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Walter and Jake

Jake sat at the hotel bar drinking his beer. He had become tired of travelling on business from state to state, country to country. One hotel was the same as the other and the novelty had worn off. He looked over the bar at his reflection in the large tinted mirror. He was still in his blue pin stripe business suit. White shirt and light blue tie. He rubbed a hand through his thick mop of salt and pepper hair and then over his strong jaw line which now had a 5 o’clock shadow. “Not bad for 48 he said to himself as he smiled.

Jake inhaled deeply as he smelt the strong odour of cigar smoke. It was a smell that he loved and always reminded him of his granddad. He turned around to see a large stocky built man in his 60’s with silver hair and beard. He stood 6’5” smartly dressed with white crisp shirt, black waist coat and bright red tie. Jake watched as the man held the large thick cigar to his mouth and bellowed smoke from his lips.
“Excuse me sir, I am afraid you cannot smoke that in here” The barman said as he leaned over the bar towards the cigar smoking man.

“Well where can I smoke it? My room is non-smoking, the lobby is non-smoking, the bar it seems is also non-smoking”
“I am terribly sorry sir, but we do not allow smoking in the hotel bar.”
Jake watched as the man stubbed his cigar out in a saucer with a disgruntled look on his face before he reached for his whisky to take a sip. As the bar man walked away Jake approached the man.
“Excuse me sir, sorry to bother you, but I could not help but over hear. I am in a smoking room. I would be happy to share a cigar and a drink or two with you.”
The cigar smoking man gave Jake a huge grin as his large hand landed on Jake’s shoulder with a thump. “Young man I would like that. I will supply the cigars and whisky you supply the smoke friendly room.”

Jake laughed. It had been a while since he had been called young man. Jake’s room had a double bed, a small sitting area with coffee table and a bathroom. They sat at the coffee table and Jake watched as Walter held the thick cigar against his lips and sucked as he lit it causing smoke to billow out. Walter’s large stomach heaved against the waist coat as he exhaled. There was something that Jake found arousing about the smell of the cigar smoke.

“Can’t beat a good cigar and a whisky after a long day to help you relax; I thought you were going to have a cigar as well?”
“I like the smell of the smoke more than anything, I might have one a little later” Jake hoped that did not sound too strange.
They continued talking and drinking as Walter smoked his large cigar and the room filled with a light blue haze. Walter put his cigar down and stood up. “I got to piss,” he announced in his husky voice as he made his way to the bathroom.

Jake looked as Walter left the bathroom door wide open as he stood at the toilet and started to let run a strong stream of piss into the pan. He finished off and turned around as he put himself away and done up his belt.
“Sure is hot tonight” Walter commented as he made his way back to the coffee table.
“Yeah it is a bit hot to be all dressed up in a shirt and tie I guess” Jake replied.
“You mind if I take off my waistcoat and undo a few buttons on my shirt?”
“Sure go ahead no need to be formal for me,” Jake said as he watched Walter unbutton his waistcoat and toss it on the bed. His large stomach pushed over the waist of his trousers and he proceeded to take off his tie and undo his shirt buttons one by one almost down to his waist revealing his hairy chest and large rounded stomach.

“That feels better,” he said as he sat down and kicked off his black polished shoes.
“Think I will get more comfortable myself if you don’t mind,” Jake said as he stood up and began to loosen his tie.
“Hey go ahead my boy don’t feel restricted because I am in the room.”
The man reached for his cigar and looked up at Jake as he took a few puffs. Jake pulled his shirt out from his trousers and began to unbutton as he looked at the man watching him. Jake undid his cuff links and removed the shirt completely to reveal his toned, muscular chest and tight stomach. Jake inhaled the smoke into his lungs and had the urge to continue undressing. He kicked off his shoes and undone his belt and trouser button before pulling down the zip to reveal his tight white briefs.
“You don’t mind if I…” said Jake as he held on to his trouser waist band.
“Go ahead make yourself as comfortable as you want. I know I can’t wait to get out of my suit after a long day.”

Jake let his trousers drop to the floor and he picked them up and folded them neatly.
“Feel better?” the cigar man asked as he looked Jake up and down
“Much better,” Jake replied as he sat back on the couch next to Walter.
Walter looked at Jake as he breathed out a cloud of smoke which Jake inhaled deeply. As the smell filled his nose he felt his cock throb under the thin cotton briefs. Jake noticed Walter glance down at his crutch as he took another puff of his cigar and released more smoke directly at Jake’s face. Jake’s cock throbbed again uncontrollably pushing under the narrow waist band.
“Takes a lot of work to look like this” Walter said as he looked down at his own rounded stomach.

“Looks like good living to me,” Jake replied smiling.
“Yeah you could say that. You manage to keep your stomach nice and tight.” Walter commented as his hand reached over and touched Jake’s abs.
“It takes commitment and sacrifice,” Jake replied as he looked down to watch Walter’s hand as it circled his stomach muscles. Walter’s hand circled a few times and his fingers gently brushed against Jake’s waist band giving Jake goose bumps. With his other hand Walter took a big hit on his cigar and blew the smoke directly at Jake making his cock throb again exposing part of his cock head.

