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Two old men and me

Written by kl
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This is my story that happened in my part of my life and is 100% true. It
happened only one time and nobody knows anything about that act except that
two men and me. Perhaps these two men doesn't live anymore because that
time in the act each of them was about 70 yrs old, and that act happened
about 25 yrs ago, when i was 14 yrs old!!!

And now i decide to share that story with all of you also, i hope you'll
find it interesting and you enjoy it.

I'll start the story introducing myself, that everyone knows after all how
i was looking about. I had a thin white milky body, blonde, not so tall,
enough nice face and especially a pretty white ass with no one hair, the
unique hairs which i had on that time was front turn around of my cock but
little, blond and very soft.

I was very sexual child and i remember from the time of 12 yrs old i had
sexual imaginations like a gay, most of the time i thought that some old
man will come to fuck me and so many times i enjoy dry masturbating so much
when i put different kind of objects in my ass,like pens,brushes,night
lights etc.

On that time when i was 14, and the years was difficult if you want to find
and learn something erotic or pornofilm, without internet, i stoped many
times out of a porno cinema through my way back to home after school to see
some sex photos from the advertisements.

One time of all i was out of that cinema finish the film and the people was
coming out,and some old men saw me and was coming near to me looking the
photos also.I was disturbed a little and when the rest of people left he
said to me that it was almost impossible for me to go in the cinema to see
such things in my age and i must waiting some more years this can happen.
He said also to me that he had a projector 8mm in his home and many films
of that kind.

Suddenly like a storm i didn't hesitate and i ask him where he is living
and if is possible to see some.

He said why not, i'm living near enough 10 min by foot and we can go now if
you want, what 'ya say?

I said directly ok, let's go! (i couldn't keep myself, i was so hot when i
think about it ), as we start to go.

He was living in a small lonely home with one room and a toilet, the room
was full of things and i wonder where must be the projector, while i saw
him to take out down of bed. All this time my heart was ready to be broken
what i have to see after a little, i was also little affraid that i was
with some very old man about 70 yrs old very tall,little white hairs turn
around of head very big hands white beards not so much fat but big belly
enough and finally my parents knows nothing about it, but i had some excuse
that i was with my friend Nicolas.

Finally he start the first film and i was so surprised and affraid because
i saw him in film to fuck a small boy in the ass with a big enough cock i
saw that boy almost screaming from pain and my lips dried from that film. I
saw pain but i felt my cock start to be bigger. That old man (i can say him
Joe) start speak to me and explain that he make that all his life to the
boys and he is expert about it also to make it first time to them. He
explain me that these films are about 15 yrs old and these boys are married
now, but they enjoy it so much to fuck with him.

He was blow my mind with all this hot conversation and what i see my small
cock was extend enough and i felt to have some kind of itching in my ass.
After a little said to me that he would like to make it also to me, and i
start to feel unconfortable a little, he said if is possible to put down my
shorts to see my buttocks if looks like that boy in the film, i say nothing
and he said it second time. All that time i would like to see in reality
his cock, in film was wonderfull with a special scheme, looks like an 'S' a
little (as i know now that scheme of cock was perfect for ass fucking), and
i said to him ok I'll saw you my buttocks but you saw me your snake, ok?
and i start to put down my shorts, i was like drunk in that time. He was
coming near to me and start touch my buttocks with his big fingers and
touch very soft my small hole, while i felt something like electric through
my body,i was in ecstasy of feelings.

I would like never stop to touch me when he moves his mouth to my ass and
start licking my excited hole.

I felt his hot heavy breath near to my hole so much while my face was
turned to looking that film.

Suddenly he stoped turning to me and saying that my little ass was smelling
ready for fucking, that was true but i didn't estimated something like
that, that's why i said to him that he is older than film and is not good
for him.

Nice excuse he said, don't worry about me, i'm ready for you and i have
long time to be with a boy nice ass, more than 8 months, what 'ya say? Are
you virgin? Don't worry i have enough experiances for virgins, let's do it!

Saying these last words he stand up and he start unbutton the fly from his
trouser and he pop out his big snake.

It was first time for me to see someone else cock in reality, i was in
shock and it was in semihard condition when he order to me to start kissing
the cockhead softly. I knew that i couldn't go back now and all these
imaginations that i have when i'm alone in home will be reality after a
little, and i want it badly.

He had an uncut cock and very skinny, the cockhead was so big and red
shining color like a big mushroom but the rest of shaft was thin maybe my
cock diameter was more thick after all and full extend was 7 in about.

We went in a double bed that was in that room and i start licking that big
cockhead that suddenly i couldn't put it in my mouth because was so
incredible big, i start to be affraid how is possible that old man want to
fuck me with that big cockhead if i'm virgin yet? I was ready to say him
the next time we will see but he said to trust him because as i saw in film
i was not the first virgin for him, and he order me to be on the bed on my
knees and hands like an animal, we will make it like the dogs and he was
going to find some lubricant for my ass.

When he coming back he put enough gel in my ass and he said that the time i
was imagine long time before was coming now and i will feel a kind of pain
somehow but it will be for little and only until his big cockhead pass my
opening and plop in, after that i will enjoy all the senses in my
intestines and i will pray for more!

I was in stress for what was ready to happen and he said to me that i had a
nice white small ass that anyone would like to fuck it, but now i must
relax and let free my sphincter enough.

Saying that i felt something so big pushing to my ass, i gasp a little,
after four or five tries he stop and put more gel in my ass and on his
cockhead, now was ready for the second turn.

