Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

My choirmaster

I had been in the school chior for some time when I was asked to join the church chior. Mr James, the chior master, asked me to sign for him, alone in the church, and I passed.

Practise nights were Wednesday and Friday, when we could wear ordinary clothes, but during a service we had to wear the long "Wrap-around" gown which reached the floor, with a soft "Rufflete" around the neck and two smaller one around the wrists. He showed me to the changing room to find one my size.

"Here, try this one on" he said. He helped me into it, wrapped it around me and fastened it at my waist. Then whispered to me "Some boys find the gown to hot, so they wear it without their trousers on, and in summer some boys even take their underpants off, it's up to you. This is what I do" In front of me he pulled his gown open, up to the fastening, revealing his bare legs, and letting me see his nice white Y-Fronts, with an attractive bulge. I'd done lots of wanking with boys at school, but this was the first time a man had deliberately shown me his underwear

At the end of the first week, I had begun to notice several pairs of trousers being left on hooks in the changing room, and one pair of pants. I wondered who that could be, and decided to join him. Oh, walking out of the changing room was lovely. The feeling of freedom beneath my gown, letting my cock and balls swing unhampered, I found was exciting. No-one in the congregation could know that there were at least two chiorboys walking up the aisle with nothing on under their gowns. It appealled to my feminine side, looking down at my long gown with the little pleated ruffletes around my wrists.

Mr James asked who could read music and I put my hand up. "Good" he said "My page turning boy is leaving the chior and you can take his place" There were a few titters from the others boys, which I didn't understand at the time. "Stay behind afterwards boy, and I'll show you what I will require of you" More loud titters from the boys. "Be quiet all of you" he barked. At the end of the service, all the boys filed into the changing room, and Mr James came and sat next to me as the congregation slowly left.

"Now boy" he said as he place a hand on my leg "There's not much room up there in the organ loft, and only one seat, so you'll have to kneel down beside me. The previous boy managed to sit in front of my seat, and let me put my legs over his shoulders to reach the pedals, but we'll have to try different positions, ok?"  "Yes Sir"

There was a short flight of stairs up to the organ loft, and Mr James went first. As I looked up, I could clearly see his pants up under his gown, and quickly followed him, catching him up at the top, and getting my head caught under his hem. "Oh sorry sir" I whispered. "Thats alright boy, come and stand beside me". He closed the little gate at the top of the stairs, sat on the single seat and ran his hand up the outside of my gown until his hand was over my bottom cheek. As he described the organ to me, I could feel his hand carressing my bottom, through the thick gown.

There was a waist high wall around the loft, and as he said, once I was kneeling or sitting down, no-one will be able to see me, and only his head. "We could be up here naked. and no-one would know" he said with a
wink and big squeeze of my bottom. "Now sit here, in front of my seat, and I'll see if I can reach the pedals"

I knelt down and wriggled into the space between his legs and the pedals. "Let me lift my legs over your shoulders" He had to un-wrap his gown first, and as he did so I found my head was right between his bare
thighs, as his lower legs landed on the pedals. "That's good, are you ok boy?"  "Yes sir" "Now to get up. it's better if youswing around and get onto your knees, facing me, then stand up. Try it now"

I swung myself around on my bottom, and all I could see was his y-fronts and that bulge. As I got onto my knees, I stumbled forward, pushing my face onto his bulge. I felt his hand around my head, holding me there. I tried to move, but he held me firmer. I could feel the outline of his cock against my face, and it was getting stiffer. Suddenly he let me go, saying "My previous page turner liked to spend time down there, maybe you will" I looked up, he was smiling at me. I quickly made my way to the changing
rooms. The other boys were just leaving, and one asked "Have you seen his cock yet?" I shook my head "You will and very soon" he said laughing.

At the next service, I felt quite nervous, and as I climbed up the stairs to the organ loft I again looked up. Oh no, he wasn't wearing any underpants and I could see his balls and the tip of his cock wobbling away. As I took my position between his legs, I quickly looked round and saw it just inches away, then I looked up. He was looking down at me. "During the prayers, I'll close my gown like this" He pulled the gown
over his legs and I was in near darkness. Then he opened it saying "Then you can have a little play ...if you like?"

