Sonntag, 16. März 2014

The Picnic

Written by Buddymo

It was such a beautiful fall afternoon, my favorite time of the year. I had packed a picnic lunch and driven down to the park by the river which had been renovated last year and boy had they really did a wonderful job. They had built many pavilion's and campsites overlooking the winding river. The serenity was overwhelming to me. I found a nice place with a table and grill and sat for a long while just taking in all the splendor. I started a fire in the grill with some wood that I gathered near by. I had packed some hotdogs so I set out to cut me a stick or two to roast my weiners over the fire.

There was a large family having a what looked like a reunion at one of the larger pavilion's...but they seemed to be packing up to leave. There was only one motor home in the park. It was a huge one at that. It must have cost a bundle. I noticed an older man standing outside the motor home, working on his genarator. I found my hotdog sticks and whittled them up sharp and in a few moments those hotdogs were sizzling .A hotdog taste much better roasted over wood coals, outside (everyone should know that). A voice from behind me spoke out " Them smell mighty good son! " I turned to see the old man walking toward me. "Yes sir , and they taste better than they smell ......Would ya like one? " " Why sure son, I believe I will thank you" I handed him a bun and slid the hotdog off the stick into his bun. A little squirt of mustard and he was good to go. I handed him a cup of lemonade to wash it down with. The old man gobbled his hotdog like up like a kid then said.

Ah!!!! the simple things in life"

They’re good huh?" I said as I handed him another

"Very good come out here often?"

"Well...not as much as I want to.....I think I could live out here and never grow tired of this place" “Me too......that’s why I bought the motor home....I love getting away from it all"

"That must be really nice, wish I had one.......Do you bring your family along?"

" Well, I'm divorced...10 years now...all the kids grown and gone....just me....and that’s the way I like it..ain’t no woman gonna get her fuckin claw's in me again" His face showed the resolution of his statement. You could tell he could care less about a women at this stage of his life. As we sat there eating....I couldn’t take my eyes off of him...He was a beautiful old blue eyes that twinkled.....ruff and rugged lines in his face coupled with a smile that made my heart flutter.....his big belly looked so inviting....his shirt was only held together by half it's buttons...his chest covered with the longest white hair...the heat of the day showed in the cleavage of his big tits and his armpits.......oh my!....was I in heaven!...I was ready to throw the best tasting hotdog in the world nibble on his double chin....(I wish)... I love a man white a full head of silver white hair, and his was extraordinary. We sat and talked for the better part of two hours . At last the evening was upon us. In conversation I had found out that he played guitar. He invited me in for a glass of wine and a little pickin and grinning. His motor home was very nice...real cozy....We had a great time pickin and singing some of the old country tune's.....The wine had made me a little tipsy, and I showed out a bit...he really ate it up.....were having a genuinely great time." Ah...I haven’t even asked you what your name is ,” I’m Buddy.”

“Chuck here, I’m sure glad we met son. I have not made many friends lately and I enjoy your company.”

“Well Chuck, this has really been a very nice evening....I hate to see it end, but I guess I need to get on back home."

" Well, Bud, I haven’t had a better time since I can remember......sure you have to go?....... I got plenty of room sleep's eight ."

“Well , I really don’t have any plans for tomorrow. I do hate driving at night too"

" I'd love to have you stay if you like" "OK...I guess I will ".....We sat there at the kitchen table and finished the bottle of wine while solving the problems of the world.... He told me about how his wife would never go down on him and that it was something he thought he would have liked. His wife had left him for her doctor and he was floored by the whole situation.

" Do you ever get lonely staying by yourself Chuck?"

" Aww..well...sometimes...but I've gotten kinda use to it."

" Yeah, I'm the same way...been by myself ever since college... "

“A good looking young man like you heck. I’d think you’d have a string of girlfriends?"

" Naw....I haven’t really dated all that much.... Uh...I guess I need to tell you something.... .... uh.....I 'm gay, Chuck... I..ah... I .....hope that's ok”.

'' Well son, I always each his own....I had a friend in the Navy that was gay....heck...I reckon he was my best friend...we know... did anything.....well he jerked me off a few times...but that was it...well he did suck me one time but I didn’t suck him back and that’s been many years ago....I guess I understand a little about being gay.... "

“ Well this might be a bit confusing to you ....but I am only attracted to older men....I don’t know why...That's just me and how I feel inside....."

“Is that right......Do you have an older fella that you see?"

"Naw. I just dream about meeting someone... one of these days .I don’t know where are all the older gay men are hiding.....I just don’t know how to approach a man I guess.... affraid I might get my nose broken....I’ve never been to a gay bar or anything."

Chuck laughed out loud " Well you found me ,didnt you?"

" Thats not fair, your teasing me"

" Bud, I still get horny ya know.......just because there's frost on the chimney..don’t mean there ain’t fire down below"

"What does a older man do for sex.... you said no woman will ever tame you you jack off still?"

