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A Broken Snowblower

It was a Wednesday morning and I was on my way to catch the bus on the second last day of my Christmas exams. Only half a year to go before high school was just a memory. And only one more exam to go before I was free for a couple of weeks to celebrate the holiday.

I had to step over a little snow the plow had pushed into our driveway to get onto the road. The weather had really been acting up recently. My little brother hopped the mound and ran deliriously past me toward the bus stop. He would be finishing at the end of today and he obviously couldn't wait.

I was barely onto the street when I heard my name. I turned and saw James Clark shovelling his driveway. Mr. Clark was a lawyer in town, and a fairly prominent one. The town was small, but his reputation was still enviable. He was fifty nine years old and very wealthy. One look at his house, a monster three story structure with a two car garage, could tell any idiot that this guy was rolling in it.

Mr. Clark had been friends with my father for a couple of years. I didn't really know the guy, but the odd exchange wasn't unheard of.

"Did you hear anything about a storm coming this weekend?" he asked me.

"Not the weekend," I replied, "I think it's coming tomorrow."

"Really? Wow, I had no idea."

"Supposed to be pretty bad. I got an exam tomorrow and if the weather's like they say it's gonna be, I'm gonna have to write on Friday."

"That your last exam?"


"Oh, so it's not that bad then. Not like having to write it next Monday or Tuesday or something."

"No, it's no problem. I just want to be done."

"I know. Trust me, it's been a few years, but I remember."

"Same for everybody."

"Anyway, thanks for the information. You better get to the bus stop."

"Yeah. See you later Mr. Clark."

"See you Casey."

* * *

I woke up the next morning to my radio alarm, but the first thing I heard was the DJ telling me that the town was basically shut down. I didn't really get back to sleep, but lying there in bed an extra half hour was a great way to start the day. There wasn't a thing for me to do. I already knew my stuff for the exam I'd now have to do Friday morning.

Last one to breakfast, I made myself some toast and sat to eat. I could hear my brother making noise here there and everywhere. You couldn't tell if he was happy or sad sometimes. It was his first genuine day off and he'd planned to go sliding with a few friends of his but the storm pretty much killed that idea. He was desperate to go out and do something, but at the same time, the size of the storm was impressive. He spent his morning looking out any window he passed at the drifts as they built up around the neighbourhood.

I just finished my breakfast and went downstairs to watch some TV. I was just expecting to get a couple of daytime talk shows or something, but "Lethal Weapon" was on. It was cut to pieces and the swearing was dubbed over, with some pretty hilarious results. But hey, some "Lethal Weapon" is better than no "Lethal Weapon" at all. By the time the movie was half over, all the windows in the basement were completely covered in snow.

When I came up for lunch, the winds had died down. Since the streets were still a mess, there would be no afternoon exams, but I did have work to do with the rest of my day. At lunch, dad told me and my brother we had to help him clear the driveway. This didn't sit well with my brother, but I didn't really mind. Like I said, I already knew my stuff for the exam the next day and there was no way I'd be as lucky with the TV as I was that morning. Besides, dad wasn't a slavedriver. The work would get done slowly but it would get done.

Dad gave my brother a small shovel and I took the larger one. Dad himself took the snowblower. While he worked on the mouth of the driveway I handled the walkway. I had to work my way toward the car, which was under a drift so big you could only make out a fraction of blue paint under all that white.

As the afternoon wore on, you could gradually hear other snowblowers starting up all over the neighbourhood. The place was echoing with motors for almost a full hour at one point. Those who didn't have machines just chipped away with their shovels until a neighbour with a machine was free to lend a hand.

I was almost done sculpting the car out of the mound it was under when one of the many motors shut off. It was dad, and he was walking up the drive toward me. I flipped one last bit of snow onto the front yard and stood to talk.

"So you get the choice," he said. "You either get to go out back with your little brother and clean off the back step or you can take the machine over to help Jim get his yard clear."

"I'll take the machine."

He smiled at me. "Of course."

I had no reason to chose one alternative over the other. I could just as easily have said I'd go out back and shovel the porch. I didn't really give it much thought. Why would I? It was just some menial work I had to do either way, so what did it matter? But withing two hours of my choice, my life was totally changed.