The service began with me turning pages, but wanting to turn round, then I heard the vicar say "Let us pray". The gown was pulled across, I was in semi-darkness, but desperately wanting to turn round. I swung round on my bottom as before, and as I got to my knees, I felt his strong hand behind my head, pulling me to him. I made an attempt at resisting, but only slightly, allowing him to drag me into his crotch, pressing my face to his cock. Once again I could smell his manhood, his hand grinding my face to him.  He began to stiffen, and I managed to ease my hands in between his legs and take hold of it. Oh I had played with dozens of schoolboy cocks, but this was my first time with a man. I instinctively began to wank
him. His cock got biger and bigger and was wiping itself across my face, up over my cheek, across my nose and down towards my mouth. Lub juices were making it very slippery, and it suddenly seemd to slide gently to my lips, where I held it still, kissing and licking the juices. It tasted so good. I don't know why, but I parted my lips and, OOhhh it slid silently into my mouth, just the helmet at first, but then more and more of it. I had not experienced anything like this before, but kneeling there between "Sirs" legs, with his cock almost fully in my mouth, seemd the most normal and natural thing to do.

Suddenly the gown was flung back, he smiled down at me whispering "You can pray to your god again later boy, now it's Hymn time". I scrambled round the other way, but as I turned the pages, I could still feel his erection brushing the back of my neck. For the next 15 minutes, I wondered what the other chiorboys were thinking, and it was a good job the vicar and the congregation hadn't known what was going on in the organ loft while they were at prayer. They may not have understood why a 14 year old chior boy
had his lips firmly around the cock of the 66 year chiormaster.

Finally I heard "Let us pray", and was turned around in seconds, gripping his cock with one hand and craddling his balls with the other. I began to wank him quite firmly as my mouth found his helmet, then I released my grip and eased my lips further down his shaft. I felt so warm and cosy, a bit like coming home to a loving family. I felt his curly hair touch my nose and lips, then he released his grip for a second, then puled my to him. Again and again he did it, until I got the idea that I had to bob my head. A few more seconds and I was bobbing away like a well practiced cum-slut.

I knew that I had found my new love, and was soon carressing his balls and bobbing up and down, wanking him off with my lips, going on and on without a break. I was in heaven and not taking any notice of anything else. I hadn't noticed that he'd pulled the gown back, and was watching me. I just wanted to carry on for ever. I had noticed that he was thrusting his cock into my mouth a little harder, but didn't associate this with anything. I was just enjoying the 7 or 8 firm thrust that sent his helmet to the back
of my throat, and my lips deep into his pubic hair. But then 3 very big thrusts, followed by his hands holding my firmly down on his cock, forcing his helmet fully in. I couldn't move at all, and then I found a new taste in my mouth. Oh god, he was cuming in my mouth. I didn't want him to and tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let me. I looked up at him. He was smiling and whispered "There's a good boy" his grip loosened, I eased my head up and saw 3 or 4 glistening strands of cum linking my lips to his helmet, with
even more cum dribbling out. "Good timing, more Hymns coming up" he whispered

I swung round just in time for the first tune. My mouth seemd to be half full of cum and saliva, with more running down my chin. I wipped it off with the sleeve of my gown, and then saw his white creamy cum all over the black material.. Sometime during the next few Hymns I swallowed it all down.

At school the next week I treated some of my wanking friends to a blow job, swallowing their cum down as they pumped it into my mouth. They liked it, so did I.

The next Sunday he had a surprise for me. "Dont sit down there today, sit on my lap, and we'll see if anyone can see us" I climbed up onto his lap and sat astride him. "Lean back against me and have a look around and tell me what you can see" I obeyed and the only people I could see were the end row of the chior. I told him and he said that would be ok.

