Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Mr. Smith

As I leaned on my hoe, I could feel the hot sun burning the skin on the back of my neck as I looked down the rows of thick green cotton plants. The end of the rows seemed miles away. I glanced ahead me. Daddy was far ahead of me chopping away at the cotton plants with sure measured strokes of his razor sharp hoe. Mama was chopping the row on his left, just a little behind him. Between them and me were old Mr. Smith and his two old spinster sisters who had moved into the tenant shack down near the creek. I should have felt shame being so slow, but I didn’t. I hated working in the fields. It was stolen time. Time taken from reading my beloved books that lined the walls of my tiny bedroom.

Wished I were in Africa. I could run away and live high in the threes and eat bananas like Tarzan.”

“Stop damn daydreaming!” I glanced ahead. Daddy was standing up looking back at me. “Get to work!” Daddy yelled.

I bent my aching back and swung the hoe across the row of cotton plants chopping regular intervals in the almost solid line of green plants. Why do they have to plant too many of them in the first place? Stupid to plant more than you need! I thought as I angrily swung the hoe. I’m going to miss the Tarzan movie on TV. Damn him, he knows that I love to watch the Tarzan movies. I told him I would work later if he would let me watch the afternoon movie. Damn, I hate him!

I swung the hoe until I thought my arms were going to drop off. Yet when I looked up the end of the cotton rows seemed just as far away. I paused and wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand. Then knowing that if daddy caught me standing up again he would yell at me, I went back to chopping cotton.

I didn’t realize that old man Smith was hoeing my row until he was practically hoeing at my feet. I paused and straightened up and looked at him. “Thanks.” I said as I stared at the short little old man with his white mop of hair sticking out from under his wide bream straw hat. “But you didn’t have to help me.” I had never seen him until last week when they moved onto the farm to work for daddy.

“Yes, I know. I just get tired of looking at my sister all the time. Come on up and keep me company.” The old man said as we walked up to where he had started hoeing my row of cotton. He stared working on his row and I stared hoeing mine. I tried to keep up with the old man. However, his hairy arms seemed tireless as he swung his hoe with almost no effort back and forth through the row of cotton. But try as I might I stared falling behind almost immediately, but then the old man swung around to my row and caught me up to him again.

“You don’t like chopping cotton, do you?” The old man said as he went back to working on his row.

“I hate it. I hate farming. I’m never going to be a farmer. I’m going to a big city when I finish school.” I told him.

“I used to live in New York City.” The old man told me.

“Really. What’s it like?” I asked. I had been reading about New York City and dreaming about ridding subways through the canyons of the city’s tall buildings.

“Exciting. There is everything you could want in the city. No matter what you’re looking for you can get it.” The old man said with a sudden far way look in his eyes as if he were somewhere else.

As the old man told me of New York, I suddenly found myself looking at him in a different light. Sure, I had always thought he was good looking, but now as he spoke so eloquently about the great city, I felt a strange attraction toward him that I had only felt before when looking at girls.

“Why are you blushing?” The old man interrupted his tale of being lost for hours on the F train to ask. Then I guess my face got even redder at having him catch me,

“Ah. Just the heat. Makes me turn red sometimes when I get too hot.” I said.

The old man reached out and touched his big calloused hand to my arm. “You should rest a spell.” He said in a kind tone that suddenly made me feel warm inside. I suddenly realized that I had never heard daddy use that tone of voice when talking to me. And the old man didn’t pull his hand away from my arm but let it linger a moment as he fell silent, waiting for my response.

“Daddy will have my hide if he catches me resting again.” I said.

“Well, he can be tough, but he’s got to see that all the work is done.” The old man said in daddy’s defense.

I nodded my head. “Yea I know.” I said as I started back to work. I sucked it up and really made an effort to keep up the old man and his two old spinster sister. I almost did, but occasional Mr. Smith would have to turn to my row and work on it a moment. And with his help I did keep pace with him. And as I chopped the green cotton plants down, I kept sneaking a peak at the old man. His strong hairy arms were having the same affect on me as looking at girls boobs. I just want to reach out and touch them and feel his hair against my hands.

Under his straw hat I could see gray thinning hair and though I had never seen him without his straw hat, I figured he must be bald. The old man turned and glanced at me catching me staring at him again. I blushed as his blue eyes met mine. He winked and I had to smile back. He smiled a toothless smile back at me. Yet, I didn’t mind him not having any teeth. In fact I suddenly found myself wonder how women like kissing me without teeth. Then I was thinking of kissing him.

