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Adrian & Frank

I don't remember the first day I met Frank, I guess that is because I was only two days old when we met. Frank was always the old man that lived next door to me. One of my first memories of him is when I was about 6 yrs. old, my sister was selling candy for a school fund raiser. We had gone next door to see if Frank and his wife Sally would be the first customers.

When Frank answered the door I got my first look at him in his boxer shorts and A-shirt. I can still remember the light blue boxer shorts with a white pin stripe, and the way his chest hair was sticking out from the top of his undershirt as though it were yesterday. I had never seen a man in his underwear before, so I found myself excited all day thinking about him. Ever since then I could not stop thinking of him.

By the time I was 16, Frank had retired from his job at the Post Office due to a bad knee. Frank asked me if I could mow his lawn and help him with various things around the house when he needed the help. I wasn't to keen on the idea of helping him at the time, but seeing his gay hair and remembering him in his boxer shorts I decided to do it. At the end of that first summer of mowing his lawn I had developed a close relationship with him.

There was never a time that I wasn't looking at his crotch. I am sure he noticed me looking many times but never said anything. One day, while helping him fix an electric gate he was wearing a pair of walking shorts, which was rare for him to do. He moved his leg, and I could see straight in the leg opening and see a pair of the biggest balls I had ever seen. I just stared at them wishing I could just reach in there and give them a nice squeeze. He must have noticed me looking because he quickly lowered his knee down and adjusted his shorts. Later that evening I went home and jacked off thinking about his hairy balls.

One summer day when I was 26, he gave me the worst news that I could think of. He was moving away so that he and his wife could live closer to some cousins. It would not be so bad had he moved somewhere else in the city but he was moving three hours away. When he told me that he was moving I thought, maybe I would have time to talk him out of it, I was wrong. He had a real estate agent on the way to start signing papers that very day.

One month later I was in a truck with Frank, helping him move to his new house. We arrived at his new house and unloaded the truck, since it was late in the day we decided to stay at the new house over night. We set up the bed for him and his wife to sleep on, while I had to sleep on the floor.

Although it was a small house, it did have two showers. By the time I got in the shower, Frank was knocking on the bathroom door. I couldn't hear what he was saying so I grabbed a towel and opened the door. There he was standing in front of me in a pair of black silk boxer shorts.

I remember telling him in a playful manner how sexy he looked. What he did next shocked me. He began to kiss me. I let my towel fall to the ground and began to kiss him back. Slowly feeling the silky smooth texture of his tongue slide in my mouth. I felt his hands grab my bare ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his cock growing hard as my own stiff cock rubbed against his silk boxers.

"Sally is asleep already. She took an aspirin with a sleep aid, she won't wake up till morning" Frank said. We began to kiss frantically, like a couple of teenagers. I could feel my precum leaking out I was so excited. He began to reach for my cock pulling back the foreskin. He wiped the precum with his finger and tasted it. "I want to taste more of it" he said.

We moved to the bedroom where I had laid out the blankets. Frank laid on his back, I slid off his silk boxers and saw his white circumcised cock for the first time. It was about 6 1/2 inches and not very thick but it was the perfect size to get in my mouth. I sucked on his cock for less than a minute before he shot his load in my mouth. "Sally has never done that to me it feels so incredible," he said as I continued to suck his cock until it was soft.

"I want you to fuck me Adrian" he said. "I want you to fuck me like the way you have always wanted to."

He rolled over on to his stomach, allowing me to have full access to his big beautiful pale white ass. I kissed him on each of his ass cheeks before I started to spread his cheeks. I slowly licked the outer rim of his asshole, I could feel his body quiver as my tongue slid over his hole. He began to moan and repeatedly say "that feels wonderful, don't stop." My tongue plunging deeper into his ass hole.

I could feel his asshole relaxing, I moved my tongue away from him so that I could finger his ass. The ease at which three of my fingers went in was sure sign he was ready to be fucked. I mounted myself on top of him, aiming my stiff, precum drooling cock at his saliva soaked asshole. Slowly I pressed my cock into the soft silky warmth of his ass. I could hear him moan with pleasure as I slowly thrust my hips in and out of his ass.

I had waited for this moment for years and I wanted to last. I continued to fuck him slowly while I kissed him on his neck and sucked on his ear lobes. Smelling the sweet scent of Aramis cologne that he wore mixed with his sweat was intoxicating to me.

I pulled out of his ass and rolled him over on his back so that I could get a taste of the precum that was oozing out of his once again stiff prick. I sucked on the engorged purple head of his cock, and then continued to kiss up his stomach. I kissed through the forrest of silver hair on his chest until my lips found his nipples. I sucked and pinched both nipples giving him pleasure that he has never experienced in his 50 yrs. of marriage. Our lips met again as I continued to feed my desire. Looking into his beautiful green eyes I could see the love that he shared for me.

"I want you to fuck me" I told him. I positioned my ass and felt his precum lubricate my asshole. I slowly pressed my ass onto his dick, feeling the cock that I always wanted in me for so long. We continued to kiss each other, sliding our tongues together as he his cock pistoned in and out of my ass. His thrusting was becoming faster, his body tensing up, I knew it was close. Our moaning was so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear. "Here it comes," he shouted as he shot his hot cum deep inside my ass. "God, that feels incredible. Roll over onto your stomach, I want to taste my own cum as it spills out of your ass."

I was never a person to argue with him so I wasn't about to start now. I rolled over and he started to lick and suck his cum from my asshole. The feeling of his silky tongue darting in and out of my ass was driving me crazy. After having his stiff prick massaging my prostate and now his tongue in my ass I was ready to shoot my load.

"Stand up and bend over the chair" I told him. I wiped the last bit of cum from my ass and applied it to my aching cock. My cock slid into his ass with ease. I started to fuck him again I was so horny that I started to pound my stiff prick harder and harder. My shaved balls slapping against his hairy balls with every thrust of my hips.

I grabbed hold of him by his shoulders as I continued thrusting with all the strength I could. Seeing my dark brown cock slide in and out his creamy white ass was all I could take. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I shot the most powerful load I had ever shot before. My orgasm was so strong that I thought I was pissing in his ass. We both fell to the ground breathing heavily. We kissed each other on the lips and said "I love you" for the first time to each other.

The next morning we woke up before his wife did, and never said a word about the night before. That was nearly 4 years ago. Frank still visits me when he is in town, unfortunately, his wife is always with him. Perhaps I'll get to have another night with him sometime soon.

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