Then he told me to take my gown off, undo his and get into it with him Soon I was naked, sitting on his lap, wrapping his gown over both of us. I could feel his cock pressing in between my bottom cheeks, pushing them apart, and getting stiffer.and stiffer. He handed me a tube of gell and told me to wipe some on his cock and lots along between my cheeks. I obeyed and rubed some along his cock, giving him a little wank, then lots along over my boyhole. I gave him back the tube and sat back. His helmet seemed to be
guided straight to my boyhole, and I wriggled about to make sure it was engaging properly. I kept clenching my bottom, then releasing it as he played the introduction.

When the vicar began to speak, I could feel my boyhole beginning to give way. The gown slid open slightly, displaying my stiff cock, which he took hold of and began to wank.  I watched "Sirs" old hands on my cock, then closed my eyes and leant back against his chest. I was in heaven again, then I heard "Let us pray" All went quiet. I was still clenching, and he was thrusting upwards. Heavenly feminine extasy washed over me. My boyhole was yielding more and more to my lovers thrusting penis. Then suddenly, my love-canal gave way, there was a split second of pain which made me call out, then the pain was gone as his helmet penetrated me fully and began its' journey up inside my body. The vicar stopped for a second, then
carried on, as I lowered my cheeks down onto his thighs. I looked down at his hand, still wanking me, and I eased my fingers between his legs and began to feel where his shaft was entering me, and how much was left. I thought he had about 3 more inches to push up inside me, but we'd have to stand up for that, or wait till we could be alone.  As I leant back, he kissed my forhead, then my cheek. I turned my head and his lips found mine, his tongue flicked into my mouth, but not for long. As we parted, I looked down. Luckily none of the chior was looking up. "Lean forward and grab the front of the keyboard" He whispered. I obeyed, with him following me, still firmly inside me. It was like me bending over a chair, with my legs
slightly bend and apart, and my trunk flat. He was standing behaind me, legs bent, gown wide open, easing the final 3 inches into my love-canal. It felt so beautiful, and when he began to slowly ease in half out and then fully back in, I felt "Complete"

He managed to play a Hymn, and at the long prayer break, he began to make love to me, slowly at first, but then faster, his thighs slapping against my bottom. He didn't seem to care. Then OOOhhh several big thrusts. I shot my cum over the foot pedals as he filled my boyhole.

Somehow we managed to dress and appear calm after the service

Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Gardening with Granddad

All year I had been saving for a car and was so close as I graduated from high school and was headed for College. A jeep was to be mine very soon. My dad offered to hire me for the summer to work at his landscaping company and that would give me the cash and lots more.

He and Mom had designed a new garden and I would work on that project all summer. What he didn't tell me is that they were headed for Europe. I had always travelled with them and hated to miss the trip. He also didn't tell me that my Grandfather, the sternest old man ever, was going to help and oversee the project.

I didn’t hate my Grandfather but as the only grandchild had never been very close to him. He was quiet and always had a serious nasty expression. He had owned the landscaping company and passed it on to my Dad when he retired. I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend a summer – me just turned 18 with my 68 year old Grandfather on my back everyday.

My parents left on a Saturday which gave me the weekend to rest. On Monday morning, I awoke to noise in the backyard at 8 am – I looked out the window to see Granddad already at work. Fuck! That old man never stops. I thought we’d relax and take the job slow. I pulled on some jeans, a t-shirt and work boots and headed down. As soon as he saw me he said he hoped I enjoyed my sleep as we’d be starting at 7 am from now on! I already hated my summer and knew this would do nothing for our already cold relationship.

We worked in silence. Finally at 11 I couldn’t stand the heat and went in to get a bottle of cold water. I brought out one for Granddad who took it and just kept working. At noon I brought lunch out and he ate while he worked. The heat was unbearable as we dug and pulled old plants out. And, we had barely started the project. At mid-afternoon I took my t-shirt of and thought I might as well improve my tan. I couldn’t have been more different than my Grandfather physically. I am 6’2” 190 pounds work out regularly and have a very smooth body and shave what little hair I have on it. I also am blue eyed with long back length blond curly hair. Granddad is about 5’7” 240 pounds shaved head moustache dark complexion and the hairiest man I have ever seen.