The thought shocked me. I lowered my head and took out my frustration on the cotton plants as I swung the hoe relentless at the thick row of green plants, leaving gaping holes in the row of green.

But then a few moments later I was again staring at him. Suddenly I was obsessed with thinks about the old man. Why do I keep staring at him. It’s wrong what I’m feeling. God! It’s wrong. I shouldn’t be wanting to see him naked! God! Daddy would kill me If he knew I wanted to see the old man’s dick. I shook my head. But the desire to look at the old man didn’t go away. And a moment later when he turned around and started hoeing my row back toward me, I suddenly found myself staring at the old man’s crotch. And what I saw captured my eyes. Right in the middle of the crotch of old Mr. Smith overalls was a huge bulge. Why didn’t I notice it before? Guess I never looked at his crotch. But now I couldn’t keep my eyes from the old man’s crotch. I suddenly found myself wonder just how big the old toothless man’s pecker was?

I had seen daddy pecker many times. He was always taking a piss and usually didn’t bother to turn his back to me. And I usually managed to sneak a peek at his dick when he was pissing. Daddy seemed to have a longer over hang of foreskin that I did. And from what I could see of his dick it was longer than mine, but his wasn’t as thick as mine. I had often wonder just how long daddy’s dick was.

“Hey, now your doing some fine hoeing.” Old man Smith’s words broke through my thoughts.

“Thanks, but I would still be far behind if you weren’t helping me.” I said quickly glancing away from the old man’s crotch and hoping that he hadn’t noticed where I had been staring.

“Hey, that’s what friends are far. Helping one another out.” The old man said and smiled his toothless smile that for some reason I found wonderful. “I get tired of being with my old sisters. Good to work with another man.” He added.

My chest swelled with pride. I couldn’t every remember someone the old man’s age ever being so nice to me. “Thanks. I really like working with you too.” I said and felt myself blushing again.

The old man pulled along side of me and reached out one of his hairy arms and hugged me. “You’re a good kid.” He said.

I was shocked at his actions. I glanced at my father to see if he had noticed. I couldn’t tell if he had seen the old man hug me or not. The old man’s sisters had both witnessed the incident but their faces were unreadable. “Thanks.” I said as I stepped away from the old man grasp. I had loved the feel of his hair arm around my neck but I feared what my daddy would say if he saw the old man hugging me. He had told me that Mr. Smith was nothing but a pervert drunk. “I can’t get no better. Damn Negroes are too good to work on farms any more. Don’t leave nothing but white trash. You stay clear of them folks, boy. They ain’t good church going people like us.” Daddy had warned me.

Still as I worked until the sweat was pouring off me like water, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the old man. Each time he turn around to catch me up and I spotted the huge bulge in his crotch, my young dick sprung to life so much so that I feared the old man would see me getting a hard on. But he must not of, because I never once saw him staring at my crotch as if I was eyeing his.

And damn if we didn’t come to the end of the cotton rows. It was like magic to me. Here it had looked like we weren’t making any progress and then the next thing I knew daddy was telling us it was quitting time.

As we were heading out of the cotton patch, I heard the old man ask daddy if he had a spare pack of cigarettes. “Not on me. I send the boy over with a couple of packs.” The old man reached into his pocket for some money. “Never mind. We’ll settle up at the end of the week.” Daddy told him.

The thought of visit the tenant shack excited me. I hadn’t been there since black Mary moved out earlier in the year. She used to give me a slice of pound cake. I would always play like I ate it but when her back was turned I would toss it under the house.

Sure enough when we got home, daddy dug out two packs of Camels and told me to run them over to old man Smith. “I going to go look at the pond and see how the beaversare progress with their damn.” I told daddy, not wanting to have to return home right away.

“You be careful of snakes.” Mama called out from the kitchen.

“Yes, Mama.” I said. I wasn’t worried by no snakes. There wasn’t a snake alive that I could catch bare handed. Hell, Mama should know that.

