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My friends grandfather

This is a story about my friend Chuck's grandfather Mr. Rosenfield. Growing up my friend Chuck lived with his grandparents. I've always been attracted to hot old men and Mr. Rosenfield was hot, he had white hair brown eyes and the cutest face and a nice big belly. He was the nicest man but was one of those types that you kinda new was a total pervert, he just always looked like he was horny and wanted to fuck.

When I was at my friends' house and his grandparents were not home we would look at his porno magazines or go into his bottom drawer where his porno's were and watch them and jack off, sometimes he would leave a porno movie sitting out by the VCR in his room and we would watch it, then when he would get home later he would have this kinda smile on his face like maybe he left it out on purpose to give us something to watch and jerk off to which was so hot. That used to set me on fire, then he would always sit down and smoke a cigarette and I don't know why, I guess it's a fetish, but that use to drive me crazy.

I used to love to watch him smoke, when he pulled on it and the red part lit up and when he blew the smoke out, it made me feel like I was cumming. When we would sit in the living room and watch T.V. he always wore sweat pants and when he smoked I would watch him and he would know I was watching and would get a hard on, you could see his cock hard in his pants, he usually had his feet up in his recliner so you had to really look to see it but he was definitely rock hard and he would use his cigarette to get me hot, and every so often he would give his cock a nice stroke like he was shifting it or scratching. We would flirt like that all the time, I think he really enjoyed those times we all hung out and watched T.V. together.

Sometimes when we played hockey out front he would sit on the porch and smoke, when ever I looked over at him he would pull on it and make the red part light up and blow the smoke out all while we had eye contact, so I would always grab my cock a little bit like I was scratching. A couple times when I went over to Chuck's house he would grab me and wrestle with me a little bit and rub his hands all over me I used to love it.

When we got into high school Chuck's grandmother used to work 4pm to 12am like his grandfather who was a chef but they had different days off, so when I used to go over when Chuck's grandmother was not there, a lot of times Mr. Rosenfield would be asleep with his bedroom door wide open and all he used to where was a pair of tight white underwear. So one night Chuck and I were watching T.V. and Chuck fell asleep, so I crept upstairs to get a peek at Mr. Rosenfield asleep, when I got to the top of the stairs which is right outside his bedroom door he was asleep with no blanket just his underwear. So I went in trying not to make to much noise and stood right next to him and just stared, he was so fucking hot, I was ready to cum in my pants. So I took my cock out and started to jerk off, my heart was thumping in my chest and my whole body was tingling and shaking, this was so hot I shot my load all over the carpet next to his bed, he never did wake up, afterwards I could'nt believe I did that and thought it was pretty funny.

Another time my friend Chuck had this porno and the music to it was real recognizable and he said he called home to speek to his grandfather and he could hear the music in the background whitch we both thought was kinda funny. So this one time Chuck and I were in Chuck's room and his grandfather was in his own room watching T.V. I needed to go to the bathroom so I went out Chuck's bedroom and closed the door. When I started to turn the corner to go down the hall I could see right into Mr. Rosenfield's bedroom, he was sitting there with just a pair of shorts on smoking a cigarette watching T.V. he did not see me yet so I pulled back around the corner and just watched him, he was getting me so hot so I took my cock out and started to jerk off. I was leaning out past the corner a little bit so if he looked over he would have saw exactly what I was doing, while I was watching him and jerking off I didn't realize it but he was watching me out the corner of his eye, I could see it, he did not make it obvious he was watching he was just sitting there with the biggest grin.

I got a little nervous and pulled back zipped up then went down the hall to the bathroom which is next to his room, when I walked into the bathroom I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he turned and stared right at my cock just grinning, when I closed the door to the bathroom I thought I was going to explode, so I jerked off and shot a hot load right into the toilet, when I was cumming I let out a little moan so he would hear, hoping it would get him hot. Then I actually got a job bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at and things picked up and got real HOT.

Like I said I started bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at. My first night was the first time I saw him since I jerked off watching him smoke a cigarette in his bedroom. When I went into the kitchen he was cutting up some vegetables so I went up to him and asked him how he was doing, he looked at me and the look on his face was like he was shooting a load right there, he had the most inviting smile and he said good, how are you but when he said it, his voice was deep and it seemed like he was talking like that to basically say to me I'm going to fuck you real good.