We would never be mistaken as relatives. We worked away and he told me to get some tanning lotion so I wouldn’t burn. I thought Man he realizes I’m here! Finally at 5 he headed home and I headed for the bath to relax. I fell asleep early exhausted from the day’s efforts.

The next morning I was up and ready at 7 wearing a muscle t and old cut-offs. By mid-morning I was taking off the t and ready to be tanned to the max this summer. I was putting on lotion when Granddad came over and took the bottle putting lotion on my back. He said no burns we had too much to do. I was stunned that he touched me and more stunned he was talking. He said water would be good and we sat and talked for a few minutes about school, the jeep and what was ahead for the garden. We had never talked like that before and I thought for a minute he might actually be an okay guy.

I didn’t know how he stood the heat wearing thick workman’s coveralls, work boots and a t-shirt. Plus, all that hair on his body made the white t-shirt stick to his dark muscled arms and chest. After lunch I noticed him pull his t-shirt off. Man he was awesome in the coveralls showing his huge barrel chest and arms that obviously had been well worked out over the years. I grinned at the difference in our look and just kept working.

The next day I didn’t even bother with the t-shirt I just wore my boots and a pair of old ripped and threadbare nylon running shorts. My tan was coming great and I looked pretty good. Granddad arrived in faded levis and tight white t-shirt that my Grandmother had ironed to within an inch of its life. It looked funny on him since I knew it would get filthy by day’s end anyway. What I didn’t expect was him taking it off before he even started working. Man he looked so hot – just used jeans and work boots on his hot old man’s body. He must have been incredible in his youth.

At break when I was putting lotion on he again did my back and this time the back of my legs as well. I couldn’t believe how hot it was having this hairy built old stud oiling my body. I then quickly realized it was my Grandfather and took the lotion from him before my cock got any harder.

All that night I couldn’t think of anything else. My Grandfather and I were getting along great but man he was hot and I was loving working in boots and cut-offs next to him. I wondered what his reaction might be if I took it just one step further.

The next morning I was in the garden working when he arrived. All I had on were my boots and a pair of very tight white nylon/lycra mini shorts that sculpted my young tanned ass and bulging crotch. They looked amazing against my smooth tanned body. He just smiled but at break said he needed to get some shorts as the sun was getting too strong as we removed the shrubs and small trees and with them any shade. I told him to hold on and quickly went to my Dad’s closet. I knew I had nothing that would fit the old man but my Dad might. Sure enough, there was a pair of faded and torn old cut-offs he uses to wash the car. I gave them to Granddad and he got a kick out of borrowing his son’s clothes. When he reappeared from the house my eyes almost fell out. There he was in construction boots and Dad’s shorts. They were too small so the top button was undone and they were also too small elsewhere giving him a HUGE bulge and barely covering his massive hairy ass. Fuck he looked great as we continued creating our garden.

Unfortunately, that was Friday and I had the weekend all alone. I spent every hour thinking about Granddad and how hot he looked. Saturday night I even went out cruising hoping to find an older guy but no one even came close and I just jerked off when I got in bed.

Sunday, Granddad called just to check in. I told him I was just resting up for the week. He said he had gone shopping so he wouldn’t need my Dad’s shorts again. My heart just sunk. All I could picture were horrible old long checked shorts that old men wear. Monday morning I got up totally disheartened but I put on these running shorts – black lycra with zipped sides to the waist – and wore them totally unzipped showing all of my leg except the ½ “ at the waist and allowing my ass to peek out. I figured one of us should look hot.

When I arrived in the yard I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Granddad in his boots and these shorts that were white lycra and so old and worn you could see his entire ass thru them and a huge massive bulging cock in front. The blackness of his fur showing thru was a sight to behold. I said it was good to see he had gone shopping and he said he found them in a used clothing store. That was easy to see. Man they were well used! Obviously he enjoyed our working together and tanning and liked the chance to wear hot clothes.

