Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Ron is a Grandpa in his 70th

I was in the shower room at the Midtown Spa in Denver. The locals call it “The Tubs”.

It was a slow day so I hadn’t seen anyone yet that really had turned me on. I like my men mature and husky but so far there had been only young twinks around here.

I kept on showering and heard someone come to the shower behind me. I heard a friendly voice saying “I haven’t seen you here before”.

I turned and there he was - a tall, handsome guy with a cute bushy grey stache and ever so beautiful eyes.

He took my breath away. Luckily, he introduced himself to me.

- Hi, I’m Ron.
- Hi… Oh, I’m Jim.
- Nice to meet you, Jim! Your first time here?

His voice was intoxicatingly sexy.

I told him I was in Denver in a scientific conference for the weekend. The cute clerk at the hotel had told me about this place when I asked if he knew any gay bath houses downtown.

He smiled at me as we talked. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and kissed me.

- I like hairy men. Would you like to come to my room?

At this point he could have asked me to drink poison and I would have gladly complied.

We went to a small room with an even smaller bed. He closed the door. Obviously he didn’t want others to bother us.

That suited me very, very fine. I wanted him all for myself.

Ron sat on the bed and motioned me to come closer. As soon as I got there he pushed his face against my crotch.

- I’m glad you’re uncut. I love foreskin.

Enough said, he slid his tongue under my foreskin and started rubbing my shaft with it. It felt so divine I could but push my crotch against him and caress his hair.

- Mmmmmmhhhh…

I got more and more erect so it became more and more difficult for his tongue to get underneath my lace curtain. Finally he let go of my cock and lay down on his back on the bed.

- Would you care for some 69?

Would I ever! I lay down on the top of him and got hold of his hard cock. I pushed it into my mouth slowly, savouring its manly, musky, tobacco-y taste.

Every now and then I took his balls in my mouth and rubbed them gently with my tongue.

Ron was working passionately on my cock. He put one finger on my asshole and started massaging it, which put me immediately on the very verge of coming.

- Ohhhh, please, not so fast, I said.

Ron stopped and I waited until the urging pressure went away, and then I told him to go on.

I went back on working on his glorious cock. It was thrilling to suck.

I was in heaven! Such joy! Such excitement! Actually, too much of excitement!

I felt like coming again. This time I couldn’t resist any more but begun to bay while his cock was still in my mouth.

- Mmmmmhh! Mmmmhhhh!! Mmmmmmmhhhh!!!

I came in his mouth and he was thrilled about it. It felt like forever before I was done with my orgasm. It was celestial!

After a while I got my act together and went back on sucking Ron’s cock. He motioned me to bend my legs so that he has a better access to my scrotum and ass.

It felt good to have Ron’s tongue all over my balls, ass hole and the sweet spot in between. I pushed my ass against Ron as I was riding on his cock and caressing his balls and sweet spot.

Ron seemed to like it when I rubbed his ass hole with my finger while I sucked him. He returned the favour increasingly passionately on my bottom.

His cock became harder by the second and he sounded like he was going to come any moment now. I increased my pace on his cock, rubbed harder on his ass hole and burrowed my ass more firmly against his face, and he was good to go – or in this case, to come.

- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yes!!! Oh yes!!! I’m coming!!! Oohhhh yesss!!!

His orgasm was no lesser to mine. On the contrary, it seemed to last even longer. It all made me horny again.

I got more upright until I was virtually sitting on Ron’s face. I rubbed my ass against his face and he was a sucker for it, big time. My cock got increasingly hard from the feeling of Ron’s tongue all over my sweet spot and asshole.

I jerked my cock forcefully while I was being rimmed by Ron. I got more and more excited until Ron pushed the tip of his tongue into my asshole. That was the sweet point of no return.

I froze as my second orgasm built up in me.

I came all over Ron’s sexy chest. I yelled so hard people laughed and cheered outside the room.

- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Eventually I keeled over beside him. I was totally worn out!

Ron smiled at me.

- Thank you. Now that’s what I call 69!
- No, thank YOU, Ron! You’re amazing!
- You want to do it again tomorrow?
- Sure! Why don’t you come over to my hotel? We could have a dinner first… or last… or then again we could skip it.
- That would be nice, he said and smiled at me again.

We went back to the shower room to tidy up and pretty soon we left from the bath house. Before we parted he kissed me passionately on the lips.

I love the way he kisses. And how his stache tickles my lips.

I can’t wait ‘til tomorrow!

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