" Sure I do...everybody does.... I get off two or three times a week maybe....I usually get me a little "corn huskers" lotion and slide it up and down real good..or when I’m in the shower I soap it up good and give it a good going over."

" You wouldn’t let me watch...would you" (I said joking).

"WATCH! With my arthritis . . . I'll let you do the jerkin if you want to."

My heart stopped beating......then started again only to beat a thousand times a second. He had meant what he said.

“Bud...I'm gonna take a hot shower. Would ya like to join me?" "Sure, I'm right behind ya".

How lucky could I be. Chuck was the epitome of a BIG SASSY GRANDPA and he was primed for action. I was nervous and almost hyperventilating as turned to me in the narrow hallway and reached out to put his hands on my shoulders and said I’s son we’ll take it slow.\

We both helped each other undress and I followed him into the steamy hot shower...his body was awesome. Big heavy tits and long nipples. The water rippling down his snow white chest hair made me swallow hard.. in a moment the hot water had turned his skin pink and the thick lather of soap looked like a snow drift, as the water washed it down over his huge belly as I soaped him up .I looked into his eyes which were blue as the sky. I moved my lips to meet his and took his mouth into mine as my hands slid over his tits then wrapped around him to pull him close to me. Man! Was this nice. I kissed his eyelids as the water splashed over us.

He turned and handed me the soap and asked me to wash his back. I could hardly hold the soap as I rubbed it over his back. I clawed at his back as I scrubbed I. I worked my way to his lower back then down to the top of his ass. And when I saw how much he was enjoying it, I grabbed his ass cheeks.. Like dough I kneaded them. I lathered up my hand and plunged it into his ass to clean that hot hole. When done I dropped to my knees, spreading his cheeks wide. I licked his hole as the water ran down his crack.. Slurping and sucking,darting my tongue inside his hot butthole, flicking and twirling my tongue as he groaned in pleasure. “

Ohhh!!!! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh! Yesssssss! Do it son!”

I covered his hole with my mouth and sucked and tongue fucked his wet hole making him groan louder. I reached down and grabbed his wet balls and stroked and coddled them. What a bull sack he had.. I was eating his sweet Grandpa’s hole. like a aged prime rib and savoring every second. I reached in front of him to find his big cock. It was hard as concrete. I turned him around to take it in my mouth..What a LOG he had,.uncut and very thick and the head looked like a portabella. I took his cock in my hand as I licked and kissed his belly nudging my nose against his belly button working my mouth down to his pubic mound, chewing and slurping the water matted silver hair, rubbing the side of my face along his hard cock

His dick throbbed up and down ready to be devoured . took the head in my mouth sucking it, making circles with my tongue. I clawed the front of his thighs as I took his cock deeper in my mouth. I started to suck it with long strokes now, reaching up to claw at his chest and nipples. He was hunching his meat toward me, feeding that hunk of grandpa cock to his boy. His cock was so HARD! Water splashed in my face as I took all of his cock in my mouth. He threw his head back and arched his back as I sucked faster. I was bobbing my head like crazy on his sweet wet dick. His legs trembled as he hunched forward. He was fuckin my mouth good. I reached around to grab his ass cheeks pulling his body to me. He reached down to guide my head. My throat was full of thick sweet Granddaddy cock. I breathed threw my nose to take it al. His cock was steamy sweet and red as a beet. I deep throated him as best I could. His cock swelled in my throat and he started to buck at my mouth now, shoving it deep as I could take it. I squeezed his ass cheeks harder as he held on to my head.. He was grunting like a bull. His balls slapping my chin as he hunched my mouth. His cock tasted so good. I gulped it down.

Faster and faster he shoved forward.. Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhh!!! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! His leg's started to part a little bit, and he hunched even faster. Mmmmmm! Oh BUD!!! I sucked and clawed at his knees. My lips at the base of his bazooka. I pulled him into my mouth. He threw his head backward and moaned wildly jerkin his pelvis I loved this hot meat. Hee tasted so good. I closed my eyes and twisted my head from side to side to set him off!

“Ohhhh! Yessssss! Mmmmmm! Oh!! Buddy!” He rammed his hard LOG stabbing it deeper in my mouth. “Ohhhh! What a blistering rod. He was smoking my lips with it now.\

“ I'm cumming son!” I felt his load bursting out of his cock and filling my mouth. I swallowed and sucked hard as he jerked and hunched.. I squeezed his cheeks again pulling him tight against me. His hair was wet and hanging in his face as he fucked my mouth. Water dripping off his big bushy white moustache. His face flush he really loved this. I softly squeezed his balls and tugged at them gently as his cum spewed out thick creamy, grandpa cum. I wanted it all and sucked harder to get it. I ran my hands down the back of his legs while he shuttered and held on to the back of my head. He bent his knees slightly as I slurped and devoured his cock. Iit was growing soft now, but I milked it like a little lamb. Shaking my head from side to side, chewing on the abundance of foreskin that developed. What a sweet cock the old man had. It was a prize, my prize. He would never forget this moment. I would make sure of it. I reached up to jiggle his belly as I smacked on his balls. He didn’t have a drop of cum left in his groin. Every now and then he would still jerk. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed it, then sucking the head again

" No! No!....I can’t stand it.....ummmm...aaahhh! Boy your something else" He looked down at me with the happiest smile. He was beaming from ear to ear. He could hardly stand his legs were so weak.