I thought the next day I would just push every limit. I waited for Granddad to arrive so I could see what he was wearing. He had on an amazing pair of levi cut-offs, again VERY well used. They had one pocket completely torn out of the back and one side of his ass was totally exposed to view. The front was torn way too small and you could see his jock strap pushing out.

I quickly got my smallest threadbare levis and tore the whole back out leaving just the seam up the crotch and the waist band in back. My whole tanned ass was showing. In the front I tore the pockets out and ripped the denim so that my entire _|[][ k5trap except for the very centre maybe ½ “ was in view and then I headed out.

Granddad laughed when he saw me and asked if I had spied o him and then tried to outdo him. I laughed and said he had caught on. That morning we smiled back and forth taking turns looking at the other’s cut-offs. Our mutual exhibitionism was getting to be more than I had ever imagined.

At lunch we were laughing about our exploits when Granddad said it was he who suggested the new garden and working with me on it. I was shocked. He said he thought it was time we spent more time together and go to know one another. I was pretty happy given the fun I was having.

When we started back to work Granddad said he needed to get rid of the shorts his jock would be much more comfortable. And, with that he ripped the levis off. He looked outrageous in his boots and jock and hairy body almost totally exposed. I couldn’t have asked for more. I said that looked pretty good to me and ripped my shorts off too and for the rest of the day we worked side by side in our boots and _|[][ k5.

He headed home and I went to work getting ready for the next day. I spent all night rubbing a very well used stained jock strap until the pouch was barely held together by threads. My cock and balls might have well been completely exposed but I didn’t want to go over the edge in case Granddad had his limits and was not into it as much as I was. I was in the garden working the next morning knowing I had gone as far as I could when Granddad opened the backdoor and came into the yard in his construction boots and a thick steel cockring!

I was speechless. Gone was every inch of clothing. Right in front of me was this hairy muscled bald 68 year old stud – my own Grandfather naked!

He laughed out loud and said well he had finally won the battle and I was free to join him if I pleased. My jock was off in 1 second flat. He suggested I make coffee and we could relax on the lounge chairs on the deck. When I got inside I thought fuck the coffee and poured two huge glasses of scotch Granddad’s favourite and only drink and rolled two equally huge joints. I figured we deserved the relaxing and I wanted to enjoy every minute of seeing this old guy strut his goods.

When I returned Granddad said a day off wouldn’t hurt at all and we could enjoy the sun. He said he hadn’t had a joint in a few years and soon we were relaxed, stoned and talking like old pals. He said he had been very impressed with my work and was very proud of me as his grandson. I told him I was surprised as we had never really been that close. He told me he hoped that would change now that I had turned 18 and that maybe we could spend time getting to know one another a lot better.

The sun was getting hot and I got us another glass filled to the brim with scotch and we lit the second joint. Neither one of us was feeling any pain. After we finished the joint he asked me to put some lotion on his back. The sight of him naked on the lounge chair was fantastic. His tanned body coated in thick black fur was like nothing I had ever seen. I took lots of time massaging the oil on his back and legs and just went for his ass when it was time. He didn’t say a word and I was totally in awe of how thick the hair was and how great he felt. When I finished he rolled over and my mouth fell open. His cock was fully erect and it’s head pushed out from it’s thick foreskin. It was about 8 ½ long but it was the thickness that shocked me most. I never dreamt cocks could be that thick and I knew the huge steel ring was making it harder and thicker. I hadn’t even noticed my own cock’s hardness til then,

I started with his legs and massaged the oil in, then went to the side of the chair and did his arms one by one. It was his chest I wanted most of all and I saved it until the end. You couldn’t even see his skin for the mounds and mounds of hair covering his gut and chest. It was magnificent and I wanted this to last. Knowing that was all that was left I straddled him on the lounge chair. As I massaged the lotion on his chest I lowered my ass very very very slowly. I knew what I wanted. It seemed like hours before I felt the head of his cock brush by young hard ass cheek. I could feel his pre-cum as his cock bobbed against my ass. I kept massaging his chest until his cock was positioned in my sweat lubed crack then gently pushed my ass harder and harder towards his beercan thick old meat. I was so stoned I didn’t even care he was my Dad’s father.