Walter’s hand brushed against the exposed cock head making Jake groan lightly. “Hmmm very nice young man” Walter said and then he grabbed the waist band of Jake’s briefs and lifted it up to expose Jakes hard 9” cock fully engorged. Jake shut his eyes and groaned as he felt Walter’s large rough-skinned hand grip his cock and begin to stroke it as he continued to puff on his cigar. Pre cum began to ooze out in a clear sticky stream dripping like thick syrup from his cock head, which Walter used to lubricate his hand rubbing his thumb over Jake’s piss slit.

Walter moved his head towards Jake’s face and with a mouthful of smoke he put his lips to Jake. Jake opened his mouth letting the old man’s smoky tongue explore his mouth as he felt his beard and moustache brush against his lips and chin. Jake felt light headed at the taste of the old man’s mouth and the feel of his hand still firmly gripping his cock.
The scouring of Walter’s beard against his face, the strong odour of cigars, and the fact the guy was in his 60’s was getting him so hot.

Walter pulled away and stood up. He undid his belt buckle letting his trousers fall to the floor before pushing down his cotton boxers enough to expose his hard, fat uncut cock surrounded by a mass of hair and two large hanging balls. Jake leaned forward and took Walter’s manhood in his mouth sucking as his head moved up and down while Walter groaned with pleasure. “Yeah that feels good,” Walter said with the cigar pursed to his lips. Jake reached up and caressed Walter’s large stomach as he continued to take the cock in his mouth. Jake grabbed at his own cock with excitement, but let go quick not wanting to shoot his load.

“You like the taste of my cock young man?”
Jake took his mouth off Walter’s cock just long enough to reply, “Your cock tastes great sir!”
Jake could taste the saltines of the pre cum as the foreskin drew back to reveal the swollen purple cock head. He could smell the odour of smoke on the old mans skin as he took the whole length in his mouth. Jake let out a loud groan as Walter grabbed his chest and pinched hard on his nipples, but he did not let the cock out of his mouth.

“Yeah I see you enjoy that lad. Daddy wants to fuck your arse bad.”
Hearing the old man call him lad and refer to himself as daddy only increased Jake’s excitement and he felt he would do anything it took to please this old man.
“I saw you at the bar the moment I walked in lad. I saw you dressed all smart and wondered what you looked like naked. I wondered how it would feel to fuck and pound that nice rounded arse.”
Jake gripped on to Walters’s thick thighs as he continued to suck and listen to every word. His movement speeding as Walter continued telling him how much he wanted his arse. The truth was Jake had not been fucked for a very long time. Most guys he met wanted him to do the fucking, but this big Daddy he would give his arse up to in a second. He wanted to feel his full weight on top if his bare flesh. Feel his large stomach against his back as his cock thrust deep inside.
“You are doing a good job down there lad, why don’t you lick my balls too.” Jake pulled his head from the old mans fat cock and began to tongue his large sweaty balls.

“Yeah that’s right lad just like that.”
Jake managed to get one of the large balls in his mouth and suck, but both together were too large.
“Why don’t we get you over to the bed and you can show me what a sweet arse you have to offer.”
“Yes sir,” Jake replied as he looked up.

Jake got on his hands and knees on the bed while Walter stood whisky in one hand cigar in the other. Jake reached one hand between his legs and began to finger his arse as Walter watched intently. Jake put his hand to his mouth and wet his fingers before returning them back to his hole as he attempted to get two fingers inside.
“That’s a good lad open up that arse ready for my cock.”
Jake could see the reflection of the man from the bedside mirror and could see he was stroking his cock as he watched. Jake now slid three fingers in his arse. He was excited at being watched and this made his hole open up.

“You ready for my cock lad?”
“Yes sir.”
“Are you sure lad?”
“Yes sir, I want your cock in my arse sir.” Jake said almost begging.
Jake laid flat on the mattress as he felt Walter climb on top. He felt the mans huge weight push him into the mattress and could smell his musky sweat mixed with the smell of cigar smoke. Jake tensed his muscles desperate not to cum with excitement. He felt the man’s sticky cock head probe against his hole and then gently slip inside. Jake groaned with pleasure as he felt Walter begin to move his hips and push hard into his body.
“Fuck me!” Jake pleaded under the weight of the large man.
Walter grabbed Jake’s hips and pulled him up on to his knees as he himself kneeled on the mattress. He pulled and pushed Jake onto his hard cock. “You need that don’t you lad.”
“Yes sir, I need your cock.”

After fifteen minutes of pounding Walter stepped back on to the floor. “On your back lad.” Jake quickly moved onto his back on the mattress as Walter reached for his cigar. Walter began fucking Jake again while he smoked his cigar blowing the smoke towards Jake’s face.
Jake could not hold it any more and he tensed his muscles tight as he emptied a thick load over his chest and shoulders. Jake groaned as the last drops of milk leaked out and Walter pulled out.

Walter lay on the bed and Jake started sucking his sweaty cock while rubbing his stomach as Walter continued to smoke. “Come on lad I am getting close.” Walter’s breathing became laboured and Jake pulled away as the old man emptied his hot creamy load over his large hairy stomach. Jake began to lap it up greedily from Walter’s stomach, not wanting to waist a drop of the salty spunk mixed in with body sweat.

“Damn lad that was good” Walter said as Jake finished lapping up.

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