Dienstag, 1. April 2014

Hunting with Grandpa

I strained as I listened to the forest. Listening for a twig snapping or any sign signaling the approach of a buck. None! The deep Alabama woods were as silent as a grave yard. Not even the birds were chirping. My back was aching. I had been propped against the huge pine tree for over two hours staring at the open meadow.

“Stay here. A big buck usually trots across the meadow on his way from his morning feeding.” Grandpa had told me as he pointed directly that the base of the pine tree. “You sit here with your back to the tree and that old buck will never see you until it’s too late.” He had said as he lifted his favorite University of Alabama cap and ran his fingers through his full head of solid white hair. “I’ll be back later to pick you up.”

I hated hunting. I love being with grandpa. So in spite of me not wanting to kill a deer, I loved going out hunting with the old man. And what made the risk of killing a deer bearable, was the chance of watching grandpa taking a piss as we walked out of the woods heading back to the truck. Sometimes the old man would stop just before we reached the road where the truck was parked and unzip his quilted jump suit and take his huge pecker out and take a piss. Those moments was worth any thing to me. I would always position myself so that I could peek out of the corner of my eye at him while I to was pissing. I would store those wonder memories of the piss flying from his huge dick head and how he would squeeze the foreskin over the head of his dick after pissing to drain the last few drops of piss from his dick. Then, the moment I would get home from the hunting trip I would rush to the bathroom and jerk off while the memories of grandpa’s dick was still fresh in my mind.

I don’t ever recall when I didn’t have the hots for the old man. I loved his wrinkled, weathered face. The mere sight of the gray hair on his chest would send me to the bathroom for a jack off session. And the few times I had seen the old man in a bathing suit, I had actually cum in my pants. I dreamed of having sex with the old man night and day, sleep and awake.

Thinking of him caused my dick to respond. I could feel myself quickly getting a hard on. I glanced in the direction that grandpa had gone. Nothing. I looked carefully around the meadow. Nothing. No buck. No grandpa. Feeling safe from detection, I slowly unzipped my fly. The November air chilled my sensitive cut dick, but it didn’t lose it hard on. I looked at my dick. It was thick and long but nothing compared to grandpa’s monster. I often wonder if I hadn’t been circumcised, would my dick have grown as long as grandpa. I feared that cutting the foreskin off my dick had somehow stunted its growth. I wished I had the long foreskin that grandpa had.

I glanced around one last time before getting a good grip on my dick and starting to pump my hand up and down the shaft. It felt wonderful as I filled my mind with images of grandpa holding his huge pecker in his hand and pissing.

A twig snapped behind me. I froze. Fear gripped me. As I turned to look around, I prayed the sound had been made by a big buck.

Grandpa! The old man was standing only a couple of feet behind me. His eyes were focused on my dick. The expression on his face was one I had never seen before, sort of intense.

“Don’t let me stop you.” The old man said as he stepped beside me and then knelt down. “Guess you got something on your mind besides hunting.” He added nodding his head toward my dick.

“Ah . . . I” I started to explain.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with a boy jacking off.” Grandpa said as he sat down beside me. “Hell, I’m 72 and I still like to jack off.” He added as he smiled.

“Really?” I asked in disbelief.

“Sure! Hell. I about jack off every day. Well sometime I miss a day when your grandma decides to let me have a little. But that’s not too often.” The old man said. His words put me to complete ease. Suddenly it seemed that talking about jacking off to the old man was natural.

“When’s the last time you jack off, Grandpa?” I asked as I slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft of my young dick. I felt a ting of fear doing something so forbidden in front of grandpa. I tensed up as I waited for his answer.

“I did it yesterday. Didn’t have time this morning as I got up so early to go hunting.” The old man stared closely at my dick. “That’s a fine boy dick.”

“It’s small compared to yours.” I said.

“So you’ve been spying on me taking a piss, have you.” The old man said.

“Yes, sir. I love watching you take a piss.” I admitted.

“That ain’t the way you should be feeling. You should be thinking of girls instead of me taking a piss.” Grandpa said in a concerned tone.

“I don’t like girls, Grandpa.” I found myself admitting.

“What do you like?” Grandpa as his tone suddenly more concerned.

“I like you grandpa. I like seeing your pecker.”I confessed as though I suddenly had to get my feeling for the old man in the open.

“Are you queer, boy?” Grandpa asked in a suddenly gentle voice.

I suddenly realized that yes, I was queer. But I couldn’t say the word. I just nodded my head.

“I see.” Grandpa said.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?” I asked. The thoughts of them finding out send a chill through me.

“No. Who you tell is your business. Glad you told me. But let’s get one thing straight, I’m not queer.” Grandpa told me.

“Yea, I know.” I said quickly. Then for some reason I suddenly felt it was safe to start playing with myself again. I took the base of my dick and swung it back and forth. “How big does yours get, Grandpa?” I asked.

“Oh, I ain’t never measured it. Only people with little dicks measure them.” He told me. “It’s big enough I guess.” He added.

“I’ve never seen it hard. Does it get a lot bigger than when you taking a piss.” I asked as I started jacking my dick openly again.

“Hell! I guess it does.” The old man said as he watched me. “Damn. Watching you is making me feel like jerking off.” Grandpa said.

“I would love to see how big it gets.” I spoke up and wondered if I had stepped over the line.

But instead of answering, the old man grabbed the tab of his zipper and unzipped his pants. I watched in an almost hypnotic trance as the old man reached his wrinkled hand covered with age spots into his open fly. Seeing my grandfather’s big old pecker was something that I had been dreaming of for years. I held my breath as I watched him pulling his hand out.

