Samstag, 26. April 2014

A Broken Snowblower

It was a Wednesday morning and I was on my way to catch the bus on the second last day of my Christmas exams. Only half a year to go before high school was just a memory. And only one more exam to go before I was free for a couple of weeks to celebrate the holiday.

I had to step over a little snow the plow had pushed into our driveway to get onto the road. The weather had really been acting up recently. My little brother hopped the mound and ran deliriously past me toward the bus stop. He would be finishing at the end of today and he obviously couldn't wait.

I was barely onto the street when I heard my name. I turned and saw James Clark shovelling his driveway. Mr. Clark was a lawyer in town, and a fairly prominent one. The town was small, but his reputation was still enviable. He was fifty nine years old and very wealthy. One look at his house, a monster three story structure with a two car garage, could tell any idiot that this guy was rolling in it.

Mr. Clark had been friends with my father for a couple of years. I didn't really know the guy, but the odd exchange wasn't unheard of.

"Did you hear anything about a storm coming this weekend?" he asked me.

"Not the weekend," I replied, "I think it's coming tomorrow."

"Really? Wow, I had no idea."

"Supposed to be pretty bad. I got an exam tomorrow and if the weather's like they say it's gonna be, I'm gonna have to write on Friday."

"That your last exam?"


"Oh, so it's not that bad then. Not like having to write it next Monday or Tuesday or something."

"No, it's no problem. I just want to be done."

"I know. Trust me, it's been a few years, but I remember."

"Same for everybody."

"Anyway, thanks for the information. You better get to the bus stop."

"Yeah. See you later Mr. Clark."

"See you Casey."

* * *

I woke up the next morning to my radio alarm, but the first thing I heard was the DJ telling me that the town was basically shut down. I didn't really get back to sleep, but lying there in bed an extra half hour was a great way to start the day. There wasn't a thing for me to do. I already knew my stuff for the exam I'd now have to do Friday morning.

Last one to breakfast, I made myself some toast and sat to eat. I could hear my brother making noise here there and everywhere. You couldn't tell if he was happy or sad sometimes. It was his first genuine day off and he'd planned to go sliding with a few friends of his but the storm pretty much killed that idea. He was desperate to go out and do something, but at the same time, the size of the storm was impressive. He spent his morning looking out any window he passed at the drifts as they built up around the neighbourhood.

I just finished my breakfast and went downstairs to watch some TV. I was just expecting to get a couple of daytime talk shows or something, but "Lethal Weapon" was on. It was cut to pieces and the swearing was dubbed over, with some pretty hilarious results. But hey, some "Lethal Weapon" is better than no "Lethal Weapon" at all. By the time the movie was half over, all the windows in the basement were completely covered in snow.

When I came up for lunch, the winds had died down. Since the streets were still a mess, there would be no afternoon exams, but I did have work to do with the rest of my day. At lunch, dad told me and my brother we had to help him clear the driveway. This didn't sit well with my brother, but I didn't really mind. Like I said, I already knew my stuff for the exam the next day and there was no way I'd be as lucky with the TV as I was that morning. Besides, dad wasn't a slavedriver. The work would get done slowly but it would get done.

Dad gave my brother a small shovel and I took the larger one. Dad himself took the snowblower. While he worked on the mouth of the driveway I handled the walkway. I had to work my way toward the car, which was under a drift so big you could only make out a fraction of blue paint under all that white.

As the afternoon wore on, you could gradually hear other snowblowers starting up all over the neighbourhood. The place was echoing with motors for almost a full hour at one point. Those who didn't have machines just chipped away with their shovels until a neighbour with a machine was free to lend a hand.

I was almost done sculpting the car out of the mound it was under when one of the many motors shut off. It was dad, and he was walking up the drive toward me. I flipped one last bit of snow onto the front yard and stood to talk.

"So you get the choice," he said. "You either get to go out back with your little brother and clean off the back step or you can take the machine over to help Jim get his yard clear."

"I'll take the machine."

He smiled at me. "Of course."

I had no reason to chose one alternative over the other. I could just as easily have said I'd go out back and shovel the porch. I didn't really give it much thought. Why would I? It was just some menial work I had to do either way, so what did it matter? But withing two hours of my choice, my life was totally changed.

* * *

I wheeled the machine across the street toward Mr. Clark's driveway. I could see, just above the drift in the mouth of his driveway, little clouds of snow flying toward his yard as he threw them from the shovel. I started the machine and started in on the drive. We couldn't see each other at first, but he knew he was being helped because I could see the little clouds of snow move farther away from where I was.

It took me a few minutes to make a dent in the drift at the head of the driveway.

"Finally made it in," he said when he could finally see me.

"I think you got it worse than us."

"It's as bad as it's ever been I think. My machine's been broken since early November and I just haven't gotten it fixed. I just didn't need it so I didn't get it fixed and now I need it and it's useless. Stupid or what?"

"It's no problem."

"Here, I'll start breaking it all down so you can get through it a little easier."

And he began tearing the massive drift down into the little path I'd made to get in. With the snow less packed, the machine went through much faster. Working together, we actually got it done much faster than dad our own. By the time the mouth of his driveway was clear you could still hear snowblowers humming all over the neighbourhood. My legs were starting to get tired and I could feel the cold nipping at my face. Once the storm died down the day hadn't been that cold, but I'd been out for a couple of hours so I was getting pretty cold.

I was about to shut the snowblower down when Mr. Clark said, "Look, I know you've been out for a long time now, but can I ask you to do just one more favor for me?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I just need a little path from here to the shed out back. It shouldn't take more than two passes. That part of the back yard is blocked by the fence so the drifts aren't that high."

"No problem."

He was right. I actually had it done to his liking after just a single pass. When I finally shut the machine down, my hands kept vibrating.

"Hey, listen, you should really come in for a coffee or something."

"No thanks, Mr. Clark. I think I might just head back."

"Are you sure? Don't have to have coffee. We could have a hot chocolate or something."

"I guess I could come in for a few minutes. I'll just leave the machine by the side door here."

"Sure. Only be a few minutes."

* * *

We kicked the snow off our boots and took off our outer clothes. Mr. Clark had a tiny room just inside the side door that led into the kitchen. Coats and snowpants were hung up and boots were placed beside the door. Then both of us, in sweatshirts and sweatpants, went into his kitchen.

And what a kitchen. Each individual appliance probably cost more than the entire contents of our own kitchen. And it was all bright and shining. Not a spot anywhere. Even the kettle was indecently expensive looking.

"So it's hot chocolate, not coffee, right?"

"Yeah," I replied.

He busied himself in the cupboards looking for the chocolate powder before standing to fill the kettle with water. When he turned to walk over to the sink I noticed a gray bulge at his waist.

Mr. Clark had a boner. It was impossible to miss in sweatpants.

I immediately looked away from his groin and tried to find something else to lay my eyes on. There was a little clatter on the counter as he put the kettle down, and I could only just marvel at how shiny everything here was.

"I was so worried you'd never possibly be interested, but I can see I was wrong."

I turned toward him and noticed he was looking at my groin. I looked down and saw that my own penis was erect. My hands went reflexively to my crotch to hide what he'd already seen, but I didn't respond to his statement. I just stood there holding my erection in front of my neighbour.

He dropped the cord of the kettle and walked over to me. Without saying anything, he got down on his knees and grabbed the waistband of my sweats and tugged them down. My hands came away and my pants fell to the floor. My briefs were next as he exposed me in his kitchen. My fists clenched at my sides, I just stood frozen and very embarrassed.

Then my cock, freezing from it's time in the cold all day, was engulfed in the steaming heat of his mouth. My jaw fell open as he started to blow me. His hands grabbed my legs and made their way to my buttocks and he grabbed a cheek in each hand as his mouth slid up and down my cock. Each time he sucked me in, his nose pressed into my pubic hair and I felt it's cold tip on the skin beneath my pubes.

Just fifteen minutes ago I hadn't been naked in front of anyone but my parents and now my neighbour held all my privates in his hands and mouth.

His tongue slipped all over me as he pressed me repeatedly into his throat. He didn't slurp or make a production out of the act, and the only sounds he made were the squishing sounds my penis made as is came out of his throat coated in saliva. My guts were churning and I felt a little tingle in the center of my organ and before I could even think about it I came into his throat. He didn't waste a drop. I had trouble standing straight while my muscles spasmed out of control and the whole time he never let me out of his mouth.

I finished my orgasm and stood straight again. My groin was warm and the rest of me was still cold. Mr. Clark let my penis out from between his lips and got up in front of me. He looked into my eyes and put his hands on my shoulders. Gently, he pushed down, and I got down on my knees. My stomach started to roll when he pulled his pants down and exposed his manhood to me. He wasn't a large man, but it was still the first time I'd ever seen a naked penis that wasn't mine.

He just stood there and let the organ bob in my face. He never put a hand on the back of my head, he just let me look at him. My breathing had sped up and now I realised I could also smell him. It's a thick, salty, meaty smell. I was terrified. I'd never had gay fantasies in my life. I'd never even been on a date with a girl, but when I fantasized I always thought of women and now here I was on my knees with my pants around my ankles staring at an erect cock.

It bumped me on the nose a little and grazed my nostril. The rolling in my stomach seemed to move to my chest when I realized I was lowering my jaw ever so slightly. Mr. Clark took a small step forward and I now had a penis in my mouth.

Other than a little salty musky taste it really wasn't that different from any other part of the body, but it was so warm. I closed my lips down on it and started to bob my head. I couldn't replicate what Mr. Clark had done to me because this act was just too new, so I just bobbed my head up and down and licked the underside of it every once in a while. I couldn't get it all in my mouth or I'd gag. I don't know how he did it to me.

My hands rested in my lap the whole time I was blowing him. My face was warming up just being so close to his sex. The tip of my nose, though not dipping into his pubes was picking up the heat from his excited groin. I did most of it with my eyes closed, only opening them periodically and seeing his triangular tuft of brownish-gray curly hair. His hands stroked my head as I clumsily bobbed on his penis. His hips had begun a rhythm of their own and now he was starting to augment my bobbing with his pumping.