I took my time walking across the fields to the tenant shack. When we first moved to the farm, we had lived in it. But the next year daddy built our nice brick home in the middle of our pecan orchard over looking the entire farm. But I had enjoyed living the old tin roofed shack. The sound of rain on the tin roof had been beautiful on rainy nights. And the old shack bordered Cooper’s Bay, and almost endless swamp where I could easily slip away to and strip naked and play Tarzan.

No body was visible when I approached the old shack. I knocked on the door and one of the sisters came to the door. There names were Ruth and Alice but I didn’t know which were which. But of the old wrinkled sisters looked alike to me.

“I got some cigarettes for Mr. Smith.” I told here. I held out the two packs of cigarettes.

“Come on in.” The old woman said not bothering to take the cigarettes. She led me through the living room, through the first bedroom to the back bedroom where I used to sleep when I was a little kid. Beside the bed was a big wash tube filled with water and old man Smith was sitting in it soaping himself. “The boy brought you the cigarettes.” The old woman said standing over the wash tube and looking down at her naked brother.

“Put them over on the dresser and hand me the bottle.” Mr. Smith ordered his sister. Then he looked over at me. “Thanks for bring the cigarettes.” He took the bottle of Four Roses Whisky his sister handed him and took a big swallow and then handed it back to her. “Get the boy a coke. And tell Ruth to get in here and bath me. The water’s is getting cold.”

As the sister left the bedroom, the old man turned to me. “Come on and sit on the side of the bed. She’ll bring you a coke.”

“I . . . I better be getting back home.” I said I glanced down at the old man crotch but the water was too high up his waist to see his crotch.

“Nonsense. Sit on the bed. I’ll finish with my bath soon and we can talk a spell.”

God! I just have to see the old man’s dick. “Yes, Sir.” I finally said and moved over and set on the edge of the bed. I had no more than taken my seat when the sister that had showed me in came back in the bedroom with a coke in her hand. “Thank you.” I said as I took the coke.

Then she left and the other sister came in. The old woman walked up to the wash tub where here brother was sitting naked in the water and reached into the water and fished her hand around between his legs a moment before coming up with a wash cloth and then a bar of soap.

I watched in awe as the old woman began to wash her brother.

She started with his face and hair, well what little he had, and moved down his body, washing one arm and then the other. She washed his back and then his chest and then his stomach.

“Stand up!” She snapped. Old man Smith slowly stood up in the wash tub. His side was facing me. Suddenly I got a profile look at his crotch and almost dropped my coke. Hanging between the legs of the old man was the biggest pecker I had ever seen. It was the size of a horse’s cock. And his balls were as big as our Hereford bull’s balls. I made the mistake of taking a swallow of my coke and suddenly found myself choking as the old woman grabbed her bother old pecker and peeled the foreskin back and using the washcloth started to wash the huge head of the old man’s pecker. Suddenly my dick was rock hard and had caused the front of my blue jeans to bulge out into a tent.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the sister calmly washed her brother enormous pecker and then took his huge balls in her hand and held them while she washed them with the washcloth. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Then he turned around and bent over and she washed his ass hole. I was breathing so fast that I feared I was going to hyperventilate when the old man stepped out of the washtub onto a foot mat.

Suddenly I hear a kettle whistling. “That’s the pressure cooker.” The old woman cried out and handed the towel she was going to use to dry her brother to me. “Dry him off for me, Honey.” She said and then she was gone.

I didn’t know what to do. But old man Smith was standing there fully expecting me to dry him off. So, I set my coke on the dresser beside his bottle of Four Roses and walked over and talking my direction from what his sister had done, I started with drying the old man’s face and almost bald head. Then moved down and dried his long hairy arms. He took my time and got a thrill of holding his hair arm in my hand as I used the towel to dry it. The feel of the thick hair against my hand caused my dick to start throbbing.

Then I was drying his hairy back. I moved the towel down to his waist. Then somehow, I found the courage to touch the towel to the right cheek of his ass. When the old man didn’t tell me to stop, I started drying first one cheek and then the other.

I paused and took a deep breath and then moved round to his front and dried off his patch of gray hair on his chest and then lowered the towel to his stomach. My hand was shaking almost uncontrollably when I finished drying his stomach and then moved the towel down to his patch of thick gray pubic hair. Then the big moment came. I’ll never get a chance like this again, I thought as I took my free and and grabbed the old man’s huge pecker. Damn, I can hardly reach around it and it’s soft. I held the old man pecker and admired it. Then before I could stop myself, I said. “Mr. Smith I never seen a man with one this big.” I looked up at him and he was smiling.