* * *

I wheeled the machine across the street toward Mr. Clark's driveway. I could see, just above the drift in the mouth of his driveway, little clouds of snow flying toward his yard as he threw them from the shovel. I started the machine and started in on the drive. We couldn't see each other at first, but he knew he was being helped because I could see the little clouds of snow move farther away from where I was.

It took me a few minutes to make a dent in the drift at the head of the driveway.

"Finally made it in," he said when he could finally see me.

"I think you got it worse than us."

"It's as bad as it's ever been I think. My machine's been broken since early November and I just haven't gotten it fixed. I just didn't need it so I didn't get it fixed and now I need it and it's useless. Stupid or what?"

"It's no problem."

"Here, I'll start breaking it all down so you can get through it a little easier."

And he began tearing the massive drift down into the little path I'd made to get in. With the snow less packed, the machine went through much faster. Working together, we actually got it done much faster than dad our own. By the time the mouth of his driveway was clear you could still hear snowblowers humming all over the neighbourhood. My legs were starting to get tired and I could feel the cold nipping at my face. Once the storm died down the day hadn't been that cold, but I'd been out for a couple of hours so I was getting pretty cold.

I was about to shut the snowblower down when Mr. Clark said, "Look, I know you've been out for a long time now, but can I ask you to do just one more favor for me?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I just need a little path from here to the shed out back. It shouldn't take more than two passes. That part of the back yard is blocked by the fence so the drifts aren't that high."

"No problem."

He was right. I actually had it done to his liking after just a single pass. When I finally shut the machine down, my hands kept vibrating.

"Hey, listen, you should really come in for a coffee or something."

"No thanks, Mr. Clark. I think I might just head back."

"Are you sure? Don't have to have coffee. We could have a hot chocolate or something."

"I guess I could come in for a few minutes. I'll just leave the machine by the side door here."

"Sure. Only be a few minutes."

* * *

We kicked the snow off our boots and took off our outer clothes. Mr. Clark had a tiny room just inside the side door that led into the kitchen. Coats and snowpants were hung up and boots were placed beside the door. Then both of us, in sweatshirts and sweatpants, went into his kitchen.

And what a kitchen. Each individual appliance probably cost more than the entire contents of our own kitchen. And it was all bright and shining. Not a spot anywhere. Even the kettle was indecently expensive looking.

"So it's hot chocolate, not coffee, right?"

"Yeah," I replied.

He busied himself in the cupboards looking for the chocolate powder before standing to fill the kettle with water. When he turned to walk over to the sink I noticed a gray bulge at his waist.

Mr. Clark had a boner. It was impossible to miss in sweatpants.

I immediately looked away from his groin and tried to find something else to lay my eyes on. There was a little clatter on the counter as he put the kettle down, and I could only just marvel at how shiny everything here was.

"I was so worried you'd never possibly be interested, but I can see I was wrong."

I turned toward him and noticed he was looking at my groin. I looked down and saw that my own penis was erect. My hands went reflexively to my crotch to hide what he'd already seen, but I didn't respond to his statement. I just stood there holding my erection in front of my neighbour.

He dropped the cord of the kettle and walked over to me. Without saying anything, he got down on his knees and grabbed the waistband of my sweats and tugged them down. My hands came away and my pants fell to the floor. My briefs were next as he exposed me in his kitchen. My fists clenched at my sides, I just stood frozen and very embarrassed.

Then my cock, freezing from it's time in the cold all day, was engulfed in the steaming heat of his mouth. My jaw fell open as he started to blow me. His hands grabbed my legs and made their way to my buttocks and he grabbed a cheek in each hand as his mouth slid up and down my cock. Each time he sucked me in, his nose pressed into my pubic hair and I felt it's cold tip on the skin beneath my pubes.

Just fifteen minutes ago I hadn't been naked in front of anyone but my parents and now my neighbour held all my privates in his hands and mouth.

His tongue slipped all over me as he pressed me repeatedly into his throat. He didn't slurp or make a production out of the act, and the only sounds he made were the squishing sounds my penis made as is came out of his throat coated in saliva. My guts were churning and I felt a little tingle in the center of my organ and before I could even think about it I came into his throat. He didn't waste a drop. I had trouble standing straight while my muscles spasmed out of control and the whole time he never let me out of his mouth.