And then he was gone. I opened my eyes just as he removed himself from my mouth and received his first shot of cum on my face. He quickly pulled back and cupped his left hand over his spasming organ, catching the rest of his spunk. I jerked back my head and wiped the fluid off my face with my hand. He went over to the sink and turned on the tap to wash his seed away and I just stared at the white stuff in the palm of my left hand.

"Come here," he said.

The water was still running. I got up and shuffled the short distance to the sink. Sticking my hand under the stream, I saw the semen slide off my hand and down the drain.

I felt his hand on me. As I turned off the water and towelled my hand dry, Mr. Clark started stroking my nude bottom. His hands ran around my cheeks and onto my lower back and all around again. He sometimes just rubbed up and down one mound and then left that one for the other one and rubbed that one for awhile.

My own hands clutched the towel and I looked outside at the snow. It was starting to get a little dark out there. The rubbing never stopped. My lower back had been completely abandoned for my bum now. Back and forth and all around, warming my skin with his hand.

I wondered when dad would start to wonder about me. There was a lot of snow to clear, but surely I had to be done by now.

The drawer next to me opened and he took something out of it. His hand left my backside for a few seconds and when it returned, he used his fingers to pry my cheeks apart. Then, with the finger of the other hand, he began to poke my anus and massage all around it. The sphincter squished a little as his finger poked it and when he took his hands away there was a little cool patch on my hole. More squishing behind me and I realized what was happening.

I didn't want this. I don't know how I even got through the blow jobs but I couldn't possibly want this. A blow job was one thing but now he wanted to put his penis up my butt and I just didn't think I could do it. Up to then it was just oral sex, but now he was grabbing my hips and positioning me in front of the sink for anal intercourse. I'd only ever had fantasies about girls and even then I didn't dream of taking them up the butt, and now this man was going to take me up the butt.

I wanted to speak up and stop him but I found myself staying silent. Surely I didn't want to go through with this. I never thought it was in me. Those fingers pried me open back there again and now the poking of my anus was done by something thicker and softer. I dropped the towel onto the counter and held my breath, all thought of stopping Mr. Clark lost in the mess of my confused thoughts. My hands gripped the edge of the sink.

It was a terrible pain. When he started to put himself in me I couldn't believe it could hurt as bad as it did. I bent over and grabbed the back edge of the sink, right below the window sill. It seemed like it would never end. I was stretched to the breaking strain and he just kept pressing in. I'd like to say my sphincter went numb, but it never did. It just kept on screaming pain. He grunted a little as he pushed up in me.

I started to notice the heat of his organ in my bowels. My body was getting much warmer than it had been but the little stick of warmth in my bum was hotter than anything else. Then the pain eased a little as he pulled out, and it came screaming back when he pushed back in. Before the second stroke, he pushed my shirts up my body and I allowed him to strip them off. A ruffle behind me and I knew he was stripping his own off.

Then he began to screw me. His hands gripped my hips as he rolled his own hips and penetrated my bum. I couldn't feel any of his pubic hair on the top of my butt so I knew he wasn't getting all of himself into me. Still, he didn't seem to mind. He was just as considerate as he had been when his penis was exposed in front of my face. He wasn't willing to push all the way into me just for his own enjoyment.

Something dripped into the sink and at first I thought I'd forgotten to turn off the tap. Then I noticed the drop had fallen right beneath my face. I was crying. The thing about anal sex is that it never stops hurting when you do it the first time. Your bum just isn't used to it. Fortunately, the man humping me was trying to be as gentle as possible. My knuckles were white as I clutched the sink.

Though the pain never receded I did notice a full feeling in my bowels when he pumped in. The feeling wasn't exactly good, but in a strange way it did feel...comfortable. The fullness and the heat of it actually felt comfortable.

I looked up and out the window. It was getting pretty dark out there. The snow was taking on the blue glow it gets when the moon is out at night. The days were pretty short this time of year. It was obviously supper time and that was very good considering what I was engaged in. If anyone decided to go into their backyards they would have no problem seeing into Mr. Clark's kitchen because it was starting to get darker out there than in the kitchen. The last thing either of us needed, especially Mr. Clark, was for a neighbour to see this fifty nine year old lawyer humping a high school boy bent over his sink. Even though I was eighteen and totally legal, it would still have ruined us both.

When I looked into my own reflection in the glass I was startled. I expected to find the tracks of tears on my cheeks (tears which had finally stopped) but I didn't expect to see my mouth open in a moan. I was so intent on the feelings of pain and fullness in my backside I didn't notice I'd been moaning so loud it was basically a scream. The man behind me grunted with each thrust of his hips and only opened his eyes to look at my bum as he humped it.

He stopped his pumping for a second and out of the corner of my eye I saw his pants and underwear slide into the corner. Now stark naked, he repositioned his feet and went back at me. The heat radiating out from my bowels continued to mount as he kept packing about half his cock into me.

That heat drastically increased when I felt a new, almost steaming heat inside my bum as he came into me. His moves got a little jerky but he never pushed too hard. He even let out a little yelp as he clutched my hips and emptied his spunk into my body.

When it was over, we were both breathing heavily. He humped me a little more as he softened and slid out. I was relieved to lose the pain in my anus but I felt kind of empty down there now that he was gone. I couldn't move at first. I just hung my head and caught my breath. I could feel that my face was flushed and any lingering cold from my hours of shovelling snow was gone now after the heat of intercourse.

When I finally got the strength to get up straight, I turned and saw Mr. Clark walking over to the island across the floor. He slid his hands onto the top of the counter on the island and bent over to present himself to me. I could see that his anus was glistening a little, so he must have lubricated it while I was recovering. I saw the little tub on the counter by the sink so I took a little bit and rubbed my dick with it and towelled off the remainder from my hands.

I kicked my pants and underwear off and walked toward the offered rump. For the first time in my life, I put my hands on another person's naked body. I was in a state of excitement so I didn't stop to enjoy the whole of his body but concentrated entirely on his butt. They were firm and rather proud. They didn't seem like the buttocks of a man fourty one years older than me.

I stuck my fingers into the crack of his butt and pulled the cheeks apart so I could better see his anus. With the fingers of my other hand I guided my stiff penis to his anus. Just touching the skin of the hole with my penis was astonishing. A little push and I started immediately inside. He wasn't like me at all. He'd had years to practice anal sex and had probably had a few steady lovers in his time. I slid all the way inside him in no time.

I couldn't compare it with a vagina because up until I walked into his house that afternoon, I was a virgin. It was the most wonderful physical sensation I'd ever experienced. His bowels were like a sleeve around me and the sphincter was a tight ring clutching my dick. Unlike him, I kept my eyes open when I began to hump him. The sight of his nude body bent in front of me and my penis sliding between his butt cheeks up inside him was something I couldn't believe was happening.

My movements were a little more jerky than his smooth thrusts had been, but I think by now he must have known I had no experience. I clutched his hips and just went with it. I was moaning in no time as my thighs slapped the skin of his bum and legs each time I pumped myself inside.

I found myself wondering why I ever thought I could never have gay intercourse. Standing here in this kitchen with my penis sliding in and out of another man's rump I realized it was because I'd only ever heard the word gay spoken as an insult. Not by my family, but by all my friends, who still used words like "fag" and "gay" as slander. I'd been raised to respect all people, so I'd never thought ill of homosexuals, but when it came to sexual fantasies I just thought the idea of anal sex with another man was something I couldn't possibly be interested in.

Those days were over. I didn't yet know if I was gay or bisexual, but now that I'd been initiated into anal intercourse I knew my sexual fantasies would spin off into all directions.

Even Mr. Clark was moaning now with each thrust of my hips. I could barely catch my breath as the skin of him bum rippled with each impact. My own rump was tingling like crazy as I worked my way to the edge of my own orgasm.

When I came into him, I was up in my tip toes thrusting as deep as I could into him. I fell forward onto his back and yet I kept a pumping motion going with my hips, savoring every second I was inside that warmth and tightness.

Eventually I just couldn't fit anything into him because I was just too soft. I rested my head on his back and looked out the window. My stomach lurched as I saw Mr. Clark's next door neighbour walking out to his shed. There was a fence between us but he was taller than the fence so if he decided to look over he would see my nude bum staring him right in the face.

I slid quickly down to the floor. Mr. Clark turned to me, a look of concern on his face, but when he saw the neighbour, he also fell to the floor. He made his way on all fours to the light switch and turned it off. I got a night view of his butt as he crawled over.

He came back and sat opposite me on the floor. It was cool on my rump after what we'd just done.

"Casey, I should really apologize to you for what just happened."


"Well, I just got so carried away that I didn't ask you if what I was doing to you was alright. I know you've never done anything like this before and I feel bad that your first time was here in the kitchen. I feel like a dirty old man."

"Don't. I don't think there was anything wrong with it. I was scared at first but you didn't do anything that I didn't let you do. You gave me a choice."

"But the least I could have done was ask you. That way you would have had time to think about it and if you wanted to do it, we could have done it somewhere more comfortable."

"But the spontaneity was great. It didn't feel like we were just doing something physical. It felt like we wanted needed it. Like we really needed it."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine Mr. Clark. My butt's gonna hurt for a little while but I'm totally fine. I'm really glad I came in here today."

I could barely see in the darkness, but I'm sure he smiled. That made me feel better. I didn't want him to feel like a dirty old man because that's not how I felt about him. I started the experience nervous and a little frightened, like any virgin (especially a virgin who's heard the term "fag" used by all his friends in such a derogatory way) but he never forced me and I went along with all of it because there was some part of my mind that wanted me to experience it.

"You should probably get back home or your parents will wonder what happened."


I got up and collected my clothes from the floor. He got up to follow me out to the side porch. When I passed the spot where we had our final chat I saw two small moist smudges on the floor where the semen up our butts had partially leaked out onto the floor.

I got dressed in his porch, his eyes watching my nudity as I covered it all up bit by bit. He was leaning against the doorframe, still stark naked. I couldn't help glancing periodically at his crotch and that wonderful penis that had just helped change my life so profoundly.

When I was ready to go, he moved back a little from the door so he wouldn't be seen when I left. I opened the door.

"See you, Casey."

"See you Mr. Clark."