“Yea, it’s on the big side.” He said. “Got to be big. My damn sisters have cow pussies.” He said.

I almost shoot off. “It’s . . . it’s wonderful.” I mumbled but it was like I was outside of my body watching and not the one speaking. “Can I kiss it?” The boy holding the old man dick was saying. It can’t be me saying that.

“Hell, I don’t care what you do. Just don’t bit it.” The old man said as he put his hands on his hips and looked down as I knelt down on my knees in front of him. Suddenly the old man’s dick was swelling up and beginning to stand straight out from his crotch. Shit! What a fucking dick! Then my lips were touching the foreskin of the old man’s peter. It felt soft and smelled soapy clean. Before I knew what I was doing, I had the old man’s dick in my mouth and was sucking on his foreskin cloaked dick head.

“Here let me pull the foreskin back so that you can really make an old man feel good. Ain’t nothing like having another man suck your dick.” The old man said as he grabbed his huge dick and when I opened my mouth, he pulled the foreskin back over the head of his huge dick. “Now go at it, Boy.” He said grabbing me behind the head.

God! I’m really sucking the old man’s dick! I thought and then my thoughts were on not gagging as the old man pulled my head toward his gray haired crotch driving his huge dick through my mouth and down my throat. I should have gagged, but I didn’t. It seems so natural to feel the old man huge pecker sliding down my throat.

“Shit, Boy, where did you ever learn to suck dick like that. Hell the girls can’t even deep throat me and they have been sucking my old dick since we were kids.” Mr. Smith said as my lips touched his gray pubis hair.

Then I suddenly realized that both of his sisters were standing in the doorway watching me sucking their brother’s dick. And damn if their presence didn’t make me hotter for the old man. It excited me to have his old spinster sisters watching their naked brother shoving his dick down my throat. It was something that was so forbidden that it set my own dick to throbbing. Then the old man really started pumping is huge stiff dick in out of my throat like he was fucking one of his sisters.

I grabbed the old man’s huge balls and hung on as he rammed his dick repeatedly down my throat. And all the time he was fucking my mouth I was staring at his two old sisters. Having the two old women watching as the old man fucked my mouth got me so excited that my legs began to tremble. Then he old man jerked his dick out of my mouth and shot his load onto my face. And as the first gob of cum struck my chin, I shoot off in my blue jeans!

“Well, you bath me better than the girls.” Old man Smith said as he handed me the towel that I had dropped on the floor while sucking his long thick dick. “Clean your face off with this.” He added.

I stared as the old man now limp dick as one of his sisters handed him a pair of boxer shorts. The old man’s pecker hung down almost to his knees. It looked like the dick of a horse sticking out of his gray haired crotch. And even though I had just came in my jeans, I was still hot for the old man. But he didn’t pause in dressing.

“You better finish your coke and get back home.” The old man told me as he walked out of the room with his two old spinster sister following.

I didn’t both drinking the rest of the coke. I hurried out of the shack feeling suddenly unwanted. Damn! I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have sucked his dick, I kept telling myself as I turned from the shack toward the swamp. My feet carried me down an almost hidden trail to an opening in the swamp that we called Mendy’s hole. Only when I was at the edge of the black water of Cooper’s Bay did I stop and sit down on a log beside the black water.

Shit, I’m queer! The thought came like a thunderbolt our of the blue. I shook my head but the truth would go away. Then I pulled down my pants and started jacking my dick as I remembered how wonderful it had felt sucking the old man huge dick. And as I hand pumped my own long thick dick, I knew that I would suck the old pervert off again if he would let me. All thoughts of fucking girls were gone from my mind.

“Looks like your having fun.” A familiar voice called from behind me.

I glance around and there stood daddy with his reed fishing pole in one had and a coffee can of worms in the other. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from the shock of seeing my father. He’s going to kill me! The thought raced through my mind. But he just walked up and set down on the log beside me.

