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Secret fraternity of older men

My name is Mark and you may have read about me and my in-laws on previous stories. If you have, then you know that I have a great relationship with my 65 year old in-laws, Helen and Keith. My father-in-law is a chubby, balding, man who is kind and considerate. He is also a member of a men's fraternity that is known as being somewhat secretive but they do a lot of good things for charity. He really doesn't talk about it a lot, but he is very faithful in attending the meetings and events.

I concluded that if it is good enough for him, it must be a good organization. I talked with him about the fraternity and soon found myself applying for membership. I attended a meeting with him and saw all the senior men of our town in attendance. They were all the town leaders and prominent citizens. I saw the mayor, police chief, Baptist minister, several doctors and business owners. Almost everyone, though, was at least 60 years old. I asked my father-in-law why there were only older men in the fraternity. He said that younger generations of men just aren't interested in the values that they stand for. I knew exactly what he was talking about. It seemed that everyone was leaving the small towns and going to the city to make more money.

Everyone was very kind and polite and welcomed me to the meeting. There was an interview process before the formal meeting got started and then the entire assembly of about 50 men left to go into the actual meeting room. I was told that only members could attend the formal meeting. I was sure that I didn't fit in with this group, but after about 45 minutes, one of the men came out of the meeting room and asked that I enter.

I walked in and found myself in the center of a very large room with all the men seated around the edge. I was told that I had been recommended and approved for membership, but I had to pass the initiation test before I could be fully accepted into the fraternity. The head of the group emphasized that loyalty and trustworthiness were crucial and unfaithfulness would not be tolerated. In fact, the penalty for violating this trust was death. I was asked three times if I understood these commitments and I agreed three times. I was then approved to move forward in the initiation.

I was asked to leave for a few minutes while the room was readied for the initiation. I was led back in and seated in the center of the room as various memorized oaths were recited in front of me. Each was in old English and barely understandable, but I was able to get the general meaning of each of the speeches. They were all about the importance of trust, service and all the things that make America great. At the end of the speeches, I answered several questions about what had happened. I guess I answered correctly as all of these older men came out to welcome me to the fraternity. It all was very exciting.

As the meeting was beginning to break up, Keith came over to congratulate me and pulled me to the side of the room. In a whispering voice, he said, "Remember, you can never ever repeat anything that happens here outside of these walls". I shook my head and agreed. He then introduced me to the mayor who was also the fraternity leader. He had to be at least 70 with a big pot belly. As the last of the other men left the room and closed the door, the two of them told me it was time for the second part of the initiation. I had no idea that there would be anything else, but I said I was ready. Keith told me that this part was a test of my trustworthiness. The two then began to strip. Again, I had no idea what to expect, but I was getting a hard on rather quickly as I watched these two hot older men take off their clothes.

When they got down to their underwear, I realized that I wasn't the only one with a hard on. The mayor pushed his underwear to the floor and asked me to get on my knees in front of him. I willingly agreed as I found myself staring at a nice uncut old cock and a pair of really low hanging balls. His cock wasn't fully hard yet, but I really wanted to suck it. He began to tell me that all members had to go through this part. I shook my head as I glared at the big foreskin covered mushroom head. He said, "We always exchange seed between members, but the first time has to be with the fraternity head. So please suck me son until my seed squirts into your mouth."

I was so ready and consumed his cock. I bobbed on his cock and could feel it begin to really stiffen. I could feel every vein of that old cock as it went in and out of my mouth. I reached around and began to rub his ass cheeks as he began to thrust in and out of my mouth. He had begun to rub my head and guide my head back and forth. I could smell the mustiness of his cock as my nose brushed against the full mound of grey pubic hair.

His pumping became jerky as I knew he was getting close to cumming. He pulled my head against his body and held it there as I began to feel and taste his salty seed. It was so good. There is nothing like that taste. The hard on in my pants was about to rip my zipper apart as he slowly pulled his deflating cock from my mouth. He went on to say, "It's my turn now, strip." I was ready and quickly tore my clothes off and stood erect as he kneeled in front of me. "It's been a while since we've had one this long and hard here, hope it is full of cum." Then he devoured my cock, sucking it like it was his last meal. Keith was standing a few feet away stroking his cock lightly as he watched his son-in-law get sucked by the mayor. The mayor quickly grabbed my ass cheeks and began rubbing my asshole. Suddenly, I felt a finger push in and I knew I was about to blow my load. A finger in my asshole always makes me cum. I know that the mayor knew this as he sucked even harder as he finger fucked my ass. I began to shoot into his mouth, at least 5 full squirts of cum--enough to leak out of his mouth. He stood and kissed me. His tongue began exploring my mouth and filled my mouth with my own cum. It was so erotic. I had never kissed a man, much less had someone fill my mouth with my own cum.

The mayor then ordered me onto my hands and knees and explained that the man who recommended me for membership got the privilege of fucking me. "Before he does though, I need to use some of this cum in my mouth to lube your ass, so spread those cheeks while I lick your hole." The mayor then got down on his hands and knees and began to lick my asshole. It felt so good. I was almost ready to cum again, but just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he stopped.

Keith then got down behind me and used his cock head to smear the cum and spit on my asshole onto his his cock. I could feel my asshole begin to open and soon he was pushing into me. I wanted him inside me and I began pushing back on him as well. He was really hard from watching all the sucking that had just happened. He had no problem filling my ass with his cock. I was begging him to please pump me. He soon complied and was fucking my ass with full, long strokes. I could feel each time the tip of his cock rubbed against my prostate. It made my balls feel really full and my cock began getting so hard again.

The mayor was stoking his cock as he watched and I begged him get down in front of me and let me suck him again. He willingly lay down of the floor and I consumed his cock and balls. Keith's pace began to quicken and I wanted to taste the mayor's cum at the same time that Keith filled my ass with cum. I quickly stuck my little finger into the mayor's asshole. He quickly squeezed his cheeks around my hand and pushed his cock ever deeper into my mouth. Keith had grabbed my ass cheeks and was really pounding hard into me. I felt him jerk and I shoved my finger even deeper into the mayor's ass. Keith was filling my ass with warm cum and the mayor shot his load right on time.

I collapsed onto the mayor as Keith also did on me. His cock was still up my ass and I liked it there. As we recovered, we sat up and began to talk. The mayor explained that this ritual is performed with all new members as it has been done for hundreds of years. He said that it really creates a way for the members to bond and gain trust. He went on to say that Keith would be my mentor as I had to repeat this ritual with all the members over the next year. I could practice with Keith all I wanted, but I could only meet with other members at the fraternity hall. "Wait a minute, are you saying that I get to suck and fuck all of the men I saw tonight, even the minister?" I asked. Keith began to explain, "Absolutely, in fact it is a requirement. You see, you need to know every man here, plus if they have fucked you, they feel comfortable that you won't tell anyone outside the fraternity what happens here, especially wives. This is the way it has been for at least 1500 years. My father and grandfather were both members and I had the honor of sucking them both."

As we were getting dressed, I asked Keith and the mayor, "You really didn't mean that part about the penalty of death did you?" They both became very serious as my father-in-law faced me directly and said, "I love you son, but don't test me on this issue. As your sponsor, I get the privilege of fucking you, but I would also have to kill you if you violate this trust". I knew then they were serious. I guess I have no choice but to suck and fuck in secret with them.

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