lubrication". "Ya your right" I said. "Wouldn't want to hurt you" I said as
I smiled to him. He turned over fully onto his back and I sat against the
arm of the couch. "Could you do what you did to my feet last night?"

"That was some great stuff."

"No problem" I said as he placed both of his feet on my chest to make it
easier for me. I really liked doing it for him. It doesn't matter what part
of the body I would suck Grampa for. He was a very clean man and I enjoyed
doing it greatly to him.

I proceeded to put his big toe and my mouth and started to suck it like it
was his cock. He lifted his feet so only his heels were on my chest and
said "Could you also rub them?" And I did so. Using my thumbs to rub the
soles of his feet while my other four fingers rubbed the top and the
ankle. I continued my sucking on his big toe, swirling my tongue around
it. Also sucking the little toes and licking between them. Grampa exhaled
greatly and said "you're the best", I took the compliment to the heart and
felt a better closeness to him now then I ever did before. After about
five minutes he asked me to stop and I did. Come on lets get dressed and
take the videos back to the store. I put on a shirt and shorts. He put on
some sandals, some shorts and a T-shirt and we were off in the car. He
dropped off the videos and then went to a near by drugstore and I hinted to
myself that I knew what he was getting. He came back into the car with a
bag from the store and I asked "So what did you get?" "Its a surprise that
you can see when we get home."

We got home and I immediately stripped of my clothes. "you can open the bag
now." said Grampa. I walked quickly over to the bag and found a tube of K-Y
jelly and pack of Trojan condoms. "What are the condoms for?" I
asked. "Well if you don't want come in your ass thats the alternative." "I
don't mind it at all", "You?" I asked. "From you?", "I don't mind it
either" he responded.

"Good, Lets go try some of this stuff out" and I walked to the bed room. He
followed stripping his clothes as he went. I jumped on the bed and turned
to my side, supporting my head with my arm.He came onto the bed and did the
same and we faced each other. "I am really happy you never got mad at me
for what we did last night." I said. "Mad?" "That experience last night
great and I glad to have had you as my partner." He then ruffled my hair
and smiled. I leaned over kissed him on the lips for about a second and
looked up the see his reaction but before I could he leaned over and hugged
me, and then started to French kiss me. It took me by surprise but it was
great. We eagerly searched each other's mouth with our tongues. He broke
the kiss and began and picked up the tube of lube from the nightstand,
handed it to me and said "Feel like giving a go at it?" I got up off the
bed a began to smear some lube all over my cock. He laid face down on the
bed with some pillows at his pelvic area to prop himself up alittle high
for me. I got into my position and began to place the head of my dick at
his entrance when Grampa said "Slowly please, I haven't been broken in
alittle like you." "Ok, I'll go easy". I was really big so I didn't think
the pain would be great, though for Grampa it might not be so easy. I
started to push the head in, the feeling was amazing. His tightness
combined with my sex drive would surly make me come within minutes. "Ok?" I
asked. "Ok" he said. I started to push some more in. About a minute later
I was fully into my Grampa. "Ok I am in" I said. I now got fully on top of
him to where my head was almost by his head. Thats when I began to
withdraw and push in. I was beginning to kiss his neck and ear. The whole
moment was really hot for me. I mean I couldn't believe I was having sex
with my Grampa.

My pace got quicker as so did my breathing. I started kissing his shoulder
and neck now. With my pace picking up my balls began to slap his. In a way
it was painful but awesome at the same time. "I'm going to come" I
whispered into his ear. And seconds later I was shooting my come in his
ass. I must have shot about six or seven times in him. He was so hot and
tight I just kept humping but when sensitivity hits I just collapsed and
tried to catch my breath. I didn't want to withdraw from him yet, I wanted
to savor the moment.

About a minute or later I finally withdrew from him with a "pop" sound and
rolled over on his side. I had come and lube all over. He turn his head
toward me and just looked at me as if he were waiting for a response. I
knew the right words for the moment and said them..."I love you Grampa."
With that I leaned over and started kissing him again as before. Though it
was sorter this time as he broke the kiss and said "lets get clean up for
sec." We got up and walked to the bathroom. I got some toilet paper and
cleaned the come off my cock and Grampa wiped his ass. When he was done I
dragged him by the arm into the room. I pulled him on the bed on top of me
and said "your turn." He really didn't have an erection yet so I quickly
turned him on his side and began to work his cock with my tongue. I gave
the head of his cock special attention which got him hard quickly. I worked
my way over and got the tube of lube and began to lube his cock in a
jerking movement. It was almost as if I were jerking him off when I stopped
and got face down on the mattress and did the pillow thing as he did. He
put his cock at my entrance but instead he started to rub it all around my
hole which really got me hard. A bit later he began to enter me. At first
it easy and painless. But when he started put all of himself in me it was
beginning hurt. "Its starting to hurt now." I told him. "Just relax your
self, I am almost fully in". Soon I felt his pubic hair tickling my
butt. "Ok I am, I will just let you adjust now." He then started to lay on
top of me. He was alittle heavy but I could still breathe. The hair on his
chest was tickling my back. I then felt his breathing on the back of my
neck and ear. He said "This is amazing." And he began to kiss behind my ear
and my neck. "Ok I think I am ready, you can start now." With that he with
drew and entered slowly. Soon his pace got quicker and so did his
breathing. Moans of ecstasy and pleasure came from him. With the movements
of his cock he was massaging my prostate which I found out later was the
"so called male G spot" and so it felt like it. His moans grew louder as so
did the sounds of his balls now slapping my mine. It felt really hot that
he was doing that. The next thing I know I hear my Grampa utter "get ready
I am coming." And thats when I felt his hot come start filling me. It was
like one hot spurt after another. He must have have shot five or six times
into me before he came to a slow pace and then stopped. He laid heavy on me
and his breathing was heavy by my ear. When he became limp he rolled over
and withdrew from me. I knew we were both tired so I grabbed the sheet on
the floor and covered us with it. I turn on my side a closed my eyes while
Grampa came up behind me and draped his arm over me hugging me as he said
"Good Night..." and he began to close his eyes and go to sleep.

I began to think while drifting asleep. I thought that I was very lucky to
have such a loving Grampa. I knew his and my summer was going to be great
and I intended it to be that way.