I finished my orgasm and stood straight again. My groin was warm and the rest of me was still cold. Mr. Clark let my penis out from between his lips and got up in front of me. He looked into my eyes and put his hands on my shoulders. Gently, he pushed down, and I got down on my knees. My stomach started to roll when he pulled his pants down and exposed his manhood to me. He wasn't a large man, but it was still the first time I'd ever seen a naked penis that wasn't mine.

He just stood there and let the organ bob in my face. He never put a hand on the back of my head, he just let me look at him. My breathing had sped up and now I realised I could also smell him. It's a thick, salty, meaty smell. I was terrified. I'd never had gay fantasies in my life. I'd never even been on a date with a girl, but when I fantasized I always thought of women and now here I was on my knees with my pants around my ankles staring at an erect cock.

It bumped me on the nose a little and grazed my nostril. The rolling in my stomach seemed to move to my chest when I realized I was lowering my jaw ever so slightly. Mr. Clark took a small step forward and I now had a penis in my mouth.

Other than a little salty musky taste it really wasn't that different from any other part of the body, but it was so warm. I closed my lips down on it and started to bob my head. I couldn't replicate what Mr. Clark had done to me because this act was just too new, so I just bobbed my head up and down and licked the underside of it every once in a while. I couldn't get it all in my mouth or I'd gag. I don't know how he did it to me.

My hands rested in my lap the whole time I was blowing him. My face was warming up just being so close to his sex. The tip of my nose, though not dipping into his pubes was picking up the heat from his excited groin. I did most of it with my eyes closed, only opening them periodically and seeing his triangular tuft of brownish-gray curly hair. His hands stroked my head as I clumsily bobbed on his penis. His hips had begun a rhythm of their own and now he was starting to augment my bobbing with his pumping.

And then he was gone. I opened my eyes just as he removed himself from my mouth and received his first shot of cum on my face. He quickly pulled back and cupped his left hand over his spasming organ, catching the rest of his spunk. I jerked back my head and wiped the fluid off my face with my hand. He went over to the sink and turned on the tap to wash his seed away and I just stared at the white stuff in the palm of my left hand.

"Come here," he said.

The water was still running. I got up and shuffled the short distance to the sink. Sticking my hand under the stream, I saw the semen slide off my hand and down the drain.

I felt his hand on me. As I turned off the water and towelled my hand dry, Mr. Clark started stroking my nude bottom. His hands ran around my cheeks and onto my lower back and all around again. He sometimes just rubbed up and down one mound and then left that one for the other one and rubbed that one for awhile.

My own hands clutched the towel and I looked outside at the snow. It was starting to get a little dark out there. The rubbing never stopped. My lower back had been completely abandoned for my bum now. Back and forth and all around, warming my skin with his hand.

I wondered when dad would start to wonder about me. There was a lot of snow to clear, but surely I had to be done by now.

The drawer next to me opened and he took something out of it. His hand left my backside for a few seconds and when it returned, he used his fingers to pry my cheeks apart. Then, with the finger of the other hand, he began to poke my anus and massage all around it. The sphincter squished a little as his finger poked it and when he took his hands away there was a little cool patch on my hole. More squishing behind me and I realized what was happening.

I didn't want this. I don't know how I even got through the blow jobs but I couldn't possibly want this. A blow job was one thing but now he wanted to put his penis up my butt and I just didn't think I could do it. Up to then it was just oral sex, but now he was grabbing my hips and positioning me in front of the sink for anal intercourse. I'd only ever had fantasies about girls and even then I didn't dream of taking them up the butt, and now this man was going to take me up the butt.

I wanted to speak up and stop him but I found myself staying silent. Surely I didn't want to go through with this. I never thought it was in me. Those fingers pried me open back there again and now the poking of my anus was done by something thicker and softer. I dropped the towel onto the counter and held my breath, all thought of stopping Mr. Clark lost in the mess of my confused thoughts. My hands gripped the edge of the sink.