He was totally into the scene and with his eyes closed and a nasty grin on his face he was moaning with great pleasure as his young grandson became his whore. My ass crack was opening up to his huge cock which was pushing at my tight pink boy hole. I couldn’t believe I was going after this 68 year old stud. Man, what would my parents think! Even more what would my Grandmother say! This was too hot for words.

He opened his eyes and said baby I have wanted this for years, your Grandfather has wanted to fuck your beautiful ass for a long time. I couldn’t believe my ears. But, I was letting it all happen. I had been admiring this fucking stud for 10 days and there was no way he wasn’t going to get me fuckhole.

I could feel his cock probing at my boy cunt and I reached back with my lotioned hands and spread my cheeks apart letting it open my hole. Even though I was stoned out of my head the size of Granddad’s cock was unmistakable. He started pushing it towards my waiting pussy lubing my hole with his precum and my sweat. I screamed Jesus Granddad fuck me! NOW! And with that he thrust his meat inside me and I saw fireworks. The old man was up my ass and I was begging to be fucked by my grandfather! I wanted to be fucked hard and I was in love, I never thought of him like this until last week and now wanted him forever.

He was grinning that nasty grin and telling me to take his cock raw and to ram my teen pussy on his old thick man cock. I sat my boy ass on his pole and started riding like mad. He reached over the chair and pulled a bottle of fresh poppers from his bag. We were drunk, stoned and now getting high on poppers. This guy was too fucking much and I was going to show him how much I loved cock, his cock. I jumped off him, got on my hands and knees on the deck, started snorting poppers and told him – ok old man fuck me! He didn’t miss a beat. Granddad was back in my ass fucking me like the boy whore I was. I could feel his mega thick man meat hitting the back of my ripped open hole. All I wanted was for him to seed me and own me forever as his fuck slut. I was begging for his load and he was getting high on poppers. When he put them down he said Now Boy get ready and with that he drove his cock into my ass further than anything had ever been. I was in huge pain and wanted even more. I couldn’t tell what was happening. All I knew was when I looked back my grandfather had become possessed and was fucking me like a madman – the hairiest fucking madman ever and I wanted every inch and his seed inside me.

It was seconds later he exploded in my ass screaming take it all boy let Granddad fill your pussy like no one ever has. Let Gramps own your boy cunt! He had finally taken my ass and I was the happiest boy on earth. Finally he came out of me and we fell into each other’s arms covered in sweat and forcing our eager tongues into each other’s lusting mouths. Man and boy had become one and I knew the summer had just begun.

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Anthony and Gene

Written by Anthony Park

I became aware of my sexual feelings towards older men at an early point in my adulthood. I was 21 when I first met an older man named Gene Brown. He was 30 years older than I at the time, and I was really beginning to know him. I met him at a coffee shop while I waiting on the transit bus to take me to work. We started talking and then I noticed his eyes. A few moments, I started to caress his crotch and that was the start of something beautiful. He asked me if I wanted to come to his apartment and spend a few minutes with him. I told him yes.
After work and dinner, I told my father that I was going home to take my shower. I asked him if he could give me a ride home and he told me that he would. After getting home and taking my shower, I called Gene up and told him that I was on my way.

He said, "When you get here, knock on the door and I will let you in."

When I arrived at his apartment, I was getting rather excited about the opportunity to lie in bed naked with an older man. I knocked on the door and then I heard him tell me to come in. I walked in and he shut and locked the door. We sat down in the living room and started to have a nice conversation. He asked me if I wanted some wine and without hesitation, I told him yes.

