Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Anthony and Gene

Written by Anthony Park

I became aware of my sexual feelings towards older men at an early point in my adulthood. I was 21 when I first met an older man named Gene Brown. He was 30 years older than I at the time, and I was really beginning to know him. I met him at a coffee shop while I waiting on the transit bus to take me to work. We started talking and then I noticed his eyes. A few moments, I started to caress his crotch and that was the start of something beautiful. He asked me if I wanted to come to his apartment and spend a few minutes with him. I told him yes.
After work and dinner, I told my father that I was going home to take my shower. I asked him if he could give me a ride home and he told me that he would. After getting home and taking my shower, I called Gene up and told him that I was on my way.

He said, "When you get here, knock on the door and I will let you in."

When I arrived at his apartment, I was getting rather excited about the opportunity to lie in bed naked with an older man. I knocked on the door and then I heard him tell me to come in. I walked in and he shut and locked the door. We sat down in the living room and started to have a nice conversation. He asked me if I wanted some wine and without hesitation, I told him yes.

After we each had two glasses of wine, the mood started to turn sexual. He walked over to me and said he wanted me to make love to him. As we stood up, we started to kiss while we were still clothed. He then asked me to come to bed with him. I did and started stripping each other naked slowly and seductively. My penis was getting hard and erect. After we were both naked, we lay down in bed and started to make love tenderly to each other. We began kissing and started sucking each other's cock and balls. After a few minutes of giving and receiving foreplay, Gene asked me if I wanted to penetrate him, and I said yes.

I lifted his legs in the missionary position and inserted my penis into his rectum and began to perform anal intercourse with him. His beautiful hairless body just laid there in tender submission to my lovemaking. Each slow and sensuous thrust told him that I loved him. He lovingly moaned at me and told me how beautiful it felt for him to be penetrated. As the lovemaking progressed, I felt my penis start to really swell and thicken up. I told Gene that I felt like I was ready to have an orgasm inside him. By that time the thickness of my erect penis caused me to hit his G-SPOT and then the orgasm started. As I kept tenderly penetrating him, I started to quiver and then with one slow powerful thrust, I started to ejaculate. The sperm rushed out of my penis, and it was a very beautiful orgasm. I ejaculated so much sperm that Gene told me that no other man would touch him in a sexual way ever again. From that point on, I made love to him at least four times a week.

He is no longer living. However, the tenderness and sensuality of making love to Gene was my introduction into the gay lifestyle and haven't look back since. I will always remember my first sexual encounter with another man. Now, when I go out on sex dates, it will be with senior gay men because they know what it takes to please a younger gay man like me in the bedroom.

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