It was a terrible pain. When he started to put himself in me I couldn't believe it could hurt as bad as it did. I bent over and grabbed the back edge of the sink, right below the window sill. It seemed like it would never end. I was stretched to the breaking strain and he just kept pressing in. I'd like to say my sphincter went numb, but it never did. It just kept on screaming pain. He grunted a little as he pushed up in me.

I started to notice the heat of his organ in my bowels. My body was getting much warmer than it had been but the little stick of warmth in my bum was hotter than anything else. Then the pain eased a little as he pulled out, and it came screaming back when he pushed back in. Before the second stroke, he pushed my shirts up my body and I allowed him to strip them off. A ruffle behind me and I knew he was stripping his own off.

Then he began to screw me. His hands gripped my hips as he rolled his own hips and penetrated my bum. I couldn't feel any of his pubic hair on the top of my butt so I knew he wasn't getting all of himself into me. Still, he didn't seem to mind. He was just as considerate as he had been when his penis was exposed in front of my face. He wasn't willing to push all the way into me just for his own enjoyment.

Something dripped into the sink and at first I thought I'd forgotten to turn off the tap. Then I noticed the drop had fallen right beneath my face. I was crying. The thing about anal sex is that it never stops hurting when you do it the first time. Your bum just isn't used to it. Fortunately, the man humping me was trying to be as gentle as possible. My knuckles were white as I clutched the sink.

Though the pain never receded I did notice a full feeling in my bowels when he pumped in. The feeling wasn't exactly good, but in a strange way it did feel...comfortable. The fullness and the heat of it actually felt comfortable.

I looked up and out the window. It was getting pretty dark out there. The snow was taking on the blue glow it gets when the moon is out at night. The days were pretty short this time of year. It was obviously supper time and that was very good considering what I was engaged in. If anyone decided to go into their backyards they would have no problem seeing into Mr. Clark's kitchen because it was starting to get darker out there than in the kitchen. The last thing either of us needed, especially Mr. Clark, was for a neighbour to see this fifty nine year old lawyer humping a high school boy bent over his sink. Even though I was eighteen and totally legal, it would still have ruined us both.

When I looked into my own reflection in the glass I was startled. I expected to find the tracks of tears on my cheeks (tears which had finally stopped) but I didn't expect to see my mouth open in a moan. I was so intent on the feelings of pain and fullness in my backside I didn't notice I'd been moaning so loud it was basically a scream. The man behind me grunted with each thrust of his hips and only opened his eyes to look at my bum as he humped it.

He stopped his pumping for a second and out of the corner of my eye I saw his pants and underwear slide into the corner. Now stark naked, he repositioned his feet and went back at me. The heat radiating out from my bowels continued to mount as he kept packing about half his cock into me.

That heat drastically increased when I felt a new, almost steaming heat inside my bum as he came into me. His moves got a little jerky but he never pushed too hard. He even let out a little yelp as he clutched my hips and emptied his spunk into my body.

When it was over, we were both breathing heavily. He humped me a little more as he softened and slid out. I was relieved to lose the pain in my anus but I felt kind of empty down there now that he was gone. I couldn't move at first. I just hung my head and caught my breath. I could feel that my face was flushed and any lingering cold from my hours of shovelling snow was gone now after the heat of intercourse.

When I finally got the strength to get up straight, I turned and saw Mr. Clark walking over to the island across the floor. He slid his hands onto the top of the counter on the island and bent over to present himself to me. I could see that his anus was glistening a little, so he must have lubricated it while I was recovering. I saw the little tub on the counter by the sink so I took a little bit and rubbed my dick with it and towelled off the remainder from my hands.

I kicked my pants and underwear off and walked toward the offered rump. For the first time in my life, I put my hands on another person's naked body. I was in a state of excitement so I didn't stop to enjoy the whole of his body but concentrated entirely on his butt. They were firm and rather proud. They didn't seem like the buttocks of a man fourty one years older than me.

I stuck my fingers into the crack of his butt and pulled the cheeks apart so I could better see his anus. With the fingers of my other hand I guided my stiff penis to his anus. Just touching the skin of the hole with my penis was astonishing. A little push and I started immediately inside. He wasn't like me at all. He'd had years to practice anal sex and had probably had a few steady lovers in his time. I slid all the way inside him in no time.