I turned to go, but then I stopped.

"Mr. Clark?"

He was walking into the kitchen when I called and he turned back.

"Thank you," I said. I closed the door.

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Ron is a Grandpa in his 70th

I was in the shower room at the Midtown Spa in Denver. The locals call it “The Tubs”.

It was a slow day so I hadn’t seen anyone yet that really had turned me on. I like my men mature and husky but so far there had been only young twinks around here.

I kept on showering and heard someone come to the shower behind me. I heard a friendly voice saying “I haven’t seen you here before”.

I turned and there he was - a tall, handsome guy with a cute bushy grey stache and ever so beautiful eyes.

He took my breath away. Luckily, he introduced himself to me.

- Hi, I’m Ron.
- Hi… Oh, I’m Jim.
- Nice to meet you, Jim! Your first time here?

His voice was intoxicatingly sexy.

I told him I was in Denver in a scientific conference for the weekend. The cute clerk at the hotel had told me about this place when I asked if he knew any gay bath houses downtown.

He smiled at me as we talked. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and kissed me.

- I like hairy men. Would you like to come to my room?

At this point he could have asked me to drink poison and I would have gladly complied.

We went to a small room with an even smaller bed. He closed the door. Obviously he didn’t want others to bother us.

That suited me very, very fine. I wanted him all for myself.

Ron sat on the bed and motioned me to come closer. As soon as I got there he pushed his face against my crotch.

- I’m glad you’re uncut. I love foreskin.

Enough said, he slid his tongue under my foreskin and started rubbing my shaft with it. It felt so divine I could but push my crotch against him and caress his hair.

- Mmmmmmhhhh…

I got more and more erect so it became more and more difficult for his tongue to get underneath my lace curtain. Finally he let go of my cock and lay down on his back on the bed.

- Would you care for some 69?

Would I ever! I lay down on the top of him and got hold of his hard cock. I pushed it into my mouth slowly, savouring its manly, musky, tobacco-y taste.

Every now and then I took his balls in my mouth and rubbed them gently with my tongue.

Ron was working passionately on my cock. He put one finger on my asshole and started massaging it, which put me immediately on the very verge of coming.

- Ohhhh, please, not so fast, I said.

Ron stopped and I waited until the urging pressure went away, and then I told him to go on.

I went back on working on his glorious cock. It was thrilling to suck.

I was in heaven! Such joy! Such excitement! Actually, too much of excitement!

I felt like coming again. This time I couldn’t resist any more but begun to bay while his cock was still in my mouth.

- Mmmmmhh! Mmmmhhhh!! Mmmmmmmhhhh!!!

I came in his mouth and he was thrilled about it. It felt like forever before I was done with my orgasm. It was celestial!

After a while I got my act together and went back on sucking Ron’s cock. He motioned me to bend my legs so that he has a better access to my scrotum and ass.

It felt good to have Ron’s tongue all over my balls, ass hole and the sweet spot in between. I pushed my ass against Ron as I was riding on his cock and caressing his balls and sweet spot.

Ron seemed to like it when I rubbed his ass hole with my finger while I sucked him. He returned the favour increasingly passionately on my bottom.

His cock became harder by the second and he sounded like he was going to come any moment now. I increased my pace on his cock, rubbed harder on his ass hole and burrowed my ass more firmly against his face, and he was good to go – or in this case, to come.

- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yes!!! Oh yes!!! I’m coming!!! Oohhhh yesss!!!

His orgasm was no lesser to mine. On the contrary, it seemed to last even longer. It all made me horny again.

I got more upright until I was virtually sitting on Ron’s face. I rubbed my ass against his face and he was a sucker for it, big time. My cock got increasingly hard from the feeling of Ron’s tongue all over my sweet spot and asshole.

I jerked my cock forcefully while I was being rimmed by Ron. I got more and more excited until Ron pushed the tip of his tongue into my asshole. That was the sweet point of no return.

I froze as my second orgasm built up in me.

I came all over Ron’s sexy chest. I yelled so hard people laughed and cheered outside the room.

- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Eventually I keeled over beside him. I was totally worn out!

Ron smiled at me.

- Thank you. Now that’s what I call 69!
- No, thank YOU, Ron! You’re amazing!
- You want to do it again tomorrow?
- Sure! Why don’t you come over to my hotel? We could have a dinner first… or last… or then again we could skip it.
- That would be nice, he said and smiled at me again.

We went back to the shower room to tidy up and pretty soon we left from the bath house. Before we parted he kissed me passionately on the lips.

I love the way he kisses. And how his stache tickles my lips.

I can’t wait ‘til tomorrow!

Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Phillip & Father Saunders

Phillip Williamson had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday and was eagerly anticipating his high school graduation only three short months away. Phillip was a normal high school senior, with some good friends and decent, yet not tremendous grades. He had already been accepted to San Jose State, not too far from his home, so school really wasn't much of a concern for Phillip at the moment. His primary focus at the moment was finding a girl to take to the prom. Phillip really didn't spend much time with girls since he had a nearly full-time job and had gone through a strenuous year of college prep tests and the tedious admittance process. So with the latter behind him, Phillip declared to himself he was "back on the market".

Phillip was an attractive young man, with an average height and decent build. He also had an attractive set of baby blue eyes that complimented his smooth, silk hair. With these features, it wasn't difficult at all for him to land a nice piece of ass. Yet, when after dating several throughout the end of February and early March, none, even a girl considered by many to be the school's hottest, did anything for Phillip. It took him a long time to even get a hard on when he was sucking their tits.

One day in the middle of March, Phillip went to pick up his latest girl for a date, but when he walked into her house, he saw the girl's older brother jacking off to a porno on the front room couch.

"Whoa man, I'm sorry. I thought Jill's parents were both at work and nobody else was home." said Phillip completely embarrassed.

"No big deal man. Want me to get her, she's finishing up changing?" asked the brother.

"Sure. Just tell her to meet me in the car, I left the flowers for here in there."

Phillip walked back to the car puzzled and confused. Seeing his girlfriend’s brother stroking what had to be at least an eight inch, very thick cock made him get a hard on more stiff than any before him in his life. He had to hastily get out of there before the guy noticed his dick arising from his pants. After that date, Phillip broke up with Jill, because he needed to think about some things. He found it puzzling that after doing all the things he's done to girls over the years, none of it compared to the feeling of just seeing a hard cock soaked with precum. Immediately after he got home that night, he jacked off and came like he had never before. This was bothering him a lot, and he knew he couldn't say anything to his parents, because he knew sooner or later his homophobic father would find out and make damn sure Phillip would never see anything outside an Intensive Care Unit.

After a few more girls and lackluster sexual experiences with them, Phillip began exploring homosexuality more and more. He was browsing gay porn websites and even contemplated having gay cybersex. This was becoming an issue that needed to be addressed. Soon he decided he would see the only person with both the guidance and the discreetness for this particular problem, his Priest, Father Abram Saunders. Father Saunders had been Phillip's priest for as long as he had known and Phillip knew he could entrust this problem with him. So on an unseasonably warm early spring day, Phillip told his parents he picked up an all-night shift at the restaurant he worked at, and went to the church to see Father Saunders.

Phillip walked in wearing only his red striped polo shirt and faded bluejeans, taking advantage of the great weather. The church was empty, save for only Saunders and a janitor who was on his way out for the night, as it should've been on a Thursday. Phillip was very nervous and couldn’t seem to put his confession into the right words. When he approached the confessional, his heart skipped a beat and he froze.

“Look man, you have to do this.” He thought to himself as he neared the small door.

He was beginning to perspire, but he soon thought of what a gentle and forgiving person Father Saunders was. Even if homosexuality was sinful and denounced by the church, he knew his priest would understand. With this newfound confidence, Phillip entered the confessional. He knelt down, and a recognizable hand opened the small window. A recognizable voice was soon heard.

“Tell me your sins my child.” Spoke Father Saunders in a gentle manner.

“It’s Phillip Williamson.” Phillip stated.

“Phillip? Is everything all right, I’ve never thought I’d see you here? Are your parents fine, I heard a silly rumor a while back that they were getting divorced? I discarded it as false, and I sure hope that I wasn’t wrong.”

“No, no my mom and dad are just fine. This is actually about me. And I really don’t know how to put this.”

“Well whatever it is, the Lord is forgiving.”

“Over the past few months, I’ve been dating some girls-.”

“I see, you’ve been having pre-marital sexual intercourse.” Said Father Saunders cutting in.

“Well I haven’t had actual sex yet, but that isn’t my confession. You see, when I’m with these girls, I don’t feel anything a normal guy would feel, if you no what I mean.”

“I see.”

“And a week or so ago, I found my self surprisingly aroused by a guy pleasuring himself. So my confession is that I think I’m gay.” Added Phillip who now had a look of dejection, embarrassment and even fear on his face.

“This is a very difficult thing to admit, and I see why you came to me and not your parents. One of your father’s only negative traits is that he isn’t a man who accepts things that he perceives as awkward and different. Let’s step outside and sit on the pugh, I can see you came not just to get this off your chest, but you need some guidance as well.”

“Yes, that would be nice.” Said a slightly less nervous Phillip.

“It will be.” Replied Father Saunders who gave Phillip a warm, grandfatherly grin.

The two walked out of the confessional and Phillip who gave his priest a small look of relief. Father Saunders was a man with a grandfatherly quality, for he was sixty-one years old, with slightly balding grayish-white hair. He returned the Phillip’s look with another warm grin. Phillip was led to the pugh second from the front where the two sat.

“Now let’s get right to it, no need lingering. When you saw this man self-gratifying himself, was this the first time another man ever aroused you in the slightest way?” asked Saunders.

“Yes it was.” Answered Phillip.

“Have you ever done anything to satisfy to homosexual arousals other than I’m assuming masturbating?”


“Then how can come to such a solid conclusion that you’re gay?”

“Well when you do the things I’ve done to such hot girls, virtually all guys my age would instantly cum, whereas it takes me a considerably long time to feel even the slightest hint of arousal something isn’t right. That and, I see one slimy, hard dick and my own tool thinks it just become the Empire State Building.”

“Well have you ever physically done anything sexual with another man?