After we each had two glasses of wine, the mood started to turn sexual. He walked over to me and said he wanted me to make love to him. As we stood up, we started to kiss while we were still clothed. He then asked me to come to bed with him. I did and started stripping each other naked slowly and seductively. My penis was getting hard and erect. After we were both naked, we lay down in bed and started to make love tenderly to each other. We began kissing and started sucking each other's cock and balls. After a few minutes of giving and receiving foreplay, Gene asked me if I wanted to penetrate him, and I said yes.

I lifted his legs in the missionary position and inserted my penis into his rectum and began to perform anal intercourse with him. His beautiful hairless body just laid there in tender submission to my lovemaking. Each slow and sensuous thrust told him that I loved him. He lovingly moaned at me and told me how beautiful it felt for him to be penetrated. As the lovemaking progressed, I felt my penis start to really swell and thicken up. I told Gene that I felt like I was ready to have an orgasm inside him. By that time the thickness of my erect penis caused me to hit his G-SPOT and then the orgasm started. As I kept tenderly penetrating him, I started to quiver and then with one slow powerful thrust, I started to ejaculate. The sperm rushed out of my penis, and it was a very beautiful orgasm. I ejaculated so much sperm that Gene told me that no other man would touch him in a sexual way ever again. From that point on, I made love to him at least four times a week.

He is no longer living. However, the tenderness and sensuality of making love to Gene was my introduction into the gay lifestyle and haven't look back since. I will always remember my first sexual encounter with another man. Now, when I go out on sex dates, it will be with senior gay men because they know what it takes to please a younger gay man like me in the bedroom.

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

A Haircut and More

I have a barber shop in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t want to say where. I don’t do no fancy cuts. I only cut hair one way, short! I charge $5. All the seniors come to me as my shop is near a retirement home. Hell, I’m old enough to retire. I’m 67 years old. But what else would I do with my days. I enjoy chatting with men my age and older and swapping fishing stories. I love to go fishing. But the main reason I keep cutting hair is because I love old men. Never had sex with anyone younger than 55 and don’t want to.

Most all of the old men that comes to my shop are straight and mostly married. I’m real careful, well, I try to be, but just can’t keep from stealing a touch here and there. Jack, came in today. He’s 79 and looks every day of it. Got more age spots on him them I do and less hair on his head. He had been coming for about five months, ever since he moved into the retirement home. I had elbowed him in the crotch a couple times when I was trimming his bush gray eyebrows. And what he’s had between his legs goes with his looks.

He’s tall with a big hooked nose and ears like a bat. So right of f I was curious if he had a big dick. Of course I was determined to find out and last month I planted my elbow right in the middle of his crotch and kept it there while I trimmed his eyebrows and let me tell you that I felt something soft but monstrous lurking under the cloth I used to keep hair off my customers.

Today I had already locked the door and was sweeping up before going home when the old man knocked on the door of the shop. I started not to open it, but then peeped through the blinds and saw who it was. Well, I was right eager to let him in after seeing who it was. Jack told me he was sorry for coming so late, but he needed a haircut bad because he was leaving on a trip tomorrow.

I told him to come on in that I didn’t mind staying a little late. We chit chatted about the baseballs season and how the Marlins just might squeak into the plays off as I clipped away at his gray hair. His elbows were hanging over the arm rest so I sort of pressed my crotch into them whenever I had to reach over him which I made sure was often. I figured he would move his elbow in if he didn’t like my touching my crotch to it. But when he didn’t. I kept pressing my crotch against one elbow and then the other one over and over again as I took my time cutting his hair. As I have a big dick and with it was getting hard, I made sure I rubbed it against his elbows.

The old man just kept on chatting away with me like nothing was happening. Well, I began to wonder just how far I should take the matter. You know there are some people that are so innocent that they don’t have an idea! And I was afraid that old Jack just might be one of those people. Still I was so hot for his big old dick that I couldn’t just leave it at touching my crotch to his elbows when I was reaching across him to cut his hair.