I couldn't compare it with a vagina because up until I walked into his house that afternoon, I was a virgin. It was the most wonderful physical sensation I'd ever experienced. His bowels were like a sleeve around me and the sphincter was a tight ring clutching my dick. Unlike him, I kept my eyes open when I began to hump him. The sight of his nude body bent in front of me and my penis sliding between his butt cheeks up inside him was something I couldn't believe was happening.

My movements were a little more jerky than his smooth thrusts had been, but I think by now he must have known I had no experience. I clutched his hips and just went with it. I was moaning in no time as my thighs slapped the skin of his bum and legs each time I pumped myself inside.

I found myself wondering why I ever thought I could never have gay intercourse. Standing here in this kitchen with my penis sliding in and out of another man's rump I realized it was because I'd only ever heard the word gay spoken as an insult. Not by my family, but by all my friends, who still used words like "fag" and "gay" as slander. I'd been raised to respect all people, so I'd never thought ill of homosexuals, but when it came to sexual fantasies I just thought the idea of anal sex with another man was something I couldn't possibly be interested in.

Those days were over. I didn't yet know if I was gay or bisexual, but now that I'd been initiated into anal intercourse I knew my sexual fantasies would spin off into all directions.

Even Mr. Clark was moaning now with each thrust of my hips. I could barely catch my breath as the skin of him bum rippled with each impact. My own rump was tingling like crazy as I worked my way to the edge of my own orgasm.

When I came into him, I was up in my tip toes thrusting as deep as I could into him. I fell forward onto his back and yet I kept a pumping motion going with my hips, savoring every second I was inside that warmth and tightness.

Eventually I just couldn't fit anything into him because I was just too soft. I rested my head on his back and looked out the window. My stomach lurched as I saw Mr. Clark's next door neighbour walking out to his shed. There was a fence between us but he was taller than the fence so if he decided to look over he would see my nude bum staring him right in the face.

I slid quickly down to the floor. Mr. Clark turned to me, a look of concern on his face, but when he saw the neighbour, he also fell to the floor. He made his way on all fours to the light switch and turned it off. I got a night view of his butt as he crawled over.

He came back and sat opposite me on the floor. It was cool on my rump after what we'd just done.

"Casey, I should really apologize to you for what just happened."


"Well, I just got so carried away that I didn't ask you if what I was doing to you was alright. I know you've never done anything like this before and I feel bad that your first time was here in the kitchen. I feel like a dirty old man."

"Don't. I don't think there was anything wrong with it. I was scared at first but you didn't do anything that I didn't let you do. You gave me a choice."

"But the least I could have done was ask you. That way you would have had time to think about it and if you wanted to do it, we could have done it somewhere more comfortable."

"But the spontaneity was great. It didn't feel like we were just doing something physical. It felt like we wanted needed it. Like we really needed it."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine Mr. Clark. My butt's gonna hurt for a little while but I'm totally fine. I'm really glad I came in here today."

I could barely see in the darkness, but I'm sure he smiled. That made me feel better. I didn't want him to feel like a dirty old man because that's not how I felt about him. I started the experience nervous and a little frightened, like any virgin (especially a virgin who's heard the term "fag" used by all his friends in such a derogatory way) but he never forced me and I went along with all of it because there was some part of my mind that wanted me to experience it.

"You should probably get back home or your parents will wonder what happened."


I got up and collected my clothes from the floor. He got up to follow me out to the side porch. When I passed the spot where we had our final chat I saw two small moist smudges on the floor where the semen up our butts had partially leaked out onto the floor.

I got dressed in his porch, his eyes watching my nudity as I covered it all up bit by bit. He was leaning against the doorframe, still stark naked. I couldn't help glancing periodically at his crotch and that wonderful penis that had just helped change my life so profoundly.

When I was ready to go, he moved back a little from the door so he wouldn't be seen when I left. I opened the door.

"See you, Casey."

"See you Mr. Clark."

I turned to go, but then I stopped.

"Mr. Clark?"

He was walking into the kitchen when I called and he turned back.

"Thank you," I said. I closed the door.

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