“You can’t say you’re gay unless you’ve experienced another man.”

“So you’re saying Father that I ought to have sex with a guy, see if I liked it and then come back for more advice?”

“You cannot know if you are or aren’t something if you haven’t walked the path. Now of course I’m not telling you have sex with a random guy because of course it won’t be enjoyable then. Any kind of sex is only enjoyable if you do it with someone you care about.”

“But if I asked any guy I knew to even hug me, the rumor of my homosexuality would travel through my school, the entire town and inevitably my parents. I can’t do this.”

Father Saunders put his hand on Phillip’s thigh and squeezed it. He looked directly in his eyes.

“As a priest, it is my duty to help troubled, misguided people, especially teens. I’ve done many things, right and wrong to help them and show them the way. And I would like to help you.” Said Father Saunders.

“Father?” Replied a confused Phillip.

“The only way for you to figure this out for yourself is to make love with a man and see if you enjoy it. I’ve known you for a very long time and we are very close. Of anyone you know to do this with who will keep this as discreet as humanly possible as well make this an experience that will definitely give you your desired answer, I am the only one. Before you speak, thing about this and accept it as true.”

Phillip sat there for what seemed to him like an eternity. He had this opportunity to put these scattered pieces of his life together and break out of this uneasy feeling uncertainty. He looked into his priest’s eyes, the same priest who baptized him and embraced him in a deep, passionate kiss.

“This won’t be comfortable nor good for my back if we stay on this pugh, let’s go to my chambers.” Said Father Saunders.

They walked hastily to Father Saunders’ private chamber, where he did his work. Situated against the back wall was a scarlet velvet couch. Father Saunders picked Phillip up and placed him upon the sofa. They made out for what seemed like hours, but was in truth only ten minutes. Father Saunders arose and toke off his robe, and was wearing his pants with his dress shirt.

“This is to help you Phillip. What do you want me to do to you?” asked Saunders.

“First, lets strip each other.” Was Phillip’s answer.

Father Saunders first went on top of Phillip as he had when he made out with him. He kissed his neck lovingly as he pulled off Phillip’s polo shirt. When that was removed, he sucked Phillip’s hard nipples as he moved to remove the bluejeans. With ease they were removed and Phillip was left in his plaid boxers.

“Now stop for now. I want to pleasure you now.” Said Phillip who was harder and hornier than any previous moment in his life.

“Oh do whatever you’d like Phillip. This is all for you.” Said a giddy Father Saunders.

Phillip sat the priest down on the sofa and began stripping him of his pants. The thought that he was about to suck off a man, something he had never thought of up until a month ago, never bothered him. It also didn’t bother him that this was his loving priest, who was forty-three years his senior. When Phillip finally pulled down Father Saunders’ boxers, a seven and a half-inch, super thick beast of a cock, already dripping with precum was before him.

“Take it all in your mouth Phillip.” Remarked Saunders.

“Oh fucking God I will.” Replied Phillip.

Phillip bobbed his virgin mouth onto the cock, initially deep-throating three inches of the meat. Father Saunders was soon enjoying by far his greatest blowjob. It was astonishing that Phillip was a true rookie at his. For the first five minutes, he bobbed his head up and down as he had started. His answers were groping the old priest’s inner thighs and hamstrings. Phillip gradually proceeded to licking up and down the shaft and kissing the tiny drops of emitting precum. When he moved to sucking and licking Saunders’ balls he gently stroked the tower, and slapped away Saunders’ hands who were hell bent on jacking off the dick and reaching what was certain to be one fucking hell of an orgasm.

“Don’t you dare try that Father.” Said Phillip shewing off Father Saunders’ hands as he took a rare break from massaging Saunders’ left testicle with his tongue.

“Oh Lord! Oh God! Oh Fuck!” Was all Father Saunders could say as the blowjob’s pleasure put him into a state where rational thought couldn’t be attained.

Phillip knew based on his priest’s mindless words that a hot load of cum to the face was coming very soon if he didn’t cease the blowjob.

“I don’t want you to cum yet.” Phillip said.

“Oh I wasn’t gonna.” Said Saunders slowly regaining sense.

“Don’t lie.” Replied Phillip with a devilish grin on his face.

“Looks like you’re gay after all.”

“I’m as gay as come it looks like.”

“I see you saved my first and most potent orgasm for that virgin ass of yours.”

“You couldn’t have been more right.”

Before the two said anything else they kissed once more, although this one lacked the sweet sensuality of their one on the pugh. This one was fiery and raw. Both of them stripped the other in a heated, barbaric way and the two sweaty, sticky, horny men went back to the couch. Saunders left Phillip there momentarily and went to his desk.

“Oh please don’t get a condom.” Said Phillip desperately, “ I want your sweet, hot cum to fill my ass and not go spoiled in some stupid rubber sac.”

“If that’s what you want. All of this is for you, anything you desire, I will give you.” Reassured Saunders.

“Also, with your meat the way it is, drenched in precum, lube doesn’t seem necessary.”

“Yeah. The less “extra stuff” we use, the more intense and natural this will be. And you need this to be as real and natural as it gets.”

Saunders walked away from the desk carefully, making sure nothing made his throbbing organ shoot its precious load at any time before it was supposed to be. He positioned Phillip over the arm of the sofa, so his tight little ass faced up prepared for the pinnacle action of homosexual passion. Saunders knelt on the cushion and positioned himself so his cock could fuck Phillip’s ass with the least possible effort.

“Are you ready.” Said a maddeningly horny Saunders.

“If I’m not as ready as I am now, I’ll never be ready.” Phillip remarked, “And remember fuck me hard and raw, don’t get gentle even if I start crying.”

Father Saunders nodded, put his old hands upon Phillip’s shoulders and put his cockhead right to the front of his sex partner’s anal cavity just to tease him. In Phillip’s mind, he was in ecstasy picturing his loving priest and his old, sweaty body fucking him, in what was about to be the first time he had enjoyed sex with anyone. This thought was interrupted when he felt Saunders’ meat crash into his bowels. He wanted to scream in pain, but instead screams of a different type came out of his mouth.

“Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me! Fuck me like a little faggot slut! Oh God I love you Father! Fuck me!” Phillip screamed.

Father Saunders realized this was out of more pain than pleasure, so he still fucked the teen as deep, but more gently. Soon Phillip’s moans became pleasurable, as he had quickly grown accustomed to the heavenly full feeling of another man’s cock in his ass. Phillip took deep breaths to delay the inevitable blissful orgasm as he heard great moans of pleasure coming from the old man popping his delicate cherry. Soon Phillip asked to be turned on his back so the two current lovers could face eye to eye when they came. This was done and Father Saunders sensing he was close picked up the pace creating simultaneous moans of excitement and anticipation from the two men.

“I’m getting close!” cried Father Saunders as he viciously pumped his cock continually in an out of the former virgin’s bowels.

“Jack my cock off! Jack my cock off!” barked Phillip who too sensed both he and his lover were near.

With his right hand, Father Saunders cupped Phillip’s smaller five-inch cock and began violently stroking it as if someone with a gun to his face was ordering him too. For another minute or so Saunders continued fucking the hell out of the little slut until Phillip made the fateful announcement.

“Holy Fuck! I’m cuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!”

Out of his dick shot massive loads of hot cum that landed partly in Saunders’ hair and on Phillip’s chest. He shot four loads that were more massive than any in his life, and three others that rivaled his former best. Witnessing the actual end of Phillip’s virginity and massive explosion of man juice ended Father Saunders’ superhuman stamina that had lasted nearly an hour from when Phillip first bobbed on his cock. And then an orgasm with the potency neither thought could occur shot from the priest’s tower logged deep in Phillip’s bowels.

“Get ready! Here it cuuuuuummmmmmssss!” shouted the priest.

As wave after collosal wave of cum filled Phillip’s deep crevices, Father Saunders’ whole body gyrated in absolute pleasure. To Phillip’s surprise he again shot a massive loaded which surely drained his testicles. Both men were sweaty and exhausted. They fell to the floor and embraced once again in a kiss that was this time like the one they experienced in the pugh.

“I guess we found out you’re gay.” Chuckled Father Saunders.

They laughed and kissed once more. The rest of that night until the time Phillip had to leave before his parents became suspicious, the two explored all the pleasures and fruits of homosexuality and exploded into many more violent orgasms. They departed with a great hug as Father Saunders told Phillip he had found his place and if need be, he could live with him for both safety and pleasure.

In the following week, with Phillip knowing he was completely gay wrote a letter to his parents stating this. Before Phillip’s dad had the opportunity to hunt him down, Phillip moved in with Father Saunders at his rectory. Later that summer, the two and Saunders’ unsuspecting wife, who though Phillip was simply abandoned by his parents, moved to Duluth, where Saunders had taken a new job. The priest paid for Phillip’s tuition to the University of Minnesota. But when Phillip departed for college that autumn, it was not the end of their adventures together.

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

My friends grandfather

This is a story about my friend Chuck's grandfather Mr. Rosenfield. Growing up my friend Chuck lived with his grandparents. I've always been attracted to hot old men and Mr. Rosenfield was hot, he had white hair brown eyes and the cutest face and a nice big belly. He was the nicest man but was one of those types that you kinda new was a total pervert, he just always looked like he was horny and wanted to fuck.

When I was at my friends' house and his grandparents were not home we would look at his porno magazines or go into his bottom drawer where his porno's were and watch them and jack off, sometimes he would leave a porno movie sitting out by the VCR in his room and we would watch it, then when he would get home later he would have this kinda smile on his face like maybe he left it out on purpose to give us something to watch and jerk off to which was so hot. That used to set me on fire, then he would always sit down and smoke a cigarette and I don't know why, I guess it's a fetish, but that use to drive me crazy.

I used to love to watch him smoke, when he pulled on it and the red part lit up and when he blew the smoke out, it made me feel like I was cumming. When we would sit in the living room and watch T.V. he always wore sweat pants and when he smoked I would watch him and he would know I was watching and would get a hard on, you could see his cock hard in his pants, he usually had his feet up in his recliner so you had to really look to see it but he was definitely rock hard and he would use his cigarette to get me hot, and every so often he would give his cock a nice stroke like he was shifting it or scratching. We would flirt like that all the time, I think he really enjoyed those times we all hung out and watched T.V. together.