My old gray-haired grandfather pulled the biggest damn dick I had ever seen out of his pants. The thing made my dick look like a baby’s peter. I couldn’t believe my own grandpa could have such a monster dick.

“What do you think?” Grandpa asked as he let go of his enormous dick. The monstrous thing dropped down between him legs like some big pale snake. “Is it big enough for you?”

“I . . . I ain’t never seen one so big!” I exclaimed. “I wish mine was as big.” I added as I leaned closer to the old man to get a better look at his wonderful pecker.

“Yea, looks like it skipped a generation. Have you seen your daddy’s pecker?” Grandpa asked me.

“No sir.” I answered.

“Well his isn’t as thick as mine but it’s a mite longer.” The old man glanced down at my dick. “Yours is about average, I reckon. Nothing to be ashamed about.” The old man added as he lifted his huge dick and pulled back his foreskin until his piss hole was showing.

“Can I touch it, Grandpa? Please!” I said.

“OK. But I ain’t going to reciprocate. You might be queer, but I ain’t.” The old man told me as he let go of his enormous dick. It didn’t drop down between his leg as far. This time it stood out at a slanting angle as it swelled up bigger and bigger. It wasn’t quite hard but the old man’s dick was getting closer and closer to having a boner.

My own dick throbbed and jerked as my fingers closed around the soft skin of the old man huge dick. I couldn’t believe how big it felt in my hand. After holding my little dick my grandfather’s pecker felt bigger than a horse’s cock in my hand.

“God! I wish this was mine!” I exclaimed.

“Play like it is.” Grandpa said in a strange tone that I had never heard him use before. “Do whatever you want to do.”

I slowly and somewhat fearfully pulled my grandfather’s foreskin back until I was staring at his naked cock head. The sight of his big pink cock head made me want to kiss it. I had jerked off hundreds of time fantasizing about kissing grandpa’s dick. Now that I could, I was afraid to. But my desire to touched my lips to the old man huge dick finally won out as I leaned over and planted a warm moist kiss on his piss hole.

“That feels wonderful.” Grandfather exclaimed.

Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the huge head of grandpa’s dick in my mouth. The old man let out a loud moan as I started sucking on his foreskin-covered dick head. As I worked on his dick head I looked down his long thick shaft to the patch of gray pubic hair and wondered if I could possibly take all of the old man’s dick down my throat. I wanted so bad to deep throat grandpa’s pecker and give him more pleasure than he had ever gotten fucking a woman. I wanted to show him just how much pleasure I could give him so that he would keep letting me suck his dick. This was my one chance.

I started swallowing inch after inch of the old man’s thick dick as I pushed my mouth closer and closer to his patch of gray pubic hair. I fought to keep from gagging. I just had to get it all down my throat. The way the old man was moaning I knew that he was intensely enjoying my efforts. But I want to do better. I wanted all his enormous dick in my mouth.

“Damn! That’s great. Hell if I knew getting sucked by a queer was this good, I would have gotten my old pecker sucked before.” Grandpa said as he threw his head back and exhaled. Looking up I saw his frosty breath in the cold November air.

Then sudden my mouth was pressed against his zippers. I could feel his gray pubic hairs against my sensitive lips. I held the old man’s dick in my throat as long as I could. But finally the need to breathe forced me to pulled back until I had only the head of his huge pecker left in my mouth.

Grandpa reached his hand down and rubbed my head. “Wonderful. Just wonderful. Make your old grandpa cum! Make me shoot my load.” He said in such a lustful voice that it sent shivers of excitement throughout my body. Knowing that I was giving him pleasure excited me almost as much as the act of having his dick in my mouth.

“Here, let me take my balls out.” The old man said as he reached in and hauled out his big low hangers.

I grabbed his balls in my right hand and pulled down on them expecting the old man to tell me to stop. They were huge and reminded of the oversized balls of hanging on our billy goat. I swear that grandpa’s were just as large but hung lower. Instead of telling me to stop pulling on his balls, the old man throw back his head so violently that his hunting cap fell off as he cried out in delight. And for some strange reason, I got tremendous pleasure from pulling on his balls.

Then suddenly I tasted cum. The thought that is was my own grandfather’s cum caused me to shoot my own load. I came all over the old man’s hunting boots as I shot the biggest load in my short life. I was so excited that I just kept sucking on grandpa’s dick.

“You better stop now. I got to piss like a race horse.” Grandpa said but he didn’t make any move to pull his dick out of my mouth. “You better take my old pecker out before I start pissing.

Suddenly I wanted to drink grandpa’s piss. Never before had such a thought entered my head, but his words awake a perverse yearning to drink his piss. So instead of pulling his dick out of my mouth I took more of his limp but huge pecker in my mouth as I looked up at him pleading with my eyes for him to piss in my mouth.

“Last warning!” Grandpa called out. I sucked vigorously on his dick head. “OK, here it comes!” The old man called out.

Suddenly piss was flooded my mouth and I was swallowing as fast as I could to keep from choking. And damn if I didn’t love his salty bitter tasting piss. I held onto his limp thick dick and drank his piss until his dick ran dry.

“Fuck!” The old man said finally pulling his dick out of my mouth. He looked at me sort of strange as he stuffed his dick back in his pants and zipped up his fly. “You sure are queer all the way through.” He said. “Come on and let’s head home. Dinner should be on the table by the time we arrive.”

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