Dienstag, 11. März 2014

My First Grandpa

My first experience with a man's cock came in the late 70's during the
summer of my fifteenth year. I was no stranger to having fun with a guy,
but up until this time it had been limited to mutual blow jobs with my
neighborhood best friend. I don't remember ever thinking about having fun
with anyone else, especially not an adult, and I did not know there were
places men went looking for relief which leads me to my first experience.

I lived in a small southern town and during the summer I worked at a small
amusement park in the city park. It was mainly for children and teens, but
for a small town it was fun and it gave me a chance to earn some money
during the summer. The down side was it was usually hot and humid and we
had to wear a candy ass shirt with jeans. Not something you would wear
unless you were being paid to.

I lived nearby so I rode my bicycle to work and I was not about to wear my
work clothes any longer than I had to. Since there was no place to change
at work I decided to take my shorts and t-shirt to a nearby park restroom,
a rarity in today's parks. I do not remember going into this restroom
before so I fully expected to go in, quickly change and be on my way to
meet friends. Little did I know that a whole new and exciting world was
getting ready to open for me in the next ten minutes.

This was a classic park restroom. When you walked through the squeaky door
there were stalls on the right that you walked past to get to the urinals
which were shielded from the door by the stalls. Looking back it was
optimal for deviant behavior, of which I had no idea went on outside of my
friend and I helping each other take the edge off our always hard teen

The first thing that I noticed was the smell. It was a mixture of stale
piss and what I would later learn was the scent of dried cum and man-sex.
My cock stirred at the smell, probably because at fifteen anything made my
cock stir. Having come in from the bright sun my eyes were still adjusting
as I walked back to the urinal area where I would have room to change. I
was surprised by a man standing at the urinal using the restroom, or so I
thought. He was probably in his sixties, slim and clean cut. He looked
like anyone's Granddad. We exchanged hellos as I took my clothes out of
the bag and changed my shirt, but I could not really see too much detail as
my eyes were still out of whack. As I changed and we made small talk about
working at the park my eyes adjusted and I became aware that he had not put
his cock away. That and the scent of the place combined to make my cock go
to full mast. Now I was in a tough spot. I needed to change into my
shorts but was at full tent. I decided to go for it and attempted to make
it a quick exchange, but the fashion of the time was too tight
short-shorts, and the combination of my hard cock and the tight shorts did
not lend itself to speed and I was busted.

The old man laughed and said something about having a problem. At this
point he turned towards me and I caught my first glimpse of his hard cock
as he walked the few steps toward me and took my cock in his hand. He said
something about needing to direct my dick down the leg of my shorts, but
honestly I was in a fog staring at his cock while he fondled mine. It was
obvious my cock was not going to go down my shorts leg so he used it to
pull me over to the urinals where anyone who came in could not see us.
When we got there he took my hand and placed it on his cock. I still
remember it because it was my first adult cock and it seemed to hypnotize
me as I stroked it. It was also the first uncut cock I had ever seen and I
was enjoying the combination of his hard cock and the soft skin. It seemed
much larger than mine but actually it would probably be considered a tad
larger than an average cock. The partial hood went back and forth over the
head as I stroked it and it was sticking out of his open fly presenting a
nice frame for his cock and hairy balls.

We were both enjoying the moment but he wanted more and I remember him
placing a hand gently but firmly on the back of my neck and applying
downward pressure to guide me towards his manhood. I was mesmerized as the
head came closer to my mouth and offered no resistance as I dropped to my
knees. As the head penetrated my mouth I was instantly overwhelmed with
lust. A few minutes earlier I came in to change my clothes, and now I was
down on my knees sucking the cock of a complete stranger who was old enough
to be my Granddad.

As I was absorbing the first salty taste and musky but clean aroma of my
first adult cock, my new friend had both his hands on my head slowly
pumping his cock in and out of my mouth a few inches at a time. I probably
was not very good at it even though I had practice sucking my friend's tool
several times a week, but I am sure for him the thrill of introducing a
teenage boy to his first senior cock more than made up for it. Before long
his pace began to quicken as he mumbled words of encouragement and I could
feel his cock swell even larger. I knew from previous experience I was
getting ready to get my first taste of man-cum right from the source.
Unfortunately for a still unknown reason when he was ready to shoot, he
pulled out of my mouth and pointed it at the urinal as he held my head
against his hip. I think I am more disappointed now than I was then. I
was so enthralled at watching him beat ropes of cum out of his dick that I
really did not think about it at the time.

Once he squeezed the last pearl out of the head he tucked it back into his
pants and had me stand up. My cock was steel-hard as he gripped it in one
hand while using his other on my ass to steady me as he began jacking my
cock off. It did not take long and he squeezed my ass cheek tight with a
couple of fingers up against my boy-hole while I shot my load. As I stood
there in orgasmic bliss with my shorts at my knees he said his goodbyes and

I never saw him again, but he opened my eyes to things that were going on
right in front of me. It was not long before I did receive my first
Granddaddy load from one of the retirees who frequented the park, but that
is another story.

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