Sometimes when we played hockey out front he would sit on the porch and smoke, when ever I looked over at him he would pull on it and make the red part light up and blow the smoke out all while we had eye contact, so I would always grab my cock a little bit like I was scratching. A couple times when I went over to Chuck's house he would grab me and wrestle with me a little bit and rub his hands all over me I used to love it.

When we got into high school Chuck's grandmother used to work 4pm to 12am like his grandfather who was a chef but they had different days off, so when I used to go over when Chuck's grandmother was not there, a lot of times Mr. Rosenfield would be asleep with his bedroom door wide open and all he used to where was a pair of tight white underwear. So one night Chuck and I were watching T.V. and Chuck fell asleep, so I crept upstairs to get a peek at Mr. Rosenfield asleep, when I got to the top of the stairs which is right outside his bedroom door he was asleep with no blanket just his underwear. So I went in trying not to make to much noise and stood right next to him and just stared, he was so fucking hot, I was ready to cum in my pants. So I took my cock out and started to jerk off, my heart was thumping in my chest and my whole body was tingling and shaking, this was so hot I shot my load all over the carpet next to his bed, he never did wake up, afterwards I could'nt believe I did that and thought it was pretty funny.

Another time my friend Chuck had this porno and the music to it was real recognizable and he said he called home to speek to his grandfather and he could hear the music in the background whitch we both thought was kinda funny. So this one time Chuck and I were in Chuck's room and his grandfather was in his own room watching T.V. I needed to go to the bathroom so I went out Chuck's bedroom and closed the door. When I started to turn the corner to go down the hall I could see right into Mr. Rosenfield's bedroom, he was sitting there with just a pair of shorts on smoking a cigarette watching T.V. he did not see me yet so I pulled back around the corner and just watched him, he was getting me so hot so I took my cock out and started to jerk off. I was leaning out past the corner a little bit so if he looked over he would have saw exactly what I was doing, while I was watching him and jerking off I didn't realize it but he was watching me out the corner of his eye, I could see it, he did not make it obvious he was watching he was just sitting there with the biggest grin.

I got a little nervous and pulled back zipped up then went down the hall to the bathroom which is next to his room, when I walked into the bathroom I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he turned and stared right at my cock just grinning, when I closed the door to the bathroom I thought I was going to explode, so I jerked off and shot a hot load right into the toilet, when I was cumming I let out a little moan so he would hear, hoping it would get him hot. Then I actually got a job bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at and things picked up and got real HOT.

Like I said I started bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at. My first night was the first time I saw him since I jerked off watching him smoke a cigarette in his bedroom. When I went into the kitchen he was cutting up some vegetables so I went up to him and asked him how he was doing, he looked at me and the look on his face was like he was shooting a load right there, he had the most inviting smile and he said good, how are you but when he said it, his voice was deep and it seemed like he was talking like that to basically say to me I'm going to fuck you real good.

So I asked him what time he was working to and he said he could get off at nine, which was what time I got off at, I guess I was not really experienced I did not realize he was trying to set it up for us to go someplace private, I was so fucking horny and hot my body was shaking like I was cumming it was just a little overwhelming so I was just like that's cool, then I said I'll talk to you later, we kept glancing at eachother for the rest of the night then when I was leaving after I cloked out I turned around and he was there smiling and said what are you doing Corey and put his hands on mine, like that's exactly what he would have said and done if he walked up to me while I was watching him and jerking off. I just rubbed his hands a little and said Chuck and I are supposed to hang out tomorrow and he said good I'll see you then.

So when I went to my friend's house the next day and it was just me him and his grandfather, apparently his grandmother was out for the day. So when I went up the stairs his grandfather was laying on his side with just underwear and a robe on with his body facing out the door so you could see his chest, his cock in his underwear and his legs, it was so fucking hot, I said hello and he smiled and said hello back. At this point I almost could'nt take it anymore, I was more then hot and horny, I needed it, BAD. I lucked out more then ever, Chuck and I were playing a video game and Chuck said he had to go pick his grandmother up at the mall, which is like 30 to 40 minutes each way, so I was like do you think maybe I could stay here and keep playing the video game ( we were trying to beat it ) and he was like shore and left, I heard him say to his grandfather that I was going to stay while he picked up his grandmother and I heard his grandfather say make sure you lock that front door I don't want anymore kids coming up, so Chuck left and I was like I don't know, just beyond horny and so mellow and relaxed.

So I got up, I had on jeans and a t-shirt, I went into the hall and Mr. Rosenfield was laying on his back smoking a cigarette with his cock sticking straight up in the air inside his underwear, I thought I was going to melt. When I got to the door I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he sat up and pulled on his cigarette and said hey Corey and we just sorta stood there for like 20 seconds, he was staring at my jeans where my cock is and smoking and staring, pulling on his cigarette in a way to get me hot. So I turned around and went to the bathroom door which is like 3 feet from where he was sitting and turned back around and faced him. At this point I new exactly what I was doing and what I wanted and I decided I was gonna take it slow and make this real hot and memorable. So here I am facing him and he is sitting up in bed with his cock rock hard which has got to be like 6 or 7 inches it looked so hot, staring at me smoking a cigarette smiling like I was a stripper ready to give him a show, so I did just that.

I started to unbutton my jeans and pull down my zipper, as I was doing this he said " oh yeah " moaning like this was what he always wanted and he was finally about to get it. So I took my jeans off real slow and my cock was rock hard pointing through my underwear so I started to rub it a little bit, he did'nt touch his cock yet he just watched. Then I took my underwear off and this was kinda funny he pulled on his cigarette and blew the smoke at my cock and said yeah, it got me so hot. Then I slowly took my t-shirt off and started to rub all over myself and my cock moaning, he lit another cigarette then stood up and pulled his underwear off then got into bed with his back against the headboard. He was watching me and stroking his cock nice and slow, then he said come on baby get into bed with your grandfather.

So I walked over and cupped the head of his dick and started to stroke it, slowly, he looked like he was in ecstasy, then he moaned real good and said " I'm red hot " then said come here son and put his right hand on the back of my ass and started to blow me, he was sucking my cock so fucking good bobbing his head up and down, he pulled away and stroked my dick with all the saliva and looked me in my eyes and said " does it feel good " I said yes, I told him how much I always wanted him and he kept stroking me and said I know baby I've wanted to fuck you since you were little, don't you remember how I would pull on my cigarette and try to get you hot and let you see my cock hard in my pants and touch you and stare at you, I was in total ecstasy I said oh daddy I want you so bad, I said I know it sounds funny but I love to watch you smoke your cigarette, he said I know baby do you want me to smoke while we have sex, I said yes, so he took his cigarette out of his ashtray and pulled on it then blew the smoke on my cock, he said yeah Corey you like that baby, he put his cigarette down and pulled me onto the bed and we just went at it , he was on top of me and we were kissing and rubbing all over eachother.

He was licking my face my ears my nose everything and I said please hump me daddy, so our cocks were rock hard against eachother and he humped me so hard and fast, I had my hands on his ass pushing them harder, we were moaning so loud. He kept saying does it feel good son and I kept saying yes daddy, I wish you were my real father or grandfather and he liked that, he said yes do you like incest would you really like it if I was your real grandfather and I said yes I would love it. He sat back with his back against the head board and said come on Corey give your grandfather a hot blow job, so I sucked his cock, he was in heaven he kept moaning oh yeah and kept his hand on the back of my head pushing my head up then down. He had a drink next to his ashtray, Dewar's and water, he stood up and said try this, he dipped his cock into the drink then put it into my mouth, it was so hot, he started to smoke his cigarette again and was saying oh yeah baby this gets you hot, don't it, I said mmm hmm with his cock in my mouth, then the most unexpected thing happened.

He told me to lay flat on my back then he sat on my cock, put his hand on it and slipped it right into his ass, it was unbelievable how good it felt, he just started to ride me and fuck me we were just fucking and moaning, then he pulled off and grabbed my arm and said come here baby and pulled me into the bathroom and into the shower then pushed me onto my knees, the water wasn't on so I did'nt know what we were doing I thought he just wanted me to give him a blow job in the shower.

Then he said here son and put his cock a half a foot from my face and started to piss, all over my face down my chest and I started to scream oh my God yes daddy yes daddy and then I opened my mouth and he pissed right in it and said yes drink your daddy's piss I put my mouth all around his cock and sucked and drank it all down and started to blow him, he was moaning saying yes yes, then he said hold on and took the bar of soap and got some on his fingers and started to slowly rub then finger my ass. I said are you going to fuck me daddy and he said yes I'm gonna fuck you real good. When he put the head in I had to tell him to stop, he said ok and put it in again just real slow and just real slowly got it in, after it was all the way in he started to fuck me good, slow but steady.

Then he turned the shower on to a slow setting and hot water was hitting us, it was three thick streams hitting us slowly. He fucked me and was moaning and saying oh my god Corey oh I love this, then said I'm gonna cum and let out the loudest wale screaming unh unh oh yes I could feel the cum shooting through my rectum all the way inside me it was so forefilling it was what I needed more then anything in life I think, then he pulled it out and I could feel the hot cum all around my asshole, I loved it. He put the shower on a regular setting and we held eachother kissing and rubbing and washing, he picked me up and had my back against the wall and humped me, I wrapped my legs around him. So we shut the shower off and went into the bedroom, he said come on honey I want you to fuck me. So he took out a thing of vasaline and put some on my cock then rubbed some on his asshole, then he got doggy style on his bed and lit up a cigarette and said fuck me. So I put my cock up his ass and was moaning with pleasure enjoying it he kept pushing back on my cock.

It was getting me so hot, he kept smoking his cigarette while I fucked him, I was so hot I said I'm gonna cum and he said yes thats it give me that load, so I shot the fucking hottest load up his ass. We layed down on our backs in bliss he finished the drink he had then layed there and smoked. I thought we were done but he put his cigarette down then lifted my legs up and started to tongue my asshole it felt so good, then he grabbed the thing of vaseline and started to fuck me again, this time it was hotter because he had my legs in the air over his shoulders and I could see the look on his face while he fucked me.

