Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

A Haircut and More

I have a barber shop in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t want to say where. I don’t do no fancy cuts. I only cut hair one way, short! I charge $5. All the seniors come to me as my shop is near a retirement home. Hell, I’m old enough to retire. I’m 67 years old. But what else would I do with my days. I enjoy chatting with men my age and older and swapping fishing stories. I love to go fishing. But the main reason I keep cutting hair is because I love old men. Never had sex with anyone younger than 55 and don’t want to.

Most all of the old men that comes to my shop are straight and mostly married. I’m real careful, well, I try to be, but just can’t keep from stealing a touch here and there. Jack, came in today. He’s 79 and looks every day of it. Got more age spots on him them I do and less hair on his head. He had been coming for about five months, ever since he moved into the retirement home. I had elbowed him in the crotch a couple times when I was trimming his bush gray eyebrows. And what he’s had between his legs goes with his looks.

He’s tall with a big hooked nose and ears like a bat. So right of f I was curious if he had a big dick. Of course I was determined to find out and last month I planted my elbow right in the middle of his crotch and kept it there while I trimmed his eyebrows and let me tell you that I felt something soft but monstrous lurking under the cloth I used to keep hair off my customers.

Today I had already locked the door and was sweeping up before going home when the old man knocked on the door of the shop. I started not to open it, but then peeped through the blinds and saw who it was. Well, I was right eager to let him in after seeing who it was. Jack told me he was sorry for coming so late, but he needed a haircut bad because he was leaving on a trip tomorrow.

I told him to come on in that I didn’t mind staying a little late. We chit chatted about the baseballs season and how the Marlins just might squeak into the plays off as I clipped away at his gray hair. His elbows were hanging over the arm rest so I sort of pressed my crotch into them whenever I had to reach over him which I made sure was often. I figured he would move his elbow in if he didn’t like my touching my crotch to it. But when he didn’t. I kept pressing my crotch against one elbow and then the other one over and over again as I took my time cutting his hair. As I have a big dick and with it was getting hard, I made sure I rubbed it against his elbows.

The old man just kept on chatting away with me like nothing was happening. Well, I began to wonder just how far I should take the matter. You know there are some people that are so innocent that they don’t have an idea! And I was afraid that old Jack just might be one of those people. Still I was so hot for his big old dick that I couldn’t just leave it at touching my crotch to his elbows when I was reaching across him to cut his hair.

I started putting my hand on his let as I pressed my crotch into his elbow whenever I reached across him. When he didn’t move his leg nor give me a dirty look, I moved my hand higher up his leg the next time. I kept doing this until I reached across him and planted my hand squarely on his crotch as I tried to cut a strand of hair on the back of his head.

I could easily feel the old man monstrous dick under the fabric of both the cloth and his slacks. I took as long as I dared to cut the strand of hair and got a really good feel of the old man soft dick. I thought about grabbing it, but I was afraid. He hadn’t responded at all and I really didn’t know whether he even knew I was feeling him up.

Well. All good things must come to an end. I finally couldn’t clip another hair from his half bald head without having to give him an all out head shave. So I put my clippers down and took out my brush and brushed the hair off his face and neck. Then I unpinned the cloth and took if off and as we chatted I brushed the hair off his shirt and then I even brushed the crotch of his slacks. The old man started to get up. I told him to wait that there was some hair on his slacks. He set back down and I reached down and plucked a big sprig of gray hair from his crotch. I told him there was a little bit more and reached down again. This time I couldn’t stop myself. I sank my fingers down against the fabric of his slacks until my finger closed around the old man’s monstrous soft dick.

The old man didn’t say anything so I started massaging his crotch. Still silent the old man slipped back in the barber chair as though trying to find a comfortable position. Well I took his as consent and grabbed the tab of his zipper. When he didn’t protest, I slowly pulled the tab down. I got a thrill at seeing his red boxer shorts as I unzipped his fly. Then I didn’t hesitate to reach my fingers down into his red boxer shorts.

I felt an almost electric shock of pleasure when my fingers touched the soft skin of the old man’s dick. I couldn’t believe just how thick the old goat’s dick was when I finally grabbed hold of it. My own dick is very long but isn’t not thick. The old men’s dick was so thick, even soft, that it was a handful to reach around it.

The old man didn’t protest when I drug his dick out of his slacks and let it hang down between his legs. I stepped back to get a better view of it. Damn, what a sight it was to see the old man’s long thick dick hanging limp between his legs. On seeing it fully extended I wonder how in the world his wife could take such a long thick dick. Hell, getting fucked by the old man would be like getting fist fucked.

I moved closer again and leaned down and lifted the old man’s dick. Then as I pulled the huge circumcised head of his dick to my mouth, I looked into the old man’s eyes. He didn’t speak. He just winked at me. Then I was sucking on the huge head of his dick. God! It was wonderful to have such an old man’s dick in my mouth. I loved looking up into his eyes as I stretched my mouth to the limit in order to fit the head of his dick inside.

I always considered myself a good cocksucker, but I realized that I had finally met a dick that was beyond my ability. Try as I might, I couldn’t get more than a couple inches of the old man’s monstrous dick in my mouth. The head of his dick was just too big to go down my throat. But I did the best job I could on the head of his old dick. I licked and sucked it until the old man reached down and brushed me aside and took his huge dick in his hand and started jacking it. If I live to be a hundred, I’ll never forget watching the old man jacking his dick. God! What a huge dick! My own dick got hard and began to throb in my pants as I watched him jacking his monster hairy hand.

He shot off! Cum struck me squarely in the face. And damn if I didn’t cum in my pants. I swear on my father’s grave, I shot my load inside my pants without touching my dick. That’s how excited it was when his cum hit me in the face. He smiled down at me as another burst of cum hit me on the chin. Then the old man reached down and pulled my face to his dick and used the head of his monstrous tool to smear his cum all over my face.

I stood up but didn’t make any effort to clean the off cum, which was running down my cheeks and chin. The old man got out of the chair. He put his hand on my shoulder and said “thanks” as I unlocked the door to let him out. I stood in the door until the old man drove away in his car. And instead of cleaning his cum off my face, I just rubbed it in like was a facial cream. I also didn’t clean the cum out of my jockey shorts. I loved feeling my wet stick cum against my body each time I took a step. I wore the cum soaked under shorts to Tropics for a drink before going home.

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