“So what made you so excited?” Daddy asked as he unrolled the nylon line from around his fishing pole. “You see the old pervert’s pecker. He sure has a big one doesn’t he?” Daddy’s words left my mouth hanging open. “Yea, I saw it the other day when I was fucking one of his ugly sisters. He was half drunk and stand beside the bed jacking that horse cock of his while I was fucking one of his sisters and eating the pussy of the other one.” Daddy said as he reached into the coffee can and pulled out a wiggling worm and threaded it on his hook. He didn’t speak until he had flicked his line with bated hook out into the dark water of the swamp. “Did you fuck on of his sister?” Daddy asked looking down at my dick.

Suddenly I realized that I was still holding my hard dick in my hand. “No Sir.” I answered. I wanted to lie but the truth spilled out of my mouth instead.

“What got you so hot that you’re jacking off? You see him fucking one of them?” Daddy persisted. I shook my heads. “You see one of them naked?” He asked. Again, I shook my head. “Well must have been something to make you cum in your jeans. I can see the wet spot.” Daddy added. “What was it?”

“Mr. . . . Smith was . . . He was taking a bath.” I knew even as I spoke that I should have lied to daddy.

“And that made you cum in yours pants.” He asked looking me straight in the eyes. “Now don’t lie to me.” He added.

“No Sir. He asked me to dry him off.” I admitted. I looked down at the ground.

“And what else did you do?” Daddy demanded as he suddenly stood up.

I looked up at him and he was taking his belt off. He hasn’t whipped me in a couple of years, I suddenly thought as I recalled the last time daddy had used his leather belt on me for sneaking off and going swimming in the McCallister’s Pond when I should have been in the field working.

“What else did you do to him?” Daddy demanded. “Did you play with his dick?” I nodded my head yes. “Don’t tell me you sucked his pecker too! Did you?” I nodded my head yes, as tears began to run down my cheeks.

“Pull off them jeans!” Daddy demanded.

I quickly did as he my father asked. Then when I was naked from the waist down, he said. “Bend over the log!” I did and then a moment latter I felt the sting of his belt on my ass. The pain made me pull up but daddy pushed me back down and started swing his belt as hard as he could causing red welts across the cheeks of my ass each time the belt landed.

The pain was sever! But my dick was throbbing like never before. I don’t know how to explain it. Damn it hurt but it made me horny at the same time. My dick felt as thought it was going to explode by the time daddy stopped whipping me.

“Ok! Stand up.” Daddy ordered.

I was afraid to. My dick was harder than it had ever been in my life.

“Stand up I told you!” Daddy’s voice sound like rolling thunder!

I stood up.

“Turn around!” He ordered.

I did. I glanced up at him and he was staring down at my swollen dick.

“You like sucking dick?” Daddy asked.

“I . . . Guess so.” I answered fearing to lie to him.

Suddenly daddy was unzipping his fly. I watched him pull out his long slim pecker. The foreskin on his dick was so long that it hung at least an inch over the head of his dick.

“Then suck on this!” Daddy demanded as he grabbed my heads and pulled it to his crotch. “Suck it!” Daddy order. He struck my naked ass with the belt to accent the command.

The sting of the belt drove me to open my mouth. Daddy shoved his suddenly long hard dick into my mouth. He forced it all the way down my throat. “Hell, if you could suck the old pervert’s dick you can certainly take all of mine.” And he was right. Although daddy’s dick was longer than mine was, it was wasn’t thick and I was able to deep throat it without much effort. Then as I sucked his dick, I reached down and started playing with my own dick.

“Suck it! Suck it!” Daddy called out over and over again he rammed in dick deep into my throat repeatedly. “Damn that’s good! Shit you are going to make your daddy cum. Suck it son. Suck you papa’s dick.” He cried out as he buried his dick in my throat. The moment I tasted daddy’s cum, I shot off spewing my load on the leg of daddy’s green work pants.

Daddy stepped back and glanced down at the cum on the leg of his pants. “You go home and tell you mama I’ll be there after a little fishing.” He said as he flipped his soft dick into his pants and zipped up the fly in a quick movement of his hand. “And, Rudy!” Daddy said. I stopped pulling up my blue jeans. “You say one word of this to your mama and I beat you to a hair of your life.”

“Yes Sir.” I said. “Are you mad at me?” I found myself asking.

“No.” Daddy said not looking at me. “You go on home now.”

His answer made me happy. I actually enjoyed the stinging where he had whipped me. He never acted this way toward me. He’s almost friendly. I hope he lets me suck his dick again, I found myself thinking.

