Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

My First Encounter

Well, I know not many people will believe this, but at age 70, I just had my first sexual encounter. Now that’s not to say that I haven’t been lusting after cock for some time. Because I confess that I have. When I bought my computer a few years ago, over the objections of my wife (Bless her soul she passed away seven months ago) I only knew that I wasn’t interested in sex with my wife (and she not with me for several years) or any other woman for that matter. I thought that the sex part of my life was over.

Then one night I was surfing the net and came across a website called silvermen. Well, I couldn’t believe it when I started getting a hard on looking at all those old men’s cocks. It shocked me. I had seen lots of pictures of naked young guys and didn’t even get a twitch out of my old dick. But boy the moment I started looking at their first gallery, my old pecker rumbled to life like so some big hibernating snake.

It got so big and hard and I got so excited that I had to run into the bathroom and jerk off. And let me tell you, I hadn’t done that since I was a kid. My wife glanced at me when I came out of the bathroom and asked what was wrong. I just told her I had the shits. What else could I say. “Oh, just saw some old naked man with a hard on and had to wack off. She would have been after me with a broom handle (bless her soul).

Well, after a while I wasn’t content just to look at the galleries on the silvermen website. I started searching for more sites. Discovered the yahoo groups and joined about 20. Damn near spent my entire days sitting in front of the computer downloading naked old men’s pictures and running to the bathroom to jerk off. Shit, one day I jerked my old white snake off six times. Ain’t bad for a skinny old man without a hair on his head. But I got a chest full of gray hair, and a hairy ass. I guess I have hinted that I got a big dick. Well, I’m going to come right out and say that I have a long thick dick. Hell, my wife always said it was too big for her to take. I think that’s one of the reasons we stopped having sex years ago.

Now I’ve seen pictures of guys on the yahoo groups that have big dicks but there’s only one old man that has one the size of mine. I think he’s from England. There’s one picture of him in the shower soaping up his dick and it is hanging down almost to his knees, well that could be my dick except his is sort of darker near the head of his cock, while mine is as white as the cheeks of my ass. And hell the old man looked a little like me. Well, maybe I got a bigger nose and more floppy ears and oh, yea my face is much more weathered than his. See I’m a farmer and all that out door working can been seen in my face. Hell, when I look in the mirror, I see a hard tanned face full of wrinkles and wonder where’s that handsome young man that use to look back at me from the mirror. Hell, he’s long gone and will never be back.

I started lusting after old men I would see in Winn Dixie. I would see some old man with a beer belly and gray hair and folks let me tell you I would get down right embarrassed when my old pecker would swell up in my overalls like I had a huge hernia about to burst. Heck, sometime I would even go the toilet at the grocery store and jerk off. I wanted like the devil to strike up a conversation with some of the seniors that I found myself running into all the time. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Hell, they would probably have taken a shot gun to me if they knew I was only being friendly because I was wanting to suck their cocks. And anyway, I wouldn’t cheat on my wife, even with another man.

Then after she passed away, I just never seemed to have an opportunity to make contact with anyone. Well, that changed a while back. I was in Winn-Dixie and spotted this short chubby old man that look my age or older. And I could tell he wasn’t a farmer. His complexion was light and his hands soft and white. I figured him to be a doctor or a lawyer. And unlike me, he had a full head of gray hair. Damn, gray hair on an old man is a sure fired way to get my old pecker stirring to life. But it wasn’t just his gray hair, it was also his blue eyes and his grandfather looking face that caused me to get a hard on. And in spite of my bulging crotch, I followed that old man around the store until I couldn’t take it anymore and headed for the toilet.

There was no one in the toilet, as usual, so instead of going into one of the stalls I just went to one of the two urinals. I liked to jerk off at the urinals and fantasize about having whoever I had been eyeing in the store standing next to me jerking off too. Well that’s just what I was doing. I was standing at the urinal with my huge white snake in my hand pumping away when the door of the toilet opened. Of course I quickly stepped up closer to the urinal to hid my pecker at the first sound of the door opening.

I didn’t glance at the person and hoped he would go into a stall so I could stuff my pecker back in my overalls and get the hell out of the toilet. But instead they walked straight up to the urinal next to me. Finally I glance around to see who it was.

It was the old man I had been stalking! He looked me squarely in the eyes and smiled as he unzipped his fly. Well, a team of mules couldn’t have drug me away from watching him pull his old cock out. And damn was it nice. It wasn’t very long but it was thick and circumcised. I have an uncut pecker and love cut dick. I watched as the old man, instead of pissing started jerking his short old pecker like he was alone. Well, see him jerking off, I stepped back from the urinal and stretched out my long dick and joined him.

I hadn’t hit my pecker more than three licks when the old man reached his lily white hand out and grabbed my white snake. Hot damn! I never had another man touch my dick. It was as though I had run into an electric fence. A shock ran through my body. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever felt. I suddenly realizing that this was what I had wanted all my life and just never realized it. Never had a woman affected me the way the old man did. I thought it couldn’t get any better. Then the old man dropped to his knees and damn if he didn’t open his beautiful mouth and take the head of my old pecker inside.

Hell, my legs began to shake and I got so wobbly that I thought I was going to fall. Never in my life had I imagined something could feel so good. And the damn funny thing is, it wouldn’t have felt half as good if a woman or young guy had started sucking my dick. Hell, no! It was seeing the old man down on his knees with my dick in his mouth looking up at me with his beautiful blue eyes that rock my world. And then damn if the old fool didn’t swallow more dick than I thought was humanly possible. My long thick old pecker disappeared completely in his mouth. He swallowed the whole thing right up to my zipper!

The next think I knew I was pumping my long dick into his mouth like it was a pussy and he was doing things with his wicked old tongue that I never knew a human could do. Ain’t no pussy that could approach the old man’s mouth in giving pleasure. He had me moaning like my wife used to do when I would fuck her. Then I started cuming and I had to grab the old man’s shoulders to kept from falling as my old legs almost gave out of me. I’ve heard the expression “weak in the knees” but sure didn’t know what it meant until that moment. The old man most certainly made me weak in the knees. And damn if the fine old man didn’t drink every drop of my cum.

Then he stood up still wiping cum from his chin and reached out and shook my hand and said thank you, like I had done something for him. I told him hell no. It’s I that thank you. And then I told him I wanted to see him again. He said sure. And I told him where I lived and also gave him my telephone number and told him to call me any time that I lived alone. The old man said he would. Then he really did start pissing and I left.

Well it been almost two weeks and the old man hasn’t called or stopped by. I sure wish he would. And I promise if he does I’ll suck his dick this time. Hell, I jerk off fantasizing about sucking the old man little cut dick while I hold my long white snake in my hand and jerk off. God! It would be wonder to taste another man’s cum. I’m sure that the moment I tasted his cum I would also shoot off. Damn, I hope he calls!

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