Joe tried again and again to put his cock in my asshole and sometimes i was
ready to screaming from that pain, he said to me only that i can scream
free from here nobody will listen me and i start thinking what i'm doing
right now and i gave my small body and virgin ass to an very old man to
take my cherry. Thinking that i was ready to say him to stop and i leave to
my home but something keep me there, something that i can't understand.

Joe continue his trying to my ass so hard sometimes with his cock, and now
his last tries he was so strong to my ass, something like he was angry to
my asshole because we didn't let his cockhead to go in, and he push so
strong that i felt his cockhead to start go in slowly and to stretch my ass
more and more. I thought that he open me two pieces with his strong cock
and suddenly plop and that cockhead was inside to me. Ahhhhhh, i was ready
to cry from that pain and Joe stay like statue without ant move with his
big cockhead into my ass keeping strong my hips with his big hands, sure
thinking that i have to go nowhere if i think to pull my asshole away of
his cock.

All that time that stayed on that position I thought that his cock was two
times bigger and i said to him to pull it out of my ass for a little and
after we try it again but he respond ''you cannot go back now, you are here
to fuck you and i will do it till you feel my big balls start be empty in
your bowels'', after that i swallow my spit I put my head down and look
straight to my belly, i saw two big balls of him full of white hairs and i
wonder if that balls are sure full of cum!

I thinking this and he start to push more inside to me, that was no problem
because as i said before that cock was very thin the unique problem was his
big cockhead. Little moves back and front i start feel his entire cock all
the way in my ass, i was sure about that because i felt his curled white
hairs to tease my ass chicks a lot.

In that time i start like that feeling in my ass and start enjoy it, i
listen someone tried to put a key in the keyhole of the door to coming in
our room. Directly from instict i try to go far away of my partner and
nobody see the act but Joe keep me from my hips so strong and pulling me
little high my knees was on the air with his cock all the way into my ass,
i couldn't do nothing, finally the door was open and i saw another old man
looking to us with a bottle of beer in hand, he looks a little drunk, he
close the door directly and walk near to us.

He was the same about 70 yrs old more fat than Joe with a big belly and big

Joe didn't say to me that he live together with another man before, now
appear red color to my face, i was in shame but that man (i can say him
Jack) let the beer down and came near to me looking my streched ass and
said ''Oh Joe, very good work!'' and Joe respond ''He was virgin'' and Jack
start also to unbutton his fly saying ''Do you want more company my boy?''
I said ''no, go away!'' But he didn't listen to me, he was coming up in bed
front of me and try to put his dirty cock smelling of pissing beer in my
mouth, for the moment i resist but Joe start working in my ass stronger and
faster and i open my mouth from pain, suddenly Jack find occation to push
his cock all the way in my mouth. His cock was more normal but more thick
than Joe and a good 6 in.

He start to be also big and i felt myself unable to do something, i was
their prostitute on that time.

Suddenly Joe pull all the way out his cock with an ahhhhh when his big
cockhead was going out and his place took Jack, as he push so strong his
cock also all the way in to me, when i start crying from so much pain.

Joe front of me said ''don't crying, and start to enjoy it, Jack will fuck
also good'', and he push his cock in to my mouth.Jack thrust so strong and
fast and start to be at the top of pleasure, while his balls start moving
high and send his lovejuice mixed from cum and beer far to my bowels, i
felt it, it was so hot in to me.

At the same time Joe order to me ''open your mouth enough, i'll cum inside
to your mouth.'' While he said that and he had only his cockhead in my
mouth,the way looks like he locked me because back of his cockhead was my
teeth i couldn't lieve from that position and only i must wait for his cum
which in seconds must be there.

Jack pull out that moment his cock and i felt empty, i was so much streched
in my ass that my asshole stay open and i felt the cold air inside, at the
same time Jack push his cock back to my ass again all the way and stay

Joe now was in point without return, he call me attention, i'm coming! And
the first spurt targetting the back of my throat and was continue down to
my throat, the second,third and all the rest of spurts make my mouth full
of fat cum like honey, finally that big balls of Joe was empty in to my
mouth. He took out that smaller cockhead of my mouth and that time i felt
something else so much hot in my bowelsfrom Jack cock which was already in
to me.

I thought that he was cumming second time, and the feeling was unbelievable
good and long time,after that pull it out and a big stream of yellow liquid
was coming out of my asshole, he was pissing in to me so much.

I couldn't say nothingabout it, i felt so tired and i want to go home, all
that adventure seems to be for so long time but everything happened so
quick. The only problem i had was with my asshole, i felt my ass burned, so
sore and i couldn't use my asshole muscles, so the hole stay almost open in
that time. Iwas thinking only how i was lucky and doesn't live there a
third man with them.

The men said that they enjoy it so much and they need to use my young body
onother one time, and it depend it of me.

At the same time when they said that, Jack was coming back of me and start
licking my asshole and as it was almost open my hole he put his tongue all
the way in to me and gave me so much pleasure, it was wonderfull,the cure
for a burned ass.

The most bad thing in my situation was that nobody make something for me
and i couldn't not cum also!

All this act happened for 1 hour and 30 minutes about i estimated so
without watch but was looks like year to me.

When i left from there to come back in my home i had problem all the way
with my asshole, i felt that i can't walk because everything will fall down
of me and i start feel better after a week of relax.

I didn't come back to them never again, it was the first and the last time
that someone fucks me, from that time i stop to have such imaginations with
other men, now i'm living a normal straight life like most of people.

That was my realy story, I hope you enjoy it as i enjoy when i wrote the
Thanks and have a nice time!

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