He pulled it out and said suck my cock until I cum, so he layed back and he smoked his cigarette while I gave him a blow job. He was using his hands on the back of my head and moaning and saying don't stop and after awhile of sucking it real good with no warning he just started to cum in my mouth he was moaning and saying yes swallow daddy's cum. We layed there for a couple minutes then he put his cigarette out and said we better get cleaned up. As we were getting dressed he said he would call me, he had my number on the bulletin board downstairs and new it was my own private line.

We have had some good times since then, sometimes he calls and we have phone sex, or we'll meet at a hotel, it's been about 11 years now since we first fucked and we still get together 2 or 3 times a month, now that I'm older, I'm 26 now I don't really hang out with Chuck but I sure am in love with his grandfather. This is a true story, I've had a lot of hot encounters, it's wild. If your a hot older man reading this I hope you jerk off to it and cum real good, thats what I want more then anything, to make you cum. I only wish it was all over my face and in my mouth not in your hands and stomach.

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Mr. Smith

As I leaned on my hoe, I could feel the hot sun burning the skin on the back of my neck as I looked down the rows of thick green cotton plants. The end of the rows seemed miles away. I glanced ahead me. Daddy was far ahead of me chopping away at the cotton plants with sure measured strokes of his razor sharp hoe. Mama was chopping the row on his left, just a little behind him. Between them and me were old Mr. Smith and his two old spinster sisters who had moved into the tenant shack down near the creek. I should have felt shame being so slow, but I didn’t. I hated working in the fields. It was stolen time. Time taken from reading my beloved books that lined the walls of my tiny bedroom.

Wished I were in Africa. I could run away and live high in the threes and eat bananas like Tarzan.”

“Stop damn daydreaming!” I glanced ahead. Daddy was standing up looking back at me. “Get to work!” Daddy yelled.

I bent my aching back and swung the hoe across the row of cotton plants chopping regular intervals in the almost solid line of green plants. Why do they have to plant too many of them in the first place? Stupid to plant more than you need! I thought as I angrily swung the hoe. I’m going to miss the Tarzan movie on TV. Damn him, he knows that I love to watch the Tarzan movies. I told him I would work later if he would let me watch the afternoon movie. Damn, I hate him!

I swung the hoe until I thought my arms were going to drop off. Yet when I looked up the end of the cotton rows seemed just as far away. I paused and wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand. Then knowing that if daddy caught me standing up again he would yell at me, I went back to chopping cotton.

I didn’t realize that old man Smith was hoeing my row until he was practically hoeing at my feet. I paused and straightened up and looked at him. “Thanks.” I said as I stared at the short little old man with his white mop of hair sticking out from under his wide bream straw hat. “But you didn’t have to help me.” I had never seen him until last week when they moved onto the farm to work for daddy.

“Yes, I know. I just get tired of looking at my sister all the time. Come on up and keep me company.” The old man said as we walked up to where he had started hoeing my row of cotton. He stared working on his row and I stared hoeing mine. I tried to keep up with the old man. However, his hairy arms seemed tireless as he swung his hoe with almost no effort back and forth through the row of cotton. But try as I might I stared falling behind almost immediately, but then the old man swung around to my row and caught me up to him again.

“You don’t like chopping cotton, do you?” The old man said as he went back to working on his row.

“I hate it. I hate farming. I’m never going to be a farmer. I’m going to a big city when I finish school.” I told him.

“I used to live in New York City.” The old man told me.

“Really. What’s it like?” I asked. I had been reading about New York City and dreaming about ridding subways through the canyons of the city’s tall buildings.

“Exciting. There is everything you could want in the city. No matter what you’re looking for you can get it.” The old man said with a sudden far way look in his eyes as if he were somewhere else.

As the old man told me of New York, I suddenly found myself looking at him in a different light. Sure, I had always thought he was good looking, but now as he spoke so eloquently about the great city, I felt a strange attraction toward him that I had only felt before when looking at girls.

“Why are you blushing?” The old man interrupted his tale of being lost for hours on the F train to ask. Then I guess my face got even redder at having him catch me,

“Ah. Just the heat. Makes me turn red sometimes when I get too hot.” I said.

The old man reached out and touched his big calloused hand to my arm. “You should rest a spell.” He said in a kind tone that suddenly made me feel warm inside. I suddenly realized that I had never heard daddy use that tone of voice when talking to me. And the old man didn’t pull his hand away from my arm but let it linger a moment as he fell silent, waiting for my response.

“Daddy will have my hide if he catches me resting again.” I said.

“Well, he can be tough, but he’s got to see that all the work is done.” The old man said in daddy’s defense.

I nodded my head. “Yea I know.” I said as I started back to work. I sucked it up and really made an effort to keep up the old man and his two old spinster sister. I almost did, but occasional Mr. Smith would have to turn to my row and work on it a moment. And with his help I did keep pace with him. And as I chopped the green cotton plants down, I kept sneaking a peak at the old man. His strong hairy arms were having the same affect on me as looking at girls boobs. I just want to reach out and touch them and feel his hair against my hands.

Under his straw hat I could see gray thinning hair and though I had never seen him without his straw hat, I figured he must be bald. The old man turned and glanced at me catching me staring at him again. I blushed as his blue eyes met mine. He winked and I had to smile back. He smiled a toothless smile back at me. Yet, I didn’t mind him not having any teeth. In fact I suddenly found myself wonder how women like kissing me without teeth. Then I was thinking of kissing him.

The thought shocked me. I lowered my head and took out my frustration on the cotton plants as I swung the hoe relentless at the thick row of green plants, leaving gaping holes in the row of green.

But then a few moments later I was again staring at him. Suddenly I was obsessed with thinks about the old man. Why do I keep staring at him. It’s wrong what I’m feeling. God! It’s wrong. I shouldn’t be wanting to see him naked! God! Daddy would kill me If he knew I wanted to see the old man’s dick. I shook my head. But the desire to look at the old man didn’t go away. And a moment later when he turned around and started hoeing my row back toward me, I suddenly found myself staring at the old man’s crotch. And what I saw captured my eyes. Right in the middle of the crotch of old Mr. Smith overalls was a huge bulge. Why didn’t I notice it before? Guess I never looked at his crotch. But now I couldn’t keep my eyes from the old man’s crotch. I suddenly found myself wonder just how big the old toothless man’s pecker was?

I had seen daddy pecker many times. He was always taking a piss and usually didn’t bother to turn his back to me. And I usually managed to sneak a peek at his dick when he was pissing. Daddy seemed to have a longer over hang of foreskin that I did. And from what I could see of his dick it was longer than mine, but his wasn’t as thick as mine. I had often wonder just how long daddy’s dick was.

“Hey, now your doing some fine hoeing.” Old man Smith’s words broke through my thoughts.

“Thanks, but I would still be far behind if you weren’t helping me.” I said quickly glancing away from the old man’s crotch and hoping that he hadn’t noticed where I had been staring.

“Hey, that’s what friends are far. Helping one another out.” The old man said and smiled his toothless smile that for some reason I found wonderful. “I get tired of being with my old sisters. Good to work with another man.” He added.

My chest swelled with pride. I couldn’t every remember someone the old man’s age ever being so nice to me. “Thanks. I really like working with you too.” I said and felt myself blushing again.

The old man pulled along side of me and reached out one of his hairy arms and hugged me. “You’re a good kid.” He said.

I was shocked at his actions. I glanced at my father to see if he had noticed. I couldn’t tell if he had seen the old man hug me or not. The old man’s sisters had both witnessed the incident but their faces were unreadable. “Thanks.” I said as I stepped away from the old man grasp. I had loved the feel of his hair arm around my neck but I feared what my daddy would say if he saw the old man hugging me. He had told me that Mr. Smith was nothing but a pervert drunk. “I can’t get no better. Damn Negroes are too good to work on farms any more. Don’t leave nothing but white trash. You stay clear of them folks, boy. They ain’t good church going people like us.” Daddy had warned me.

Still as I worked until the sweat was pouring off me like water, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the old man. Each time he turn around to catch me up and I spotted the huge bulge in his crotch, my young dick sprung to life so much so that I feared the old man would see me getting a hard on. But he must not of, because I never once saw him staring at my crotch as if I was eyeing his.

And damn if we didn’t come to the end of the cotton rows. It was like magic to me. Here it had looked like we weren’t making any progress and then the next thing I knew daddy was telling us it was quitting time.

As we were heading out of the cotton patch, I heard the old man ask daddy if he had a spare pack of cigarettes. “Not on me. I send the boy over with a couple of packs.” The old man reached into his pocket for some money. “Never mind. We’ll settle up at the end of the week.” Daddy told him.

The thought of visit the tenant shack excited me. I hadn’t been there since black Mary moved out earlier in the year. She used to give me a slice of pound cake. I would always play like I ate it but when her back was turned I would toss it under the house.

Sure enough when we got home, daddy dug out two packs of Camels and told me to run them over to old man Smith. “I going to go look at the pond and see how the beaversare progress with their damn.” I told daddy, not wanting to have to return home right away.

“You be careful of snakes.” Mama called out from the kitchen.

“Yes, Mama.” I said. I wasn’t worried by no snakes. There wasn’t a snake alive that I could catch bare handed. Hell, Mama should know that.

I took my time walking across the fields to the tenant shack. When we first moved to the farm, we had lived in it. But the next year daddy built our nice brick home in the middle of our pecan orchard over looking the entire farm. But I had enjoyed living the old tin roofed shack. The sound of rain on the tin roof had been beautiful on rainy nights. And the old shack bordered Cooper’s Bay, and almost endless swamp where I could easily slip away to and strip naked and play Tarzan.

No body was visible when I approached the old shack. I knocked on the door and one of the sisters came to the door. There names were Ruth and Alice but I didn’t know which were which. But of the old wrinkled sisters looked alike to me.

“I got some cigarettes for Mr. Smith.” I told here. I held out the two packs of cigarettes.