The newt day we were all back in the cotton field chopping cotton. And again, old man Smith helped me keep up. I tried like hell to keep up wanting to prove myself as a man. And I did work faster than the day before. The old man seldom had to turn to work on my rows of cotton. Once he winked at me and I smiled back at him. Even daddy acted different toward me. Once when we had stop to drink some water, daddy even ruffled my hair and said. “You’re doing good, Rudy.” I felt such pride. But was puzzled that daddy was so friendly toward me. He had always been standoffish toward me. Now it was as though we were friends. In spite of my sore back I smiled at him.

And after supper daddy glanced over at me and said. “Rudy, you want to walk over with me to the tenant shack while your mama‘s doing the dishes. I promised the old man I would bring him another pack of cigarettes.

“Yes Sir.” I answered immediately.

“Beth, me and the boy will be back. I’ve got to take a pack of cigarettes over to the old man and talk to him about getting taking some of the hog to market.” Daddy said. He didn’t wait for mama’s answer. He pushed away from the table and got up. I followed him out in a state of extreme excitement and fear. Is he going to confront Mr. Smith? God! I hope not, I thought as I followed daddy down the path that led to the tenant shack.

Daddy didn’t say a word as we approached the shack. He walked up to the door and knocks loudly.

One of the sister came to the. I still couldn’t tell them apart. “Come in Mr. Cherry.” She said and smiled as she held the door open and stepped aside. “Brother is in the bedroom.”

“Has he gone to bed already?” Daddy asked as he paused.

“No he’s drinking whisky and waiting for me and Neal to get ready for bed.” The old woman said.

“Oh, I see.” Daddy said and walked into the shack. I hurried after him. Daddy entered the bedroom that used to be mine when we lived in the shack. He didn’t act surprised so I was shocked when I looked past him the see old man Smith sitting on the bed naked with the bottle of Four Roses in his left hand and a cigarette in his right. My eyes immediately went straight to the old man huge pecker. It looked ever larger than yesterday. I couldn’t believe that someone so old and small could have such a monster dick.

“You’re getting ready for bed?” Daddy asked.

“Getting ready to fuck the two old bitches.” The old man answered. He lifted the cigarette. “Just as soon as I finish my smoke. You come over to help me satisfy the two old whores, Mr. Cherry?” He asked. “They liked the way you fucked them last week.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

“Yea, but first I want to see the boy suck that big pecker of yours like he did yesterday.” Daddy said as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it through his belt loops.

“So he told you about helping me with my bath yesterday.” The old man said. He looked past daddy and smiled at me.

“Yes and I made him suck me off. Course I bet his ass first like I’m going to do again.” Daddy said as he started stripping his clothes off while still holding his leather belt in his right hand.

Why is he going to whip me again!

“Take you clothes off, Rudy.” Daddy order as he turned to face me. He was now completely naked.

“Yes Sir.” I said. Even as I pulled down my jeans, my dick started getting hard.

“Now suck the old man’s pecker.” Daddy said.

I bend down in front of Mr. Smith and the old man tossed his spent cigarette in a coffee can on the floor beside the bed and lifted his huge limp dick as my lips neared the pecker. Then daddy hit me across the ass with his belt. I gasped from the pain. My dick jerked. I opened my mouth and took the old man’s horse dick in my mouth. Then as daddy rained blow after blow upon the redding cheeks of my ass, I deep throat the old man’s dick up to his gray pubic hairs.

“Suck it boy. Suck the old man’s horse cock. Yea, take it all down your throat.” Daddy was yelling as he whipped me harder and harder with the belt. The pain made my dick swell up until it hurt as I sucked on the growing pecker of the old man. The thing was swelling up so big that I had to stretch my mouth to keep more scraping my teeth on the shaft of his enormous dick as he moved it in and out of my mouth. I could feel the old man getting close to cuming. I was ready to take his big load when suddenly daddy pulled me back.

“That’s enough.” Daddy said. He tossed the belt on his pile of clothes. “Here suck me some.”

I turned to face daddy. His dick was so hard that it was bobbing up and down. I took my daddy’s dick in my mouth as Mr. Smith called out. “You two whores get in here.”

I loved sucking daddy’s dick even more that the old man‘s. Sure I could take all the old man’s dick down my throat but with daddy’s I could do more with my tongue. I had my father moaning and hunching me so much that I thought he too was going to cum but instead he pushed me back away from him. “No! I want to fuck some.”

