Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

My Uncle Larry

My parents went on vacation and left me with my uncle Larry. I was just fifteen years of age and he wasn’t my real uncle but we all called him that. He was my father’s aunt Donna’s second husband. Aunt Donna died a few years previous. As a family we had spent many vacations at their summer cabin and I never forget seeing him in those sky blue swim shorts. He had the best ass I’ve ever seen on an older man. My parents left me with Larry for a week; little did I know how different this week would be.

My first day there was like every other day I spent on Lake Ashland. I went swimming, fishing and went out on their little sailboat. We had a nice barbeque with hamburgers and corn on the cob. We always ended the day with a sauna. Larry had this great sauna with redwood walls and water to pour over the rocks to create steam.

In the sauna was just like every other time. As soon as you would get too warm you would go out and jump in the lake. Things started heating up when I noticed Larry with his eyes closed. He was wearing the sky blue trunks and had sweat running down his chest. Uncle Larry had a chest full of gray hair; I believe he was about sixty at the time, and a wonderful head of gray hair that was slightly receding. He had his head back and appeared to be sleeping though I knew he was not. I finally had a chance to really take a long look at him. Even though he had a lot of chest hair he had almost none on his arms and legs. I stared at his crotch trying to figure out what it looked like and how big it was. My cock was starting to get hard when I looked up and noticed he was looking back at me. He had a small grin on his face. I was so embarrassed I got up and said, “I’m jumping in the lake”. I quickly left, my heart beating a mile a minute. I went down to the dock and jumped in.

A thousand thoughts were going through my head. Did he notice me looking at him? Why was he grinning? Would he say anything to my parents? And then I saw him coming down to the lake. He jumped in and acted like nothing had happened. I was relieved but still a little nervous. As time went on I calmed down. We got out of the lake and went inside and changed into dry clothes. He made popcorn and we watched TV. He mentioned how good the sauna was for his back and that he wished Aunt Donna was still here to give him massages. He said she used to give them to him right before bedtime to help him sleep. I couldn’t help but think how much I wanted to give him one and then I offered; “I’ll give you a massage”. He replied; “no Teddy, it’s too much trouble”. I said to him; “ I don’t mind, but you’ll have to show me how”. To my surprise he said; “well alright then, let’s do it in the bedroom”. He doesn’t know how much I wanted to do it in the bedroom!

I stood in the bedroom next to his bed as he walked in wearing only a towel. I could tell he had nothing on underneath. I said to myself; “drop the towel, drop the towel”. He walked past me and lay down on the bed, belly down, opening the towel at the last minute so it was just lying on top of him. I could not believe what was about to happen. I was going to put my hands all over him. To him it was just a massage, to me it was the closest thing to sex I’ve ever had. While he was enjoying his massage I was enjoying his ass. When I knelt on the bed I caught a quick shot of his balls and I felt my loins start to stir. He said; “Donna used to start at the shoulders and work her way to the lower back”. I wondered how far they really went. As I started I asked him; “How’s this”. He answered; “just great, keep it up”.

I knew I would have no problem with that. I worked my way down his back and each time I made it to the towel I pushed it down a little until the crack of his ass was showing. My cock by then was tight in my pants and I wanted to relieve the pressure. I was straddling him and when I worked on his shoulders my bulge was rubbing his ass. Every time I went back to the shoulders I made sure to kneel on one side of the towel and every time it moved to the side a little bit more. The towel was barely covering his butt when he asked me to work on his legs. He said; “start above the knee and work your way up”. I backed down and started to work. I could see his big balls lying between his legs, what a sight. I was in dreamland. I knew this would be great jack off material for years to come.

As I reached the top of his legs I would let my finger lightly touch his balls. The first time he didn’t make a sound but the next time he let out a soft “mmmm” and spread his legs just a pinch. The towel was almost off so I went to work on his shoulders one last time and managed to expose his butt. When I went back to working on his legs I froze, there was the most excellent ass I had ever seen and he didn’t seem to mind the towel gone. Now each time I neared the top of his legs I leaned forward, my face inches from his ass. I wanted to kiss it but I was too afraid.

Just then he adjusted and lifted his ass enough to touch my nose. I know he felt it but he did nothing. I worked my way back up and this time I stuck my tongue out as if to lick him. I’m not sure why I did this. I had never done anything more than jerk off with the neighbor kids but at that moment I knew I wanted to tongue his butt. I think he could feel my breath on his ass because at that moment he lifted his ass up and touched my tongue. I backed off a little and he didn’t, he just stayed with his ass in the air and he spread his legs a little more. I wasn’t sure what to do, I know what I wanted to do and I thought I’m just going to start and if he stops me fine, who could he tell, he’s lying here naked with a minor.

I leaned forward and slowly kissed him on the butt. He let out a soft moan and spread his legs inviting me in and I dove in headfirst. I started licking him madly like it was my first ice cream cone. I went straight for his asshole and licked and darted my tongue in and out while he continued to push his ass in the air. I reached down and grabbed his balls and in an instant he was up on his knees. I stopped and for the first time saw his cock. What a beautiful sight hanging down between his legs. I bent down and started licking his seven inches from the head up between his balls and stopping at his hole. I must have done this thirty or forty times. Then I could hear him breathing louder. I grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off while I continued to tongue his ass. I then turned him over and went down on him. His whole cock was in my mouth so far I could touch his balls with my tongue. He let out a loud moan and I knew he was going to blow. I felt the first burst so warm against my tonsils. I wanted to taste his load so I backed off and let him cum on my lips and tongue. He must have shot ten times and the last shot he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it all the way in. He lay back on the bed and I let the cum sit in my mouth. Finally I swallowed. He turned over on his belly and said; “ cum on my ass”. I was naked in an instant and in an instant came all over his ass. A few shots went up his back. Exhausted I sat back and just stared at that beautiful man. I could not believe what had just happened and was sure it would never happen again. I grabbed the towel and wiped him off. He asked if I wanted to sleep with him and I said yes. He was sleeping in seconds but I could not sleep a wink.

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