“Come on in.” The old woman said not bothering to take the cigarettes. She led me through the living room, through the first bedroom to the back bedroom where I used to sleep when I was a little kid. Beside the bed was a big wash tube filled with water and old man Smith was sitting in it soaping himself. “The boy brought you the cigarettes.” The old woman said standing over the wash tube and looking down at her naked brother.

“Put them over on the dresser and hand me the bottle.” Mr. Smith ordered his sister. Then he looked over at me. “Thanks for bring the cigarettes.” He took the bottle of Four Roses Whisky his sister handed him and took a big swallow and then handed it back to her. “Get the boy a coke. And tell Ruth to get in here and bath me. The water’s is getting cold.”

As the sister left the bedroom, the old man turned to me. “Come on and sit on the side of the bed. She’ll bring you a coke.”

“I . . . I better be getting back home.” I said I glanced down at the old man crotch but the water was too high up his waist to see his crotch.

“Nonsense. Sit on the bed. I’ll finish with my bath soon and we can talk a spell.”

God! I just have to see the old man’s dick. “Yes, Sir.” I finally said and moved over and set on the edge of the bed. I had no more than taken my seat when the sister that had showed me in came back in the bedroom with a coke in her hand. “Thank you.” I said as I took the coke.

Then she left and the other sister came in. The old woman walked up to the wash tub where here brother was sitting naked in the water and reached into the water and fished her hand around between his legs a moment before coming up with a wash cloth and then a bar of soap.

I watched in awe as the old woman began to wash her brother.

She started with his face and hair, well what little he had, and moved down his body, washing one arm and then the other. She washed his back and then his chest and then his stomach.

“Stand up!” She snapped. Old man Smith slowly stood up in the wash tub. His side was facing me. Suddenly I got a profile look at his crotch and almost dropped my coke. Hanging between the legs of the old man was the biggest pecker I had ever seen. It was the size of a horse’s cock. And his balls were as big as our Hereford bull’s balls. I made the mistake of taking a swallow of my coke and suddenly found myself choking as the old woman grabbed her bother old pecker and peeled the foreskin back and using the washcloth started to wash the huge head of the old man’s pecker. Suddenly my dick was rock hard and had caused the front of my blue jeans to bulge out into a tent.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the sister calmly washed her brother enormous pecker and then took his huge balls in her hand and held them while she washed them with the washcloth. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Then he turned around and bent over and she washed his ass hole. I was breathing so fast that I feared I was going to hyperventilate when the old man stepped out of the washtub onto a foot mat.

Suddenly I hear a kettle whistling. “That’s the pressure cooker.” The old woman cried out and handed the towel she was going to use to dry her brother to me. “Dry him off for me, Honey.” She said and then she was gone.

I didn’t know what to do. But old man Smith was standing there fully expecting me to dry him off. So, I set my coke on the dresser beside his bottle of Four Roses and walked over and talking my direction from what his sister had done, I started with drying the old man’s face and almost bald head. Then moved down and dried his long hairy arms. He took my time and got a thrill of holding his hair arm in my hand as I used the towel to dry it. The feel of the thick hair against my hand caused my dick to start throbbing.

Then I was drying his hairy back. I moved the towel down to his waist. Then somehow, I found the courage to touch the towel to the right cheek of his ass. When the old man didn’t tell me to stop, I started drying first one cheek and then the other.

I paused and took a deep breath and then moved round to his front and dried off his patch of gray hair on his chest and then lowered the towel to his stomach. My hand was shaking almost uncontrollably when I finished drying his stomach and then moved the towel down to his patch of thick gray pubic hair. Then the big moment came. I’ll never get a chance like this again, I thought as I took my free and and grabbed the old man’s huge pecker. Damn, I can hardly reach around it and it’s soft. I held the old man pecker and admired it. Then before I could stop myself, I said. “Mr. Smith I never seen a man with one this big.” I looked up at him and he was smiling.

“Yea, it’s on the big side.” He said. “Got to be big. My damn sisters have cow pussies.” He said.

I almost shoot off. “It’s . . . it’s wonderful.” I mumbled but it was like I was outside of my body watching and not the one speaking. “Can I kiss it?” The boy holding the old man dick was saying. It can’t be me saying that.

“Hell, I don’t care what you do. Just don’t bit it.” The old man said as he put his hands on his hips and looked down as I knelt down on my knees in front of him. Suddenly the old man’s dick was swelling up and beginning to stand straight out from his crotch. Shit! What a fucking dick! Then my lips were touching the foreskin of the old man’s peter. It felt soft and smelled soapy clean. Before I knew what I was doing, I had the old man’s dick in my mouth and was sucking on his foreskin cloaked dick head.

“Here let me pull the foreskin back so that you can really make an old man feel good. Ain’t nothing like having another man suck your dick.” The old man said as he grabbed his huge dick and when I opened my mouth, he pulled the foreskin back over the head of his huge dick. “Now go at it, Boy.” He said grabbing me behind the head.

God! I’m really sucking the old man’s dick! I thought and then my thoughts were on not gagging as the old man pulled my head toward his gray haired crotch driving his huge dick through my mouth and down my throat. I should have gagged, but I didn’t. It seems so natural to feel the old man huge pecker sliding down my throat.

“Shit, Boy, where did you ever learn to suck dick like that. Hell the girls can’t even deep throat me and they have been sucking my old dick since we were kids.” Mr. Smith said as my lips touched his gray pubis hair.

Then I suddenly realized that both of his sisters were standing in the doorway watching me sucking their brother’s dick. And damn if their presence didn’t make me hotter for the old man. It excited me to have his old spinster sisters watching their naked brother shoving his dick down my throat. It was something that was so forbidden that it set my own dick to throbbing. Then the old man really started pumping is huge stiff dick in out of my throat like he was fucking one of his sisters.

I grabbed the old man’s huge balls and hung on as he rammed his dick repeatedly down my throat. And all the time he was fucking my mouth I was staring at his two old sisters. Having the two old women watching as the old man fucked my mouth got me so excited that my legs began to tremble. Then he old man jerked his dick out of my mouth and shot his load onto my face. And as the first gob of cum struck my chin, I shoot off in my blue jeans!

“Well, you bath me better than the girls.” Old man Smith said as he handed me the towel that I had dropped on the floor while sucking his long thick dick. “Clean your face off with this.” He added.

I stared as the old man now limp dick as one of his sisters handed him a pair of boxer shorts. The old man’s pecker hung down almost to his knees. It looked like the dick of a horse sticking out of his gray haired crotch. And even though I had just came in my jeans, I was still hot for the old man. But he didn’t pause in dressing.

“You better finish your coke and get back home.” The old man told me as he walked out of the room with his two old spinster sister following.

I didn’t both drinking the rest of the coke. I hurried out of the shack feeling suddenly unwanted. Damn! I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have sucked his dick, I kept telling myself as I turned from the shack toward the swamp. My feet carried me down an almost hidden trail to an opening in the swamp that we called Mendy’s hole. Only when I was at the edge of the black water of Cooper’s Bay did I stop and sit down on a log beside the black water.

Shit, I’m queer! The thought came like a thunderbolt our of the blue. I shook my head but the truth would go away. Then I pulled down my pants and started jacking my dick as I remembered how wonderful it had felt sucking the old man huge dick. And as I hand pumped my own long thick dick, I knew that I would suck the old pervert off again if he would let me. All thoughts of fucking girls were gone from my mind.

“Looks like your having fun.” A familiar voice called from behind me.

I glance around and there stood daddy with his reed fishing pole in one had and a coffee can of worms in the other. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from the shock of seeing my father. He’s going to kill me! The thought raced through my mind. But he just walked up and set down on the log beside me.

“So what made you so excited?” Daddy asked as he unrolled the nylon line from around his fishing pole. “You see the old pervert’s pecker. He sure has a big one doesn’t he?” Daddy’s words left my mouth hanging open. “Yea, I saw it the other day when I was fucking one of his ugly sisters. He was half drunk and stand beside the bed jacking that horse cock of his while I was fucking one of his sisters and eating the pussy of the other one.” Daddy said as he reached into the coffee can and pulled out a wiggling worm and threaded it on his hook. He didn’t speak until he had flicked his line with bated hook out into the dark water of the swamp. “Did you fuck on of his sister?” Daddy asked looking down at my dick.

Suddenly I realized that I was still holding my hard dick in my hand. “No Sir.” I answered. I wanted to lie but the truth spilled out of my mouth instead.

“What got you so hot that you’re jacking off? You see him fucking one of them?” Daddy persisted. I shook my heads. “You see one of them naked?” He asked. Again, I shook my head. “Well must have been something to make you cum in your jeans. I can see the wet spot.” Daddy added. “What was it?”

“Mr. . . . Smith was . . . He was taking a bath.” I knew even as I spoke that I should have lied to daddy.

“And that made you cum in yours pants.” He asked looking me straight in the eyes. “Now don’t lie to me.” He added.

“No Sir. He asked me to dry him off.” I admitted. I looked down at the ground.

“And what else did you do?” Daddy demanded as he suddenly stood up.

I looked up at him and he was taking his belt off. He hasn’t whipped me in a couple of years, I suddenly thought as I recalled the last time daddy had used his leather belt on me for sneaking off and going swimming in the McCallister’s Pond when I should have been in the field working.

“What else did you do to him?” Daddy demanded. “Did you play with his dick?” I nodded my head yes. “Don’t tell me you sucked his pecker too! Did you?” I nodded my head yes, as tears began to run down my cheeks.

“Pull off them jeans!” Daddy demanded.

I quickly did as he my father asked. Then when I was naked from the waist down, he said. “Bend over the log!” I did and then a moment latter I felt the sting of his belt on my ass. The pain made me pull up but daddy pushed me back down and started swing his belt as hard as he could causing red welts across the cheeks of my ass each time the belt landed.

The pain was sever! But my dick was throbbing like never before. I don’t know how to explain it. Damn it hurt but it made me horny at the same time. My dick felt as thought it was going to explode by the time daddy stopped whipping me.

“Ok! Stand up.” Daddy ordered.

I was afraid to. My dick was harder than it had ever been in my life.

“Stand up I told you!” Daddy’s voice sound like rolling thunder!

I stood up.

“Turn around!” He ordered.