I dried him off and then myself with his help and then walked him toward the bedroom. We both lay down in his bed. I pulled the quilt over the both of us and snuggled up to him he opened his arms to hold me close to his breast. I was in heaven. He slowly rubbed my cock and worked the foreskin up and down, pulling it to meet his belly and rubbing it against his belly button. He rolled it around and around his navel. I hunched forward, fucking it like a little pussy. He squeezed my cock in his strong hand. I kissed him deep and began sucking his mouth. I held his tits and cupped them using my thumbs to flick his big nipples.

I kissed my way to his super tits and began to suck them. You talk about being content! This was awesome for me. I just adored having this man in my arms. Heaven can’t be better I though to myself. He moaned and stroke my hair as I nursed his nipples. His thick white chest hair felt so good against my nose. Chuck motioned to me and rolled over and asked me to rub his back. I make a fist and then ran it up and down his spine to sooth his back. I rolled him onto his belly and straddled one of his legs and continued to knead his back. His shoulders were so wide and strong looking. This was THE granddaddy of them all as far as I was concerned. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard. Slowly I would move my cock closer to him with each progressive knead of my hands. As I got closer he began to bend one knee.

His beautiful ass was mesmerizing as I stared down at it. Its was small compared to the rest of his body. He reached up to grab a bottle of hand lotion from the head board and at the same time my cock head bumped his as crack. I heard a faint moan from him but didn’t think it was a voice of pleasure. He handed me the lotion and I put a small amount on my hands to warm it up before rubbing his shoulders with it. The more I rubbed his shoulders the closer my cock came to his crack. All at once I feel him push his ass to me. It was no mistake either. I could NOT believe this!! Without saying a word I let my cockhead fall in his crack and keep rubbing his shoulders. He didn’t object to my cock being in the outer crack. This WAS to good to be true! Before I knew it the head was right at his hole and boy was it hot against my cock. My cock melted as the head slipped in his hole My percum had flooded his crack by now and there was no turning back. His clean body now coupled with his mature manly scent made me light headed. I love the smell of a senior man and yes there is a difference from other men. Wow, was this a dream? I eased the tip of the head of my cock in his hole and thought I would spew right then and there. He cleared his throat and as he did he also gave his butt another push toward my cock. His arms were folded under his chin as he lay relaxed. I pushed my cock in about an inch further and he matched that by pushing a toward me two inches more! It was TIME TO FUCK now! I slowly pushed my cock deeper and started to fuck this granddaddy tight ass. If I had died the next few seconds , well my life would have been worthwhile to have had the chance to have my cock inside such a sweet, hunky handsome mature man. I didn’t want to hurt him so I slowly fucked him with caution. He didn’t make a sound. Each time I would stop for a moment I would feel his ass quiver in anticipation of my next thrust. I wanted this to last forever but his asshole was so hot it was like my cock was on fire and with each stroke it grew even hotter.

God was this good. I let my shoulders and torso fall backward as I pushed my pelvis to his hot asspie. His hole opened up wide now and I closed my eyes and pinched my nipples as I fucked him more freely now. His ass grabbed at my cock as I got even deeper. I asked him d”Are you ok?”

“Yes son. That feels good.. I’ve never done this you know.”

“Tell me if I am hurting you Chuck.”

“ No son you can give it too me faster if you like.” “ Mmmmm yes son like that’s the way. I never thought I would let a man fuck me, but you, you make it feel so good.”

I let my cock find the deep end of his pool and started fucking him with longer strokes now. He moaned loudly and began to push his butt to me meet my pace.

“Oh yesssssssss, Bud that’s the spot. Hit it again son! “Ahhhhhhhh! Yessssss Son! I gave him every inch I had . My cock was on flames now and my balls ready to explode. “Uh Uh Uh!” I shoved it as deep as I could go and he moaned again he was loving my dick in his ass. “Ohhhhhhh yesssss, oh! YESSSSS! I was hitting bottom with every thrust now and felt my cum against his passage as it shot out like a skud missle.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Ohhhh yeah!” I called out as I held his hips for a few strokes then reached for his shoulders. My cum splashed in his butthole as I bent forward to kiss the back of his neck.

“Uh uh uh! Oh son! Yesss!” His hole sucked me in further still as my load bubbled inside him. I had shot more cum than I ever remembered shooting in my whole life. I rubbed his back until I felt my cock soften. I dropped to the bed and he turned over to grab me in his strong arms. He held me close and kissed my like I’d never been kissed before .I lay there in his arm's. exploring his body with kisses. He pulled me to his chest kissing the top of my head caressing me with his arms. He held me ever so tightly. What a sublime comfort. He caressed me like his baby boy. We were soon falling into a deep heavenly slumber.