I hadn’t noticed that the two old sisters, completely naked, had entered the room. I watched as the old man got up from the bed and motioned for both of them sit down on the edge of the bed. Then he knelt down in front of one of the sisters, Ruth, I think, and shoved his face down between her legs and started licking her pussy.

I couldn’t believe it when daddy knelt down in front of the other one and started licking her pussy too. I had to fight to keep from cuming as I watched daddy and old man Smith eating the two old women’s pussies. I wanted to join in but I couldn’t bring myself to approach one of the ugly old women. So I just stood between daddy and the old man looking first to one and then to the other one as the sent their tongues as deep into the gaped opened pussies as they could reach.

Daddy stopped first. “Come on let me see you put that horse cock in yours.” Daddy told old man Smith.

The old man stood up but before he could stick his dick into the sister he had been eating out, daddy reached over and grabbed the old man’s dick. “Damn it so big.” Daddy said holding the old man enormous dick in his hand and admiring it. Wish mine was this big.” Daddy pulled the old man’s foreskin back exposing his huge dick pink head. “Damn what a head on a dick?” Daddy added as he started jacking the old man’s dick. But after a few pumps, he let go of it. “Fuck her. Fill her with cum. I want to eat her out after you cum inside her.” He told old man Smith.

The old man rammed his huge pecker into his sister up to his balls. The old woman took the thrust of his horse dick into her with only a loud grunt. Then the old man was fucking his sister as hard and as fast as he could. Daddy knelt down and leaned over until his face was inches from the old man’s dick as he fucked his old sister. Daddy was so close to the old man pecker that I thought he was going to kiss it. I wanted him to. But he didn’t.

It was a mighty struggle for me to keep from cuming as I watched the action. To see daddy face so close to the old man dick excited as much as watching the old man pounding his dick in his sister. Then daddy reached his hand over to the other sister and began to finger fuck here as he watched the old man dick sliding in and out of the old man sister at close quarter.

“I cuming!” The old man yelled as he shoved his dick up his sister’s pussy and held it there. “Take it bitch. Take my load.” He said holding his dick deep inside her. Then he slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy. Cum was still dripping from his piss hold as he pulled his dick completely out of her. When the huge head of the old man’s dick popped out of his sister’s pussy it flopped against daddy’s mouth leaving a trail of white sperm on daddy’s lips and chin.

Then daddy almost pushed the old man aside as he quickly buried his face in the crotch of the old woman and started tonguing the old man huge load of cum out of the old man’s sister.

“Here clean my dick off.” The old man said turning to face me. I readily got down on my knees and took the head of the old man’s in my mouth. I could taste the old woman’s pussy juices mixed with the old man’s cum. It was fun sucking the last drops of cum out of his limp dick. The big thing slid down my throat so easy. It felt so wonderful in my throat that I didn’t want to stop.

“That’s enough, boy.” The old man said pushing off from me.

I glanced at daddy and he was rising to his feet. I watched him as he moved over to the other old woman and plunged his dick up to his balls in her. Then he was humping her like crazy. And as I watched him fuck her, I realized just how nice my daddy ass looked. It was shaped like to hairy melons pushed together. And before I knew it I was kneeling behind him look straight at his hairy asshole. Then I was leaning forward and pushing my tongue out to touch the tip of it to my daddy’s hairy asshole.

I loved the tangy taste of his asshole immediately. And then as I pushed my tongue inside to experience the silky texture of the inside of his ass, Daddy went crazy. He was hunching my tongue and fucking the old woman at the same time. It was wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of daddy asshole. Then he cried out and shot off inside the old woman. And I quickly straightened up enough so that my dick was almost touch daddy’s asshole and shot a big load of cum onto my father asshole. Then will he still head his dick inside the old woman I leaned forward and licked my cum off his asshole.

“Damn that was hot!” Daddy said getting to his feet. “Well, thanks Mr. Smith.” Daddy said nodding to the old man who was taking a big sip of from his bottle of Four Roses. “Me and the boy had got to be getting home.”

“You’re welcome back any time, Mr. Cherry.” Old man Smith called out.

“Thanks!” Daddy replied. He turned to me and put his arm around my shoulder. “Come on boy and let’s get home. Your mama will be getting mad if we aren’t home soon.

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