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Have Camera, will travel

Seniors Wanted: for web magazine! the place to cum to for naked old men. I would like to add your pictures to my website! I will cum to your place with my digital camera and takes pictures of you. You must be over 60! Contact me at or 954-816-XXXX

I really didn’t know what to expect after putting the ad in Hotspots Magazine! But for my website/web magazine to really become something different, I needed original pictures to go along with the fiction! Therefore the ad.

I was beginning to think that no one was going to call after the ad come out and three days passed without my cell phone ringing. Then the first call came in. The voice on the phone sounded mature and deep. He said his name was Dan and that he had read my ad in Hotspots Magazine and wanted me to come to his place and photograph him. He said how about Saturday and I said how about Sunday and that was fine with him.

I really expected the worse. Someone ugly! And of course he would want to have sex with me! I felt like a hustler as I drove to Century Village. Was I selling my soul to the devil just to put original pictures on the website? I laughed remembering the nasty e-mails I had been getting lately. I Guess lots of people would question if I had a soul, especially the ladies on the silverfox list, whom I had stir up, but had to admit that the hate mail was really depressing me. Oh, well, if I have a soul, I guess I have to ability to put it aside when the need arises. And it had arisen as I was determined to have the best old man website on the net and at any cost and figured my soul wasn’t worth much anyway.

The sameness of all the houses depressed me further. Row after row of attached little two bedroom houses! Acres and acres of them. I gave my name at the guard gate and told them which building was I visiting and they called Dan. I took a deep breathe as I drove into the drive way of his house, that looked just like a couple thousand more which lined the street for as far as I could see.

He was fully dressed when he opened the door. Guess I had expected him to be naked. And damn if he wasn’t good looking!

“Your, Pete, I guess.” The tall slim old man said offering his hand.

“Dan, I presume.” I answered as we shook hands. Suddenly, I found myself hoping that the man would want to have sex with me. He was GOOD LOOKING! I don’t know what I like best, his head of snow-white hair of his grandfatherly face with those piercing cat green eyes.

We both just stared at each other for a long moment. Each not knowing what to say. Then he smile and said “Where’s your camera?”

I reached into the pocket of my shorts and pulled out my little digital camera. “Here.”

“You know, I’ve never done something like this before. And don’t ask me why I’ve doing it.” The old man said as he loosened up and started talking. “I just saw the ad and said why the Hell not. I lived all my life in a small town in Iowa teaching school and afraid someone would find out I was gay. Now, I want the whole world to know! So, I saw your ad and said why the Hell not!”

“That’s great.” I said as I turned on the camera. “You’re a nice looking older man. I really didn’t expect someone so good looking.” I added. “Let me take some picture of you with your clothes on.”

Then I began to snap pictures of the old man. He posed while fully dressed. And then he suggested that we go into the bedroom. Inside he stripped down to a pair of green jockey shorts. I told him to keep them on a moment as I took pictures of him, making sure the big bulge in the front of his jockey shorts stood up prominently. And big it was. I wanted desperately to reach out and touch his crotch, the bulge was so inviting.

“Don’t take your jockey shorts off. Just pull your cock out the bottom of them.” I told him as I waited to snap pictures.

The old man reached through the leg of his jockey shorts and pulled out a long uncircumcised cock. It was beautiful, I mean beautiful. Not overly thick but nice with lots of veins running the length of his cock shaft. Damn right delicious looking.

“Now pull out your balls!” I called out so excited by his manhood that I could hardly concentrate on taking pictures. “Great!” I added when a set of big watery balls appeared. “Nice ball!” I exclaimed clicking the camera wildly! Click, click, click...each time I took a picture I could visualize visitors to my website jacking off as they view the old man’s pictures. Great, this is the kind of pictures an old man website needs, I thought.

Then the old man pulled his green jockey shorts down and stepped out of them. His pubic hairs were as white as the hair on his head! I just kept clicking the camera as he grabbed his long cock and pulled the foreskin back. His cock head was perfectly shaped. I got shots of his naked cock head and it draped over with his long foreskin.

As the old man played with his cock it stiffened. Soon it was jetting out from his crotch like a pole. He let go of it and his cock remained ridged. “Beautiful”, I mumbled as I continued to click pictures. “Let me get a close up.” I told him as I approached and dropped to my knees. I took several pictures as he played with himself.

“Suck it a little.” The old man surprised me by saying.

Needing no farther encouragement I put the camera down and gabbed the old man’s beautiful cock. It tasted as great as it looked. I sucked on his foreskin and the pulled it back and began sucking on his beautiful cock head.

“Play with my balls!” The old man called out between moans.

The moment I touched my fingers gently to his ball sack, his moans grew louder.

“Oh, yes.” He said between moans. “Make me cum!”

And that exactly what I wanted to do. I want to swallow the old man load. To make him a part of me. I deep throated his cock as I stroked his ball sack. He went ballistic. He hunched my face as his entire body began to shudder in ecstasy.

I unzipped my shorts and grabbed my swollen cock and began jacking. Yet even as I did so I couldn’t help but thinking, damn, I wished someone was here to take pictures of us. Guys would love seeing me sucking the old man off while I jack my big cock!

“Get ready for it!” The old man called out. “Get ready!”

He came! Cum flowed from his cock in long squirts. I swallowed and kept swallowing until his man juice crease to flow. Then suddenly recalling why I was there, I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures of the old man’s cock as it slowly deflated until it was completely soft.

“That was great!” Dan said as he began to get dressed. “When will you put the pictures on your site?”

“Today.” I answered as I stuffed my rock hard cock back into my shorts as the old man watched but didn’t make any offer to get me off.

“It’s that fast?” He asked.

“Yep. Only takes a few minutes.” I told him

“How will people get in touch with me? I don’t have a computer.” He informed me.

I was a little shocked as I figured that if he wanted his picture put on the website he must have a computer. “Do you have a friend with a computer? I could put his e-mail address on the button to your pictures.”

“Why don’t you just put my phone number? Would that be the easiest way for people to get in touch with me?”

“Sure if that’s what you want.” I told him.

We chit chatted a while longer but I could sense that he wanted me to leave so I told him I had to go and he walked me to the door. I realized that I probably wasn’t his type that he liked men older than me, but I didn’t mind. At least he had given me what I wanted most, pictures of him and his load of cum.

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