I did. I glanced up at him and he was staring down at my swollen dick.

“You like sucking dick?” Daddy asked.

“I . . . Guess so.” I answered fearing to lie to him.

Suddenly daddy was unzipping his fly. I watched him pull out his long slim pecker. The foreskin on his dick was so long that it hung at least an inch over the head of his dick.

“Then suck on this!” Daddy demanded as he grabbed my heads and pulled it to his crotch. “Suck it!” Daddy order. He struck my naked ass with the belt to accent the command.

The sting of the belt drove me to open my mouth. Daddy shoved his suddenly long hard dick into my mouth. He forced it all the way down my throat. “Hell, if you could suck the old pervert’s dick you can certainly take all of mine.” And he was right. Although daddy’s dick was longer than mine was, it was wasn’t thick and I was able to deep throat it without much effort. Then as I sucked his dick, I reached down and started playing with my own dick.

“Suck it! Suck it!” Daddy called out over and over again he rammed in dick deep into my throat repeatedly. “Damn that’s good! Shit you are going to make your daddy cum. Suck it son. Suck you papa’s dick.” He cried out as he buried his dick in my throat. The moment I tasted daddy’s cum, I shot off spewing my load on the leg of daddy’s green work pants.

Daddy stepped back and glanced down at the cum on the leg of his pants. “You go home and tell you mama I’ll be there after a little fishing.” He said as he flipped his soft dick into his pants and zipped up the fly in a quick movement of his hand. “And, Rudy!” Daddy said. I stopped pulling up my blue jeans. “You say one word of this to your mama and I beat you to a hair of your life.”

“Yes Sir.” I said. “Are you mad at me?” I found myself asking.

“No.” Daddy said not looking at me. “You go on home now.”

His answer made me happy. I actually enjoyed the stinging where he had whipped me. He never acted this way toward me. He’s almost friendly. I hope he lets me suck his dick again, I found myself thinking.

The newt day we were all back in the cotton field chopping cotton. And again, old man Smith helped me keep up. I tried like hell to keep up wanting to prove myself as a man. And I did work faster than the day before. The old man seldom had to turn to work on my rows of cotton. Once he winked at me and I smiled back at him. Even daddy acted different toward me. Once when we had stop to drink some water, daddy even ruffled my hair and said. “You’re doing good, Rudy.” I felt such pride. But was puzzled that daddy was so friendly toward me. He had always been standoffish toward me. Now it was as though we were friends. In spite of my sore back I smiled at him.

And after supper daddy glanced over at me and said. “Rudy, you want to walk over with me to the tenant shack while your mama‘s doing the dishes. I promised the old man I would bring him another pack of cigarettes.

“Yes Sir.” I answered immediately.

“Beth, me and the boy will be back. I’ve got to take a pack of cigarettes over to the old man and talk to him about getting taking some of the hog to market.” Daddy said. He didn’t wait for mama’s answer. He pushed away from the table and got up. I followed him out in a state of extreme excitement and fear. Is he going to confront Mr. Smith? God! I hope not, I thought as I followed daddy down the path that led to the tenant shack.

Daddy didn’t say a word as we approached the shack. He walked up to the door and knocks loudly.

One of the sister came to the. I still couldn’t tell them apart. “Come in Mr. Cherry.” She said and smiled as she held the door open and stepped aside. “Brother is in the bedroom.”

“Has he gone to bed already?” Daddy asked as he paused.

“No he’s drinking whisky and waiting for me and Neal to get ready for bed.” The old woman said.

“Oh, I see.” Daddy said and walked into the shack. I hurried after him. Daddy entered the bedroom that used to be mine when we lived in the shack. He didn’t act surprised so I was shocked when I looked past him the see old man Smith sitting on the bed naked with the bottle of Four Roses in his left hand and a cigarette in his right. My eyes immediately went straight to the old man huge pecker. It looked ever larger than yesterday. I couldn’t believe that someone so old and small could have such a monster dick.

“You’re getting ready for bed?” Daddy asked.

“Getting ready to fuck the two old bitches.” The old man answered. He lifted the cigarette. “Just as soon as I finish my smoke. You come over to help me satisfy the two old whores, Mr. Cherry?” He asked. “They liked the way you fucked them last week.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

“Yea, but first I want to see the boy suck that big pecker of yours like he did yesterday.” Daddy said as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it through his belt loops.

“So he told you about helping me with my bath yesterday.” The old man said. He looked past daddy and smiled at me.

“Yes and I made him suck me off. Course I bet his ass first like I’m going to do again.” Daddy said as he started stripping his clothes off while still holding his leather belt in his right hand.

Why is he going to whip me again!

“Take you clothes off, Rudy.” Daddy order as he turned to face me. He was now completely naked.

“Yes Sir.” I said. Even as I pulled down my jeans, my dick started getting hard.

“Now suck the old man’s pecker.” Daddy said.

I bend down in front of Mr. Smith and the old man tossed his spent cigarette in a coffee can on the floor beside the bed and lifted his huge limp dick as my lips neared the pecker. Then daddy hit me across the ass with his belt. I gasped from the pain. My dick jerked. I opened my mouth and took the old man’s horse dick in my mouth. Then as daddy rained blow after blow upon the redding cheeks of my ass, I deep throat the old man’s dick up to his gray pubic hairs.

“Suck it boy. Suck the old man’s horse cock. Yea, take it all down your throat.” Daddy was yelling as he whipped me harder and harder with the belt. The pain made my dick swell up until it hurt as I sucked on the growing pecker of the old man. The thing was swelling up so big that I had to stretch my mouth to keep more scraping my teeth on the shaft of his enormous dick as he moved it in and out of my mouth. I could feel the old man getting close to cuming. I was ready to take his big load when suddenly daddy pulled me back.

“That’s enough.” Daddy said. He tossed the belt on his pile of clothes. “Here suck me some.”

I turned to face daddy. His dick was so hard that it was bobbing up and down. I took my daddy’s dick in my mouth as Mr. Smith called out. “You two whores get in here.”

I loved sucking daddy’s dick even more that the old man‘s. Sure I could take all the old man’s dick down my throat but with daddy’s I could do more with my tongue. I had my father moaning and hunching me so much that I thought he too was going to cum but instead he pushed me back away from him. “No! I want to fuck some.”

I hadn’t noticed that the two old sisters, completely naked, had entered the room. I watched as the old man got up from the bed and motioned for both of them sit down on the edge of the bed. Then he knelt down in front of one of the sisters, Ruth, I think, and shoved his face down between her legs and started licking her pussy.

I couldn’t believe it when daddy knelt down in front of the other one and started licking her pussy too. I had to fight to keep from cuming as I watched daddy and old man Smith eating the two old women’s pussies. I wanted to join in but I couldn’t bring myself to approach one of the ugly old women. So I just stood between daddy and the old man looking first to one and then to the other one as the sent their tongues as deep into the gaped opened pussies as they could reach.

Daddy stopped first. “Come on let me see you put that horse cock in yours.” Daddy told old man Smith.

The old man stood up but before he could stick his dick into the sister he had been eating out, daddy reached over and grabbed the old man’s dick. “Damn it so big.” Daddy said holding the old man enormous dick in his hand and admiring it. Wish mine was this big.” Daddy pulled the old man’s foreskin back exposing his huge dick pink head. “Damn what a head on a dick?” Daddy added as he started jacking the old man’s dick. But after a few pumps, he let go of it. “Fuck her. Fill her with cum. I want to eat her out after you cum inside her.” He told old man Smith.

The old man rammed his huge pecker into his sister up to his balls. The old woman took the thrust of his horse dick into her with only a loud grunt. Then the old man was fucking his sister as hard and as fast as he could. Daddy knelt down and leaned over until his face was inches from the old man’s dick as he fucked his old sister. Daddy was so close to the old man pecker that I thought he was going to kiss it. I wanted him to. But he didn’t.

It was a mighty struggle for me to keep from cuming as I watched the action. To see daddy face so close to the old man dick excited as much as watching the old man pounding his dick in his sister. Then daddy reached his hand over to the other sister and began to finger fuck here as he watched the old man dick sliding in and out of the old man sister at close quarter.

“I cuming!” The old man yelled as he shoved his dick up his sister’s pussy and held it there. “Take it bitch. Take my load.” He said holding his dick deep inside her. Then he slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy. Cum was still dripping from his piss hold as he pulled his dick completely out of her. When the huge head of the old man’s dick popped out of his sister’s pussy it flopped against daddy’s mouth leaving a trail of white sperm on daddy’s lips and chin.

Then daddy almost pushed the old man aside as he quickly buried his face in the crotch of the old woman and started tonguing the old man huge load of cum out of the old man’s sister.

“Here clean my dick off.” The old man said turning to face me. I readily got down on my knees and took the head of the old man’s in my mouth. I could taste the old woman’s pussy juices mixed with the old man’s cum. It was fun sucking the last drops of cum out of his limp dick. The big thing slid down my throat so easy. It felt so wonderful in my throat that I didn’t want to stop.

“That’s enough, boy.” The old man said pushing off from me.

I glanced at daddy and he was rising to his feet. I watched him as he moved over to the other old woman and plunged his dick up to his balls in her. Then he was humping her like crazy. And as I watched him fuck her, I realized just how nice my daddy ass looked. It was shaped like to hairy melons pushed together. And before I knew it I was kneeling behind him look straight at his hairy asshole. Then I was leaning forward and pushing my tongue out to touch the tip of it to my daddy’s hairy asshole.

I loved the tangy taste of his asshole immediately. And then as I pushed my tongue inside to experience the silky texture of the inside of his ass, Daddy went crazy. He was hunching my tongue and fucking the old woman at the same time. It was wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of daddy asshole. Then he cried out and shot off inside the old woman. And I quickly straightened up enough so that my dick was almost touch daddy’s asshole and shot a big load of cum onto my father asshole. Then will he still head his dick inside the old woman I leaned forward and licked my cum off his asshole.

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“You’re welcome back any time, Mr. Cherry.” Old man Smith called out.

“Thanks!” Daddy replied. He turned to me and put his arm around my shoulder. “Come on boy and let’s get home. Your mama will be getting mad if we aren’t home soon.