So I asked him what time he was working to and he said he could get off at nine, which was what time I got off at, I guess I was not really experienced I did not realize he was trying to set it up for us to go someplace private, I was so fucking horny and hot my body was shaking like I was cumming it was just a little overwhelming so I was just like that's cool, then I said I'll talk to you later, we kept glancing at eachother for the rest of the night then when I was leaving after I cloked out I turned around and he was there smiling and said what are you doing Corey and put his hands on mine, like that's exactly what he would have said and done if he walked up to me while I was watching him and jerking off. I just rubbed his hands a little and said Chuck and I are supposed to hang out tomorrow and he said good I'll see you then.

So when I went to my friend's house the next day and it was just me him and his grandfather, apparently his grandmother was out for the day. So when I went up the stairs his grandfather was laying on his side with just underwear and a robe on with his body facing out the door so you could see his chest, his cock in his underwear and his legs, it was so fucking hot, I said hello and he smiled and said hello back. At this point I almost could'nt take it anymore, I was more then hot and horny, I needed it, BAD. I lucked out more then ever, Chuck and I were playing a video game and Chuck said he had to go pick his grandmother up at the mall, which is like 30 to 40 minutes each way, so I was like do you think maybe I could stay here and keep playing the video game ( we were trying to beat it ) and he was like shore and left, I heard him say to his grandfather that I was going to stay while he picked up his grandmother and I heard his grandfather say make sure you lock that front door I don't want anymore kids coming up, so Chuck left and I was like I don't know, just beyond horny and so mellow and relaxed.

So I got up, I had on jeans and a t-shirt, I went into the hall and Mr. Rosenfield was laying on his back smoking a cigarette with his cock sticking straight up in the air inside his underwear, I thought I was going to melt. When I got to the door I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he sat up and pulled on his cigarette and said hey Corey and we just sorta stood there for like 20 seconds, he was staring at my jeans where my cock is and smoking and staring, pulling on his cigarette in a way to get me hot. So I turned around and went to the bathroom door which is like 3 feet from where he was sitting and turned back around and faced him. At this point I new exactly what I was doing and what I wanted and I decided I was gonna take it slow and make this real hot and memorable. So here I am facing him and he is sitting up in bed with his cock rock hard which has got to be like 6 or 7 inches it looked so hot, staring at me smoking a cigarette smiling like I was a stripper ready to give him a show, so I did just that.

I started to unbutton my jeans and pull down my zipper, as I was doing this he said " oh yeah " moaning like this was what he always wanted and he was finally about to get it. So I took my jeans off real slow and my cock was rock hard pointing through my underwear so I started to rub it a little bit, he did'nt touch his cock yet he just watched. Then I took my underwear off and this was kinda funny he pulled on his cigarette and blew the smoke at my cock and said yeah, it got me so hot. Then I slowly took my t-shirt off and started to rub all over myself and my cock moaning, he lit another cigarette then stood up and pulled his underwear off then got into bed with his back against the headboard. He was watching me and stroking his cock nice and slow, then he said come on baby get into bed with your grandfather.

So I walked over and cupped the head of his dick and started to stroke it, slowly, he looked like he was in ecstasy, then he moaned real good and said " I'm red hot " then said come here son and put his right hand on the back of my ass and started to blow me, he was sucking my cock so fucking good bobbing his head up and down, he pulled away and stroked my dick with all the saliva and looked me in my eyes and said " does it feel good " I said yes, I told him how much I always wanted him and he kept stroking me and said I know baby I've wanted to fuck you since you were little, don't you remember how I would pull on my cigarette and try to get you hot and let you see my cock hard in my pants and touch you and stare at you, I was in total ecstasy I said oh daddy I want you so bad, I said I know it sounds funny but I love to watch you smoke your cigarette, he said I know baby do you want me to smoke while we have sex, I said yes, so he took his cigarette out of his ashtray and pulled on it then blew the smoke on my cock, he said yeah Corey you like that baby, he put his cigarette down and pulled me onto the bed and we just went at it , he was on top of me and we were kissing and rubbing all over eachother.

