Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Fishing with Woodrow

I’m an old married man but I still like my dick sucked by queers now and then. Started when I was a kid and my little brother used to suck my big dick. The first time he did it was when we were swimming in the swimming hole down at Big Creek. We had just finished swimming and were sprawled out on the grassy bank drying ourselves when I started thinking of Mildred Barn’s big tits and got a hard on. My little brother didn’t have much of a dick and when he saw my monster pecker hard he asked me if he could touch it. Then one thing led to another and he ended up sucking my dick. Since then I’ve always enjoyed a blow job.

At seventy-three, I’m still horny all the time. Hell, I married Mildred and she used to be a good fuck but now she never wants it anymore. Says my pecker it too big for her old pussy. So, now the only sex I get is when I can find a queer to suck me off. Luckily I know several old cock suckers that love to take on my white snake. But last Wednesday, I was surprised to find out that one of my long time fishing buddy is also a cock sucker. His name is Woodrow Cob. He’s a little younger than I am. I think he’s around sixty-seven. Where I am skinny and short he’s chubby and stout. We are both almost bald, but where I am almost hairless he’s hairy as a gorilla. We are both farmers and wear overalls. He lives about a mile down the road from me. I’ve know Woodrow ever since we were kids and damn if he didn’t surprise me on Wednesday when we went fishing over at Dead Lakes.

He had come by with his brand-new bass boat and wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing with him. Well, I like fishing just a little less that getting my dick sucked. So of course I say yes. And I guess if the fish had been bitting the two of us wouldn’t have started talking about sex. But as it was, the fish had lock jaw and we got bored and somehow the conversation drifted around to sex. He asked me if I was still having sex with Mildred and I told him her pussy as all dried up and she made such a ruckus when I wanted her to suck my old pecker that I had stopped trying.

He asked me what in the hell I was doing for sex and I showed him my right hand. And we both laughed. Then he asked if I really jacked off. I told him hell yea when I couldn’t find someone to suck it. He asked what was I talking about and flat out told him that if he hadn’t had a queer suck his dick he didn’t know what he was missing. And then all this talk about sex and cock sucking started getting my old pecker mad.

Old Woodrow glanced down at my crotch and said that it looked like I had more meat between my legs than he had in his smoke house. We both laughed again. Then I motioned to his crotch and told him that he had a right sizeable bulge in the crotch of his overalls to. But the old man shook his head and said it was his balls. Well, then you have bigger balls than my prize bull. I told him. Then he asked me just how big my pecker was and instead of telling him, I just reached down and unzipped.

I almost laughed out loud at the look in old Woodrow’s eyes when I drug out my white snake. He looked like I was a freak or something. Then I told him to show me his and damn if old Woodrow didn’t pull at the tiniest cut pecker I had ever seen followed by the biggest set of bull balls I had ever seen. Well, then I realized why he had been staring at my old white snake like it was a freak.

He said how he wished he had my picker and I said how I wished I had his balls. Then we started playing with ourselves. We both got hard. My old pecker swelled up like an over stuffed Polish sausage and old Woodrow’s little thing just stiffened. It didn’t get bit bigger. Then he asked if he could touch my pecker and I told him hell yes. That he could do whatever he wanted to it as long as it felt good.

My old fishing buddy grabbed my enormous dick with his big calloused hands that were so hairy on the back of them looked black and started pulling back my long foreskin as his eyes got bigger and bigger as my big mushroom head came into view. Well, I don’t usually touch another guy’s dick, but I did want to feel his bull balls. So, I reached down and grabbed a handful of his balls and squeezed on them. I expected old Woodrow to tell me to stop, but damn if he didn’t start moaning like a woman. And damn if the sounds he was making didn’t turn me on.

Then the next thing I knew my old fishing buddy has my dick in his mouth and was sucking on it with such skill that I realized that mine wasn’t the first dick that old Woodrow had sucked. Now my old pecker hangs down almost to my knees and it is seldom that a queer can swallow even half the length of my old white snake. But damn if Woodrow Cobb didn’t keep swallowing my old pecker an inch at a time until his old lips were pressed against my zipper.

Hell, I let go of his balls and grabbed his old bald head and started fucking old Woodrow’s mouth like I used to fuck Mildred’s pussy when she was younger. And damn to hell if the old man mouth didn’t feel better than her pussy ever did. No mater how hard I shoved my old white snake down his throat, the old cock sucker took it and pushed his face against my crotch for more. He made my old pecker so mad that I thought it was going to burst. I couldn’t remember it getting so big and hard in years. I was getting close to cuming when Woodrow suddenly pulled away.

At first I thought that he had enough but then he pulled down his overalls to his knees and turned his cotton white ass toward me and told me to fuck him. I took one look at his big white hairy ass with his set of bull balls hanging down between his legs and spit on my hand and slicked up my old pecker the best I could. Seeing his hairy ass and his huge balls started my old pecker throbbing like I it hadn’t done since I was a kid. Hell, I thought I was going to shoot off before I could get my pecker into my old hairy ass friend.

And hell, I figured I would have the dickens of a time getting my huge mushroom head into old Woodrow’s asshole. But damn if his hairy asshole didn’t almost suck my pecker inside like a robin sucking up a worm. I knew then and there that my old friend had been doing more than just sucking cocks. And talking about hot! His asshole was hotter than any pussy I had ever poked my old pecker in. I almost passed out from pleasures as I stuffed my dick into Woodrow’s ass.

Then I was holding his hairy pale ass with both hands and fucking him so hard that the boat was rocking like crazy. And Woodrow was shaking his head and moaning like a two-dollar whore. I shot the load of my life into him and would have kept pumping his hot ass but my old pecker deflated like a pricked balloon. My piss hole was still spitting cum as the head of my dick slipped out of his old stretched asshole.

I watched as old Woodrow grabbed his tiny dick and started jacking it. Feeling that I should help him out a little, I reached down and grabbed is old bull balls and squeezed them really hard. Old Woodrow started yelling and cuming at the same time. He got cum all over the back of my hand. I wiped my hand on his hairy ass I pulled it out from between his legs.

Well, we had us an awkward moment as old Woodrow pulled up his overalls over his cum dripping asshole and I stuffed my old white shake back into my fly. Then Woodrow got a strike on his fishing line and we were back to being fishing buddies again. Still, I’m looking forward to our next fishing trip. I asked him on Saturday if he was ready to go fishing again, but he sort of looked to the ground and said something about a sore asshole. But I think he’ll be ready for another fishing trip soon.

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