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Goodbye Queer

I have lived in the Fort Lauderdale area for thirty years. Moved down here in my thirties. I guess you would call me bisexual. I sort of juggle two different life styles. In one I love fucking old women and eating their pussy. In the other I crave old men. Guess that makes me bisexual. Its hard not letting one side know about the other, but being that I am a Gemini, Im able to handle both side of my personality and the different worlds I indulge in.

About twenty years ago I visited the old Harlem Theater on Broward Blvd. It was on a Saturday morning. I was sitting in the back straight section of the theater when an old man came in. He looked around sixty, was tall but stocky with a full head of white hair. Just my type. When he set down I, got up from my seat and went over and set down beside him.

The old man didn
t pay me any attention at first. But when I finally got up enough nerve to unzip my fly and pull my dick out, he glanced over and said queer under his breath. I guess that should have frightened me away. But it didnt. And when I started to jack my dick as I set next to him and he didnt get up, I reached my hand over and touched his leg. Damn cocksucker. He said under his breath but didnt brush my hand from his leg. So I reached my fingers up and grabbed his zipper and unzipped his fly.

ll tell you what. My heart was pumping ninety miles an hour as I reached my fingers inside his slacks. The old man kept mumbling cocksucker under his breath as I located his huge pecker and drug in out of his pants. The old man had a long thick uncut dick that I fell instantly in love with. I stated to jack the old mans dick but he growled. Hell I can do that. Suck it, you cocksucker! He said reaching his hand around behind my neck and pulling my face down to his lap.

I gladly started sucking on the old man big dick. Boy, did it swell up. I don
t know what it as about the old man besides his big dick that attracted me so much. Maybe it was his smell or the taste of his dick, but I couldnt get enough of him. I let him shove my face down hard against his crotch driving his old big dick as deep as it would go down my throat. I devoured his dick. Making love to it in every way possible with my mouth and tongue.

And all the time I sucked and licked the old mans dick, he kept calling me queer and cocksucker. I got so hot from him degrading me that I came in the silk womens panties I was wearing. I wanted to stop sucking his dick but the old man shoved my face back down into his crotch when I lifted my head. I was forced to finish him off before the old man would let me rise up off his dick. Then after zipping his pants he slipped me a card with his name on it and left.

I waited about a month before I called the old man. He asked where I lived and seems that he lived near by. I gave him my address and he came right over. He just walked in the door and unzipped his fly and pulled his big dick out and said.
Is this what you want cocksucker? I told him to come to the bedroom but he just shook his head. Hell, no! Im not getting in bed with a queer. He pulled the foreskin back exposing his fat dick head. Suck it.

I dropped to my knees in front of the tall stern old man and stated sucking his big limp dick until it was almost too big for me to handle. And all the while he was calling me cocksucker, fucking queer and damn faggot as he held onto my head and fucked me like he was pumping his wife.

I tried to take my dick out but the old man slapped me on the side of the head and said. Put your fucking dick away, faggot. Im not queer. I dont want to see your fucking dick. And then he started fucking my mouth and throat even faster. Take my load, Faggot! He cried out as hot sperm exploded from his dick. Tasting the old man load made me cum in my pants.

I can
t tell you how many times that old man came to my house. All I had to do over the last twenty years is call him on the phone and he would come right over. He never wanted me to show him my dick. Once I meet him wearing only a pair of womens panties. He cussed me calling me ever foul name he could think of as he made me suck him off. But I knew when I came in my panties that he saw the wetness and the out line of my dick through the wet sheer panties.

Then two months ago I called him and he came over as usually. And as usual he unzipped his fly and walked to the center of the living room and waited for me to come over and get on my knees and start sucking his big dick, but this time instead of calling me faggot and queer and other names, he said. Do you love me? I had his big dick in my mouth and was looking up into his big brown eyes. I nodded yes. You love me? You sure you love me, Faggot? He asked. I quickly took his dick out of my mouth long enough to say yes. Fucking faggot. Fucking queer loves me. He said as he grabbed me behind my head and start fucking my mouth.

I dont know what caused me to try to pull my dick out. In twenty years the old man hadnt ever let me show him my dick. I expected him to swat me beside the head at any moment as I unzipped my fly. I had to struggle to pull down the red silk panties I was wearing and thought surely he would smack me beside the head but he didnt. And damn if finally I was able to pull my short cut dick and big balls out in plain sight.

And suddenly knowing that the old man was finally watching me jacking off got me so excited that I came almost immediately. I was so excited that cum flew from my dick like from a squirt gun. I came all over the legs of the old man
s slacks. Fuck faggot!” He yelled and shoved his dick deep inside my throat. Do you love me? He almost shouted as he held his dick buried deep in my throat. I could only nod my head. Do you love me? The old man shouted and shot his load down my throat.

When he pulled his dick out of my mouth, he didn
t hurry for the door as usual. He paused looking down at me sill on my knees. So you love me. You sure? He asked.

Yes, Sire. I told him.

Well this is the last time Ill see you. Im moving to North Carolina on the weekend.

Oh! I said as I watched him push his beautiful big limp dick into his fly. I thought he would say something else but he didnt. He didnt even say bye. He just walked to the door, leaving me still kneeling on the floor. He walked out of the door and out of my life.

And yes, I really loved the old man! Having sex with him almost every week was the thrill of my life. Sure I enjoyed sex with old women . But it the old man that I stay awake at night wondering if he liked me at all. Was I just some queer to suck his dick? Or in his on way did he really care for me? Did he love me? Did he despise me? He
s had been so much a part of my life over the past twenty years that I think about him ever day. When I close my eyes, I can smell him. I can taste him. But I cant have him. I dont even know where he moved to.

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