I started putting my hand on his let as I pressed my crotch into his elbow whenever I reached across him. When he didn’t move his leg nor give me a dirty look, I moved my hand higher up his leg the next time. I kept doing this until I reached across him and planted my hand squarely on his crotch as I tried to cut a strand of hair on the back of his head.

I could easily feel the old man monstrous dick under the fabric of both the cloth and his slacks. I took as long as I dared to cut the strand of hair and got a really good feel of the old man soft dick. I thought about grabbing it, but I was afraid. He hadn’t responded at all and I really didn’t know whether he even knew I was feeling him up.

Well. All good things must come to an end. I finally couldn’t clip another hair from his half bald head without having to give him an all out head shave. So I put my clippers down and took out my brush and brushed the hair off his face and neck. Then I unpinned the cloth and took if off and as we chatted I brushed the hair off his shirt and then I even brushed the crotch of his slacks. The old man started to get up. I told him to wait that there was some hair on his slacks. He set back down and I reached down and plucked a big sprig of gray hair from his crotch. I told him there was a little bit more and reached down again. This time I couldn’t stop myself. I sank my fingers down against the fabric of his slacks until my finger closed around the old man’s monstrous soft dick.

The old man didn’t say anything so I started massaging his crotch. Still silent the old man slipped back in the barber chair as though trying to find a comfortable position. Well I took his as consent and grabbed the tab of his zipper. When he didn’t protest, I slowly pulled the tab down. I got a thrill at seeing his red boxer shorts as I unzipped his fly. Then I didn’t hesitate to reach my fingers down into his red boxer shorts.

I felt an almost electric shock of pleasure when my fingers touched the soft skin of the old man’s dick. I couldn’t believe just how thick the old goat’s dick was when I finally grabbed hold of it. My own dick is very long but isn’t not thick. The old men’s dick was so thick, even soft, that it was a handful to reach around it.

The old man didn’t protest when I drug his dick out of his slacks and let it hang down between his legs. I stepped back to get a better view of it. Damn, what a sight it was to see the old man’s long thick dick hanging limp between his legs. On seeing it fully extended I wonder how in the world his wife could take such a long thick dick. Hell, getting fucked by the old man would be like getting fist fucked.

I moved closer again and leaned down and lifted the old man’s dick. Then as I pulled the huge circumcised head of his dick to my mouth, I looked into the old man’s eyes. He didn’t speak. He just winked at me. Then I was sucking on the huge head of his dick. God! It was wonderful to have such an old man’s dick in my mouth. I loved looking up into his eyes as I stretched my mouth to the limit in order to fit the head of his dick inside.

I always considered myself a good cocksucker, but I realized that I had finally met a dick that was beyond my ability. Try as I might, I couldn’t get more than a couple inches of the old man’s monstrous dick in my mouth. The head of his dick was just too big to go down my throat. But I did the best job I could on the head of his old dick. I licked and sucked it until the old man reached down and brushed me aside and took his huge dick in his hand and started jacking it. If I live to be a hundred, I’ll never forget watching the old man jacking his dick. God! What a huge dick! My own dick got hard and began to throb in my pants as I watched him jacking his monster hairy hand.

He shot off! Cum struck me squarely in the face. And damn if I didn’t cum in my pants. I swear on my father’s grave, I shot my load inside my pants without touching my dick. That’s how excited it was when his cum hit me in the face. He smiled down at me as another burst of cum hit me on the chin. Then the old man reached down and pulled my face to his dick and used the head of his monstrous tool to smear his cum all over my face.

I stood up but didn’t make any effort to clean the off cum, which was running down my cheeks and chin. The old man got out of the chair. He put his hand on my shoulder and said “thanks” as I unlocked the door to let him out. I stood in the door until the old man drove away in his car. And instead of cleaning his cum off my face, I just rubbed it in like was a facial cream. I also didn’t clean the cum out of my jockey shorts. I loved feeling my wet stick cum against my body each time I took a step. I wore the cum soaked under shorts to Tropics for a drink before going home.