He was licking my face my ears my nose everything and I said please hump me daddy, so our cocks were rock hard against eachother and he humped me so hard and fast, I had my hands on his ass pushing them harder, we were moaning so loud. He kept saying does it feel good son and I kept saying yes daddy, I wish you were my real father or grandfather and he liked that, he said yes do you like incest would you really like it if I was your real grandfather and I said yes I would love it. He sat back with his back against the head board and said come on Corey give your grandfather a hot blow job, so I sucked his cock, he was in heaven he kept moaning oh yeah and kept his hand on the back of my head pushing my head up then down. He had a drink next to his ashtray, Dewar's and water, he stood up and said try this, he dipped his cock into the drink then put it into my mouth, it was so hot, he started to smoke his cigarette again and was saying oh yeah baby this gets you hot, don't it, I said mmm hmm with his cock in my mouth, then the most unexpected thing happened.

He told me to lay flat on my back then he sat on my cock, put his hand on it and slipped it right into his ass, it was unbelievable how good it felt, he just started to ride me and fuck me we were just fucking and moaning, then he pulled off and grabbed my arm and said come here baby and pulled me into the bathroom and into the shower then pushed me onto my knees, the water wasn't on so I did'nt know what we were doing I thought he just wanted me to give him a blow job in the shower.

Then he said here son and put his cock a half a foot from my face and started to piss, all over my face down my chest and I started to scream oh my God yes daddy yes daddy and then I opened my mouth and he pissed right in it and said yes drink your daddy's piss I put my mouth all around his cock and sucked and drank it all down and started to blow him, he was moaning saying yes yes, then he said hold on and took the bar of soap and got some on his fingers and started to slowly rub then finger my ass. I said are you going to fuck me daddy and he said yes I'm gonna fuck you real good. When he put the head in I had to tell him to stop, he said ok and put it in again just real slow and just real slowly got it in, after it was all the way in he started to fuck me good, slow but steady.

Then he turned the shower on to a slow setting and hot water was hitting us, it was three thick streams hitting us slowly. He fucked me and was moaning and saying oh my god Corey oh I love this, then said I'm gonna cum and let out the loudest wale screaming unh unh oh yes I could feel the cum shooting through my rectum all the way inside me it was so forefilling it was what I needed more then anything in life I think, then he pulled it out and I could feel the hot cum all around my asshole, I loved it. He put the shower on a regular setting and we held eachother kissing and rubbing and washing, he picked me up and had my back against the wall and humped me, I wrapped my legs around him. So we shut the shower off and went into the bedroom, he said come on honey I want you to fuck me. So he took out a thing of vasaline and put some on my cock then rubbed some on his asshole, then he got doggy style on his bed and lit up a cigarette and said fuck me. So I put my cock up his ass and was moaning with pleasure enjoying it he kept pushing back on my cock.

It was getting me so hot, he kept smoking his cigarette while I fucked him, I was so hot I said I'm gonna cum and he said yes thats it give me that load, so I shot the fucking hottest load up his ass. We layed down on our backs in bliss he finished the drink he had then layed there and smoked. I thought we were done but he put his cigarette down then lifted my legs up and started to tongue my asshole it felt so good, then he grabbed the thing of vaseline and started to fuck me again, this time it was hotter because he had my legs in the air over his shoulders and I could see the look on his face while he fucked me.

He pulled it out and said suck my cock until I cum, so he layed back and he smoked his cigarette while I gave him a blow job. He was using his hands on the back of my head and moaning and saying don't stop and after awhile of sucking it real good with no warning he just started to cum in my mouth he was moaning and saying yes swallow daddy's cum. We layed there for a couple minutes then he put his cigarette out and said we better get cleaned up. As we were getting dressed he said he would call me, he had my number on the bulletin board downstairs and new it was my own private line.

We have had some good times since then, sometimes he calls and we have phone sex, or we'll meet at a hotel, it's been about 11 years now since we first fucked and we still get together 2 or 3 times a month, now that I'm older, I'm 26 now I don't really hang out with Chuck but I sure am in love with his grandfather. This is a true story, I've had a lot of hot encounters, it's wild. If your a hot older man reading this I hope you jerk off to it and cum real good, thats what I want more then anything, to make you cum. I only wish it was all over my face and in my mouth not in your hands and stomach.

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